Friday, December 30, 2011

Paulites Out of the Party

Most of us signed onto the party of Reagan. The notion that the genial welcoming conservative would allow his party to be polluted with toxic elements like the Ron Paul freak show is an assault on the good name of Republicans everywhere.

Paul is responsible for the racist, homophobic and anti semitic news letters written in his name. He plays the doddering fool bit to the max, claiming that support from racial arsonists, Nazis, Commies, Truthers and anti semites is accidental. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Holocaust Deniers, Truthers, Racists and communists.

When you go to the soap nchallenged OWS events you do not see Newt or Santorum followers unless they are there chanting "Go Home Nerds or Get a Job." Funny, but the Paultards claim that they are the true conservatives while waxing oiff about labotimized Neocon/ Jewish conspiracies. Funny, but we do not see Mark Levin books at OWS events with Communists and Anarchist freaks by the score, we see the Paultards making common cause with Code Pinkos.

Unlike the dodering fool Paul Newt and the other candidates do not have followers that wax on about evil Abe Lincoln, US involvement in WW 2 against the Nazis, rationalize the joys of the confederacy, rationalize thug regimes in Iran and Gaza. Newt could articulate well informed responses and the others have no tollerance for freaks.

There are those who mistakenly think Paulites will pull votes from the GOP. Actually hard core Jew haters, Commies and mentally unballanced people are more likely to vote for Barry O.

Paultards out of the GOP.

Note Kelly Clarkson has spent much time explaining to her fans she does not support Pauls homophobia. Glenn Beck spent days explaining he never endorsed Ron Paul and this is not surprising given that an army of Soros freaks twist everything he says.

I will support anyone but Ron Paul. If he is on the ticket or administration in any way I will stay home and seriously consider voting for Obama on election day.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guyana round two

I am planning a return to the jungle in August. The new computer is very light. As I will be traveling deep into the jungle I will have to communicate by internet. I will blog from deep in the jungle this time. I am also going to possibly detour into Suriname.

This may sound funny but actually I am far safer in the jungle than in the family compound. I would sooner take my chances with a local crocadilian than a criminal. I will see if I can round up some fishing gear. It is not a popular sport in Guyana.

Death of a Party.

Many of us lived an illusion. We lived in an insular community where all the bad guys wore a D on their sleves and we could count on the folks with the R to be adults. This is no longer the case and I am considering dropping my party affiliation over the antics of Ron Paul.

My party used to stand for something. We could count on our party to respect our traditions and keep the loons in the other party. Ron Paul and his band of Truthers, Jew haters and racial power kooks are in our tent. I want no part of a party that tolerates anyone from Stormfront or Code Pink.

The racist Newsletters are an old story that is seeing newsprint now. The goofy comments about the Holocaust and idiot version of history is old news. Will the media now discuss the evil Abe Lincoln garbage, truthers in the midst of the Paulbots and Neoconfederacy fantasies of the Paul Crowd.

Ron Paul has done something I never thought possible. Paul makes Barak Obama seem like a better alternative.

Ron Paul and his freakshow followers need to leave the party. Let them run as a third party . I would rather lose with an honorable candidate like Newt or a functional one like Romney so long as we keep the freakshow followers out of the party.

Sorry Paulbots, but Mark Levin is 100% right about you side show rejects. A vote for Paul is an insult for our parties traditions and values.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Still trying to get my comments working at the Pagan Temple. The New computer is faster but leaves much to be desired. It is small enough for me to carry into the jungle for my next adventure into Guyana.

I plan on traveling down the Berbice River to some remote Indian settlements. I also plan on installing a NYC prewar flush toilet in the families home in Murphy Dam. I am looking for granite tiles for the bathroom. After I am done the bathroom might be worth more than the rest of the place.

Still with Newt

The question of if any of these GOP Candidates is electable remains to be seen. Other than Ron Paul they are all better than the mindless Obama.

Newt Gingrich has articulated a basic truth about Palestine. There is no such animal as a Palestinian. There are people who live there much like the residents of NJ with less history and less achievement. However, the notion that there is a NJ nationality is ludicrious given that the residents of NJ are not that different from adjacent areas. The residents of NJ are almost entirely unrelated to Deleware Indians. The residents of NJ are mostly peaceful and do not go around smacking planes into office buildings and blowing up pizzerias. You may get an arson or two for insurance from some criminal but that is it.

The Palestine obsession on the left is a polite way for folks like Ducky to say death to the Jews without a Nazi logo. No doubt there are honest people on the left like Jams who wants to see genuine peace in the Middle East. The way you tell the difference between the honest Jams and the obsessed Ducky is tone and frequency. You never ever hear disrespect for the Holocaust or Jew/Nazi comparisons from Jams. In fact you never hear anything resembling a racial or ethnic slur from Jams. You hear those regularly from Ducky who thinks it is okay to call Black politicians he does not like Aunt Jemimah.

Now some of you point out that many of those on the left who are the most rabid Pseudostinian
advocates have Jewish ancestry. Norman Finklestein leaves out that he was a Maoist and calls himself a Green. Noam Chomsky calls himself an anarchist who stews in a hatred of Capitalism
24/7 while wearing Pom Poms for Pol Pot. If you go down the list you will see anarchists, communists, Marxists and Greens. Their worldview makes any claim of Judaism secondary to overthrowing Capitalism.

Now there are some of you out there who point out the Paulites do not fit this description. Paulites do make common cause with Communists and Anarchists at Nuremberg style Peace Protests and the soap challenged Occupy Events.

In reality we may go down the drain like Goldwater with Newt. The media will be attacking 24/7
and covering up the Obama record. Newt or whomever else must ask has Obama done anything.
Do you feel America becoming an economic disaster? What has Obama actually done in four years?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Beakerkin Christmas

I have spent the last few days with my HIndu family in Queens. Oddly they celebrate Christmas, in a traditional way. I thought I had a dream of my daughter pestering me in my sleep that she wants an XBox 360. Apparently it was no dream, but I was so tired I thought it was. I got the item this morning.

I have spent the last few days giving my own special Christmas gifts to families in need. There were two families in my office crying about the best Christmas ever. Sometimes we need to do a little exta to kick it through the uprights. In one case I told the lawyer to write a brief, but the authority said no. I wrote my own brief to our experts and kicked a 53 yarder dead center with room to spare. It isn't much really, but seeing the family so happy made the three hours of work worth it.

I will be on line more often when I work the kinks out of my new computer.

On a normal Christmas I hear thank you officer for the best Christmas ever at least once a year.
I heard it four times this year. Either means I had a good year or delusions of grandeur. Those moments are everything to this officer.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mr B is correct

I should not be surprised at the foresight of Mr. B in jumping on the Newt Bandwagon. Newt's comments about a contrived people are a welcome bit of fresh air. The time has come to examine the serious damage to the planet created by the sons of Marx and contriving fake indigenous people while spitting on actual ones is not even at the top of their rap sheet.

The world needs a leader who will state the truth to the problems crreated by the left. Newt had the best description of the OWS morons paraphrased "bad ideas pushed by a bad educational system".

Mr B and Sonia were ahead off the curve on this one.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Free Speech and Occupy Madness

The pictures of a deranged retired Philadelphia police Captain in uniform being arrested in NYC at a Communist/ Anarchist hatefest were in all the local papers. The publicity whore loser is upset because he has been warned that he will forfiet his pension if he continues to disgrace his former employer by demonstrating in uniform.

This senseible ruling from Philadelphia reminds us that the deranged Captain is not prevented from protesting as a civilian. He is being warned about exploiting his position and giving a false appearance that his idiocy is endorsed by the Police Officers in Philly.

Bravo to Philly

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Posting will be sporadic while I deal with some employment issues. I am on a regular detail until the end of March that is about as popular as when the doctor takes out his white glove and says this will hurt you only for seconds. What is particularly irritating is that management says this program is very popular with the employees. It annoys us when we do it so badly people have retired to avoid it and it causes every person remaining to have increased work loads.

I can't say I am happy with the rise of Newt. This will be a disaster in November as the Bolshevik MSM will pull up old ethics charges and talk of the shut down. The fact that Marie Antionette Obama has fiddled while the economy burned and stoked class warfare with his proxies in the Occupy Movement will be lost in the coverage.

The Occupy Movement is gone. I did enjoy my chorus of Nerds Go Home and Parasite Trustfundistas of the world Unite you have nothing to lose but you Apple Products.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Harry's Place vs the Truth

Many of us are curious about web spats and wonder where they start. The truth is Harry's Place is not a Dhimmi Blog as described by Pam Geller. They do write plenty of posts that are worthwhile reading, notably the Michael Ezra material.

The problem with Harry's Place is that its so called American correspondent simply belongs to the Obama cult and does not do much more than cut and paste things from Huffington. HP wrote a series of scathing attacks on the Tea Party movement that were not reality based and wrote a series of posts pointing out nasty associations of the EDL. However, when the Occupy Movement engaged in wholesale Jew bashing and went on a crime spree they lifted up their glasses of gin and yawned.

The attacks on Pam Geller were little more than cut and paste smear jobs from people who merely repeat whatever memes that Huffington no matter how inaccurate. An example of this were some bizarre claims that Glenn Beck is antisemitic for quoting George Soros and describing his bio accurately. The claims were comedic in that Soros is so reviled in the actual Jewish Community he had to create a fake front group that lied about his ties and was discredited. The charged also came from people on the Soros payroll.

American readers have regularly pointed out the nasty anti semitic elements at any gathering of lefties in the USA. The so called American correspondent has denied they are noticeable and when directed to the blog of Urban Infidel feigned ignorance. The basic HP mantra is that any group right of Fidel Castro is illegitimate if a single kook utters a racial epithet. However, a leftist movement that has had rapes, deaths, drug abuse and venal expressions of anti semitism gets
ignored and a free pass.

Sorry, but HP is only as good as the clique of intellectually dishonest people that run the place.
In the case of the ego maniacal Michael Ezra he will call items across the board. In the case of the
well intentioned but sometimes naive Sarah, she too tries to be fair. The rest of the crew of authors do little more than cut and paste from Huffington and feign expertise in matters they have zero clue about.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pissing Off New Yorkers

Unlike the folks at Harry's Place I do boots on the ground work. I watch the rallies up front and yesterday led a few choruses of Go Home NERDS in Foley Square.

