Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We are not surprised by the Moscow Subway attacks. We have an army of people who apologize and make excuses for this type of behavior. The truth is Muslims are more prone to oppress others than be oppressed. Do we see Tibetans, Coptic Christians or residents of Cuba behave like this? Even Muslims themselves do not rationalize this type of behavior. The war on terror starts with their leftist enablers at home.

The mania about militias is out of control. I am glad the Obama administration caught some knuckleheads that were more industrious than their commie counterparts and talked about killing cops. Then again we have terrorists in higher ed who were quite friendly with Obama. Lets see we have a group of people screaming about revolution and venerating cop killers like Joanne Chesimard and Mummia. Sorry, but the hypocrisy of an administration who sees nothing wrong with Bil Ayers is mind boggling.

My passport should arrive in a few weeks and then it is off to Guyana in the fall. I will enjoy some time in the rain forest. I will see about mobile posting from the forest. I may apply to cross into Suriname. I will be accompanied by locals and some coworkers and it promises to be fun. There are plenty of sites to see and I have a few friends with family there. Maybe I will grab a fedora and the whip and look for commies on the border of Hugo's crack empire. I might go try my hand at some local fishing in the rivers. There are huge fresh water turtles in the local rivers.
One of my thrills from my trip to GA was seeing Aligator Snapping Turtles and huge softshelled turtles in their natural habitat. I do not think we will be anywhere near an area where I can see
fresh water stingrays or the huge six water fresh water fish of the arapimus family.

On the CD player I still have what is kindly referred to as Beach Bum music. I enjoy the Ventures and some of classic instrumentals from the 60's like Miserlou, Out of Limits, Because they Were Young and the Beatnik Fly.

I will be spending some time with the beloved Rav Roov and his family of Beaker kids. I hate Passover and can't wait for it to be over. I will be taking another trip with the Guyanese community to NJ. We raise money for the local house of worship and have a great time. Maybe, in May I can talk Drummaster into letting have my car and I will visit Bushkill Falls or head to the Finger Lakes. I would like to see Watkins Glenn, the Oriskany Battle field and Fort Stanwix.
I made a trip to Ticonderoga and Fort William Henry in my days in VT. I would like to see the Northeast Kingdom again.

I am amazed at the warped perception of Tea Party events by self proclaimed America experts
at Harry's Place. It is fairly obvious that the authors of the post never attended an event and their knowledge is limited to the NYT a couple of trips to NYC and LA and a few readings of left wing blogs. I never saw any guns at a Tea Party event except those of local law enforcement officers. The amount of people arrested at such events if very low and meaningless in any comparison to so called Peace protests.

Today's rant is about unemployed types at such events. Unfortunately, in the age of Obama this is a real problem. However, the dolts in the UK fail to grasp that the protesters want government to focus on job creation, not mindless attempts to nationalize health care. Furthermore, I have yet to see a similar depiction of unemployed Peace protesters. Few Tea Party types are like the Folks at Code Pinko, UPJ and ANSWER and are professional activists with no outside source of income. Moreover, the media seldom if ever mentions the so called
"peace protests" are communist led and organized. The Truthers, Jew Obsessed types and arrests at the peace protests are seldom discussed in the NYT.

I lived in VT for three years and would not describe myself as an expert on Vermont. I am curious how folks in the UK proclaim themselves expert on American politics and our local talk radio shows without similar exposure to the events in question. A few trips to LA, NYC and reading some articles in the NYT and Salon does not qualify one as an expert on anything American.

The ugly American has been replaced by the obnoxious Euro. The obnoxious Euro is an expert on everything and thinks they are the moral center of the planet.

FYI When I visit Guyana I will be polite and not comment about local traditions or politics. A good visitor does not abuse the hospitality of the nation he visits. I would remind Euros visiting the USA to follow the example of the Japanese tourists who visit and are beloved and polite.
Sorry, but I do not seek to emulate the EU. America has its own traditions and culture. If I get around to visiting I would also show more class than the Euros who visit America. I will not offer
any opinions on local subjects and will be polite at all times.

The Bigotry of the Sanctimonious Duck

Apparently, the Duck feels no shame in labeling Dr. Yeagley gay. If this behavior was done by a Conservative he would be screaming. Yeagley says he is not gay and the subject is irrelevant to his writings. He is a man of odious ideas and has a rather warped view of Americanism.

