Saturday, September 30, 2006

Beakerkin goes to Rutgers

I was very impressed with Rutgers. I went to a college with no dorms and no campus.
My colleg life was rich but my friends and I went home to our individual homes across the city.

I am the rare type that enjoys institutional food. Maybe next time I will step into the dreaded cafeteria. Meanwhile I am enjoying Popeye's Chicken in the nearby locale.

Just arrived

I am on my way to visit Drummaster in Rutgers. Luckily it is the weekend and I will not have to deal with Marxist faculty.I am certainly glad I am not in Drummasters shoes. Luckily, I attended business school so my exposure was rather limited. However, there were Cuban and Eastern European emigres who did not take any BS from those sorts. Drummaster will have to deal with these types in his own way. I will see if I can get him to post a comment or two

Friday, September 29, 2006

Read 167 favorite Joooo Carol Gould in FPM

There is a severe problem with an anti-semitic obsession in the UK. Most people assume it wacked out jihadist types. However, there is a rather large and vocal Communist far left stench of anti-semitic furor in the UK. This stench is also on Ameican shores near Univesities. If Felis ever makes it here it may be in Oz to a small extent as well.

There are plenty of normal people in the UK such as our friend Mark Alexander. On the blogosphere one can read the musings of the insane Gay Dane from the UK. The Purple Avenger has the best desciption of 167 " weapons grade crazy" in his links section. One can also visit the Snagglepuss of anti semitic laziness Gert in the Marxist treif section of MZ's blog.

I want to stress the common denominator to all of the familiar Jooooo obsessed anti-semitic dolts we see, Communism. 167, Gert, Weazie, Duncy and Uptown all try to play the shuck and jive game. However, their red roots are fairly obvious to any observer.
Oh Weazie please regale our readers with your stooooooopid 9-11 conspiracy theories.
Most of these dolts have readerless blogs or no blog and zero social skills. John Brown and Robert Lindsay are quite open about their Communism. Lindsay is also open about his drug abuse as well.

I do not mention Janice in the familiar list of Communist anti semites. Janice is too
stupid to qualify as a Communist. She is so dumb that she makes Uptown look like a scholar. Uptown is just too lazy to read, but Janice is a full blown moron. I have read many blogs in my day, but her brand of stupidity wins the award. Warren and I have visited some strange sites. There was an insane anti American Canadian dimwit who called herself Jedi Master Bi&*&*Tch and 167's odd posts, but Janice wins dumbest blogger.

Mr Beamish in 08

Road trip

I am on my way back to NYC and should reach there by midnight. I could have elected to leave tomorow morning. However. The sailing should be fine and is easy from work.
There is a ferry that crosses Lake Champlain and sets one off around fifteen minutes from route 87. I will avoid the temptation to eat at Gus's Red Hots as Michigan Dogs will pose a problem on a long trip. Albany is 180 miles from the turn off and should hit the New Baltimore rest stop by 10pm. After Albany I have 100 miles to the Garden state and then everything becomes fast as I have a short stretch on 80 and then the famed NJ Turnpike. The it is across the Goethals and an easy trip home.

I do not enjoy the long drive, but it is much better at night.

Beamish in 08. Next stop NYC.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

My problems with Dershowitz

Prof Dershowitz is a decent enough man but he tends to lump people togetherfor no reason. He lumps Chomsky, Kahane, Jesse Jackson, Pat Buchanan and Norman Podhoretz into a group of people he disagrees with. He is fairly tough on all of them but lets look at this a bit more coherntly.

Norman Podhoretz is a main stream political figure and does not belong with the rest of the cast. One can disagree with Podhoretz or Dershowitz and regognize that they are well intentioned.

Pat Buchanan is a classic anti-semite who runs to defend every Nazi war criminal. His well known history is a disgrace to the GOP. However, he does not belong in the same group as Jesse Jackson or Chomsky.

Rabbi Kahane is not someone I have ever admired or been sympathetic with. His notion of a religious State would be a disaster. However the exodus of far left Chomsky types would be the only good benefit. People may disagree with Kahane but the reality of endless war is also insane.

Jesse Jackson is an anti-semitic fraud whose financial shakedowns should have landed him in the slammer a long time ago. Jackson is a Communist apologist for Cuba, the late Yasser Arafat and any Communist or Muslim thug whose anti- American venom he shares. His excuse for his anti semitic idiocy is that Jews agree with him. Jacson leaves out the fact that these " Jews " are Communists like himself.

Jackson's payments to his mistress should have been investigated. How did Jackson's kids just happen to get a Budwieser distributorship? His shakedowns of corporations are well known and border on extortion.

Lastly there is the poster boy for everything wrong in Academia. Noam Chomsky is a linguist whose mediocre works should remain there. His behavior with witnesses from Cambodia and defending Holocaust deniers should have got him fired and ostracized.
Instead he speaks before padded rooms in Universities and on mindless forums where his duplicity is never challenged. He will appear on Democracy Now and get questioned by a comotose sycophant. He will not appear on a forum with Dr Monica Crowley who would embarass him.

His treasonous seditious musings are little more than University gas. Lets see corporate media is a joke when his worthless books are found everywhere and are sold via Univerity decree. Leave it to a political hack who has benefited from Communist domination of Social Science Departments and has never sold almost zero books on skill to complain about corporate media.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Long odds and some good news

At the eleventh hour around fifteen of my coworkers were spared the buget ax. These coworkers had served more than four years and had not passed the test or were in classifications not eligible for permanent rehire. Many of these workers are old timers nearing the end or low paid clerks. I am happy they were extended and that they have been granted another four months.

I did not make the cut, but there is always next time. Candidates must first pass a writing test. Then they are graded by payscale, lenth of service, type of degree, productivity. A major factor is if you have attended training in GA. I am short on the snoirity list and did not attend training in GA due to foul ups in personell. However, when I leave at the end of January I will be able to compette with Grad students, but below lawyers. Most of the people ahead of me will be swept off the books. I will have passed and that is good for three years. There is also the longershot openings in DC, but those max out at or $75,000.

It was a minor miricale that I was even allowed to take the test. I beat the long odds to pass the test. I am annoyed that some people who knifed me in the back to improve their chances were taken. However, many friends were picked up and it will be good to have my cubicle neighbor back. I always thought I would beat him out the door. He will return as a permanent hire but he earned that spot. Most of the aplicants who made it are friends and my journey does not end.

There is some irony if I do make into the system and back to NYC I would work in the Freedom Tower when it opens. My journey would begin and end in the same place.

Beamish in 08.

Test jiters and you.

The truth is that my superiors knew well before I did the results of my test. In fact a couple of them were shocked I passed considering I slept two hours before the exam and had 101 temperature. The reality is that I may not do well in anticipation of a high stress test. However, when it comes time to perform under pressure I am calmer than my peers. I worked in professions that had multiple tasks and impossible deadlines. I did not freeze under pressure, but many with better skills did.

My boss knows that I tend to perform better when slightly tired because there is no extra energy to be nervous. The job at hand must be done and I never looked at my watch or the clock. I simply wrote an essay and paused to use spell check after every second paragraph.

Now that I have passed the test I want to point out every criticism of it is valid. The test itself is almost unrelated to what we do. Moreover, the key skill in my job is logic and cutting through extraneous information. The test itself does have an age and occupational bias. The percentage of people that pass decreases markedly with age. Moreover, lawyers and recent college graduates pass in much higher proportions than do experienced workers. These college graduates are routinely out performed by those with life experience.

I am glad that several of my close friends passed. In reality we compette against ourselves. Should I get passed over I would remain a candidate for future rounds there is always the next round or other offices. I am a candidate in Washington DC but there are a mere four openings there. There is another term position for next year as well.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Selection day

On Thursday the powers that be will select their final twenty candidates. I am in the group but not a favorite. My seniority is low but I have actually worked the job.
If I make the cut that is fine, but if I do not I will wish those who do the best. I am also in the running for spots in the DC office.

However, at some point I will be sent to GA for six weeks of training. It is near the Fla border in the middle of nowhere. If I fail that then I would get terminated.
I guess I would drive to NYC and stop there.

Friday marks the end of the road for many of my coworkers. Some of them have been with the Federal Government for thirty years. Many of them have families and some of them are a couple of years from Social Security. I will miss my friends and if I do not make this cut I will join them at the end of January.

It is a good job and right now I compette with Grad students for available jobs. However, if there is another extension I would be bumped to lawyer level and that would improve my chances markedly.

I will let everyone know on Thursday but the Goverment tends to take its time. To the best of my knowledge none of the departing people are active candidates.

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Debt of Gratitude To Mark Alexander

Recently, I took a competitive exam that would enable me to be a candidate for permanent hire. The odds of passing this writing test are around 15%. The vast preponderance of people who pass are people fresh out of college and lawyers.

We were told one can not study for this exam. We were told that either one has the ability or one does not.

I refused to accept those myths. I quickly realized that my style would not pass that exam. I went through books of short essays and one book stood out above the rest. Mark Alexander's simple no frills writing style worked like a charm. I examined Mark Alexander's sentence style for One Hundred hours. Mark's style made the rules of grammar come alive.

My passing this exam does not ensure that I will get a permanent job. However, I have cleared a major hurdle and remain a viable candidate for the next three years minimum.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bad Fun

I hate to admit this but the Mel Gibson drunk driving game is a blast. One has to avoid state troopers and pick up bottles of tequila. Hava negila is playing as the theme music and a Rabbi is throwing Jewish stars at Mel. The game is so poorly made but anti PC that it is fun.

I found the game by typing in Mel Gibson Drunk Video Game in Google.

Mr Beamish in 08.

Bill Clinton still classless and clueless

I am on the record not blaming Clinton for 911. However, Clinton has stood bye as the obscene attacks on President Bush who was in office merely eight months when 9-11
occurred. The left has droned on with a plethora of conspiracy theories and Clinton has done nothing. Moreover, Clinton ran to Ground Zero before Bush in an effort to upstage the current President. His wife made up a false story about Chelsea jogging in front of the WTC complex. Excuse me any NYC resident knows that is absurd. Joggers tend to go to the Park on the far West. Chelsea was nowhere near the WTC she was on Park Avenue South four miles from the site.

Now we have the Clintoon temper tantrum on Fox. Clintoon spends a long time on Somalia but did he mention who turned down the request for armor. Does anyone ask about his non-effort at the original WTC bombing in 93. He never visited the site at all.

He has never been thoroughly questioned about the Sudanese offer. The closest we get is Christiana Amanpour and he claims confusion. The tapes available on the net do not seem confused.

Clinton also waits to do something on the eve of the Lewinsky testimony. Some of you think it is a coincedence, but I don't. This is the same clown that took a poll on where he should take a vacation.