What the media doesn't report is the anger that those of us who live and work here have towards the protesters. It was quite evident in any conversation that NYC residents who live and work here want the Nerds to go home.

The MSM has done a lousy job showing us exactly who is running the show. Lets get pictures and stories about the National Lawyers guild into mass circulation. We also need more stories about spoiled kids being sold worthless degrees by well paid lazy Bolshevik professors.

These mass arrests accomplish nothing. NYPD is a well prepared group, but there are plenty of anarchists seeking Haymarket redux. They attempt to provoke cops and what you see is staged footage. The famous screaming soldier bit did not show what the loser freaks did to provoke the cops. Next time you see footage watch how what provoked the cops is left out.

I have been swayed to join the Newtonians by Mr. B and Sonia. While I like Cain, and do not believe the loons claiming sexual harassment he is not ready for prime time. Newt is more articulate and will demolish Obama in a debate.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ghost Town

I did visit the Park last night. I thought there were about 50 people in the pouring rain. The Park was clear and I could see the nice little space that I occasionally visit for lunch. In the summer after work I might grab a Dew and sit and read a paper there or at nearby City Hall Park.

There are massive protests scheduled for today in Foley Square. Perhaps some of the Freaks were sleeping in the Churches. I urge members of the Churches that permit these freaks and pariahs to foul their building protest and with hold donations.

Among the threats heard were plans to disrupt Wall Street, rush the Federal Court with a human wave. The ominous threat of a visit from the infamous Black Block is hanging in the air. NYPD is up to the challenge and will ultimately deal with whatever these losers come up with.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A visit to Zuccoti Park

I did visit the Park on my way home yesterday. While the protesters were more energized it was clear NYPD controlled the Park. They evicted anyone who stepped out of line. Previously NYPD
stayed across the street, but now they Occupied all the visible high points. NYPD controlled the Park and allowed free speech

The Park belongs to people who live and work in the area. Most of these protesters are not from this area and should be told to leave town after multiple arrest.

Some of the ring leaders are foreign students who should have their visas revoked. Your visa is for studying at a university and criminal activity of any sort should be grounds for deportation. Of course judges are aware of this and give protesters lenient sentences to avoid this. Pressure should be placed upon judges to do their jobs and let the system rid the country of people who foul our country with their continued presence.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Proud of NYPD

NYPD did an excellent job and was remarkably restrained with the protesters. The protesters have stayed too long and had this continued until winter deaths would have been real. Additionally, the public was getting annoyed and the risk of vigilantes taking matters into their own hands was very real and Hard Hat Riots 2 was not out of the question.

The morons decided to move to Foley Square which is swarming with every sort of law enforcement officer on the planet. They may as well decide to protest in front of One Police Plaza
to save energy when they are carted off to jail.

Enough is enough. Tents and making public health hazards are no related to the First Amendment.

A Beakerkin Thanksgiving Prayer

In the Obama economy when many of us are hurting and times are tough let all of us be thankful for what we have. We need not look far to find people with larger problems than our own. I am not jealous of those who are better off as I seek to improve my own lot in life.

I am thankful to my friends and family. I am thankful for a job that is difficult but never boring. I am thankful to live in a country that is accepting of difference and respects private property.

Times are rough and given the direction and man at the helm it appears that things are going to get much worse for a while. Yet even in the gloomiest of times we must cling to the wisdom of our founding fathers and reclaim our country from those who want to be like the EU

Whose Park

The Occupy Movement is amazingly successful in annoying people of all walks of life. Many of these
imbeciles and airheads are not NYC or tristate residents. A frequent claim is that they have ownership of the park. As we speak Bloomberg has acted following the leads of other Mayors in clearing the park.

In America we respect the right of free speech. This does not include stealing parks and annoying local residents. The notion that these Occupations would stir up dissent ala Arab Spring was a leftist delusion. The Arab Spring movements did have goals and reached out to others. Whether the new Egypt, Tunisia and Libya will be a more humane place will be written in the five years to come.

In contrast the American Movement was initially run by commies and then hijacked by anarchists.The incoherence and aimless message was apparent to anyone who did boots on the ground time and did not rely on MSM rose colored depictions of obnoxious poorly behaved ignorant people.

The NY Post ran a picture of an ex NYPD officer dragging an Occupy Protester out of a Public Assembly by the shirt collar. The picture summed up how NYC feels about these obnoxious protesters who have taxed the patience of the most liberal enclave in NYC.

It is time for a post mortem on the Occupy Movement

1) Incoherence What exactly was the point of all the 99% rhetoric
2) Annoying Locals: Rather than being a good member of the community these protests annoyed
everyone from small peddlers, ordinary office workers and residents.
3) No leadership no direction proof anarchism is a bad idea. Drug overdoses, theft, deaths and a rape or two remain facts.
4) Lack of a coherent media strategy.

The truth is Mayor Bloomburg had no choice. The Occupy Camps were a serious health hazard
and spreading crime. The residents and locals were getting fed up and a serious riot of locals taking matters into their own hands ala Hard Hat Riots was probably a week or two away.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hope this sickness is finnished

According to Reuters there appears to be a series of immigrant executions in Germany. No doubt as the victims are Turkish the usual lefties will blame Pam Geller. The usual suspects fail to note that the authors they cite precisely object to the violence that lefties rationalize when committed
by Muslims.

German authorities will deal with this and I hope the sentence is severe.

One does not rationalize venal criminality. However, the problem is that the left does this each and every time a Muslim or leftist goes haywire. Crazed Marxist terrorists just end up teaching in American Univerities or practicing law in Spain. Its time the left stops defining deviancy downwards.

Of course the left will be more bombastic than ever and define any discussion of immigration policy as racist.

Lets hope the GOP Candidates listen to Rick Scott

It is nice to read about a Gov. talking about the excesses in higher education. It is time to end the days of wine and roses for Bolshevik political hacks at public expense. The reform initiative should be named after the poster child of useless political hacks, Bill Ayers.

1) Tenure needs to be abolished going forward at any University accepting government sponsored loans.

2) All hiring decisions should be made in human resources. The days of Marxist star chambers
in departments should end.

3) Department heads should be appointed by the University President.

4) Elimination of sabaticals

5) Removal of publishing and research for all non hard science classes. The rest of the professors will have their teaching hours increased.

6) Reform of the liberal arts base and replacement of political classes like anthropology and sociology with accounting and marketing.

Newsflash to the Occupy Crowd don't blame your hard working banker for your student debt.
Do blame your overpaid political hack professors.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Death and disease at Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Movement now has six deaths on its ledger. The threat of disease is a major threat to the adjacent communities. Lice have been spotted at one camp, TB in another and now a mystery virus in NYC. Even if it is just a minor flu combined with cold weather and rampant drug use deaths are inevitable.

The pointless aimless protests are doing nothing more than annoying the residents and business owners of the communities they protest in. Companies are laying off workers as business dries up. Small food venders and peddlers are being robbed and extorted. Those people are just collateral damage in a war on Capitalism.

These are the children of Obama's class war rhetoric. These commies and anarchists are Obama's natural constituency. The believe his class warfare rhetoric and most are flunkies of the far left University indoctrination programs. They are lazy, drug impaired and want to be handed things they did not work for. However, they don't want to share their bounty with the actual homeless and recent releases from prison. They have no appreciable job skills but can recite anarchist and communist talking points. They graduate with useless degrees and mountains of debt and blame the bankers. Their professors are paid six figure salaries for work weeks that average 20 hours, but blaming them would be common sense the protesters lack.

I will no longer make in person close visits to these protests. The health risks are very real and these camps should be shut down now. Sorry, but your rights do not include endangering the health of the communities you hold these freakstocks in.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Growth of Man

I was looking at an old video of the Jackie Mason Show. I was seeing the anger from Carmel Cato it is interesting to see where he is today and where he has come from. Al Sharpton is younger and still obnoxious. Barry Slotnick, Noach Dear and Dov Hikind are also on the tape.

The original case resonates in NYC with Jews in a similar way to the South. A Jew is lynched by a mob chanting Kill the Jew. Al Sharpton is charged with whipping the crowd into a frenzy with remarks about Diamond Merchants. There was also a second death of an Italian Man with a beard who was mistaken for a Jew, Anthony Grazioso that is largely forgotten. There was the classic case of jury nullification, similar to the Old South. There were charges that members of the jury celebrated with the defendant.

What is amazing is the growth of Carmel Cato who has grown over time and has embraced the Rosenbaum family. There is no comparison of a tragic traffic accident and a lynching. However,
unlike some of us who are consumed by tragedy Carmel Cato appears to have grown wise and
understands the divisions that made NYC toxic in the Dinkins years.

If you watch the tape you can see elements and discussion of events that are largely forgotten today Howard Beach, Bensonhurst and the Korean Boycott Fiasco. Today these events are almost forgotten by anyone not in NYC at the time. Today Korean grocers are increasingly rare.

I wonder what ever happened to the brave Black teacher that led a class through the boycott.
There is a younger Curtis Sliwa speaking in Sliwonics that is not easily understood by anyone who live outside NY. Curtis went onto a career in media and is entertaining. It is also good to see Sidney Zion again

You hear the racially charged atmosphere of of Dinkins era NY. Bad economy crime rising racial
tensions through the roof. David Dinkins,unlike Obama, was a decentman who was just overwhelmed by a job above his ability. Their was an irony to the career of Dinkins. He was swept into an office on the heels of the Bensonhurst murder. Jessie Jackson was quite open about using the tragedy to elect a Black Mayor.

Dinkins like Obama was elected promising to unite us. Both really were unqualified for the jobs they were elected to and the constituents suffered. They were symbols ushered into office by media henchmen. Obama was trailing in the polls and then the banks started to fail. McCain never responded and the media never treated any candidate with the kid gloves deference given to Obama. They allowed an endless crowd of associations that would have killed any other political figure. Twenty years in a racist anti semitic Church is more personal than the dating policy at an obscure college. Close associations with a Communist mentor, a deranged terrorist and person with close ties to the PLO in an age of terrorism is unfounded. You will not see Obama's grades and he appears to be a faculty lacky rather than a star.

