Saturday, July 30, 2005

Those little people

I amazed at the disconect between liberals and the so called little people. Gas taxes are a sacred cow to the left. The assumption is save the environment by taxing gasoline.This is the mantra passed by the activists . For ideological purity liberals tax the evil users of gas.

Gasoline taxes are the worst type of taxes as they are regressive. Poor rural folk do not live in areas with Mass transit grids. So the liberals flip the rural poor to the wind to please the fringe activists.

Guns and hunting are a big part of local culture in VT. Hunting and fishing are a big part of life here. However the far left elite have decided that gun control and hunting are uncivilized.

The reason that the democrats do not understand the little man is that they spend too much time at cocktail parties and at faculty lounges . The liberals need to go to truck stops and Walmarts and hear what the people are talking about. Gun Control and extreeme environmentalsm are not popular.One does not learn about these regions by books and experts either. Every day is a new revalation in VT . The people are admirable but this is not utopia by any description.

I am more popular then your local transplant because I admire and embrace much of the Vermont lifestyle. This area was never meant to be an extension of Manhatan.

Rural working people are not little people . They see the arrogance and patronizing way of the nanny state and do not like it. It is time the liberals got in touch with flyover country.

Friday, July 29, 2005

No man owns the wind

I was at a local bar and a distraught youn man appoached me. His girlfriend had run around on him and he was very depressed. He turned in desperation to the outsider and asked me.

" The wind is wonderful on a hot day but it is hell in the winter . Too much wind is a huricane but no wind makes for stagnant air. You don't own the wind but it cools you on a hot day.The wind is fickle and unpredictable so don't take it seriously and never depend on it. " I said

The young man understood my advice but unfortunately it created a huricane with my date. She gave me an earful and a few sharp elbows. "So am all I am to you is the wind".

Nobody brings anyone hapiness and you can not give it to me. The person in the mirror is the only one who can make you happy.

The young man seemed to feel better but I endured a windstorm for the rest of th e evening.

Another lie of 167 exposed yet again

The thoroughly anti semitic 167 has been on record saying that Israel's ID card system is racist because religion is on the card. I have spent the last two month looking at cards from almost every country. The truth is that every Arab and Muslim country has the same line. Yet 167 only mentions the presence of an the Israeli practice. In fact his beloved Soviet Union listed Joooooooo as a nationality. Did his fellow progressives goof or is my mentioning it inconvenient.

Religion is listed on Saudi, Turkish, Bengali, Syrian, Egyptian , Philipino and other identity cards. This practice is only abhorent when done by Jews. Singling out the worlds only jooooish state for a world wide practice is anti semitc.

Why does Turkey with 2% non muslims need to identify Christians. Why does Saudi Arabia with zero percent non Muslim citizens ( not guest workers ) need to identify non muslims ? Why do Muslim countries identify religious and ethnic minorities.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Are Conservatives helped by a disfunctional illucid left

The truth is that a disfunctional Democratic Party devoid of ideas is no good for Conservatives either. It would be great to have an exchange of ideas and it keeps Conservatives on their toes .

Sadly a formerly great party has lost its bearings. As Mr Beamish put it too much Jesse Jackson and barely any Scoop Jackson. Where are the patriotic liberals that need to take control of the party.

America is not receptive to the blame America first crowd. The Democrats have forgotten elections in the USA are won in Walmarts not in Faculty lounges or Hollywood. The sad truth is that the Democrats have lost touch with America.

The little man sees his Gas , Phone , Beer and proprty taxes. The Democrats say gas taxes are good for the environment. The problem is that these politicaly correct taxes hurt the working people they claim to represent. The message is that if the environmentalists or nicotine nuts say screw the working man thats okay. That is not the Democratic party I knew.

The anti military excesses and biases are not Democrasts as we knew them twenty years ago. The anti Christian hatred and claiming that religious conservatives are stupid is not the party I knew. The tolerance of anti semitism was at least mentioned by Govenor Dean . Yet our liberal blogs pretend Dean is a conservative.

Maybe its time for Rudy Republicans and the last Scoop Jackson Democrats to form a replacement party. We can call ourselves the Moderate party . Pro America , Socially liberal with no Communists or blame America first types.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Into the future What can the Democrats do to become a national party

The real question people at the DNC should be asking is how a union member and a moderate has gotten so disillusioned with the Democrats.

1 Lose the blame America first crowd Move ON , Answer , Code Pink and the National Lawyers Guild loose more votes then they bring in. Send the Senator from Chapaquidic into retirement. Under no circumstances nominate a candidate who has become the symbol of appeasement John Kerry , Tom Harkin are going to get the same results. Hilliary Clinton is a lightning rod and another recipie for disaster. Govenor Richardson would be a great candidate without the bagage . Think of a Govenor outside of NJ as your next candidate.

2 Come up with a peace plan that acknowledges the reality of the terrorist problem. What we have now is obstructionism, monday morning quarterbacking and colaberation with fringe groups that belong on the sidelines like David Duke nuts.

3Talk about the little guy and offer real solutions. Loose the PC taxes that are regressive and hurt working people Gas taxes are a tax on the poor. Cigarette taxes are way too high and lets stop taxing beer. Regressive taxation is an abomination.

4 Medical Insurance reform . Lets remove the lengthy legislation on HMO and allow them to offer plans tailored to the consumer. More choices for the consumer should be the goal. I do not want or need aroma therapy so let me purchase a policy that does not offer it.

4b Certain people with expensive illnesses belong out of the risk pool and should be dealt with nationally. Catostrophic illnesses like AIDS , Stroke survivors and some Cancer Patients should be assigned federal health care . Most end up being paid for by the tax payer at some point anyway.

5 Tort and Product liability reform. It is time to reign in a legal system that is out of control.

6 Embrace a compromise on the Gay Marriage issue. Lets have civil unions and a law acknowledging that Churches do not have to admit gays as members or leaders or perform ceremonies that violate their teachings. A church has freedom of association and a right to follow its teachings so long as they are non violent. IN short a church is not Walmart and shoul be treated differently. There is no reason a gay employee in proper attire can not do a job at Walmart. Churches, Mosques etc have every right to determine their membership. Some will admit gays and others won't but who is a member of a Church is for the members and leaders to decide not DC.

7 Stop the anti religious foolishness and get real. Falwell and Robertson are not terrorists. Calling religious Christians stupid and brainwashed is arrogant.

8 Embrace the accademic bill of rights as an RX for campus extreemism. Professors should not be granted tenure or treated any differently then CPAs or attorneys. Professors of social science classes produce dubious scholarship that is often of zero value to society. More focus on education less on scholarship and a change in the liberal arts base from 64 credits to 32. These classes will be replaced by computer and business classes. Every student should have a class in computers, accounting and marketing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Is the antiwar coalition older then it seems

I am currently skimming Michael Linds book on Vietnam. Vietnam is the Left favorite war and everything gets colmpared to the prism olf Vietnam to the demented leftist Utopians. Vietnam also marks the end of the Scoop Jackson anti Communist liberals. Now Liberals are defined by fellow traveling or colaberationalist dupes or useful idiots like John Kerry, Tom Harkin, Ron Dellums, John Conyers and the Senator from Chapaquidic. There may be a few Patriotic liberals like Joe Lieberman and Govenor Richardson but nationaly the party has gone in the toilet by catering to vocal far left communist blame America first types.

on the last page the author mentions the anti war coalition from WW1 to Vietnam has been the same Marxist, Isolationist and Pacifists. I will try to research the Peace movement of WW1. However in WW2 the Marxists started out as prowar until Stalin allied himself with Hitler. When Hitler double crossed Stalin they became the loudest pro war voices.

