Saturday, February 28, 2015

Just write a fatwa for this rant

No great shock that Jihadi John was a product of Western University culture. The Marxist fetish of turning Muslims into perpetual victims is not healthy for Muslims not building a future. The fact that any rational look at Islamic history shows plenty of unflattering chapters where Muslims abused a range of people and are well versed in colonialism.

The Marxist rationalizations about terrorism also do not help Muslims. Just as there is no excuse for a
Lunatic to shoot kids in Norway there is zero rationalizations that are acceptable for massacring others anywhere. That being said I have zero sympathy for the Norway victims who advocated terror against Jews. Given the typical irresponsible and frequently treasonous behavior of the left it is amazing how rare these counter reactions occur.

Advocates of ISIS are pure losers. They are the punchline to a series of life's jokes. They can't build happy lives so the freaks embrace a death cult.

Ron Paul Wrong on Everything

In general the best way to predict if something is right look for how Ron Paul's position and go opposite. The latest bit is mind games with traitors.

Snowmen is a traitor and deserves the full punishment of the law. As a federal employee the rules are abundantly clear. When a legal angle is discussed the identity of the person is never discussed. Privacy is respected and the legal angle is more important. For example I have made a good faith effort to establish the identity of an applicant as he has told at least five different accounts of his identity where do we go from here on this application type. The focus is on law and facts and privacy is paramount. In the above case an applicable precedent was provided and a strategy to deal with the situation was provided. I might ask the counsel if we can use certain tools in a legal case. For example a primary system did not record an event. A backup system indicates it happened. Or the rap sheet does not include a major event now what. In this instance a person was convicted and served ten years for manufacturing a drug, but the event was not recorded on the RAP sheet. The focus is on law and how to handle an event.

What Snowden did was abhorrent on many levels. You never divulge technique or violate privacy of individual. If you disagree with a policy it does not mean you can refuse to perform your job or go public. The Office of Inspector general is available to handle abuse of power and corruption.

Friday, February 27, 2015

RIP Leonard Nimoy

I did watch the show, but I hate nerds. The acting was dreadful but it was fun and entertaining. I did enjoy those moments where members of the old show like Scotty did appear on the new show. There are times in my life and career I played every major part in the show. Most of the time I am like Scotty with a bucket of junk food solving impossible tasks. At times I played a Kirk like role leading from the front making things right. There are moments where I lapse into McCoy when people quote law without common sense. There are rare moments when purely detached logic is required. Perhaps this is why the series resonated so well.

Part of an era has passed. Many of us regular folks enjoyed the show without getting carried away.

Beakerkin Catch phrases

The other day I was floored when my daughter repeated one of my classic catch phrases "God hates me". It comes up every now and then. Usually at a key moment I utter that one. The a nasty boss added he hates me too. I pointed out no the person that hates you is closer to home.

A classic to the hated boss was the previous boss filled the chair you just occupy it.

About the same boss. At a wedding she wants to be the bride and at a funeral she wants to be the corpse.

Classic one delivered to same boss

I've been blown up at the WTC twice, been on the Ferry that crashed, hit by a car and in countless industrial accidents. All of them are preferable that listening to you bandy buzzwords into incoherent sentences, feign expertise on work you never did and brag about numbers you had nothing to do with.

Don't bother me I am Guyanese

Don't get even, get Guyanese.

You can't fix stupid.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hanging with Cheeky

Being a father and grandfather are my favorite roles. I enjoy spending time with grandkid. Cheeky isn't the easiest of kids. Oddly the little little dog typically hates little kids. However, he is usually not far from Cheeky. He usually rests next to her.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Mike Lupica failed Sportswriter and poor Richard Cohen Epigone

Mike Lupica was a failure as a sports writer. He never had the style of Klapisch, the talent of Dick Young or the knowledge of a Myers, Vescey or any other beat writer. I could name a dozen more but the point had been made. Along the way he decided he would be a failed version of Keith Olberman.

Pretty much he writes Richard Cohen reject pieces in the Daily News. Lupica has never shown an ounce of original thought in any endeavor.

Pretty much it is the Obama line. A total non entity declares the recent Rudy remarks are an attempt to remain relevant. Of course addressing when and where Obama has demonstrated a love for this country and its traditions is impossible. The economy is a mess. The jobs numbers are not reflective of a higher unemployment rate as people have stopped looking. Obama launched club 29 so employers could dodge his signature policy.