In the end the racial anger of the failed Dinkins administration led to his ouster. The city was more divided than ever. Korean stores were boycotted by Black mobs. A pogrom took place in NYC where a crowd of Blacks lynched a Jew. The irony is the same racial hatred that swept Dinkins into office. Will the tides of a lousy economy that swept the worst President in my lifetime into office sweep Obama out. Jimmy Carter was a lousy President, but at least he was qualified to be President. He was a Governor and served in the military. Obama was a very undistinguished Senator who was aided in his election by media henchmen releasing divorce records that were supposed to be sealed.

I am convinced that Obama will win a second term and the American people will be worse off than before. What types of craziness a lame duck Obama administration is capable of is unknown.

I can only hope that the American people grow from the Obama debacle as well as NYC rebounded from the Dinkins mess. Will we grow as a people ala Carmel Cato or will we drift into decline.

OWS Protester In Vermont Out Does Plaxico

A protester in Occupy Vermont who apparently was an ex military veteran accidentally shot and killed himself. As Plaxico has shown loaded weapons should not be treated like accessories. They should never be handled in situations where people are drinking excessively. We do salute this former veterans service even if he decided to hang out with morons when he returned home.

There have been recent drug overdoses as well at Occupy events.

Rapes,Jew hatred, Drug sales, Overdoses, Bad hygiene, rats, fleas, theft vandalism and now a TB outbreak.

How does the Tea Party get compared to freak stock aka the Obama Glee Club?

Lightning Bolts All Over

In much of the heated discussion and horror about the antics at Penn State there is once again the gay angle.

Child molestation is a crime regardless of the orientation of the perpetrator. All of us should be outraged by these cases where adults abuse kids. There has been some talk about reforming the laws to a more practical approach. An 18 year old having intercourse with a 16 year old is a different animal than a thirty year old having a relationship with 16 year old. The conduct of Sandusky with ten year old boys was clearly criminal and apparently not isolated. Sadly, the priorities seemed more concerned with protecting a great but flawed football program than minors.Paterno made an inexcusable mistake and he has stated so.

The real tragedy is that Joe Paterno is in most ways an exemplary human. His program had high graduation rates and he played by the rules and personified dignity. He was mentor to many of his athletes. Along the way he made an inexcusable error. Why he did not take action is known only to the Coach himself.

Coach Paterno wrestled with a demon most of us face daily in our lives albeit in a much smaller scale. How many of us have honestly seen serious wrongdoing at work and have failed to step forward? How many of us have remained silent when coworkers were bullied or harassed by abusive bosses? How many of you have seen members of management act like they were Bill Clinton? If you are in government how many of you stepped up when coworkers took ethical shortcuts for whatever reasons. The reality is that as herd animals most of us do not like to make waves. We are afraid of the consequences to our careers if we speak up.

Paterno was an otherwise great human who failed albeit on a much larger scale, in a way that many of us fail each and every day.

Now the usual suspects who rationalized Clintonian predatory sexual behavior and ignore sex crimes at Occupy events are pointing a finger at Herman Cain. I want to point out the similarity
of the left's lynching of Justice Thomas and character assassination of Robert Bork. The charges against Clarence Thomas were laughable and had zero credibility. Nobody in their right mind follows a person who sexually harasses them to another job and goes out of their way to seek out their advice multiple times. Anita Hill was conveniently rewarded by the leftist academic mafia with a cushy job in academia which requires about twenty hours of work a week.

One Hermain Cain accuser lives in the same building with David Axlerod, has a litany of financial
problems, has a spotty employment record and is described by those that know her as a gold digger. The second accuser appears to have filled a second dubious complaint to advance her career.

The whole mess reminds us of the realities of daily life and our human failings.

Point Illustrated

Communists do not have the right to exist. Ideally, they should emulate Jim Jones and practice class genocide on themselves. Barring this they should be placed in collectives based upon their actions prisons or mental health facilities.

This was a classic illustration of the mentality Israel faces each and every day. The genocidal Arab opponents of Israel are quite open about their aims. Commies talk about Israel and apartheid while extolling the virtues of additional judenfrei real estate.

There is no case for Palestine. History does not begin in 1948 because communists deem it expedient for stoking populist antisemitism. A separate state was provided in 1920 and Arabs lost wars they started. The Soviets provoked the Six Day War by promising aid that never arrived. Then the motto changed from Jews into the Sea to a imaginary ethnicity.

Lefties are fond of the Jesus was Palestinian bit. This is quite amusing considering he was likely called Rabbi by his followers. Jesus is mentioned in passing by Josephus who makes zero references to Palestinians but talks about Jews at length. The New Testament talks about Jews but doesn't mention Palestinians. Obviously reading comprehension and being on the left are mutually exclusive.

Given the actual history of the region any claim that Muslims are persecuted by Jews is absurd.
Claiming that Jews oppress Muslims is as absurd as claiming Native Americans and Black Slaves oppressed American Settlers or that Blacks oppressed whites in the Jim Crow South.

The actual question should not be about Israel's right to exist. The question should be is there something in Islam that inherently requires ethnically cleansed real estate. This is something that a post leftist Muslim like Stephen Schwartz could answer excellently.

The problem with Islam is the most unreasonable voices are being promoted by the media and academic elite to further their own cause. in essence the media has given air to Muslim versions of David Duke while ignoring more mainstream voices like Schwartz.

There is a structural problem with anyone's implementation of religious law on the general populace. The aims of most Christians and Jews is for law to respect religious traditions, not place citizenry under theological law.

There is no logical reason why certain aspects of Shariah such as those laws that apply only to Muslims such as religious divorces or what is or isn't Halal shouldn't be left to the community.
Property divisions and child custody should be handled in a Civil Court unless all parties accept a religious court in the role of mediator.

The far left and radical Islam are maladies that enable each other. It is time that we cease being genteel with apologists for utopian totalitarian failed ideas

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Listen Up Obama

I am bewildered at your comments about the Democratically elected leader of Israel. He is the leader of his people and represents their interests and is not your puppet. Should he fail to represent the interests of his people as badly as you have represented the American people he will be replaced.

You were elected by placing a smiley face on vague failed ideas that have made a shambles of European economies. Standing on a podium mumbling incoherently about hope and change and keeping your class warfare under wraps behind a Pepsi knockoff logo was an act that fooled many once.

Your media toadies can dredge up stories like the Cain fiascoes. Funny, they were quite happy with this type of behavior in the Clinton years. The truth about who you are is apparent to anyone who cares to look. You have skated through life on the Old Leftist Boys club via your mothers family sent to exclusive private schools aided by your fathers race and policies aimed at making amends to the descendants of slavery in America. Your sole connection to slavery in America is that your mothers family owned them. The reason your grades are under greater secrecy than the formula for Coca Cola is that you are not quite as clever as advertised.

Most of us easily grasp racism, Jew hatred, anti Americanism quite easily. You sat in a Church for two decades where this crack pot behavior was common place. Your claim to have not heard the hatred of Pastor Wright is proof that you are either a liar or are very slow and those two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

Most of us grasp that hanging out with communist domestic terrorists, Marxists academics and a card carrying Communist mentors are not good ideas. Why anyone familiar with the rhetoric of Pastor Wright, Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi's rhetoric on Israel should be shocked by your subsequent policies are beyond belief.

There is a term you can google it is called Obama fatigue. I am tired of you and your arrogance.
I am tired of your filthy unemployed storm troopers in the Occupy movement. I am tired of your MSM henchmen carrying out hatchet jobs on your opponents and dismissing all of these inconvenient truths about you and the people around you. Herman Cain has been under a microscope, while you have skated through life aided by the Old Leftists Boys Club. I am tired of you appointing kooks like Van Jones into governmental positions. I am tired of your big goverment policies and dancing to the music played by your allies in Big Education and big labor.
I am tired of you ignoring the American people screaming jobs at the top of their lungs while you do everything in your power to make certain that we go down the same drain as Greece.

I do not speak for the American people but I am fed up with you and your disrespect for our American traditions. The next election should be Wall Mart parking lot vs faculty lounge and big media cocktail party.

Are you worse off than you were four years ago? Send Obama a pink slip and vote for anyone not named Ron Paul. Only Ron Paul would be worse than you and that is a true achievement.

Monday, November 07, 2011

OWS in Portland Gets an Outbreak of Lice

Those who call the Occupy Movement the Fleabaggers can say so with accuracy. In Portland they now are dealing with a lice infestation.

The Duck reveals his roots when he calls Cops Pigs and suggests the protesters should use mob style justice. If the protesters get violent it will be the police that protect them from a public that is getting annoyed.

The Occupy movement is an Obama campaign surrogate. We have a renamed Acorn and Soros cash present.Bill Ayers is in Chicago and Van Jones has been involved. The protests are going to doom Obama unless he can distance himself.

Giants shock the Patriots

A very banged up Giants team that may not win again beat the Patriots at home. The truth is on Defense other than Mayo and Wilfork the team is ordinary. On Offense only the young Tight Ends are keys to the future. Brady has two more years of top flight play and if you can pressure Brady and play zone you can beat them.

I still think they can beat the Jets unless Sanchez gets real chemistry with Plaxico.

As for Green Bay Rodgers is having a good year and Detroit should them

The Giants should fade and go on to win a game or two more against a brutal schedule.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

OWS criminality

I would like to point to the wonderful site OWS Exposed for some excellent footage of Occupy Protesters harming children, abusing middle age women and menacing the public.

There is an excellent video from DC that shows the criminality of this group in action. At one point a woman is screaming incoherently and is enraged. Her husband drags her away by the coat. Apparently, the Occupy Crowd pushed her kids and the woman went into a rage. In the same video a woman is being assisted by the public and security guards after being trampled.

A second video shows a woman using her toddlers as human shields and placing them in danger while blocking a door. An angered bystander points out the danger and the idiotic mother is vulgar and states "they are my children".