The difference today is that we have zero real pacifists. Isolationists are largely some goofy Buchanan followers. We have plenty of Marxists alligned with and collaberating with elements of the Democratic party. The progressive caucus speaks and is directly tied to these crypto Communist groups like ANSWER, Code Pink, The National Lawyers Guild etc.

The Democrats keep failing to understand that by not offering a reality based pro American alternative to the Communist agitprop they are loosing America. Bush lied troops died plays well with College faculty, Hollywood and the anti American salons of Europe but it is cement shoes in Walmarts and Churches. Most of America sees a typical peace protest and is aghast at the aging hippies, communists, Muslim Nationalists and assorted odd causes that have nothing to do with Peace like Mumia Jamal cop killer.

America is not served by a Democratic party that is captive to the whims and colaberates with anti American activists. In short we need more Scoop Jackson and less Barbra Boxer types. You will not see it because the DNC will not read the hand writing on the wall.

Law enforcement rights responsablities and you

The far left utopians like to talk about rights. They do not talk about obligations
and responsabilities of citizens. Once in power the progressives remove all rights and create police states because they know what is best for you. On a small scale no conservative blog I know of has ever censored or blocked a poster. The recidoofus talk about being censored or shamed but does not allow dissent in his own space. Free speech for me but not thee is also the rule on the 147 Robert Lindsay blog of ignorance. Yet these same people will cry Nazi and Fascist at people who practice free speeh. Some of you have seen the threats of an accolyte of the left against yours truly. Now the left does what it does bests . However I did not survive WTC 93 and witness 9-11 to be intimidated by leftist goons.

Your responsabilty is to listen and obey the laws of law enforcement. If you do not like the instructions take a badge number but do not run or act provocative. Law enforcement officers have a tough job and their judgement can be the differnce between life and death. Tragicaly many of them die because they hesitate. They should be given every benefit of the doubt. In fact most would settle for the same standards given to criminals. The far left always shouts innocent until proven guilty
except when the case involves a police officer.

Each and every day they place their lives at great risk to protect the public. Should we play Monday morning quarterback each time they do their job. Ask yourself this question when our country gets hit again will hordes of peace activists be there
to protect and possibly save you. No the hypocrites of the far left will be rationalizing and blaming everyone for the violence except the actual perpetrators.

The left an the creation of modern terror.

The far left does not like to acknowlege its own role in the creation of Palestinian
terror.However thanks to the book that drives professional liars and bigots crazy you can now read the truth about the lefts lead role in creating terror.

In fact all of Chapter 18 is dedicated to the subject. The left is also responsible for the romanticizing of the terrorist in the media. Carlos the Jackal for example served as a left wing mercenary for hire but there was always money and blood in every story.

The reaction and silence of Jewish progressives in NYC is more illustritive of the point that progressives are natural traitors. Did Chomsky etc say a word as his beloved Soviet Union nutured and created terror aimed at Jooooos in Israel. This is more illustration that progressives are not Jews , American, Irish etc. They are followers of a cult of death, excuses and lies. They do love to use the word terrorist in conjuntion with Israels self defense or the Contras. The fact that the bulk of the Southern Contras were made up of Indians who were goaded into rebellion by left wing ethnocide was ignored. Today we ignore the plight of indigenous people being abused in SE Asia by Communists. Warren has an excellent post on the Montagnards and Hmong who are being abused today.

Indigenous peoples rights become Cause celebre only when they are not indigenous and slaughtering Jews. Words said by the left the indigenous people in SE Asia being persecuted by their bretheren zero.

Communists have rather selective morality and zero logic.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Another Juicy Tidbit From the Black Book of Communism

The black book of Communism presents the crimes of the far left for all to see. Page 668 -670 details the brutality of the Commies against Native Americans in Nicaragua. On page 670 the lefts favorite fake indigenous people helped take part in ethnocide of real indigenous people namely Sumo, Rama and Misquito indians. Thats right Palestinians were among the Cuban, East German and Bulgarian mercenaries directing the brutality.

Did the congressional Democratic clowns talk about foriegn mercenaries in the Contra war. Has anyone asked the Sandanistas favorite spokesmen John Kerry or Tom Harkin ? Did the media goof again or did they just ignore that part of the story.

The difference between Comunista moronicus 167 and your average thinking life forms.

Sadly London was attacked by raving lunatics. The reaction of a person to having their city attacked is generally outrage. No I am not here to blast 167 view that not all Muslims are terrorists , I agree with that.

167 reserves his outrage for police officers who made an understandable tragic error.
The victim is partialy responsible by not following instructions of law enforcement officers. Your duty as a civilian is to follow instructions and if you have a grievence take a badge number.

The police saw a man wearing a bulky coat on a hot day. That alone is grounds for a search stop and frisk. The suspect ran creating the rerasonable suspicion he was running for a reason. The policemen did the best they could and used their best judgement. The blame for this tragic death belongs on the terrorists for creating a tense attmosphere and the victim for not following instructions. The police are doing their best under tough circumstances and thinking rational people understand that. The description of thinking and rational precudes the Communist 167 as he has proven to be neither.

Communist 167 places the blame for the bombing in London on the news media. I guess the anti war pro Muslim BBC must be the culprit or the UK Gaurdian. When in doubt he can blame Murdoch or the joooooos at the Telegraph. This proves once and for all he never had an intelligent thought.

The next on his list is the government for the blame for terrorists blowing up civilians. Is 167 an expert on mindless violence ? He is a Communist and they have plenty of practice at that. Is he a psychological expert in touch with the mind of religious nuts. Well according to Toynbee Communism is a surrogate for religion and Communists should be certified. Has he done a Star Trek mind meld with homicidal bombers. Lets see the Cole , 9-11 , WTC93 all took place before Iraq but maybe Osama was mad that KFC wouldn't deliver to a cave or tell him what herbs and spices were in the original recipie. Is 167 an expert in abnoral psychology or does he talk from personal experience.

Next on his list are the security forces. Blaming the people who try to save lives must be some new communist logic that eludes us.

Lastly he blames the very people who should be blamed the terrorists themselves. His lack of logic is once again revealed. Communists are stupid and illucid and should be used as educational props to demonstrate stupidity.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

What is a Rudy Republican

I am a Rudy Republican and I never claim to be a Conservative. I am vehemently anti Communist as some liberals do not take the crimes of Communists seriously. I see Communists just as evil as Nazis. The difference is that Communists have armies of appologists in Accademia and in media. I do not find a thing funny about 100,000,000 dead shattered on some far left nutjubs god fantasies.

That being said there is no place at the table for Cold War moderates when John Kerry, Harkin and the Senator from Chapaquidic have made a career of appeasement and collaberation with domestic cCommunists.

National defense and survival trump my views on social issues. I still an pro abortion but an disgusted by partial birth abortion. I still believe in civil unions and in the basics of a safety net. There are some people who are just mentaly incapable or need help due to tragic illness. I believe government regulation of business should be simplified . I also am an advocate of tort and malpractice reform.

I do not talk about issues like insurance reform because I would put everyone to sleep. The problem is the consumer does not have enough choice and the legal requirements for insurance are ponderous. You as the consumer should have the ability to buy a policy tailored to you. Unfortunately, thanks to onerous legislation you can't and the consumer suffers from a lack of choice.

Over time I have come to see the arguments of libertarianism have some validity. I do not need a nanny state and there must be a simple balance of power by the regulatory agencies like OSHA. I want understandable enforceable but not ponderous rules.

I am a moderate and just me. What you see in my positions is a reflection of what you wish more then reality .All we can be is ourselves.