The problem with Clinton is he thinks the whole world revolves around him. Democrats
ruined their chances for years by standing with human garbage durring impeachment. Moreover, Clintons crimes pale in any serious comparison to Watergate. Richard Nixon had the grace and the class to move ahead and help any President. This model is not followed by the failed President Jimmy Carter or to a lesser extent Clintoon who seek to undermine the administration and blame America first.

Lets see according to NostraClinton 9-11 happened because of the sins of slavery, Crusades and the persecution of Native Americans.

1 No ethnicity has a longer track record of slavery than the Arabs.
2 The USA was founded long after the Crusades. Moreover, the real victims of that event were Jews. Clinton also forgets the Muslim invasions of Europe and Anatolia. He also ignores wholescale slaughter in Persia and India.
3 The Muslim brutality against Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Hindus and Bhudists continue till this day. Arabs brutalize Jews for 1400 years and have the nerve to demand even more land from Jews and cry victim. Where are the states for Christians who are fleeing for their lives. This line and reasoning shows Clinton must have inhaled plenty or is a total moron.

The bottom line is that the Clintons lack class. You can put them in Scarsdale and
place them on a pedestal, but they are both egotistical trash without a clue.

Beamish in 08

More Stupidity From Greg

Greg keeps on proving that he is a moron in every sense of the word. His venture with Saba Hope hit the rocks. It seems that someone threatened Saba and that is an outrage. However, it is clear who did it and why. Moreover, the dimwit still seems to point the finger at Jewish zealots.

Even in NYC people who speak out against Islam or mention the true history of Islam are threatened. I have friends in the Coptic community of NJ who readily tell me of the abuses they face in Egypt. I asked why they do not speak out. The answer is you do not understand. I have been threatened several times for speaking out about the colonial history of Islam and the abuses of a wide array of people.

However, I am an American and nobody silences me. Any Commie or Jihadi that want to try are in for a long bitter fight. This is not Cuba or Saudi Arabia and if you do not like it leave. Moreover, if you break our laws we should denaturalize you and toss you out permanently. If you are involved with terrorism we should send you to meet Allah and Stalin.

Greg fails once again to understand that his hope is as elusive as a pipe dream. There is a reason that the vast preponderance of ethnic conflicts involve Islam. Moreover, any discussion over who has abused whom between Jew and Muslim is a serious joke. There are no Palestinians, there never were Palestinians and the real context of this fight has alwys been Pan Arabism. A Jewish State in a sea of Colonized Arab land is anathema to the religious Nazis. There is a ton of Arab land already and there is no reason Arabs should have used generations of their bretheren as human hockey pucks. Arabs made the problem and Jews should not have to fix a problem created by Arabs, especially when there is tons of stolen land readilly available for Arabs. Jews settled their own refugees and it is time Arabs stopped the absurd fake ethnicity angle and settled their own.

The people that threatened Saba are quite typical of what Arabs face. Does the mindless Greg think that all the lynched colaberators actually collaberate with Israel. Welcome to the lawless jungle where people are lynched without trial by mob justice. Welcome to the lawless jungle where people may be lynched because they differ from the political thoughts of the religious zealots. Welcome to the jungle where sexual paradise is obtained by blowing up Jews in Pizzerias. Welcome to the jungle where Gays are lynched and flee for their lives to Israel and elsewhere. Welcome to the jungle where Communazis from the West aid and encourage this degeneration of humanity.

The reality is that Gregs pipe dream of peace remains a pipe dream. 1400 years of Islamo brutality is not an accident. Who does Greg want peace with Hamas, Al Aqsah or the corrupt Red Fattah?

The rest of us live in reality while Greg dreams.

Beamish in 08

They just don't comprehend

Outraged Muslim clerics are demanding that the Pope resign. Have these clerics figured out that they have no say in who the Pope is? This is yet another example of
Muslims thinking that they are the center of the Universe. No doubt the Commie far left will placate and stoke this slight. They have had issues with this Pope as he was a key factor in getting the Revolutionary Theology bit out of the Church.

These same Muslim clerics may think that the rest of the planet is unaware of their own statements. However, one can easily go to Memri and find no shortage of statements urging violence against non Muslims. The time has come to say to these clerics shut up and look in the mirror.

No doubt Muslims will be angry about something next week. Maybe they will demand Mr Clean wear a Kafiyah next? If this is not the case we can rail about Israel? If not Israel we can complain about India? Enough allready.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Preview the experimental site

I am constructing a new and improved Beta site. Take a look at . The links are not complette, but woring in Beta is much easier. For now the site is my backup in case of an attack or crash of the original site.

Desrowitz likeable but misses the boat

Alan Dershowits is genuinely likable for a liberal. However, like most liberals he has zero difficulty lacing into Meir Kahane, anti Semitic Presidents of Harvard or Podhoretz. Yet along the way he notes the anti Semitic idiocy of the far left Abbie Hoffman, Angela Davis, William Kunstler, Noam Chomsky etc. However, Dershowitz still ends up working with these idiots,despite the fact that they are venomous anti- Semites.

Dershowitz describes Jewish members of the staff as house Jews. These house Jews serve management and allow questionable practices to go ahead on campus. Dershowitz fails to note a similar variant on the left we call gooood Joooooos. The Marxist/Communist anti-zionist Jooooish brigades are defacto Communists. When the Universities hire Jews it is not Jews like Dershowitz who clearly knows and follows the faith. The Jooooos they hire tend to be Commies like Joel "deranged" Kovell and Norman " Finky" Finkelstein. Marxists are not Jews, Americans or any other members of ethnicity.

Here is where Dershowitz makes a great error. There is zero shortage of Jewish Communists. Many of them actively promote their careers by catering to the anti-semitic far left. The reality is that one can not be a Jew and serve two Gods at one time. The creation of a Utopian wonderland on earth is also apostasy. Communists and Marxists are not Jews in any definition. They are servants of a death cult whose evil
history is self evident by any sane observer. Thus when one is a Communist reality and morality is flexible because all work by Communists themselves should be viewed as suspect. The Duck, who has never read Bat Yeor, readily criticizes her work as a tool of AIPAC. He gets all bent out of shape if we point out Chomsky and Fanon's red roots and worthless scholarship. Moreover far left types treat Finkelstein's alleged
examination of Joan Peters book From Time Immemorial as fact. They fail to note Finkelsteins communist worldview alone coupled with boatloads of antisemitic remarks
and Holocaust minimization make anything pronounced by him suspect. The left also
dismisses the same examination of Noam Chomsky's career as political. Chomsky's record of lies flubs and bigotry is outlined in the anti-Chomsky reader.

The reality is that Dershowitz for all his brilliance mistakes the true nature of Communism. While Communists talk about Social Justice, this is lip service at best. In reality these clowns are apologists for class Genocide, treason, sedition and have a lengthy history of deception.

The reality is the reason he would not be hired on a University today is this Marxist anti-semitic cabal would never allow his type to get an interview. If he had
pursued any of these pro-Israel positions before he got tenure he would find his scholarship targeted for criticism or be denied tenure on "charachter". Marxists talking about "charachter" is a sick joke. An appologist for class gennocide, planned starvation and theft is hardly an arbiter of " charachter".

Friday, September 22, 2006

Beta Blues

I have been tweaking the blog a bit. I like some of the options that Beta offers. Beta with a brand new blog makes life easy. I will be looking at the bells and whistles. If I were starting up a brand new venture Beta does make life much easier.

I have my own backup blog where I am experimenting with Beta. I am looking at the invisible blog option. Should a future John Brown infestation occur one of the features controls who has acsess.

Reality and the surreal

A poster talks about the plight of the Holocaust survivors. Holocaust Survivors were very familiar to me growing up. They were friends, the people next door and sometimes relatives. The topic was well known within the community, but not one that was commonly discused. A person may have discussed those episodes in passing, but protracted conversations were rare.

The topics was certainly not taboo, but not something discussed. There was no point in bringing it up gratuitously. However, it was a constant and explained some odd habits of people within the community. The lady down the block with a sandwich in her purse wrapped in foil was one such person.

We go through our lives and along the way our lives are changed by events. The other day I ran into a wonderful coworker who was moved to another facility. She asked me if I still run my fan in the winter. Another coworker was aware of why I run the fan
and a glance between us was unspoken. I laughed and told her of course. The reason I run my fan is the white noise cancels out the low flying airplanes that fly over my desk. Only a handfull of people know of my whereabouts on 9-11. That coworker who asked is one of the few that knows. However, what seems to be an odd quirk is something more complex.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dershowitz on the Holocaust

Chutzpah is a generational view as my father's generation seems to hold views quite similar to Alan Dershowitz. The role of Poland and the Holocaust is complex, but my father's generation as well as survors talk of complicity. I am reminded that a member of my family was among those who perished in the Keilce poroms after the Holocaust. I do not blame today's Pole's or Germans who have absolutely nothing to do with the crimes of their grand parents.

That being said the anti- semitic element in the Polish American community Dershowitz describes must be very minute. I have visited Greenpoint and worked with first and second generation Poles and never run into it. Every community has its nuts
and crack pots. The nuts and crack pots of the Jewish community are Chomsky, Finkelstein, Koevell, Elis and Lerner. Dershowitz seems to carefuly omit the common denominator of our crack pots, communism. How Dershowitz neglects to point out that Chomsky warped idiotic comments stem from a Marxist view point remains unknown?

Dershowitz details Chomsky's role in promoting a French Holocaust Denier. The key to Chomsky's defense is that the Holocaust deniers claim that Zionist hype the Holocaust. Thus Chomsky's protegee accamic fecal matter Norman Finkelstein makes a similar argument and is a Holocaust minimizer. The abuse of genuine history should come as no surprise as Commies are quite fond of rewriting history. Why Universities would employ people with such a proclivity towards duplicity remains unknown.

Dershowitz also takes on Buchanan who is a classic anti semite. Buchanan is a nut who runs to defend every Nazi war criminal. Dershowitz details the evidence against Demanjuk and it was conclusive. On a more odd note, why would the KGB wait fifty plus years to manufacture evidence to convict an autoworker. Buchanans other remarks
about a busload of kids trapped in a DC tunnel casting doubts of carbon monoxide poisoning are part of a general pattern of anti semitism. Thus when Buchanan rails about Neo-con cabals, he is reinforcing a well westablished pattern of anti-semitism.

Dershowitz would probably not be hired today because of his pro-Israel views at most Universities. Moreover, even prominent author Julius Lester recounts the abuse and problems a pro-Israel accademic has in a Black studies department in his book Lovesong. Today Prof Lester teaches in the Jewish studies department.

Dershowitz tels many great truths in his book, but he leaves the ultimate source of mindless anti-semitism untouched. To paraphrase Slick Willy "......Its the Commies stupid". Any discussion of mindless anti-semitism without the culpability of communists misses the mark.