I want you to remember this when there are staged videos of alleged police brutality. You don't see what the protesters did to provoke the treatment. You can see several where police officers tell protesters multiple times "Sidewalk" and the protesters do not listen.

There is a video of Bill " Little Lord Fauntleroy" Ayers giving pointers to the Occupy protesters.

In a shocking development (sarcasm) the Occupy arsonist turns out to be a Ron Paul supporter. When Mark Levin, Medved and the writers of the American Spectator write about Ron Paul and his freak show supporters most of us should listen. The YAF booted Ron Paul off its advisory board. The GOP needs to boot Ron Paul and his kooky followers out of the GOP.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

RIP Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney entertained us for years on 60 Minutes. I watched his last piece with many other Americans. We were lucky that there was a final episode before the curtain came down on a long and distinguished career.

Somewhere in the beyond he is likely doing satire for new audiences.

Deranged Occupy Wall Street Protester Looks Familiar

There are those who think that the unhinged lunatic in a crowd of lunatics at Occupy Wall Street is former Giant Jeremy Shockey. Although the picture in yesterdays Post bears a strong resemblance
to Shockey it not Shockey. The real Shockey should come up to NYC and donate his unfortunate look a like a tent and a case of beer.

Friday, November 04, 2011

The bird brained Duck

Tea Party events are well planned lawful examples of free speech. There are no arrests because people support the police. The only stupidity on display are usually from the Ron Paul types who are subdued at Tea Party events but are vocal at OWS events.

The multiple crimes of OWS are well reported facts. The rapes have been reported and the accused in NYC was not an inmate leaving Rikers.

The Jewish banker bit was alluded to by David Graeber who wishes it would stop. Were it not an actual problem he would have stated it.

The moment has passed and the locals are getting pissed off at the protesters.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Yet more anti semitism and stupidity from Occupy Wall Street

There is a wonderful site for those who wish to see the genuine evil of Occupy Wall Street. Normally I would allow Free Republic to do the work for me. However OWS exposed has plenty of stellar material.

A loon ( Not to be confused with the Duck) goes on a rant that he isn't anti Semitic he is pro goyim and repeats themes out of the protocols.

There is a comedic classic of head hunters with job applications at the Occupy Wall Street. You can't make this stuff up. They won't work for Disney and this job won't feed a family. Obviously sitting around in a mindless protest will feed your family.

There is the hysterical Colbert Occupies Wall Street as Che Guevara. This gets even funnier when he goes into the hand motions.

Elsewhere the South Park spoof was entertaining.

Former Soviet Confronts Socialists at Occupy Wall Street on you tube is a comedy classic. The protester calls the immigrant a rich exile. The protesters remain silent when the protester points
out he lives in NYC.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Truth about Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The presence of a charge or a settlement in any harassment charge needs to be viewed with a grain of salt. I have allready written of some of the hijinks used by unscrupulous employees used to sabotouge peers up for the same job.

Men talking about sports and car parts at work was claimed by one miliant to be part of a hostile attmosphere. The reading of a James Michner book was claimed to be offensive because the name of the hyena sounds like a Yiddish racial slur. An attorney complained about a book on the shelf that he though was religious, in fact it was Moby Dick

Almost all complaints are settled in negotiation that are expensive.

This is likely far less serious than Bill Clinton's pathological behavior or the serious matter of Daniel Ortega's molestation of his step daughter that the commie Duck remains silent about.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Now I have seen everything

I went to Steve's Pizzeria near the Occupy Wall Street crowd. They were in the paper saying business was down and I was there getting a decent slice if you like a fluffy crust. The place up on Chambers and Church was much better.

On my way back to catch the bus home I had to do a double take. One of the protesters seemed to be dressed as the classic Mr. Beamish avatar. He was wearing an army helmet, gas mask and some type of army issue coat.

Thus far nobody seems to know where the loony anthropology professor is or is admitting it. I want to see he tax returns and time cards. Six figure salaries, plus book royalties and trust funds make this anarchist lunatic a world class fraud.

Those of you who want to laugh at the obtuseness and bigotry of commies need to see the hysterical responses of Communists at Occupy Wall Street to A Former Soviet Emigre. Claims that workers are paid well in NORTH KOREA are hysterical. Also Commies claiming Soviet Emigres are RICH EXILES and defending Che Guevara are priceless.

Unfortunately I see Obama winning

I do not see people voting for Romney. We like Herman Cain but under the bright lights in a matchup with Obama the media will dig up dirt. If the matchup is Romney vs Obama it will be a case of people voting against Obama rather than for Romney.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow and time at home with the daughter

I spent yesterday with my daughter. Of course the weather was lousy and someone had to go out and get breakfast. The dog wanted to go, but it was to wet and cold for him. I ventured out the block and got breakfast and returned home. Spent the day helping my daughter with homework and playing with the dog.

Normal fare will resume soon.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Its Official Occupy Wall Street Protesters are Nerds

I visited the Occupy site yesterday and the number of freaks and loons is getting smaller. It seems commies like to exploit power in the name of homeless people but will not share their resources. It came as little surprise that the actual homeless people were being denied food by communist and anarchist agitators. Apparently each according to need is just a slogan and unlike your church that feeds and often clothes the poor as Christs calling the power mad occupy crowd doesn't want to rub elbows with the actual poor.

I saw a freak dressed in his underoos as Captain America at the Occupy Event. He called himself Captain American revolution. Some of the signs were so bad they looked like satire. One complaining about NASCAR and another Incoherent Solidarity.

These people are nerds and are best laughed at. I do not engage these dimwits any longer. I merely laugh at the nerds and freaks.

The homeless live in the park and have more right to be there than the Occupy Crowd. If Commies and Anarchists want to play homeless to exploit their plight then the least they can do is to toss them some food.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupys exploitaion by Big Education

One of the high prophets of the Occupy Madness is David Graeber. He is an anarchist fighting the Bolshevik star chambers of anthropology department in Yale.

When your well paid professor gets paid a six figure salary for a 16 hour work week and you get saddled with debt don't blame the banker. This is akin to blaming the loan shark while praising the drug dealer.

Sorry, but ever increasing salaries for star chamber political hack professors and worthless degrees are problems that have nothing to do with banks. It is time to look at the ever escalating costs and worthless degrees.

You can listen to the airhead on Charlie Rose. He does get off a single good line for the Duck. Marxists are good at building large killing machines but nothing else.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Richard Cohen is an imbecile

Richard Cohen has been under fire before for writing the creation of the State of Israel was a mistake. Thus he himself has been accused of anti semitism albeit not in the category of Noam Chomsky or Finklestein. This dimwit and dullard went to visit the loons in the Occupy Movement and proclaimed them silly but not anti semitic. Obviously Cohen did not interact with people or report signs and rhetoric that endorsed violence. How he whitewashes Communists and anarchists and turns them into some variant of socialist like the IQ impaired Bernie Sanders is beyond comprehension except calling Cohen a hack is an insult to talentless hacks everywhere.

Even if one missed the signs and the rhetoric urging violence a quick look at well reported polls shows 30% of the loons say that violence to achieve their goals is acceptable. How one misses the signs urging violence and misses these major themes is unknown. Unlike Tea Party attendees Occupy participants do not respect nor obey law enforcement officers. They have also stolen public space and went out of their way to provoke people who live and work in the area. Free speech is not to be confused with theft of a public space for weeks, assaulting people with bad odors, creation of serious potential health concerns, provoking the police and disturbing people who wish to go about their lives.

As far as Cohen's white wash his entire article shows he did not speak to the actual participants at length. Had he done so he would have easily found Jewish media cabals, Jews were behind 9-11, Ruppert Murdoch is Jewish, the Fed is controlled, Israel controls congress, Talk radio is Zionist controlled, Ashkenazi Jews are not real Jews they are Khazars and the more common Jews control Wall Street, the fed universities called Jewniversities and the Banks.

Cohen's writtings show he is an imbecile and a rather untalented hack who is more concerned with his neighbors in what Ron Kuby calls White Landia than facts and logic.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Way to go Oakland

The mayor of Oakland has shown the proper way to deal with the Occupy Crowd. Use tear gas and arrest them and dismantle camps. Occupations are not free speech they are thefts of public spaces by communists, anarchists and Jooooo haters.

Free speech is not to be confused with stealing public spaces and assaulting the populace with poor hygiene. Given the provocation of the public by the protesters it is amazing that the public that is getting fed up is so restrained. At this point most of us are hoping for a nice cold snap and nasty weather. The odds of serious health outbreaks given the poor sanitation are quite real.

It is time for this farce to end.

Monday, October 24, 2011

2800 Posts

Most blogs do not survive long enough to get to those numbers.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

No direct intervention in Syria

The brutal leftist thug regime in Syria is an abomination only saved by its proximity to Israel. The corrupt Assad regime is as evil as the Nutty Col.

A protracted an bloody Civil War is on the horizon. It remains to be seen if the Hamas and Hezbollah mercenaries will go against their fellow Muslim radicals and save their paymasters.
Now is the time for the West to prepare a nice exile in whatever destination the Assad thugs wish.
Assad is not a military man and is not apt to spend time fighting the end if an attractive exile is offered.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hypocrisy from left

There is a amazing hypocrisy from the left about imagined bigotry at Tea Party events vs genuine seething hatred of Jews and threats of violence from the Occupy Crowd. We heard all types of lectures from the media about hateful Tea Party activists. These media clowns obviously never got further than their couch and bothered to attend both events. Any description or comparison of the Tea Party with the Occupy crowd is an insult to the Tea Party.

There are no mass arrests at Tea Party events. Police might fall asleep from boredom or get bored giving directions to polite participants, but that is it.

I wrote a post that was linked by Free Republic I went looking for loons at the Tea Party but couldn't find any. I specifically went looking for hateful violent people and could not find any racists or anti semites. The Ron Paul brigade must be aware that Tea Party events are not the forum for their idiotic obsessions. They are quite vocal at Occupy Wall Street where the audience is more receptive to this.

What I see when I attend Tea Party events are decent people from many walks of life. I am recognized as Jewish and have never heard a single nasty comment. Most of the comments are people perplexed with reflexive support for far left groups that are at their core anti semitic.

