Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Sprite

The Sprite turns nine next week on Tuesday. I haven't been able to go out much because the pain in my ankle is bad. I can walk but running or doing my usual routine is not happening. My daughter loves to watch me interact with the merchants. The Greek Place is far away and I don't like deliveries,

The Owner of the Greek place made a special waffle sunday for the sprite who loves Ice cream with loads of fruit. They added strawberries and sang happy birthday. The owner joked about my fall and that they would have delivered. The pain is manageable. Oddly when I wear no shoes I can walk around the house pain free. Unfortunately, I can not do this at work.

What is the difference between Yeagley and the Duck

I want to point out that we disagree with the toxic racism of Dr. Yeagley. All of us come with some garbage. Unfortunately, an otherwise interesting fellow has some foul views on race. In his heart he believes himself a patriot. He is very mistaken about our country and in his case it is tragic. If he were a true Reaganite you would see him everywhere.

The Duck has said some odious racial things. He calls Obama "the Black Messiah". Now in fairness to the Duck he does not denigrate Blacks as a community and it is clear Yeagley has.

How we view Obama is really a reflection of ourselves. He is about as White as Yeagley 50%. Obama has never lived in a Black Community. He has not suffered because of his race and arguably may have gained admission to schools he did not qualify for and got his job through affirmative action and Old Left family connections.

I view Obama as the ultimate product of nepotism. We need to talk about ideas and merit. Obama has never had an original thought  in his life. He basically threw a suit on failed ideas and mumbled platitudes.
The American people elected him in part because we believed the nonsense about post racial America. Instead we got the mindless drone who is merely an opportunist.

The Duck is usually more bigoted then the next man.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Time to hold Bill Clintoon responsible for pardoning terrorists.

After reading the violent and disgusting crimes of the freaks and Communist clowns commuted by Bill Clintoon it is time to hold him directly responsible. The next time you see Bill Clintoon ask why he commuted the sentence of unrepentant violent human garbage like Susan Rosenberg.

The absurd part is Bill Clintoon feigns that he was tough on terrorism.

The truth is the actions of Bill Clinton show why the death penalty should be mandatory for terrorists. Had Timothy McViegh feigned alliegence to Marx he would likely be teaching at MIT. McViegh unlike Communists was not an incompetent and knew how to commit crimes without blowing himself up.

Those on the left can not be trusted to keep traitorous violent thugs who rationalize their crimes with lobotomized excuses in jail.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Well that isn't according to plan

Vermont is known for ice cream but NYC is known for Italian Ices. There are plenty of great local companies. The Lemon Ice King of Queens, Rita's of NJ and being a Staten Islander my favorite is Ralph's.
The clods in Vermont can have stupid hippie ice cream made by pot heads, but smarter types take the NYC product.

My parents like pistaschio and I keep them happy with a few servings. I get whatever suits my fancy and toss it way deep in the freezer for a rainy day or post fast dessert. Well I found the chocolatte mousse which is excellent and considered by locals to be their best. I had a bit put it back in the freezer to find the senior citizens had discovered it. Obviously, I will have to order more as it seems to be a big hit. The local branch was out of Key Lime.

The fast was easy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strange but true

I am trying to remember way back to my HS and College days. I honestly never ate in the hs cafeteria or bought a meal. I think as school ended at 2 I merely picked up a sandwich on my way home. I college I think I might have had a slice of pizza or a Blimpie Tuna sandwich. I would read in the cafeteria, but never buy the food there.

One thing to remember is that lost in the Obama's food fascism is children eat what they wish. Many will skip meals because they are unfamiliar. The notion that children will suddenly eat veggies because the junk food is taken out is mistaken.

The answer may be to make junk food healthier instead of scrapping it. I was reminded of this when my daughter stole my spinach roll and I gave her an odd look. Actually the spinach roll isn't too bad and the waitress  told me just order more cheapo.  What is the world comming to when kids steal spinach rolls and spinach pie. The secret is the stuff tastes darn good and isn't so bad.