Mr Beamish illucid troll

People often ask me are Anarchists as evil as Communists. The answer is no but they are economic idiots and an affront to common sense. Often you will find that Leftist Utopian morons try to escape their legacy of death and mayhem by calling themselves Greens or Anarchists. You will see them hide for cover the second you bring out the Black Book. The anarchists make common cause with the Reds and it is what idiots like
Chomsky call themselves to avoid the stigma of being a Communist rat.

Anarchism is ecomic idiocy times ten. A quick look at a dog pack or a grouping of Chimps shows there is a clear leader. A look at vital functions reveals we need a tax base for national defense , roads and hospitals. Most libertarians recognize this with the exception of the Lew Rockwell nuts and the followers of Murray Rothbard. I think the prisoners at Gitmo should be forced to read Murray Rothbard as torture. I read interviews with the lunatic and it is appeasment 1001.

Do not give anarchists a free pass at all. Hunter gatherers are not and never were anarchistic most had a clear band leader or matriarch. If they want to play the noble savagage myth go right ahead. I am happy with roads , hospitals , civilization,
corporations and commerce. I think the ethics of Phillip Morris are superior to traitorous vermin like Chomsky. Phillip Morris also does plenty of charity work but can anyone name anything good that Chomsky and your average Leftist utopian traitors
have done.

Capitalism is the most efficient way of distributing resources. I do not need some morons with alleged high IQs or bird brained poultry deciding my fate and life. If you want to live in a nanny state Cuba is just an innertube away.

Nixon once said entitlements should be reserved for those who can not help themselves. I am all for helping the sick and mentally ill but at a certain point the word social responsability becomes the key.

Anarchists are to be laughed at and pittied . Communists are to be scorned and deserve all the abuse the rest of the sane world can dish out.

CRIMES of the left.Leftist utopians lie

I decided to read up on Gulags and Applebaums excellent work entitled Gulag is the place to start.

Number one . While the left likes to talk about the crimes of Nazism in racial terms
gulags were filled with scores of nationalites. Wholesale deportation of Poles, Balts started BEFORE the Nazi invasion. Executions of theses locals also including some Jews took place before the Nazis arrived. In fact the Nazis used the Jewish Bolshevik slur to whip the locals into doing their dirty work. Yet the story of the Mass graves caused by the Soviets at Katayn and wholesale deportations of ethnic groups remains a taboo subject.

Number Two The left likes to talk about Gulags at Guantanamo. They do not mention where the original came from and they mitigate and excuse the abuses of real Gulags.
The plight of real political prisoners is a concern. Words said by the left abolut Guantanampo endless. Words said about Iranian , Chinese and Cuban political prisoners zero.

Number Three. mItigating the crimes of Communism is the equivalent of the flat earth society. How many examples of lethal failures do you need ? When a Communist talks about Guantanamo pull out the Black Book , Applebaums Gulag and be brutal. The legacy of Marx is found in those books and others.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Inconvenient history from the Beak

Here is a quiz for all you progressive morons and antisemites. This does not include patritioc liberals who often allow disgusting elements into their ranks.

What country put Muslims in Cattle cars and ethnically cleansed an entire region. Many of those minorities died en route.

A Isreal
C India
d Soviet Union
e Nazi Germany

If you have read the Black book of Communism you know the answer is D.

What the left does not tell you is that the good old progressives rounded up scores of minorities including Tartars, Chechens, Bulgars , ethnic Greeks . They were shipped to Kazakstan and Siberia where many died.

Words said by 167 and Ducky on alleged ethnic cleansing by Israel countless. Words said by the usal suspects about real ethnic cleansing and genocide carried out by progressives 0.

I am an American

I am an American. My ancestors may have come from Europe I feel zero kinship or afinity. My people came here to get away from the prejudices and live in peace. They never looked back or thought of the old country with nostalgia. They were over joyed to come to a land free of the hate they left behind. Sadly, this hatred is alive and well mostly on the far left. There is nothing progressive about anti semitism or Communism as hatred and stealing are as old as man himself.

I am not a hyphen American although I feel a pride and afinity for my people. The joy of America is one encounters many such wonderful cultures and my afinity for them does not diminish my love of country. All we ask is that you live in peace and work.

Sadly, there are those who do not wish to live in peace. They carry a genocidal vision of God that matches the blood lust of the far left. The liberals dismiss the words and deeds but it rings hallow. How many times must the same people perpetrate an act before they admit that there is a problem . The PC brigades will tell you that Johny Jihad is as likely to be a terrorist as Mildred Metamucil who lives down the block. This is not to say that every person named Omar or Abdul is a terrorist. However to deny the link is to deny reality itself.

I say this to the far left if you do not like it here leave. There are scores of immigrants from places like the Phillipines, Dominican Republic and India who come here to contribute and love this country. All these immigrants want to do is join our family and if they are here legaly more power to them.

If you think thatb Europe or Canada is the apex go live there. Nobody will miss you or care that you left. In fact your leaving makes this country a better place.

Friday, July 22, 2005

GW Bush , Reagan and the Far Left.

It must really kill those on the far left to see the spontaneous outpouring of love bestowed on Ronald Reagan. People erroneously claim that the eighties were less ppartisan. I remember the hysterical cries from the left about a cowboy who wants to usher in the end of days. I remember the moronic far left talking about Reagans lack of intelligence an absurdity if you read the book of his letters. I remember the defenders of the Sandanistas and the moronic nuclear freeze nuts. Reagan triumphed becauise he had vision and did not compromise. The American people loved him for it.

Even John F (fibber ) Kerry tried to get in on the act. However there was no greater far left opponent proven wrong by hisdtory. The nuclear freeze movement that Kerry supported did not make the world safer. Kerry is one of the authors of the infamous Dear Comodante letter. It must have killed him to see the rfepresentative of a democratically elected Nicaragua thank Reagan for his persistence.

What shall we learn from Reagan and his foes. The critiques of Reagan sound exactly like those of Bush. History has and the American people have remembered his role in the ending of the cold war. Likewise Bush will be vindicated by history when a democratically elected Iraq government can stand on its own.

Take any critique of Bush and you can find a paralell critique of Reagan. The American people showed they loved Reagan and the far left as usual offered nothing.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Why do we mistreat the Phillipinos

The more I think about our insane immigration policy the more infuriated and flustered I get. The Phillipines has been a historic ally with a history directly tied to the USA. Why should a Phillipino wait longer then a country with less ties like Indonesia.

Why should Phillipinos be penalized while countries that have near zero political or historic ties get immigration slots. Lets let the Phillipinos have at least the same wait as the Saudis. The currency that ex patriots send back is a vital source of income.

We should not mistreat our allies like this.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

History Lesson WW2 Nazis and Commies

The left is forever in denial about the true role of Communists in WW2. The alleged non agression pact was certainly not benign if you were in western Poland or the Baltic States. Stalin divided up Poland in a treaty with the Nazis.

Hitler then turned on his ally and invaded the Soviet Union. American Commies were pro Peace and did a 180 after their sacred murderous state got invaded. The Commies then carried out the Katyn Massacre and blamed the Nazis.

The myth of the benign role of the heroic USSR in WW2 is seldom discussed by the left. When the subject is brought up one can hear a pin drop.

The rationale among the left is it is better to kill by class then race. Speaking of ethnic cleansing does anyone remember where the good old commies sent the Tartars. This is just one of the minor details the left keeps on forgeting.

100,000,000 dead and still counting . What a stagering accomplishment of the far left
but what does one do for an encore.

The Euro Left never learns

The Euroleft has played a rather mindless game of appeasing Muslims demands. Previously it was okay when religious nut blew up civilians as long as they were Jews, Hindus or Russians. Now after London the chickens have come home to roost.

Israel and the violence there is not distinct from the war on terror it is a part of it. Yet the left clings to the opressed people myth but alot of people are opressed and do not run around blowing up civilians. We can do whole books on non Islamic indigenous people who suffer without resorting to killing civilians.

