Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sowell's Black Rednecks and White Liberals

This book by the brilliant Thomas Sowell is a collection of essays. Sowell is a brilliant author and economist. The radical left hates men like Sowell who dare violate their shiboleths of victimization, Marxism and multiculturalism.

I am about two thirds of the way through the first Chapter Blacks Rednecks and White Liberals. The Next chapter will be more fun are Jews Generic. This is a version of his Middle man minority hypothesis.

Sowell's contention was that Redneck and Cracker culture began in the border areas of
England , Scoltland and Ulster. The view that the first settlers dispersed randomly from all sections of England is a myth. There were regional enclaves that resemble todays ethnic enclaves. Thus the assumption that a New Englander and Southerner shared the same culture was misguided.

Sowell's hypothesis is that the traits and lifestyles that the Multicultuiralist view as authentic remanants of slavery or authentic black behaviors are vestiges from
maladapted first residents dominant culture. Gangster Rap with the exagerated and gratuitous violence draws from a Southern propensity of Honor duelings. Thus the inner city refrain of violence due to being "dissed" is part of something much older.

Sowell points out that the vast prepoderance of black figures praised by Afrocentrists were educated in NE missionary schools in the South. Sowell also points
to the rise and industry in the South by immigrants who brought their cultures with them.

In NYC West Indians often out achieve domestic blacks in schools. There is often tension between the groups. The West Indians are portrayed as snooty or upity or house negroes by the Native blacks. The West Indians sometimes look down their noses at the American blacks as lazy with loose morals. Sowell points to the absence of the surrounding cracker / redneck culture as the difference. However, I point to something different immigrants in the Pre welfare era were a determined corageous lot who took risks and were determined to make something of themselves. This determination and drive is what is missing in some of todays immigrants due to the social safety net.

Sowell points out that the building of the social safety net , not slavery has had the most detrimental impact on the black families. After slavery the New England Missionaries attitude was no excuses for lack of achievement. Todays Ivy educated
Marxist spin multicultural fables about values and cultural traits.

The most pronounced myth may be ebonics. Ebonics does not originate with black people but is borrowed from poor white people. Thus the multiculturalists basic premise about what is authentic black culture and remnants of slavery may be products of their imaginations.

Mr Beamish in 08 and Pappas as VP, Ducky playing second fiddle to the mysterious Blue Rabbit on Beamish Blog, 167 to join the cast of Looney Toons as the anti semitic
communist replacement for Porky Pig known as Fizhog.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Book Review. In Denial by Haynes and Klehr .

I strongly urge those who are interested in the peversion of history to read this book. This book deals with Communist subversion of the USA in the Cold War dirrectlty. American Communists were not innocent victims of McCarthyism. They were a treasonous appologists for a system that has killed more people then any other in history.

The book deals with the backflips and leaps of logic of the Accademic left in greater detail then Horowitz book. If you wonder why your Journalist are messed up look no further then Prof Navasky of Columbia. This journalism professor is still defending Alger Hiss after the opening of the Soviet Archives and the Vennona Cables.

The book makes the comparison of allowing Holocaust Denniers to teach the history of the Holocaust in the USA. Another interesting comparison is the responso of the Authors to the current fad saying that people who spied for the Soviet Union were motivated by Social Justice or had a " different type of patriotism". The authors correctly point to the advocates of Confederacy who claimed that Slavery was a moot point.

The amount of backflips and leaps of logic by Professors Buhle, Joel "deranged" Kovel, Ellen Schreker, Navasky and others boggle the mind. Every evidence damaging to Commies is a fraud. Anti Communists were evil and advocates of a system that produced 100,000,000 dead were angels. When the evidence is overwhelming then lets chane the definitions of treason and genocide. Communists weren't traitors they just had another definition of patriotism.

I strongly recomend this book to all you anti communists out there. Best value for your dollar.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to the meet the axeman and 167 now called Fizhog and the zzzzzzzzz is for being a BORE.

An Accidental Brush with History

Longterm readers know that I am a Native New Yorker. I now work for DHS in Northern Vermont but this chapter of my life began thirteen years ago today. A chance trip downtown became a voyage into history.

On February 23, 1993 I was a brand new batchelor and behaving poorly. I wasn't seeing any one girlfriend in particular and juggling a few. There was no long term relationships so there was no misbehavior but I was in no definition a model citizen.
The story begins with a big mouthed coworker whom I also dated asked the wrong girlfriend about a Broadway show.

Well I had to think fast because Rosie was the cream of that crop. She wasn't the most beautiful but she was brilliant lively and a skilled professional. A logistics manager is trained to think on his feet. Every day we turn the impossible into the done and our reward is to do it again tommorow. Using the quick thinking I explained that my cowoker was mistaken and I see theatre all the time and that I was planning to take her the next day. Rosie had two minor flaws lousy taste in men and a fearsome temper. You did not want to be on the receiving end when she was angry.

The discount theatre ticket was at the WTC. The half price tickets for the Next days shows were in the mezzanine of one of the towers. A pain in the rear end buyer was breaking my chops about an airshipment to Rockford Ill and delayed me . My main job done I ran out to catch the N or R train. I just missed a train and these delays would prove significant later.

I think I went into the East River Savings bank that was across the street for cash.
I entered the builing after crossings Church Street. I heard a big bang and felt a vibration but I didn't seem to think about it too much . My main thought was getting
those tickets for Rosie.

I approached the mezanine an thick smoke was coming from the ground. Everyone thought a train crashed in the PATH station below . I was upset because there was no way I was going to get my tickets for Rosie.

I ran back out across Church Street and grabbed a bus going UPtown. This whole series of events seems like hours but it was less than ten minutes. I got a bite to
eat and returned to my office . My cowokers looked at me as if they had seen a ghost.
They told me the WTC was bombed and I told them that it isn't true I just came from there.

It was hard to get radio as the signals were knocked out and TV was even worse. The city was in a panic with a series of rumors Anarchists, FALN, Weatherpeople. Who else would attack an Office Building.

However my thoughts were not of explosions or the WTC. I was wondering what would I say to Rosie. At that moment I would rather have taken my chances in the WTC then to face an angered Rosie. I called Rosie and she let me have it. She yelled so loud the person two desks away could hear it. "You cheap %&%&*^%& go down to the box office
and pay full price. What do you think I am one of your discount ^*^*&( . "

I did run out my office straight to the box and got the best seats available. I took her to the show and an expensive dinner afterwards and believe it or not the subject
of my getting blown up never was discussed. She was angry at some inter office stuff and at some relatives and I had to listen. She was a remarkable woman in every other
respect just dangerous when angered.

For years later my cluelessness in the middle of a bombing and panic aqbout Rosie was a running joke for years. " He's so clueless he was in a building that was blown up and didn't even notice".

In many ways the Keystone Jihadists and the low death toll lulled us into a sleep. The ring was broken when a clown like terrorist tried to get a 500 deposit on the van he had just blown up. Sheik Rahman was dragged before the camera in an odd Santa Claus outfit looking like a dark skinned version of a really bugged out Jack Elam. We were to learn more in the days ahead about plans to blow up more sites. It seemed like every cab driver in Jersey City was involved. However there was an engineer and a gas station owner.

The part of the story you don't know is the cast of charachters from WTC was gathered
from the Kahane Assasination. However the Police decided the assasination of the troublesome Kahane was the work of a deranged assasin El Sayid Nossair. They ignored the implications of a get away driver. The story can be read in Mylroie's The War Against America.

People forget that the architect of the WTC 93 blast was a Baluchi Ramzi Youssef. Youessef's Uncle just happens to be Khalid Sheik Mohammed the numer three man in Al Queda who looks like Ron Jeremy. Saddam has intelligence networks among the Baluchis because he was trying to destabilize Iran. The whole angle was never investgated by a disinterested Clinton Administration. Clinton did not visit the WTC and to put it
mildly was interested in other matters.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to the bathtub and 167 to visit a Walmart and a truckstop in the Midwest.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

More of the Deranged Wacky world of 167

Newer readers wonder who this 167 is. 167 is a Communist Anti Semite who was known as the Recidivist. He is now call Fizhog but the z must be for puting people to sleep. His blog is found at http://fizhog.wordpress.com/ . This is a clear example of a cartoon Commie Anti Semite on the web. I will type the words out because Cheesewiz likes to delette his archives. It is important that you realize the vast majority of liberals (not Rob)try to placate Eurotrash Commies. The deranged Chemist and crew have yet to say a word about blatant anti semitism but will they say a word about this.

" Yes this blog is now officially and proudly anti - American. " It was well before in any basic reading as well as Anti Semitic, Christian and anti reality.

" I have long regarded the USA as the most repugnant society on earth, but have foolishly held the belief that the vast majority of Americans were a perfectly decent, but unrepresented people."

Lets see a person who purposely sees no evil in Muslim, Communist and African countries wants to lecture the USA. The joke is that people like the Deranged Chemist
say zero and court this type of opinion. Justin Morris and Rob had no problem dealing
with this type of rhetoric.

This next paragraph is a run on sentence but thinks that he is soooooo articulate.
I hope Richard Poe sees this and gets a good laugh as this is the same clown who called Richard Poe a " Hell Bound Zionista ". Mr Poe seldom writes on the subject of Israel but Plaut and Poe sound so similar to the brain impaired.

"The banal racist crap that I have now seen spouted over the last few days, by so many elements of the American left ( who are too %^$^%^ cowardly to admit that they structure their arguments in a wholly racist manner, that relies on frequently disproved racist propaganda perpetuated by the very government they claim to be trying to oppose, and would never normally believe) - principally about the DPW management of ports in the USA, but also as a more generalized hate ^%($ that is being put out about the wider Muslim world ( Iran in particular)- has finally changed my mind ( what mind ) and I am now convinced that the decent element in American Society is an almost non- existent rapidly shrinking minority and the USA is beyond any sort of hope at all. "

167 is correct Commies are and always were a minority who overestimated their popularity in the USA. No doubt 167 version of the good Jooooooo and American is Norman Finklestein who is a commie and has had his work compared to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

On a deranged post from the comment section 01/29/06

He also switches from Fizzzzzhog to Mark to make it appear that he has more support.
He likes to use aliases such as the Low Loader and was caught on this blog by Warren.
One can not remove notification from the trash. Thus my habbit of rapidly removing mail peserved the evidence.