Maybe we need to be realistic and practical instead of food bullies.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Demand Obama state no release for Sheik Rahman

The media is quite selective in the bizzare stories it runs. We have had an act of brutal terrorism against our country oddly blamed on a film maker. The Obama administration has made wishy washy apologies for the film that had zero to do with a brutal act of terror rationalized as outrage over the film.

A strong leader gets up and defends our values of free speech. The film was an abomination, but Muslims like everyone else need to grasp that a bad film is not a rationalization for violence. If this were so the Ducks bizzare Marxist art films should have created a score of beheadings for poor production values.

There are those within the government who have been kicking around the lousy idea of freeing the convicted criminal Sheik Rahman. This is exactly the wrong idea and even mulling appeasing terrorism is typical mindless state dept logic at its worst.

Keyboard Warriors rise up and photoshop Sheik Rahman into crazy places to support free speech. Place him in the Back Street Boys or Village People for a good laugh. Sub him in as your store Santa in the name of freedom. Even replace Bubba from Sanford and Son with images of the Blind Sheik. Do remember that the point of this is to place his image in silly places, not offensive. Thus a photo of him with Spongebob or
replacing Ross on Friends is on target. Placing him in the Pillsbury Dough boy spot would also be funny. Illustrate the point with creativity, wit and good taste.

Obama needs to be directly asked and confronted with his views on this subject. It will not prevent him from twisting his words later, but it needs be done

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Old Car Show Frummie Free

I am off to the local Old Car show in search of retro food, retro music and a glimpse of the dreaded Dodge Dart. There are those who swear by that car, but it is a bad memory from times gone by.

As the Jewish holidays are impending there will be no frummies to kill the fun.

The latest frummie obsession is attempting to get me to go to Israel. This is not happening as I would be stuck on a plane with more annoying frummies. Up until these idiots stayed over they were a quaint annoyance. I can endure them for a few days and not get too angry. Now the anger and disgust is seething and I am annoyed by talk of midah, derech or any other religious garbage.  I would sooner go back to Guyana, which does not have a Chabad House, than potentally deal with more frummies.

Old cars, classic retro music, retro food loaded with pork and not a frummie in sight. Now if only I could get the BBQ going out back and some Ice Cold Diet Mountain Dew life would be excellent.

Perhaps, I will need to hang out at biker bars which are also frummie free. Frummies are creepier than goths and can only be killed with Pork products. Silver bullets, wooden stakes and even religious symbols don't work, I tried. They merely take the garlic and cook with it. 

Newest excuses for Arab Outrage

Arabs have just discovered that there are no Arabs in the Village People. The radical followers demand that in all future concerns a new dancer dressed like Sheik Rahman be allowed to sing YMCA. In the spirit of mmulticulturalism they demand Obama release Shiek Rahman and he be given a job as a Muslim alternative to Santa at Macys for the holidays.

If this sounds absurd so does sodomizing and lynching diplomatic personnel over a lousy film.

Sorry but freedom of expression is an American birthright and those who want to intimidate me into silence are mistaken. Actual Muslims look like crap every time one of these loons filled with hate make idiotic excuses for crimes against humanity.

Muslims upset about blog post riot at noon. Muslims upset at lack of Charmin Ultra in toilets riot at 2pm lynching and sodomizing diplomats as a bonus feature,

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Return of the Planets Worst Houseguests

One would think that after driving your relatives into near homicidal anger by staying all summer this relative would take their time before returning. They are well aware of the anger their last visit caused. A normal person would probably wait about six months before even attempting another visit.

In the spirit of Jason from Friday the 13th THEY'RE BAAAAAACK AGAIN

At least they must leave on Sunday to lead services in Brooklyn for Monday. Why they feel the need to annoy me with yet another visit is unknown.

