Friday, February 29, 2008

The Final Analysis

The basic problem with the Sabagh book is arrogance and hypocrisy. The book does not even come close to being coherent. The book reflects Jim Crow type of arrogance and actually does point directly to typical responses to Commie lies about fake indigenous people.

1 Arabs got to Israel via colonialism
2 Arabs subjected Jews to a Jim Crow culture. Contrary to the authors claims the period of enlightenment was imposed on the region via European coercion and short period of colonial rule.
3 The author even refers to the region Southern Syria, not Palestine.
4 The author does not mention creation of Jordan on 80% of the mandate and the etnic cleansng of Jews from that area. The author basically thinks Jews should stay only if they know their place.
5 The author fails to establish anything close to a Palestinian ethnicity. The authors claims about dialects and cuisine could be made about St Louis, Brooklyn or parts of London.
6 The authors own accounts show Brazilians and Englishmen called Palestinian based upon a relative lived there.
7 The accounts of the author show fluidity of movement around the general region into parts of Jordan and so forth was the norm.

There are no Palestinians and Arabs in allready posses land in abundance and that land was colonized. Any claim that Jews oppressed Muslims is as absurd as claiming Blacks in the South or Indians oppressed whites.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Palestine Lost Nation by Sabagh continued

When dealing with the cult of Palestine one should expect some idiocy.

The author fails to note that Israel has special significance for Jews. The author notes Arabs are fluid moving in and out of the region. The author's own accounts have people born of mixed marriages to Brazilians and Brittish citizens defined as Palestinians.

One should also expect fuzzy logic. This is an example from the book. The population density of Palestine was the same as the United States. The United States prior to WWI and massive immigration was underpopulated.

Then there are the outright lies and racism. "....The Orthodox Jew is an inoffensive creature..."
This sounds identical to what racists say about uppity Blacks. The author refers to millions of Palestinians world wide and then goes on tirades about East European and Polish Jews. He is personally a Brittish citizen born to a Brittish mother in the UK and is a Palestinian based on what? Then the most famous of Palestinians have similar contrived stories Arafat and Said were
Egyptians despite their posturing. One can still see the lie about the location of Said's birth on the Columbia website.

The racist drivel stated by the author is that Arabs are free to move througout the area. Poles, Americans and Western European Jews have no such freedom. The question remains why is it okay for a Bosnian, Circasian from Europe or even Pakistanis to emigrate to the region and not Poles.We hear a constant reference to Europe without noting the author's own status as a European.

Another example of the lies is the authors claim of community harmony between the religion prior to those upity Polish Jooos. This is akin to claiming under Jim Crow Blacks lived in harmony minus codified legal discrimination and a lynching every now and then. Moreover Jews who lived in the region do not tell similar stories. Any harmony that existed was imposed by colonial occupiers ironically from Europe.

In the mind of the Arab racists, Jews have no connection to the area. This is amusing for an Arab who claims to be a Christian. Who was Christ preaching to? Where was this temple he spoke of?
Were Josephus, Greeks, Romans, Babalonians and so forth in on the plot. Where are these Arabs
in the writings of Josephus? Maybe Josephus and the authors of the New Testament were neocons.

The racist faulty logic displays itself in the authors account of an episode that he claims sparked the riots that led to the Hebron massacre in 1929. Those pesky Jews had the nerve to set up a mesh screen dividing the sexes for prayer. The arrogance of Muslims dictating to Jews about how conditions should be in their own house of worship in the holiest site in the Jewish faith is lost upon the author. Those Polish Jews are upity but Muslims have the divine right to tell Jews how to arrange their house of worship.

This amusing series will continue.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In Theaters soon Conversations with Commies

I am going to have to place the best of Beakerkin slapping around communists into a special blog.
Commies are stupid and never get placed on defense.

"Have you ever been to New Orleans...."
Beakerkin: Hey dumbass even the poor in New Orleans often owned cars and homes.
"I visited Havana....."
Beakerkin " Do you claim to know more than the refugees who come into my office and lived there for decades"
Beakerkin: " Communism is a cult stranger than Scientology"
"It is not and you are just a reactionary. Power to the people webolutionaries of the world unite Castro is offering free labotomies"
Beakerkin: It looks like you allready took advantage of that offer.

Still reading of a Lost Palestine History Nation

The author of the book fails to define what is a Palestinian. He talks about a regional accent and some cuisine. I could make these claims with Texas, St Louis or Brooklyn. The authors history shows that his own family moved continually into and out of the region.

The basic failure of the Arabs in general is to understand what a Jew is. While the author struggles
to define his ethnicity Jews have no such problem. We have a language and a distinct culture. The book is filled with wild inaccuracies claiming the population was 91% Arab in 1919. Perhaps this is before Jordan was carved out of the mandate and 80% of the land was ethnically cleansed.

The author fails miserably to define what makes him a Palestinian. He was born in the was born in the UK to an English mother. Using less logic I can claim regional affinity in Poland. I was born in the USA to parents born in the USA . His grandmother was Brazilian and two of his Aunts were born in Brazil. The book shows movement throughout the region.

The author goes on to claim that the figures in the Bible were small cheiftans. He must ignore all the Greek, Roman and other references to Jews living in the area well before Arabs. Moreover, he thinks it is okay for Brazilians to reside in the region but not Jews from Poland. The last part is amusing because it is racist.

The author at various points describes the area as Southern Syria. This is the exact point supporters of Israel make. He has not provided a single basis for this amazing phantom ethnicity.
Moreover, his family history of people moving into and out of the area shows Palestinianism to be a farce.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Family Leends, Myths and Lore

Those of you who are regular readers know of my respect and admiration of Dr Yeagley. Part of being a semi public figure is dealing with insane obsessed types. Many of us have had this experience first hand. I have had a blog that called me a Nazi and pedophile. Amazingly, I have been called an anti-semite because I flipped a Kahanist clown off and I have been called gay. Some imbeciles have speculated I have commited murder. The last one is amusing as a person who said this venerates a genocidal war criminal (Trotsky) who should be compared to Sadam Hussein.

Dr Yeagley has always faced a series of absurd charges. Some of them are in the range of super market Tabloid fare such as he had plastic surgery and uses cosmetics to enhance his ethnic appearance. The latest bit is a scandalous diatribe that claims he was adopted. It is a sad day when a man has to take out his life story like a dog at a kennel club.