The Duck who screams about the rhetoric of conservatives thinks it is funny to call Yeagley gay. Thus we are supposed to be concerned about every imagined slight to the ethically challenged Barney Frank and laugh at baseless smears thrown at Yeagley.

The Ducks hysteria about gays does not include the Pseudostinians who persecute gays. Nor is the record of communism on gays something he should talk about. Even the folks at the 700 club never placed gays in prisons or mental hospitals like Communists have.

Communists are known for banning a language in several countries. It does not take a genius to figure out which language was banned. Hint it was not Arabic.

Stupid Militia Men Should Have Quoted Marx

There is only one thing worse than a criminal, stupid criminality. No doubt you have read the stories about the militia men. Had these idiots merely acted in the name of Marx they would be given high paying jobs in Universities. No doubt when Commie clown like Renegade Spleen talk about "revolution" or spin cop killers into political prisoners we are supposed to ignore the rhetoric.
Commies are violent and belong in prisons or mental hospitals.

Ibn Beakerkin

Onto the Couch Potato Sect

Remember to listen to Ali Limbali at noon. Avoid tofu at meals as it is haram. Sporting events are sacred to the Big man upstairs. We are referring to the almighty, not no neck Gomez.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Muslims exempted from Obama Care

I have to think that this is a joke. However, Sharia does prohibit insurance in most standard interpretations. Oddly, historically Islam gained many of its converts via similar avoidance of taxes.

I was thinking I could call myself Mustafa Salami Baloney of the couch potato sect of the faith.
We believe that the best place to practice the faith is on our sacred couch with any sporting event other than figure skating or gymnastics which are haram. As alcohol is forbidden we will serve carbonated beverages and Zionist National Cold Cuts with NY Deli Mustard. Infidel communists will be served Jim Jones Koolaide. They must pay members of the faith Zhakhat or
bring Mountain Dew or get wedgies.

Our Weekday sermons shall be led by Ali Limbali followed by Shah Hamurabi and Mahmoud Levant. Of course the morning shall be dedicated to readings of Ibn Beakerkin and Beamish.

Of course members of the Couch Potato Sect would probably earn some sort of Fatwa for blasphemy. However, exempting people from a major expense on the basis of their faith would call for some form of Civil Disobedience. Even Jihadis in their wildest dreams could not come up with a better tool to seek converts than the Obama administration if this is true.

Somehow, I think that this story combines some elements of truth and exaggeration.

Ibn Beakerkin


I did participate in Passport week and should have my passport in a few weeks. For an extra 20 dollars there is a passport card for short trips to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Unfortunately, this card is not good for my trip to Guyana. In many ways the card is better because the information is scan able. Ideally, I would love to see these cards replace passports, but it will not happen.

I find it amusing in an era where the Obama administration is addressing don't ask don't tell that it has not addressed mistreatment of Jews in the armed forces. One can read some of these stories in the press. My family in the military are officers and have not experienced this, but they are high ranking officers. The stories that come out have dealt with new recruits.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

We may need the help of the Editrix

Anti Semitic Maoist Bore Norman Finkelstein had a speaking engagement before the Green party in Germany canceled. Thus far I have only seen this story in a single blog.

There is nothing Green in the commentary of Maoist clown Finklestein. This term is used to hide
his politics from his audience. He has created his own boutique Communist populist Jooo hatred industry catering to Commies, Nazis and Jihadis around the globe. Unlike his fellow moron antisemitic circus freak Kovel, he has not written a single word on green politics.

The Green party is the home of communist freaks. Instead of fetishistic idiocies about workers as a scam to seize power these loonies claim to be guardians of the planet. Given the actual record of communist countries on ecological issues this should be a comedic classic.

The Editrix has informed us of bizarre plans to abolish the age of sexual consent laws by the idiotic greens. I much prefer the common sense version that focuses on the age difference between the parties. In short an 18 year old with a fifteen year old is different than a 25 year old with the 15 year old. However, in general people below 18 should be with similarly messed up teens rather than adult predators.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Israel does not answer to USA

Sorry to break the news to left wing morons. The policies of Israel are determined by its elected
government, not by University Bolsheviks in Washington or mindless EU socialist parasites. The same dullards are quick to tell critics of the narco terrorist state of Venezuela that policies of a criminal regime are determined in Caracas not DC.