Obama has a penchant for bizarre apologies and omissions. While the USA has wronged Native Americans and Black Slaves the apology in Cairo was a head scratcher. We has no colonial possessions in the area. Perhaps Muslims should apologize to the indigenous Jews and Christians of the region for Jim Crow antics. When and were did a head of State apologize for 9-11. There was some Arab who offered money after a verbal tirade about the USA. Rudy stood on principle and told the lout to keep his money. Don't hold your breath waiting for Obama to demonstrate that he has a spine.

Lupica can not state a single fact that Rudy presented that was incorrect. His families political proclivities were well known. His mother was a far left moonbat. He had a Communist mentor.  His friends just happen to be 60s radical terrorists. He attends a racist antisemitic church led by an insane Pastor who hates America. As for any service to America by Pastor Wright, Benadict Arnold and Julius Rosenberg served but it does not mitigate later actions.

Lupica claims to be a New Yorker. He must be so divorced from reality that he has never set foot in Union Square or Tompkins and spoken to the imbecile Communist activists. Any conversation with the Code Pinkos or OWS clowns that are Obama soulmates reveal a pathological hatred for the USA and virulent antisemitism. Rudy knows this city because he walks its streets.

Has the failed sportswriter forgot Hillary and Warren Wilhelm got booed in sports venues. Funny Rudy appears all the time at those events to applause. We are still looking for John Kerry's favorite player Manny Ortiz. Last I heard he was placing a case of Hebrew Nationals in the freezer of a bodega in Washington Heights.

The truth is that Rudy remains more relevant to NYC types than the elitist clods Lupica tries to curry favor with.  What does Prep School Obama know about public schools? What does Obama know about working a real job? Does Warren Wilhelm know about working a real job? Even Mike Bloomburg is more in touch with the common man than the Lupica elites.

The truth is Lupica is a talentless hack seeking to suck up to his airhead elites. He can not refute the comments of Ridy so he attacks the messenger. If you have no facts attack the messenger. If you have no facts or talent, then you are Mike Lupica.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The threat

I am not alarmed at threats by Islamic terrorists. This is part of our daily existence. I am fed up with the leftist imbeciles rationalizations of hate crimes. There is no need for ambiguity about genocidal theological nuts. Other than Stephen Schwartz the Muslim community has done next to nothing to combat the cancer in their midst.

It is matter of time until the next attack.

Rudy is right

The Mayor is correct about the President. His supporters instantly make this criticism about race. There is nothing racial in this criticism except the reflexive false charge of racism.

The remarks are factually correct. The history of Obama's family are accurate. He didn't just walk into a racist anti American church by accident. His friends include communist terrorists. He plays up to every historic enemy and pisses off our allies.

The remarks are factual. Lefties need to deal with it.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Guyanashe Rebbe

A couple of ultra orthodox asked me what Grand Rebbe I follow. I told them I follow the Guyanashe Rebbe is the greatest leader of all time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Problem with Marxist Worldview

The problems with Obama start with and end with his adoption of Marxist philosophy. When Obama refuses to link Islam to terror. It starts with the belief that Muslims are victims. Any serious look at Islamic history shows this to be laughable. The notion that Jews have oppressed Muslims given the actual history is as preposterous as Black slaves oppressing their plantation owners. At this point communists rationalize the abuse of Jews by pointing to worse abuses elsewhere. Logically, this does not stand up to even basic scrutiny.

Obama has no conception of the basis of immigration. Obama sees this as a divine right by people oppressed by the United States. The rest of us understand the historic context of immigration following a set of rules. While Obama talks about getting tough on criminals, he sets the bar higher so almost nobody gets deported.

Marxists are not suited to elected office as they do not respect power. The abuses of the IRS are part and parcel of a Diet Hugo tactic of harrasing political foes.

Monday, February 16, 2015

ISM jerk DOA

Lefties routinely meddle in danger zones and get involved in other peoples civil wars. Social Justice is best served when these spoiled brat Marxist imbeciles end up getting killed. There is no reason to assume that ISIS is bound by a code of good conduct. What really happened will never be known. She stupidly risked her life in an inane belief that genocidal nuts would spare her because she could scream antisemitic slogans louder than ISIS.

Let's not confuse the criminal behavior of this imbecile with Doctors and Nurses risking their lives treating Ebola patients. If she really wanted to help there are no shortages of refugees in Jordan where her sainted Pseudostinians are roughly 70 percent of the population.

And you didn't see that one

The media did not release the name of the killer in the latest rampage in Europe. Somehow reports of screams of Ahlah Ahkbar seem familiar. We've seen this film many times. It's not like any of us didn't
know how this one ends.