All of us have family legends and I want to ask each of us to think about what can be proven and what can not. The fact that it can not does not make it untrue. I picked out my grandmother's life. I can not prove she was the wayward daughter of a Rabbi in Lvov. Those records are long since destroyed in war. I can not prove she scaled the wall of the hospital with her boyfriend to seek her blessing as her mother lay dying of the Flu of 1918. I can not prove she took her brother's visa to America and claimed her middle name was the feminine version of her brother's to get in. I can not prove she worked in a sweat shop and saved her money to buy boat fare for her future husband whom her family loathed. I can not prove her husband ran off with the cleaning woman decades later. I can prove my grandmother entered Elis Island. I can prove she married someone and had two children. I can prove she divorced this person in the early 60's.
I can only say that she lived the next 40 years and never said a single bad word about her wayward husband. For her he was a man she once loved and was the father of her children. To bad mouth him would be hurtful to her children and thus she never did it.

Her husband reappeared slightly before death asking forgiveness. She would not meet with him as the matter was closed, her son did the same. My mother visited her father on his death bed and asked Why?? There was never any hope of an answer, but again this is all unproveable.

My grandmother's brother told a slightly different version of the tale. He was a bitter man who never quite recovered from the Holocaust. In that version my grandmother knew her husband was unfaithful and told him to leave. He asked to return a few times and stopped asking.

All of us should wonder what can we prove and what is legend. The fact that we can not prove something does not make it untrue. I wonder how each of us will be viewed by our kin when we become legends. The only one who this does not apply to is the Great Gasmasked Patriot who is larger than most legends allready.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The NYT is a sick outfit

The Bolshevik NYT admitted it had four reporters trying to find an email or sources who would go on record about McCain's alleged affair. The NYT is a sick organization and it needs to seriously clean up its act.

The paper must have been under enormous pressure to even respond to its critics. Normally the Bolsheviks do not even deign to respond to misconduct and malfeasance charges from the public.

The New York Times has sunk to the level of the National Enquirer.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Beakerkin reads Palestine History of a lost nation so you don't have to

The myth of a distinct Palestinian ethnicity is a commie fable. Palestinians remain Arabs with a rather blatant history of colonialism. The myth of a distinct "Palestinian ethnicity" is a commie standard. The obvious odious stench of making land judenfrei would not market well with leftards.
Thus a naritive was spun almost entirely after 1967.

The narritive was concocted by Communists to co-opt the land greed of the planets most blatant colonialists. While comwads wax about "greater Israel" they are in fact endorsing ethnic cleansing.Moreover, commies love to mix in metaphors about apartheid, native americans and Blacks in the South. Another cliche repeated by the author is that things between Jews and Muslims were just peachy until those nasty Zionists messed it up.

What the author is doing at the onset is akin to claiming Blacks just enjoyed Jim Crow, Slavery and being lynched in the South. Moreover, this is akin to a white racist trying to sugar coat reality by pointing to a plantation that treated its slaves well as the norm. The mistreatment of indigenous people under the rule of Islam is once again being denied.

The metaphors about Native Americans are amusing. The actual situation is Israel is a defacto Jewish reservation with greedy Arabs demanding more land when they posses it in abundance.
This also is amusing as the Arabs have oppressed Jews historically for roughly 1400 years.

Condi Rice was the latest dimwit to compare Palestinians to Blacks in the South. Blacks in the South with the rarest of exceptions did not gratuitously kill White Americans. Moreover, every country has the obligation to protect its citizens. This is the reason we get screened going onto planes and it is a world wide norm. Moreover, even the oft criticized Israeli ID card system just happens to be identical to every Arab state. Commies themselves start to stutter when the Soviet ID with the word JOOO in big letters is displayed.

In the first chapter the author does not start with Palestinian history. The author starts with the premise that Jews are earlier Arab migrants who adopted the Canaanite culture. The claim that Israel was mostly a province of Egypt, that the Kings overstated their actual regional role and the kingdoms lasted 70 years should be familiar from the far left.

The author starts with the usual stories claiming Jews are cultural but not ethnic. Then he starts
off with evidence that backs the claims of the Jews.

From a tenth Century account in Arabic "Filastin is the Western most province of Syria". It was a part of a larger entity but never a distinct entity. This is something we have been saying all along. " In the province (note again not State or country) of Filastin, despite its small extent there are about twenty Mosques, with pulpits for the Friday prayer." This refutes the claim that
the region was densely populated. For reference if we were to look at Franklin County Vermont
we could quickly get that number with no effort. St Albans alone probably has ten Churches with a population of 8,000.

The author does state the fact that most of the adjacent states are also without any claim to a past culture such as Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia. This is amusing as the author is unwittingly making our case. Moreover, he does describe the Jim Crow elements of Muslim rule.

His points about the Jews is that is dificult to trace Jews back to Israel and that even if we could
this would not give Jews a claim to the land. Oddly the author points to Native Americans without noting the presence of Reservations recognized under US law.

Now with smoke and mirrors the author presents a Bedouin as the first King of Palestine. Even in the author's description Daher's family moved around in a general area that is currently part of four states. The author describes the series of payments to Ottomans and it is abundantly clear that Daher was a skilled local tax collector or at best a cross between and tax collector and
gang leader. The crime that the author describes as endemic was mostly Bedouuin raiders. In this case it was a Bedouin telling his kin to go easy on the locals. Daher was often involved with armed conficts with his son and rival local politicos.

The author attempts to portray a fuedal vassal with contacts with French traders and Russian military men as the begining of a nation. The author fails to note the Moroccan mercenaries he describes were there and subdued the locals with ease. He also visits distant relatives and finds familiar stories about relatives in the USA and elsewhere. His account of a minor episode that he concedes may be construed as such shows nothing worthy of nation hood. He also describes movement of people throughout the Ottoman Empire Christians fleeing Damascus for Cairo and people from Lebanon and elsewhere moving to and from the region.

In fact a running theme is the fluidity of movement around the general area. The author is actually the son of one of the expatriates he derides. Thus when he complains about an American
Jew who has emigrated from Arizona he points to his own roots that are older by a few hundred years. The notion of a distinct Pialestinian culture is still not proven. Palestinians have a regional
accent, well so do the people of St Louis. Palestinian people allegedly have regional cuisine, but so do the people of St Louis. The people of St Louis have nothing to do with the Native Americans who resided there. The author unwittingly makes the case for the opposition.