This is the mentality of the Frummies who really don't give a crap about anyone else. Their sick and depraved lifestyle of sloth, cultural backwardness and ignorance disgusts me. Glad you can pick up a religious book and do whatever ritual. Now how about returning at a normal hour, showing vestiges of a work ethic or competence and at least shutting your mouth so the entire world doesn't know you are a cultural zero.

In related news the Jewish New Year is upon us Monday. My seat will remain empty by choice. I usually offer it to a poor family and we have plenty of candidates this year. For whatever reasons, long ago I decided to stop going through the motions. The truth is I never wanted to do this and hated Yeshiva. I wanted to go to school with the kids up the block. People who know me from that time period think I just vanished. It took me many years to return to secular life where I found happiness. I remember sitting in the Principals office and getting a lecture about my grades. I hated being there so much I refused to answer test questions in Hebrew or do any homework for religious classes. I returned for one semester in HS and they were baffled by my intransigence to anything religious.

I guess I relate to gay people who have to step out of the closet and tell people who they are. It is not that I deny who I am or my heritage. I just want nothing to do with the community. I made a choice to stop going through the motions and faking beliefs long ago. I live an honest life and am more virtuous than many of the fakes that feel similarly but lack the courage to stop pretending. I am always polite and courteous to the folks at Chabad who pester me. I am not a lost soul. I chose to leave and seek my freedom and live apart. I have no nostalgia for the days when I lived a more traditional life.

I will take off the Jewish holidays for family peace. If my parents were not involved it would be another work day. I did take off Yom Kippur in VT, but that was it. I asked for the holidays yesterday and was granted them off. This supervisor gives me no headaches, but she knows I would rather be at my desk serving the public. The top boss stated my leave totals are well above maximums and I am in use or lose territory. In fact the only time I ever take off is when they send me on the annoying customer service details
that every officer must endure.

There are those who find identity through the rituals and I respect that so long as they are gainfully employed and not bothering those who don't. I respect the religious guy up the block who has lost his job in the Obama economy. His daily trips to learn the Talmud with other unemployed peers and retirees are punctuated by the rare job interview or short term job. The studying basically gives him something to do while looking for work. He would likely be better off sharpening his skills, but that is another story.

I am just tired of dealing with cultural baboons. God doesn't always provide and there is no solid reason to
not hive your best at work each and every day. Even if your boss is a jerk, the customers deserve your best every time. There is no excuse for ever returning home after 2AM with regularity on a work night. There is no excuse for demonstrating you are a cultural baboon. If you are clueless about the arts or popular culture just keep it to yourself.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another 9-11

I am thinking about how much the world has changed. Osama is swimming with the fishes. It would be better if he was packed in a 55 gallon drum filled with cement, but style points don't matter when a touchdown is scored.

9-11 was the beginning of the end. America is in decline led by an incompetent media selected University Marxist drone. There are those who say those who voted against Obama based on race were evil. Those who voted for him based on race or white guilt were just as wrong and were more numerous.

After 9-11 there was a spirit of we can do this in the land. The Obama years are faced with despair if you are looking for work and depression with the abuse you have to put up with to keep one. EEO complaints are through the roof where I work. If this was Bush we would hear crap about "they just don't get it". As it is Obama and an election day it is whatever.

We aren't safer by any means. The new terrorists will be home grown and I am not saying all Muslims are terrorists. However, I look at the way the buck was passed in the Ft Hood shooter case and it seems we are more afraid of being called a bigot than public safety. Of course it would help if we cleaned out cronyism at the Federal agencies, but that is a task for a Greek God.

Maybe the candidates can do us a favor and prohibit direct relatives, spouses and in laws working in the same agency. There are plenty of agencies that relatives can choose, so that we can have better management.