No doubt Obama flunkies will call this street crime.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade

There are those who fear change. They endure awful situations because fear of the unknown. They endure the obnoxious and toxic. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to challenge the present. I am I not afraid of the unknown as the present was dreadful.

I am perplexed how an imbecile thinks my escape to a certain unit would undermine her.  I stated point blank, there is no need for me or anyone else to undermine an incompetent. It is only a matter of time until we find out whose assessment is correct.

I fought for my freedom and outmaneuvered the dimwit. I had no intention of assisting her fraudulent claims of competence. For now I am a mere number on a team. I have no intention of leading a team or inovating. It is highly probable I will be doing some type of special projects in the new area as I have demonstrated competence and reliability.

Learning new tasks is always rewarding. The new tasks are just part of an expanding skill set.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

As the lefties lie

There has been an effort on the left to strip the motivation for the massacre in Paris. We are to believe this was random crime. The killers screaming Allah Ahkbar were not real Muslims. Now we have a shooting at a Jewish house of worship in Europe. Is this latest episode just an argument over sports teams that got out of hand.

Sorry lefties but non stop demonization of Jews and word games with Zionism produced this mess. One does not have the right to bring their old world ignorance and bigotry to a modern society. Of course when lefties talk about Jewish cabals and need to get in the face of Jews.

It is long past time for Jews to hold Obama allies like Charles Schumer accountable for the actions of Obama.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

True love and fried chicken

One of the things lawyers enjoy about working with me is the ability to crack jokes with regular folks and corporate types. We had a model at my desk and she asked me about true love. I told her it was true. I had met a woman of timeless beauty who was into arts and letters. Alas it came down to a love triangle between her and that other love of mine a bucket of fried chicken. Alas the love of my life made me an ultimatum. It was her or that bucket of chicken. I chose the bucket of chicken.

Dumbfounded the model said "you traded eternal happiness for a bucket of chicken".

I pointed out it was no ordinary chicken. It was Popeyes and there were a few biscuits in there as well.

Actually, my two deal breakers are vegetarianism and Marxism. Vegans should try this experiment. Do not bring up the subject until date four. See if you have built up enough chemistry to withstand your divisive choices. It would help if you did not lecture others about your lifestyle choice.

This may sound odd to Duncy but I am frequently mistaken for a man of the left. I have no tollerance for social justice freaks. I am happy to work with Community Activists helping various types of  people. However, when dealing with lefties it boils down to obsession with Jews.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shrewd move

I was moved from one team to another. I will miss most of the cast including one who has been with me for seven years. I am now a rookie on a very experienced staff that was three short. Normally officers as durable as myself only become available if a team is broken up. In this case, I objected to being placed on a team with two coworkers who were involved in my workplace bullying. It was a non negotiable situation and I took my grievance to the top.

Most of the workers are in their sixties and very experienced in citizenship. There is some talk they might be rotated to Green cards in a year. However, some citizenship work will be fun and a good change of pace. Perhaps I can persuade Ducky to go to Argentina and join the lefts latest joke of a savior.

My friend who runs the customer service unit knows I work hard and get stuff done. It starts with the siege rack. As there is food nearby I can work the most difficult cases for seven hours straight provided the diet dew and a bag of snacks are around.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

It's about class

I am not nor have I ever been a Christian. I admire the teachings of Christ and the dignified manner its faithful servants conduct themselves. The exception to this rule is the blasphemous followers of liberation theology. The followers of that madness are Marxists seeking to undermine Churches in the name of a death cult.

There is a time and place for criticism. The comments of Obama at a religious meeting are part of the low class arrogance and monumental stupidity of a failed President. Even if his comments contained accurate historical commentary this was not the correct venue. Fortunately, Christians who are serious about their fate suffer fools and imbeciles better than Muslims

Islam was spread by the sword since its inception. It has a record of Jim Crow style abuses that are a matter of fact. That being said I have never met a patriot who does not grasp the mistreatment of Indians and Slaves are a part of our history. However, I have yet to read a Muslim not named Stephen Schwartz acknowledge that Muslims did mistreat others. Usually, a stupid lefty will point out that crimes in Europe against Jews were greater. The logic of rationalizing the mistreatment of Jews by saying others treated them worse does not pass a basic logic test.

