Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rudy 2008 RIP

Sometimes the best candidate does not win. The positions of McCain and Rudy G are nearly identical. Team Rudy ran an inept campaign that squandered a good lead.

The classic media elite critique of Kerik's ethics is amusing. Kerik's ethical lapses were trivial compared to those of the Clintons such as selling Pardons. Moreover, Kerik unlike Janet Reno was a capable effective leader. The accounting BS with the security detail also was trivial compared to the fiasco of selling Pardons, stealing furniture and cattle futures. None of the scandals remotely involved Rudy lining his pocket.

The media elite seem to have two standards of idiocy for the Clintons and their left wing darling of the moment Obama. We have heard idiotic comments about Romney grandfather being a polygamist and zero media scrutiny of similar charges of the same idiocy of Barak Obama Sr.
We have had collective anti Mormon hysteria while giving a free pass to the rather odious views of Obama Sr's pastor who praises Farakhan.

Rudy failed to give voters a reason to vote for him. Even I as an ardent self described Rudy Republican could not point to anything substantially different in his positions and those of McCains. The greatest failure of team Rudy was not highlighting his can do attitude. This was Rudy's best quality and those who have seen him in action understand it.

Many readers of this blog mistake me for a conservative. I do not describe myself as such, nor do I disparage conservatives in general. The demented monomanaiacal Iraq and Jooooo obsession even has inane far left types calling Allan Dershowitz a Conservative. This may be compared to Trotsky, Hugo Chavez or Mao.

People also get the wrong impression based upon my anti-communism. Communism is a double affront to me as a American of Jewish heritage. Communists despite long winded double talk do seek the violent over throw of the US government, class genocide and property theft. A real American should say "Get you paws of my wallet you stinking commie apes" in the similar tones to Heston in Planet of the Apes.

On a special note Jews should view commies in a similar manner to the way Black people view KKK types. With rare exception when one scratches an anti semite one smells the stench of Communists. Communists have a clear record of stoking populist anti-semitism to further their own ends. Typical examples of this are word games with Zionist, Neocon that are thinly diguised communist populist anti semitism. The demented duck frequently calls Elie Wiesel a "shoah pimp". He forgets that the overwhelming majority of Jews are zionist. The rare exception are an odd Hasidic sect despised by the rest of the Jews. Communists despite their protests are not Jews or Americans in any definition.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Referesher for the Duck

The cast of characters in the trial of the members of the Jewish Anti Fascist Comittee.

Solomon Mikhoels was a talented Yiddish actor in Soviet Russia. He was a faithful commie who was assasinated by Stalin. He ran a small group of actors and produced mostly Commie idiocy. He was sent by the Commies to raise money in America. In death the commies tried to use him as a scape
goat to save their skin. Blame the dead man and grovel seems to be a commie tactic.

Isaac Feffer was a slimy over rated commie hack poet. He was merely useful as a toady and excelled in the role. He was sent with Mikoels to raise cash in America. Feffer was thoroughly a despicable lackey. He met with Paul Robeson and told him he was being killed. Robeson like a good commie remained silent but told his son who placed the tale in his bio.

Feffer and Mikoels made the popular tours in America under the oders of Commie lackeys. Feffer remained a lackey until the end.

Peretz Markish was a marginally more talented commie hack yiddish poet. He was a Polish traitor who served his Bolshevik masters. Unlike Feffer he sometimes had a backbone.

Most of the other cast of commie hack clowns are largely forgotten. Their work was more a product of Stalinist sponsorship than actual talent and is deservedly forgotten.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Communist Torquemada Devour their Own``

Commie like to live in a fantasy world of religious delusions. Much like the churches they mock they have their patron saints, Martyrs, naritives and illucid hate filled sacred texts.

One of the communist classics is about the martyrdom of those blacklisted for their support of a genocidal butcher. The ultimate martyrs and good Jooo were the Rosenbergs. The fact that they were spies, tried fairly and betrayed their country never enters the conversation. The myth of dead victims of anti semitism in the USA was a narrative.

We have seen the rants of the black listed spoiled artists. Zero Mostel ranting about an anti semitc black list in America while defending a system that was butchering his artistic peer in the USSR is the reality of an insane pathology.

One of our semi regular readers Craig Bardo once commented that it took a while to understand my loathing of communist. Real Jews should look at Communists the way Blacks look at the KKK. Communists since Marx have been as Jew obsessed as Nazis. Communists pretend that actual history of several communist countries banning Hebrew from the USSR, Cuba and Ethiopia is just a mere random chance. Hebrew just happens to be the language of Jewish prayer.

The Duck pretends that there is a difference between Jews and Zionists. Almost all Jews are Zionists with a small but rater vocal exception of the Satmar. Communists are not Jews in any rational definition. The religious overtones of communism are noted. One is not a communist in the same manner one is Republican or member of a coherent political party. People who have converted to Islam or Christianity are not Jews either.

Thus we have the spectacle of communists undergoing a Torquemada style inquisition with genuine show trial. I have read the transcripts of spineless commie clowns desperately fawning to save their spines. They all try to stab each other in the back and prove their fealty to Communism. The obscene charges are Jewish Nationalim and meeting with zionists like Chaim Weitzman or Golda Meir. At one point the Torquemada clown even lectures Feffer the weasel about the Holocaust.

This is part of the mental pathology of communism. A normal man like Mr B, Warren , Farmer John or myself would never permit anyone to tell us what to think or do or whom to meet. In fact any Communist who would ever try this act on me would be quite sorry. You keep waiting for the doomed to grow a spine and say drop dead. However, commies are not men and merely internalize the most assinine musings of the great leader. The doomed are hardly sympathetic
and miss a chance to die like men. Thus like the sheeple they plead guilty to Jewish nationalism and meetings with Zionists. The meeting were okayed by the commie clowns themselves.

Sorry but killing so called Jews for ethnic/ nationalist pride is far more odious than the Black list, McCarthyism or any other victim story. This is the Communist equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition or lynching.

The spirit of these lynchings go on today as amatuer Torquemadas of the far left rail about zionism with the same bloodlustand self righteous impeiousness as the Stalinists. Commies merely added wrinles about neocon cabals to the classic formula. All the worlds suffering revolves around a contrived ethnicity and actual history is tossed to the wind.

Communist Inquisition of Jews

Communists like to live in a fantasy world. In their warped delusions the Rosenbergs, McCarthy and the Hollywood black list were all part of an American anti-semitic plot. The Rosenbergs were Stalinist slaves and commies are not Jews, Americans and so forth. Communists were and are still
advocating class genocide, property theft and the violent overthrow of the US government.

The ultimate expression of this inane idiocy is the imicille Joel Kovel who pretends to be a "green"who just coincedentally writes on two commie themes anti-communism and cartoonish zionist obsessions. Lets see according to the deranged Kovel Native Americans were the first victims of American anti communism. This statement represents the deranged Kovel's view of Native Americans that seems more rooted in Mazzola commercials than fact. Perhaps the only elements of Native American life that resembled communism were displayed by a few tribes that practiced non stop warfare, human sacrafice, slavery and theft of property via raids. Native Americans also depended on trade and hard work. In almost all cases they were themselves and the claim of Kovel is actually a commie attempt to steal history from its rightful owners, Native Americans.

Kovel also claims anti communism is anti semitic but anti zionism is not anti semitic.

Commies of all stripes including Trotskyites are rabidly anti semitic. One can see the familiar obsessions with zionism before Stalin. Jewish nationalism is always taboo, but nationalism of contrived ethnicities is the vanguard cause. Pan Arabism is a commie clasic where everyone other than Jooos are one happy family and need to expell them joooos to create more judenfrei real estate. We see these familiar obsessions in commie claims about neocon cabals and 9-11 conspiracies or zionist media.

While Motel and his compariots where crying about American anti-semitism. Their communist masters were killing Jews on absurd charges of zionism and Trotskyism. Both terms were convenient cover commie anti semitic obsessions. While Arthur Miller waxed about American witch hunts in the Crucible he ignored genuine anti semitic witch hunts in his beloved Soviet Union. This is more amazing considering his aquaintance with some of the victims.

One can read the sad tale of Commie Inquisitors baiting the doomed at show trials straight out of cartoonish depictions of the Spanish Inquisition. Genuine torture, blackmail and assasination were used as commies devoured each other in an anti semitic blood lust. The victims were not innocent as they were clearly communists who endorsed class genocide onto others. However, the trumped up charges of zionist, Trotskyite cabals were clearly code words for lets lynch dem jooos. Except that commies cease to be Jews the second they join the ranks of class genocide advocates. Their deaths while individually tragic serve as a reminder of the Jew obsessions of communist. One could take solace in that if the deranged traitorous ever came to power in America people like Kovel, Chomsky and oben fuhrer Norman Finkelstein would die similarly when the winds of their fetid Communist faith demanded human sacrafice.

I encourage you to read the testimony of the doomed in Stalin's secret pogrom. Think of commie Inquisitors and rats devouring their own. Then ponder that the commie obsession with Jews predates Zionism and stems from Marx's own mental pathological bigotry. The obsession continues today with a few odd terms added in for good measure.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Folks at NBC unwittingly let some of the truth about Gaza on the air

NBC news had one of the usual sob stories about Gaza on the air. Then it showed families in Egypt
being reunited due to the opening in the wall. The families were not in a Palestinian refugee camps but in Egypt. The reason is that the overwhelming preponderance of Gaza residents are and have always been Egyptian. The Palestinian rouse has always been a shell game contrived by Commies and their Pan Arabist/Jihadist Allies ( think N ASS er) to make Judenfrei greater Arabia more marketable.

Of course improving the lives of Gaza residents has never been the goal of this far left lie. The goal was to abuse a group of people as human hockey pucks. Fill them with hate and rage for the Jews and then capatilize on this populist anti-semitic rage to further communism.

What is a Palestinian? A Palestinian is an Arab who is culturally and ethnically identical to people from adjacent areas. There is no biological connection to Phillistines who lived in the Gaza strip and were Ageans not Arabs. This is as absurd as claiming the current residents of Brooklyn are Canarsie Indians.