Dershowitz is still entertaining, but he needs to scrutinize those on the left a tad more.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

All in the Beakerkin Family part 2

Archie Beakerkin: I wish you would stop placing Malt Liquor in the fridge. It gives that jerk Uptown Jefferson an excuse to come in and raid my refrigerator. He is a Golberg's grocery demandng that they sell Black hair care products.
TMW: Be nice Archie, Uptown is our nieghbor. You wouldn't want him to feel unwelcome in our home.
Archie: Am I miscommmunicating, the man is rude and a freeloader.
Ducky: Your real problem with him is because he is black.
Archie: He spends more time in my refrigerator than I do. The other day we ran out of Shapiro's Wine but there was plenty of Malt Liquor. He even eats all the bagels and Hebrew National products.

Speaking of freeloaders, I want you to stop having sex with my daughter and get a real job.

Ducky: Archie we are married. I got a certificate from city hall
TMW: Archie he is married to our daughter.
Archie: Let me see that. Of all the man my little girl could have married she picks an unemployable Commie PInko who watches art films. When are you going to get a real job like the rest of us.

TMW we are out of Hebrew National and no Miracle Whip.
TMW: Ducky said we should use Shofar products instead as the term Hebrew National is racist. Miracle Whip could be offensive to aethiests or people who are into S&M. Spic
and Span is...........
Archie: TMW why do you listen to the Commie Freeloader.
TMW: It is easier to shut him up.
Archie: Where is my Aunt Jemima Syrup.
Ducky: Aunt Jemimah is a racist term only appropriate when I use it to describe Condi Rice.
Archie: Aunt Jemimah is a beloved woman who sells products and is gainfully employed.
Ducky: She is a racist symbol of corporate greed.
Beakerambo: Me Mi Mi Me Huh????
Archie: You see my cousin. He looks like a freak can't string together a sentence and makes a living selling action figures and luchboxes. I wish he would stop sleeping with married women but he should be your role model.
Uptown: Your cousin is a mulato just look at the Don King hair and that is ebonics.
Beakerambo: Mi me mee meep Moronics.
Archie: What are you talking about? He has the family nose and has even been blood tested. His own parents didn't believe he was their kid. Apparently, smoking pot does have an effect on your kids.
Beakerambo: Mi me meeep %^%^% you Me
TMW: Archie you hurt your Cousins feelings.
Ducky: Can't you see that Beakerambo is exploited. He generates huge proffits and gets pennies on the dollar.
Beakerambo: Me meee meep Pinko. Me mmmeee meeep Out of here.
TMW: You all should be ashamed of yourselves picking on Beakerambo.
Archie: Well this is a first someone came into the house without raiding the refrigerator.
Beakerambo: Me me meep Forgot. Meep meepp me Thank you
Archie: Oh will you look at that he made off with my Pastami on Rye and Knish.
Beakerambo: Me mi meeep me
TMW: Well he did leave a gift.
Archie: I am not taking a Beakerambo lunchbox to work.
Uptown: Afraid to let your coworkers know you have a black cousin?
Archie: Beakerambo is not Black he is incoherent.
Ducky: That is not incoherence its ebonics.
Archie: Thats is TMW we are going out for dinner. Its the only way we can get pece and quiet around here.

Dershowitz describes Duncy

I disagree with Alan Dershowitz on many things. He was not a serious Cold Warrior. However, he did not create a fake tribunal with fake veterans and meet with the enemy in Paris. Moreover, genuine commie vermin like Duncy have been attacking Dershowitz for years. The Natioanal Laywers guild chapter in Boston ( Commie Front)
clled him a Fascist for his involvement with Anatoly Scharansky. Genuine Communist vermin, like Duncy, hate Dershowitz for his eloquence in defending Israel. He is the rare practing Jew who is on the left.

Dershowitz describes the idiocy of the poultry and others. His term is Judeopath and it fits the Dunce quite well. Lets see the Commie poultry has called me a Kahanist. A genuine Kahanist would be a marked improvement over a Communist. He has called me an inbred Lubavitcher and asked where are my payoth. He has made frquent Jew Nazi comparisons. Dershowitz calls this Judeopathy and the commie Duck is clearly guilty.

Dershowitz also recounts conversations with Jesse Jackal er Jackson. Jackson tries to hide his positions with the claim that prominent Joooos agree with him. Did we mention the prominent Jooos are Chomsky, Lerner, Finklestein are all Communists?

Dershowitz like most far left types fails to nail the virus in Universities, maybe as a member its passe. However, the vast preponderance of these anti-semites are actual communists.

In the coming days I will post the sections where Dershowitz deals with Chomsky, Jackson and Kahane. Unlike my dimwitted Isreali critic I have never been associated with Kahane. However, I will post sections as appropriate. Dershowitz fails to dismantle the clown prince of Judeopathy in the book Norman Finkola.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mad Poultry Disease and Veggietown Joins the Anti American Conspiracy Theory

Our fine feathered communist antisemitic poultry seems to be exceptionally bird brained. The Duck asked me where my "payoth were" and has called me an inbred Lubavitcher previously. The bird brained duck has called me a Kahanist. This must come as a great surprise to KahaneLoyalist at MZ's site. Why a person would attribute a secular type with Hasidic hairstyle or call someone an inbred Lubavitcher
is typical of the anti-semites we have seen from the left.

Welcome to the brand new world of All in the Beaker Family. Archie Beakerkin is the sane one and Duckhead is in bigoted overdrive.

Duck: Them zionists are evil and should give back the land to peaceul Palestinians
Archie Beakerkin: Lets see them Arabs have 22 states allready and have brutalized the Jews for 1400 years, but now you want to take land from the Jews and give it to the Arabs who have it in abundance.
Duck: Where is your payoth you inbred Kahanist Lubavitcher?
Uptown Jefferson: Thats right the government is run by a Cabal of Neocons and a corrut Oil Cartel.
Archie: Good lord look at what the wind blew in. Can't you knock like other people.
TMW: Oh be nice Archie Uptown just wanted to borrow some Malt Liquor and Bob Marley tapes.
Archie: I don't drink Malt liquor? I drink Shapiros Kosher wine.
TMW: I got some at Goldberg's market incase Uptown decided to visit.
Archie: Will you look at that Uptown is even eating my bagel and making off with my Hebrew National products.
Uptown: I can't but them in the market I gots an image to uphold.
Duck: The zionist Beakerkin just doesn't welcome you because your Black.
Uptown: Word Up my Brotha.
Archie: What else can go wrong I got a bird brain son in law and Malcolm Ex-lax on the right.
Uptown: Did you remember my black hair care products
TMW: Goldberg's doesn't sell them.
Uptown: Just deduct them from my reparations. Word up I am going to take my hoopdee over to my business Uptowns Exotic fish sticks. Our secret ingredient is fish.
Archie: Don't hit the door hit you on the way out.

Monday, September 18, 2006

A bonus post From Bad Eagle

Dr Yeagley has been inquiring about how Conservatives think about Native Americans and Native Americans Issues, this excludes poultry. For reasons that are unknown people tend to lump me in with the Conservatives. Several of our readers have Native American heritage including Uptown Steve who is also part celery as well.

I will begin with my opinion. The Native American is a inkblot for many people. What we see in them is more of a relection of us then what they are. In NYC Native Americans are one of the few groups I do not encounter. However as a NYC native people have to define themselves as individuals.

Where does a person with little or no contact with Native Americans prior to my time at Bad Eagle get their knowledge. My exposure is through neo-communist lite Social Science and history classes. Antropologists tend to portray tribal people as benign Marxist types. However, my professor went out of his way to stress the wide differences between Aztec, Onieda, Comanche and other societies. Grouping such divergent cultures together is as wrong as lumping Sweedes and Greeks together. Native American cultures like all others were a mix of good and bad. Some tribes were imperialistic and many practiced slavery, but so were the Europeans. There were also peaceful tribes and most practices some form of trade. Moreover, Native Americans readilly adapted available technology.

The other source is the media which fluctuates between blood starved sex crazed savages and all knowing wise men and Land o Lakes maidens. The current trend is towards all wise shamans. I do like the Indians in the Frisco Kid, but that is another story.

The problem most people have is a lack of contact. Do most of us see Native Americans in our daily lives. Do we see Native American truck drivers, military personel, teachers, house wives, musicians and yes farmers? On the rare times we see Native Americans on TV it is accademic goons using Native American history to further an anti American agenda.

Let Native Americans take back their history from the accademic neo-marxist social science dolts.Let them run their own business not limited to casinos. Let the non Native American profiteers recoup their investments and stop abusing Native American history.

I have zero problems with the special relationship and obligations my country has to Native Americans. However, I want to hear this from genuine Native Americans and not some freak creation of Neo-marxist goons in a Social Science department. America wants to hear what you want in your own voice.

Can Native Americans be patriots? They certainly have served with honor in the military. The question is absurd as anyone could be a patriot. The exceptions to this are Marcusian and traditional Marxists, Jihadis and racial power nuts who are prone to nature of who they are of divided loyalty and incapable of logic. However, the vast majority of us are patriots and view America as a force for good.

What a day where do I start?

One of the things about being a genuine moderate is that I catch some flack from all directions. Lets see our Marxist Poultry seems to think I am a Kahanist. Where he comes up with this or that a secular person would wear payis is rather amusing? The Dubce and Veggietown also have this odd idea thatI want to throw Muslims in the ovens. This is rather dramatic and not backed by anything written by me. The worst that I have ever advocated is ending immigration from Muslim countries. The not so subtle Joooo as Nazi implications are par for the course for two well estabished Communist anti-semites.

Then there is Gregie who claims I am a Communist-phobe. No I loath Communists and want to see them punished for violation of sedition and treason laws. There is no fear of this group, just loathing of people with genociadal, seditious, treasonous and deceptive natures.

The oddest of all comes from a person I respect and consider to be a friend, MZ. Now I am a " Gay Advocate", but this must be news to 167 and crew who call me a homophobe. This must also come as news to Rob Bayn who would never call me a Gay advocate. This dispute comes over my not seeing a Gay march in Jerusalem as a big deal. They hold these marches all the time in NYC. They even march in the wrong direction on St Paddy's day and it is no big deal. The worst that can be said if it bothers you go four or five blocks away. I am very familiar with the teachings of the Torah, but Israel is governed by Civil law. If you wish to live under Talmudic law this is up to you and I respect that. I also respect others who live differently.

I would still like 167, Simon Jones and Gertie to hold a Gay pride event in Mecca.
This would make for great headlines, but they just aren't that stupid.

Types that annoy the Beak

Anyone who reads this blog knows that there are cetain vile types that drive me up a wall.

1) Communists this is no shock to people who read this blog. This type readilly hides their true colors but are easy to spot. The traditional class based insanity and the victims rights corollary are just as annoying. They like to talk in self absorbed tones, but have never had an intelligent thought in their lives.