Now London has gotten hit and tommorow it can be a city near you, The entire world other then the clueless left sees a pattern. Yet by refusing and rationalizing Islamic misbehavior the far left is aiding and abeting terrorism.

The time has come to stop feeding Islamo victimization fantasies and to talk straight about the crimes and abuses commited in the name of Islam. Appeasing bullies did not work with Nazis or Commies and it will not work today.

The solution talk about human rights abuses commited in Islamic states.

No more appologizing and white washing the history of Islam or Communism.

Terrorism is inexcusible period. I do not care about gripes when one is shooting school kids in the back.

It is also time to call the left on their fantasies. It is pathetic that people are so concernewd with labeling people terrorists engage in hate speech aimed at Christians and Jews. The next time the left makes a slogan challenge them.

If the liberals can not offer solutions then lets remind them about it. If they want to be part of the future they will ditch the commies and the blame America first crowd.

The kid gloves come off Rob

I have avoided swating a fairly moronic former poster. However now that he has called me a " looser , NYC egomaniac and has claimed posters here are Nazis I will

Rob is the stupidest blogger bar none. Lets see the Communists saved the joooos only for Stalin to prepare another round up. Stalin died before the plan could be carried out. Does the braindead one know a thing about the Doctors plot and the murder of joooish intellectuals.

Rob has posted that the GOP is the party of Japanese internment and slavery. Your average fourth grade student can let you in on the facts. Every one knows I make my share of spelling mistakes but Rob is the Babe Ruth of illiteracy.

Now the NYC ego is another interesting bit regional bias there.

Bush is a terrorist and Falwell is the ultimate evil. Hate to break the news but Muslims are far more brutal on Gays the Falwell. Gays are killed as government policy.

Alas Rob has earned his own number reflective of his IQ OO. One zero is not enough for this stupidity. No you are not a Communist or an anti semite just a garden variety vegtable.

The government gets one right

The familiar left wing blogs are in an uproar because the government is allegedly monitoring them. I am somewhat sceptical but it is about time. The hard left has gotten away with sedition lies and treason. The Venonna cables proved the lies of the seditious left beyond doubt.

Moreover, I run an open blog and have zero problem with anyone monitoring or commenting. Lets look at some familiar blogs there have been zero blocked posters and deleted comments here. We do not need to edit anyone as we are patriotic Americans and freedom of speech is our birth right. All of the blogs I have links to do not censor posters, block dissent or edit posters and I will add Social Sense to the list of blogs that have zero need to censor.

Traditional American Liberals like B of Moral Authority, JRH of Upon Further Review and the Demented er Disgruntled Chemist have zero need to censor anyone. I will add Rob of Official Reality in spite of one instance of censoring a poster. His excuse was the comments were off topic. His whole line of posts here were off topic but we celebrate free speech. Generaly , so does Rob in spite of that incedent.

Lets see does the paragon of morality 167 celebrate freedom of speech. Only if you are a communist , anti semitic or anti american are you permitted freedom of speech.
147 the self admitted drug adled Communist also does not permit dissent on his blog
but he practices it here. The further left one becomes the greater the hypocrisy about civil liberties becomes. 167 rails about being silenced but does not permit free expression on his own blog. We have allowed and enjoyed a variety of personal attacks on this blog without censoring a single post. The reason is that the first amendment is my birthright. Yet we also have the right to react to ones free expression. Political movements with a history of sedition, espionage and a history of lies should be monitored.

My question to the whiners what do you have to hide. I have zero problem with anyone reading this blog. I do not stand over my site meter losing sleep over who does or does not read this blog. We stand behind each and every word we post unlike the self righteous who offer phony rewards, block posters, delette comments.

My question to those on the left is what are you worried about ? If you are not subversives no problem.Maybe some of you should take a closer look at the people you associate with and the idiocy you post. Hint if you are loosing sleep over Falwell, Robertson or Kach you are not living in reality.

Monday, July 18, 2005

A meeting from the local cryto communists anti semites local 167.

167: All you fascist Judea neocon dupes are tools of the jooooooos. The real problem of terrorism comes from Kach. Do not say a word about the religion of peace. The fact that Israel prosecutes political terrorists and they are fractional to the plethora of PA sponsored brutes is a minor detail .

Repeat after me baaad joooooo, Falwell is eeeeeevil.

Now the Zionist/Jooooish media is fast to point out Jooooish sites have been attacked in Argentina, Tunisia , Turkey and elsewhere. Those are just inconvenient lies spread by Beakerkin and the even more evil Mr Beamish.

Now repeat the catch phrase baaad jooooooooooo, Robertson is eeeeevil.

Lets repeat thew official Commie propoghanda remember Baruch Goldstein waaaay back when but omit the hundreds of dead in countless attacks before and after. Remember Timothy McVeigh but lets forgety the dozens of attacks perpetrated by the religion of peace.

Beakerkin has been spreading lies about Communism. True Communism wasn't attempted yet so the 100,000,000 dead was a practice run. There should be no problem cracking another 100,000,000 eggs for the omlette.

Beakerkin is spreading a lie that the official Communist position was jooooos are a nationality. The fact that Jooooo is marked as a Nationality on all Soviet era doccuments is fiction that the whole world knows except those with IQs of 167.

Remember Communists get free speech because it is great to kill on class. However if fake indigenous people with a propensity towards violence are not appeased it is evil. That evil Mr Beamish or Jason might point out commies practiced racial ethnic cleansing with Tartars and others.

Now remember I am pro jooooooooooooo and anti zionists who are much more evil then
the saintly communists. We tried to create a better world for the masses by killing them and repressing freedom.

Support your local communist anti semite local 167. We know what best for you worms and all of you need to listen to your superiors.

It is the vision stupid. Wake up democrats

I have perused the familair liberal blogs and I am hardly surprised by the lack of vision and in many cases common sense. I respect patriotic liberals and sometimes agree with them. Yet many have taken to defending and aping Euro- Marxist Anti Americanism. They believe that they are superior in intelligence but in reality they offer zero.

1 Terorist Problem. Bush lied troops died. No solution no no answers . More political opportunism with your lives on the line. Its solutions stupid.

2 Ambassador Wilson. Wilson was a Kerry opperative who was appointed by his wife lied
about it. Does this idiocy move the Dems forward ? Bush will still be here at the end of the day. Vision demonstrated , zero

3 Health Care . You do not like the current system , fine. Lets here a plan and start
debate. Solutions offered to the American people zero.

4 Falwell Like it or not religious conservatives have a right to their opinions. The fact tat you or I disagree with them does not make them terrorists or PC punching bags. The idiocy of the mock furor over the slightest negative reference to Islam while trashing Falwell and Robertson is illustritive of a values problem. In reality Islam treats gays far worse then Christianity. Religious and ethnic minority rights are non existent. What you have in reality are some liberals and far left types agitating for Jim Crowe . Falwell says x about gays . However when the mayor of London meets with a cleric who advocates killing gays its peachy. In fact only the joooos and the zionists have a problem.

5 I have yet to see the F word in any of the familiar liberal blogs. What about the future and where do we go from here ?

The liberals have sadly been seduced by their anti American cohorts on the left. The fact is when I talk to many the theme is what is wrong with Communists..... The fact that there is a history of sedition and a mere 100,000,000 dead are minor details. Pictures of naked twister in Abu Gharib are just more important then 100,000,000 dead. It is the priorities that we regular folk can not grasp. That is why we need Uncle John Kerry because you can not think for yourself.

When are the liberals going to ditch the Marxist and blame America types and offer vision ? They have become the party of gripes and obstructionism.

Will the last partiotic liberal turn out the light at the DNC.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The excursion with Scooter.