Arabs created an ethnically cleansed Judenfrei state in Jordan where Jews had resided long before Arab invasions on 80% of the land. Now Arabs seek to divide the remainder of the 20% and commies talk about "Greater Israel" and apartheid while endorsing more Judenfrei Arab states.

Perhaps the response should be Commies do not have the right to exist. We should take them out of their enclaves and drive them into the sea. Place them all on small boats for Cuba and North Korea.

The above is a semi humorous example of Communist illogic. Lets see Jews have lived in Israel for thousands of years. Commies identify Jews as a nationality on their ID papers and call them a mere religion when politically expedient. The notion that Jews could colonize land that they are clearly indigenous to is as much a farce as the myth Palestinian ethnicity.

Commies have proven to be every bit as obsessed with Jews as Nazis. While the alleged American Jewish community was outraged over the execution of the Rosenberg traitors these same so called Jews were defending show trials run by Stalin on trumped up charges of Zionist conspiracies. The zionist conspiracy bit did not start with 9-11 nuts, but has been a tried and tested commie classic and people have been executed for it. Those of you who doubt this should know that a single language was banned in the Soviet Union, communist Ethiopia and Cuba and that language was Hebrew. Commies (swearing they were Jews) defended Daniel Ortega even as the local Managua house of worship was set on fire. The revolutionary madness makes all other identities including national and ethnicity irrelevant.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Secret Pelosi Proceedings on Blog Avatar Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs

Pelosi: Beakerambo have you ever used any performance enhancing drugs to boost readership.
Beakerambo: Who me me meep me
Pelosi: Yes you.
Beakerambo: Me mi me meep?
Pelosi: Yes you answer the question and stop stuttering.
Beakerambo: Me me meep Harpy $^%&* &%&* Meep
Pelosi: That will be twenty days for contempt. Have a nice day imbecile next up Beakerkin.
Beakerkin: Stuttering is a speech impediment covered under the Americans with disabilities act.
Pelosi: Those acts are only there like quotas when they serve our agenda. We need them to keep out Jews and Asians out of MIT so mediocre legacy White trash like Ted Kennedy, Gomer Kerry
and bug eyed radicals like the Clintons can have the exclusive club.
How do you explain Beakerkin's physique and er endowment....
Beakerkin: Beakerambo stays in shape by carrying around Mr B's arsenal. Mr B's huge cache of weapons are needed for production numbers. As far as the endowment Mariah Carey, Gweneth Paltrow and others would be more appropriate to ask. However, we never found out if Mariah ever noticed actor Bruno Amato was not Beakerambo. Bruno did not seem bothered by the confusion either. He seemed to enjoy getting the girl for a change instead of playing wrestling coaches and criminals.
Pelosi: You mean he didn't mind Beakerambo's dreadful dialouge?
Beakerkin: No he complained at first then changed his mind when he saw the fringe benefits. He also walked off the set with Mariah Carey and hasn't been seen since. We never did get around to
seeing him disembowel commies, blow up things, crash into walls like Beakerambo.
Pelosi: Your site has been accused of subliminal anti Communism
Beakerkin: There is nothing subliminal about our anti Communist message. Communists are evil and are depicted as such in the blog.
Pelosi: You may join your avatar in Leavenworth for thirty day.

Cult of Stupidity and more Obama talk

Many of the demented far left types look at the situation in Gaza as the greatest concern on the planet. Hamas ( A terrorist Nazi type group) blew up a section of the security wall and its citizens went storming in for food. The wall should never have been there in the first place. The wall is part of the myth/cult of Palestinian ethnicity. If the far left were so concerned about Gazans they could have ended this years ago by ending this lie. Gaza would have been returned to Egypt and a deal would have been worked out with the Jordanians that included Jewish control of religious sites such as the cave of the Patriarchs. Rachel's Tomb and so forth. There also should be some transfers
of population on an individual basis.

Why is there a wall dividing Egyptians in Gaza from the rest of Egypt. Let the Egyptian military govern the area, deal with Hamas and build a working economy. We provide ample aid to Egypt and it should be used to develop messes like Gaza.

Blaming Israel for the mess is largely the result of sloppy far left and Jihadist anti-semitism. No nation on the planet would be as restrained as Israel given the daily provocations of Rockets targeting civilians. For an illustration of how a nation deals with similar provocations look at Grozny. Of course the communist Duck and his epigones pretend this situation is in a vacuum. All the suffering on the planet involves a fake indigenous people Cuban, religious and ethnic minorities are all spat on by the left. The real issue with the left has never been about Pseudostinians it has been about harnessing Populist antisemitism for their own ends.

One could witness similar dashes to freedom the very second we allow Venezuelans or Cubans to depart Marxist hell holes. I am amazed that one of Che Bob's friend's named "Kreyol Kurt" unwittingly described the mess of Cuba. He noted that there were separate Hotels and restaurants. In fact his account of the Theriesenstadt tours noted that tourists were kept away from mixing with the Cuban people. Starving people in Cuba, North Korea and Zimbabwe are just not as relevant as genocidal Egyptians in Gaza run by a terrorist Nazi outfit. The lie is more important than lives for the souless left seeking power.

Obama is under fire for the odd to idiotic views of his pastor and meeting with a gospel singer who wishes to cure gays. In the case of Obama this is guilt by association, unlike Renegade Eye who makes similar claims. Obama has stated he does not agree with his pastors views and that
he will not likely place his pastor in the cabinet. The views of the singer are not reflective of Obama's views. Moreover even if this singers silly views are reported accurately they remain in the realm of silly rather than obnoxious. The person has never advocated doing actual harm to gays or anyone else other than music critics.

I do want to contrast this with the critics of this blog and our contention that Renegade Eye, G and some others are anti semites. Ren did knowingly post support for the planets foremost anti semite Norman Finkelstein. His post was not about free speech and when given numerous examples of flagrant crank antics and rabid anti-semitism he feigned ignorance. This is part of a pattern he encourages by tossing RED meat to the mos rabid of anti semites. Other examples of this are the infamous posts on Nina "Porn Star but no Zionist" Hartley and the incoherent blathering of MFL.

Ren encourages an actual Neo nazi LWB/John Brown to post on his site. The comments of LWB/Brown have been described by Sonia, Craig Bardo, Jams and even a communist friend of G's named Eric as anti-semitic. Ren at any time could have stated his own positions and clarified the situation but oddly decided to remain silent. This is amazing considering he has positions on everything else on the planet. His site regularly features Jew baiting by LWB/Brown, MFL and the clown Larry Gambone. In an effort to make the wide tent of freaks larger he is now catering to insane Kahanists who should never be lumped together with commies and Nazis, but are still off the wall. Eitan " Cpl Klinger" Divinsky has now ended his born again Kahanist bit and is masquerading as an ex-Kahanist. The tip off to the rest of you was when he said the following quote from Snagglepus "Jewish Cunt" was not anti-semitic. Eitan was always more mental case than Meir Kahane and the two are by no means mutually exclusive.

Another huge error is assuming my loathing of Communists is based upon anti-semitism alone. Even if commies were not trying their best to stoke populist anti-semitism I would remain a bitter foe. Communism is a mental and moral defect that should not be tolerated. The brand x fantasies of Trotskyites are more of the same "it has never been tried garbage". Similarly I oppose Nazi types when they talk of my Black fellow Americans as genetic inferiors. The entire collectivist idiocy is a menace and its advocates should be medicated.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Human Misery to perpetuate a Myth

Commies like G pretend that the only people on the planet who suffer are the Pseudostinians in Gaza. On a comedic level the Gazans under seige because their terrorist government allows daily missile launches still have more food than the Cubans, Zimbabweans and North Koreans. While
the despot in Caracas donates oil to the Kennedy clan for PR his people can't find produce and crime is through the roof. The victims of communism remain invisible while the true faithful cling to a myth of fake indigenous people.

The residents of Gaza are and always were Egyptian. The notion that they transmogrified into a distinct ethnicity is commie fiction. The residents of Gaza were actual Egyptian citizens who some how become Palestinians because Commies and their Arab Nationalist allies felt that Arab Nationalism and yet another Arab Judenfrei state wouldn't be marketable in the salons of Europeand in the Gulags of higher ed. Thus people who thought of themselves as Southern Syrians become Jordanians in 1920 after 70% of the territory was made Jedenfrei, despite the fact that Jews lived in Jordan long before Mohammed was a concept. The same Jordanians in the West Bank suddenly become Pseudostinians .

What the basis of this mythical ethnicity is remains a mystery? It is not race, language, culture, historical identity or religion? A Pseudostinian unlike a Kurd or a Basque has neither a unique language or historical identity. In fact your average Indian or African tribe has a greater claim to an ethnicity that Psuedostinians. On any objective measure the residents of Texas or Brooklyn
NY also have greater claim to an ethnicity.

The fable of the Palestinian ethnicity was contrived by N ASSer a communist stooge who placed an Egyptian thug named Arafat in control. Syrian Baathists also tried to create their own rival Pseudostinian groups as well. The Baathists are governed by a non Muslim clique and need Israel to justify their myth of Pan Arab unity. However, if Pan Arabism is real than the case for Pseudostine remains a myth.

The commies, Arabs and their far left allies allowed generations of Arabs to languish in refugee camps to perpetuate this myth. The joke is that their myth has perpetuated itself and the misery when the problems could have been solved long ago. Let the Egyptians annex Gaza and eliminate Hammas. End the deception and myth of fake ethnicities and call Gazans what they were from the first moment Egyptians. Then call the Arabs in refugee camps citizens of whatever country they are in presently.

The myth of Pseudostine as created by the far left and their Arab Nationalist allies is the actual cause of the decades of people in poverty. FYI The Pseudostinians are mostly Arab Muslims with a 1400 year history of opressing actual indigenous people including Jews, Christians and other groups. One has to suspend all historical facts, logic and reasoning to come up with Arabs as being oppressed by anyone. This is akin to claiming Black slaves oppressed their white masters in the South or that Native Americans oppressed whites.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Yearning

As time passes I become far more cynical. I have grown to understand the need of many to find order in life. I have never been particularly religious as my world is that of history, facts and results. I understand that my lack of interest in the spiritual realm is not the norm.