" But we know for a fact the Iranians are craving their own nuclear program"
" You know do you ? Pray tell how do you know for certain. We " knew" with absolute certainty that Iraq was riddled with WMDs, but they had none, and there is less evidence against Iran than there ever was against Iraq. I would suggest that if you are so sure , then it is bigotry rather then the facts that drive the certainty"

I guess the words of the Iranian government are meaningless.

The Iranian government is evil

" Significantly less so than Bush or Sharon. Has Iran ever attacked another country ?
Has Iran ever engaged in genocide "

This is another leap of logic where 167 accuses Israel of Genocide against fictional indigenous people whose population keeps growing. Obviously 167 must think the Israelis are the Keystone Cops of Genocide. He makes no mention of killing B'hais, falsely imprisoning Jews, persecution of students and killing homosexuals. Nor has he even figured out that Iran is only 51% Persian . Several ethnic groups inside Iran have a greater claim to Nation status then the Pseudostinians .

It is not a Democracy

" Then I suggest you look at the meaning of the word Democracy. In the strictest sense it is more significantly democratic than the USA and it leaves Israel floundering in the wake. "

This makes sense only to brain impaired Communists. Lets see Mullah one picks a list of candidates and we vote . This was the same rationale in Communist elections that allowed one party to pick all the candidates.

It is run by religious nerds

" That is what an Islamophobe would think "

Hmmm the deranged 167 has used similar terms to describe Falwell , the Pope and American Christians. Lets see Muslim theocracy is peachy but don't let Falwell (a jerk at times ) have an opinion. Lets rail about Bush's religious views. This makes sense only is one has had a labotomy.

The President says the Holocaust never happened.

"Actually he didn't. He said the exclusively Joooooooish Holocaust as it is portrayed
by the Zionist Holocaust Industry is a myth... and it is. Less then 30% of the victims were Joooooooish and that is a historical FACT.

Would you like to show us EXACTLY where the President of Iran has ever said the holocaust never happened and is a myth ? I can tell you that you wqn't be able to,
because what he said was:

Today they (the Israelis Joooooooos ) have created a myth in the name of the Holocaust and consider it to be above God , religion and the prophets "

Far from denying the Holocaust he acknowledges it took place, so before you use this blog to spread anymore racist ( what race) propaganda ( we should take shots every time he uses that word or Zionist) kindly give a link to a credible source quoting him as saying the Holocaust is a myth "

167 reads his own Finklestein based idiocy into this.

He also says he wishes to wype ( not my spelling) Israel off the map.

" He says nothing about bombing Israel . He says nothing about genocide. Israel is openly talking about war on his country though. If your Islamophobia drives you to read only one thing into what he says, then I suggest it is you who have the problem "

This is a clear example of brain impaired thinking of 167 but hold on it gets worse.

This man with the bomb

" Better him than Bush or Sharon "

Not playing with a full deck but he adds more.

"....Why on earth would I waste the energy worrying about Israel ? If Israel is the agressor ( as it habitually always has been), then I will be there funding the Pseudostine with every penny I can spare and will be there cheering on the destruction of the facist Zionist state "

I hope he goes in person and shares his enthusiasm with Hamas. Hamas has this odd little habit of enforcing Sharia. Killing Homosexuals is a FACT in the PA. Kindly tell us what city you will be in and we will tell the folks at Hamas that there is a
deranged Danish Homosexual who looks like a shaved rubber chicken in their midst.

This goes on in deranged style but I posted this because you should know the mindset of Communist Anti Semites. Some of you objected to the anti Semite label but the picture has been abundantly clear. A person who uses the term Zionist Media and Usreal and facist Judeo- American is a bigot. The anti American part was evident in a basic reading. Communists use a lot of terms such as Progressive or Socialist to hide their identities but anyone can spot them a mile off.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to a Wok and 167 to share a house with some Jihadis. Jihadis and Commies in a new TV series the Jihadi Bunch. " Farouk lets behead 167 he doesn't
use it any way " Achmed " Great idea Allah Ahkbar" . 167 " The Zionists er Joooooos
made you do it can you tie me up and give me the Abu Gharib treatmemt "

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Beakerkin Awards.

It is time for the first Beakerkin Awards. Unlike those of Hollywood we do not take ourselves to seriously. Long term readers are encouraged to give lengthy acceptance speeches.

Best Poster Warren . Warren has been here from the start. This blog took evolved to its current form from comedy. Our critics contend we are still doing comedy just less subtle. Warren is my best friend on the blogosphere and at the start it was almost WWE like.

Most Unpredictable: Justin Morris . Justin Morris is a friend but one can never tell exactly where he will fall on any issue.

Honorable Mention Bum From Jersey. I respect indepedents and the Bum speaks his own mind and is ineresting.

Most Comedic. Mr Beamish wins this hands down and outpaces the rest. His posts on complex matters is articulate. People forget the numerous articulate classics because the comedy is so great.

Out of the Closet Moderate Rob Bayn. We disagree with Rob but he is not part of the Blame America first Club. He is becoming a true independent.

Now onto the Troll categories. A good Troll raises relevant points with a sneer. Thus
much conversationand articulate response is generated. The classic dialogues of Farmer John and the Duck are good reading.

Best Troll Ducky. The Duck is an example for trolls to emulate. He sneers and posts
relevant material that generates responses. He doesn't cry or repeat himself and that is why he is the Gold standard of trolls.

Least Talented Troll: Fake John Brown repeats himself is incoherent and a bore

Most Deranged: Robert Lindsay 147 . I want him to come here and explain how Mao and Stalin saved lives. His blatant anti semitism is a hoot. What other blogger is stoopid enough to post the loaded term "Jewish Question" on his blog.

Best Comedic Prop Troll . Recididooofus aka Fizzzzzzzhog or 167. The Doctor Smith immitator whines and cries while inventing imaginary races. A gay man praising Saudi and Iranian justice clearly needs help. The usual cries about his not being a Communist or Anti Semitic while indulging freely in both are comedic. His use of the term Zionist Media or Usreal alone speak vollumes.

Back to standard Awards.

Most liable to scare the daylights out of totalitarians Jason Pappas. 167 fled rather then deal with Jason. Jason also has won an award from a Jihadi site so he must be doing something correct.

Most Eloquent Farmer John. He does his research and is the first poster to have a dedicated special.

Most Dedicated AOW . AOW provides an excellent example to all of us. Produce quality posts and you will have an active board.

Classiest Esther. Lady Esther is so sweet even trolls do not stay there for long.

Best Links: Democracy Frontline has the best links of any blog I read. One can get quality blogs in any spot by linking there. Do check out the Indoneasan Blog amazing reading.

Now onto the Pros

Best Book Serialized : Richard Poe's Seven Myths of Gun Control. Poe moved me to the right on this issue.

Best Site: Front Page Magazine. Quality articles brought to you everyday by David Horowitz.

Favorite Pundit: Dr Yeagley. Dr Yeagley is a friend and teacher on many levels. Interestingly, he doesn't seem to move my opinions but reinfoce existing ones.

Underated. Antiprotester is a fitting sequel to Moonbat Central . It is always lively
and interesting.

Many Blogs do not last long

Most Missed Kajando Always interesting and often hysterical

Honorable Mention Elijah has restarted a New Blog and there is a place for his brand
of material. How many of us can talk about the same subjects.

One year strong

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to the Smokehouse and 167 Lost in Cyberspace. I can see him crying about "Zionist Robots and Usreal"

I am debating to mark the 13 year of the WTC 93 attack with a special post. Long term readers know I am a survivor of that blast. The 93 blast has been forgotten and overshadowed. Maybe Jason Pappas who lives in NYC still remembers but outside of this blog who remembers.

On Deck Manyanna Lies about Spies. Before there was Monica there was Elizabeth Bentley. Meet the Professor who still thinks Alger Hiss was innocent and you wonder why Journalists are so messed up.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Academic Creation of Fiction

A common myth is that members of the Abe Lincoln Brigade were labeled " Premature Anti Communist". Ellen Schreker, Ronnie Lieberman and Michael Kelley are some of the historians who insist on this term. However an extensive search by Haynes and Klehr
of FBI files and declassified archives has never found this term. The Government reffered to the members of the Communist groups as Reds, Communists or subversives. This new term is a clear example of wishfull thinking.

The Marxists in academia practice errors in omission. A little known fact that at least 500 American Communists were killed by Stalin. The majority of these deaths were Finnish Americans. The Commies had a extensive network in the Finnish American community. The Soviets recruited extensively from this community and settled the traitors in the Karelia region. The Commies had an extensive history of involvement in the Finnish Civil War and a short lived Commie Finn state was established in 1918.
Apparently Marxist accademics fail to note the history of Communist subversion prior to WW2. There were also Canadian Finnish subversives who met the same fate as their American counterparts.

We also are treated to a series of absurd claims about the Venonna Cables and the Soviet Archives. Prof Ellen Schrecker of Yeshiva University calls them exagerations.
Professor Buhle seems to be under the delusion that only the top leadership of the American Communist party was involved in the espoinage. Buhle names a Communist who turned sides and became an Anti Communist as the prime mover of the espionage, Jay Lovestone. The KGB archives do not back up Buhle's insanity. The KGB would be in a better position to know then deranged Marxist Professors whose next work of authentic scholarship will be their first.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to be covered in Orange Sauce and 167 to build a Gulag theme park.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

In Denial by Haynes and Klehr Best Bang for your Dollar

My critique of David Horowitz's book is that it is an overview. The book tries to accomplish too much . For the generic anti Communist the Professors fills a valuable
service as an introduction book.

However if one is a dedicated anti Communist In Dennial gives an account of why Communists should never be allowed in the faculty in the first place. This book is an intermediate book in the Anti Communist arsenal.

The premise of this book is how did historians spin the Vennona Intercepts and the KGB files. The answers are found in this hair raising brilliant book. It also demolishes the standard myths about American Communism

1 The American Communist Party was funded by Moscow
2 The Party was subservient to Moscow
3 Members of the party did engage in espionage
4 The Rosenbergs, Hiss and others were clearly guilty
5 Elizabeth Bentley and Chambers told the truth.

I recomend this book strongly to dedicated Anticommunists but remember this is a more advanced book. The reactions of the accademics provides a clear illustration that Commies can not be trusted with information. Their stock and trade is deception
and treason.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to the kiddie pool and 167 RIP

My Final Review of the Professors by David Horowitz

When one picks up a David Horowitz book one expects a quality product. The author of many great books is held to a much higher standard and at a certain point Horowitz compettes with himself , a daunting task.