2) Racial power goons of all stripes. The Storm Front clowns and the black racial power equivalents are comedic fodder. One of the black equivalents is called the five percenters. To the rest of us this sounds like bank interest. There are also screwy balck Hebrews and the Nation of Islam. Most people are familiar with the White equivalent. I have not seen or heard of an Asian variant of this insanity.

3) Jihadis. Most Muslims will readilly admit the abuses of religious minorities in Islamic countries in private. However, there is a no nothing culture that seems to forget Islamo/Jim Crow and Colonialism were very real. The reason for this is far left types like Duncy gloss over the evils of Islamic history. Well at least the Muslims didn't toss you into the ovens. The logic of rationalizing one set of abuses with that of another set of abuses is poor logic. There is a militant batch of Muslims who are in a perpetual rage and have zero understanding of history. Lets be outraged over the Crusades and the Momgols. What is the next outrage cartoons, a Saturday Night live skit or Menudo lyrics?

4 Anarcho/Liberterians these folks are the scourge of a mostly rational movement. They run around quoting Murray Rothbard and parrot the Anti-Americanism of Code PINKO. They are quite fond of conspiracy theories and should be treated as cartoon charachters. Even a dog pack has a leader and is more rational than any variant this ilk.

5) Animal Rights / Environmental Nuts. Animals have no rights because they can not consent. Man is part of the food chain and I am at the apex. I eat the animals who eat the vegtables. I also respect the need to preserve genuine species, but not contrived annomilies as the Bronx Sewer Rat. The constant NIMBY of the environmentalists hurts the economy. Lets use existing laws to control environmental damage.

6) The Henry George followers. This is a NYC nonsense but a group of anarchists want
to eliminate ownership of Real Estate. You may own the house on the land but not the land itself. The reality of property taxes make this moot. However, let these nuts start nationalizing property in Beverly Hills, Hollywood and wherever the Kennedys, Kerrys and the far left residents of the lucky sperm club live.

7) Red Sox and Dallas Cowboy fans

8) The Arts and Theatre crew. I am a normal fan of the arts. I pay for my ticket and
view my art in whatever form. I do not see the artist as sacrosanct or the possessor of all knowing wisdom. Nor do I look down my nose at high quality commercial family

9) Self absorbed athiests or those who view genuine religious people as trite.

If I have left out any groups let me know.

Beamish in 08

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A rare personal post

Some of you may seem to think I was a tad rough of Greg. I asked Greg not to post here and to remove any links. I 100% stand by my statements as made. There is no such thing as a Palestinian ethnicity, never has been and never will be. Moreover, I stand by my critique of Greg who was rather humorously crying about slander and libel on this site. The one correction is his parents didn't push the Aliyah bit on him. That being said I will reiterate my points

1 Greg is a moron. I have looked for intelligent posts or even well constructed arguments but they are not on his site. One sees plenty of rants and adhominem but zero of intellectual substance.

2 Greg readilly associates with Communist anti- semites. While he admitedly " does not know what communism is" he allowed venomously anti-semetic personal attacks from Gert while crying about my alleged bigotry in my remarks visa vis a lack of a Palestinian ethnicity.

3 Greg also readilly lies about the timeline and after I told him to get lost uses my own quote " Close the door on your way out" from an email in a comment and allegedly bans me. In fact until Freedom Now pointed it out I had not even looked at the dimwit's thread.

However, even after all of this Greg is still not my enemy. He doesn't have the intellect to be anything more than a minor irritant. We have to accept people as they are and Greg is a nut with a low IQ.

Anyone who reads this blog over a protracted period of time knows I am secular. I do respect religious people like Warren, Justin, MZ, TMW and Elmer among others. When deeply religious people offer advice I do listen as it is sincere. I do not listen to the advice of imposters pretending they are something they are not. Even MZ who is the genuine article does not take this tone with me.

" Now let me explain where you go wrong. As human beings we strive towards goodness; towards being good people and as Jews we also strive to be good Jews. What does it mean to be a "good Jew?". It means to keep as many mitzvot as possible even if you are not religiouis (his unique spelling)per say, it means teaching your children the right thing, teaching them certain values and customs, it means loving the Jewish people and hating its enemies: Neo Nazis such as David Duke and Arab terrorists such as Abu Alla or Hassan Nasrallah."

Greg is trying to comedically use his alleged religious superiority over yours trully. I do not talk about my past, but it is more than likely I have spent more time asleep in religious training than the dimwit Greg has attended himself. Moreover, by any objective standard he is inferior on this standard to MZ who he obsesses over. MZ is the genuine article and has too much class to ever start this line with me. Moreover sincere religious folk like TMW and Warren never talk down in this tone to anyone.

Notably, the dimwit forgets the greatest enemy of our people the Communist far left.
His good friend Gertie, think Dr Smith or Snagglepuss, exudes those qualities in abundance. His antics make Ducky's anti- semitic idiocy look mild. We will deconstruct the obvious signs of Geties leanings. Moreover while Greg is hyperventilating over my point that there is no Palestinian ethnicity as racist. He allows Gertie the fop to make blatant vulgar and anti-semitic remarks.

" You are a fascist with a Communist-fobia. ( I can think of 100,000,000 reasons to
have problems with Communist. That is a rather interesting way to spell phobia, but I do not lecture others about spelling.)You hate all Arabs and are a racist as well.
( Where he deduces this is a mystery, maybe he works for psychic friends in his spare time. Arabs are still not a race and the correct term is bigot. Lets see they have millions of acres of stolen land opressed Jews and other indigenous people for 1400 years. Then they have the nerve to demand more land from one of the people they brutalized for 1400 years. Where is Kurdistan, Assyria and a state for the indigenous Copts of Egypt?) . This does not mean being a good Jew, nor a good human being. ( Greg thinks all those who disagree with him are bad Jews and lousy people)
You and MZ are a detrument to society and the soomer a good person like Freedomnow understands this the better.( what is detrument, another creative spelling from a person who would lecture me. I am a big fan of the Summerians but I think Greg made a typo and meant sooner.) Now Greg wants to tell Freedomnow who to associate with. Maybe he stayed at a Holiday Inn, because he shows no sign of wisdom anywhere.

"What did you achieve by slandering me and insulting my friend, Saba?" (Where was he slandered? I called him a dullard and a nut and he has gone out of his way to prove me correct. If Saba was upset about my entirely political and historic points this is her problem.

"Nothing. You only make enemies where friends used to be. You only plant ripe seeds of hatred where there were none. You have made an ass out of yourself and from here on in I am banning you from my site"

( It is presumptuous on his part to describe himself as a friend of mine. My numerous friends know who they are and you were never accorded such a status. My defense of Greg was on youth, never on friendship or substance. The whole episode shows that MZ figured out Greg long ago and was correct, he is a child. I may disagree with MZ, but he is always first and foremost my friend. You never were a friend and never will be. I respect honesty and intellect two qualities Greg lacks.)

"Oh... and close the door on your way out."

This last part really annoys me. Greg had recieved an off line communication where I told him I want nothing to do with him. I closed my email with this line. In fact I had no idea I was banned because I never read this thread until Freedomnow alerted me to it. Greg is attempting to appeal to his far left crowd by pretending he banned me after I dissmissed him. He will scream at the top of his lungs " I am a right wing Jew", but he seeks the approval of far left anti-semites.

These are select quotes from Greg's friends


Quoting me " As usual you put emotions ahead of facts"

" And? What's your point? That emotions are not valid? That non-emotive arguments are somehow better or more valid" if so how?

You're a dickhead nuff said"

Lets see when one has no facts as Greg, Gert, Andrew and Saba have use emotion. Then resort to calling me Senile or a Dickhead. A real class act, but as a leftard wee Andy is incapable of coherent thought.

Then we have the Dr Smith/ Snagglepuss Commie Gertie with a classic example of Anti-Ameicanism, Anti-semitism and likely poor breeding/ manners.

" Beaker's "analysis" based on "original languages" and more poppycock is really risible: American English is an original language? On that basis the Injuns( his spelling) must reclaim Amewikah and rename it in their own indigenous language... On that basis you are a second class citizen, not just a first rate arsehole.

Beakerfart: learn Hebrew and move to Israel instead of being the most ridiculous blowhard I've come across in years. ( Obviously he doesn't own a mirror.)..Go on, put your bollocks where your mouth is."

Still no refutation of facts pure adhominem and typical anti-semitic venom. I wonder what Ducky or his kin would say to someone who told Uptown to go back to Africa. They would scream rant and rave and be 100% correct. Moreover Gert, has proven beyond a shadow of the doubt he can not follow a logical argument. Did Greg who pretends he is Super Jooooo say a word about the anti-semitic quote above? No he just ignores genuine bigotry and bloviates.

Andrew goes on the standard Marxist point Arabs are Semitic and prejudices against Jews are not anti semitic. Freedomnow corrects wee Andy and terms his response "mental masturbation". Freedomnow is being generous at this point. Freedomnow forgets that the Amhara of Ethiopia also speak the fourth Semitic tounge and are defacto Semites. Few people are aware that Semitic refers to a language group. The four primary languages are Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac and Amharic.

From the earlier MZ attack post.

From Snagglepuss ( Gertie)

Beakercunt: ( Given his proclivities this is an insult. He seems more Boy George than George Hamilton. In fact he seems more akin to Curious George when he decided to fling fecal matter than Boy George. However, Curious George remained a loveable sort and that adjective has never been used to describe Gertie.)

" You remain a complette and utter pillock, and your blog a place of great amusement to me. ( Yes we have a thing called readers. Gertie has a blog called " Developing your Web Presence". He is such an expert he has no readers. Then again one does need some social skills and intelligent thought to gain readership. His blog is mostly anti-Israel cut and paste jobs. When he is not attacking Isreal about 70% of his space he is attacking America with the remainder.) Please do keep going. You are unbelievably funny, whenever I need a comical Jew I look at your "blog".

Remember, two months ago or so, you were still a closet Jew. Now you think you're quite the Zionistbut really you are nothing but a little coward, who for reasons unbeknown to me, couldn't accept their own ethnicity.

You're a joke and so are the idiots( including the "leftist" ones), who comment in a non-sensical one linerson your ramblings. And when are you going to learn to spell and punctuate? ( This is funny coming from a clown who starts a sentence with a conjunction. Then again my blog provides fresh content as opposed to cut and paste.)
You twat....

Lets see he got one point correct Ducky and John Brown are idiots. He seems to spend a bit of time here. Lets see the part about me stepping out of the Semitic closet was in response to the critique from leftard that I announce my Judaism before each post. Obviously, anyone who reads this blog for more than a few posts knows I am a Jew. Ducky, John Brown, 167 and Uptown Steve bring it up every two seconds. Interestingly, earlier on the post I pointed out that I do not call myself a Zionist.
This is something Communist Anti-semites do reflexively as Gertie just demonstrated.