Most people do have spiritual needs. This is not a human weakness and normal religious values are a true gift. There are things that just can not be added and divided on balance sheets. A normal religious outlook is a life afirming joy.

There is the notion mainly among Commies and aethiest that they are superior to the primitive followers of Judeo Christian religions. This falacy that an enlightened elite would rule by divine right as heirs to the sacred truth has proved deadly. Communism is but one strain of the cult of Utopian temple of death. The utopians seek wisdom in an army of technocrats but those who pray at the temple of reason have been found to be less moral in actuality.

Islam is not a religion as we understand religion. In fact it has more in common with Communism
than Christianity. Both Communism and Islam dream of transforming man and conquering the planet. Both Communism and Islam need an other to justify its failures. Can't produce an economy that works blame Israel, Jews and the USA for your failures. Can't produce an economy with meat on the store shelves blame US boycotts and decades long dictators for your failures. Communists also subject those who do not share their warped pseudo religious views to their laws.

There are decent Muslims like Stephen Schwartz. Schwartz is the Islam the left dreams of but can not accept. Schwartz does not talk of insane cabals nor America as the source of global evil.
One of the serious problems with Islam is the far left populist demogogary of victimhood. The notion of being in the vanguard of a billion of rabid anti western fanatics is too aluring to the far left. Thus far left types need to stoke dissent even if the rest of us die to advance their fantasies.

Ted Roosevelt and the mirror

One of the points about the Liberal fascism is the progressive term is used across the board to describe most of the political leaders in the generation. Today the term progressive has been stolen by commies as one of the many terms they hide under. Liberal once upon a time meant pro American, anti communist person who believed in a balance between business and government.
Sadly this term is claimed by people who are basically fellow travelers like Gomer Kerry and Tom Harkin. Kerry's record of supporting every anti American crackpot is quite clear.

Ted Roosevelt is a unique figure in that many people including Bill Clinton fantasize that they are like him. The truth is that what we see in Teddy Roosevelt is a reflection of ourselves. In Clinton's case this seriously becomes amusing. TR was a nationalist whose big stick policy was a very real part of his persona. Bill Clinton should never be associated with nationalism and big stick in Clinton speak is left in the realm of Paula Jones. TR was not corrupt and very much a family man, qualitiesnot associated with Bill Clinton. TR was clearly manly in a way that Bill Clinton could never be. TR's unique mannerisms and style were emulated by many. Clinton's
most famous quotes are the meaning of is, I smoked but didn't inhale and I didn't have sex with that woman (Hillary ?) . Members of the vast right wing conspiracy will add " place some ice on that". What could Bill Clinton possibly see of himself in TR other than they both loved the cameras and thought they were the center of the universe.

What many of us see in TR is often more of a reflection of ourselves than TR.

I am amused by the section about Wilson's authoritarian streak. However, many of the people who were prosecuted were commies and subversives. Commies are not quite the same as rational coherent political foes. They are a treasonous bunch who advocate the violent overthrow
of the US government and theft of property. I can sit and respectfully disagree with a liberal like Rob Bayn or a laborite like Jams respectfully. This is quite different from having similar discussions with bug eyed lunatics seeking a caliphate or demented Trotskyites.

The truth is that Wilson and the people of that era were more aware of the evils of communism.
The book talks about episodes where nationalists took matters into their own hands and tarred and feathered commies. In the new media age tarring and feathering commies would be a great concept for reality TV, but will not be done. I wanted to have my own reality show called Revolting America. Bug Eyed Commies like Ren, Troutsky, Che Bob and G preach class struggle in Walmart Parking lots, housing projects and Cuban enclaves. The folks at Fox have not responded yet. The animal rights people should get behind the tar and feathering of commies sport as a animal rights improvement over rodeo. Why rope a steer and ride bulls when you can hog tie and tar and feather commies?

The first amendment does not cover treason and sedition. The folks at Code Pinko who gave money to our enemies in Falujah should have been tried under the sedition act. Rather than waste time and money by jailing them tarring and feathering on national TV is warranted. Now some out there might think this is cruel and unusual punishment. However, given the nature of the crime and commies love of the media it is appropriate for the punishment of treason.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lance Thruster for beginers

Those of you who post at BE know that a variety of anti Semites frequent the site. Dr Yeagley is often very patient with people who really don't deserve it. The BE anti Semites are mostly far left but there are often Stormfront types and stupid kids. There was one anti Semitic clown named Pancho whose writings are just too funny to be annoying.

Enter Lance Thruster, the generic communist anti Semitic clown and bore. Do know that one of the easiest ways to discern someone who is a sincere supporter of Palestinians from an anti Semite is
that the anti Semites are quick to start quoting Maoist Dr Finkelstein. The level of anti-Semitic obsession is directly related to the amount of times Finkelstein is quoted.

Thruster is a mono focused Finkelstein groupie whose one note rants wore out the patience of Dr Yeagley. Yeagley will tell anyone who asks that I have spoke in favor of allowing anti-Semitic trolls to remain. In fact I have never urged the Dr to ban anyone.

One can find the clownish statements of Thruster spread like diarrhea on pro Israel and Jewish sites all over the web. You will also find his slavish devotion to Norman Finkelstein well doccumented. At various times he claims to be a friend and at other times his story changes.

Thruster's absurd moniker clearly sounds like a clear case of phallic over compensation. Sorry
but the no joke about my pen name is as funny as Lance Thruster third rate porn star wanna be.

Thruster is quite fond of national disgrace Noam Chomsky. Chomsky is from the Communist school of LSD history. Such classics as making up Truman quotes and getting caught would result in dismissal of PHD student by Noam keeps sinking lower. The classics of Phantom US-Nazi alliances while ignoring a real Communist/Nazi alliance to divide Central Europe is another classic blunder. Calling eye witnesses to the Killing Fields in Cambodia based upon a Communist source in Australia with a readership of less than 100. We could do posts of Chomsky attrocities but Thwuster remains a devoted acolyte.

Thruster works as the "aethiest" chaplain at USC. This must be akin to the higher ed version of
the Maytag repairman or the Admiral of the Swiss Navy. If you wanted a cartoon image of what is wrong in higher ed Thruster fits the bill. Lets see a rabid Joo obsessed anti semitic communist
who oddly is a gun nut.

The typical incoherent comment from statement from Thruster includes classic cliches as calling yours trully a fascist and saying Nazis are also anti-semitic. Thruster ignores the reality that his comments and obsessions are identical to Neonazis on Stormfront, not mine. The folks at Stormfront also share his obsession with both Finky and Chomsky.

Do not expect anything intelligent from Thruster who is a one note bore.

Very Bad Satire Bevis and Buttrey

I want to apologize to fans of Bevis and Butthead. However, we do have a certain anti semitic Commie visitor who fancies himself a personal friend of Dr Norman Finkelstein.

Buttrey: Heh heh The Jooos errr duh Neocons suck. Dr Finkelstein told me the Psudostinians are the foremost victims on the planet.
Bevis: What is a Psuedostinian
Buttrey: A Pseudostinian is whatever we commies say they are? There has never been a Psuedostinian state heh heh and we contrived it out of thin air. Our real goal is a judenfrei Middle East heh heh heh.
Bevis; You didn't answer the question heh heh
Buttrey; The Pseudostinians are just ordinary Arabs who need ever more land from one of many people they have oppressed for 1400 years. Hold on heh heh need a bong hit to read Chomsky so it makes sense. The duhhhhh Zionist want a greater Isreal duuuhhhhhhh so lets make yet another Judenfrei Arab state duhhhhhh.
Bevis: Hey fartknocker that doesn't make sense...........
Buttrey: It is all part of the Jewish conspiracy duhhhh. I read about the stuff on Stormfront where Finky's good friend the Nazis post.
Bevis: Aren't Nazis creepy.
Buttrey: They have the part duhhhh about the Zionists right heh heh . More bong hits heh heh.
Bevis: Have you got a real job yet.
Buttrey: I am the duhhhhh aetheist Chaplain at USC duuhhh
Bevis Heh heh but what do you actually do.
Buttrey: Duhhhh I collect guns heh heh and harass Jews on the web heh heh praising the works of Finky and Chimpanzeee.
Beavis; You seem to be obsessed with sclongs heh heh Gun colecting and that gay porno name Lance Thruster.
Buttrey: Heh heh say what.
Beavis According to Freud heh heh guns and lances are surrogates for schlongs heh heh.
Buttrey: Hehhh duhhh Freud was a bad Jooooooo er duhhh Zionist. Only Finky, Chimpanzeee and commies er duh are goood Joooooos.
Beavis: Heh heh you spend alot of time talking about Finky heh heh is he your lover duhhhh.
Buttrey: Nahhh numbnutt duh I met him at a urinal. He told me the duhhh truth about dem Joooos er duh Zionists der uh Neocons er duh Jews and then I ate the mints der duhhhh in the urinal.
Beavis; You do seem to spend heh heh alot of these time on the duuhhhhh Joooos. You sound alot like the clowns at duhhhhh Stormfront. I am Cornholioooooooooh.
Buttrey: Duhhhh I am not duuhh antisemitic. Heh heh I just spend all day posting idiocy about them 24/7 heh heh heh.
I am off to hold my aethiest ass er duhhh mass asses in masses power to the people. All those people who called Pol Pot a murder lied because Chimpanzee said so heh heh.
Beavis; lay off the cheap weed heh heh Bungholioooo

Followers of Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chimpanzee are more cartoon like than human. What does a "aetheist chaplain" do at USC? He spouts off insane idiocy about dem Jooos and collects guns. It would seem that the position of Buttrey at USC could be filled with greater skill
by a lab rat or gerbil on LSD.