It takes all of two seconds to meet people who hate Jooooos and trade in classical forms of Jooo hatred at Occupy events. In NYC I do have the advantage of knowing many of the key loons by name. The union Square Freakstock of commies and far left radicals has a consistent cast. I am still looking for the one I call Elmer Fudd. He was born in Nazi Germany when not going off on Jews likes to rant about the bombing of Dresden as equivalent to the Holocaust. Actual commies know little about the London Blitz and remain silent at these inane rants. He could have passed away as his buddies claim not to have seen him in years.

More mindless Jooo hatred from the Duck

The Duck expresses rather blase Marxist Joooo hatred by asking when a Jewish American who supports Israel is going to emigrate. The answer is unlike the Duck I am an American National who loves my country and respects our traditions this is my home.

On the other hand the Duck seems to feel that Communism is a great idea. As he desires to live under this foul system he should emigrate and renounce his citizenship. Hugo is a shaken man and needs people like the Duck to hold his hand. Hugo's time is drawing near as cancer will get him before his people can rise up and treat him like his comwad Khadafi. I do not approve of executions without trials, but the irony of a Marxist ranting about social justice getting killed by a mob is poetic justice. Right now Hugo is wondering if it was such a great idea of placing weapons in the hands of civilians. The image of Hugo hiding in a hole similar to his budies Saddam and Khadafi must haunt his sleep. Sooner or later Assad joins the Marxist in a hole club.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the Duck to emigrate. For all his talk of Marx, he is happy training aspiring pornographers in MA. Maybe if the Duck had actual work ethic, he could set up his own little film district like Van Nuys CA for his students. He could then create internships and all types of opportunities for his graduates other than working weddings.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This has to be satire Occupy Occupy Wall Street

Seeing young people claiming to be from the 1% Occupy Occupy Wall Street is hysterical. Now this is amost certainly some sort of farce but it is hysterical. The video with these comedians looking for the 1% and stating the protests will force them to kick their cocaine habit is hysterical.
These Occupy idiots are rife for satire of all types.

Even if the proceeds go to supporting these commie morons this laughter is clearly worth a T Shirt.

Free Speech and Civil Service

There are some troubled by the firing of a bigoted substitue teacher in LA. Public service does entail certain responsabilities. This is why I never speak on camera or at public functions and when doing so the material is always mild.
The views of this woman are truly odious. Not surprisingly you can find some support for her on Occupy messageboards if you look. Lefties like the Duck will claim these are people trying to make the Occupy crowd look absurd. This is also false as these odious statements match the sentiments of a hatefilled crowd that I have visited frequently. I have little difficulty finding dimwits talking about Zionist Bankers.
The Paulites at Tea Party events are subdued as these events are focused on domestic policy and specifically taxation. The Paulites are present in smaller numbers and are unhinged in their obsessions at these events where they are just another unhinged group.
The Duck has posted a video of an unhinged veteran screaming at NYPD. The rioters did not obey lawful orders. NYPD was within their rights to proceed and I suspect we may find some
issues with this individual who I has been abusing his service for the limelight. This person is supporting a communist organized anti American movement and is either being a useful idiot or
doing so for nefarious reasons. While I appreciate his former service, his current activities are vile and the person is dead wrong and if I find this person I will state so. Do notice unlike his rant there is no footage of what the rioters did to provoke the police and they have been doing so with regularity. Provoking police officers is bone stupid and common. NYPD has a flake officer as a liason trying to explain how to avoid arrests to this crowd of morons, communists and Jooooo haters.
The term hippie is incorrectly used to describe this group of losers. These are stoners whose wasted lives are best viewed as a comedic punchline.
Cain in 12

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Anyone who compares the Tea Party to the Occupy Crowd is ignorant. Tea Party events are orderly and respectful of law enforcement officers. There are no chants urging violence and Acorn Sucks is about as bad as it gets. Many people noticed I am Jewish and stated their desire to see more Jews at events and clear support for Israel.

One can see signs urging violence at any occupy event. Drug abuse is quite open at Occupy Wall Street. The protesters do not respect law enforcement officers. Hatred of Jews and 9-11 Truther material is found with ease. The Occupy Crowd purposely and maliciously makes every effort to annoy people who work and live in the area.

The Tea Party respects the Constitution and property rights and the Occupy Crowd is a communist led mob. Bloomberg is correct when he points out free speech does not include tents.
I would add it does not include incitement, drug abuse and assaulting people with criminal odors and loud noises late into the evening for weeks.

It is time for law enforcement to step up and mass arrests to begin. Those who are violent should get free housing in Rikers Island where they can live communally and bore the inmates at their own risk.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Inevitable

There is a sense that the Occupy foolishness will end violently. The Cold Weather and brutal winds will be on hand next month. There is a serious threat of disease from the toxic combination of poor
sanitation, cold, drug use and people packed closely together. Hopefully the city will not allow open fires but I am disappointed in Mayor Bloomberg.

The time to act has long since passed.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Invasion of reality

Your friendly neighborhood Beakerkin had some fun at the local nerd festival. The protesters got an earful and one Beakerkin is worth an army of nerds.

I simply reminded the freaks and losers that it is not the one percent's fault that they are freaks, losers, imbeciles, mendicants and nerds. They have piss poor ideas and are mental health rejects.
Hey dumbass, if Marx is so good join Hugo and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Plenty of Venezuelans are running to get here and you lack the courage to live under the ideas you advocate for others.

Maybe the folks at the tea party should organize a nice counter protest and encourage protesters to bring bars of soap and deodorant. Maybe we should take up donations for adult sized diapers and underoos for the loser nerds.

Up North there is Comic Con which is basically a nerdfest for harmless types who have too much free time. Playing D&D is a harmless past time for kids and adults. However, the folks at Comic Con are usually gainfully employed types that never grew up.

In short running around dressed like Gandalf at 40 is merely eccentric. Advocating a mendicant failed philosopher idiotic ideas that have produced 100,000,000 dead makes one a pariah.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Still the Same

I went to the Wall Street Protests and saw a familiar face. Before I left I used to annoy the commies at Wall Street. I knew the suspect right away and I went to Burger King and he was still there. I walked over and he knew who I was right away. I offered to help him revoke his citizenship
so he could join Hugo. He said he did not want to do this and I asked him if he was a coward for refusing to live in a system he advocates for others.

I would have followed this up, but tonight I am spending time with my daughter. My daughter is growing into a woman and something tells me I call have the same conversation with this commie 20 years from now.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The real poor vs the fakers at Occupy Wall Street

Like their predecessors in the 1960's many of these flake loons think that poverty is a virtue. They are trustfundistas or rebels without a clue. They sit repeating cliches from demented professors
with mounds of debt and useless degrees and wonder why the jobs aren't there.

If you want to talk about greed perhaps you should look at why your college debts are so high in the first place. Professors in higher ed are underworked and grossly over paid. 99% of the research outside of the hard sciences is worthless. The system of tenure, star chamber appointments and featherbedding has sent tuition skyrocketing.

If a student is in debt do not blame the hard working banker. Blame the lazy political activist professor for getting a ridiculous salary for next to no actual work. The hard left politico professors think of themselves as rock stars and spend next to no hours working. A simple look at the actual hours spent by your average banker and Gnome Chimpanzee shows the point. Your average banker is hard at work while the lazy Gnome Chimpanzee is jet setting, promoting incoherent books with sales boosted by academic coercion and traveling from protest to protest.

If you are a sociology or art history major and can't find a job, blame the professors who sold you magic beans so they can bandy Marx in a hot tub on your dime. The only difference between
the mythical Youngblood Priest and the average tenured social science professor is that drug dealers have a better work ethics than Marxist academics.

It is hard to feel sorry for some of the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. Their phones cost more than the genuine poor earn in a month. Repeating cliches droned in by idiotic professors does not make one a rebel, it makes them toadies without a clue.

If the economy is weak it is not due to bankers. The economy is weak due to endless entitlements and taxation strangling the life blood out of the American people. The problem is not Capitalism, it is the solution.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

The real important stuff

In a prior life I would waste time with the Occupy Wall Street BS. However, I am taking the time out from observing the dregs of humanity to spend time with my daughter on her ninth birthday.In the long term my observations about historical events will have to take a back seat to being a family man. My duty is at home with the kid I adore. She grasps that often I work behind the scenes allowing others to do the work while I am gone. It is my hard work and efforts that make the celebrations bigger. They coincided with Yom Kippur and while I wasn't present my efforts made the day something special.

I do enjoy the little Maltese who is forever scamming trips to the Halal truck two blocks away. He does enjoy the trips outside and defending him from larger dogs is not always easy. I usually am looking far in the distance for the unstable pit bulls.

I will drop in on the misfits of science next week once again for boots on the ground insight. Beakerkin does this so you don't have to endure the stench and stupidity of the Communist clowns. My life has not exactly been mild, but dealing with commies is especially annoying. They are more bigoted than actual rednecks with a fraction of their IQ. If you are still pushing Communism or anarchism as the answer to anything you are an imbecile.

Media BS

Beware of self proclaimed media experts who never do boots on the ground work. We have heard
many of these air head experts claim that the Tea Party movement is hateful and bigoted. However, the Obamunist MSM has turned a blind eye towards the bigoted, lawless and moronic antics of the Communist led Occupy Wall Street BS.

There are plenty of good people who are hurting in the Obama economy. The nation was screaming at the top of its lungs we need jobs. The clueless Obama added a bit of social engineering that exacerbated the unemployment mess and feigned ignorance of the screams of JOBS until his crew got pasted in November.

If you are unemployed it is your job to fill out forms network and take what you can until times improve. When I was out of work I worked in several jobs that were beneath dignity. Those jobs were in comparatively good times. If you are in college and are thinking about a major you better
think it over before you decide to be yet another useless Polisci major repeating Marxist cliches
to future employers.

The media has done a very poor job showing the communist organizers. Moreover, the Van Jones link to these unwashed incoherent Marxists shows the value of Glenn Beck. The protesters are the Obama wing of the Democratic party.