The book profiles 101 professors some of whom the readers have never heard of . There are the sections on rouges extraorninaire Chomsky, Zinn, Ayers and Sammy Al Arian. Some surprising names are missing notably Cornel West , Joel " Deranged" Kovel
and Ellen Schrecker. Given the nature and preponderance of Commie hacks Horowitz does not lack candidates.

The book does fall into a predictable pattern familiar to readers of Front Page Magazine. Commies of both the traditional class types and the Marcuse variety infest the system. These accademic rouges hires people with out credentials and exclude people who do not pass their litmus test. Most of these hacks rail about the old boy networks in the private sector but readily foster a more rigid version funded by the taxpayer.

The Professors abuse their jobs by using taxpayer dollars to vent their narrow Marxist views and in some cases sexual obsessions. Many of the Professors are overpaid cranks. There is one Professor at Syracuse who teaches a course on Lil Kim and another who idolizes Tupac ( One Pac as one was removed) Shakur. I wonder how a similar course based on Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin would be received. At least Coulter and Malkin can express themselves coherently.

I am amazed at the promotion of academic hacks and the abuse of a genuine scholar with a love of English litterature Dr David Yeagley. Yeagley preaches love of the classics and country and was denied tenure. A love of litterature begins with the work itself. I could care less about the sexual orientation of Upton Sinclair or Eugene O Neil. The political message of the authors should be studied within the framework of their work. Deconstructing is a waste of time but there is probably a code cypher in the Hairy Ape involving Kellogs Corn Flakes. Love of the written word
should be the sole focus of an English litterature class. Instead we have Marxist hacks looking for hidden codes like pot smoking Cheech & Chong with white collar jobs.

There is a clear portrait of nepotism conveyed in this book. Militant Marxist somehow get jobs they are not qualified for. The same Marxists often get these jobs with lengthy criminal histories. The same Marxists also get to teach in areas they are often untrained in. The same Marxists are promoted with no genuine scholarship.
The vast over representation of the followers of agenocidal cult of death falls directly in opposition to the professors call for diversity. Diversity means two Communists of different races agree with each other like bobble head dolls.

It is time for a genuine look at the legacy of Marx 100,000,000 dead. Marxists in our Universities are the equivalent of allowing the insane to run mental assylums.
An immediate end to all research and student loans for Social Science majors should begin at once. Let DePaul fund Norman Finklestein on its own dime. What return does the tax payer get for a student majoring in Peace studies.

The bottom line is that Academia should not be a jobs program for the believers of a death cult whose stock and trade is disinformation. Let Joel Kovel work a real job in Walmart and earn an honest living.

The system is broken but do we have the courage to demand change.

Horowitz delivers the goods but a chapter on the victims of the accademic gulag should be incuded in a paper back version. There needs to be enhanced focus on the victims of this academic gulag starting with Genuine Scholars, the taxpayers and Conservative Students.

Excellent book by Horowitz but not at the level of The Second Thoughts Conference or Radical Son. However those classics are a tough act to follow.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

David Horowitz Professors with a helping of Beakerkin

Criminals do not belong in positions of authority. One theme in the book is the placement of criminals in jobs. Normal companies do checks on the history of employees. Lets see even Taco Bell and Walmart do not hire criminals.

What are ex Weaterpeople Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn doing in a class room. Maybe Chomsky and Finklestein should offer Osama a job at a University. Cast down your bombs and get paid for nothing at a University. You can enjoy bad Cafeteria food and insult Joooooos and Americans all day. I bet Professor DeGenova would give up his job for Osama.

Speaking of Finklestein his rhetoric is fairly similar to the Iranian President. Hey we can hire the President of Iran to teach with Professor Ellis at Baylor. Unlike Tom Hayden he has an advanced degree in traffic Management. He also has more experience in Government then Hayden.

The book is full of people teaching in areas they were not trained in , Professoers who engage in anti white, anti semitic and in one case anti Armenian behaviors.Professor Algar a Moooslim scholar spat at Armenian students and told them they deserved to be massacred. Chomsky is a linguist with zero credentials in the subject he most frequently publishes in.

The system is broken and the elination of all government loans for Social science majors is deserved. If you want to preach Marxism do it with your own money and not as an underworked welfare recipient.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to flee Cheeny and 167 to kneel before his idol Norm Finklestein

Hmmmm A Beakerkin logo

I am looking at the great fun Mr Beamish is having with his beloved logo. We have improved Renoir and the Sphinx. I hope Mr Beamish does the ultimate spoof. The strategic placement of the Mr Beamish logo in the Center of bowing Muslims in Mecca
would be the ultimate comedic spoof. Muslims embrace a new faith Beamishism. I can see the Jihadis outraged.

Now a Beakerkin logo should have the familiar Muppet. Thus Beaker of the Muppets head
on Rambo's body and we have Rambeaker. Or we could put the Beaker face on the Grim Reaper and have the GrimBeaker. We could also put the Beaker head on Wolverines body and have Wolverbeaker. Somehow Spongebeaker would miss the mark.

Now Warren has an excellent logo from Bad Eagle showing a man with an Axe. Jason has an Avatar but it does not lend itself to fun. I like the Tasmanian Devil from the missing link . A good logo lends itself to untold great satire.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Great News !!!!!!! Richard Poe has a blog

Long term readers know of my general admiration for the brilliance of Richard Poe. Poe is a true intellectual giant with a unique grasp of history. His writtings and wisdom have often altered some of my more moderate stances.

The most important part of my relevations from Richard Poe is the path that having no standards leads to Moral Relativism. The subject framed within the Schaivo debate
as I was accused of bringing my ethnicity into the mix. I am a member of a minority group whose life was deemed less worthy. Thus any attempt to decide what life has offensive overtones. I had a memorable set of posts with Mr Poe who explained where no standards leads.

Visit Richard Poe's site at www.shadowparty.com

If you haven't read his book The Seven Myths of Gun Control get it read it and remember it. His latest book is worth reading for the inside story of the oft quoted Ann Coulter quote the left bandies about.

Read Poe and learn from the best . I will serialize more Poe books after my backlog is reduced. I also will review the book from fellow blogger Mark Alexander. I also will review Men in Black by Mark Levin.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

David Horrowitz's Professors Common Denominator

David Horowitz is a brilliant author and his latest book ranks up there with his best. He provides an insight into problems in higher ed. The profiles of the professors is a chilling tale of a system out of control. How does academia justify the hiring of terrorist like Bill Ayers of the Weathermen. His conviction should correctly bar him from any job that has contact with the public or National Security.

Thhe 101 Professors fairly seem to be followers of Marcuse based victims based Marxism. Even the virulently anti Semitic Middle Eastern studies departments fall into a variation of this theme.

Liberals like to talk about corporations out of control it is abundantly clear that higher education itself is out of control. Making matters worse the taxpayer ends up subsidizing this filth by providing Student loans and research. The vast preponderance of social science research is worthless and irrelevant with the exception of psychology and Economics. The value of an undergraduate with a degree in Anthropology, Peace Studies or Sociology qualifies the recipient for nothing. In the case of Peace studies it may qualify one to occupy a jail cell or get run over by Construction equipment. If the taxpayer is going to fund this education there should be some return on our investment in the term of gainful employment.

I didagree with the authors conclusion that Marxism should not bar one from a job in higher education. Standard political philosophies have shared values genuine liberals, libertarians and Conservatives all agree in the basics of a Capitalistic free market , Democracy but differ on the notion of governmental regulation. Marxists are outside those sets of shared values. In fact their entire history provides plenty of clear examples of subversion and deceit of every institution they touch. The best outcome is that the system like that of higher education breaks down.
The worst outcome is when they take contol of governments and create Killing Fields, reinstitute slavery and call the new plantations Gulags.

The entire nature of Communism is deception, treason , subversion and treason. We do not place Bank robbers in jobs at banks. We do not place Pedophiles in jobs at daycare centers. We should expect Marxists to convey information accurately . Nor can advocates of this system be expected to respect logical arguments that disagree with their own. Colleges that receive Federal funding should either clean house or be discredited.

As we say at the local chapter of the Visine Wing of the GOP. Use Visine it gets the Reds out.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to migrate to Zimbabwe and 167 RIP and looking for a Psychotic not Psychic friend to Communicate from the next world.

I am headed to Drummasters.

Oh Sons of Allah I will eat at McDonalds or KFC and defy your venemous creed.

Next Stop New Jersey Bada Bing !!!!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

David Horrowitz Professor's Teaches the Dangers of NYC Public Education

Due to a miscommunication my copy of David Horrowitz's latest book did not arrive. I did get a copy of the updated Destructive Generation signed by Mr Horowitz. I found only four copies left in Burlington and grabbed one.

I quickly turned the page and looked for my favorite Accademic clown Joel Kovel and found he did not make the cut. Somewhere at Bard College the Alger Hiss Professor of dementia is either demanding a recount of breathing a sigh of relief.

This episode illustrates the deficiencies in my NYC Public school education. The title of this book is the 101 most dangerous accademics in America. Now if the title were the 101 stupidest , deranged or clown like professors Koevell would be near the top.

Among Kovels idiocies Anti Communism is a form of anti semitism. Anti Zionism is not anti semitism. Far and away was his classic that anti Communists are mentally ill. I guess those of us who enjoy freedom and liberty must be insane only in the deranged mind of Kovel. Kovel has an extensive DTN file and can be found in the writings of Eric Briendell, Ann Coulter and in Dennial.

No doubt Mr Horowitz who has a great sense of humor will have a comedic response that I missed.

This Means WAR !!!!!!!!!!! All Couch Potatoes Report

The forces of Evil have burned a symbol that many of us hold dear. We are sadly used to Commie Finks and Jihadi Dogs burning the flag we love. In Pakistan the forces of evil have burned a statue of Ronald Mcdonald. The forces of evil object to some cartoons of Mohammed but I object to burning a figure beloved by millions world wide. If one doesn't like Mc Donalds don't go there but the stores exist for a reason. Commies do not get this part and Communism killed more people then Big Macs. A picture of this vile deed is on the blog of Mr Beamish. Mr Beamish's blog should be required reading but as we enjoy freedom of expression you are free to be comedically deprived. The link is on the right and send best wishes to Mr Beamish.