Of course the Obama administration remains silent about a criminal regime linked to drug trafficking, aid to FARC and the ETA and weapons dealing for Hezbollah. The administration remains silent about a corrupt representative in Harlem who has been in office almost as long as Castro. It does go postal when Israel builds home in a Jewish section of Jerusalem.

Payback is on the way in November. At this point any hope of a recovery is finnished. Too many people out of work while Commissar Obama fiddled with a health care plan the American people did not want. He will next try the same tactic to get immigration reform and amnesty for people who have violated the law.

Israel unlike the USA does not have a stagnant housing market. Of course only Arabs and their communist allies defend Judenfrei real estate in the modern era.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

There is an anger in this land

There is an anger in this land over the Obama administrations forcing a health care bill that is not wanted by the American people. There are death threats to congressmen and an over whelming anger at an arrogant administration that does not respect the will of the people, our traditions and the Constitution. There will be a series of lawsuits by the states.

The Obama administration is taking a gamble that explaining the bill will defuse some of the rage and anger that will cause his party to lose seats. Similarly, there will be a rush to do immigration reform now before a tidal wave hits in November.

The economy is a wreck and we have a tin eared clown whose sole constituency is University Marxists and the Bolshevik Big Media.

There will be payback in November. Don't get mad or break the law. Merely get even with politicians who stabbed the American people in the back to please University Marxists.

Medical Professionals should mobilize and strike. Let Obama and his Bolshevik buddies explain why your doctor doesn't like the plan.

Also those upset about my friend Sonia, let it be known her wanton ways have influenced the great American patriot to go topless. Mr. B decided to lose the sacred gas mask and some of us are wondering if he was inspired by Sonia.

Of course the above is not true. However, many of my peers who are serious bloggers have enjoyed the posts as Sonia's blog. Mr. Beamish, Mustang, Steve Harkonen, Jams, American Crusader and the Pagan Temple have been there at one point.

I also want to thank the Pagan for his pun in my response about not seeing the forest for the trees. He responded he isn't thinking about trees, his mind is on bush.

I am not a prude in any description. As a bachelor, I have dated women from many races and cultures. Those of you offended by miscegenation are in the wrong place. In my community the term implies to those who date non Jews. I do not lecture other people about their morality and find those who are offended by miscegenation to be unamerican. In the case of one minor pundit who is a product of miscegenation and then critical of it this rises to circus freak fare.

As for gays and lesbians, it is their lives. I like most consider it to be a private matter between consenting adults. I oppose job discrimination and have witnessed people say things about gays
that would get them fired if said about Blacks. There is never any excuse for using slurs about gays, just as we don't accept the N word we should certainly not call people Dykes and Faggots.
There are claims by certain women at work who would report you for the slightest bit of rhetoric
that they find sexist or racist to posses gaydar. Even more comedic are claims from others of this ilk that employment in certain vocations infers homosexuality. This is especially funny coming from someone who has never worked in the fashion industry lecturing a person who was there for over a decade. Some male models are gay, but there are plenty who are not. The fact is gays
work in almost every vocation and you probably run into them in your daily mundane life and it is no big deal.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taking a day to enjoy life

I am taking a day off to enjoy life and spend quality time with the family. I look forward to enjoying time with the Sprite. It is near the end of a local Hindu holidays oddly as the Jewish holidays approach.

There are those who see the glass as half full and those who see it as empty. The truth is that all of this is meaningless. People will look around and see that their lives have been made worse since the dawn of Obama. The economy has never been worse and now he plans on similarly pushing immigration reform in before the midterm elections.

There will be a reaction and it will be swift. The Dems who voted for this will pay with their jobs.
Obama has one hope in 2012 and that is an economic rebound. Thus far it shows zero signs of happening. This bill will kill job growth dead in its tracks. The cost projections are from the same accountants who brought you Enron.

As for the hypocrites and dullards in the UK. The folks in the UK feign outrage about Israeli using UK passports to kill a terrorist. The UK is silent about folks using UK passports to commit
terrorist acts in Israel. In fact two members of the ISM did perpetuate this exact crime in Israel.
The ISM is the same group that brought you the Rachel Corrie pancake saga. As a commie aiding
and abetting terrorists in a conflict she had no business being in she deserved her fate. Unfortunately, it was an accident as the driver could not see the imbecile laying in front of a bulldozer. If anything the State of Israel should sue her family for damaging the bulldozer.