I have been taking a second look at the GOP primary and the more I listen to and hear Herman Cain the more comfortable I am with supporting him. Cain is 100% correct about the protesters and Gingrich's comments about bad ideas from academia are on target.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Happy Birthday Sprite

The beloved Sprite will have a birthday over the weekend. As this is also Yom Kippur I will be pressed for time.

To the Duck.

I spent some time with the freaks and losers at the downtown sit in. I can state with certainty these are first class imbeciles and dimwits. AOW and I went to a Tea Party event and one found well mannered friendly folk who were civil despite my being somewhat to their left.

I wrote a small piece about looking for loonies at a Tea Party event and not being able to find one. That post was picked up by Free Republic. I found Commies and a disturbing amount of Paulistinians at the event. Those who think the Paulbots belong in the GOP should interact with them when they are not trying to hide their animus. The classic canard of the Paulbots are Neocons are linear descendents from Trotsky. Thus the evil Jewish Conservatives are diabolically linked to the Satanic Evil Joooish Communist. When you start hearing about Neocon Cabals and Zionist media you are on a par with the folks at Stormfront minus the usual ZOG rants.

I found the freaks in seconds and it did not take too long for the usual mania of the far left about Jews and Israel to manifest itself, carrying a Mark Steyn book does help.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Sorry to clue you in

There are those on the left who are excited about greasy mendicant airheads protesting in Wall Street. There are large protests all the time and this batch is unhinged and incoherent even by developmentally disabled leftist low standards.

Funny, but if a Tea Party attendee allegedly says the N word it is a hateful gathering. However scores of lefties abusing police is just another day at the office.

Sorry, but this group is too stupid to be anything more than a punch line to a joke or two.

Those of you who live elsewhere and who wish to view this idiocy up close should visit the site of the Urban Infidel. She has many excellent pictures and describes the nasty smell vividly. Now I lived in VT and can describe many bad odors mostly from dairy farms, but this crew is really vile. The Duck can view these pictures and note the presence of the Ron Paul brigade. To those that keep swearing that Paul and his followers are conservative view it and weep. Jeffrey Lord is one of the many who point out the anti semitic mania of the Paulistinians.

I may actually run a blog contest open to readers to pick out what annoying objects I can take with me to my planned Friday excursion. I am going to see if I can go with a large print copy of a Mark Levin book. I can not do this with officially licensed items that show the agency logo. I may take a rubber duck and leave it there. I could read the classics of John Brown and have the attendees claim that John Brown is with COINTELPRO designed to make them look unbalanced.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Is Herman Cain electable

The more I have listened to Herman Cain the more convinced I am that he is superior in ability to Perry and Romney. Either of the latter is clearly more preferable to Obama. I am still in the Santorum camp for now, but Cain is intriguing.

The nation is in a dire mess and we need a leader with vision to get us out of this. Cain unlike Obama is running on a specific platform and knows about jobs and performance. If he is elected there is a genuine possibility that 15 to 20 % of the black vote goes to Cain.

I am not convinced he is unelectable and if he survives the first few primaries his electability is as good or better than that of Romney and to a lesser extent Perry.


I understand the out of control educational and medical costs have left some communities looking for answers but denying kids an education is really not in our countries best interest.

1) If a family has multiple children it may be cheaper for the community to offer a plane ticket back home than pay for health and educational costs. In reality the illegal aliens will just pack up and go to a more user friendly location.

To those that really wish to talk about immigration reform the following is the Beakerkin plan

Practitioner reform

1) Applicants who file without a registered immigration attorney will be charged 50% more in filling fees. While this does seem inhumane it will cut costs in processing fees.

2) All new practitioners of immigration law must take a national certification test. Person A graduates from law school passes the bar and sits for a certification test. The test covers law and ethics. Each attorney is charged $500 a year to maintain this license. The attorney will be subject to continuing education requirements similar to CPA's for re certification. More experienced attorneys can opt to be certified if they were grandfathered prior to certification.

3) Certain Community groups can certify some personel without the fee so long as they accept the continuing educational requirements.

Process Reform

1) The system of endless motions and appeals is ended. Cases going on for twenty years or more is not uncommon. All motions and appeals must be submitted by an attorney. Applicants are limited to two appeals. The applicant may have additional appeals only if they are abroad, unless extreme hardship can be established.

2) Countries with high fraud rates must submit DNA evidence of all biological relationships.

3) Expedited denaturalization for criminals and polygamists. If person X is naturalized and commits a series of crimes he may be denaturalized and deported back to his home country.
The process takes years and should be resolved to a simple system that takes a month or two.

Legal Reform

1) Ending anchor babies and brides.

The conveyance of parental benefits should only be granted if the parent who gave birth to the child in question were here legally. Applicants who derived their benefits via marriage would need to show a marriage that has existed for ten years before conveying benefits. If the couple has children five years from the birth of the first child.

2) Elimination of sibling, married child and adult unmarried child of legal permanent resident classes.

3) Temporary Protective Status may only be granted to any country for three years.

4) Serious penalties for immigration fraud including jail time and elimination of all future benefits including unemployment welfare and social security. If we catch citizen A in a fake marriage the cost will be dire.

This is a start

Friday, September 30, 2011

Ron Paul reminds all of us why he should not be in office

Most of us are celebrating the death of a traitorous American Al Queda operative. This loon took up arms against his own country and has facilitated the deaths of Americans on behalf of a group that seeks the imposition of a caliphate.

Ron Paul reminds us that he is a loon by calling this an assassination. Sorry, but in this case this is not a criminal matter. Al Queda is a transnational movement of loons and imbeciles who want to impose theocracy on the rest of the planet.

This dementia is consistent with Paul's followers evil Abe Lincoln bit. Lincoln is viewed as a hero by most Americans and he was President in the Civil War and did suspend some rights. However, the danger posed by Copperheads was very real as evidenced by the NYC and Baltimore riots.

Paul is unfit for office at any level and should be asked to leave the GOP again. He previously resigned in protest of Reagan's economic policies and feigned some sort of respect for Reagan at the debate.

There is no place in the GOP for Paul and his kook followers. Let them run around like idiotic Larouchites in airports, but out of the GOP.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Under the Weather

I have been away from the site due to health issues. Were we not so busy I would have taken a few weeks off to deal with this. We are very short staffed and even making it in for seven hours is a big help.

The Giants still stink and Victor Cruz had one shinning moment. Before Giant fans get to excited remember Floyd Eddings and Odessa Turner. Jason Pierre Paul is the real deal if he stays healthy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WTF New York Magazine

I want to point out that leftists supporters of Obama can get away with murder. On the cover of it has the picture of the bacl of a Black man's head wearing a yarmulke. The cover has the caption Barak Obama The First Jewish President.

I have pointed to the great difficulties and challenges Americans have in doing political cartoons with Obama as President. Anything borderline can and will be viewed as racist, by many. President's from GW Bush to "Ape" Lincoln have routinely been drawn as apes by their opponents. While this is a vile thing to do, this same act done to Obama would rise to the levels of bigotry found in Der Shturmer.

If Barak Obama was drawn by his opponents wearing an Arab Headress, this would be viewed as being produced by racists. The usual cranks life the Cocktail Party Limosine Liberals Geene of Harry's Place would go on endlessly about stoking hatred by claiming Obama is a Muslim. Given the comments of Pastor Wright, his reputation would improve with many if he were viewed as a Muslim. Apparently, Ron Paul and Pastor Wright appear to have the same speech writer, but don't tell the Paulbots the clown is antisemitic.

The fall of Obama in the Jewish community is also due to his incompetence in handling the economy. Plenty of good people are hurting and this includes people of all races and religions.
Obam has zero credibility on job creation and his latest rant on class warfare should make matters worse.

Obama is the most divisive politician of my lifetime. At work, I was careful to say nothing about Obama. A coworker, did do the "if you don't vote for Obama you are a racist bit". Sorry, but this type of thinking is worse than anything seen previously. The notion that I could have my own views and convictions opposed to Obama and his policies was lost on this mindless drone.

Giants Stink

I watched the football games last night and was amazed that were outplayed and managed a win.
The Giants are about to sign Klinger and Major Burns due to all the injuries. At least the Bengals have their players in prison, not hospitals and they can beat us.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Predicts Riots

The Mayor of NYC, whom I respect but frequently disagree with, has predicted riots due to the jobs situation. I agree with his assessment but the factor isn't jobs, it is the belief that the situation is not going to improve any time soon.

The mayor looks to London and witnessed days of rioting. Most but not all of the rioters fit the traditional stereotype of the poor. There were also a few art majors and social science types, but thus far no known accounting majors.

Riots tend to take place in warmer weather. Thus as the temperature gets colder we in the North are given a respite from rioting. No doubt some clever blogger will find some riot that took place in the dead of winter. However, even the draft riots in NYC were a summer event. There were riots in Baltimore but those riots took place in April which is not cold weather. The civil war riots may or may not have been provoked by Copperheads and may be an unrelated phenomena.

The Boston Tea Party was a political act and does not count as a spontaneous riot. No doubt some white people decided to dress like Dr. Yeagley and the rest is history. There was one in Cincinnati that appears in the 1800 and the Thompkins Square riots but most appear to be a warm weather activity.

For those that hate the winter, at least you have some reason to be thankful.

Remind me when I visit Cincinnati to drink only bottled water. How that city gets on the list so many times is unknown.

FJ is not Socrates

FJ is an incredibly stupid person for even in jest making this joke. Fortunately, enough of the genuine Socrates writings were preserved here on this blog so we can say so with some certainty.
There are some scary signs of similarity. I happened to be visiting Drummaster who is familiar
with the writing style of Socko. As we have not looked for this nut case for a while it is quite easy
to get a misread. There are some clear signs that are eerie. However, we have enough confirmed
samples of his writing as Muster Quark to draw this conclusion.

What is apparent is the Farmer is at times very stupid. He should have immediately apologized for playing mind games with a friend. As for the antisemitic comments and drivel of Joe Conservative what the real sentiment of FJ is remains a mystery. Is the man a Paulbot? Why play a Paulbot complete with Limbaugh, Levin and so forth are sell outs, word games with "concentration camp"and classic dual loyalty charges directed at a Jewish American. Being a Paulbot carries the social stigma of a leper in biblical times. If FJ is not a Paulbot he is incredibly
stupid for carrying on this act and annoying a friend.