Beamish in 08

Stay tuned for More Joooooney Tunes featuring your favorite Jewish wascaly wabbit Buggs Beakerkin and Elmer Fudd Thruster, Doofus Duck, Charlie John Brown, Woody Woodbeaker and Rengade Eyeball and Stremsky. We may even have cameos by Beakerambo, Mr B, Jeff %^&%&
Bargholtz , Snagglepuss Gert and Corpral Eitan Klinger.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mythology and Rabid Dogs

Far left types like to cling to a myth of the popular antiwar protestor. They claim American political classes manipulate the country into wars that are not in their interest. What is on display is the disconnect between leftist fantasies and reality.

The actual peace protests are led by Communists who have created a plethora of fake groups to hide their identity. ANSWER, UPJ and Code Pink are just some of these groups that are created to dupe the American people into serving communist objectives. I have been to many so called Peace Protests and what Pseudostine, KFC, housing and Mummia have to do with the Iraq war probably require drugs to comprehend.

The actual protesters did not know who these groups were and were mortified when they found out about Communist leadership. Commies try to exploit these numbers to inflate their delusions about their popularity. Many of these people were angry at communists for their dishonesty and exploitation.

The garbage about political classes is mindless far left claptrap for we are 1% of the population and get nowhere outside of University gulags and elite media. America does indeed have an entrentched political class and it is the far left types who are exponentially over represented in higher ed where amazingly Alan Dershowitz has been called a conservative based solely on his support for Israel. Obviously his decades of Civil Liberterian work goes over the collective minds of the far left bobble heads.

The actual tragedy of those who seek peace is that allowing commies to lead them has hurt their cause. When a Rob Bayn or Jams ODonnel disagrees with the war it is a far different dissent from an unhinged John Brown/LWB or Renegade Eye. Honest dissent starts from the premise that there is a problem with terrorism, but this is not the best policy. However, this is not what one sees at peace protests.

The far left also clings to the myth that they are now greens, anarchists or Trotskyites depending on levels of moral decay. Anarchists are clowns and even dog packs have leaders. Try to get anarchists to explain how roads, hospitals and schools appear out of thin air without tax bases for fun. They are also great for being served up Old Yeller style when Commies consolidate power. Unlike lab rats anarchists never learn from this experience. This label is also used by actual commies to conceal their identity. Trotskyites live in a fantasy world where all the evils of Communism are lumped onto Stalin, Mao or anyone who fails. They leave out the part about the crimes against humanity commited by Lennin and Trotsky.

Greens are often Commies hiding under a new label like former Maoist Norman Finkelstein who claims to be a green. Maybe his green is the color of the caliphate flag, but his actual green positions are anyones guess. Joel Kovel is another classic commie hiding behind the green label. ....Anti communism is a form of anti semitism but anti zionism is not anti-semitic or American Indians were the first victims of American anti communism. Somewhere Chief Joseph must be wondering what is in the pipe Kovel smokes, seriously. Greens live in a eco utopia which is paradise never was in reality. Native Americans did not tiptoe through the tulips or commune with nature. This happens only in Mazzola or Land O Lakes commercials. Being an Indian required hard work and if an Indian was tip toeing through the forrest he was more than likely hunting something. Like any other groups preindustrial people had slavery, human sacrafice and this green fantasy owes more to the delusions of French Revolutionaries (predecessors of Commies) than to reality. FYI Thomas Jefferson laughed at this idiocy as well as other odd European delusions.

One can not have honest discussion with rabid dogs. The great Richard Poe stated "tis no great feat to discern a honest man from a knave." The words he said to me when I disagreed with him over gun control were true then. I also read his excellent book the seven myths of gun control and no longer cling to the old misinformed views.

Beamish in 08.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Return from Jury Duty

I would like to say I enjoyed my time in jury duty. The reality is as a law enforcement officer I got excluded very quickly. The old rules excluded people like myself and now we have our time wasted for no good reason.

The lawyers made a conscious effort to pick as many uneducated people as possible. I answered the questions honestly and was quickly dismissed. I was picked for the first case both days and was excluded quickly.

Tiki Barber Jerk, Clown and Imbecile

I have observed the Tiki Barber saga for years. Tiki fumbles cries and starts the stories about how he tried. The fact remains that Tiki Barber fumbled far more than any other player in a time stretch. Jim Fassel's refusal to deal with the problem cost him his job.

Fast forward to Tiki playing for Tom Coughlin. Coughlin straightened out Tikis fumbling problems and he had his best years under Coughlin. What does Barber do? He announces his retirement in the middle of the year and the team tanks. Tiki then writes a poison pen book about Coughlin and takes shots at his quarterback.

On top of all this other idiocy Tiki takes shots at Gary Meyers. Meyers defended Barber in his writings when Giant fans were screaming for his scalp. Of course Barber turns on Meyers as well.

There are those saying Barry Bonds is biggest jerk in recent sports history. I nominate Tiki Barber as the biggest jerk in sports. Even the sports channels are now acknowledging the numbers of anti Tiki emails. The people have spoken and Tiki remains a jerk.

Many former NY Giants stick around and are loved by the fans. Phils Simms, Harry Carson, Frank Gifford are just some of the popular players. Tiki will never get the respect that those players earned on the field and with their behavior off of it.

Look Tiki Coughlin and Eli led the Giants to the Superbowl without you. Brandon Jacobs and a host of unknowns all ran very well behind the same line. Take a hint shut up and move to LA where people might buy this cheap act.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Cinderella Story Giants End in The Super Bowl

The NY Giants are a feel good story of the NFL season. They started the season 0-2 and went on
to beat Tampa Bay, Dallas and Green Bay at home. Best of all they have done all this without Tiki Barber the jerk and clod. It is amazing how this team rallied together as soon as the cancer Barber was removed.

Tom Coughlin was the coach nobody wanted to play for. Free agents avoided the NY Giants largely because of Coughlin's reputation. Coughlin was portrayed by Barber as Captain Ahab. The only free agent that signed was the very under rated Kawika Mitchell. Mitchell signed largely because nobody else offered him a chance to start.

Eli Manning was the wet blanket who was never going to justify the price the Giants paid. Yet he played his best against the Patriots without Jeremy Shockey. He somehow guided the team past the Bucs. However, he arrived in his game against the Cowboys. All the talk was about Tony Romo with the starlet girlfriend. Eli was just Peyton's younger brother. His defining game was in the ice and snow against the legend Brett Farve. Manning was smart enough to use Plaxico Burres 6'5'' height against All Pro Al Harris. Plaxico's torn ankle tendon may have felt better in the sub zero field.

On the defensive side we have a world class defensive line. The linebackers are under rated as Pierce is a very solid player. Mitchel is better than average and Geris Wilkerson and Torbor have done well when they played. The defensive backfield had the corner from the doghouse
Corey Webster. Webster played very well in the playoffs living up to his reputation. He did make
blow the coverage on the Packers first touchdown. The rest of the unit resembled a MASH unit
Aaron Ross the talented corner played with a seperated shoulder. Sam Madison barely made it to the game with a stomach muscle problem. He was over the hill and the veteran made a key mistake that allowed the Packers second life. RW McQuarters was last weeks hero but was a goat when he fumbled an interception return allowing the Packers to score and fumbled the punt return before OT. The safteys are Gibril Wilson and two unheralded athlettes.

The story of the Giants would not be complette without talk of their GM Jerry Reese. Reese made a series of controversial moves. He cut popular LT Luke Petigout who always seemed to be hurt. The Giants played the Bucs in the playoffs and Petigout was hurt again. He also cut Carlos Emmons and Levar Arrington. The fans also were upset over the draft where only Aaron Ross seemed to please the fans. The fans were somewhat pleased with fourth round pick Zack DeOssie whose father played for the Giants. Some of the picks had fans scratching their heads including a seventh round pick named Ahmad Bradshaw whose claim to fame was stealing a Playstation. All the draft picks made the team and Bradshaw has become a star.

The Cinderella story will end in two weeks, but what a tale it was.

The Tiger Woods Noose Scandal

An editor was fired for a rather stupid and lame attempt at comedy involving Tiger Woods and a noose. The joke was in really bad taste and above all was a poor worn cliche.

Racial remarks really are uncalled for and I am quite steady on this one. There are some who think calling Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah or Ellie Weisel "Shoah Pimps" is funny. I have never shared that sentiment and find the practice vile.

Had the editor smashed a Buick or made fun of the numerous endorsements of Tiger Woods this would have been funny. The best way to stop Tiger Woods is to set up a comercial for Metamucil.

Bigotry is not funny.

What you expect when you visit this site

There are many critics of this site. However, we honestly do not care what they think. They are free to comment as they please. We seldom if ever ban anyone and those few individuals who are banned were banned for criminal conduct, with one exception. Uptown Steve was banned because
he promised to leave if we proved a point. The point was proven and he is held to his word.

Apparently Ren thinks my anti-communism is an act. He wants to start a joint blog. Unlike some of the others I take anti communism seriously. We do not allow them in our ranks even when they agree with us. Their fantasies of a popular front may be tolerated by those less familiar with the crimes of Communists.

Communists are the mortal enemy of all decent folks on the planet. There are those who seek solace in the myth that Brand X communism has nothing to do with the historical record. The myth is quite humorous when the savior is the mass murderer and war criminal Leon Trotsky.
Sadly, there was no Nuremberg trial for Trotsky. Justice was served via Stalinist ice pick and his followers hold him up to be a visionary. Trotsky was perhaps the only victim of Stalin who deserved his fate. The rest of us should view the death of Trotsky as mafia justice. Mafioso like Communists kill their own quite frequently. However, any comparison of your local hard working mafia type to lazy communists is an insult to organized criminals everywhere.

I want to stress that the realities of Communism render all other associations irrelevant. Communism is a pseudo religious cult and this point has been made by Toynbee amongst others.
While men and women of faith like Justin, TMW and Junglemom serve their faith there is no incongruity between their identities as Christians and Americans. Serving the poor and troubled is a Christian calling and Christianity does recognize the division between the theological and civil
spheres of governance. All people are held accountable to minimal standards of behavior, from Kings to the peasant. Even the insane Kahanists do not advocate replacing the US government with a Jewish variant of theocracy.