Has the UK done anything to the ISM for sending terrorists to Israel on UK passports to kill civilians? Does the ISM freely operate in the UK and organize in Universities with official sanction? Has the UK apologized for terrorist acts committed by its citizens using UK passports
to kill civilians? Does the UK allow an individual politician to openly fund a group that kills Jews
in places like Argentina?

While we admire the history of the UK and friends like Jams and Mark Alexander the place has
become a joke. The terrorist in question was killed with zero collateral damage. I would sooner the Americans kill members of Al Queda that way than with drones. Every nation has a right to
protect its citizens and this includes Israel. Had America acted in the Israeli manner after repeated War crimes by radical Islamic nuts we would not be in Afghanistan today. Instead commies and the far left pretend that when Muslims kill Jewish civilians it is rage. This is a demented Marxist logic.

Cubans, North Koreans and Chinese live under brutal police states. Do residents of these countries kill civilians with no logic. Christians and Hindus that live under Sharia are oppressed by Muslims do they smack planes into office buildings. Tibetians are oppressed by Chinese Communists who spit on real indigenous people while venerating contrived ones in Israel. I do not see Tibetians blowing up faculty lounges or any gathering of Commie apologists.

The above criticism does not infer that killing terrorists with drones something we disapprove of.
In fact the Obama administration has increased this activity. Unfortunately, innocent civilians do die in these attacks. Terrorists do deliberately hide amongst civilians and play media games such
as the circus in Quana with Mr. Green Helmet. The far left media allies of the terrorists are willing participants of this fraud. This is nothing new as while events at Mai Lai were well known
larger massacres by Communists such as the ones at Hue and torture of POW's was never discussed. Fake veterans like Gomer Kerry's accomplicel Al Hubard who never set foot in Vietnam, lied about his rank and suffered his back injuries playing sports in NJ were not discussed. Nor was repeated fake missions to Cambodia lifted from the film Apocalyse Now never examined in depth.

As for abusing passports the Israelis should be more creative and use the names of the passports
of members of far left groups like the ISM next time. Let the folks at Hezbollah wonder if Prof Finkelstein, Adam Shapiro and the Neturai Karta circus clowns are really double agents.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Beakerkin interviews all the readers

I am often sometimes surprised by the reaction of the readers to things I consider to be non issues.
When I created this blog I did expect that my unique views would attract some heat. I was prepared for some very nasty personal attacks from hard core Bolshevik worms. I was even somewhat prepared when my privacy was invaded by these same death cultists.

Over the last few days I have been taken back by the reactions to nudity, art and civilization. The questions come in terms of some of the reactions of Sonia. Not all blogging can be about politics and the routine. In fact many people prefer to read this site when we stick to interviewing.

With the reaction in mind I want to hold the first mass interview of the readers about some non traditional issues we seldom ever discuss. Anyone can take part in this unless your name is John Brown/LWB, Uptown Steve, Socrates, Eitan Divinsky or Gertrude Meyers.

1) What are your views on nudity?

It is a personal choice probably best done at home. There are people who seriously need to be clothed for aesthetic purposes like Lynne Stewart. Nudity is not very practical as where one puts keys, wallets and cell phones becomes a thought I would just rather not think about.

That being said I do not condemn the next persons choice.

2) What are your views on homosexuality in the opposite sex.

In my case I must be in the minority as I find that subject to be a bore. There are guys fascinated by watching this, but I am not one of them. I have known several lesbians and the ones I know are not people I want to see naked. Even if this were not the case it is not something that interests me at all.

In my case I really do not care who sleeps with whom as long as all parties are consenting adults.
It really is not my business who sleeps with whom and I have better things to do with my time.

3) What are your views on art and pornography?

I do enjoy a tasteful nude like the works of Renoir. The woman should be painted as a vibrant individual, not like the soulless representations of Degas. I am not bothered by classical sculpture
as it is a tasteful representation of the human form.

Pornography is something that should not be available to children. I find depictions of sex mixed with violence to be disgusting. Depictions of S & M and rape disgust me.

4) Sonia's view that free societies produce great pornography.

There may be some truth to this. However, whether this is cause and effect is unknown.

As for Communist puritans, prostitution is endemic in certain communist countries. Commies frequently rationalize Castro's abuse of Cuba with talk of prostitution. However, the practice continues today and rather than be "America's brothel" it is the folks at the EU who are doing the exploitation.

5) Can depictions of sex in mainstream films be boring?