He makes a point in calling me a Joooish clown. Now if I called Uptown Homey the clown that would be racist, but bigotry seems to flow from the left. I would ask where this fop comes off calling me a coward. He isn't even brave enough to post a comment here.

Andrew proves his stupidity by calling Kurds Semites.
Wee Andy compares the 1400 year brutal oppression of Jews and others to the plight of Palestinians Now. He also claims the Phillistines lived in Israel before the Jews.

All of the above are laughable and have zero to do with is there a Palestinian ethnicity.

This quote says it best about Arabs

"So most of the worlds established nations are based on invasion and colonization; are you challenging ALL of these nations rights to exist."

Lets see Jooish colonialism is evil but 1400 years of Islamo-brutality is peachy. Arabs have a plethora of stolen land, but it is up to them Joooos who they opressed for 1400 years to settle Arab colonialists on their tiny bit of land.

Then the Albert Einstein of this special Ed class shows up Tooners ( This is not counting Freedomnow who is intelligent and a class act)

"When I first moved here ( Baharain), I started watching the newsand saw what the Israeli's were doing to the Palestinians...driving their tanks through towns and killing innocent children ( like the ones at Beslan) for throwing rocks at their tanks. Like rocks will hurt them. To me they reminded me of the Germans. ( Joo as Nazi so original). And here in the States all you hear about is how the Jews were treated by Hitler, but in a sense, the jews are doing the same thing to the Palestinians, but refuse to see it. ( Holocaust fatigue and comparing genocide with the situation in the West Bank, commenters should have to take a drug test before posting)

A guy I used to work for ( someone this stupid was gainfully employed)went to Jerusalem for holiday and the thing I couldn't believe was all the places set up to make money off of Christians religious beliefs. It was sickening to be honest. ( Do you think this idiot should go and see for herself before making absurd comments. Making money off of Pilgrims predates Israel, but those greedy Jooos are sooo evil.Wait until this yutz goes to Disneyworld.)It left a bad taste in my mouth immediately, and to see how the Isreali's are terrorists themselves... which I have seen time and time again ( On 9-11 or 7-7)but then want to turn around and play the victim more times than not and blame the Arabs.. well it's sad and pathetic."

( This is a labotomy )

"I don't know hard facts, ( or history or logic.....)but I see what I see. ( So do we you are an idiot)Not all Israeli's are like this, but I tend to think the ones living in the United States are the worst! ( Does she mean Israeli living in the USA or dem Jooooos) But hey, when you've been pampered all your life by the U.S. , then why not, right." ( Lets see is this a rich Jooo insult or standard cliche far left lazy Americans like Ducky. Has Ducky ever done an honest days work in his life.)

"I think it is great that Greg is standing up against this guy... and I think it is great that he is showing that all Jews are not alike... because not all Arabs are alike. If you want to call Arabs terrorists then you should take a hard look at yourselves .. because when the word terrorist comes to mind, your soldiers and government come to my mind. ( She has a mind HAHAHAHA you moron thanks Kuhnkat I needed that)

Here we have the true purpose of Greg's excersize. He like to call MZ and to a lesser extent me racists to give him cachet with people like this dolt and Gertie.
He then turns around and calls a class person like Nanc a looser. Did Nanc ever compare Jews to Nazis or bandy anti-semitic stereotypes. Of course not, as she exudes class and humanity Nanc would never say such a thing. Greg did apologize to Nanc to his credit.

Snagglepuss calls me Beakercunt and claims that Jews and Arabs are both indigenous to the area. He fails to note they allready have tons of stolen land and should settle their own refugees like the Jews.

This next line is funny as I respect Freedomnow. However, he is too much of a gentleman and this is standard Marxist drivel. Where is Jeff Bargholz or Mister Beamish when we need them.

To Freedomnow
" This is why in my opinion ( worth what we pay for it)you're a closed mind. (What type of sentence is this? Oh wait he was lecturing me about punctuation.)Propaganda exists on both sides: ( Moral relativism, how quaint)the Islamists may be masters at it but so is the U.S. government. ( What is this idiot watching?)You only look at one side of the coin and conclude you are right. ( This idiot thinks he is open minded. Empty headed yes, open minded no,)That's close-mindedness in action.... (what type of sentence is that)

Try and compare news sources.( like the North Korean Times)Then try and make up your mind. ( Freedomnow has a mind unlike Gertie)Your worldview is manicaean, like Bush and Blair. ( Notably in the mainstream unlike Gertie who may be mainstream in Cuba or in a Stalinist time warp. Shouldn't manicaean be capitalized, but he is the expert.) Unthinking, biased and prejudiced... and quite stupid to boot. ( Does this idiot ever read his comments before posting them)

Beakerfart is a schmuck and you're a putz. ( Two Yiddish words from an anti-semite)

Go on: hoist the star spangled banner and play with your tin soldiers.... ( How does one hoist a song? Then again this is the same punctuation expert that found an imaginative use for a colon and type of sentence ends in ........ Gertie proves once again to be vulgar stupid and incoherent. Some of you thought he was a mere Communist anti-semite. Has Greg said a word about any of this? NO

The next quote lets us know where Gertie is coming fom. If Greg had a brain then he would understand this subtle quote.

" Where do you get your figures from. From "From Time Immemorial".

Experienced readers would know that Gertie has just referenced a book allegedly debunked by notorious Holocaust minimizer Norman Finklestein. Finklestein just happens to be a communist whose books were compared by the NYT to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Lets see even Benny Morris whom Finky quotes claims that his material was quoted out of context. His famous quotes include calling Ellie Wiesel a "professional Jew". He claimed Alan Dershowitz did not write his book until a copy showed up in long hand. Finky's history casts far more doubt on his own credibility than that of Peters or Dershowitz. However, if Gertie wants to cite notorious Nazi Ernst Zundel's favorite Jew as a valid source be my guest. Zundel calls Finky a Jooish David Irving. Finky is only sourced by Anti-semites and Communists.

In short I want nothing to do with Greg. I find him to be a self promoter who readily attacks MZ and myself to give him cachet with his far left anti- semitic readership. I do not want an apology and Greg and I have talked off line. He has attempted to undo the damage, but the best thing he can do is never coss my path again. He is too stupid to rate any consideration as an enemy. I have looked at his blog for two days to find a well constructed argument, but it isn't there. He seems to spend a great amount of time shooting his mouth off and back tracking. I have made my wishes plain off line, but he still thinks this is about Saba. Greg should also remember when you start a fight others may finish it.

I decided not to deconstruct Gertie's commie blog. In doing so I would give him more readers than he deserves based on his skill. Moreover, his blog is only passable if I insert jokes in between his verbose pointless commie tripe.

Beamish in 08

Muslims upset, is this news

Members of the religion of peace seem to be in a near perpetual state of rage. If it is not the Pope's comments than it is some cartoons. If it is not some cartoon we can rail about Israel's mere existance on land muslims colonized. If Israel disappeared well they can cry about the Crusades.

I am tired of placating every absurd gripe from the religion of peace. I am even more
irritated by the commie left rationalizing and stirring the pot for these absurd gripes. 3000 dead NYC residents incinerated by Muslim nuts and Duncy is worried about anti mooooslim anger from Randoids. Repeated attacks against Jews bring a restrained Israeli attack and Duncy is all of the sudden worried about civilians. He shows zero concern when the civilians are Jooooos.

The religion of peace has a problem with French laws outlawing the Hijab in schools and public employment. The solution is send your kids to private schools, get private sector jobs or emigrate. These same people have zero problem creating lawless pockets in France and rioting. The concept of lawless pockets and allowing
a riot to progress for weeks seems to be learned from the Dinkins mayoralty in NYC.

Here is a new headline, how about some headlimes rest of the world upset with Muslims for pointless violence and endless land hunger. The amount of land given to Muslims is never enough. How about Americans sick of far left treason and complicity with terrorist want the actual laws of sedition and treason enforced. How about Americans wanting far left types who insist upon interfering getting jailed and deported. Lets start with the leadership of Code Pinko, lets place them on trial for giving money to our enemies in Falujah. This should be a Capital punishment case with an option of denaturalization and deportation for the entire household with no possibility of pardon.

I guess the rest of us are just not as relevant as upset Muslims, because we do not behead people and smack planes into office buildings.

Beamish in 08

Friday, September 15, 2006

Veggietown Dumb and dumber

One of Chumptown's favorite games is to demand sources. I go to the book and cite the page, but does he bother to read. I will no longer post sources for Uptown's request. His request is an annoying game and he has been over the same information a dozen times. He turns around and makes the same request later.

Chumptown is not supposed to be on this blog by his own word. He said if we can prove he harrased Lashawn Barber he would leave. Florian produced the quote which indeed proved beyond a shadow of a doubt he harrassed Lashawn. Did Uptown keep his word, of course not because Uptown is a chronic liar and just spins. He played the same routine with calling people who disagreed with him JOOOOOOOS. The evidence was provided and Uptown tries to waffle out on yet another fiasco. Calling people JOOOOOOS because they disagree with me isn't anti-semitic.

Now Uptown's lates bit is yet another bit of racial minutia. The whole world knows that the Rosenbaum family had a malpractice suit against NYC. Uptown has decided the case of a Drug abused man who was hit by a car is the same despite no claims of malpractice. The only way the cases are similar is in Uptowns demented mind. An angry mob yells kill the Jooooos and Rosenbaumwas stabbed to death. Did the city find all the other members of the mob as in Howard Beach or Bensonhurst? No, years later they convicted a Charles Price for inciting the riot.

The first time the mutant Lemerick Nelson was aquited the jury had a dinner celebration with the defendant and his lawyer. The Rosenbaum malpractice suit was discussed by the jury and that should have led to a mistrial. This is common knowledge to anyone who followed the case. However, Chumptown likes to waste space on stuff he should allready know. Prove Michael Lerner is a Commie, this again is basic knowledge.

My blog is not Uptown's special Ed Classroom.