My Nephew came up from Jersey and visited from NJ. We went driving in Vermont with my pal Scooter. We went from St Albans to Richford and it was an adventure on the road. We ran into Scooter's cousins in Richford and they do not get to meet flat landers often.

We went to a local swiming hole and drove on dirt roads through a cornfield. The river was refreshing and I crossed the rapids on foot. I told my nephew not to attempt it as he was carrying the camera. Additionally I have tree trunk thick legs
and was going nowhere. The rocks were sharp on my feet and after a while I could not
get my shoes back on.

Scooters Cousin is a local daredevil of sorts as he drove into the river and at one point had two wheels on the ground. He made a U turn in the river but he does drive a 4x4.

Scooter lost his crutches in the river . Sadly , when he found them they got me all wet.

We had a great laugh because I hate the smell of Cow dung. At one point my eves were tearing and my hair standing up. Brad and my nephew were laughing at my agony. They liquify the stuff and use it to fertilize the fields. I love Vermont but that smell is overpowering.

We saw no wildlife but we did see large people who were in the 500lb zip code. Now Richford has a bad rep but I was treated well by the locals. For some reason there are alot of lesbians and they are visable. I don't have a problem with it but Gay men are invisible here. Those of you who think Vermont is liberal utopia should visit here. The people are way more conservative then the displaced wacked out NYC people they elect.

Friday, July 15, 2005

My Pal Scooter and being a good coworker

My family is in from NJ including my nephew at Nicotine & Rock. One of my best friends in Vermont will be playing tour guide. Scooter is a bright man who is disabled. He doesn't get out of town much because he doesn't drive. On my trips out of town I like to take Scooter for two reasons one he is a comedic genius and two I can not get lost with the Scooter.

The other day I went to Walmart with Scooter. He was a great help because the Walmart Scooters had shoping carts attached. He is also a babe magnet and constantly introducing me to the local women. We get seated in resturants rather quickly but he controls the radio in the car.

We will be looking around Sheldon and Enosburg at the scenery. My friends swear there is more in Enosburg then one gas station and a feed store. I honestly drove through there and missed the town.

I will share a packet of Knishes with my coworkers. They have been helpful and I am almost functional. The wonky computer system gives me more trouble then the legal aspects butI am only dealing with limited sections.

There are a surprising amount of ex NYC people up here . Most of them are the wacked out liberals who keep sending people like Bernie Sanders to congress. Apparently, Sanders delivers the Pork on a local level because even Conservatives respect him.
The moral of that story is do not forget to serve the people who elected you less you end up like Tom Daschle. Local issues are often way more important then grand standing.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Overdue additions

I added links to two of my favorite blogs and it was long over due. Always on the Watch writes a well reasearched and nsightful blog. Mr Beamish has a hard hitting comedic yet still educational blog that I am a fan of. He may be the only person who posts here that infuriates the leftist utopians more then I do.

My family is in town with Jewish food . I will still post over the weekend but not likely my usual two posts. Knishes and stuffed derma are not found in Vermont. My coworkers are linning up. Sadly , I can not get my friends to go for any kind of ethnic food in Burlington. Why would I want to go to Friendlys as they are found in NYC.

Someday in the future maybe there will be a faux NYC deli up here. With all the displaced NYC people it would probably do well.

Lessons from London and feeding mental illness

I was hardly surprised that the culprits of the London bombing were Brittish citizens. The far left like Galloway wasted little time blaming Bush and policies in Iraq. Some in the even wackier left in Indy Media blamed the joooooos er zionists.

The culprit for the London bombing is the insane left wing press and the state of pc education. The far left has enabled and abeted terrorism by creating a culture of victimization divorced from reality. Thus if anyone states the truth about the current state of Islamo-facism or the history of Islam the left goes into self righteous mode.

The truth is the far left has plenty of blood on its own hands and the Black Book of Communism details these crimes. The far left is seditious , traitorous and bigoted in reality. History provides plenty examples of lies that the far left has told for decades. Yet the presence of this element in media and education is accepted as a norm but the results are quite deadly.

The media portrays every action taken in an Islamo centric focus. Thus invented stories about Korans in the toilet run for days. Meanwhile mosques are bombed with regularity by the terrorists and plenty of Korans get burned in the process and the media says nothing. The media is in self righteous mode any time Israel is mentioned
but little mention of the PA culture of theft , terrorism and human rights violations
never gets discussed. There is a comedic irony to Communists appologists like 167 beating their chest about alleged crimes of zionism while saying nothing about the real crimes of Communism, remember its the jooooooooos.

The idiocy of PC education are illustrated in this bombing. The Crimes of Western Civ
are played up but the parallel crimes of Islam and the left are swept under the rug.
The basic premise of moral relitavism as since everything is equal and there are no differences terrorism is a means of expression or a cultural variant rather then a crime against humanity. The basic premise that all religions are equal is insane as in the real world nothing is equal in reality.

The result is that Muslims in Europe get fed a diet of ..."the West was born in sin and did X to Muslims " This reinforces the rage in the political sermons in Mosques and in the Muslim Press in Europe one can read Memri for examples. The truth is that the left should be more inclusive in the PC thumping. The crimes of Islam against Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Hindus and Bhuddists and rampant slavery need to be included in their education. In fact real education would include the 100,000,000 dead at the feet of Marx.

Mental illness is not a terible thing if you treat it with therapy and medication. What the left has done with the over the top reporting is to create and feed the mental illness of disaffected youth.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The nation of Canarsie

Being that mindless Commies like fake indigenous people I will create my own. The nation of Canarsie dates back to the Canarsie Indians. The fact that the current residents have nothing to do with the Canarsie indians and their culture is immaterial.That doesn't stop Arabs who arrived in he seventh century from calling themselves Phillistines.

Did you say that the residents of Canarsie are no different then the residents of NYC ? They have an identical language and culture to the rest of NYC. That doesn't stop the Palestinians who have zero ethnological, cultural or religious differences from Jordanians, Most Syrians, residents of the Sunni triangle and most Saudis.

Did you say there has never been a Nation of Canarsie ? There has never been a nation of Palestine ? Maybe 2% of Canarsie residents should dedicate their lives to terror. Thus people like 167 can say the vast majority of Canarsites are peaceful. Maybe he can use a name to tar all people from discussing the fact that all of this is fiction, Canarsiphobia.

There are real indigenous people who deserve homelands like the Copts and Assyrians.
The suffering of the Kurds goes without notice. Has anyone seen 167 post a word on Tibet, Karens, Pashtuns, Basques, Comanche. The reason is that indigenous people only become a priority when they are fake and the jooooos are involved.

Do normal people post on Norman Finkelstein whose books are compared by the liberal NYT to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Do normal people run around talking about the zionist media a slang for jooooish media. Do normal people praise Simon Jones whose works are featured on the vehemently anti semitic site jooooish tribal review. I could go on but a pattern was evident along time ago only antisemites do these things.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Brain Impairment and Cliches and Reality

I am glad to return the bog back to its traditional roots. I prefer to post without high maintanence friends. Gay issues are not a high priority and I seldom post on the subject without 167 or someone else changing the topic.

I also spent way too much time on Falwell and Robertson. I am neither Christian nor conservative but the rhetoric had gone too far.We have socities that kill Gays and the liberals are upset over boycotts at Disney.

The very people who claimed this site was a hate site had zero problem with hate . Thehypocrites have zero problem with hate as long as it is aimed at President Bush and Falwell.

People should stand upto the left when the attacks get ridiculous. If you think the greatest problems in the world are Bush and Falwell then you just aren't playing with a full deck . B whom I respect will come down disagree and make valid points.
There is a problem with some on the left and the over the top rhetoric about jooos
orchestrating the war for Israel , Bush is a terrorist change zero minds. In fact such sophomoric rhetoric pushes people away.