The movie Eyes Wide Shut was a colossal bore. The movie Bolero was also a major bore. Showgirls was also a bore. Nudity and sex with a dreadful script really serves no purpose. If the
story line is good and the scene is filmed well it is interesting.

What makes the above films notable is they were all poorly written. If I want to see badly written dialogue and a lousy acting I can just buy any of the thousands of X rated titles. I do not
watch a film to see moronic stories and wooden acting. The film Eyes Wide Shut was a bore and Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise can not act even if their lives depended on it.

6) Should political considerations be used to censor certain works of literature? Would you want
to ban students from reading Mark Twain or Eugene O'Neil for using the N word or Dickens and Shakespeare for antisemitism?

I am rather amused at the infantile reactions from leftists. I did study Shakespeare, the Canterbury tales and Dickens in a Yeshiva. The notion that students could get a proper education without reading these texts was not considered. A small classroom discussion about
the literature reflecting the views of the society of the time was presented and the material was taught without any events. The antisemitic material is far worse than Twain's use of the N word in passing.

7) Should political movements control the arts.

No. This is also why commies like Arthur Miller can produce good works in the West, but their peers produce a series of flops under communism. Political censors and having to appease politicos produces bad results. Had Arthur Miller ever had to write the Crucible in the Soviet Union it would have been an inferior result.

Newsflash: Communist traitors unlike witches were real. Nobody suffered under McCarthyism
and if Miller wanted to see a real witch hunt he should have looked at the Slansky trial. Miller was not the sharpest tool in the shed. His IQ was higher than the reality impaired Pinter who never possessed a lucid moment in his wasted life.

8) Should Muslim students in public schools have to study art and the Holocaust?

Yes a basic education in the west would require some familiarity with art. The Holocaust as well
as the mass murders authored by Commies should be covered in a basic education. We also should cover Islamocolonialism and the mistreatment of minorities under Islamic rule.

If parents want to send their kids to private schools they may do so at their expense.

9) What are your views on homeschooling?

It should be allowed only if the students are tested with State wide regents to ensure that proficiency in certain subjects is met. If the students do not meet the standards they should be required to attend a formal school or get instruction from accredited educators.

10) Should Muslims be allowed to have religious courts in the USA or your country.

Only for those matters relating to their community like enforcing Halal laws and granting religious divorces. Family law should remain secular in its present form.

11) Would you be in favor of legalizing polygamy and polyandry?


12) Should government offer services in every language?

No. The exception should be law enforcement and emergency health care. English proficiency should be required for getting a green card with the exceptions being children under ten and parents of United States Citizens over 70. If you can not speak the language you are not equipped for employment.

13) Should the government censor sermons?

Only if there is exhortation to criminal acts. If cleric A says kills the Jews, Gays or people wearing plaid this is criminal incitement. If cleric A says Jews are hell bound as unbelievers this is within the belief system of the Church.

14) Would you like UK type libel laws in your Country?

No. These laws are a mockery of free speech and allow David Irvings and George Galloway to extort their critics. It also needlessly restricts what books can be published.

15) Are you bothered by inter racial romance?

No, this is none of my business.The exception is Tyne Daly who needed to mention it in every sentence. Sorry but mentioning this over and over again says you are an imbecile.

16) Should Citizens who commit terrorism be executed for treason?

Yes. This is true of Bill Ayers comunists or Americans who act on behalf of Al Queda .

17) Should Americans who receive subsidized travel or compensation from hostile foreign governments be denaturalized?

People who receive subsidized travel from hostile foreign governments should be required to register as foreign agents. People who receive compensation from hostile foreign governments should also register as foreign agents. The exception being professionals such as attorneys who sometimes have to advise foreign governments.

In certain cases like those of Code Pink denaturalization and deportation for sending money to our enemies in Falujah is warranted.

18) Should the government tax junk food

No, I want the government out of my refrigerator.

19) Should the government tax gasoline

No this tax discriminates against rural Americans who operate farm machinery and drive longer
distances to work.

20) Should the states subsidize the arts?

No. It should help out some museums to create tourist attractions and sites for students to learn
but that is all.

21) Have you ever seen your local economy worse.

22) Has the Green movement killed jobs?
Yes. We should be drilling for oil everywhere.

23) Are you in favor of the death penalty for foreign terrorists?
Yes, but only after military trials.

24) Are you bothered by public displays of religion?
No. I enjoy a Christmas tree or two. I prefer less lighting than some for reasons of taste.