The Urban Communist Hunter Part 4 One Jeff Bargholz is Plenty

Mad Zionist Jewish Conspiracy Prductions
THe Urban Communist Hunter
Staring Mister Beamish
With the incoherent Beakerambo

Beakerkin: MZ I don't think sending Beakerambo to visit Jeff Bargholz was one of your better ideas. Take a look at page six in the New York Post.
MZ: Beakerambo has been seen around town with Gywneth Paltrow. Way to go Beakerambo.
Beakerkin: Beakerambo get in the office
Beakerambo : Me mi mi meep Bite be
Beakerkin: You are not Jeff Bargholz. I want you to knock off the foul language and behave yourself.
Beakerambo: Mi Meep Me Jeff Barholz %^&%&^% rules.
Beakerkin: Don't you know that Gwyneth Paltrow is a married mother of two.
Beakerambo: Me me meep Heh Heh Heh Score mi me.
MZ: Her crazed husband is comming up the steps now!!!
Beakerambo: Me mi me meep kick #$#$%$ .
Beakerkin: Are you crazy? You are not Jeff Bargholz. He's take your spleen out of your body. Civilized people do not solve problems with violence. Uh oh Chris Martin just intercepted Mr Beamish's order of Lee's Fried Chicken. There goes Mr Beamish oh my God its brutal. Mr Beamish is kicking Chris Martin's $^%$^.
Mr B; Get your own %&*^*&^ fried chicken.
Beakerambo: Mi Meee meep hypocrite meeep
Beakerkin: You are not Mr Beamish either get under the couch. Uh oh Nanc is having an argument with Chris Martin. There he goes another beating.
Nanc: Who is the creep outside he just made fun of my golf shoes.
Beakerkin: Nanc you are supposed to teach Beakerambo manners. Civilized people do not go around beating up people.
Nanc: He got what he deserved.
Chris Martin: Where is that little Creep.
Beakerambo: Me mi %$^%^& you.
Mr Beamish: I told you to get away from my chicken %&^%&%&^%&
Chris Martin: Yes sir. I'll catch you later runt.
Beakerambo: This is just great. Now what else can go wrong.
Jeff Bargholz: Way to go Beakerambo that is quite a number $^$^% outstanding.
Beakerambo: Me mi me %&%^&%& Jeff Barholz rules meep meep.
Beakerkin: We have an outraged husband waiting to kill your student.
Jeff Bargholz: We son if you are going todie anyway do it on video next time.
Beakerkin : Put out that cigar Beakerambo. Jeff you made this mess, you figure out how to fix it.
Jeff Bargholz: Why do I got to ^&*%^&^ fix this one?
Beakerkin: We told you to man up Beakerambo, not make him a public enemy.
Jeff Bargholz: Oh I'll think of something.
Beakerkin: You can get out from under the couch. Behave and stop smoking.
Beakerambo: Meeep mi fascist mmeep.
Beakerkin: Jeff what did you say to Chris Martin that made him run like that.
Jeff Bargholz: I told him you work for the IRS.
Beakerambo Me mi me Heh Heh I am Cornholio meep mi
Beakerkin: I do not care how you do this you better fix this. One Jeff Bargholz is plenty.

The passion of the poultry

People assume that people like Duncy do not have a religious faith. However, they have an odd faith in a system that produces human suffering. This anti-Americanism is basically a twisted variant of anti- capitalism. Thus the Duck's frequent hypercritical commentary of everything American or Israeli is just an expression of his warped faith.

Yesterday Duncy has his underwear tied in knots because we had a few mishaps on the battlefield. This is the basic nature of war and most enemies are not mindless drones like Duncy. Thus the Dunce will set absurd goals for America and Israel and their foes have to merely exist in caves.

This is despite the fact that every single application of Duncy's faith has ended in disaster. Communism doesn't work, unless your real goal is to produce death and human misery. Thus we have the rather odd scenerio of an advocate for class genocide worried about deaths in normal combat.

We also have Duncy and other far left types praising a Narco-Nazi terrorist group Hezbollah. If you ever wanted to hear the illogic of the far left this is where one needs to look. The left claims is is agains religious bigotry and nationalism. Hezbollah is a band of religious zealots who want a Judenrhein Middle East. The only thing Hezbollah and the left have in common is pathological anti-semitism. In reality
the Dunce and his kind advocate "Greater Arabia".

We have a serious misunderstanding over what many of you think Duncy and his kin are.
Communism is a criminal ideaology that advocates theft, class genocide and the destruction of the USA as we know it. Thus we are not talking about the difference between John McCain and Ed Koch. We are discussing fealty to a seditious, treasonous ideaology that seeks the destruction of the US government. The mere fact that one has such views is probable cause for governmental scutiny. The second people like Duncy violate the law jail and denaturalization are in order. The laws of treason and sedition should be enforced. There is zero reason why people who are beholden to a criminal ideaology should be allowed to remain in the USA. Once these individuals violate the law like the ISM members or Code Pinko toss them out.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Urban Communist Hunter Part 3

Mad Zionist Jewish Conspiracy Productions present

Urban Communist Hunter Part 3 The Hunt for 167

Mr B: We are on the hunt for the most noxious Communist Anti-Semite, the venomous 167. 167 is the obnoxious and moronic gay Dane from London. He is inb the notorious Uncle Charlie's bar on Perry Street. The question is how do we get this sicko into the Beamishmobile for relocation to North Korea.

Fortunately, on staff we have experts on the alternative lifestyle Justin Morris. Justin is a Vietnam Veteran and has no love for Communists.

Justin: Well you are in luck, it seems that there is Village People costume party. One of you could dress like a member of the village people and lure 167 into the van.
You can get his attention by saying Bad Jooo and showing him this lego concentration camp kit.

Mr B: We just happen to have a Construction Worker outfit in Beakerambo's size.
Beakerambo: Me mi meep NO WAY JOSE meeep MEEEP
Mad Zionist: Do you see may job openings under incoherent.
Beakerambo: #%$%^% Meeep mi meep me
Mad Zionist: No Jeff Bargolz can not get you out of this.
Beakerambo Me Meeep In the Navu mi mmeee
Mr B: That is the spirit Gufaw you look absurd but so does everyone in this area.

Later Beakerambo leads 167 to the van where he is cuffed.

167: Oh you want to play Abu Gharib you.... wait this is a trap the Jooooos. Heeeelp
Mr B; Now for the real torture we blast the music of Barbara Striesand 24/7
167: You Jooooos will pay for this. I will get all of you JUSTIN you old Joooodas. Beakerkin I will kill all of you Joooos er Zionists.
Beakerkin: Not before we send you to North Korea.
Beakerambo: Me Meep Mi Meeee In the Navy mmeeeep.
Mad Zionist: You can stop with the Village People bit.
Beakerambo: Me mi meep me me Fabulous me mi
Mad Zionist: This calls for some radical treatment we are shipping Beakerambo to man up with Jeff Bargholz to man up.

Jeff: Stop humming ^*^*( Village People tunes and drink this beer
Beakerambo: Me mi meem mi no umbrella
Jeff: $^%$^&%& no umbrellas in our drinks we are men.
Beakerambo: Me meee meep doily
Jeff: No doilies to prevent ^*&^&*^ stains
Beakerambo mee mme Meep Buurrrrrrp mi meee
Jeff: That is %&^*^* better
Beakerambo me mi meep %&%&%T& you me
Jeff: That is ^&%&%^& better. This is going to be a tough job.

Will Beakerambo man up? Will 167 like it in North Korea? Will Jeff Bargholz run out of beer. Has Mariah figured out Bruno Amato is not Beakerambo? Will Freedom Now get paid for his court victory?

Tune in for the next episode of the Urban Commie Hunter.

Welcome to the anti- semitic world of Chumptown

Chumptown Steve is not black, he is a hodgepoge of everything White, Black, Native American and Zuchinni. There are plenty on noble African Americans in our country. These African Americans serve with distinction in every walk of life. These African Americans take great pride in their country.

Uptown is your classic victims rights Marcuse Communist. The only Jews Veggietown loves are Noam Chimpanzee and faux Rabbi Lerner, both Communists. Uptown claims to read Tikkunand that a rabid anti-semite would be a reader speaks vollumes to Michael Lerner's message. Uptown is also fond of Commies Paul Robeson and WEB Dubois.How Veggietown misses who claims to read Tikkun misses that Lerner is a Communist speaks vollumes about his low intelligence.

The points of Rachel Corrie's death were all made clear to Veggietown on Front Page magazine by Northern Steve and others. Uptown being a commited anti-semite and having
the IQ of a turnip thinks cold blooded murder and a construction mishap are the same.
Uptown also thinks a car accident victim and a man killed by a mob of people screaming kill the Jews is the same. Uptown rants and raves about NYC payment to the Rosenbaum family that was a malpractice settlement. He sees a racial bias in cases that have zero to do with malpractice. Yussef Hawkins was murdered by a mob, no malpractice was alleged. Uptown fails to note the difference.

Uptown also likes to call people who disagree with him JEWS capatalized. He also sees
nothing bigoted and has done this to at least four people. He lied through his teeth and then when evidence is presented he changes his story. He promised to leave if we produced evidence that he harassed LaShawn Barber. His story in his own words and the link produced by Florian prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he sexually harassed LaShawn. Yet Uptown fails to honor his words, because Uptown always spins and does not feel that he has to honor his words like the rest of us.

He likes to claim we are obsessed with him. However, he searches the web and seeks me out. Does anyone come here to read Uptowns thoughts? He interjects himself in the middle and then runs into victim mode. There is no government cheese here Uptown if you want an audience build it yourself. All I hear from you is victimization and sloth. Get up off your kiester and build your own site.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Urban Communist Hunter Episode 2

Mad Zionist Jewish Conspiracy Theatre presents

The Urban Communist Hunter
starring Mister Beamish
also Starring Beakerambo as his incoherent assistant.

Mr B: Most people think of classic class based Communists . We are in NYC's Union Square Park in search of the Giant Headed victims rights Conspiracy Brother. And there he is will you look at the head on that freak.
Beakerambo: Me Me Mi Meeeep Bobble Head Mi Meep.
Mr B. Yes Beakerambo he does resemble an ugly bobble head doll
FBI Agent: We are here to arrest Beakerambo.
Beakerkin: Wait a second let me look at those papers. This can't be true Beakerambo failed a drug test for anabolic steroids. This has got to be a mistake look at him.
FBI: It is no mistake and your friend is looking at hard time. We can't have TV stars doing drugs unless their last name is Downey.
Mad Zionist: You mean to tell us Bakerambo is looking at more time than if he shot heroin. You idiot this is coming out of your salary.
Beakerambo: Me meeep me mi meep instructions
Mr B: What kind of stupid idiot told you that drug testing meant you were suposed to try the drugs?
Beakerambo: Me Me Mi Meeeep Mi ^%&%^&^&* Duck meep.
Beakerkin: Beakerambo you it was the Duck that told you.
FBI: Time to go
Mad Zionist: Aren't you going to handcuff the prisoner.
FBI: In this locale people pay good money to get handcuffed. This is the Federal Government you don't get anything for free.
Mad Zionist: Cut we will have to hold a production meeting in 15 minutes.

Production Meeting

Mad Zionist: This is terrible news Beakerambo is key to the shows sucsess. We have Beakerambo lunchboxes and action figures. This incedent hurts our revenue stream.
Beakerkin don't you have a friend who is a charachter actor. His name even sounds like Beakerambo.
Beakerkin: Bruno Amato but he's human.
Madzionist: We will pull the soap opera deal. Now playing the role of Beakerambo is Brunoamato. The kids will never notice.We'll shoot him from the waist down, film snobs will think it is a new type of cinema.
Beakerkin: I will see if Bruno will help us out, but I don't know about this one. Why not rewrite the role for Bruno.
Mad Zionist: Can Bruno sell lunch boxes? Rest my case.