In the exchanges FJ reveals some back story that would only be known to long time players at FPM. I posted there under the same name so I am a fixed constant. FJ admits to being Homer who appears out of nowhere in the Soc Wars after a board purge of all known Soc aliases. He claims I nailed him as a Soc clone in a brutal manner which was possible. Then why follow someone who smacked you around into cyberspace.

The truth is that FJ was almost certainly writing under other names before Homer. Who and what those names are remain unknown. So my references to him as a deeply disturbed criminal
are factually incorrect. FJ is the gold standard ( Ron Paul Pun) of stupidity who took a joke way too far and rather than say OK bud jokes on you and leave it there played more games with a friend who he really annoyed.

Only one person knows the true story of the history of myself and the person we call FJ. As my identity is fixed my side is clearly known. I would hate to go through eight years of being a running gag. FJ has assured the others he did not do this and should be given some leeway for
years of friendship as FJ.

I am starting to wonder about a few one hit wonders at FPM that could have been FJ giving me a form of internet wedgie like the FPM loon Murray Rothbard who briefly posted truther stuff.
FJ is not above such relatively harmless antics. This is not a way I behave, but my persona is real.

The matter is dropped for now I only visit three sites AOW, Pagans and Mr B's.
I request the Farmer please refrain from any more chicanery and stop going to sites he does not frequent like the Spitoon. This will blow over but it needs time

Moral of the story is: Do not treat friends like Rubber Chickens if you wish to remain friends

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I have been to some very creepy places in the racist right looking into Ron Paul links. What has floored me was the depth and pervasiveness of 9-11 Trutherism on those sites. Whenever, one finds a truther it is almost always some sort of far left loon missing their Fruit Loops.

Then again dimwits and dullards who call themselves American Patriots and Christians and advance these idiotic ideas are out of their minds. I remember having a conversation with one asking them where Christ endorses this idiocy and shaking my head at the responses.

My apology to FJ

Now many of you out there think my reaction to being pranked by FJ was a bit over the top. The antics of Joe Conservative were clearly anti semitic in a manner reminiscent of the Duck. If the Farmer was using a tool to make a point it was not the point he intended. I will not dignify a conversation about Ron Paul's usage of the term "Concentration Camp" and Gaza. Nor will I dignify the comments about being Jewish and Israel as being my focus. As an American Jew who supports Israel it is a core value.

The Farmer and I go way back around eight years to another site. Many of us were there with clear identities, but the Farmer has no such identity. He was clearly there and for whatever reasons followed me here. For either nefarious or comedic reasons he admitted being the most notorious cyber criminal on the planet. Whomever, he was should not erase years of friendship.

Using a sock puppet on a friend is no laughing matter. It is one thing to do this to John Brown who had some funny ones himself. To this day I think he was Anum Muhktar who I interviewed.
This is not a way I treat friends.

What is clear is the Farmer and I go very far back. Exactly who he was only he knows. There were many one hit wonders that likely were done for amusement like a writer who posted 9-11
material under the name of Murray Rothbard. There was Prof Pike who sounds similar to the Duck in many ways except that he was humorless. He has probably been pulling my chain for years without getting caught and most of it was likely harmless.

I will resume my rounds at two sites for now AOW and the Pagan Temple. I ask the Farmer to please stop following me to places off the map that he doesn't visit regularly.

My anger at him will stop when he just comes clean with who he was at FPM. I hate to think I have been a comedic prop in his wacky world for eight years. There are questions I need answered for closure. Until those questions are answered I can not move ahead.


I went to Bad Eagle to check the Ilana Mercer quote of Murray Rothbard. Mercer quotes Rothbard in passing and states directly that she is not an anarcho -liberterian. She joins Richard Poe as the second sane person to have ever quoted the vile Rothbard.

What is interesting is there is actually an add for Ron Paul on the top of Bad Eagle. Has Yeagley joined the Paulists??? He clearly is not an antisemite and is an open vocal supporter of Israel so this
is unusual.

Once again when trying to grapple with understanding Paul one needs to look at Murray Rothbard.
Rothbard proposed alliances with David Duke and given the views of the Dr on race one can wonder .

Friday, September 16, 2011

More Cynicism

Basketball Star Ron Artest has changed his name to Metta World Peace because Metta Mucil was copyrighted.

Dreadful....... Groan..........

Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Murray Rothbard

I want to thank Michael Ezra of Harry's Place. When trying to grapple with the wacky world of Ron Paul one must look to the philosophy and writtings of Lew Rockwell and Murray Rothbard.

Michael Ezra cut and pastes a vile tract where Rothbard infers that Parents have a right to sell their children and that children have a right to run away. Writings like this are part and parcel of the morally obtuse world of Murray Rothbard.

Doing Fine

There are some of you who have contacted me off line and have inquired about my well being. I am doing quite well.

All of us have things we can deal with and things we refuse to go near. I do not like sock puppets or the psycho lunatics with disturbed personalities that play mind games and ruin the integrity of sites with spam like boring cut and paste statements.

I would sooner trade barbs with the Duck who has a code of honor ( and dreadful ideas) than a manipulative nut job with multiple personalities. I have been arguing with the Duck since 2003 and have never had to censor a comment. He is entertaining and a real person.

I like real genuine people. It doesn't matter if we agree or not give me your best shot I dish it out and we can laugh later. I do not play nor will dignify a response to a sock puppet. Ultimately, it ruins the integrity of a site and in some cases ruin the experience for others.

Front Page Forum had many wonderful people who I enjoyed and are too numerous to name.
Unfortunately, there was a seriously disturbed person with no life that committed a series of disgusting comments with sock puppets that ruined the site for everyone.

I decided to walk away from boards that knowingly permit this type of sophistry. I walked away from this person eight years ago. Incredibly, this person decided to follow me here under another name. I am walking away again and hopefully this time this person will respect my wishes and take his multi personality act elsewhere.

Ultimately all of us need to make ownership decisions about our blogs. The truth is the underhanded antics of FJ were an insult to his friends who did not know who Joe Conservative was and had never condoned anti semitism at their sites. The blog owner in question did not know FJ was also Joe Conservative. This is not a way I treat my friends or will tolerate them being treated at my site. Most of the time we know the air headed creations of the imbecile FJ, but this one flew under the radar of many including myself. A decent person apologizes when caught manipulating people , but this is FJ mental defective cum laude. The comments of FJ as Joe Conservative were as anti semitic as anything uttered by the Duck. Unlike some I do not give those on the imagined right a free pass on anything.

If you allow this sort of sophistry on your blogs you run the risk of needless blog wars. There are times that real nasty spats are necessary. This was an underhanded manipulation of a friendly blogger for no other purpose than the deranged entertainment of a very disturbed individual.
Many of you feel sorry for FJ. However, read in between the lines when he says he will not be blamed for stuff he didn't, do but he has done plenty. Whatever, happened next he started the series of events that unfolded.

All of you need to ask yourselves if having a person behave in this manner is something you want on your blogs. I was done with this type of sophistry at FPM and will not tolerate it here. Those
of you who wish a middle route could ask the Farmer to use one persona at your site, but don't expect him to honor your wishes. I was very clear when I left FPM that I was coming here to get away from this person. He certainly did not respect my wishes to be left alone. I ask FJ who reads this site to refrain from following me to whatever new places I hang my hat. It is very simple to avoid me as I use one name.

Those of you who wish to drop in and discuss whatever are always welcome here as friends. We don't have to agree, just be yourselves.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not grasping this one

When one talks about a concept or an idea most people grasp the familiar. Thus when pondering the paradox of Ron Paul and the more traditional Liberterians the more I read about Murray Rothbard the more the idiocy and vile views of Ron Paul seem to be the source.

Some basics about libertarianism are illustrated in the classic example of lining up 20 people and asking them to jump. As twenty people have different abilities we would get a natural and expected variation. If we force equality everything must go to the lowest common denominator. Forced equality naturally provides lower overall results and is not optimal.

From a libertarian as well as common sense perspective everyone should have the same opportunity to jump to the best of their ability.

When reading about Murray Rothbards racism this bears zero resemblance to familiar libertarians one is apt to encounter at a Tea Party event, unless they are a Paulbot cultist like FJ. When Rothbard writes of a "parasitic underclass" this harkens is familiar to the term untamenschen. History has shown that what we dehumanize we can kill quickly. Rothbard spoke about an alliance with David Duke types that seems to be the basis of Stormfront ads for Ron Paul.

It seems to fully grasp the odd Ron Paul one needs to examine Lew Rockwell and Murray Rothbard. Some of the Paulbot antics does resemble a classic cult. One can show overwhelming evidence of the antisemitism of Ron Paul to a follower and get word games with the term
"concentration camp". Does a reasonnable person think Paul was trying to invoke the Boer War in connection with Gaza or the Israel as Nazi theme.

New Focus

I have been stalked by a cyber criminal since my days at FPM forum. I came here because I decided to get away from this criminal and his pathological obsessions.

Most of us play by a set of rules. We write with one name and we are accountable for what we say for better or worse. When one person sets up multiple personas it ruins board integrity. We don't know who said what and it leads to all sort of games and criminality.

At FPM FJ was known as the cyber criminal Socrates. Like Socrates he has multiple personalities and waxes off into philosophical BS that is all cut and paste crap. Socrates had a sick obsession with a poster named Donal. He was hated and despised by all who knew him. Among his classics were "Jews into the Ovens", "jokes about Blacks as slaves", sick descriptions of molestation of children and sexual harassment of female posters.

Fast foward eight years later, I find Joe Conservative making anti semitic comments here. FJ admits one of his aliases is Homer and is still crying about Donal years later. I do not know where this person Donal is or care. I do know that this lunatic with multiple personality disorders has followed me here.

I do not want an apology from FJ.I do not want anything to do with that obsessed escapee from a mental health ward. Now many of you have stated that I should continue doing business as normal and ignore FJ. I have decided to leave this group entirely and find new places to hang my hat.