How many of you couch potatoes enjoyed eating at a McDonalds. Well its time to get up off the couch and to find some consumer pitchman from a Muslim country and return the favor. Are you couch potatoes having difficulty finding consumer products made in Muslim nations. The reason is that with the exception of some clothing made in Pakistan and Egypt the average consumer encounters nothing of note made in the Muslim world.

I do not know about you but I work way too hard to riot. I got bills to pay relatives to visit and posts to write. The Muslim countries survive on three things.

1 Oil Renenues
2 Cash Remitances
3 Welfare

We can win this war by eliminating the welfare . Either Saudi moneygoing to build Mosques and Madrassas will fill the void or their coreligionist starve. People who have to work for a living have little time or energy to blow things up.

Start deportation of illegal alliens from Muslim nations. This will force people to work or create jobs or starve.

End immigration from Muslim countries and if you want bride or a husband you are free to marry one locally or join them back home. Offer Muslims convicted of crimes denaturalization and deportation instead of jail. Define any call to domestic Jihad as sedition and offer the same choice jail or deportation, do the same with terror fund raising.

We also can cripple the Saudis by finding a cheaper method of producing Shale Oil in Canada and Colorado. Less money means less power and resources for terror.

Beamish in 08, Ducky jealous of the Israeli Dolphin and 167 RIP

Friday, February 17, 2006

Dr Yeagley and me

I want to open this post with the highest praise for a man I consider a friend, teacher , writer and scholar. Bad Eagle is an excellent site that has many excellent posters who are friends and remain so even after my departure. Dr Yeagley's varried intersts are reflective of the giant the man is.

When one puts an immense forum together as Yeagley has done there will be a few wing nuts and loose screws. Long before I posted at the invitation of the Doctor I noticed some odd posts by one of the founding members about "Jewsih Supremacy". This
person would later pretend to be my friend but would revert back to form shortly.

Readers of this blog know I am against racial superiority stupidity. I am first and foremost an American and the person in the seat next to me is my equal until he proves otherwise. It is arrogance in its most extreeme to think that people X built this country. We are a Republic based upon shared values based upon Capitalism and individual liberty. Marxist and Jihadis and all other utopians are outside these shared values.

My first sense of an abnormal group was the rage that built up into a lych mob against an Iranian writer Amil. Amil had posted some odd bits and deleted my corrections . However a Bad Eagle lynch mob had formed led by a Super administrator who fancies himself a fighting Scott and an intellectual. This lynch mob released a picture purported to be of Amil wearing a football Jersey number 69 surrounded by three blonde women. If it wasn't Amil whoever it was certainly seemed to be enjoying
themselves. The self righteous super Administrator then used ethnic slurs and did not even get the right ones "bedou " are not Persians. I tried to make peace with Amil but got some rather hostile inept anti semitism. Since then Amil and I have put the past behind and moved ahead. The lone voice of sanity was She Designs who wanted no part of a lynch mob.

When the smoked cleared Dr Yeagley removed super administrator power from Amil who had abused his authority by settling personal issues with warnings, bans and deletions . The leaders of this revolt Mac would commit the same type of malfeasence himself later.

The whole furor started when a dimwit posted a bit in the HEAT section alleging Republicans are perverts because some minor official was convicted of a sex charge.
This dimwit is far and away the dumbest poster I have ever seen in any forum. Her usual game is... " I am not partisan but..... or the classic ......So what Christians did x well over one hundred years ago......". If there was a gold standard for stupidity this poster was it.

The HEAT section was the sole area where members were allowed to let it fly. I have been skewered there myself but I can take it as well as return the favor. The furor
attracted the attention of this administrator who likes to post Bush is an idiot and promoted insane theories that the USA created Bin Ladden and put Saddam in power. I cleaned the clock with that shallow material in Coulter style. Our best friend in the blogosphere Warren was also there.

Mac fancies himself a fighting Scott but he was little match for the comedic Conservative Jew trained in the hostile arena of NYC. The innitial instigator has still not gotten over the line where her intelligence was rated lower then that of houseplants. In fact she repeated the lines several times for weeks.

Bad Eagle has been plauged with two inept anti semites . KPS was the standard left wing bigot and Tsigane was your David Duke type. Well I lampooned both of them and stuck up for their right to free speech. KPS has allready been banned and Tsigane still posts vile material but not very often.

Mac had never gotten over being creamed and the dimwitted instigator tried provoking
me for weeks. She follows me from thread to thread on mundane topics . She posts Jews aren't responsible for the worlds problems just 50% of them. I asked her if she had a distemper shot and the enraged administrator gives me a warning. The posts go on to a comedy classic where I say it is my cultural right to eat her dog. The thinly disguised satire went over the recipients head, not difficult. Some readers posted about my "Savage Appetites" and still believe I consume household pets.

The administrator banned me and I was not too upset. The forum has new rules that make for rather bland reading. I support Dr Yeagley but posting in that forum which allegedly caters to Native American patriots and their allies and is moderated by a person who can not charitably be described as either is too much for me.

Dr Yeagley runs a fine forum and we have had numerous conversations after my ban. I have never asked for or desired reinstatement. There was much discussion about a new role. However, I enjoy my role as an OP ED contributor to his wonderful site.

I urge the readers to support Dr Yeagley in all his efforts. His forum is a great place but leave your sense of humor at your own blog. There are many excellent posters who write informaive posts. If you disagree remember to check your sense of humor in the Bad Eagle coatroom. There is a small contingent of outright bigots but they seem not to upset the censor as much as Coulteresque satire.

Sorry guys but I just can't dwell in a humor free zone . No laughing or thinking strange thoughts is Communist dogma. I prefer to dwell in Beakers House of Pain for Utopian Dolts where the quips fly free and humor is encouraged.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to be up in smoke with Cheech and Chong and 167 to emigrate to outerspace. If he builds his Utopia in outerspace will you visit. He needs someone to send to the Gulag.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Michelle Malkins Unhinged

Michelle Malkin has a brilliant book titled Unhinged. This describes the state of the far left that has been insane and almost Elmer Fudd like. However unlike Elmer Fudd your average leftist is just not loveable.

We hear the regular insane rants repeated daily. Bush is a Moron, Bush Lied Troops Died, Bush Knew about 9-11, Bush equals Hitler. They march lock step competing with each other for the most deranged comments headed off a metaphorical cliff.

One can read this blog and never see the profanity laced tirades that are familiar to readers . One could look at the Deranged Chemist and readily see profanity in the title. Even John Howard who is more coherent then the Deranged Chemist engages in fairly regular use of profanity.

The truth is that Malkin is correct the far left has always been self righteous but now it is consumed with anger. They live in a fantasy world where America is allways wrong. Yet they get ruffled when described as the "Blame America First Crew ". The Deranged Chemist is typical of those who feel that the opinions of those in Salons
are more important then those found in a Walmart parking lot.

Another feature unique to the far left is claiming expertise on books they have not spent the time to read. After his third attack on David Horowitz I asked " How many David Horowitz books have you read". The answer was zero and I could have repeated the question with the name Couler, Malkin, Flynn and Radosh.

More comedic are the backflips of the far left. Don't call us anti semitic just because we subject the wolds only Jewish state to lofty standards of behavior and hold Moooooslims to none . If you discus Moooslim history you are a genocidal racist even though Mooooslims, Arabs, Joooooooooos are not racial. How dare you say that Palestinians are Arabs and have 22 states allready. The PLO charter is a Zionistic plot and the terms Arab unity refers to linguinni er linguistics Dohhhhh.

I can not help but laugh at some of the nasty hatefilled emails Malkin posts in her book. I get some nasty emails and posts but nothing even close to the level of Malkin's posters. I was jealous that our good Friend Jason Pappas was nominated for an award by a Muslim Jihadi site. Those idiots could have at least given Mr Beamish an honorable mention and I was ignored.

Trolls tend to avoid this blog and we have high standards for our trolls. Believe it or not our Official Troll Ducky is an ASSet to this blog. His material is original and provokes interesting posts in response. We have high standards here and Ducky is the creme de la trolls. An example of an unhinged troll is faux John Brown who drones on and on and is off topic. We also like our trolls to be manly and snarling
the more venom the better. This is why the accolytes of 167 never became the Official trolls of this blog.

I am enjoying the book and thinking how accurate the depiction of the hate consumed liberal left bloggers have become. This book is like a Candybar or watching a car wreck. It is not a serious discoure but irresistable and hilarious. I am about midway
through the book and have had to stop reading due to laughter several times.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Great Reluctance and Identity theft

Those of you who have read this blog are aware of my passion for the First Amendment.
The First Amendment is the birth right of every American . I support free expression and I even indulge 100% personal attacks with no content.

However, I will not allow ID theft on this blog. Readers should not have to guess which Jason Pappas is the genuine article. John Brown of Citzcom is a friend and I prodly support his blog. This new John Brown took a name from an older Moonbat Central blogger and attempted fraud. As I know the real John Brown this fraud lasted about three seconds.

People have to have confidence that they are reading the genuine thoughts of our blog family. Even when our troll Ducky was cleverly parodied I made similar points.
The posters and readers must have confidence in our identities. My pen name Beakerkin
is unique and is a well established identity.

Let the fake John Brown choose a unique pen name and troll away. Free sppech does not include identity theft.

Looney Toons in the News

The recent flurry of articles about cartoons in the news has created an opportunity
that is enlightening and ripe for satire. We have our own in house version of Daffy Duck allready serving as the official blog troll. Sadly our other cartoon creations like The Lost In Space Dr Smith immitator 167 and the cartoon commie 147. On Rob Byan's blog he is still seriously praising Stalin and Chairman Mao. I invited him to try the stand up act here but he declined.

All of the readers are familiar with the Muslim cartoon outrages. Many of the cartoons are on target and above all are funny. The key thing to remember is that Muslims are always in a rage about something. Even a few pictures of a genocidal thug in his Calvin Klein undies are enough to raise the ire of some. Islam unlike the worlds other religions is totalitarian. The concepts of individuality and notion of state and Mosque are alien to Islam. Muslims tend to live in areas where there is state sponsored media and may not grasp the notion of a free press. The next time one hears a Muslim complain about Mohammed cartoons remind them that their anti semitic and anti American trash is state approved.

I do not think anyone would object to peaceful protests. However burning embassies and threats of violence over cartoons displays the exact notions in the cartoons are correct. Muslims nor anyone else will take away the first amendment. Sadly this attempt to intimidate free expression has not been supported by those who think that the concept is limited to Bush = Hitler comparisons.