As an American, utopians of all stripes disgust me. Respect is reserved for those who respect our
systems. Thus a Rob Bayn who is to my left is just an American with whom I disagree. Rob and I both share a common desire for our country to prosper. We are both proud Americans and share a common respect for the Constitution, values and history.

A utopian seeks to impose his criminal delusions on the rest of us. Thus Nazis seek their race based utopia by eliminationalism of inferiors. Commies seek a class based variant of this delusion and have killed, lied and stolen to further their utopia. Commies have proven to be almost as obsessed with Jews as Nazis and the Arab street. The popular front requires tapping into the groundswell of extreemist anti-semitism. Jihadis have their own variant and advocate modern Jim Crow.

If one was serious about helping the poor there is no better example than Junglemom who has dedicated her life to this. Moreover, there is a decided difference between a Jams O'Donnel or even to a lesser degree a Beatroot and a souless power mad type like Ren or the amicable but deranged Troutsky.

We do not work with Commies here. We use them as comedic props at times as they are funnier
than rubber chickens and have lower IQs.

Beamish in 08

Friday, January 18, 2008

Still the Same

I ran into an old friend from my days at local college. I always liked Tom ( not his name), and there but for the grace of God go I.

Tom and I attended class together in the late 90's. He always dated the woman nobody else wanted. He even is still happily married with a kid or two. We graduated into a bleak economy and the Wall Street jobs that were waiting for us weren't there. When the situation got better there were newer graduates.

Tom and I started in the Hotel Industry working on the night shift. I quickly found myself on the wrong end of a political strife in the hotel. New management always brought in their own people and after two experiences and bad pay I said enough. I walked down a path that took me to the fashion industry and then as a federal employee.

I went to see Tom the other day. The story was familiar management changed and I am on thin ice. Customer X threw a temper tantrum and I am in the dog house...... I listened to these familiar tales and just shook my head. I remember envying Tom when there were low points in my journey. I used to wonder what is it about me, that needed to get away from this line of work.

However, I look back at the experience quite differently now. I went on to bigger and better things and Tom is singing the same tune 20 years later. All the headaches and bad days were worth it. Tom has now wasted his youth in an industry where the song never changes and in a year or two it will be another Hotel. Finally when his youth is gone there will be a look back at a series of meaningless bland jobs.

Well at least he was smarter than me about the rest of life. The woman nobody else wanted turned out to be a great wife and mother. Perhaps it is a good thing in his case that work is only a means to an end for Tom.

Sometimes life requires a leap of faith and some bad days before it gets better. Singing that same tune for twenty years is just too much for me.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Empty words and souless hacks

The basic problem with Utopians is the ends justify the means at all times. As man is god and all actions taken on the wishes of the divine leader are acceptable. Morality is whatever the leader says it is at the moment. All the words about the poor are empty and all classes are pipedreams.

The sons of property theft, class genocide and jihad mock the Christian. The deeds of the Christian come from the heart of a higher calling. There is right and wrong and standards for all including the powerful. Life is to be treasured and improving lives in measurable goods and quality of life.

The greatest crime of the far left is debasing life itself in the lust for power.

Jonah goldberg's Liberal Fascism Mussolini

Those of us familiar with demented far left types like Ren, 167 and the Duck often hear the term fascist bandied quite often in their rabid anti- semitic musings. In their cases being an actual fascist
would be a form of self improvement. Communists hurling epithets at anyone is quite amusing.

Our perception of Fascism is warped by a Stalinistic tendency to call anyone who is anti communist
a fascist. Actual fascism is clearly rooted in socialism and our understanding of Mussolini is often skewed by his disasterous alliance with Hitler.

Commies live in a fantasy land where Nationality does not exist. Communism as Goldberg and others present it is a religion. Mussolini was clearly a socialist and his variant was nationalistic and more pragmatic than the familiar types.

Communism, Nazism and Fascism are not polar opposites but competitors. One should hardly be surprised to learn Dubois spoke favorably about Nazism. Sanger, whom the left praises, saw abortion as part of an American eugenics movement. Commies also have frequent rivalries that are part of the pathology. In the demented world of Commies, brand x frequently kills brand y.
One can liken this to mafia crime families, but the mafia is a well run in comparison to communist debacles.

Goldberg goes through the actual policies of Mussolini and they are indeed far left. Mussolini was admired by many in the USA before WW2. The turning point was his invasion of Ethiopia and even that was justified by some of his American followers. Like Arafat he justified the violence of his followers to pursue his power. It should be noted that Communist, Socialists had their own street gangs, just they were run with typical commie acumen.

The chapter is interesting and I will be reading chapter 2 about Hitler in round two of jury duty.
As someone who runs procedings, I am appalled by the idiocy of the jury selection proceedings.
Asking the same questions over and over should be considered cruel and unusual punishment.
I am starting to wonder if civil cases should be handled by judges only.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg

The first thing one notices about this book is its clever cover. The cover has a smiley face with a Hitler moustache on a red background. This brilliant artwork seems lifted from the Beamish school of Art.

Way back, we discussed Fascism in reviewing Oriana Falachi's books. Falachi understood the meaning of the term. Her family lived under the genuine fascism in Italy. Mussolini was a socialist
and his supporters came from the left. The misdeeds of Mussolini should never be confused with Hitler. The Italian government protected the Jews until the occupation of 1943. Moreover, Mussolini famously called antisemitism ....."that German sickness".

The term fascist as a slur dates back to Stalin. The Stalinistic tendency to label anyone who disagreed with them fascists is alive and well today. The demented communists continue this practice today. Moreover, it is a comedy classic when the cheerleader of class genocide calls me "Stalinist". However, the prerequisite for being a Communist today is a low IQ, treason and rabid anti-semitism. This should be quite amusing to regular readers of this blog known for its high octane anti- communism.

PG 23 Fascism is a religion of the state. It assumes the organic unity of the body politic and longs for a national leader ( Chavez or Trotsky) attuned to the will of the people. It is totalitarian
in that it views everything as political and holds that any action taken by the state (class genocide and property theft) is justified to achieve the common good. It takes all responsibilty for all aspects of life, including our health and well being and seeks to impose uniformity of thought and action, whether by force or regulation and social pressure. Everything, including the economy and religion must be aligned with its objectives. Any rival identity ( Americanism and Judaism) is part of the problem and therefore defined as the enemy. I will argue that contemporary liberalism embodies all aspects of fascism.

The reader above should note the additions in parentheses are mine. It would seem the deluded Trotskyite seems to fit the above description. In fact the polar opposite of fascism would be Liberterians who are the true bane of communism. If you are stuck in a room full of commies bring a Cuban American, but if you can't find one get the nearest Liberterian.

Goldberg also explains the classic Communist anti-semitism as well

PG 18 Today populist conspiracy theories run amok across the left (and are hardly unkown on the right). A full third of Americans believe that it is "very" or "somewhat likely" that the government was behind ( or allowed) the 9-11 attacks. A particular paranioa about the influence of the "Jewish Lobby" has infected significant swaths of the campus and European left- not to mention the poisonous and truly Hitlerian anti semitic populism of the Arab street under the regimes that most would recognize as fascist. My point isn't that the left is embracing Hitlerite anti Semitism. Rather it is embracing populism and indulging anti semites to an extent that is alarming and dangerous. Meanwhile it is worth recalling that the success of Nazism in Weimar Germany partially stemmed from its unwillingness of decent men to take it seriously.

On the last point I disagree with Goldberg. Anti-semitism is a central component of Communism
and actively seeks power through the elimination of Jews. From the above all other identies are
irrelevant in the lust for power and utopia. The big tent or common front includes Hitllerian types like LWB/John Brown in a common alliance to grab power.

It would seem that Renegade Eye and the Duck as defined above have far more in common with
fascism than a Rudy Republican or Liberterian.

Beamish in 08

Monday, January 14, 2008

For Those of you in Fantasy Land

Some of you have doubted Code Pink is a Communist front group. The Miami chapter of Code Pinko organized a protest in Little Havana against Posada Carilles. What does this man have to do with the Iraq War? Posada Carilles has nothing to do with the Iraq War and this is another example of Commies using a front group to push their agenda.

Posada Carriles was tried for the crimes in question in Venezuela and found innocent. The Code Pinko commies knowingly seek extradition with the full knowledge that he will be tortured. Moreover, this torture is not panties on the head and listening to Barney.

The Cuban community responded in predictable fashion. Of course the commies did what they always do whenever two Cuban Americans gather, they ran. Of course at the rate things are going
there will be plenty of Venezuelans, Bolivians and Nicaraguans with the same message as the noble Cuban Americans.

Beamish in 08

Chris Mathews in the Clinonista doghouse and Hillay's problems with the LBJ/King fiasco

The Clintons are in some trouble with the African American community. Every time Bill ran into
trouble he ran to Andrew Young, Jesse Jackson, Charles Rangel or the nearest Black church. The Clintonistas have been flirting with this trouble with the line of questioning how Black is Barak Obama. The dirty little secret is most African Americans in the USA have some White ancestry and many have Native American as well. It was a disgusting line of commentary, not brought by the folks at Stormfront, but by the Clintonista allies in the media. Anything that endangers the Clinton base of Black voters dooms Hillary.

Ironically, Clinton's comments about LBJ playing a large part in passing the Civil Rights Act were true. Dr King did not do the job alone and the roles of the Presidents, politicians and ordinary folks who marched with him have been forgotten. Dr King played a historic role, but hardly did it alone. Oddly he associated with some unsavory people and was perhaps the only person spied on by theKGB and the FBI. The fact that the Commies spied on Dr King as well is typically forgotten.

However, it is fitting that those who lived by racial pandering may die by it.

Chris Mathews finds himself under fire from the Clintonistas for telling the truth. Hillary's sole basis of power has been playing the victim angle. She gained support by people felling sorry for her when her husband commited adultery. She was losing to Rick Lazio until her media allies invented a scandal with Lazio invading her space. When the Clinton's violate the law it is the vast right wing conspiracy.

Mathews is a jerk and a partisan hack. Mathews did tell the truth and without the victim angle the Clinton's would be dead long ago. It is entirely humorous that Mathews is under fire for saying these 100% true comments.