On 9-11 a great nation was attacked. Brave men joined history attempting to save others. The attack was done in the name of religious dogmatism and while America was down Marxists and other freaks blamed the Jews and everyone other than Osama. Osama was screaming I did it, but those political nuts on cue blamed the Jooooos. Of course when I state that a genuine Jew sees a Marxist in the same manner that a Black man views the KKK some of you think this is poetic verbiage. The 9-11 Truther movement is a modern "Blood Libel" with some theories almost taken from the Protocols.

While most of us get that the Truther movement is as low as Holocaust deniers there are some amazing
lapses. There is a person whom I call Rabbi Snaglepuss. He screams I am a Rabbi at the top of his voice and threatens to sue anyone who says he doesn't act like one. Rabbi Snagglepuss and Howard Zinn signed onto a Truther petition and Lerner comically claimed he was duped. Truthers are my generations Holocaust Deniers and we know who is mocking the dead by attempting to shift blame from the actual

Remember the dead and the great nation we were. Four more years of whatever and demolition derby style economics is a bit much. We survived 9-11, but another four years of malfeasance will certainly deliver hope to our enemies and change everything from bad to worse.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Ground Hogs Day With The Frummies

It has now become painfully apparent that the frummies will return yet again tonight. I did enjoy a two day break from sloth, ignorance and jokes that have not been funny long ago. They left the kid here so they have an excuse to return in force again and make yet another failed attempt to place one teen on an airplane. Naturally, the attempt will take place at 3AM on a Monaday morning to prolong my agony.

Then they will be so exausted they will go 40 miles out of their way and return here.

I have read the emails about converting. In my community when this happens it causes parents to mourn as if their child is deceased. I have zero inclination to cause my parents any further annoyance. Life has not been easy to either and I have no desire to make things worse.

What bothers me is the total lack of consideration for others. They are the center of the universe and we must bow to their whims. This same relative was annoyed because I didn't want to deal with him on Thanksgiving or any other time. They have other family meembers who don't get annoyed at their antics so the point of this is unknown.

I have grown to hate these obnoxious boors. They show no consideration for others and zero responsability. It used to be merely annoyance, but now it is hatred. I am glad you walk another path, but spare me lectures. I have no interest in returning in life or death. I chafe at enduring endless rituals and have no desire to sit in a Temple.

I find these relatives to be an embarassment.

If you want something done do it yourself

Having waited for weeks for thefrummies to accomplish a mundane task my patience is at wits end. Getting one teen on a plane and into school should not take a month. The latest story is Sunday the task will be done. Why this relative insists his kid remains here while his family is in Long Island is unknown. The kid is not annoying his parrents are.

Should this plan fail I will do this personally.  I will get the kid on the plane go to Israel get a cab deposit 1 teen in a yeshiva and return asap. Upon my return I will make his parents life so miserable they will never do this again.

The kid is not college material and deranged dreams of him earning a degree are insane. The kid can't read a simple work of Dickens but somehow with grasp advanced readings.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

New Movie Attack of the Chronologically Impaired Lazy Frummy Vampires

In our last episode after umpteenth attemps to get the religious irritants to go home the religious vampires managed to screw up a fool proof plan.

Yesterday as I pondered how a simple task of buying one teen a plane ticket could get messed up for weeks I decided what was needed was John Madden. Madden takes out the chalkboard and diagrams how complicated football plays develop for mass audiences.

I delivered the folowing half time speech

You folks are losers. Entire wars have been fought and won in less time than it takes you idiots to buy a single plane ticket. Well we are going to the blackboard to get to the basics.

First we take out the credit card. Then we head to the travel agent and book the next available flight. We pack our bags. Load the car. We leave home four hours before the flight. You check in and do not say anything stupid to the armed folks at El Al. On second thought having your mother annoy armed guards would solve many problems, but my luck is lousy. Board the plane. Go to Israel marry a local and emigrate, but forget my phone number. Stay in Israel.

Tonight we are down to one. My nephew is still here. Why one leaves a kid on standby three times further away from JFK is unknown.