In other Comic news yesterdays NY Post reports that the Caped Crusader will be taking on Osama Bin Ladden in a New Graphic Novel. I would rather have Spiderman take him out due to the priceless quips found in that comic. I can visualize Osama's
next tape "The Stupid Zionists have unleashed their evil creations on the army of Jihad.... Who turned out the lights... POW SPLAT THOOOOOM. Hey will you get the panties off my head I am a hard working terrorist not Bill Clinton... It is so hard to be a grade B villian but at least they did not send Scooby Doo and that drugged out Hippie Shaggy after me. This Jihadi gets no respect.

Yesterdays NYC Tabloids were full of Dick Cheney as Elmer Fudd cartoons. Now even as a Republican those cartoons are funny. There is something loveable about Elmer Fudd who keeps trying but is too dimwited to know he is being outsmarted by Wabbits and Ducks. One does not see Republicans burning newspapers or threatening cartoonist. Conservatives in general have a much better sense of humor then the perpetually angry self righteous and self loathing clueless far left.

In other news vulgar cartoonist Ted Rall is outraged. Rall is famous for his low class posthumous cartoons mocking Pat Tillman. He is also famous for racist cartoons portrayng Condoleeza Rice as Aunt Jemmimah. Rall is outraged and thinking of suing Ann Coulter over a quip. Coulter said that Ted Rall and Garry "Dumbsberry" Treaudeau
were planning on entering the Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest. This incedent proves
once again that leftists can dish it out but can't take it. Ann Coulter is like Bugs Bunny delivering all the great lines to the clueless liberal Elmer Fudd types like Rall.

T-T-T Thats All Folks

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to the down factory and 167 to the museum of Comunist relics

Book Review Daniel Flynn Why the Left Hates America

Daniel Flynn has two excellent books and according to his site Flynn.Files is working on a third book but in the early stages. I will buy his third book as his two earlier books were wothwile . However Intellectual Morons is clearly the better book of the two. Why the left hates America is a great book but it repeats itself in places.

Flynn is a major talent that we should keep our eye on. His style is direct brutal and to the point. One will not find the eloquence of VS Naipul in his work.He also does not have Coulters caustic wit or her machine gun style. Far and away the best writing style is still that of Monica Crowley who hasn't written a book in years. Crowley's style is elegant but basic with a surprising sense of humor.

Why the Left hates America is a good book but Flynn is capable of much better . Some writers are one hit wonders and Flynn is clearly not that. Part of the problem of being an author is one competes against your other work. Flynn's best is still Intellectual Morons.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Daniel Flynn Why the Left Hates America Chapter 5 The Multicultural Follies

Flynn rehashes some familiar territory from the previous chapter. There is nothing wrong with learning about other cultures. However Multiculturalism is not an honest
attempt to learn about other cultures. It is an intellectualy dishonest airbrushed view of third world and Communist societies while serving needless scorn on America.

We do learn about the evils carried out in Colonialism. However we also forget about abhorent third world practices like widow burning and human sacrafices. Some societies did practice canibalism. Contrary to the beliefs of some people at Bad Eagle this author has not practiced that or consumed and household pets. However Drummaster will tell you I do like roast Duck. These cultures were not the nostalgic Noble Savage created by Rosseau. They had their good points and some bad points like any other civilizations. It is easy to make a romantic Eden out of primitive people but the Eden only exsists in the minds of those who cling to the myths. Nor does this excuse the brutal imposition of colonialism.

Flaw number 1 The multicultural approach has become Moral Relitivism. Female Infanticide and Terrorism are evil but to multiculturalists these practices are mere cultural variants.

Flaw Number 2 A spear and a gun may perform the same task but a gun is more effective in most cases. Guns are better for Duck hunting especially when loaded with
bird shot. Cheney's mistake was not using our Communo Wahabi Duck Call Free Government Cheese and Copies of the Workers World.


In the previous chapter we discused this topic. Women are more likely to be illiterate then men in much of the world. Honor Killings , Forced Marriage, sexual aparthied, humiliating clothing are the norms in the Muslim world. Forced marriage, female infanicide , lower litteracy and dowery burnings are the norm in Idia. China has forced abortions and female infanticide.

In America women are more likely to go to college, live longer then men , less likely to be homeless or incarcerated. The patriarchy that the NOW gang cries of is of their own immagination.

Racism and Freedom of Religion

Much of what Flynn describes as Racism has a mitigating factor Islam.

Blacks complain of slow service in Dennys, taxis fail to pick them up and the odd Confederate flag knuckleheads. These are annoying factors but not as serious as the problems abroad.

Arab Muslims enslave black Muslims and Christians in the Sudan and the world does zero. Muslims opress Chinese, Christians and animists in Indonesia and the world says zero. White farmers have their land stolen and are killed in Zimbabwe another
Marxist mess. China has occupied and displaced the Tibetians a genuine indigenous people. Meanwhile Commies make fake indigenous people Pseudostinians Cause Celebre.

Muslims persecute religious minorities in lands that they have colonized. Zoroastrians , Copts, Assyrians, Hindus, Bhudists and Jews all predate the Islamic invasions. The worlds most bigoted state is Saudi Arabia where guest workers are arested for practicing their faith and women are arguably treated with the same status as domestic annimals bought sold, need a leash to go in public, must be covered head to toe.

In Ducky's Communist countries religious expression is forbidden. Apparently Social justice does need to stick its nose into mans relationship with God. Contrary to the Liberation theory Apostates Marxism is anathema to Catholicism. This did not prevent the Commieknoll er Maryknoll nuns from making fools of themselves. The religious left readily allies itself with those who deny God or try to replace God with Grouchomarxism.


No Arab nation save Iraq has Democracy. In Communist Countries and in the Mullahs Iran fake elections are the Norm. Most of the third world is ruled by corrupt despots.

Most counties in the third world have state controlled media. Thus the anti semitic and US content is state sponsored. Gnome Cimpsky seldom talks about State controlled media when he talks about imaginary Corporate media. If media coverage seems the same it is because the same mentality at the same Universities present the same Journalism majors. This is why big media is tanking and the internet is booming.

Members of opposition parties are arrested and harrassed. In America we are way too lenient . Code Pink is an example of a group whose leadership should be in Gitmo.
Code Pink (Sheehan) is a Commie Front Group who gave 600,000 dollars to our enemies in Falujah. The entire top leadership of that organization should join their friends in Gitmo. Morover the leaders should be stripped of citizenship.

Criminal Justice

Amputation is carried out in Shariah courts. Shariah courts kill rape victims and Gays. Relatives of criminal suspects may be held in China, Pakistan, Somalia and Congo. North Korea punishes families whose members offended Commie overlords.

Trial by jury is a Western concept and only 167 seems to prefer an Iranian Sharia Court to the California Supreme Court.Communist counties are fond of show trials with preordained verdicts tortured confessions and theatrical screaming prosecutors and judges. A quick trial is also unheard of in many third world countries where people wait years before trial on often minor charges.

Prison conditions are deplorable in most third world countries. Gitmo and Abu Gharib are country clubs compared to prisons in the Third World. Real torture is not panties on the head. You would not know this from the way the left wing media cries about Abu Gharib and Gitmo.

Hundreds of lynchings took place in Indonesia, Benin and Kenya. Police routinely kill criminals in Brazil. Police in Venezuela run for office on the promise of bullets for criminals. Police corruption is the norm in much of the third world. Chinese criminal rights are few and far between. Many cases are treated administatively rather then by trial.

Economic Liberty.

Communists countries forbid private ownership of property. Many third world countries
also have the State as the dominant banker. The former Soviet Republics and Zimbabwe are examples of where the state has siezed private property. Uganda also stole property from Indians and deported them en masse without a peep from the left.

Socialist countries suffer from slow growth and excessive taxation. Labor is not allowed to organize in China and most of the third world. The barriers and excessive regulations of Socialist counties and the rampant corruption in third world Countries hinder companies ability to compette and deter investment.

Multiculturalism is not an honest look at other cultures. Accademic multiculturalist try to create a Noble savage out of third world people or a new socialist man. However the facts are quite simple that the disdain heaped upon America and Capitalism bear little resemblence to reality.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to the cast of Looney Tunes, 167 MIA and not missed.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Flynn's why the left hates America Chapter 4 The 5 Lies of the Left

This chapter is not needed for all my regular readers except one and he is not Farmer John or Mr Beamish. Most Conservatives and moderates are well aware of these points. We generaly sit in astonishment as the far left makes claims that are fiction.

Claim Number 1 Women are opressed by patriarchy in the USA.

Women live longer are better educated then men in the USA. Men are far more likely to be in prison , be homeless, abuse drugs, commit suicide and die in a work place related accident. The wage gap is reflective of years women leave the workforce to raise children. If this is patriarcy it must be an incompetant version.

Overseas the picture is comedic as women are less educated then men in India, Africa and the Muslim Word. Women have forced abortions in China and female infanticides occur in China and India. Muslim women are forced to wear bhurkas in some places. Muslim women may be killed for being raped. Muslim women may be honor killed on the slightest whims of their relatives. Female Genital mutilation is widely practiced in Africa. Women are sold into marriage in some part of the Muslim world. In other parts of the world they are forced to aquire husbands with a dowery. Brides whose families fail to meet the dowery may be burned in India.

Where are the feminists in the war against Jihadism ?

2 America is the leading cause of pollution on the planet.

Nine out of the top ten most polluted ccitties in the world are in China. Americans do not pollute New Delhi or Mexico City. The communist record on the environment in the Soviet Union was disasterous. Chernobyl was the mere tip of the iceberg.

All six types of air pollutants are down from 1975. Richard Nixon passed the clean air act contrary to popular opinion on the deranged left. There is more Forrest land today then in 1980. The number of new trees has exceeded those harvested every year since 1952.

The Cuyahoga river which one caught fire is now safe for fishing. The Mississippi river is cleaner the the Ganses, Danube, Thames , Rhine or Seine. Technology has made water and energy consumption more efficient..

In fact much of the environmental furor has shifted the burdens of pollution to the third world where there are no safe guards. People die in Africa due to malaria due to the ban on DDT. Apple growers in the USA go out of business due to fake Alar scares and loggers are injured by terrorist actions of environmentalists.

I will have a post on this topic that will run on Bad Eagle shortly called Paradise Never Was. Much of the environmental movement is based on fanciful tales of imaginary Edens.