The problem with alot of liberals is they have forgotten what a moderate is. There are political extreemes but elections are won by talking to the center. The presence of the blame America first and only crowd has been the Jim Jones cocktail for the Democrats.Rather then look at the message the Dems blam Fox News and Religious Christians. The truth about the demise of the Democrats is its failure to moderate and present a positive vision or solve a single problem. Bush lied troops died gains zero votes among moderates.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Etnic Profiling and Beakers

Apparently, I fit some odd ethnic profile and have been pulled over several times.
Now as a peaceful law abiding citizen I have no problem with a friendly just checking from law enforcement. The police were profesional and I was sent on my way each time but it dopes get annoying.

When a police officer makes four turns and you can see their facial expressions in the rear view mirror that is tail gating and a form of intimidation. I would rather the cops set up a nice check point and dispense with the formalities. Have you been drinking ? License registration and insurance ? Breathalizer ? In my case I wanted a breathalizer . The cops seemed more interested in asking questions and seeing if the answers were consistent. Where do you live ? I still live in the same place I did five minutes ago.

Drunk driving and security are no laughing matter ? Still if the police were curious a patrolman could have struck up a conversation and we could have eliminated the cloak and dagger. Policemen have a tough job to do but tailgaiting and intimidating drivers seems overkill. I do accept as a new person in town that law enforcement has some natural curiosity but checking to see if I put my car in the lot where I said I live is absurd.

Thus is the reality of ethnic profiling . As a NYC resident in Vermont apparently I carry a higher probability of being a dangerous criminal. I do not cry or whine about it as this is the new reality of the post 9-11 world we inherited.

An apology to Justin Morris

In the interests of fairness I will apologize to Justin for the attribution of remarks made by hois blog cohost to him. However, Justin has yet to do likewise for his over reaction that started with a comment about the deletion of posts on this blog.

The rhetoric that he decried from Mr Beamish were Thomas Jefferson quotes. I also stated I was against round ups and deportations except for those people linked to terror. I could list the odd writings of the blog he posts on but that is a distraction.

Now that the apology has been issued , I reiterate my desire that both he and Rob depart as friends. I am not looking or seeking an apology from the rather ridiculous comments made on the blog. We are friends and friends disagree at times and it is okay. I will not remove your posts but as it is the policy never to censor anyone. This was an outright falsehood by Justin ,that he has not seen fit to apppologize for. As friends ( both of you are my friends ) I would ask you to go in peace. Good
luck to both of you and continued sucsess for your blog. I will no longer comment there either.

I pronunce 167 braindead into the coffin with Marx

The poster we know as 167 has reached an all time new low in stupidity. He now equates the desire to end immigration from Muslim countries with genocide. How he makes this absurd leap of logic is known only to the brain impaired.

Yes the person who claims to be pro Jew but calls the war on terror " Judea- American Neocon war on terror fraud " want to lecture us on tolerance. The brain impaired one has been spreading a lie that a cabal of joooooos has orchestrated the Iraq war to aid the evil joooooooos er zionists. He is also fond of Simon Jones who is found on the virulently anti- semitic joooish tribal review.

How does one regularly comment on a blog he doesn't read ? Is he a hypocrite for excersizing free speech here when he doesn't grant the same rights on his blog. Zionists have no right to free speech as they are defacto racists. However his fellow Communists must get free speech . The moral of the idiocy is killing people for class crimes is peachy.

The fact that the great conservative Howard Dean denounced his moronic theories as anti- semitic is lost on him. What is 167 excuse going to be Dean's wife and kids are jooooooooos and thus prone to lie. Is he going to rail about zionist er joooooish
media putting pressure on Dean.

I think it is time the Recididoofus join his hero Mickey/ Karl Marx on the ash heap of history. 100,000,000 dead is more then enough proof the madness should stop. Lets us know if 100,000,000 dead is not enough to ernd the madness what number does he need 1,000,000,0000.

Immigration is a privilige bestowed by the American people . Nobody has a right to emigration and who enters is determined by the American people. The views of a euro- communist have zero relevance in that subject.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Leftist Utopians and the invention of rights

The idiot known as the Recididoofus seems to feel that my call for the end of immigration from Muslim Countries is racist.The fact that muslims come in all races does not deter the mindless one. The comedic irony in a yokel who talks of joooooish cabals orchestrating the Iraq war calling anyone a racist or bigot is amusing.That train of thought was denounced by the great conservative Howard Dean as anti semitic.

Immigration is not a right it is a privilige and the system today is bigoted against Chinese,Phillipinos and Indians . Why should a Phillipino have to wait longer then a
Saudi or a Yemenite. Many people want to emigrate to this country and it is the right of the American people to decide who should be allowed to live here.

I have spoken of my love for many immigrant communities in this blog. As a NYC resident one of the joys is meeting wondereful immigrants from every corner of the planet.

The question is why we should allow immigration from countries where terrorists are clearly known to originate. Why should we give preference to a potential risk and force Phillipinos, Chinese and Indians some of whom are Muslims to wait. We should remove the immigration slots from countries where terrorists are known to originate
and give those spots to Phillipinos. '

Selecting immigrants from countries with little or no risk of terrorism is just prudent thinking.

This eyewitness word for Londoners

The people of London have been victimized by a great crime. My condolences and sincerest wishes of regret and sympathy for the fanilies of the victims. You did nothing wrong other then be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Do not ask the question why do they hate us. Figuring out the thoughts of deranged and evil people is an excersize in futility. The violence of yesterday was inexcusible no objectives or rationalization should ever be accepted for wasting human lives wantonly. True religion treasures and sanctifies life. Cults treat life as a disposable resource.

Blame only the perpetrators for the crimes of 7-7. No doubt the deranged Commie Left will find a way to blame Bush, Israel and the Jooooos but that is what Commies do. They make every excuse in the book for nihlism as they are the experts in the subject with 100,000,000 customers served er dead from the mere excesses of Marx. Remember that Communists only kill people for their own good and if you buy that line let your spouse hold your wallet.

Do not blame all Muslims for the crimes of yesterday. However do not also whitewash the role of a religion that lends itself so readily to violent interpretations. The left wants to discuss the Crusades but is silent on 1300 years of colonialism, brutal treatment of religious and ethnic minorities and slavery on the largest scale including white europeans.

The very notion that Christianity and Islam are equally flawed is untrue. Islam divides the world into the house of war and the house of peace. I checked my zip code and most of us reside in the house of war. Islam also has jihad as a basic pillar of faith and jihad does not merely mean struggle to many believers. Christianity beging with the notion all men including rulers are equal before god and brothers. Christianity and Judaism to a lesser extent are about salvation as oppossed to submission.

The questions should be where do we go from here.
1 No excuses for terrorism
2Do not blame all Muslims but do not white wash the history of Islam and the serious
problems with the devaluation of life inherent in some interpretations of the faith.
3 No excuses for human rights abuses in the third world.
4 Demand that all nations implement Civil Law as it will create stability and foster investment in the future
5 Never Forget

The Beak is with you Londoners.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Pain in my soul and good luck to a friend.

Most regular readers know I was an eyewitnessto 9-11 and a survivor of WTC 93. The images from London are upsetting to me and bring back painful memories. The pointless
waste of life for no discernable reason disgusts me. Was an objective taken or any purpose to this slaughter ? This is not religion in any definition that I understand it this is nihlism.

Into this mess comes a friend Justin who accuses yours trully of being a Nazi> First of all I do not call myself a Conservative , others do. I am an anti Communist moderate but my friends are having reality problems. As someone whose relatives survived Genocide it is absurd to claim I would advocate that on any people. I am also quite clear that I value life and attacks like those in London remind us we are fighting Nihlism.