FYI Even the annoying Eleanor Clift seems to have abandoned Hillary.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Every Now and Then Bill Clinton gets one Right

Bill Clinton told off a bunch of Ron Paul supporters who were starting the 9-11 conspiracy idiocy.
Of course the Paul nuts did not get to go into the anti semitic part of the conspiracy. Bill Clinton
spoke the truth and told the Paul idiots "shut up" and "you are nuts".

This was almost as much fun as seeing the lunatic tasered while bothering John Kerry.

Russert Asks Hillary Tough Questions

One of the few mainstream journalists who will ask a Democrat tough question is Tim Russert. His interview touched on the forbidden topics as Marc Rich, Hugh Rodham, The idiotic vast right wing conspiracy. This interview may mark the start of the end of the telfon candidacy.

Hillary is being propped up by the Edwards campaign. As soon as Edwards drops out the fat lady will sing. Why is Edwards still running?

The other Holocaust Denial and Man as God

Most of us are against Holocaust deniers. Even shameful far left types tend to avoid them. Yet they will embrace 9/10 of the message so long as it is placed in Communist verbiage. The reason commies love Norman Finkelstein is that he repeats 90% of the material of Holocaust Deniers without claiming the Holocaust never existed. Finkelstein's claim is that most survivors are fakes echoes that of the Holocaust deniers. The other part is that is Jews have used the Holocaust to extort money from Europe and prevent any discussion of Israeli policies. As Israel is constantly held to standards no other country is held to, except for the USA, this is amusing. This last part is verbatim what the Holocaust deniers say almost word for word. When the cafeteria commissars endorse Finkelstein they are endorsing the planets most notorious anti-semite. Nor was the post written on free speech grounds.

The Holocaust was evil but the victims of Communism are almost invisible. We have the sons of class genocide pretending that their brand x Communism has nothing to do with previous disasters. The party line is that each new Communism will be the one that corrects the mistakes of the others. We hear the protests about Stalin, but there was plenty of killing prior to Stalin.
Trotsky would be tried as a war criminal for his policies. Nor is he immune from the crimes commited by the state he created subsequent to the loss of power.

The pattern of needless death is quite evident on any basic inspection of the record of Communism.However, the other problem is that leftists routinely serve their communist masters. The PR spots of Hugo Chavez are run by a Kennedy clown. This should not be surprising in light of Ted Kennedy's policies in the Vietnam war started by his brother and vocal support for the Sandinazis er Sandanistas. Even the salon type of Euro leftist Beatroot pretends that Communism in Poland was evil, but somehow different in Hugo's blunderland.

Communist dementia works like this a bridge collapse in MN is a symbol that American vales are on collapse...... However, when people starve to death in Zimbabwe, a historic food exporter,
it has nothing to do with Communism. When the exact same policies are repeated in Hugo's mess the result is empty store shelves and crime. When faced with the reality that there are more deaths in Commie paradise than in Iraq the Cafeteria Commisar blames the Police. Then he tries to position himself as a critic of Chavez despite repeating his every point.

The mistake most of us make is that we play nice. Commies rant and rave about America and Israel and we mostly respond like William F Buckley. The time has come to quit being polite with proponents of genocide. Continued advocacy of Communism or rationalizing that it is somehow different in the Third world is genocide denial.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The amusing free speech follies

The UK has some odious laws on the books that regulate freedom of speech. They are less stringent than your Communist speech codes found on a typical US campus. The blogger Lionheartfaces the real prospect of jail time for his posts. Additionally, I have been similarly threatened forthe Pseudostinian line of posts.

The irony is that the most blatant forms of bigotry are protected by Commie slight of hand. If youpost about imagined Jewish conspiracies to blow up the WTC you are protected if you use the code words Zionist or Neocon. Thus the folks at Counterpunch are protected from these obnoxious laws by design. The speech codes have zero to do with hateful speech and less to do with common sense,but control of speech by those opposed to Communism or jihad.

Part of the downside of our first amendment is that it protects some odious types. This principal
is abused by Commies, Pornographer and Jihadis in the USA. The general mistake is that the laws do not protect criminal acts like Snuff films, sedition, treason or crimes against groups like gays. The laws in the USA have never protected incitement to criminal acts. Thus when commies call for revolution in the USA they should be jailed and sent to Gitmo. Similarly, any call for a domestic Jihad would also be a criminal offense under US law.

The magic of the US laws is the slight of hand in practice. Americans come in all races and ethnic
groups so even the most rabid forms of anti Americanism are protected. Similarly, Muslims come in all races so the charge that Islamophobia is racist is quite amusing.

Thus the goal of these laws are not to limit offensive speech, merely speech it finds offensive. Thus if I were to become reality impaired and say "Palestinian Arabs are a parasitic class" I would be a jerk and guilty under this idiotic law. Commie approved anti semite Norman Finkelstein "Israeli Jews are a parasitic class". This is true if the Israelis in questions are communist, but a typical slur. Finkelstein has never been barred from speaking in the UK.
The law shouldn't be applied to Finky as the comments were made in the USA. Practically, the coments are part of a blatant pattern that aims to silence a certain type of speech. Have the folks at Counterpuch ever faced scrutiny for Jewish conspiracy foolishness? They do not face scrutiny because the laws allow word games and double standards.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Why Syria Matters and Stephen Schwartz knows his stuff

The general theme of the Rubin book is that the Syrian government needs Israel as the other to survive. For three decades the Assad family has used the battle against the Zionist other to deflect criticism of its rule. If Israel ceased to exist it could endanger the Assad regime.

Way back I had a discussion with noted author Stephen Schwartz about some of the smaller groups in the Middle East. He pointed out that Alawites are not Muslims. In fact they are considered apostates and often persecuted historically.

The starting point for this harkens back to my posts about the Yezidis and the Cult of Angels. We often make an assumption that all the pagans converted to Islam or Christianity. This assumptionis erroneous as the Yezidi and the Iranian Yarsani live as a blended type of people with admixes of Islam, Zoroastrianism with a largely pagan religion. The authors of this also explained that this largely Kurdish group has followers in Turkey called the Alevis. The Arabic phenomena of this same Cult of Angels are the Alewites. Like Marannos they appear nominally Muslim to survive but are not.

Rubin describes the Assad rule as 1/3 mafia, 1/3 Communism and 1/3 Nazi. In reality all forms of Communist rule function like poorly run mafia operations. The real mafia has a coherent business plan. Communists live in a fantasy world where the new Socialist man replaces ethnicity. The Syrian Baath party is a local communist party with a pipe dream of Arab Nationalism added.

Like the Palestinian farce, in actuality there is no such thing as a Syrian. There are a variety of Arab groups with around 10% of the population oppressed Kurds in an illogical state. The alleged glue that holds this mix together is the Commie Pan Arabism fantasy. The notion is that Muslims, Alawites, Christians, Druze are united as Arabs against dem Jooooos. Commies forget that this pipe dream makes a great case for Israel.

While Commies rant about "greater Israel", their proxy state has been agitating for a real Greater Syria that includes Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and parts of Iraq. In fact the leader of Syria reminded Arafat (the Egyptian) "We have more authority than you do". The dirty little secret is that there is no such Saudi, Jordanian or Iraqi ethnicity either.

The Israel angle allows a corrupt non-Muslim band of impostors to govern Syria in a defacto apartheid state. While commies rail about "apartheid Israel", their pet state is a real apartheid state where an Alawite clique of 13% has a monopoly on power and runs Syria for its own personal proffit.

The more radical and anti Israel the better they appear to the far left anti-semitic Commie types and other regional states. Iran has backed this non Muslim group by pretending Alawites
are Shiites. However, this is deception as the Muslim Brotherhood did rebel and was crushed.
The same groups that cry over a single Pseudostinian death just ignored the whole episode.

Rubin's point is that a peace with Israel would endanger the survival of the Bathist corrupt Assad family and the Alewite community.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not concerned about Rudy

Many people who read this blog wrongly deduce that I am conservative. Actually I am a patriotic
social liberal who has no home in the Democratic party. Those of us that were serious about the Cold War had no home in a party that treated nationalism as the N word.

The party of JFK had defined those letters in my years with John Forbes Kerry. Kerry's name like everything else about him was fake. He was the front man in a Communist group VVAW. He did knowingly meet with the NVA in Paris while a member of the Naval Reserve. He presented fake Vietnam Veterans as the genuine article. His co-spokesman was never a pilot, never in Vietnam and his injuries occured playing sports in Hoboken NJ. Kerry's first mission was to save the Sandanistas at any cost. He made up absurd stories lifted from Apolcalypse Now about secret missions in Cambodia in his testimony before congress. The stories were humorous, such as blaming Nixon for the missions when Johnson was the President and there were other gaffes. Kerry went on to write the infamous Dear Comondante letter that blew up in his face. Kerry was but one of these Democrats who seemed to work 24/7 to promote the interests of Communism.

While many people are bothered by a McCain candidacy, it suits me just fine. Ronald Reagan is not returning and if he were he would have my vote. My votes for Reagan were not based on Conservatism. They were based on a can do attitude and taking our country back from spineless clowns who seemed to recoil at any mention of patriotism or Nationalism. Reagan was
a rare talent and won the Cold War by fighting Communism aggressively. He did not mince words about the evils of the disease, nor do I.

Some of you have also misinterpreted my comments about Obama as support. The great Richard Poe once said "Tis no great feat to discern an honest man from a knave". Mr Poe said these words when we I was concerned about him mistaking my Rudy Republican dissent on an issue for something further to the left. We know all about the Clinton corruption scandals, the self centeredness, paranoia and the ends justify the means bit. In any comparison Obama is superior in all respects. Obama does want a better future for America, even if he is dead wrong about how to get there. Unlike the Clinton's he does not worship the UN, big media or pseudo intellectuals in the Salons of Old Europe.

Similarly we need to look at those on the left and see where they are saying. A person who describes themselves openly as a Trotskyite is a different animal from a Labourite. When I discuss the war with a Rob Bayn or Jams it is an entirely different conversation than that held with bug eyed commies. The conversation starts with a common premise that we all want the best for our countries and how do we get there from here. The conversation has no conspiracy
angles or indict America tone or other agendas. The same conversation is impossible with Commies as they seek to subvert anything for their own agendas.