Myth 3 America is a Racist Nation

Americans accounted for a mere 3% of the global African slave trade. One can readily
see the descendants of slaves in the USA. One can not readily find the descendants of African slaves in Muslim countries where far more were taken.

People of all races vote with their feet and emigrate to the USA. These immigrants if legal are given full rights and acceptance into society. Try emigrating to Japan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and see if you or your children will get the same acceptence.

Outside of Western Civilization slavery was considered the norm. Western Colonialism put an end to the practice. In the isolated areas where it exists today are overwhelmingly Muslim areas. Communism created a series of Slaves in their gulag system that the left ignores.

Black people in the USA are wealthier then black people anywhere else in the world.
Blacks are enslaved by Arabs in Sudan and elsewhere. Blacks kill white farmers in Zimbabwe. Blacks expelled Idians from Uganda without a peep from the left. Idoneaseans Muslims have killed ethnic Chinese as well as Christians. Black Cubans fare less well then their white counterparts so much for utopia. The Soviet Union depoted whole ethnic groups where 1/3 died.

4 The United States is an Imperial Power.

The far left complains of imperialism and points to Starbucks, Mc Donalds, Hollywood Films and Walmart. These businesses serve customers abroad and would not be there otherwise. Communist fail Eco 1001 and do not understand Coca Cola and Proctor & Gamble are for proffit enerprises.

The USA has used its military power to defeat Nazism and Communism. The forays in Afghanistan an area that has zero of economic interest to the USA were to clean out Jihadist Radicals. The USA will depart Iraq when the Army can protect itself. The left said next to zero about rampant human rights abuses by Saddam. The French, Brittish and Soviet Empires rulled vast tracts of territory. The USA granted the Phillipines independence after WW2 . Puerto Rico has voted to maintain its status several times.

Myth Five The Rich Get Richer.......

America has plenty of sucsess stories such as Federal Express, Microsoft etc. We have a society that rewards innovaton. However Rush Limbaugh still gives the best recipie for avoiding poverty. Get an education , have your kids in wedlock and your odds of poverty decrease dramatically. I will add staying away from drugs and alcohol also helps.

The normal serialization will stop when David Horowitz new book arrives. I will look at serializing the book and a probable Bad Eagle Review. I am reading in Dennial Historians Communism and Espionage by Klehr & Haynes. I might not serialize that book and give it a general review. However I will give the readers some say in the next serialization .Even our official troll Duncy will get a vote as he is our staff wet blanket.

The new post on Bad Eagle will take aim at the Greens. I am seriously mulling over another Bad eagle Submission based upon In Dennial and Horowitz's new book with a touch of Flynn. The Inmates have Taken Over The Assylum in Academia about the perversion of higher ed into an over prices Marxist brainwashing experiment.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to leave AFLAC for botching lines and 167 to eat governmet cheese with his fellow parasites.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Listening to Wind Part 3 Bruce Jackson

People who read this blog know the horror and rage we feel at people who abuse their children. The stories never seem to end from year to year. However the case of Bruce Jackson is an odd story where the children did not die barely.

Bruce Jackson was part of a large family in NJ. The family had biological kids and adopted kids. For reasons known only to the demented parents the biological kids were fed and the adopted sisters were treated well. The four brothers were fed a diet of dried grits and pancake mix. They were not even allowed to sit at the dinner table.

It is not as if there were not enough food to go around. Bruce Jacksons mother was very heavy and his sisters were plus size . The dynamics of this bizzzare Jackson family is strange as none of the siblings aided the starving brothers.

The story angers me because most people will even aid starving strangers. There have been times where a friend is too proud to take money so I went to Price Chopper and bought buy one get one free items. I really don't need this Kielbassa but it was buy one get one free. This subtle helping hand helped a few friends in town. I arranged easy jobs such as here is $100.00 pick up two tickets at the Flynn and gas up your car on me. My friend was going crazy from the boredom of unemployment and had eaten very little.

Vanessa Jackson was sentenced to a mere seven years for starving her four sons. No doubt with good behaviorshe will be out in two years. No doubt she will be a model prisoner and all of us will forget this story until the next case comes along.

In the modern age starvation of people as social policy is only carried out in Communist regimes. People who are starving are much more docile. Death is just another form of liberation. Starving people for their own good only makes sense to demented Communists and evil people like Vanessa Jackson

Friday, February 10, 2006

Anti American Chic dementia Daniel Flynns Why the Left Hates America Chapter 3

The begining of the Chapter start with the far lefts more deranged ideas. Make no mistake the far left is inherently anti Capitalist and self loathing. No group is more absurd then Gay apologists for the Palestinians. The PA under Arafat is reflective of the general abuse towards gays in the Arab and Muslim world. We get ratioalizations that America is no better then the PA because of an insane Church that has a site God hates Fags. The deranged left sees a moral equivalency between a religious nut who turns out to be a Democrat and killings of Homosexuals in Iran, Saudi Arabia. Gay Palestinians flee to Israel for saftey but this clue does not help the familiar Gay Antisemites Dennis Raimondo, Simon Jones and 167. Identifying with one who will most likely behead you is seen as a virtue on the left, the rest of us see it as stupidity. 167 feels he is an expert in Iran because he lived there for six months. This must come as a surprise to people like Amil of Bad Eagle who spent a lifetime in Iran and fled to the USA and think he is insane.

The fantasy of the far left is that Osama acted out of their angst. Osama is not too concerned about Kyotto , indigenous people, social justice and only mentioned the pseudostinians after 9-11. In fact far from social justice Jihadism advocates Jim Crow, Slavery, Sexual Aparthied, Colonialism, Persecution of Gays, genocide towards people who are not of the book . Yet Commies and Jihadis share the dream of Utopia on this earth and global hegemony. When Utopians rule they act in the name of god or in Communist countries replace God.

The real angst on the far left is its perpetual war with Capitalism. Thus we have the curiousities where people attack Thomas Sowell and Walter E Williams as inauthentic blacks or Dr David Yeagley as a faux Native American because they think for themselves and do not buy into being a Marcusian victim. Even as late as the Eighties I took alot of critique as a Jewish Republican this trend is becoming more common amongst the new generation. I was disgusted by the Cold War appeasement of the Democrats in Cental America and the betrayal of the Vietnam Veterans like Warren and Big Bubba.

The far left also glorifies thugery as part of its mantra. A cop killer Mummia Jamal is a hero and a drug dealing gang the Black Panthers is sanitized. This should come as no surprise as the far left never seems to mind killing fields, necklacing, blowing up Jews in temles in Buenos Aires or political prisonsers in Cuba. Leonard Peltier is also hneld up as a hero to the deranged. A man like Peltier who kills two FBI agents is authentic but Dr David Yeagley is an Apple to Russel Means "Red on the outside but white on the inside" because he advocates an end to 24/7 Marcuse victimization scheemes and self pride . Means is a tomato, Red on the inside and outside with a mushy heart and brain in the center.

Flynn points to the degeneracy of Hollywood where Communists are almost never the bad guys except in the POW genre films. Ironically an anti Vietnam film backfired and helped many see the soldiers as screwed by the left. This was not the intention of the director of Apocalypse Now but it happened. My buddies and I would gather and talk about the In show Tour of Duty. Our outraged profressors tried to tell us in vain that they did not betray our country and the people of Southeast Asia. There were even Marvel Comics that tapped into the theme. The difference was that unlike todays youth we lived through the era as kids. The Vietnam leftwing protesters were never popular and reviled by the majority of Americans. Decades of Hollywood fiction and a virtual monopoly in higher Ed can not erase what we saw and remember.

Flynn points to the deranged politics of musicians like Pearl Jam or Rage Against The Machine. Both groups promote deranged leftist Noam Chomsky . Chomsky likes to fashion hiself a dissident but his dissent is from reality itself but he endures bad cafeteria food and parking at MIT. His books are sold through accademic coercion and his insane theories like phantom USA - Nazi alliances are paper thin. He does not show up in regular media because a serious Conservative like Monica Crowley or Sean Hannity would cream him. He has debated Alan Dershowitz on Israel and been creamed. Thus he now leaves his dirty work to Norman Finklestein his protegee whose idiotic claims about scholarly minutia were easily refuted. There is a reason Rock Musicians do not have real jobs they often lack discipline and coherent thought just like Chomsky and Finklestein.

Flynn talks about the corruption of American history by the advocates of Marcusian Victims based Marxism and Marxist vermin like Howard Zinn. Americas evils are exagerated and its accomplishments whitewashed . The indict a civilization by its history game is funny when applied to its source Communism itself. That attempt is greeted with red baiter, Mcarthyite . When the same approach was taken to Islamic history our resident far left deranged stooge cried racism and genocide. This is more amazing as Muslims, Arabs , Imaginary Palestinians and Jews still do not constitute any known racial categories. We can play the indict a group by its history
with any nation an America comes out far better then most. Islamic Civ and Communist history do not stand up under the same scrutiny. Only Nazism rises to the level of evils perpetrated under Communism or Jihadism . However there are no Pro Nazi film makers , musicians or a cadre of sympathetic accademics so it gets treated as the great evil while Communism and Jihadism get airbrushed .

The Cold war itself is described as a time of paranoia. The evils of Communism and history of Communist treason in America is glossed over. Alger Hiss has a professorship at Bard College occupied by a deranged Communist who call himself a Green Joel Koevell. His idiotic thinking is comedic Anti Communists are anti Semitic but Anti Zionists are not Anti semitic. WEB Dubois and Paul Robeson known Communist traitors are honored in academia. Even Communist Terrorists Bernadine Dorn and Bill Ayers are employed in Academia after a career as Weathermen. Sammy Al Arian was an active terrorist fund raiser and employed in academia.

The far left thinks its hip and cool but alas there is a cure. As soon as one starts paying taxes and raising kids the Commie rhetoric goes out the window. Matt Drudge has potrended the future of big media. The days where big media , academia could set the agenda are over. The internet and talk radio are Conservative and certainly hostile to Marxism. In fact the sucsess of Fox news has spawned MSNBC to immitate and Brian Williams is not an apologist for the far left.