We must stay the course in Iraq and build a better tommorow. I also firmly advocate any measures that create Civil Law in the third world. I have never advocated genocide but I am firmly against the sanitizing of Islam and its role in terror and its history. To pretend that Islam and Christianity have thesame history is insane,
A religion that divides the world into the house of war and peace , has jihad as a pillar and is based upon submission would tend to be more prone to violence then Christianity. This does not mean or imply that every Muslim is homicidal but there is a distinct dangerous element.

I have never called for round ups of Muslims.I am for the elimination of immigrants from Muslim Countries. Why should Phillipinos wait ten years and Syrians get in much faster. This seems like common sense to me.

I wish Justin and Rob good luck. I am glad you removed the link and I would appreciate it if neither of you came around. You guys talk a good game about bigotry
and have the nerve to point the finger at me while saying nothing about the rampant
hatred of 167 for Jews. Robs own fixations on Falwell as the antichrist are more hateful then anything I have ever written. Yet I wish both of you well and lets part as friends.

I will not censor you or anyone else unlike a deleted post that questioned why you made the charge I advocated genocide. We do not block posters or delette posts here and I stand by my words. You can not tell me what is in my heart and how dare you put words in my mouth. Jason, Beamish, Warren , Esther and Always are true friends and I can speak for myself.

Good Luck to both of you

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The limits on religion and breaking the cycle

I find it amazing that some of our favorite liberals see no problem with theocracy as long as it is Islam. The weakness of any religious based system of law is that non believers would automatically have lower status. Christianity comes the closest to overc[ming this natural flaw with its life afirming mention of brotherhood and the notion that all are subject to God's law.

The only answer to the problems of our world lay in Civil law. There should be basic minimum standards of decency all nations should have to adhere to. The lack of Civil law is one of the reasons religious minorities fare so poorly under Islam. If progress is going to be made everyones rights and lives must be respected.

Civil law would have another benefit stability. One of the keys to making this planet safer is investing and building the economies of Muslim countries. When is the last time you picked something up and it said made in Jordan or Syria.

Terrorism , instability , economic ruin and religious fanaticism become a pepetuating circle that goes downhill. The question becomes how and where do we break
this cycle.

The failure of utopian leftists is that they just are not interested in progress.
They are parasitesthat feed off your misery and thus they practice moral relitivism and enable terrorist. Remember their strugle is to overthrow Capitalism and all of us are expendible in their demented warped power play.

We must come up with a way to link aid in the third world to Civil Law.Nations that do not have civil law should get zero aid. Aid should be tied to civil law and liberals should demand accountability of the reciepients.

Then the next battle becomes the war on corruption. Corruption as a way of life is a plauge in the third world. The problem with alot of liberals is that they often throw money at a problem with no vision or responsibility attached. Throwing money at a problem with no vision is a band aid. The problem at hand is beyond a band aid.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Another Reluctant Post Where do We Go From here .

I generaly do not like to host these open forum type panels. Yet our discusion of terrorism needs a follow up. If we are going to solve the problem and move ahead Conseratives , moderates and patriotic liberals must work together. Utopian leftists ala 167 and 147 are not interested in solutions and are interested in fighting capitalism. Communist and Jihadists are like cancer and spread death in their wake eventualy killing the host. The last sentence was paraprased DH End of Times.

I will start with a set of points be patient as this will take a few tries.

1 PC and moral relitivism should end as this aids and abets terrorism by making it a cultural varian rather then evil

2 The time has come for a candid look at the history of Islam. There is 1300 years of colonialism, slavery, abuse of a range of indigenous people etc. If it is evil under Western Civ then Islam must be held accountable . The range of crimes must not be excused or mitigated.

3 There is no excuse for terrorism and swift retaliation against terroriusts and their host should be the norm. Automatic death penalty on TV for captured terrorist and fifty years for those who aid and abet them in trhe USA.

4 All counties should be made to accept civil law

5 Freedom of press must be the norm in all countries.

6 Western countries should invest in third world countries once civil law is established.

7 Human rights are not a luxury they must be made the norm.

8 An honest assesment at the evils of Communiswm . Communists are for ridicule and to be made pariahs just like Nazis and racial seperatists.

9 Certain countries like Sudan and some of the African and middle eastern nations muswt have the maps redrawn. As for Israel there never were Palestinians just Arabs and it is the responsibility of the other states to settle the refugees . A defacto population exchange occured already. Arabs were never indigenous from that area. Assyrians, Kurds , Copts and Pashtuns all should gety homelands well before fake indigenous people.

10 The end of the culture of coruption and bribery as the norm for doing business in the third world. Countries can not develop in a culture of graft.

This is a start with how we get to a better tommorow. We do not get there without hard looks at Nihlistic strains of Islam and the correct look at Communism.


For the two readers who think I am tough on 167

This will be a breif post as I am working on a more important post where do we go from here. We will discuss the future without ommiting history and liberals are especially invited.

I use 167 to point out two lies of the far left. They claim to be concerned about anti semitism and say nothing when Communists and fellow travelers readily say identical words to David Duke. The other part is how liberals allow Communists into their ranks and say nothing.

Today 167 talks of a neocon cabal that grasped power after 9-11. 167 uses neocon as slang for evil joooooish republicans. He also talks of the Iraq war as being part of an Israel centric foriegn policy.

This is exactly the type of hate speech those well know conservatives Howard Dean and Rep Nadler called anti semitic.Even the Chemist runs from that line of reasoning.
The not so subtle text is the joooos are responsible for the Iraq war. Lets be honest the Chemist and others have made lengthy posts on alleged anti Gay attacks that were far less obnoxious then this slur such as boycotting Disney. Yet they remain silent when the far left issues a modern blood libel.

167 for all his delusions is not original and his material is repeated by Communazis in NYC and on Stormfront a white power site. To the two posters who are soooo concerned about my calling an antisemite and a Communist by their correct names you have not got a clue seriously.

What is 167s excuse for Dean denouncing his theories. Dean has a jooooish wife and kids and is a zionist sympathizer. The zionist (jooooish ) media put pressure on Dean
to lie. When is enough for the liberals to say this is anti semitic. Does the idiot 167 have to build a concentration camp. I am sure some lackey will say but he says he is pro joooooooo.

Monday, July 04, 2005

A Great Idea , Lets hold Gay Pride in Mecca

The Recididoofus is at it again . Now I do not defend stupid behavior as I will leave that to 167 and Rob. Part of a seies of lies 167 regularly spin is that Israel is a deeply Homophobic society and Gays are being persecuted in droves in the USA. The recididoofus neglects to tell the basic truth that Israel provides better legal protetion for gays then the USA. We have run down the list of penalties for Homosexual conduct in the Muslim world. Yet 167 always ommits lies and never quite tells the truth as it just isn't PC. In Rob's defense he will talk about persecution of Gays in the third world .

Let us hold the next Gay Pride Festival in Mecca. Let 167 lead the marching band of gays to Mecca and rail against those evil zionists/ er jooooooos. Oh I forgot they do not allow non muslims there , sounds like aparthied to me . Wait only joooooos are capable of evil unless they are communists and agree with my idiocy. There is the minor matter that Saudi Arabia beheads homosexuals but nobody ever accused 167 of using his head anyway.

The mere fact that bthe organizers felt Israel was enlightened enough to hold such an event is proof of the daily lies of 167. Send me a postcaed when the event is even considered in the PA. Gay activists are just not stupid or suicidal and 167 clearly is stupid.

The number of words on historical persecution of Gays in Cuba and Zimbabwe on the 167 blog of fiction 0.