Now I used my Jewish conspiracy connections and I had Beakerambos case assigned
to one of our a Judge Judith. The woman you see on TV
Beakerkin: Judge Judy, we are dead, dead ,dead. She is never going to buy this idiot defense.
Mad Zionist: You work on getting Bruno here. Leave the legal problems on my desk. We will see who we know who can argue the case.

On the set

Bruno: No wonder this guy is hostile who writes this stuff Mi Meee Meeep.
Beakerkin: Bruno you see these lunch boxes. Beakerambo sells lunch boxes.
Bruno: He also does all the dirty work around this set. He fetches heavy objects. Has to go into cages with dangerous Communists
Uptown Steve: The reason is Beakerambo is a brother. The Mi Me Me Me is twisted ebonics because you Jooooish goons denied him his heritage. This set is modern day slavery.
Beakerkin:Can anything else go wrong?
Mariah: Oh where is my lover Beakerambo. Has he been hiding again. Beakerambo you have gotten taller and swarthy.
Bruno: Me Meee Mi Meeep Later Me Meee
Beakerkin: Now I have seen everything Mariah Carey just mistook Bruno for Beakerambo.
Uptown: She isn't a real Black woman. Beakerambo can't handle a real black woman.

Beakerkin: Mad Zionist where is the lawyer. I just see Freedom Now and TMW.
Mad Zionist: I sent Freedom Now to a Holliday Inn and TMW is plan B
Beakerkin: Plan B
Mad Zionist:Pray

Judge Judy: Beakerambo vs the state of New York. Council this seems like an open an shut case.
Freedom Now: Your honor we will present evidence that my clients low IQ and mental health problems led him to be tricked by Ducky the evil Communist from MA.
JJ: DO YOU THINK I AM STUPID!!!! YOU ARE MAKING A MOCKERY OF THE COURT. Swear in the defendant Beakerambo.
Court Officer: Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.
Beakerambo: Mi Me Meee Meeep Yes.
JJ: Is this some kind of joke what is with this me me me stuff. You better talk like a man you are in Court on serious charges. Get out from under the seat.
Freedom Now: Your honor my client suffers from a speech impediment. He has been seen by the best speech therapists who have concluded he can't string a sentence together.
JJ: Let me see those deposition. Beakerambo!!!!!! sit up straight you are in a court of law.
Freedom Now: Your honor my client has just got back from a mental health facility.
JJ: Let me see those depositions. Son quit shaking and sit in the seat like a man. DO
Freedom Now: Your honor my clint as you can plainly see follows instructions and does no thinking for himself. I would like to produce my next witness an Educational Expert Always on the Watch.
JJ: Beakerambo you may step down. Don't slouch and for heavens sake get a haircut.
Freedom Now: AOW would you say that Beakerambo is challenged.
AOW: Other than his speech impairment.
Freedom Now: Exactly.
AOW: Beakerambo is a follower he does whatever he is told to do. He is a guilable person. Most of the time he is managed well by Beakerkin or Mister Beamish. However, it took three weeks to get the cursewords out of his vocabulary when Jeff Bargholz visited. He isn't at the top of the class in any description.
Freedom Now: So if a malicious communist told him drug testing meant to take near lethal amounts of steroids he would do so.
AOW: Without question.
JJ: Call your next witness.
Freedom Now: We would like to call Ducky as a hostile witness.

Duck did you tell Beakerambo to take steroids.
Ducky: I take the fifth
Freedom Now: I had prepared for this contingency. My assistant TMW will now question the witness.
TMW: Duck we will now start from my favorite part of the New Testament.
Duck: I confess I tricked the idiot Beakerambo into taking steroids get the Bible away. I figured we could aid the course of Social Justice by discrediting Beakerambo,
but I can not take Bible Study. Send me to a Gulag.
JJ: First of all I hate men who whine. STOP WHINNING. There are no criminals lower than those who prey on the disabled. If there were capital punishment available I would throw the $^%$&^% switch on you myself. However, I will remand you into the custody of TMW for Bible study for two years.
Ducky: Nooooooooooooooooo
JJ: And for whining no obsure French Films for a year. Case dismissed Meep Mi . Now I am starting to Me Me Talk like that idiot. Get him out of my court.

Madzionist: All's well that ends well. How do think your friend Bruno is going to take being fired?
Beakerkin: I do not think its a problem. He is off with Mariah taking another problem off our hands.

Time to Jail and Deport ISM members

The United States has not taken the war on terrorism seriously. We have allowed a group of Witless Communists and Anarchists to violate two laws. It is against US law for individuals to engage in their own foreign policy. It is also against the law for any individual to be associated with terrorists. The members of ISM clearly violate the laws prohibing private individuals from conducting their own foreign policy. It is becoming readilly apparent they are enabling Hamas terrorists with their activities.

The following punishments should be handed out.

Colleges that allow the ISM or CPT on Campus should get no research grants and Federal backing for student loans should be removed for a year.

Faculty: Any person over twenty five shall be prosecuted as a felon. They can be given two choices five years in jail or denaturalization and deportation. Hopefully, most will opt for the latter.

Students: Should also beprosecuted as felons and offered two years in prison or deportation.

The members of ISM should not be locked up in a country club. They should be sent to the same prisons as bank robbers, organized criminals and violent social pariahs.
Let them continue to whine as the misfits of society exact daily "social justice" upon them for violating US law. At any time in their jail time one of these vermin can renounce their citizenship and be deported to North Korea.

Prosecute members of the ISM to the full extent of the law. If Commies want to violate our laws then they should pay the price. As soon as the ISM or CPT members return the proceedings should begin.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Urban Communist Hunter

Mad Zionist Jewish Conspiracy Productions present

Urban Communist Crocodile Hunter
starring Mr Beamish as the Hunter
Co starring Beakerambo as the incoherent gun carrier and guide.

MrB: We are here in the big metropolis in search of the worlds most venomous prey the Urban Red Redneck. Now this evil creature tries to hide his true colors but a prepared hunter has ways of finding him. Beakerambo fetch our bag of commie lures.

Beakerambo Me Me Me Meep Me Me Lazy %$^$^%& Meep Meep

Mr B: Beakerambo how many times have I told you to stop hanging out with Jeff Bargholz. Watch the language or I will have to cut your wages.

Beakerambo: Me meee Meep Me mmmme Minimum.

Mr B: Oh I forgot we can't cut the wages if you are making minimum wage allready.
Now Beakerambo has bought us a copy of a fake CD Brokeback Communist Mountain in French and subtitled in English.

Now to find this Communist we must wait in front of this theatre frequented by Marxist Movie snobs. We will be back after a word from our sponsor.

Announcer: Are you tired of annoying house guests?
Beakerkin: You woke me up at 4AM to get salted butter, Yardley English Rose Lavender Soap and Charmin Ultra. Quick call 9-11 there is going to be a homicide.
Announcer: Don't go postal over rude house guests.
Beakerkin: What?????
Announcer: Just spray ode de la Fresh Kills Landfill at the front door and your pest will go to a motel.
Beakerkin: Hey this stuff is so bad I am going to the motel too.
Announcer: See it works and you didn't commit hommicide.

Mr B: Now Beakerambo go out there and set up the CD's on a blanket and put on the turban.

Beakerambo Me meme Meep Me me Mi low wages meep.


Ducky: Hmmm you have a lousy collection of Reveng of the Nerds films. They are so middle class mediocre the bette noir of raunchy teen films.

Beakerambo: Me me mi Meep Meer Snob Mee Meep Meee.

Ducky: I understand your dialect modern idiotese. I am a film expert. Whats this Broke Back Communist Mountai


Mr B: Smells like Barbequed duck. Lets toss him into the Mr B Truck before the shock wears off.

Beakerambo: Me meme me primadona Me meeep.

Mr B: We have captured the rare Marxist Duck.
Jason Papas: Mr B how are you doing. That is an excellent catch you got there. Keep up the good work. Oooop s my book fell into the holding pen.
Mr B: Will you look at that his head just spun around and did a 360 like Linda Blair.

Mr B: What book did you drop in there.
Jason: The Fountainhead.
Mr B: Beakerambo go in there and get the book before we get arrested for Poultry Abuse.
Beakerambo Me Me mmeeep union me me mi
Jason: Unions do not help the incoherent. Thank you for getting my book back. I think you should keep a copy. Rand is like crytonite to the Marxists. Beakerambo have you ever thought of seeing a speech therapist.
Mr B: He just got back
Jason: You mean he was worse.
Beakerambo Me me meep Me Mariah Meep Me
Mr B: He had to leave the place Mariah Carey was treating him as a sex object and he objected.

Tune in Tommorow for the continuing adventures of

The Urban Communist Hunter.

Straight Ahead

I am working on a comedy spoof that some of you will love. Here is the trailer

Mad Zionist Jewish Conspiracy Films Present

The Urban Communist Hunter

staring MR BEEEEEEAMISH as the brave Urban Commie Hunter.

Co staring Beakerambo as his incoherent gun carrying guide.

There will be trolls rouned up galore in this satire. There will also be guest cameos from some of our regular posters.

Tune in as Mr Beamish rounds up the vermin and ships them off to their natural habitat in Cuba or North Korea.

This satire is rated R

Greg Jooooo without a clue

Greg is a rather troubled BOY. He is not a man in any description and his immaturity is obvious to anyone who reads his blog for about five minutes. Gregs posts do not raise any points and he is a world class dimwit.

I have largely ignored the moron when he decides to violate good taste with an attack on Nanc on a 9-11 tribute. Greg tends to do these things because he is a child. I read Freedom Now's tribute and the dullard has sunk to an all time new low.
Not only did he violate the sanctity of a 9-11 tribute, he is playing games with the truth.

Fact I was never banned from Greg's site. Greg and I do comunicate off line. Greg asked me to appologize to Saba. I told him off line I want nothing to do with him and I would like the link to my blog removed. According to blogshares he has failed to do so.

Greg likes to point fingers at me so now I will return the favor. Number one Greg's parents made the choice to emigrate, not the dullard. Thus his rather lame attempts to point the finger at MZ or myself are less than honest. I still have my family and career here and so does MZ. Greg did not face the same choice as he is the child of Russian emigres. Moreover, while I strongly support Israel only Communist vermin like the types he readily associates with would descibe me as a zionist. The usaual
term used is neocon, which in anti- semitic Commie lingo means evil Jooooish Republican. That term does not apply to a lifelong Cold Warrior either as I have never changed what I am to become neoanything.