The familiar left wing blogs are examples of ineptitude with zero originality and no humor. 167 and the Disturbed Chemist are comedic zeroes who regularly use profanity.
167 thinks that objecting to profanity is racist like everything else he disagrees with. Their blogs comments resemble bobble head dolls and they compette for the most outrageous insane anti American apologistic quote. We can see regular dissent on this blog where sometimes I will even disagree with a Blogger I admire such as Jason Pappas who is the gold standard. Leftists think they are cool and hip and crave the praise of the salons of Europe and Academia and see rationalizing the misdeeds of our enemies as a noble thing. Men and women like Mr Beamish and AOW do not need to please the elites in Salons they speak for themselves with lively content. I would sooner be governed by the people who shop at Walmart then the social science section at a University, may Willam F Buckley forgive my butchery of his wisdom.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to the choping block and 167 to the New Gulag Role play day at Perm 35.

Mr Beamish is cooler then the Disturbed Chemist.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Elmer Fudd AntiSemites

Recently I put together another one of my posts for Dr Yeagley at Bad Eagle. I read over 300 pages on the topic and was ready for all types of questions. I deal with questions in the manner they are asked . Richard Poe stated it is easy to tell the difference between a knave and an honest man.

Off the bat a white derreanged socialist named KPS goes into Elmer Fudd mode. Dem Joooos are de Communist, Dem Joooooos have a Nazi state , Dem Jooooos run de republicoooon party controled by the Neocons. Dem Jooooos are criminals look at Arnold Rothstein.

Then we get a racial lunatic who calls himself proud to be white. Doooh Beakerkin you are illiterate how did you write that post duhhh. Number one any look at Bad Eagle will show I have been posting the material about Progressives killing Indians for months. This blog is also published in real time without spell check. My submissions to Bad Eagle are edited by Dr Yeagley.

Now I am all for free speech and have never hid from my critics. Anyone who wants to go toe to toe in open format is welcome. However I can not be held responsible for humiliation inflicted on Commies, Anti Semites, Anarchists , Jihadist and racial power goons. I am an American patriot and am proud of my country . I do not run around with my head up my backside concerned about the feelings of people who would take your head off and mine while singing Allah Ahkbar.

More amusing was the part where the Communist told real Native American Dr Yeagley that he should feel outraged at Whites. Warren and Mr Beamish are also Native Americans and by this clowns idiocy they should also feel the same idiocy. This is extreeme arrogance that a Commie should tell Native Americans how to feel about their own country. Anyone who reads Warren or Mr Beamish knows they are patriots period.

Like the cartoon jihadist this perpetual rage accomplishes zero. The perpetual rage Muslims feel is straight out of the Marcuse victimology text book. Saddam was pictured in his BVDS the Muslims are outraged. Photos of people playing naked twister
Muslims are outraged. Yet the pc left pats the victims on the head and excuses the inexcusable every time.

Now let me explain the Commie obsession with dem wascaly jooooos. Dem Joooooos are the defact symbol of Capitalism . So the Commies who are nothing more then a group of thieves with great PR taps into the oldest bigotry in the book. Communism is about power and nothing else and has never been coherent.

Felis as a public service can you explain to Rob how evil Communism is. He seems to think that Warren, Justin, Mr Beamish and I are exagerating.

Listening to the wind part 2

Regular readers know that I am outraged by the spate of child abuse deaths that seem to fill our papers. The names chage and it seems every few days we here another tragic tale but seldom do we get more then a glancing peek into the train wreck families. The newspapers seldom mention what if anything the parents did for a living. Often the location of the biological father remains speculation at best.

A rare article into the larger picture was written in yesterdays NY Post by Prof. W Bradford Wilcox of the University of Virginia. Child tragedies have one common denominator in the vast majority of cases. The mothers unmarried live in boyfriend is fifty times more likely to die from abuse then those living in intact marriages.
Even Step relationships are less dangerous for the children. A man who has taken vows to his new wife is commited to her and her children. Some of the tragedies are also corelated with poverty and drugs.

However, the notion of disposable marriages and not solving your problems is potentialy harmful to your children. The mental health profession has been influenced somewhat by the deranged lefts anti family and free love pathologies. One's right to live a carefree life ends when you decided to have or father a child.
You have opted for the most rewarding challenge in life but now must bear the responsabilities.

Women and Men should understand that divorce and general lack of respect for each other are harmful to their children. Women should understand that they are potentially harming their children when they divorce. The mental health profession still largely lives by the myth of divorce does not harm women and children and that single parenthood is the equivalent or sometimes better then intact marriages. The worst thing a woman can do to her children is to use them as pawns in a battle with their ex.

Marriages like any other concept do fail . However the notions of mental health cost free divorce and preferable single parenthood are dangerous to children and to women themselves.

I will run part Chapter three of Daniel Flynn's Why the Left Hates America this Evening. Chapter 3 Radical Anti American Chic or in Beakerspeak Why the left thinks they are more intelligent and cooler then the rest of us. They are deluded about many things but they are clearly not as witty or comedicaly gifted. A simple look at the Disturbed er Disgruntled Chemists comedic ineptitude and profanity vs the wit and verve shown in this blog at times and on Mr Beamishes blog often prove the point.
It is near impossible to be comedic when one is walking around in a self loathing morally self righteous fog of delusion.

I finished a post that may run on Bad Eagle based upon environmentalism and Jared Diamond. The tentative title is Paradise Never Was . I am proud to help Dr Yeagley who is a friend in any way I can . Dr Yeagley will be looking for guest Op ed pieces. Several of you with Blogs should consider rerunning classics. Dr Yeagley is a friend to Conservatives and American Patriots. Let us promote our blogs and help a good man at the same time.

Viva El Presedente Senor Bemish 08, Ducky to be seved with Salsa and 167 Adios via con Dios.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Daniel Flynn Chapter 2 The Roots of Anti Americanism

Daniel Flynn points to four sources of left wing hatred for America. I am not surprised that many of these pathologies plauge our friends in Australia. Without even realizing it Flynn may have painted a larger picture. However there is little doubt that the USA and Israel get the lions share of the far left vitriol.

The first source is the classic far left version of Marxism. The Marxist needs to sow dissent and ever since the days of Lenin has pursued Revolutionary defeatism. Communists will readily side with our nations enemies and be their formost advocates.The true Marxist readily will sacrafice anything to bring about his utopia. The revolutionary requires the destruction of the exsisting order to hope that his Utopia will emerge from the chaos.

The in house advocate for this is Ducky who aslo has evidence of influences of other categorioes. Now be a good official troll and demonstrate my point/

The second source is the Marcusian based victimology based Marxism. Society is divided into opressed people and opressors. This should be comedic fodder as no group has oppresed more people then Marxists themselves. Placing people in Gulags or the Chinese equivalent is slavery via Marx. Oddly the official victim at the moment
are Muslims who have the second greatest history of creating human misery wherever
they go. We are supposed to believe that Slavery, Colonialism , Jim Crow via the Koran are different then their Western Corolaries. I also readily point out all of the pathologies I just mentioned were practiced in Communist countries. This train of illogic would be comedic if it did not have a cottage industry dedicated to its preservation. Victims studies departments that are thinly disguised advocacy in reality .

167 falls into this category and into the next.

The final two sources are drumroll Relativism and Multiculturalism

The two are often linked and overlap . Multiculturalism means anything other then exsisting dominant culture. In practice there is nothing wrong with learning about
other cultures. In reality we get a warped vision where Americas warts are exagerated
and those of third world, Marxist and Islamic culture are airbrushed. The Islamic Colonization and brutal treatment of genuine indigenous people is not mentioned at all. Imaginary indigenous people are cause celbre and the deification of Palestinians is an insult to real indigenous people world over. I have made a more factual case for a Nation of Brooklyn and it is in the archives. However the second one talks about Muslim history the reflexive cry of Racism eminates from the left.
Muslims, Arabs , Pseudostinians and Jews do not constitute races in any coherent thought. There are plenty of other abhorent Marxist and Third World practices but they aren't mentioned.

Relitivism is a fairly insidious concept and I will give thanks to the great Richard Poe for explaining this to me at Moonbat Central. If all cultures are equal and good and evil do not exsist then all behaviors are cultural variants. This means that as terrorism , slavery, human sacrafice, genocide , ethnocide etc are practiced historically or currently there is nothing wrong with them. In a world with no standards everyone will define deviancy downwards and slavery , killing nonbelievers , homosexuals or female non virgins becomes a cultural variant. A world with no standards is far more dangerous then one dominated by the concepts in Western Civ, Marx excepted.

Coming up Next Chapter 3 Anti American Chic. This explains why leftists think they are smarter and more cool then the rest of us. In reality Marxists are more retro then yesterdays bell bottom Jeans and the Sex Pistols.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to Peking and 167 to the Museum of Commie relics.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Welcome Bad Eagle Readers and an Introduction for regular readers to Bad Eagle

I would like to thank Dr Yeagley for providing a small ( but growing) blog with a large platform . Dr Yeagley is my friend , teacher and role model whose words of wisdom are always refreshing. Bad Eagle is his brain child a home for Native American patriots and their allies. Bad Eagle Forums are a reflection of the diverse intrests of Dr Yeagley who can best be described as a Renaisance man.

Regular Bad Eagle readers should readily recognize my name as until recently I was fairly active in the forum. However my site has grown much larger and I just do not have the time I once did. Regular Bad Eagle readers will also recognize Warren who is my best friend in the blogosphere. Warren has been an invaluble friend and he has a much better blog that can be viewed by the link that says Long Range on the right.

I started this blog with one reader and was immediately mobbed by anti semitic trolls from the UK. Warren and I took no quarter and battled them for months. Along the way two new friend showed up Jason Pappas and Mr Beamish showed up. The trolls fled and reappeared every once in a blue moon. Jason has a great blog called Liberty and Culture . Mr Beamish is reknown for his brilliant and Comedic posts and like Warren is also part Native American. His blog is called the Crankfiles is on the right.

One day a new friend visited Jason and I introduced her to our cast of friends. Always on the Watch is an excellent blog with a readership ten times my size. She maintains a high readership by excellent posts and being a great hostess. Other notable friends are Eshter of Outside the blogway and Rob Bayn/ Justin Morris of Official Reality Check. Felis of Democracy Frontline in Australia also has a huge blog.

My nephew Drummaster does much of the works behind the sceenes because I am a klutz.
Lastly Elijah from Canada is a good friend with an interesting blog.

Welcome to the Beak Speaks . Long term Bad Eagle readers are familiar with Beakerkinisms. If any of you have a blog or are thinking about starting a blog feel free to ask questions or promote your blog.