Friday, February 22, 2008


This blog has been taken back from the webolutionaries. Apparently, they were outsmarted by Nanc and Mr B. Nanc tricked the students in the nearby little red school house into marching gasmaks an LL Beamish kidswear into thinking that they were going to choir practice. The webolutionary labotomies did the rest.

Mastermind Dr Yeagley used brilliant battle tactics. The racist webolutionaries mistook the Village People for a special forces unit led by Dr Yeagley.ean Meanwhile Dr Yeagley was disguised from the webolutionaries by wearing LL Bean clothing and walked right into the prison. He created a convenient distraction by using the PA system to announce free autographed copies of Mein Kamf,
the Holocaust Industry, I Rigoberta, Julius Rosenberg icons, Paul Robeson CD's were being distributed in the basement.

After the diversion Dr Yeagley and I merely walked out of the Gulag while the webolutionaries devoured each other looking for an imagined free lunch.

People's Front For Progress

We webolutionaries have thwarted two attempts to free the enema of the people Beakerkin. A group of young children in gasmasks were captured while singing Mi Mi Mi. Second group was war party led by Dr Yeagley, Elmers Brother, Warren, and some unamed construction worker.

The prisoner shall remain .... click .... ...................................

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Frontpage tells half of the story

Frontpage Magazine correctly describes a new policy that allows people to get legal status if their FBI name check is pending more than six months. This policy is in response to a series of lawsuits
called MANDAMUS. It is entirely insane that courts should award money for people in this situation. However, courts can be silly at times and undermine common sense.

The story in the Washington Post about VA deporting aliens convicted of sex crimes is good news. The government has been focusing on sex criminals for over a year. However, as reported in the article not all municipalities co-operate.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beakerin to the Gulag

This is Comwad Zero for the Popular Front for Progressive Blog liberation. We have seized contol of this space in a people's action against Beakerkin. Beakerkin is the enemy of the people and will not be used like Kahanist dogs and psycho epigones as good Joo. He is one bad muther land #%$^^ who fights the cause of revolution.

Capturing Beakerkin was not easy and many brave men were killed in the triumph. Beakerkin grabbed John Brown's jawbone and vent postal. However on sheer numbers we were able to subdue the enemy of the people.

We did try to capture the great patriot in the gasmask. However, we placed the wrong fried chicken in the trap with bottle of Jack Daniels.

We are planning show trial of the Enema of the People Beakerkin. All those who oppose communism must die so that the Revolution must live.

Expect a bombsell type of attack from Team Clinton

Hillary has now lost Wisconsin. The Clintons will not go quietly. They have staked their entire legacy on Hillary in 08. The relevation that Obama has worked on commitees with Bomb throwing Communist terrorist human excrement Bill Ayers is not from team Clinton. However, those of youwho had concerns about Obama's judgement should be concerned. Ayers is a communist terroristand should remain a pariah forever. The plagiarism stuff is small potatoes compared to what is next. However, even team toady Charles Rangel appears to have abandoned Hillary. She can not win in an election without overwhelming Black support. She attacks Obama and risks permanently jeapordizing that base.

In further news Fidel Castro has resigned. Do not expect communist clowns to demand he face trialas the Euro dolts did to Pinochet and Sharon for far less reason. Communist killers and criminals get a free pass from the so called morally obtuse Euros who never met a commie they couldn't rationalize.

Monday, February 18, 2008

1500 Posts and Counting How well do you know the Beak

1 Who is this blog named after?
2 The mascot of this blog is named?
3 What historical incedents was Beakerkin an eyewitness to
4 What states has the Federal Government sent Beakerkin to?
5 What did Beakerkin do prior to joining the US Government
6 Has Beakerkin ever been associated with the JDL or Kahane
7 Who is Beakerkin's favorite author?
8 What is the name of Beakerkin's Cat? What odd food item does this strange feline demand at 2AM?
9 What was the blog name for Beakerkin's alcoholic girlfriend? What spot did I hide the alcohol that was later discovered by my girlfriend?
10 What teams does Beakerkin root for?
11 What type of pet does Beakerkin own in adition to the cat?
12 What food does Beakerkin loathe?
13 Did Beakerkin ever serve in the military?
14 What political group does Beakerkin describe as too stupid to be evil?
15 Why were certain commenters dubbed 167 and 147
16 What type of political group does Beakerkin describe as the bane of evil communists
17 What animal did Beakerkin search all over Vermont to see? When he went to San Diego what type of bird did he look for and find?
18 Who are Beakerkin's three favorite actors
19 What famous person is Beakerkin distantly related to.
20 What artist does Beakerkin love and Ducky loathe?
21 What Woody Allen film does Beakerkin describe as an abomination?
22 Why does Beakerkin get excellent service in Hotels and resturants?
23 What fast food chain does Beakerkin worship? What one did he search for on his 11 week trip
and finally get to in NYC? What CA hamburger chain did Beakerkin claim was the best?
24 What food item did Beakerkin drive all the way to Montreal to bring home while in VT?
25 What type of Bird does Beakerkin loathe and claim all NYC residents have a secret desire to Cook.

One hit wonders

I am starting to seriously think that the Obama rise is due to two factors

1 I am not Hillary. Hillary is not likeable. An Obama man said yesterday she had eight years to fix things and did nothing.

2 Optimism. Obama is a leftist but has endlessly repeated hope and change. This is out of the Clinton, Carter and Kennedy playbook. Obama like Kennedy talks about a mythical third way. Commies use this lie when it is apparent their latest poster boys are tyrants, see Vietnam.

The far left is so rabid and obsessed with Israel that they can not recognize their own. The usual turds are in a stew because Obama allegedy defended right Israel's iitself from Hezbollah rockets. This sounds like common sense to me.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jonah Goldberg's Kennedy Cult

I have always been amazed at how the far left has created a cult of personality around a very mediocre President. Kennedy's one claim to fame was that he had been shot and was martyred before his ineptness became a greater issue.

Goldberg recounts the hateful BS linking the Kennedy assasination to TX. The fools of Camelot had a hard time accepting that Kennedy was killed by a Commie. Thus almost immediately we get a series of idiotic conspiracies.