25) Would you boycott a film because of the political views of an actor?
I will not see a Sean Penn film. Communists should get the message that consumers have the right to object to their obnoxious views by staying home.

A Product of NYC

People forget that although I am a member of the GOP, I am a NYC Republican. While I am a patriot and a genuine Cold Warrior I am a social liberal. In essence the traditional liberals who took the Cold War seriously left the Democratic party after it was infiltrated by Commie stooge Michael

The fuss over the lack of attire of Sonia is something I take for granted. In New York City there are people from every nation, religion with varied interests and sexual proclivities. In a normal life one would expect to literally see and hear everything.

The initial comment about Sonia was from Mark Winters. Bad Eagle is pretty much a ghost town consisting of someone named Steve, Ray Figgon and Dr Yeagley. The fare is pretty boring and other than an odd post by Amil there is nothing there of note. The Doctor's mindless obsession with Blacks and Batty Ann's rabies act have killed what was a great community. Bad Eagle is now officially boring.

Personally, I am libertarian when it comes to dress. If you want to wear a Bhurkha than do so and remain at home. I will not sacrafice public safety for your views. If you want to drive a car or
get a passport than you have to play by the rules. As for Winters jibes at Schwartz, he has pointed out this is a fad and is more of a trend like wearing a Red Beret and pretending you are
Che, Curtis Sliwa or the Play Dough kid.

As for Nudism if people want to do it at home no problem. In public there are those who are not
mature enough to handle it. I remember taking the beloved Sprite to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and trying to nurture her love of fine art. As all little girls love the notion of being princesses I took her to the section of the museum where the castle front and Christmas decorations were. Even though I go to this museum dozens of times in a decade I had forgotten that we would pass by the Greek sculpture area. I was not there long before the Sprite cried out
"They are naked at the statues". I was mortified and laughing at the reaction of a six year old and sat at the nearest bench. We had a discussion of different cultures and that different cultures viewed Art and the human body differently. The Greeks viewed the body itself as an art form and their art was a reflection of that. She asked if she could draw this stuff. I told her that she is Guyanese and that it is not reflective of her culture or appropriate for young children.

In essence the conversation with Winters was similar. Being a man with ahem "standard" proclivities I appreciate the female form as a work of art. That being said I also am versed in the arts and can readily differentiate art from pornography. While I do have this cultural mindset I sometimes forget that others lack the depth and maturity to handle this.

CM was largely correct in saying boys will be boys.

What is amazing is that politically I am more similar to Sonia than to the Editrix. Sonia like myself is a Cold Warrior and her cure for Communism is letting its adherents live under it. She views militant Islam and its over bearing imposed morality as attempting to subtract from our traditional liberties such as freedom of expression. The Editrix sees militant Islam in a different
light as trying to impose their way of life upon us. There is certainly truth to both views and I grasp the seriousness.

Left out of the mix is something that is personal. However at a certain point the topic of normal religious views needs to be addressed. A traditional religion cherishes life and the thought of killing people going to work gratuitously is not religion as we know the term. I am familiar with the wonderful expressions of community support within the Judeo Christian framework. I am also becoming more familiar with similar efforts in the local Hindu community. When I see blood shed gratuitously for marketing purposes I see the hand of Marx, Trotsky, Robespierre among other nasty sorts. I do grasp that Islam does have a history of violence that predates all of the above. When we discuss this history and Jim Crow elements it is usually a Marxist mendicant who turns history and logic on its head and pretends Islamo Jim Crow, colonialism and slavery are somehow less odious than their Western versions. One does not rationalize the abuse of others by saying crimes committed elsewhere were worse.

Sonia and the Editrix are valued friends. I value them for their brilliance and thought provoking
writing. I will add that many people one would not expect to be fans of Sonia have spent some time there. The great Mr Beamish, Mustang, American Crusader and Steve Harkonen are all people who have left here and paid semi regular visits. As a NYC type we love our friends for who they are and wouldn't change a thing about them. Many times for reasons I can not fathom I have found myself defending CM, Justin and even my friendship with the Editrix. I love my friends as they are and wouldn't change a thing about them.

Mark Winters if you can read this you need to get more hip. Not all nudity is pornography and at a certain point Sonia is correct about artistic freedom and Capitalism. If all you see is nudity when you visit her site you are missing the point or thinking with the wrong head.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am not going to defend blogger friends

Over the last few days I have been amused at some of the attacks on my blogger friends. First of all I want to point out that the reason I decided walk away from Bad Eagle had nothing to do with
the attacks on Dr. Yeagley or the rabid ignorance of the low class Batty Ann.