Next weeks adventures weather permiting

I intend to go on two of thne local rivers and inner tube. We have huge swift rivers in NYC . The Arthur Kill is way too poluted and I would not recomend trying it in the Gowanus Canal.

I also am going to try and get a look at the local waterfalls if possible. There is a small waterfall on the Bronx river and I have seen a few in Upstate New York. I will try to hunt down the covered bridges.

My lack of direction is somewhat legendary and exagerated. I will be taking a local guide and will try to post pictures. If I can not do it I will send the pictures to my nephew at Nicotine and Rock.

The locals have also promised to plug a Canada Goose in the fall . I will inform my fellow NYC residents on how our parks pests taste. Vermonters would never allow heir parks to be over run by fowl , especially good tasting ones.

Every day is a new adventure and it is a blast up here. I have gone from dreaming about supermodels to dreaming about Knishes and good pickles. I miss my fellow NYC residents except for the crowd in Union Square. It is fun to debate foriegn policy with cabbies and discuss literature. Yet a smile from the heart is the most sedetious and subversive thing. The smiles and the people here are genuine. I will return home soon but part of me will always miss St Albans.

My brother Jason

Regular readers know my favorite poster is Warren who was here from the begining. A close second is Jason Pappas of Liberty and Culture who has an excellent site. I am even fond of those posters who seldom agree with me such as Rob and B. My scorn is reserved for Communist anti semites with numbers. Contrary to popular belief I do not hate the Chemist. He has been reduced to Bush Lied Troopps died and unoriginal Falwell mania. He is simply a person whose blog reveals the simplicity of the worst of liberalism slogans, lack of perspective and a blind spot for Communists. I do respect liberals but my message remains kindly step away from the Communists please.

Jason and I both lived in the most progressive part of NYC. I lived near Union Square and he lives in the West Village. Both of us meet and deal with a fairlycosmopolitan crew. That area is well known for its history of Communist activity. I have been battling the totalitarian leftists for well over twenty years. A subtle clue to if someone is a Red is an obsession with Zionism and playing word games with Jooo and Zionist. The irony of a bloody handed Communist wailing about the evils of anyone else is ironic. Jason can tell you more when he stops by.

There have been a series of ridiculous comments made about Jason . Number one Jason nor has anyone ese called for genocide against anyone. Jasonspoint that I concur with is we need to take an honest look at Islam. The history and legacy of Islam are reradily available to those who wish to look. The very same people who saw no evil in Communism are whitewashing Islam . The history of Colonialism, brutalization of indigenous people including jooooos , Zoroastrains, Armenians etc is historical fact. While Liberals wail about Crusades they say little or nothing about 800 years of agression against Constantinople, invasions and occupations of Europe and a disgraceful record in India.

Islam was spread by the sword and terrorism is just the latest attempt at this historical norm.There are brave men dying along side our troops trying to save their country. As usual the Communists have zero moral standing and readily are willing
to sacrafice brave people to further their mabitions. Sadly to many liberals fail to learn the real lesson of Vietnam.

The Protesters then and now were led by a contingent of Commies and fellow travelers.
The result of their narcisistic stupidity was Killing Fields , Boat People, Re Education Camps, Brutalization of indigenous people ( Montagnards) and thirty years of repression that exists till this very day. John Kerry promised us in the seventies there would be no mass slaughter. Did the media ever ask him about that quote in the election ?

Jason and I do not always agree on everything but he is my brother.We agree on the basics that we need to examine the nature of Islam and its history. We can not win the war on terror by sanitizing history or realty. We also can not create a safer world by appeasing tryanny or excusing tyranny.

Jason is my brother and his knowledge of history and posts are among the best I read. I am well aware of the different sects but blaming the entire terrorist craze on Wahabism is shallow as Warren pointed out IRAN is not Wahabi.

The Beaker Solution

1 Adressing the real history and legacy of Islam
2 Demand that Islamic countries and everyone else adapt Civil law
3 Zero excuses for terrorism and immediate swift justice for perpetrators.
4 Copmmunist are pariahs to be allowed free speech but prosecuted and executed when they cross the line into sedition. This was done when a left wing group sent money and medicine to our enemies in Falujah.
5 If the ME countries are stabalized and civil law is the norm the time for investment is at hand. Lets build a factory or two when was the last time you picked up something that said made in Jordan.
6Human rights are not a luxury and must be the standard of every country.
7 Free press in the Arab World . Baghdad Bob is the Norm

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Remembering the American Spirit

Regular readers know I am from NYC and I encounter wonderful immigrants from all over the world who love this country. They have enriched my life and made this Country a better place.

I would like to thank the Phillipinos, Guyanese, Dominicans, Equadorans , Poles, Cubans , Russians , Indians etc for reminding me of how lucky we are to be here. I will never forget my joy when a Russian emigre nearly cleaned Union Square of Communists. You stupid moron go to Cuba . The idiots in Union Square were soft pedling the crimes of the Commies.

The immigrants do not sit around and blame America first. They leave that for the mindless leftist Utopians. They and I are perplexed by the daily idiotic rants from the far left.

To Rob I would like you to explain your Falwell fixation. Falwell has not betrayed his country . Who cares what he says ? We are in a war against nihlistic enemies and given the choice of Falwell, Michael Moore or Chomsky I will choose Falwell.

I have been fairly open about my support for Gay rights and civil unions. I do not casualy give license to anti gay hysteria. Your rights like mine are civil law based. I would readily condemn any idiocy about a velvet mafia conspiracy. The talk of Israel and a Jewish cabal starting the Iraq war is pure anti semitism.

Yet in your own way you embody the American spirit with your courage. This blog is not the easiest place to dissent . I may not agree with you but I will always respect your courage

May have to change blog policy.

I tend to frown upon blogs that post pictures. Most of those blogs do it as a substitute for posts. However the sceenery is just breath taking up here. I took a ride to Sheldon and the river views were breath taking.

To all my readers not known by numbers.PLease do not drive when tired as it can be deadly. I was driving around Sheldon and Enos Falls enjoying the River and the cows and the mountains in the distance this morning. I felt tired and drove home and slept for six hours. Being tired is just as dangerous as getting drunk behind the wheel.

I am thinking about posting a picture or two . My blog is not exactly the type that runs pictures. Remember to enjoy love and beauty around us as well.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Ray McGovern proves the Beak was right

Some liberals are bewildered about my perception of Anti-semitism amongs the far left. I readily point out the word games and absurdity of 167. Do you think that these same liberals would permit word games and conspiracy talk with Gays or Blacks, hell no. However it is okay to paint the war in Iraq as being pushed by Israel and Joooooos.

The statements of Ray McGovern are close to what I heard in NYC regularly. I waited for decent liberals like B (not B personally or Rob ) to join and say this is anti - semitic. Yet when push comes to shove they were silent each and every time . The sole exception was a Salvadoran college student who said " You guys are Red Rednecks lets see Jews run the media brainwash the world and fundamentalist Christians are all stupid and manipulated by the Jews. I would add the disgusting statements often said about Hinduism which is now on the list of official PC bigotry. However don't you even think a single negative word about Islam. There was the myth that Islamic people were persecuted in the USA. The truth was that Jews were six times more likely to be the victims of a hate crime. Gay men were high on the list as well but
behind Jews according to the FBI in 2003.

I pointed this out on the Chemist who said that this was just not true. The Chemist also believes that anti-zionism and anti Semitism are not the same thing. The fact that his comedic friend calls for Jooooos to lay down their arms and be protected by the UN is illustitive. Lets see Israel is a danger to the world but Saddam is peachy even when he launches wars against his neighbors and practices genocide against his people.

People who think Bush, Falwell and Israel are the gratest threat to the world are not based in reality.

Remember those who have yet to share our freedom this fourth of July.