The left has without any validity turned him into a lost savior. In fact there is no evidence that Civil Rights or Vieenetnam would have been different issues with Kennedy at the helm. The Civil Rights legislation probably benefited from Johnson's deal making prowess. JFK and RFK were anti Communists and should not be confused with Ted or Gomer Kerry national disgraces and soft on Communism.

The real JFK or RFK probably hasvemore in common wtith Joe Lieberman than his embarassment of a clown sibling.

Newsflash Salon Type Beatroot Claims Communist No Longer Exist

This news items comes from Poland where Salonista Beatroot, perhaps after way too much alcohol, proclaimed that Communist do not exist. This idiocy must come as a shock to people who call themselves Trotskyites. With a wave of his scepter Beatroot has turned them into something out of cryptozoology akin to Bigfoot or the Skunk Ape. This must also come as news to Fidel, Hugo, Mugabe, the leaders of Code Pink and Kim Jong "Mentally" Ill.

This topic once again shows the utter sloth of Beatroot who criticizes books that he has not bothered to read. Humorously he credits Jonah Goldberg with inventing the term "cheese eating surrender monkey". The term is part of American popular culture and refers to salon types like Beatroot who have a Pavlovian reflex towards hypocritical rabid anti Americanism. the Salon types seldom do real work and think they are the moral arbiters of good and evil on the planet. If anything the episode shows how obtuse and out of touch with reality these lunatics are.

Goldberg argues with some validity that current definition of fascism it intertwined with the Holocaust. Fascism was a varied phenomena from the far left like communism and includes more
examples than Nazi Germany. In no way does Goldberg endorse fascism or pretend it does not exist.

Beatroot objects when I tie modern communists (Renegade Eye) to the historical record of Communist. He has been on record stating it is unfair to link Renegade eye to Pol Pot, Stalin, Bill Ayers and my favorite Commie Jim Jones. He does not answer if it is fair to judge a self described Trotskyite by the record of Trotsky. Unlike Goldberg, Beatroot does endorse communism when practiced by Chavez whom Beatroot claims reminds him of Peron. This must come as news to Chavez who has been quite open about who his role model is.

Beatroot seems to have two faces that he presents depending on where he is. He would never dream of letting his Polish readers see how cavalierly he dismisses the crimes of Trotsky. This is because patriotic Poles are too familiar with the war crimes perpetrated by Trotsky. I include members of my own family who fought against Bolshevik predation in the ranks of patriotic Poles. When Beatroot is away from his site and his Polish readers he sings an entirely different tune about Communism.

Beatroot lives in a fantasy world where communist relabel themselves as Greens and so forth and sling the same garbage and are somehow untainted.

Any comparison between an Ostrich and Beatroot is an insult to a noble creature, the Ostrich.

Beamish in 08

Saturday, February 16, 2008

No apologies on cartoons

Muslims who want to live in the our values West and have to understand that include freedom of expression. Commies who try to co-opt Muslim causes attempt to point to a parallel in the famous
piss Christ exhibit fight in NYC. That fight was about State subsidies to offensive art and has zero relevance to material printed in periodicals.

Moreover, given the fairly common bigoted cartoons commonly found in their own periodicals this gets to be hypocritical. The episode shows once again that religious zealotry is approved by the far left so long as it is anti American and non Christian.

Beamish in 08

Friday, February 15, 2008

Newsflash the only relevant opinion in elections are those of stake holders

The Eurosalon types, who spend much of their day in various stages of alcoholic stupor, have been running a series of posts on opinion polls of Europeans in the American Presidential election. Obviously alcoholic impairment has prevented those Euros from deducing that the only relevant opinions in any election is that of the stake holders. We don't get to vote in your elections and visa versa. To be 100% frank, unless your leader is a horses ass like Chirac or Livingstoned, most Americans don't care who your leaders are. The exception to that is treasonous commie types, like Renegade Eye, they have opinions about everything except anti- semites in their midsts.

The Eurosalon types live in a fantasy world where their opinions and moral authority are relevant.The reality is their opinions are not relevant to anyone other than their low wage hired help. Moreover, Americans are quite hostile to opinions from Euros and this predates the Iraq war. There are some exceptions concentrated on the coasts, but even there they are a vocal minority.Outside the tourist areas and the upper income areas this condescending act could get one in trouble in 90% of the country.

After pulling out of NATO the US should pull out of the UN and toss it out of NYC. The UN is a waste of US tax payer money and is just a resource for corruption and a job sanctuary for unemployable dimwitted far left types. Let the Euros talk themselves into relevance while the rest of the planet gets things done.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I am also amazed at the same people who will remind you about racial slurs or angles will often call a gay man a faggot. I do not ever use words like the N word or faggot as they are unacceptable.Yet there are times when some coworkers are hypersensitive on race. The N word is never acceptable and nobody should ever be made to feel uncomfortable. A perfect example of this hypersensitivity was workers who felt that a waitress doted on me while ignoring my coworkers who were black. I mentioned that I eat in the place fairly often and the waitress in question was well aware that I tip very well.

Homophobia is a fact of life and the same persons who would kill a person for using the N word would freely bandy faggot. The persons who use this term were not conservative in any stretch either. Amazingly these people seem to see me on similar level terms with the Duck. I was amazed to hear myself described as a radical leftist.

Most of the times I have observed homophobia it has been guys. This is the first time I have ever observed this behavior in women. They seem to think they have gaydar and can detect a gay man on appearences or by vocation. If you heard my voice and Justin's voice and knew one of us was gay 90% would choose me as gay and be 100% wrong. We could go through vocations
Justin was in the military and I was in the fashion industry and be 100% wrong. We could stereotype based upon my Justin is a parent and I am not and be wrong. We could also point to
the fact that I enjoy Broadway, frequent art museums and have lived in a gay section of NYC and be very wrong.

When I was younger, perhaps that could have been my stupidity. Over time my life has changed me and I am happy to have become saner as I aged. I honestly do not care who does what to whom as long as children and I are left out and all participants consent. Living next door to a gay
man did not change my life. He was a fine person in all respects. I also knew plenty of heterosexual pattern makers.

Sex and love mean different things to different people. I am convinced that some of us over emphasize its importance. I have known a few women who do have real versions of the relationship portrayed in Will and Grace. These odd relationships often go on for years. Some of these couples even get married.