Do I lose sleep if McCain gets the nomination? No, I would still prefer Rudy but it works for me.
McCain did support the buildup and even floated the idea when things were not going well. He may have even called for the build up before Bush did. However, many of us have become mono
focused on Iraq and to a lesser extent abortion and Gay marriage. I do not wake up worrying over the fate of abortion. John Brown and Greg are great poster children for abortion. I do not see my life changed by Gay marriage, I still favor Civil Unions. The discussion about Iraq is far more important, but it is not all there is.

When in doubt pull the lever for Mr Beamish. He has the support of Craig Bardo, Sonia and Beakerkin

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Local Stories

There was a tribute to the recently departed Norman Rosenbaum by Carmel Cato. The death of Carmel Cato's son was used by racial arsonists to set off the series of events that led to the death of
two innocent men in Crown Heights notably Yankel Rosenbaum.

Carmel Cato is a man of dignity who never justified the riots that took place later. Despite his loss he understood that to do so would be to cheapen his tragic son's loss.

The relationship between the two families forever linked by the tragedies was one of the good stories to emerge from the fiasco of the Crown Heights riots.

The newspapers are now covering the trial of the murder of Nixmary Brown. The jury will see pictures of the battered six year old. The whole story stinks including a Pakastani biological father who may be illegal suing the city for damages to a child he never supported or saw. The battering parents blaming the caseworkers for the crime. The lame response from team Bloomberg. In fairness these tragedies can happen in any administration. Everyone failed Nixmary Brown but the blame starts and ends with the culprits.

On deck prepare for a discussion of Syria.

Beamish in 08

More Veganism

Apparently this obnoxious trend is continuing in NYC. Another young woman in the office asked if I would date a vegan and I said no. I told her I wouldn't even eat a meal with a vegan, much less date a vegan. Not surprisingly the person is in her late 20's and single. She told me stories about how her friends make chicken sounds when people eat chicken. As I am governed by bloodlust I might just take a bite out of their arm at this audio cue.

I tried to explain that it takes more than beauty to keep a relationship going. The message I get from Vegans is that the person is fussy and controlling. In other words not worth the time and effort spent in the area.

The mistake women make is they forget that men like to enjoy a meal and peace. By presenting yourself as a vegan or even worse lecturing non-vegans you are telling someone that you are likely very dificult. The exception to this rule is Jams who has managed this expertly.

Break out the tin foil hats, mescaline and preperation H

The lesson of yesterdays polls is that sometimes pollsters get it wrong. Pollsters sometimes take incorrect samples or ask the wrong questions.

The princess of Darkness pulled off what appears to be an upset. That means either all the polsters were wrong or that people will not admit they are going to vote for Hillary in public. The second bit is true and was a factor in the polls being wrong in her first Senate race. There was also alot of election chicanery including at least 2,000 people who voted in NYC and Palm Beach county FL alone, the New Square Fiasco and a few stories of dead people voting in Harlem. These stories while true did not effect the overall election. The conspiracy crowd forgets that almost all election fraud is done by Democrat party activists, precisely those most apt to be Clintonistas.

Polling is not an exact science and sometimes it is very wrong. It only becomes conspiracy fodder when George Bush wins in areas key to elections.

What likely happened is part of a combination of the following events.

1 Independents were over represented in the sample.
2 Younger voters were over represented
3 The unusualy warm weather and Clinton Doom stories boosted turnout among Clintonistas or party hacks.
4 People are ashamed to admit they are voting for Hillary. She is loathsome and is a party hack
and they should be ashamed to admit this in public.

Now Hillary's media brigade will spin the Hillary is back from the dead bit. You have seen the Hillary in tears, trying to refute the perception of her as inhuman. There will be an Obama scandal on the way and it will be big.

Obama is not smart enough to turn this around. He needs to campaign against Hillary and the main stream media.

The lesson is the polls are often very wrong. Prepare for a series of nauseating Hillary is human and likeable stories.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

News Flash Beakerambo to testify in Congress

The avatar of this blog has been served with a summons to testify before congress. The Pelosi committee is investigating charges that he abused performance enhancing drugs to boost readership. There is also accusations against the owner of this blog that we engage in subliminal anti Communism.

Beakerambo was reached on the set of his new film X Men 6. In X men 6 Wolverine discovers that his affair with a female clown when he was held by Mesmero has produced a speech impaired son Wolverbeaker. When asked to comment his response was Me Meee Meep who Meep.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Who tossed the water on Hillary?

Part of the problem with egomaniacs is that they surround themselves with flunkies. Hillary's melt down, ala the Wicked Witch of the West was predictable. She counted on her media allies to cover
her basic weaknesses. The truth is she is not like able and the coronation bit irritates the average Joe. Hillary's kid glove treatment and the planted question scandals doomed her.

Her sole factor for her votes were electability. The Obama campaign has correctly dispelled that myth and there was zero reason to vote for her.

Hillary's problem is she can not attack Obama directly without endangering her base. Therefore her media allies will release a scandal after a crushing loss in NH. Unless the scandal is a knock out the fat lady has sung and it may be lights out for Hillary. Hopefully, after the loss she will leave NY and publish another idiotic tract.

This should not be seen as an endorsement of Obama. I disagree with Obama on every issue. However, his emergence has caused the Commies to twitch like Linda Blair in the excorcist. Obama offers a Pro-American strain of the left that doesn't bow and grovel to the whims of the imbeciles in Old Europe. Given the bad choice in the Democratic contest he is a better prospect than more Clintonian corruption or the ambulance chaser.

There never was a Clinton legacy anywhere outside of big media. Clinton was a failed President who stood for nothing. The Clinton fatigue factor is a serious problem.

Pipes Obama was a Muslim and discounting the Commie role in anti semitism

I want to state that Daniel Pipes does present some solid evidence that Barak Obama was a Muslim at one point. The fact that he was or even is still a Muslim should not disqualify him from higher office. He should be asked to talk about laws that do call for the death of converts.
The American people should judge Obama by his sincerity and his response. Obama does seem to
speak his mind and we should accept the answer.

Hillary is imploding in NH and maybe her spin doctors have been reading the critiques of Dick Morris echoed here and elsewhere. Hillary is not likeable and is perhaps more unelectable than Obama. The voters myself included suffer from fatigue in the Bush Clinton cycle. I do not regret my votes as Gore and Gomer Kerry would have been far worse. Obama at least for now has the ability to tap into this sentiment. Barring a major gaffe Hillary might be finished.

I do not agree with Obama on anything. However, I respect that he has a different vision for America than mine. His position on the war has been consistent and Hillary's attacking him as a flip flop artist is comedic. Obama can finnish off Hillary by talking about plant gate. The scandals
of placing softball questions in the audience and media colaberation need to be discussed. My bet is if Hillary does not win NH a massive temper tantrum will be seen. Sorry Hillary you will not be crowned in the way you envisioned.

I want to remind people of the world of difference between the Beakerkins, Guliani, Obama types and the Commies, Jihadis and Kahanists. Obama does have a much different vision of America. Perhaps he has allowed some odious Commies like the crowd at Code Pinko to get too close. Yet he still wants the best for America even if his policies are wacky.

Commies do seek the overthrow of the US government. They understood long ago that the only way to gain power in a country that values freedom is to create front groups. Code Pink, Now, ANSWER, UPJ, the National Lawyers Guild are classic vehicles used to infiltrate the American political scene. Commies go through great lengths to hide their alliances and call themselves many things including odd Anarchist schools and Greens. Anti semites Joel Kovel and Norman Finkelstein are fond of the Green rouse. Kovel calls himself an ecosocialist but is closer in substance to Castro and the rest of us.

Kahanists seldom hide who they are. A communist becoming a Kahanist is a self improvement.
Kahanists are freaks who seek to impose a theocracy in Israel. Their theocracy would have relgious police that function like those in Saudi Arabia or a Cuban block association. Do any of you want to live in a country where goons go after gays, Onanists or miscegnators? Even very religious people like Rav Roov think this bit is insane. Rav Roov understands free will is central to our faith and would never endorse jack booted religious police looking for jerk offs. The Rav would remind the miscegnators what the Torah says and let it go.

MZ likes to claim falsely that Kahane was an anti Communist. Kahane's role was minimal except for a few hot heads that annoyed the commies. The Cold Warriors were the Reagans, Thatchers, Scoop Jacksons and Nixons. Kahane's sole moment in the struggle was when the KGB tried to fuel a race war it forged some documents in his name. The joke that Kahane was some type of Cold warrior is not backed by the record.

Kahanists are Utopian trash who have more in common with Baathists and Communists than Americans. The second Israel embraces Kahanism I would no longer support it and much of its population would leave. Oddly, its leading exponents often do not live in Israel. Moreover, it is amusing that Israel's version of Klinger wants to remove half Jews who serve in the Israeli Army and hold gainful employment from Israel. Maxwell Greg Klinger by his own admission could not hold a job and got the Israeli version of the section 8. His subsequent behavior has proven the Israeli's judgement is prudent.

Utopians will talk out of both sides of their mouth. At various times Ren has condemed Ayers and rationalized his crimes. How one claims that his crimes (30 bombings) were different from Posada Cariles is beyond belief. At various times Ren has also claimed Lynn Stewart, Chesimard
and Mummia were innocent despite over whelming evidence in fair trials. This is not surprising
as it is a typical communist tactic of sending the faithful a different message than the general public.

Now we have Israel's Klinger claiming to be a right wing Jooo colaberating with commies. Even MZ's flunky KY er KL has waxed what position will be Klinger's eventual position. When we last left the psycho he was imitating Beakerisms like Pseudostinians and Jooo. We also had the odd claim that Snaggle Puss is not anti semitic despite frequent comments like "jewish cunt" and a 24/7 obsession with Jews and Israel. Now the lion of Zion (think Snaglepuss) has formed an odd alliance with a Trotskyite who caters to Neonazis on his site and has knowingly supported the planet's foremost anti-semite Norman Finkelstein.