Surely there must be some village that needs official idiots.

God Hates Me

Just when you think the hose guests from Hell are gone they are back again.  Even though they were supposed to leave last week and went to the airport yesterday THEY ARE BAAAAAAACK. I have been praying to get hit by a bolt of lightning since they arrived. I can't take this anymore. The madness, the stupidity, the self centerdness never ends. At least when the Dr takers out the white glove eventually the annoyance ends and their is a purpose to the agony.

I wake up 1AM to enjoy this new found peace and THEY ARE BAAAAAACK.  How does one &%*^(^& up a simple task light getting on a *^(&(*UOU plane. Here is how to mess up a mundane task. 99% of humanity buys a ticket with a definite date and time. The task becomes quite simple you arrive three hours before the flight and take your pre assigned flight.

The Adams family insists on an open ticket. This takes two weeks longer and they insist upon further annoying relatives who are at wits end. They arrive a mere one hour before the flight. Then amazingly there is no room on the flight.

This would not be an annoyance if they went to their home a mere ten miles from the airport. Instead they turn right around and are back here yet again 40 miles from the airport.

I don't ask for much from God. At this point I would like a nice lightning bolt to kill me so I can be spared the stupidity, the excuses, the ignorance and sloth that these religious slackers inflict on me daily. For crying out loud how $%^%tA% difficult is this task that even developmentally disabled folks do each and every day. The process is quite simple moron buys plane ticket, moron shows up on time, moron gets on plane.

I am past hate and am now into suicide to get away from these uncouth barbarians whose sloth, ignorance and incompetence in simple tasks is beyond belief. I hate these religious slackers. These are life's rejects who can't even complete a simple task. Of course they could have gone home as it is closer to the airport.
All of this precludes that a basic responsible imbecile performs a task.

The new story is we promise it will be tomorrow. Funny I was promised that last week. How the %s6a56
does one 3765%^%5 a simple basic task like buying a ticket and getting on a plane. Of course they act perplexed that I am angry and have no %^A%E^aW% clue.

I can't believe this. It is humid so I go down to get some sleep in an air conditioned room. I find them camped out once again.


Tune in again tomorrow for the house guests from hell part infinity.

If I actually am lucky and get hit by a well placed bolt of lightning and manage to get away from these religious barbarians they will inter me in the family plot where I will not even get away from these idiots in death.

I am on my way to arrange for a burial in Guyana. At least in death I can get away from these idiots and rest in peace in the after life away from these barbarians,

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The House Guests are gone

It was not without dramabut it appears the house guests have returned after three months. I am beyond angry and the relative inadvertently reinjured my ankle. I had been pain free for 48 hours but relapsed. Long story but with these barbarians back home I can sleep.

My anger at the series of impositions and waiting an extra week just to add further irritation has gotten worse. This relative and I no longer speak. A mutual friend inquired and I stated that I have no such relative.

I am really bothered by the nasty attitude towards people that work. Glad you are destined for a life of religious mendicancy. Don't knock those who work hard and never ask for help, they are your betters. You should see the exasperated looks when I let the religious slackers have it.


I am annoyed at the low class ignorance that comes from the mouths of religious students. I am reminded of why I decided to walk away and find my own path. I am just floored by the disrespect for actual working people, by the religious slackers. My uncultured and ignorant nephew made a snide remark about the cleaning woman. I reminded him that the woman works very hard to support her family and it is an outrage that he would disrespect hard working people. I got the lecture how hard it is to study in yeshiva. Sorry, but the cleaning woman works very hard without her hand out, unlike the professional students.

Similarly, my eyes got bloodshot by the levels of cultural ignorance. Glad you can study obscure religious texts but we live in a wider world and should be culturally literate. If you don't know the basics about art, music, theatre and antiques kindly grasp that others do not share your values. Sorry, but I have no desire to recreate a ghetto in Europe.