I have been mistaken for gay several times. I do not get offended by this as I never considered this to be an insult. The part that bothers me is the hate that accompanied it. No doubt my saying I wish you wouldn't use that term will get me labeled again. I would have said similar words at the use of the N word or calling woman a slang word for sex organs and am neither black or female.

At least my version of expressing my disapproval was mild. I wish you wouldn't use that term is much better than the long winded lectures I got. I got one of these lectures from a novice who never worked a day in the field. This person went on to have a similar fight with one of the mentors.

Sometimes I seriously wonder if we as a society too much importance on gender, race and orientation. I am aware of what the scripture says about homosexuality. I do point out that there
are many other sins as well and failure is part of the human condition.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Early Reports Mougniyah killed

The second most notorious terrorist was allegedly killed in a car bombing in Damascus. Reports of Mougniyah's death have been previously reported. We do have a lengthy profile of the most wanted terrorist pre-911. Mougniyah is responsible for car bomb that killed 241 marines in Lebanon in the Reagan years. He is also an Iranian intelligence officer in addition to the real brains behind Hezbollah operations.

Keep your eyes on this story.

No doubt John Brown/LWB and the communists anti semites will be mourning if this is true.was

To the commie garbage clowns. What was he doing in Communazi Baathist Syria in the first place?Can we deduce the Syrian regime that YOU support is a terrorist state.FYI when an Alawite clique has a monopoly on power you have a genuine apartheid state. Baathism is yet another communist gift that the left keeps trying to pretend has another cause.

Hillary close the door as you exit

The Hillary saga is coming to an end. There was no coronation and she is getting crowned, just not in the manner she expected. Unless, the Clinton's reach into the bag of dirty tricks and come up with a scandal it appears over. The Clinton legacy was a mirage and there is a strange thing called
Clinton fatigue.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lets close up shop at NATO

NATO has finished its job and has no reason to exist. Basically there is no need for the US taxpayer
to continue to subsidize the defense of lazy Euros. The Euros have built large safety nets upon the back of the US tax payer. The US should immediately close all the facilities in Europe.

Military treaties should be done on a bilateral basis and the pact should be voidable on both ends.If the people of Poland want a treaty let them vote on it. Given the history of Poland, it is more in their interests than ours. However, if the far left types want to engage in mindless insane delusions let them do so at there own risk. These treaties should be voidable upon the election of far left governments like the current one in Spain.

NATO is a relic of the past and should have been ended when the Soviet Union died.

Americans need to reconsider their relationship with European nations on an individual basis. Moreover, the illusion that Europe is the moral center of the planet should have ended long ago.
The US should determine its own priorities and act accordingly. The troops pulled out of Europe
could be freed to be deployed elsewhere based upon our own interests.

The opinions of those in Europe are only more enlightened in their own delusions. The only relevant opinion on US foreign policy are those of the American people and its elected leaders.
Moreover, the American people should also ask themselves which nations in any they should form bilateral treaties with. These treaties should require both sides assume the fair share of the costs.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Tyrany of the present

Many of us look at the mess of Africa and wonder what went wrong. Even Kenya, that was a stable country is now having civil unrest. The racist answer is that Africans can not rule themselves. This response is entirely wrong as one can find plenty of talented Africans in a large city near you. However, this may be part of the brain drain that exacerbates the plight of Africa.

The countries with rare exception were creations of nitwits in colonial offices. There is no such thing as a Sudanese or a Nigerian on the practical level. The primary level of identity is tribal and has always been so. Long term we can live in a fantasy of the present or we can accept that change isn't always bad. Maybe local autonomy in a federalized state would be better that tribal domination.

Part of the problem is that the meddling with rare exception is not designed to build lives. In the case of Arab refugees the meddling was designed by the Islamist and far left types to perpetuate misery. The far left needed Arab victims for their own purposes. Thus we have allowed generations of Arabs to be abused as hockey pucks. Pseudostinianism was only a vehicle by the far left to rationalize Judenfrei real estate. The far left gets to fantasize about greater Israel while obsessing about a fake ethnicity as if planet itself had no other people. Thus the commies created a fake ethnicity with N ASS er and united Islamist and traditional anti-semites. The self
absorbed far left could pretend noble motives while working with Nazis and Jihadis in an attempt
to harness populist anti-semitism.

Does the far left give a rats ass about genuine indigenous people doomed to Islamo and Arab hegemony? While the far left fantasizes about fake ethnicities it spits and pisses on Christians and groups like the Kurds who have far better cases than Pseudostinians. The far left pretends that human misery caused by Communism in places like Cuba does not exist. The far left also pretends that Syria is anything but a leftist apatheid mess rulled by a Communazi Baathist Alawite mafia that is 11% of the population. The Assad rule proves the utility of uniting a people in misery with idiocy of bad Jooo er zionist. This technique has allowed a corrupt band of non muslim pagans to rule Syria for at least 30 years.

The goal should be to build lives and communities. Micro loans have proven to be effective at helping people set up small companies. Maybe we should think of adding light manufacturing
and jobs. Most of us get no pleasure from creating human cattle. The exception to that are communists who seek power by turning people into domestic animals.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

How does one measure a heart and Soul. Beakerkin talks of spirituality

This is going to be one of those rare posts where I talk about the spiritual in our daily lives. This post will also deal with Patriotism and honor. This is one of those posts that Justin or Warren would be able to help us with.

Each of us wears many hats in life. We are all Americans with the exception of Sonia and Jams who are citizens elsewhere. I also leave out utopian souless lunatics like the Duck and Ren out as well.
The commie has a simpler life as morality is whatever the maximum leader or savior says it should be. The rest of us wander through normal lives balancing our roles mostly in a mundane manner.

Those of you I write with off line see me as I am. The image of me as a super sleuth is disconected from reality. In real life I am governed by honor, but tempered with mercy. There are times I must end dreams, break up families or have no legal basis to help those that sorely need help. When I am called to deny a case it is something I do after examining all other options and then with a heavy heart and a sense of duty.

Some of my coworkers learned a few tricks from me.The techniques I learned in VT were not common knowledge. I have provided a potent weapon to my peers who show no reservations or qualms about using them. I never ever tell a peer what to do. I always point out the options and remind people to act in ways they deem correct. I do the same actions just without the zest and after alternatives have been examined.