There are plenty of decent Muslims. However, they are not perpetual victims and are historically more prone to behaviors that mistreat others. The Crusaders committed crimes against Jews. The Crusades were a response to Muslim colonial aggression. There were plenty of abuses on both sides.
One does not discuss the Crusades without acknowledging the colonial spread of Islam.

Now I would not deliver a lecture about the low points in Islamic history in a Mosque filled with Imams. Nor is denying that those who commit crimes in the name of Allah are Muslims a rational strategy. I am perplexed about the use of snuff films. The purpose of those films seems only to antagonize everyone else on the planet. Death is a part of life, but maliciously using painful methods on film hurts the cause they seek to promote.

Moreover, if you have to go back hundreds of years you are essentially conceding the point. The President is too immersed in Marxist idiocy to grasp the fundamental fact that Christianity is the building block of the Western Civilization we enjoy and he abhors.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

On Citizenship

I want to talk about a different generation. My grandfather was part of a very different group of immigrants. Immigration today is largely about economics even in the Asylum area. It is rare that one gets people who are coming to the country for its ideals

Citizenship was magical to a person fleeing persecution. The notion of being allowed to live freely as Jews was a dream to many Eastern Europeans. Citizenship tests were far tougher and the English tests were challenging. Passing the test was a dream and Citizenship certificates were as prized as College Degrees.

Now citizenship is still important today. However, the love of the country and its ideals are not motivational factors in the immigration process. Today's immigrants are largely economic and arrive with open hands out. Many show zero respect for the laws and traditions of this country. This is the Obama doctrine where immigration is just another hand out.

When You Have To Talk

One of the reasons that I am respected by my foes is that I play fair. I do not try and injure my opponents who deserve this. I try and get things done on the lowest level possible, My psycho boss had her BFF attempt to do me dirty on the way out. I warned the best friend I would reluctantly go over her head.

Reluctantly, I did ask for a meeting with the top boss. I explained that there is a difference between ordinary office spats and workplace bullying. I spoke briefly about the highlights of my mistreatment and my desire to leave this team. I pointed out this was a very unusual and severe case. The top boss is well aware of my reputation for excellent work with the public and my dedication to helping those who are disabled.

Most officers fear the top boss. I have no such fear and communicate quite well. I got my point across and our director has zero tolerance for workplace bullying. The record indicated I was quite vocal in my protests and went through the chain of command with no relief.

I explained, I am unopposed to my redeployment to a different section. I recognize the right of the new Chief to form her own team. I support this decision, but request a move to another team. My request was granted and I will be sent back to the CSU and join a different team in the same unit. I am no longer a member of what management refers to as the dream team. I am now a rookie officer on an established team in another area. The new team is not highly rated. However, they know their job and have been doing it for decades.

The new section where I have landed is enthusiastic about the arrival of my old team. The team will be pitching in full time. The new Chief in my old area needed to rid herself of this unit of hardcore opponents. I was very clearly opposed and not amenaable to compromise or intimidation. In fact this Cheif has gotten a bloody nose for picking a fight. I was supposed to remain and train the new officers. I refused to do anything more than provide a script and suggest others for that role.

I assured the new cowokers I will be returning after another rotation. My transition to this new unit will be smothed by joining an established team, albeit not nearly as highly rated. The team I leave is still highly rated but will be supplemented by a rookie who hopefully shows promise and respects the more senior members of the team. The officers on that team can do almost any task. Unfortunately, development of an effective team is more than a product of crunching numbers. The history of the individuals involved are genuine factors. The officers I had issues with were revealed to be highly over rated. The previous Chief made zero effort to retain their services.

Reputations are earned through effort and sometimes association. In this case their reputation was a product of nepotism and following orders blindly. Mine was more difficult to explain. I was affiliated with those teams, but widely known for my opposition to its tactics. I built a reputation with the subsequent administrations based upon numbers and my abilities to communicate and solve problems. They had peaked and mine was built as my views became mainstream. Along the way a new administration was formed and sought to build its own team. I had no desire to work with that administration and could not be coaxed or intimidated into changing my mind. I embraced being banished but wanted away from the incompetent divas.

I got my freedom from the Old Cheif. I also got to get away from toxic incompetent hacks who are prone to backstabbing peers who have zero respect for the public.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Wrong on tollerance

There is a story from California about students being harangued about their private beliefs about human sexuality.While I sympathize with tolerance for gays, I am against invading private political beliefs. Intellectual freedom is part of the liberties accorded to individuals under the first amendment.

In truth this type of buffoonish behavior does not advance the cause of gay rights. The cause of gay rights was advanced when reasonable people had rational conversations with their coworkers and friends. It is hard to mindlessly hate the guy at the water cooler unless he did something crazy.