Let FJ and his sybil act pollute your blogs and start fights someplace else. I am done dealing with him and the blogosphere is big enough that I will make plenty of new friends. I came here to avoid this nut and he followed me here. The Farmer has to do this because he has a series of
warped obsessions. He has no life and needs the attention. Who among us has the time to maintain ten aliases. Sorry, but I got a life to lead

I will not be commenting on your sites indefinitely. I have zero interest in posting on sites that allow one lunatic to spam a board and instigate fights with multiple personalities. Your blogs
your rules and I am okay with this. My blog my rules and we do not want FJ here.

I want to point to the Communist blog Renegade Eye that recently closed. The Farmer flooded that board with about six or seven personalities. The place became a bore and Ren closed up shop. Ultimately, this is what will happen to your blogs if this behavior goes unchecked.

Obama there are limits to Jewish Support

The voters of my district have spoken. There are limits to Jewish support of democrats. In a heavily Jewish district the anger at Obama is clear and evident in a district where Democrats outnumber Republicans three to one.

Jewish voters believed the campaign promises of Obama. However, we should not be surprised at the actions of a person who sat in Pastor Wright's Church for two decades, is close friends with Rashid khalidid and Bill Ayers and has idiotic obsessions with colonialism that are relics of Marxism from the 1960's.

A close look at what this mindset has produced is on full display in Guyana. Two Marxists parties
basically based upon race made the place a hell hole where almost the entire population wants to emigrate. Crime is through the roof, corruption is open and the norm. The problem was that in their rush to build a post colonial country they signed onto disastrous economic policies that left the country a shambles. There does not appear to have been any effort to build a functional economy in Guyana.

Despite the President's recent publicity tour on jobs he has zero interest in moderating policies that have stalled the economy. Companies are hoarding cash since Obamacare and layoffs are worse. I spoke with lawyers who can't find work. I spoke with businessmen are hurting badly.
The Obamacare fiasco sucked the wind out of any hope of recovery.

In truth three sectors are dragging the economy down. The costs of medical care and education are out of control. Bloated school budgets and court mandates are driving property taxes through the roof. Higher education costs are bloated by featherbedding and idiotic focus on worthless publications and research that produces nothing of worth. The housing bubble has not burst and we are apt to see a few down years.

If Obama was this out of touch in his first four years who knows what he will do as a lame duck.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The People Have Spoken

Ron Paul was booed by the audience at the debate for his answers that come from the Code Pink playbook. The paulbots are an entryist faction of lunatics who belong in mental health treatment
and are more a cult than coherent.

Paul does not belong in the Republican Party and his followers should be encouraged to head for the door and join Code Pink where Communists belong.

Now many of us think of Liberterians as fiscally cheap guys for smaller government. They are not Conservatives in any description. There is an obnoxious subgroup that is identical in substance and lunacy to Commies. The anarcho Capatalists were racialist and obstructionists in the Cold War. The main proponent of this madness was Murray Rothbard. Rothbards inane writings are so idiotic they should be used in GITMO as punishment. Rothbard, internet loon Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul are joined in a policy of idiocy that makes a mockery of Republican values.

Many of you underestimate Mr. B. I am familiar with Anarchocapitalists from their work with Code Pink commies in so called Peace Protests. However, even I was floored when Mr B informed me of a glowing eulogy of war criminal mendicant Che Guevara by Rothbard. When Mr. B states Joe Conservative is soft on Communism he is not quite as far off as you presume.
The multi personality one is sounding more like Ducky than a genuine Conservative lately. I may not be a conservative but I know a real one when I see one.

For the record, the shcitzoid does cry a tad too much. He wants to cry over being called a Commie but calls his opponents Stalanist for wanting to expel the entryist Paulbots from the GOP. Moreover, the comments of the sock puppet are consistent with a Paulbot. The question for Paulbots is why they are part of a group that includes Nazis, Truthers and Commies. The answer is that all of the above are linked by pathological antisemitism that the Schitzoid has shown here multiple times.

The latest rant of the schitzo is the term "Concentration camp" as said by Ron Paul is not anti semitic. Paul clearly did knowingly make a Jew as Nazi comparison when describing Gaza as a Concentration camp. The multi personality loon then behaves in Truther fashion by concocting
a litany of excuses why this comment is not antisemitic. Nobody with an IQ believes Paul was invoking images of the Boer War.

The people have spoken and have booed the GOP imposter Ron Paul. Paul and his freak show belong in Code Pink jamborees and not anywhere near GOP functions.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A bit much from Planet Paul

There isl a certified loon on the web that posts under hundreds of names. There is an old saying about walking like a Duck.

The mendicant clown Farmer John sees a great conspiracy to defame Ron Paul. The conspiracy is by Jews who have dual loyalty issues. Anyone who criticizes Ron Paul and his wacky freak show followers are part of the conspiracy.

Ben Stein= Jew who writes in the American Spectator add a few delusions about big money owners not named Soros from the Code Pink playbook.

Mark Levin= Neocon Jew. Just happens to be a very well known Reaganite and is saluted by Tea Party figure Bachman as in inspiration. Levin is no conservative because he is a tool of AIPAC.

Rush Limbaugh = fake conservative tool of the Jews

Hugh Hewitt= See above

Glenn Beck= See above. Paul's supporters raise money on Guy Fawkes day. Lets see are they going to follow this up with Timothy McVeigh or Bill Ayers day.

David Horrowitz Jew tool of AIPAC former Communist. Very critical of Lew Rockwell whose positions are indistinguishable from leftist anti americanism.

Stormfront Those ads for Ron Paul on a racist Nazi sight were put there to make him look absurd.

Alex Jones: The support of the Truthers is just incedental. It just so happens that Paul's idiotic worldview rationalizing the terrorism of 9-11 to bases in Saudi Arabia and paranoid anti semitic
delusions about Israel are common ground.

The Weekly Standard That is a Jew run publication in the service of AIPAC

Now the latest bit of chicanery is the claim that calling Gaza a concentration camp is not anti semitic. While concentration camps were not exclusively associated with Jews it is clearly the image Paul invoked with his words " concentration camp" . When such idiocy is typically uttered by the Duck we clearly know it as anti-semitic. When Ron Paul makes the Jew as Nazi rant he is engaging in rather blaze uninspired anti-semitism.

Of course you can watch the video Jerimiah Rupaul on the site Absolutely Non Paul and compare the rants of Ron Paul and Pastor Wright. Watch the reactions of Rudy Guliani and Mark Levin.
Levin points out the identical rhetoric of Paul and Pastor Wright. Note the mention of the close associations of the Paul Campaign and Code Pink.

Also note Levin states "I have been to Tea Party rallies and most of the leaders think Paul is a kook". This is what many of you have said on other sites.

On Free Republic "Border Fence will be used to keep us in". This quote by Paul is pure Looney Tunes. Is Paul trying to audition for the role of Marvin the Martian?

If you want to dig further there is a Ron Paul criticizing Regan who he now suddenly respects and mutters incoherently about Lybian conspiracies. Wait what type of Conservative bashes Regan and blathers against Contra Aid. You can read the full bit at Hot Air Ron Paul Quits the Republican Party on 9-16 by Jazz Shaw. Must be Hot Air is owned by a member of the anti Paulist conspiracy.

You can go back to 6/15/2007 The Conservative Case against Ron Paul by John Hawkins on Town Hall. Hawkins how did someone with that last name get in on the conspiracy to make Ron Paul look comedic

You can look at the You Tube Ron Paul is a Crackpot. He is anti Cuban embargo, he is favor of the Iranian's getting the atomic bomb. Rick Santorum owns Paul. Paul goes into the blow back theory that the US put the Shah in 1953. This is a far left point almost held by zero mainstream
pundits. Mark Levin dissects the Paul lies. Levin points to the lunacy of long time Paul supporters Lew Rockwell, truthers and Murray Rothbard. Ron Paul on Iran is all over the place.
This is followed by Limbuagh and Beck picking Paul apart. Beck "When it comes to the Middle East Paul is DEAD wrong".

For Fun you can watch Ron Paul vs Lincoln on You Tube or the hysterical talking to Ron Paul Supporters on You Tube.

Band of Patriots August 2, 2011 Mathew Monos (Its conservatism stupid) Or why I won't support Ron Paul. More references to the insane news letter and apparently Paul was endorsed by Code Pink. I did see the same references on Fox News. Code Pink Commies for Paul.

Last but not least is Tablet Magazine Ron Paul's Ugly Past Marcy Tracy May 13 2011. Paul denied writing the material that bears his name and is believed by some to be authored by former Chief of Staff and certified Loon Lew Rockwell. The Mossad blew up the WTC in 93 was a
Paul newsletter classic. He was in effect a truther before 9-11. The racist material is there and Paul is responsible for the repeated bigotry in his news letters. The toxic views were not isolated instances.

There is a link to an article in Who wrote Ron Paul's News letters 01/16/2008
Julian Sanchez and David Weigel. Lew Rockwell and the cult of Murray Rothbard appear to be the responsible parties. Rockwell denies the charges and Paul has been evasive as to who wrote these racist, homophobic and anti semitic tracts.

Ultimately the person most responsible for making Paul look like a blathering moron is Ron Paul.

As for the the Tea Party. Though Paul may claim he is the founder of the Tea Party movement
he says many stupid things. The person who ultimately created the Tea Party movement is Barak Obama and his goofy politics. So to Rita and Z and the others that said I was a tad too tough on the Tea Party you have a point. It would still be better to ask him to leave the GOP as he did once before and spend time with his pal Russell Means who is as conservative as Paul and
dealing with Cancer.

The good news is that Ron Paul is going to disappear soon. He is not running for congress and unless you count Tea party events that he fouls with his presence he will live out his days as a non entity.

The rhetoric of FJ and his band of sock puppets is really a bit much. On his site he gives an apology for what... boorishness, stupidity your guess. Of course none of this happens if FJ plays by the same rules the rest of us do use one name and state your point. When asked a simple question FJ refuses to respond. How many sock puppets do you have? He states he was a legendary troll Socrates and now backs away claiming he was the long forgotten Homer who eight years ago was smacked around by yours truly. Who remembers this eight year old nonesense. I must have did a pretty good job as FJ or whatever still recalls it.