I did take a vow to uphold the law. However, in my case some of the people I must uphold the law upon are decent folks. It is an easier thing to do it in a classroom than to do it to a person you empathize with. 99% of the time the job is a joy, but on that 1% we have to search our souls. I guess if it were so easy to end dreams I would have lost my humanity and be like those I despise.

I guess real life is often more complex than cheap drama.

Older readers will remember my surprise that religious folks ponder these questions of existence. I am not a religious type but I understand that there is something above us. I was just surprised that those who have deeper religious values would have days where you wonder about meaning, values, duty, honor, Justice , right and wrong.

Will I become jaded and lose my humanity?Will I still be able to understand those rare moments
when humanity trumps duty? The answer is within the hearts of all of us.

Where do we go from here

Many of us are angry with John McCain and for good reason. I do want to point out the misconceptions on the immigration bill. In the real world there is give and take. The reform bill
did have some major improvements namely ending family ties as the major factor in determining who gets a visa.

Sadly, only Hillary has mentioned a key problem is getting aliens who violate the law out of the USA. The appeals process needs to be streamlined and countries that do not take their criminals back need to be prodded. The endless appeals may go on for well over a decade and it is a huge waste of resources.

Maybe McCain will address this issue in the near future. I am not surprised that Coulter and Limbaugh have gone off the deep end over McCain. However, the thought of five more Ruth Bader Ginsburg's on the Supreme Court and using foreign laws is enough motivation for me to vote.

Lets keep our ears and minds open and hope for the best.

A letter to a Friend

Rob if you can read this drop us a line. Wherever you are above everything else you will always be my friend, unless you start rooting for the Red Sox. Some of us are concerned that we haven't heard from you in a while. If you can contact me off line, just let us know how you are doing.

Be sure to write an American Idol joke in the correspondence.

A letter to a Friend

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Return of John Batchelor

One of the best things about NYC was the high quality radio shows. WABC has one of my favorites the John Batchelor show on Sunday Night 7-10. His show was my favorite and I used to listen to it in Vermont at the right time of the year.

He used to introduce guests like John Loftus and Entifad Khanbar with theme music. This has a far
longer history on the radio and is funny. Listening to Mr B being introduced on WC and AOW's show with Sweet Home Alabama was a classic. If I ever do another show I will have to ask them for some similar intro. I will probably get the theme to Mr Ed.

If you get a chance tune in.

Beaker fans

Those of you who would like a taste of the substance of 167 can view his idiocy in the way back machine. Type way back machine in google and you will be able to laugh at the idiocy. One of the posts is a response to Justin Morris and Rob's beat down when he called the United States the worst nation on the planet for executing Tookie Williams.

I was mildly surprised how much of my material was archived. It would seem that for all the blather of 167 his blog was not deemed very noteworthy.

Today when you type his former address you get much better material as the site is now a porno site.

167 if you do read this we sincerely hope that you are doing well with your illness. AIDS is a serious disease we do not wish upon anyone. You may have some odious and vile ideas and be an actual bigot, but we get no joy out of your suffering.

Welcoming a friend to the ranks of blogger

I want to welcome Z to the ranks of blogger. When I first met Z she was a Front Page forum where many of us started. I might have been the first in our group to start a blog. It was largely because one needed a blogger account to post on Moonbat Central where I met Mr B and some others.

Along the way Donal, Farmer John, Nanc and Florian have decided to start blogs. For me this was a more natural place to function without the psycho trolls. I do not consider the Duck to be a troll as he largely functions with his own honor. FPM was a great place haunted by a psycho troll Socrates.Socrates was a hack writer whose paper thin personas were poorly written. His vendetta against David Horowitz over a job rejection led him to post under multiple names.

Some of those names were long term personas and he would slip up. Normally, he would steer clearof me as I was very good at spotting fakes and had no desire to interact with him. One of his favorites was the fake Prof Meaheadsubstitute an expert on gasses. I placed a thinly veiled message in one of my responses and it was uncoded by Jeff Bargholtz. The war was on and I got banned from FPM. Roberta offered to reinstate me but I declined.

I found my home in the blogosphere. This blog once was designed for mass ratings. Now it is a quieter place reserved for friends with little fan fare.

What it takes to be a Commie

The first ingredient to be a commie is mental illness. This mental illness comes in conspiritorial idiocy. Renegade Eye believes Scottland Yard is now part of the conspiracy to hide the truth about
Benazir Bhutto's assasination. John Brown/LWB and Weazie are exponents of 9-11 conpiracies. The Duck, John Brown/LWB and many others are fans of the disloyal Jew bit. Thus American Jews have dual loyalty issues. This is amusing considering commies have a virtual monopoly on treason.

Then one should add a bit of stupidity. Lets see there is a housing bubble in the USA. This is a financial problem but the market produces housing. How one points to communism as the solution when it fails to produce quality housing requires a talent for stupidity.

One also needs a great deal of bigotry to become a comie. Lets see it is okay for Comies to call Condi Aunt Jemimah and to call Elie Weisel a " Shoah Pimp". John Brown/LWB calls Native Americans Samboes. The Duck also seems to think all Government workers are lazy. This may be true in higher Ed where the Old Bolshevik club has lifetime tenure, but the rest of us have strictly enforced goals and deadlines. Moreover, unlike commie educators in higher ed we are legally accountable for our actions. Thus I do not have the luxury of malfeasence like Noam Chomsky who does get to lie and teach about such falsehoods as US-Nazi alliances.

One has to also be a first class hypocrite in order to be a Commie. Ren's jab chides me for approving executions of Commies. This is amusing comming from a person who views Leon Trotsky as a savior. The real Trotsky ordered regular executions of POW's and opponents. Moreover, I do not run around with a picture of Che on my shirt either. Lets worry about Gitmo
while praising an executioner of hundreds without trial.

When reality doesn't agree with the narritive make a movie or create fake ethnicities out of thin air. Lets see Nazi's killed the folks at Katyn because some dolt made a movie. Commies were victims in the 50's didn't you see The Front. What the basis is for this Palestinian ethnicity is remains a mystery. Last we checked they remain Arabs who in any coherent view of history are a colonial oppressor of a variety of indigenous people.