My trademark post ending

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky (Official Blog Troll) to the shooting arcade and 167 ( legendary talentless troll) pushing up dandelions.

Perils of reading Daniel Flynn

Daniel Flynn is a brilliant no prisoners type of author. He is direct and to the point . Often when making a larger point one of his smaller points is an eye opener.
There are those who prefer the eloquence of a VS Naipul. The best writing style is that of Monica Crowley who is direct but still eloquent.

Few people are aware that there was a series of anarchist and Communist terrorist incedents around the turn of century. Around 1920 a bomb exploded on Wall Street killing 40. If one looks closely at the building across the street from the stock exchange one can discern evidence of that explosion three sories above the street level. The left does not talk of these series of bombings. The left does not talk of serious espionage commited by the Commies. They talk endlessly of McCarthyism but fail to note there were major spies.

Another factor is 90% of the original founders of the Comunist Party were foriegn born. There were eight Communist newspapers printed and none of them were in English.
Communism is a foriegn ideology enimical to the American way of life.

Communist practice the concept of "Revolutionary Defeatism". This pattern of siding with a countries enemies dates back to Lenin. This also explains the current perfidity of the deranged far left. The hope of the far left is that a defeated and disillusioned America will be ripe for revolution. The academic airheads may believe this but it shows how out of touch they really are.

Consequently, Commies know this and they go through a series of bait and switch games to hide their identities. The usual names Commies call themselves are greens, socialists, anarchists and progressive. Do not buy these false labels and listen to the responses. The stench of Communism is familiar to the trained observer.

Beamish in 08, Ducky prepare for the shake and bake bag, 167 Guyanna man has some left over Kool aid from the Jim Jones party.

General News

There seems to be some disruption in service at Blogger.

The sequel to my Bad Eagle Post will be running at David Yeagleys weblog. We thank Dr Yeagley for his generosity and kindness. I am working on another series on Environmentalism, Indigenous People and false Utopia based largely on Jared Diamond.
That post may or may not run on Bad Eagle in the future. If it does not run at Dr Yeagley's excellent site it will run here in some form.

David Horowitz's new book is under attack before people have ever read the book. My copy of his latest book shall arrive in days . I would have done it sooner but my copy is enroute from California. I chose to get an autographed copy and make a tax deductable donation at the same time.

I am hardly surprised that people who don't read Horowitz readily attack him. The Disgruntled Chemist is an example of this behavior. After he ran three anti Horowitz posts I asked him how many David Horowitz books have you read. The answer was zero but I read a few articles. No doubt I could have asked the same question about Ann Coulter or the most under rated giant Richard Poe and recieved the same response. A typical example of ignorance was 167's description of Mr Poe as a hell bound Zionista. Mr Poe seldom ever writes about Israel at all and is not Jewish. The deranged 167 may have confused Prof Plaut with Mr Poe. Prof Plaut is excellent reading and he dismantles the lies of anti semitic Commie types with ease.

I urge those of you with blogs to pick up a copy of the Professors and lets do our own reviews. Lets not let the modern day know nothings decide what books we will read. If a liberal starts talking just ask how many Horowitz , Coulter, Malkin or Richard Poe books have you read. If they answer that they have ask basic questions and verify as most far left types are known to have a wide definition of truth.

I also have Mark Levins book on order and it should arrive next week . Mark Levin has the best radio show in the USA. He is a Constitutional Scholar and a Reaganite and doesn't mince words. His humor and combative style are a delight and woe unto
the Anti Semitic leftie that calls. If you are in an area that can pick up his show tune in .

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Group Rights vs individual Rights A Farmer John Special

I seldom do this type of post as only my dedicated core readers will enjoy this post.
I try to stick with serialized books and current events and a rare comedy bit. However, I am sometimes wrong about the readers intrest. The post on Bad Eagle was a cutting room post but ran well there. The Straus and Rand posts also proved better then I guessed. Mr Beamish proved me 100% wrong and knows his stuff and then some.

While researching the Ward Churchill post a substory is the perversion of Civil Rights by the followers of Marcuse. Traditionalist like 90% ofthe readers here accept individual rights as the basis of Civil Rights. Our Constitutional Rights are individual rights . Liberty is the right of every citizen until it infringes on someone else. However one does not have the right to Sedition, Treason or to communicate with terrorists to facilitate criminal acts.

Marcuse or Folk Marxism replaced the worker with scores of disgruntled minorities. Thus we have the absurdities of entire world views focusing on opressed vs the opressors. The USA is the largest Capatalist country and the Jew is the symbol of Capitalism. Thus via the Marcuse based Marxist idiocy the USA and Israel are subjected to standards of behavior applied no where else. Jews are no longer victims so Marxists play word games and substitute Zionist and Neocon for Jooooo. How a religion whose people have opressed more people then anyother except Marxism itself got to the top of the victims list is astonishing.

The Marcusian Marxist insist upon anti American concept as group rights. Rights do not belong to groups and the litany of groups is endless. We should strive for equality of opportunity. This does not mean in any definition equality of outcomes.
We should not gerrymander results to fit a social engineers mathamatical formulas. New discrimination does not reward victims of previous wrongs.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to the down factory and 167 Hasta La Vista and do not write.

Back up and running and FIGHT BACK

I visited several blogs of people and was amazed at the troll problem on some blogs.
My best friend in the blogosphere Warren and I found ourselves hip deep in anti semitic Commie trolls at the lauch of this blog. Warren and I did not run from the fight we dug in and went on the offensive. By the time Jason Pappas and Mr Beamish arrived the fight was winding down . However Jason scares the Communists to death as Libertarians are the worst nightmare of Commies. No more government Cheese and absurd leaps of logic from the deranged far out insane Left.

Beakers rules of engagement

1 Do not be ashamed to ask for help. If you are being trolled let myself, AOW or Jason know. You aren't alone in the fight against Utopians. Most of us will readily do battle with a Commie, Jihadi or deraged Green.

2 Size up the enemy properly and tailor your counter attack correctly.

3 Treat sincere opposition fairly and always hold the door open . Thus I do not beat up on patriotic liberals. For example Rob told us coherently why he disagreed. Jason Pappas whom I respect highly and I have had different opinions but we always respect each other.

4 Do not loose sleep over labels thrown by the far left. I have been called everything by critics except Bealzabub. Having said that Ducky will include it in his next post.Your enemies and critics do not define you as much as your friends .
I am proud of each one of my friends and stand by them . When friends disagree it not the end of the world.

5 Go on the offensive and do not be afraid to use the same labels. If your enemy is a Communist focus and show no mercy and expect none. If you troll is an anti semite or a racist say it.

6 Comedy is our secret weapon so use it.

7 If a statement is absurd don't let it go example "Iraqis are not Arabs". Only if one is an Assyrian , Kurd or Turkoman. The name 167 stems from a boast about a mythical IQ claim. Warren brilliantly decided that the name should stick. I saw it on another blog and fell out of my chair.

8 Develop your own style of getting under trolls skins. For unknown reasons anti semites get crazy over the Jooooooo spelling. Contrary to popular belief I did not invent that I say it on Free Republic. I added Mooooooslim, Hindoooooo, Booooodist and some others.

9 Have fun while going on the attack and remember Commies are intellectualy inbred and are consequently soft. They congregate in insular groups of like minded individuals and compette to say the most absurd things.

10 Take your enemies posts and blow them up on your site. They can't edit your site and take advantage of it. Had I used the traditional links rather then the more time consuming explosion method 167 could say I never said that. He deleted his archives at least twice.

11 Do not be afraid to venture into hostile territory. However do not do elaborate posts as your troll will delette them.

12 Remember to be patient and persistant.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to KFC and 167 have a Jooooo translate this Am Yisroel Chai

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Daniel Flynn Why the Left hates America Chapter 1

The general mantra of the self loathing American after 9-11 was that we deserved the terrorist attack for any of a host of reason. The media widely portrayed Falwell's stupid attempts to blame 9-11 on Gays. The media ignored the Antisemitic hate rally in Union Square attended by 2,000 on the Saturday after 9-11. Long term Bad Eagle readers and readers of this blog are aware of that story.

Flynn points to numerous examples of hostility towards expressions of patriotism. Colleges and some locales insist on removing the American flag as it might offend some people. They also defend the right to burn the flag. This is a moronic argument as anyone who is in the USA has no right to dictate my freedom of expression in my own house. Burning a flag involves symbolic speech and is another matter. I find burning of anything odious personaly . However I am curious to what would happen if every time a leftie burned a flag Conservatives responded by burning pictures of Marx , Chomsky , Osama. Setting uncontolled fies is a violation of local laws. In Union Square I had an unfortunate accident with Shaken Mountain Dew and put out the fire. The policemen laughed as the lefties cry to arrest me was laughed at.

Americans on the left feel an intellectual superiority by playing up the alleged evils of America. At the same time they white wash the evils of Communism, Islam and third world nations. The apex of this idiocy is the anti semitic Commie 167 who claimed Iranian elections and criminal justice are fairer then those in the USA. The comedic value of a gay man defending a country that executes gays was priceless. Rob Bayn who some of you seldom agree with defended the USA. REgular readers of this blog should not be surprised that Justin Morris and I took him apart. Similarly Ducky and the Disturbed Chemist have felt a need to link the Muslim cartoon furor over the Guliani administrations defunding of an exhibit that portrayed a crucifix in urine. Defunding and protesting are legitimate responses to expressions one disagrees with. Threatening terrorist attacks are an illegitamate response to the offending images.

Flynn recounts many of the more odious words of professors on Campuses and the idiotic statement blaming 9-11 on the Crusades. All of these rationalizations miss the point. We were attacked by a band of religious zealots acting in the name of Islam. Osama could care less about the history of the USA with regards to slavery and treatment of Native Americans. In Fact Islamic history itself has greater links to slavery and brutalization of indigenous people. Osama does not care about Kyotto,
the Durban Racist meetings and up until a few years ago said little about the Pseudostinians.

The left thinks it is morally superior to side with the most regressive regimes on the planet. Yet it holds the USA and Israel to absurdly high standards that apply to no other countries. Such a view is the worst type of moral relitivism. Smacking airplanes into office buildings and shooting school children in the back are crimes against humanity and not cultural variants.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky deBEAKED and 167 adios muchacha via condios and don't let the door hit you on the rear.

I think I saw a picture of one of my favorite bloggers Jason Papas on a milk carton.