The reason I left Bad Eagle had to do with the twisting and mockery of the concept of the United States. I love this country too much to have a clod like Dr. Yeagley twist patriotism into an odd series of racial hygiene Bantustans.

When I say that my love for this country and its founding ethos pervades my spirit, this is something I take seriously. The notion that any group would be made into second class citizens on the basis of race is offensive to my American values.

With great lack of amusement I have seen some people attack persons I respect from Sonia, Amil Imani, Kidst and yes Mark Winters. I want to point out that all of the above can defend themselves amply.

I do find it mildly amusing that Commies who revel in antisemitic bigotry and revere mendicant
war criminal psychoes as secular messiahs would point a finger at anyone, much less Yeagley.
A look at the blogs in question reveals comment sections that have posts that resemble Der Shturmer. Moreover, these blogs welcomed and were linked to a variety of people whose actions included criminal threats against children in the name of Marx.

I will also add that no matter how objectionable the views of Yeagley are he is still morally superior to those people who venerate Hugo Chavez and dead Communist Icons. Furthermore,
while one can read plenty of posts where I address and distance my views from his I have yet to see a single peep from the Marxists who welcome LWB/John Brown and do not say a single word about his bigoted comments. Moreover, people as diverse as Sonia, CB, Jams O'Donnel and even Eric "the Commie" Fink have objected to this fare frequently cited by Stormfront for its Nazi content.

Contrary to Communist delusions Nazism and Communism are rivals and not polar opposites.
Nazis and Commies were allies and divided Central Europe between them. The polar opposite of Nazism and Communism is Americanism with its focus on INDIVIDUAL rights and liberties and respect for PRIVATE property and ACHIEVEMENT.

Certain words are capitalized because Commies have less mental capacity than your typical post lobotomy patient.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

You knew this was comming claims that Tea Party Protesters used anti Black and Gay Slurs

The hyperventilating Bolshevik media has prominently published claims of alleged racial epithets
of Tea Party protesters in DC. Corrupt Castro fan Charlie Rangel who says nothing about a regime
that holds and kills Black political prisoners complains about the Tea Party crowd being racist. If Blacks wished to join the protest that is fine. I doubt that there would be a single boo if Prof Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams addressed the crowd.

The media does not bother to report people that say "Jews plotted the 9-11 attacks " "Into the ovens " at so called Peace protests. You can find plenty of anti-semitic signs at the so called "Peace" protests. The media was silent about anti semitic remarks made by professional communist imbecile Cindy Sheehan whose sons memory is being tarnished by her antics.

Of course there are zero allegations that any of the speakers used those words or photos of actual placards with the slurs in question. Barney Frank is another ethically challenged hack politician. No doubt his ethical lapses do not excuse anti gay bigotry. However, given the desperation of the sinking far left I question the accounts and the lack of recordings in a place filled with cameras.

I do not agree with racial epithets. However, there seems to be a one way standard. Lefties can call the President Chimpy and make every nasty comment about a GOP President. However, if one person in a crowd of thousands calls an ethically challenged politician a slur the media goes into mock outrage. Does the media say a peep when Commies slur Senator Lieberman?

More interestingly, how many protesters did the police have to arrest for lawlessness if any? How much property did the Tea Party crew damage. The likely answer to both questions is zero.
The folks on the ground know which groups are prone to bigotry and lawlessness.


For those of you who have doubted me I have been off Bad Eagle for over a month. The Dr. has respected my wishes and has not contacted me. Our views of America are at odds and it is for the best that I depart.

Now for those of you who criticize my friendships with Amil, Kidst and Mark Winters. I am not a person prone to see the worst in people. I grant that there may be some validity to the criticisms but they are skilled enough to defend themselves.

Mark Winters, if you read this kindly write under your own name. You have always been able to defend yourself with a combination of caustic wit and facts. I do not always agree with you, but you have never needed to hide behind pen names like Daffy.

I was considering going overseas on vacation. Unfortunately, my job does require a security clearance and they do inquire about why you went abroad. I was thinking about visiting Israel or spending a week in Guyana but having to deal with the headaches is just not worth it. I may get
my car back and take a trip to Canton instead to see LT, Harry Carson and all the other greats of the NFL. I probably will visit a buddy in Cincinnati and look for a Lees Fried Chicken location.