Commies are exponentially more prone to be terrorists and traitors than the general population.
They should be under 24/7 security scrutiny and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when they act true to form.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Very Interesting Reading Standing With Israel by David Brog

Progressive Dispensationalism is the term that describes the anti-semitic view of some Christian types who believe that Gods covenant with the Jews has been superceeded by Christianity. The original point of this is shown to have grown from Paul's inclusion of Christian converts in God's covenant over time to its odious present.

As Christianity drifted from its earliest forms this tendency tended to get worse. The traditional view of the Dhimmi laws are also described in practice in Rome. Apparently the folks at the Vatican were quite fond of making Jews wear symbols on their clothing. This was stopped by Napoleon, in a rare moment of Leftist sanity. However, the record of the left on Jews has gone down since then. Contrary to the delusions of the Duck and Ren, Nazism did come from the left. Communists have also revealed themselves to be the most rabidly anti- semitic and inhuman people on the planet.

As stated earlier most of the anti-Israel and sadly pro-gay congregations tend to view Marx as more important than the scripture. These congregations are declining in membership as the more traditional denominations increase. Oddly it is often the African members of the denominations who push to restore traditionalism.

I want to thank the Duck for proving how bigoted people on the left are. First of all Commies like himself have do not have issues with dual loyalty as they have never had any loyalty to the United States to begin with. The Duck also forgets in his bird brained anti semitic blather that Commies have a virtual monopoly on Treason in US history. Thus the Duck like the other commie clowns and Neonazi LWB/John Brown suggest that American Jews who support Israel are disloyal. How a person who advocates Communism could project their ills upon anyone else is quite amusing.

the Duck also thinks it is quite funny to call Judge Thomas Slappy. No doubt were we to make fun of Charles Rangel, Harry Belacommie or Jesse Jackson in similar terms he would correctly
call us racist. We do describe Justice Bader Ginsberg as a black robed freak but that is based upon her insane history with the ACLU and activist/commie writings. FYI I want black robed freaks like Ruth Bader Ginsburg as far away from religious terms and scripture as possible.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fans of Beakerkin Satire Rejoice

We will be producing the latest episode of Beakerkin Movies. The latest production is inspired by Mel Brooks it is called Young Gregenstein the labotomized, unemployable created from genetic waste products at Kahane labs.

Seriously Duck Whats Up with the Gays???

Single minded Zealot Ducky seems to view the GOP as a "Homo haters" club. Gay issues are not at the top of the political agenda of the GOP. They would not even make my top ten issues.

The top ten issues for Beakerkin

1 The ecomony
2 Terrorism/National security
3 Iraq
4 Getting Originalist Judges/ No ACLU types
5 Defense
6 Immigration
7 Educational reform
8 foreign policy
9 Housing
10 Respecting Property Rights and no Nanny State

I do not know of a single conservative who obsesses about Gays. Most of the discussion about Gays on the religious level is about respect for scripture. Even Rav Roov who is an Orthodox Rabbi would never dream of harming a Gay or anyone else. However, he doesn't want a freak like Bader Ginsburg telling him he must marry Gays.

Gay people have plenty of congregations that welcome them. Sadly many of these congregations
seem more interested in Marx than Jesus at times, but it is better than nothing. We have also been down the marriage bit as well. Marriage is a term defined by religion and government should respect religious terms. Civil Unions would carry identical benefits and not intrude upon interpretations of religious terms. In other words get freaks in Robes like Bader Ginsberg away from Scripture.

What is with the Ducks be all end all obsession with Gays? Even Rob and Justin probably would not rate these issues higher than four.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Helping the Clintons into Power

The American people have spoken and the primaries are pretty much set as Hillary vs McCain.

Some of us on the right have to decide if we can deal with eight more years of Clinton madness. I have no qualms about voting for McCain, despite some serious differences. Unlike most of the readers I do not call myself a Conservative.

I have had quite enough of her royal majesty. I have had enough of the corruption, selling pardons and blaming ethical lapses on right wing conspiracies. I have had enough media manipulation and softball questions from Clintonistas cronies. I have had enough planted audience questions and debate manipulation by CNN. I have had enough bouncing all over the map with the political winds over Iraq. I have had enough UN worshiping. I have had enough of trying to placate delusional Euroelitist retro commie clods in the salons of Old Europe.

I never want to hear the name Hugh Rodham again.

The rest of you can sit this one out. We can wait for Ronald Reagan to waltz out of the cornfield
and hope for Hillary to make a mess. Our troops do not deserve Hillary as comander in Chief.
Those of you who are angry with McCain are losing sight of the big picture. There are reasons to be upset with McCain, but they are not worth placing Hillary in the White House.

The Commie version of the Fuhrer Bunker

When one is a commie, one is not rooted in reality. According to the lunchroom Lenin FARC is not Marxist. This must come as news to the people at FARC who have been dealing drugs, commiting all types of crimes in the name of Manifesto madness for decades. One can find this latest fantasy
in the comment section of Farmer John.

Ren plays a disgusting game and tells everyone exactly what they wish to hear. Thus if you are a rabid anti semite, he writes posts in support of the planets foremost anti-semite Norman Finkelstein. When cornered with a litany of anti semitic quotes feign ignorance. When insane Kahanists show up claim odd biological kinship even as you continue to toss RED meat to the most RABID of anti-semites like actual NEO NAZI John Brown/LWB. Kahanists are foolish sorts who have rescue fantasies and Ren exploits this even as he fosters the readership of the most rabid types of anti-semites. The reason Ren permits this type of anti-semitism is that populist Anti- semitism is a central component of Communism.

Lets see according to Ren he does not support Bill Ayers. Then in a comparison of the alleged crimes of Posada Cariles he trivializes 30 bombings on Ayers lack of skill ???? Sorry there Ren, but any comparison of the spoiled human garbage Ayers or any RED Army clown with Posada Cariles shows Posada Cariles to have far more cause. Ayers and the spoiled turd children of the RED Armies lived in societies where they were allowed to participate in the political process. They were allowed even though they were subversives and sought criminal actions such as theft of property. Rather than organizing Ayers and the RED army types tossed bombs, kidnapped and killed. Posada Cariles was not allowed to organize and his sole failure was selecting a civilian target. That being said human types do not knowingly send a person to near certain torture. Unlike the cries about panties on the heads or naked twister at Abu Gharib or Korans in the toilet at Gitmo Cuba practices genuine torture. In fact the prisoners at GITMO get better food and have more freedoms than Cubans. Ask a Cuban when is the last time he had fresh Baklava
or was able to talk privately to a lawyer.