Gays and Lesbians are the people who live a few doors away. They are the eccentric Uncle or the independent Aunt. The special people in our daily lives do not need intellectual thugs acting in their name.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Pure Criminality

ISIS is a criminal enterprise and the purpose of these snuff films is known only to the idiots who run that outfit. Burning captives alive for entertainment is a sick act. Any Westerner found to have fought with ISIS should be prosecuted immediately for treason. After watching these snuff films I have no concerns about GITMO or whatever.

I do admire Strphen Schwartz. He cares about his faith and has a love for America and its traditions. He notes the political dimensions of the radicals within the history of Islam. Oddly if one wants straight talk about Islam it is more likely to come from a Sufi than from a politician.

Claiming Islam has nothing to do with the actions of ISIS is dishonest. However ignoring the political
Aspects of these groups is also dishonest. In essence the actions of ISIS are a branding strategy of a criminal/political group. Musliims themselves need to deal with what the impact of snuff films made in the name of their faith means.

When one talks with Muslims of faith and violence it is a different conversation. The conversation with Schwartz is moot as he has consistently been against gratuitous bloodshed for no purpose. How the  faith of Islam is furthered by burning a Muslim alive is known only to the diseased minds of ISIS
Is unknown.

The problem is we don't have enough voices of reason like Schwartz and have too many who speak in riddles.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Rookie all over again

I am perplexed by the celebration of the officers of my arrival in the new unit. The officers are quite happy at the arrival of my team. I am not exactly happy with the addition to our team that was very highly regarded.

The team was sent due to its intransigence towards its former supervisor who has since been promoted. How one merrits a promotion after losing control and the respect of the team is totally unknown. Furthermore, the previous supervisor had no such difficulties and that team was singled out
By other supervisors as the dream team.

Now I am a rookie all over again. I will be learning from my peers. Despite this I am one of the new bosses go to people due to a unique skill set. I studied both the numerical and psychological parts of management at the Collegiate level. I also did have executive experience in the private sector before I arrived. Unfortunately, I walked into a situation where I was bullied and had my reputation shattered. It took many years to rebound and get the formal respect my skill set warranted.

The top boss said this is not an ending just merely a new chapter. I was asked about the hostility toward the previous supervisor who has been promoted. I was blunt that she lacks street credibility as an officer. Her personal skills are dreadful and is a walking EEO disaster. However, the greatest annoyance is her lack of effort. I don't mind losing because the task was too big or someone else just outperformed me. It is inexcusable to lose on lack of effort and poor planning. Officer work was beneath her and the work of supervisor was an inconvenience.

I am quite fond of probability and have my own theories how this will end. After a short spell the ineptness becomes apparent and she gets promoted again to a staff position of irrelevance. An EEO bombshell of her own arrogance takes her out. Someone actually notices how grossly incompetent and lazy she is and removes her. A poor decision explodes and the agency moves her out. She pushes the wrong button and gets into an altercation with a coworker. Any of these are likely by the end of August. When this happens my team will likely get moved again. There is no substitute for excellence and experience.

Mr Beamish in 2016

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Rooting for the Patriots

I do not like Seattle. They are a low class organization with a thug mentality. I don't like Russel Wilson who is a classier version of Michael Vick. The Seahawks had the luckiest reception in Super Bowl history. Unlike Tyree or Mannigham that was pure luck. Why Seattle tries a pass when they have the planets best inside runner is unknown.

Now Wilson is getting paid the Seahawks can not afford all this defensive talent.


I am starting a new adventure. Rather than be targeted for more nonsense from an incompetent boss I walked. It wasn't  easy but after eight years I am entitled to write my own ending. I would have appreciated a send off. However, we don't get all we want.

The younger officers in the new unit are excited about the arrival of my team. I left the old group and told them I pass the baton. I couldn't carry it anymore for the new regime. My whole team was viewed as hostile to the new regime. My banishment was supposed to be to a related unit. There I would have worked for my old boss. The new boss is so hostile she wanted me to travel out with my team.

The new boss is a fan of mine for years. When he worked in my area, I did many quick reports for him. In reality the numbers part of my tool set is likely more valuable. However, the focus here is on public relations and communications. There is plenty of officer work but it is not as critical. The focus here is different. Chiefs have team members and supporting cast. My reputation is I am a key team member. However, I cautioned there is much to learn. Those who are familiar with my skill set are under the impression the transition will be swift.