I got the lecture about my soul. If heaven is being with these religious slackers please ship me to the other place. I would sooner end up next to Junglemom or whomever serves the poor, rather than mindlessly reading obscure religious texts in a fog.

One can not discuss the real world with buffoons and insular baboons. When I was the age of this student I understood the value of hard work. I made a deliberate point to cross that line away from the segregated college table to the bimmi cafeteria where the transients ate. Only the verbal beat down of a beautiful blond daughter of a famous writer got me to return to the college table from time to time. She wanted company and did not care about my small scale social protest.

I guess I was always part of the larger community and thinking on different levels. I have no patience for religious slackers who are still not home on a work night at 2AM.

Monday, September 03, 2012

The world's worst house guests are still here

This has gone on since July 4 and was supposed to be over. I have spent the summer without AC while this house guest crashes. There has been excuse after excuse and at this point I am past angry. Their daughter is supposed to go back to school on Thursday and the son was supposed to be on a plane last week. I am exasperated and angry. This goes beyond a normal provocation to where there will be non violent payback for this.

Had this relative the decency of warning ahead of time I would have taken a month or so off. This relatives stupidity and procrastination have impacted the rest of us. Sorry, but when your stupidity and self centeredness impacts me this relationship is over.

Another equally dumb relative decided to hold a wedding in FLA on a yacht. I prepaid $250. to spare myself a nautical disaster. As neither family is in Florida the need to hold this event in a strange locale on a yacht is odd. This marriage of diva and dullard has lasted a year. There is no way this ill suited couple of clowns lasts three.

I really wish these annoying relatives would stop inviting me to their functions. I have no desire to attend these parties and would rather be left out. I really don't bother with cousins who could not pick me out of a police line up.

I am really starting to despise these religious slackers who loaf and come in at all hours of the night and then feign poverty. Hey morons how about sending your moronic wife to work 20 years ago. They come in an out don't keep normal hours and cry poverty. Hey dumbass get your wife to work. If this moron were not religious a wife that is unemployable because she is always late and is on the phone all day while doing nothing would be a welfare queen. I seriously would like to send her to the vocational boot camp show because I am at wits end. On top of this, the idiot lectures others on careers. Excuse me moron someone who hasn't worked in 20 years should STFU.

This is outrageous. Why are they still here?

Sunday, September 02, 2012


I have been resting the ankle and watching TV. There was a turkey in the front yard. I did not posses the speed or stealth to get close. The ankle is somewhat better and the pain

Eating in NYC

Many of the old time restaurants are disappearing, When they go we lose some of history and individuality.  I really did not know about Eisenberg's Sandwich shop. This is shocking because I went to school nearby and lived up  the block.

Eating at a 1920 style lunch counter is worth the trip. Despite claims otherwise the food is not as good as one would find in Ben's on 38th. However as Ben's is Kosher one can not eat a cheese burger there or get the excellent Manhattan Clam chowder  once Tabasco sauce is added.  I had a decent to above average Corned Beef on rye with a Cell Ray Soda. In my case I was imagining this is what my grandfather might have experienced when he passed through on his way home from the furniture factory he owned nearby.

I miss my my grandfather he was a gentle man who loved his craft and great food. He was a man of peace who hated war. He hated the Communists who he considered imbeciles and verbose gangsters who endangered the world. He fought in the war of 1920 for Poland and was a skilled marksman. He displayed this skill after a stroke and amazingly after Parkinsons. On a couple of occasions in the Catskills he beat amazed State Troopers. He made me give back the money but never turned down the beer that the amazed State Troopers would insist he take. My grandfather would chide me give back the money and ask for a beer. The stunned State Troopers would insist he take a six pack. He would then return to reading a Yiddish newspaper. He was much more literate in his aboriginal language than in English. This may have also been why he appeared much more simple than he was in reality.

Many of the Old places are gone but will live on in my memories and in these pages.

To Nostalgia