We have seen the claims that Mugabe is not communists? We have seen the claims that the crimes of Pol Pot had nothing to do with communism. We have seen all the crimes in the Soviet Union blamed on Stalin. Sorry, but there were plenty of crimes commited by Lenin and his hench man and war criminal Trotsky.

We even predicted his comments on Hugo's blunderland.
1 Pretend that the Maximum leader is not a commie
2 Pretend that this is something new and untried.
3 Repeat every single talking point of Chavez
4 When something obviously goes wrong point fingers every where
5 Then claim to be a critic when the crimes and disasters mount
6 Repeat with the next savior of Communism

Some of us are country club types who do not want to slap commies around. We play into the games by allowing exponents of pure evil to pose as social critics. For example G claims to hate Missionaries because they tell Indians how to live. This is amazing considering he supports a government that herds them onto collectives. Of course G will talk about every imagined crime of Christians dating back hundreds of years but will have a memory lapse about far more recent commie crimes.

The commie fantasy is that Brand X will somehow be immune to the fatal flaws inherent in their madness. There is no brand X communism and its entire history can be summed up in two words failure and Evil.

The next time a commie talks about the housing bubble. Remind them about decades long waits
for housing in communist countries. The next time they point to Gitmo, point to the Cuban political prisoners on the same Island. The next time they point to Gaza, point to their messes in Zimbabwe. FYI Bathist Syria is also owned by Commies as well.

Take out the steel toed boots and kick Commies to the curb, just like you would do with their Nazi peers and sometimes allies. It is more fun to laugh at anarchist freaks than to kick them to the curb.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What is with this Duck Obsession

The Duck seems to reduce all of the GOP primaries to Gays. This is quite odd as this is not a major issue especially with the economy and war issues. Gay marriage is not even on the radar and being debated.

Oddly immigration is probably more at the center of the GOP discontent with McCain. We need to review the debate and look at the overall proposals. The entire bill contained many good changes in addition to the odious.

What planet is the Duck on?

It may be that the Duck is obsessed with Gays in addition to Jews.

The Duck also is quite deluded if he construes an earlier post as saying Zimbabwe is Muslim. However, Mugabe (Communist Tyrant) is far more homophobic and dangerous than a few stupid remarks from Falwell.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Upset of the Ages The Giants Win Take that Ducky

The truth is this is the second time the NY Giants have out played the NE Patriots. They outplayed the Patriots a second time. The Patriots did get every break and funny call. The mysterious swatting the ball forward on a fumble was bogus. The Patiots got their two touchdowns gift wrapped with a penalty on Pierce and Webster falling down. The Patriots did get all the lucky bounces on the interception and missed Burress wide open.

The Patriots are still arguably the best team in history to ever lose a Superbowl. Perfection does not mean anything unless it is accompanied by a championship. I am going to look for the 19-0 shirt and Fed Ex it to the Duck.

The unsung hero still remains David Tyree with a Touchdown in the fourth quarter and an amazing catch against his helmet after an impossible escape from Manning. Manning also learned to use his role players like Kevin Boss, Tyree and Smith in key situations. Perhaps Strahan, Toomer and Feagles ride off into the sunset.

The best part is the low class lout Tiki Barber is not here. Coughlin somehow managed to become a good coach when the ego maniacal Barber decided to go to NBC.

Odd Commie Obsessions

What is this rant by Ducky about Conservatives being Homo haters? This is part of many insane obsessions that Commies have. Lets see Falwell makes an idiotic remark and the whole world goes off for hours. Zimbabwe, Psuedostinians and other Shariah based nuts use the legal system to harass and sometimes kill gays and their is silence.

The Duck claims I should be silent about Israel and Communist anti-semitism. I wonder what his sentiments would be towards a Black man talking about the KKK or Jena. Lets see only Jews are to remain silent in the face of far left bigotry. I seriously wonder how he would take a conservative making as vile a comment as the "shoah pimp" crap. He also thinks it is just peachy to call Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah. Can we say Left Wing bigot and Dumbass?

Then there is this insane view expressed by Commies that Indians hate Christians. This must come as news to the folks at Bad Eagle and some of the readers of this blog who are quite devout. Jungle Mom also knows many Indian Christians and this is really silly. The warped logic has Indians loving commies who herd them onto collectives but hating the missionary who brings education, health care and the word of God.

Then there is the madness espoused by the salon leftists, notably Beatroot. Communism in Latin America is somehow a different animal than the one presented to his Polish readers. Sorry, but people running for the doors every time souless Communists like Renegade Eye set up shop is just a fact.

Super Bowl Prediction

I will be rooting for the Giants. They are a great story and have beaten the odds. Much of America would love to see them beat the Patriots. The Patriots are an obnoxious bunch with a great Head Coach. He has done wonders with a flawed defense that other than Richard Seymour is very ordinary.

The score Patriots 42 Giants 17.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Nearing Another Aniversary

We are approaching another anniversary of the first WTC bombing at the end of the month. Long term readers know I was there on that day that seems like yesterday. I pass ground zero every day on my way to work. The memories of that day, 9-11 and just ordinary memories of time I spent at the WTC with friends who are no longer here are with me every time I pass.

Oddly, being home in NYC makes it easier on the nerves. The cars and the bustle do not leave one the time for such luxuries of post traumatic stress or flash backs. The dull sounds of cars, trains and whatever else serve as reminder that I am home.

My home will never be the same but life goes on. I will not forgive those who make a mockery of that day with insane conspiracy theories always centering on Joooos. Those who died deserve better than to have their memories exploited by Marxist bigots for political gain.

Just When You Think The Jihadis Can Sink No Lower

The Jihadis have now used two women with Down's syndrome to carry out a suicide bombing. The brave forces of jihad have resorted to abusing the handicapped. This is another example of deranged behavior by sociopathic utopians. This is not the first episode of jihadi psychos abusing the mentally incapacitated. When the ends justify the means via divine sanction ( or manifesto) all
sacrifices are justified.

This is disgusting even by lowlife jihadi/commie standards.