Ren's theat to "expose" me rings hallow. Blackmail does not work when the threat has been carried out. Moreover, my name is shared by a few attorneys and they will sue at the drop of a hat. Moreover, any attempt by Ren to act on the threat will be the pretext for severe retaliation.

The worst Ren has come up with is that I told MZ to shove the Talmud in his ass. Number one I appologized for this comment immediately. Number two the quip is absurd as it was phrased the entire Talmud as it is a multi volume set this would be a monumental feat and was not serious. Number three the comment was said to a person whose sermons tend to match whatever he needs at the moment. When Klinger was calling him a Nazi and demanding our friends abandon MZ in private emails both Greg and MZ made identical requests for far less reasons. In short it was a stupid comment that was made in jest to a religious fraud. I immediately appologized and the situation is long finnished.

Klinger never recovered when I dismissed him. Oddly I dismissed him for calling MZ Hitler and told him to close the door behind him. Klinger, never recovered and repeated my material including the exact phrase "close the door" in a public post. Greg has also borrowed Jooooo and Psuedostinian as well. His friend Snagglepuss uses the term more frequently than I do, but will get no residuals. How does one demand MZ label an opponent as Marxist Treif and form an alliance with a Trotskyite? Klinger is not the sharpest tool in the shed and my challenge to find a single original thought in any of his comments remains.

The article in todays FPM about the Nazi role in inciting anti-semitism amongst Arabs is old news. Moreover, the author forgets Syria was a Baathist state that was more influenced by Communism than Nazism. In fact Asad merely increased the vollume of traditional communist anti semitism. Utopians of all stripes Nazis, Commies, Jihadis and sadly Kahanists will form alliances as their goals are closer than one presumes. One hears echoes of this in the support for Ron Paul from Nazis and Troutsky.

I do want to add that calling MZ a Nazi was wrong, but I never did that. His ally Klinger did that
many times. His blog that called for the asassination of elected Israeli leaders as well as frequent gratuitous gay bashing speaks louder than I ever could. He does desire a strong state of Israel, but Israel would be destroyed and abandoned if it ever adopted his loopy ideas.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

We told you so

Remember the reaction of the usual suspects when we made the dance of death. Commies play this game with every new savior of Communism.Each savior is supposed to right the evils of previous communisms. When the failures become too blatant pretend you never supported the despot and then feign noble motives. Repeat the process until the disease of communism conquers the globe.

Renegade Eye has repeated every absurd line of the Chavez regime. The rise in crime and consumer shortages were predicted by me long ago. The exodus of Venezuelans was denied by Ren until Sonia pointed out articles. G slandered those fleeing the mess as class oppressors. Missionaries were called the worst people on the planet by G because they tell people how to live. This is funny coming from a proponent of forcing Indians onto collectives.

The crime situation has now reached absurd levels and Ren blames the police. Chavez blames vestiges of Capitalism but this mess was entirely predictable. Now Ren wants to claim he is an opponent of Chavez . Obviously, he thinks that most of you are stupid.

No doubt when the bodies start to mount then we will get the noble motives bit.

Sadly, those who advocate Communism for others are never deported and made to live in the messes they wish upon others.

Beakerkin's priorities are askew

Once again the exponent of class genocide is very concerned that political candidate Mike Huckabee believes in creationism. I do not intend to vote for this candidate but this shows how out of touch commies are. Evolution is a theory that many people mistake for fact. However, a person who venerates a war criminal, Trotsky pointing a finger at the views of anyone else is amusing. Mike Huckabee may not make a good President but he has never sent masses to the gulags or starved people on purpose. In fact a central theme of Christianity is to feed the hungry and care for the sick.

Communists have Pat Robertson hysteria and seem to view him as their version of Satan. Robertson may say stupid things at times, but he does appologize. I do not agree with Robertson, but people who venerate Mummia Jamal, Peltier, Ayers and the Rosenberg traitors need to come back to reality. These same clowns venerate the drug pushing criminals in the Black Panthers. Robertson has helped far more people through charitable work than these commie clowns could even imagine.

The forces of evil have found a Republican they like, Ron Paul. The favorable comments of Troutsky and Neonazis at Stormfront show why it is time to show Paul the door. There is no place in my GOP for Nazis, Commies and freaks. These idiots like Madea Benjamin, Michael Moore and Harry Belacommie make up the treason wing of the Democratic party. Paul needs to
leave the GOP for his more natural home.

Beamish in 08

Friday, January 04, 2008

The Empress Has No Clothes

The dirty little secret of Hillary's loss is that outside of media elites nobody likes her. Even in NYC when she ran for Senate with far less experience than Obama, her supporters could never give a coherent reason to vote for her. When she ran for re-election her supporters never were able to point to anything she has done for NYC. The truth is that in any comparison to Chuck Schumer, Hillary has proven to be a waste of a Senate seat.

Hillary will now unleash whatever negatives about Obama that her cronies have. The Obama is not a real Black man bit comes from her media allies. We have heard the bit about Obama smoking crack and his father being a polygamist who probably commited immigration fraud. However, in light of all the Clinton scandals Chinagate, selling pardons, cattle futures, perjury and the probable
rape of Juanita Broderick it will fall on deaf ears.

What does Hillary stand for? The best guess is that she stands for anything the polls state. She is just not a likeable person and is entirely a creation of media spin experts and lackeys. How can we elect a President to deal with terrorist when she won't even sit for an interview with Sean Hannity where she might asked a tough question.

Hillary will still win the election because her allies in the media will work 24/7 on her behalf. Barak Obama is many things I do not agree with, but whatever positions he takes come from his heart. The Clintonian argument that Obama lacks experience is a joke considering Hillary has never run a thing, passed zero legislation and is a local joke compared to her peer.

The Empress has no clothes, ideas, friends ( save big media), personality or experience.

Vote Mr Beamish as a write in

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Honor Killings in TX. Media asleep

The media has its own agenda. A typical example is the silence of the media in what could be an honor killing in TX. Honor killings are not typically carried out with guns. However, discounting the possibility would also be foolish.

The perpetrator will be tried in TX and the possibility of the death penalty does exist. I am waiting for a commie lawyer to argue that honor killings are a cultural variant. Maybe the follks at NARAL
will swear this is a delayed abortion.

In America you have a right to practice your culture. This right does not allow one to violate the rights of another. If you want to practice polygamy or kill your kids please go to a country that permits such nonsense. Freedom of religion does not include criminal acts, like class genocide and property theft in the name of social justice.

If your kids are legal permanent residents or US citizens kindly leave them behind when you depart. They can remain behind and attend our madrassas and get 24/7 Marx, Menchu, Frankfurt school idiocy, political correctness and anti history all at a high cost to the tax payer.
Your kids can get federal loans to learn that heterosexual marriage is akin to rape, from a good commie. Your kids can also get 24/7 anti semitism from a variety of clones of Chomsky, Finkelstein and Kovel or at any so called Middle Eastern Studies department.

Welcome to America, kindly find a job, respect others and obey the laws. If you can not obey the laws kindly depart.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there were greatful immigrants. They loved being in the USA and worked hard and obeyed our laws. If you read the newspapers or watch TV this must seem like a fairy tale.

One of the joys of my job is seeing this fairy tale come to life each and every day. The joy of my job is meeting the young couples building a new life together. These are the forgotten immigrants who play by the rules and make this country a special place.

We focus our discussion of illegal immigration too much on the actual alien. People who break the laws need to go back. However, the discussion needs to start with the employers of illegal aliens. The common stereotype is that illegals do the work Americans won't do. However, this is not entirely accurate as many companies will not even give HS drop outs a chance. In the employers defense this is not entirely about money. The choice between what is typically a domestic slacker and a motivated illegal glad to be here is real. However, the stories of exploitation are 100% true. I did work briefly at a company where illegals went on strike for heat. The place was a walking health code disaster with dozens of feral cats and rats all over the place. The cats stayed in two places the heated basement and the garbage area and the rats were everywhere else.

We need to throw the books at companies that knowingly hire illegal aliens. We also need to look at safety and other issues as well. We also need to look at the super rich who seem to think that their household help is above the law. Sorry Buffy but you need to pay a bit more for legal help
or choose a cheaper country club.

We also need serious legal reform to expedite cases. Countries that do not accept criminals like China, Vietnam and so forth need to have trade and aid consequences. We need to reduce the endless system of motions and appeals. Lastly, we need to eliminate asylum cases filed after the person has been in the USA for one year. In fact we need to have more scrutiny on refugee cases and asylum cases. We also need to punish lawyers and Church groups who file cookie cutter asylum cases. Bill the miscreants who file fraudulent and frivolous immigration cases for government time. The next attorney who files an adoption case from a country where adoption does not exist should be hit with a $5000 bill. If there is no attorney the petitioner will have to pay a smaller amount and be barred from ever sponsoring anyone else.

The system is not broken, but it needs a major overhaul.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Deporter by Ames Holbrook

This book is as close of a glimpse into the world of DHS as the reader is apt to see. We sometimes forget that Federal officers like all humans are flawed. The problem is that Holbrook went to work with a Batman type persona. We are not super heroes and anyone with that mentality is ill suited to the work at hand.

The system is frustrating, ponderous and filled with idiots in policy and management. One has to follow orders rules and procedures or you will have a short career. All too often we hear about the corrupt selling the office for trinkets. Holbrook did not sell his office for trinkets, and oddly the powers that be would be more merciful if he were mercenary.

I enjoy the older more veteran workers. Those that survive understand this is a job. All we can do is our best within the framework of laws and procedures. There is no room for Batman types, only types who do there very best within the framework of the law.

I am happiest when I meet a couple with kids and a vision. The story of a young couple trying their best to build the dream. Like all of us the couples are different and it takes time to understand that. There is alot of good at work mixed with the foul and the inane. However, much of the same can be said about most jobs.

The Deporter is a good book that speaks on a human level to the inner conflicts of people in my line of work. All of us have those moments where we wonder about short cuts. Short cuts, Cowboyism and Corruption will end a career quite quickly.