On the other hand Greg is a polical superball. Yesterday, I was a Kahanist, I am not
a Kananist, but still a right wing Jooooo. Who knows what this unstable lunatic will
be tommorow a Green Vegetarian or an Albino Midget Pacifist. Sorry there wonderboy, I am still more in the political mainstream than you will ever be. In the course of reading this post Greg will have changed political opinions another six times. If that wasn't enough Greg has the habit of saying one thing in his private emails and another thing on his blog. Those of you I correspond with off line know what you see is what you get, for better or worse.

Now lets go into the dullards claims MZ is a fascist. I bet the dimwit learned that from his commie pal Gertie. A genuine fascist would be an actual improvement over a Communist, like Gertie. Amazingly, the child of Russian emigres does " not know what Communism is". Thus the dolt does not even have a clue by his own admission. I do not agree with MZ on many things, but in every description he is my friend. MZ is also clearly a man, while Greg is still a child.

Gregs charges against me are that I am a racist and bigot. Palestinians and Arabs do not nor have they ever constituted a racial group. Obviously, Greg has failed basic reading comprehension and continues to make his case as a world class dimwit. My point and comments that I stand by is that there is and never was a Palestinian ethnicity. Palestinians are Arabs and as such are invaders on Jewish soil. Moreover the 1400 year question of who colonized and mistreated whom is laughable. Arabs allready have tons of stolen real estate and should settle their own, period. This is not bigoted, but one may disagree.

Greg had two flunkies try to prove this ethnicity exists but fail miserably. Then the commie Gert ( Think Dr Smith or Snagglepuss) tried to change the rationale to ..... well every nation was founded by Colonialism.....Arabs are Semites and have a right to live there too.... Thus the Joooooo obsessed Commies could not prove that this alleged ethnicity exists and tried bait and switch.

MZ, Morgan and myself are Jews we know who we are and we do not take BS from anti-semitic commie types. Greg is a Joooooo who worries about what antisemitic commies think about Israel. Greg serves as their good Jooooo, devoit of thought, weak kneed and emotionally disturbed. Greg is like a lap dog who yearns to protect the flock from wolves. Yet a lap dog just doesn't have what it takes to do the job. The job is done by the more vigorous and intelligent types. Greg is unsuited to anything that requires maturity and thought.

Moreover, if I have said anything in this post that has offended you Greg reread it because I meant every last word.

My goodbye to Greg Vaya Con Dios Puto

After my brush with mortality

After 9-11 I bagan to question the purpose of my life. I had been working in the fashion industry on the logistics side making a decent living. However, I began to question what I had accomplished in my life. I helped many companies stay improve their bottom line, but that was never enough. I was only as good as tommorow's performance.

I was too old to pick up a rifle and go to Afghanistan. Moreover, if I came back I would probably do time for disposing of people like Duncy. Thus I started the long process of applying for a DHS job. I took a huge cut in pay and moved far from everyone I loved to do my part.

The job is mostly rewarding reuiniting families of LEGAL immigrants. Recently, I am working with vocational cases and it is not rewarding. Most of the cases are Indian Computer experts. However, there were a couple of cancer researchers. Most of the job is common sense.

My stint should come to an end at the end of January unless I am one of the few that passes the test and is selected. Part of me wants to return home. St Albans is a nice place, but it is not home.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Thank You St Albans VT

The town had a nice memorial for 9-11. It was nice of the town to commemorate an event so far from their home. As far as I know only the beam in the lobby of the St. Albans lobby and the Beak were there that day. There is also a tree and a plaque in the parking lot. When I am in the area I place a stone on the marker.

It was a nice ceremony, but even in the frozen North the day resonates. Few people in town know I was there as I keep to myself. There are good people in town, but part of the reason I came here was to foget.

It really was a great celebration held by people with little or no connection to that day. Maybe when I am in the other building next month I will sped a few moments in the shadow of the beam. St Albans is a decent place, but I miss home.

Contrasts No Special Wisdom

It has been five years since 9-11, and it has become my shadow. I have written many times about the contrasts on that day. The worst of man and the best of man were displayed in the same place at the same time. It is almost as if the world boiled down to a Zoroastrian paradigm good versus evil in that time. Does good exist without evil? Yes it does, but we just do not take the time to notice the good. We fail to notice the many kind acts and good people around us. We take those acts of kindness as the norm and they should be. Yet it often takes an act of unspeakable evil for the contrast to be noticeable.

I have no special wisdom to offer from that day, maybe I never will.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

There are no aethiests in Foxholes

Not known amongst outsiders is that my people prepare for death in two ways. The most common way is the affirmation of faith. The Shema is found in Cinema in unlikely places as the Sands of Iwo Jima or in most fiction.

Less well known is the proclimation of belief in the Messiah, Ani Mamin. This was the song that I sang as I departed lower Manhattan. I was never in any real danger, but nobody knew that at the time.

The notion that the buildings could fall hadn't dawned on me yet. I was a survivor of the 93 explosion we were told the buildings couldn't fall. Still even then we knew this was no accident and we did not know what was next. Shocked and dazed and fleeing home the song Ani Mamin just came naturally to me.

Hebrew is not my native language but I do not struggle to sing that haunting melody.
The Jews like Christians believe in the Messiah, just we are waiting for him to show up and Christian await his return. The Messianism is more commonly associated with Chasidic sects.

I am mostly secular, but when my time ended I reverted back to faith as I knew it. What will the Marxist poultry sing in his hour "the internationale" or an obscure song from a French Film nobody has ever heard of.

The singing of the haunting Ani Mamin is ironic. Messianism in a vortex of death. The best of man brought out by an act of pure evil. Patriotsim reborn amidst the smell of pure evil and sedition and bigotry from the usual culprits in Union Square.
The day of 9-11 was filled with contrasts and irony. The weeks ahead saw the far left stab America in the back and blame the Jews in Union Square. If one checks the Newsmax archives blaming the Jews and Israel started on 9-13.

My faith was in the Country I love and serve, my faith was in the messiah to come, my duty was to the woman I love and to my family. This is who I am and what I am about.

While I affirmed my faith so did the sons of treason and sedition. Their faith in a genocidal failed philosopher and the means justify the end were on display then. At the time we believed 15,000 of my fellow NYers were incinerated by the Sons of Allah.
The Sons of treason held a Nuremburg rally and blamed Israel, the Jews and a Capitalist Cabal for the worst attack in American history.

I have my faith, you have yours, but the Sons of Marx have theirs. They imagine that sowing division and siding with our enemies will usher in their Utopia and your hell.
If you ever needed to know that they are evil just remember Union Square on that Satuday amidst the smell of pure evil,they struck. NYers were incinerated by religious zealots and the Sons of Treason blamed the Jews, Israel, Capitalism and everyone except the actual culprits.They have no faith, they are a cult of political opportunism.

Special treat Bob Grant on the Mark Levin Fan Blog

Those of you lucky enough to live in the NYC metro area are more than likely familiar with the Great Bob Grant. I have been depressed about the impending date looming on the horizon. Well meaning people ask the most difficult questions. If I were back home I would be one of many. Yet up here I am one of the few who was there.
I try and answer the best I can, but it becomes difficult after a while. I guess people expect a profound survivors wisdom, well the big guy upstairs picked an unusual witness. There is no profound wisdom in acts of evil, juxtaposed with duty and honor. Sadly, this is what life is about sometimes.

There were times that I would be between jobs and the Bob Grant show was the highlight of my day. I would actually schedule my classes around the Grant Show. Grant and not Limbaugh was the big man in NYC and drove the Professors up the wall. A subversive activity in the eighties was to listen to the Bob Grant show on Campus and read the late Eric Briendel.

Also on the Bob Grant interview with Sean Hannity is the mercurial Jay Diamond. Jay Diamond has moved way over to the left but he was a showman. The Urban legend was he was fired after doing a one man version of Its a wonderful life with Al Sharpton in the Jimmy Stewart role. I remember that show and my friends talked about it for weeks. The Diamond segment is at the end of the interview.

The whole segment is on the Mark Levin fan board. It seem that Bob Grant is under contract for another 90 days and there is something planned. This does not make up for those idiots cancelling John Batchelor. Maybe we could see Bob sub for Sean and Levin.

You can find the interview by Googling Mark Levin Fan. If Levin is available in your area tune in. He is the next best thing to Bob Grant.

Beamish in 08.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Time doesn't heal all wounds

This is my 9-11 post, I chose the weekend when only people I conider to be family are likely to read this. I want to thank my clsest friend in the blogosphere Warren and Justin for helping me deal with some of the issues of 9-11. Many others of you have also been very helpful with some of these issues and I thank each and every one of you.

There is a notion that some have that time heals all wounds and with time you will be made whole again. This is just not true, and I envy those who have the ability to forget. Sadly on most nights I get around four hours of sleep unless I am ill or exausted. Around once a week my dreams take me back to 9-11 like a broken newsreel loop. The images in my mind have not dulled with time.

It is actually harder to live in the North Country than to be back home. Every few days someone asks and they are well meaning. Back home there are plenty of other people to ask. There is also white noise that makes the sound of low flying planes undetectable. The other day military excersizes at the nearby airport unsettled me. I drove to Hazens Notch to get away from the low flying planes.

Making the situation worse are the anti-semitic conspiracy clowns. These are the same people who held a Nuremburg style rally while the buildings were still burning on Saturday. Jerry Falwell makes yet another stupid comment about Gays and the media reported that. 2000 anti-semitic Commie traitors hold a Nuremburg style rally on the Saturday after 9-11 and America heard nothing. The conspiracy clowns make a mockery of the dead. They insult the brave firemen who knew they were joining history as I raced away from it. The conspiracy clowns insult the intelligence of any rational thinker. I read a post from the most deranged conspiracy nut of them all and even far left commies thought talk of Muslim Goblins was insane.

Time does not heal all wounds and I am likely to be tied to that day for the rest of my life. There will always be the sincere coworker who asks about that day. There will be a young child who asks simply "what happened". More annoying are the far left red rednecks who make a mockery of that day. Even our benign Anti semitic poultry dismisses what I and many others experienced on that day. Poultry is more worried that Muslims might be scrutinized at airports or be made to answer for a crime commited in their name. Is my future that of the Pearl Harbor Vets who lay a reef in the Sea every December 07 n the Staten Island Ferry?

There are also plenty of Walter Mitty type leftist who mistake me for John Wayne. Although John Wayne, James Arness, Richard Poe and myself all share the same birthday
we are not super heroes. Several leftists have remarked well did you try and rescue anyone. No you were a coward and ran and saved your backside. There were Police officers who were spooked by that day and also ran. They are not to be blamed as no amount of training could ever prepare one for what happened. It is amazing that the vast preponderance of rescue personel rose to meet the vortex of death. Sadly, at times like this we often see the best of man trying to fix the hell created by the worst of man.

9-11 and the 93 blast will travel with me in my memories until I am forgotten. We should always remember the rescue personel who died trying to save others in an unspeakable hell. They embody the noblest of our virtues and should never be fogotten.

Beamish in 08