I want to thank Ozzie Guillen. He may have a temper, but he speaks the truth about the mess created by Chavez. Crime is a problem according to Commies when it happens in NYC, Detroit and so forth. However, when it explodes in Caracas under Commie Hugos dicatorship of imbeciles they go into spin mode. In an ideal world apologists like Renagade Testicle are denaturalized and deported to Caracass. Commies are fond of the Chicken Hawk bit or telling real Joooos to emigrate to Israel. Those who advocate Communism for others need to live under it 24/7.

A typical example of comminist antisemitism was exhibited by Renagade Testicle on the site of Pagan Temple. Joooos have a second homeland in NYC. No doubt this unoriginal comment was ripped of from Gnome Chimpanzee a fellow communist with a similarly lack of IQ. No doubt if a comment were made about Blacks and Washington DC the folks would correctly be fitted for white sheets and outfitted with burning crosses. However, when you are a commie populist antisemitism is all that keeps the axis of evil together Commies, Nazis, Jihadis, Greens and anarchist clowns have little else in common.

An earthquake hit Gitmo. None of the facilities were damages. The internees have more rights, better health care and food than the sorounding Cuban populace. Of course people like Renagade
Testicle slander a murdered Cuban prisoner who was denied water and thrown naked into an air conditioned room. He wants us to be up in arms about panties on the heads of terrorists, but tries to divert attention from the murder and torture of a Black prisoner in Cuban jails.

Speaking of blacks in Cuba. When is Cuba going to extradite Joanne Chesimard cop killer and deranged communist criminal. Do not hold your breath for Obama to push this issue. He has never met a communist that has misbehaved in his Little Lord Fauntleroy Academic Old Bolshevik Boys Club life.

The UK has become a joke George Galloway Sues a Blogger

I want to point out that the insane libel laws are used by the far left to silence their critics. In the United States a politician would be flayed alive by the media for suing and attempting to silence their critics. Galloway is a public figure and it is really hard to damage a reputation that belongs in the sewer.

The libel laws of the UK have become a joke. Moreover, as the David Irving trial has shown books that are hardly available in the UK are the subject of lawsuits. Perhaps Alan Dershowitz can place an end to this by suing the UK favorite antisemite and Maoist Norman Finkelstein for claims he does not write his own books in the UK.

Of course Galloway should be heckled for many reasons. The whiny pissant seems to think the Mossad is targeting him for assassination. The Israelis have better things to do with their time than to deal with Boy George of the lazy chair brigade. Any comparison of Boy George and the lazy one is an insult to Boy George.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is Turkey run by insane folks

The genocide denial bit of Turkey is a bit much. Germany to its credit has never denied or rationalized the Holocaust. Turkey needs to own up to its past and move forward. I want to add that Assyrian and Greek Christians were slaughtered as well.

To add insult to injury the comedy team in Turkey is talking about expelling Armenians from lands that they and not the Anatolian invaders are indigenous upon.

Who is running the show in Turkey??? Is this David Irving redux any way for a responsible government to behave.

Plenty of American leaders have acknowledged the wrongs against Native Americans and slavery.
Turkey needs to own up to its history.

The daily thread

At this point in time Obama's popularity is low and picking a fight with Israel will drive it lower.
The American people have come to see that "hope and change" really was nothing more than smoke and mirrors for a university Marxist who has a tin ear.

The economy is in the toilet and people are screaming do something to create jobs. Obama talks health care 24/7 and gays in the military. Finally a jobs gets to congress.

The truth is that Obama has lived a gifted life. He was elected by saying I am not Hillary and then with a series of bank failures vs McCain.

Either Obama moves to the center or he kills the Democratic Party. My bet is he does the latter as he is just stupid. Bill Clinton had a huge ego, but was smart enough to grasp that the real world is different from the faculty lounge and DC cocktail parties. After an initial move to the far left he governed from the center.

Onto the more practical, like many people of my group I grew up with tales about how bad the Czar was. However, I want to point out that the prisons and trials that war criminal opportunist
Trotsky and crew endured were benign compared to the hells they created for others. He is placed on welfare and allowed to marry. In his second stint in jail he gets conjugal visits from a trollop who is not his wife and fathers more dullards.

Trotsky claimed that the actions of the government excused his own criminality. However, he had nothing to do with the Jews who suffered pogroms. In fact the Jews in that region rejected
his madness for the far more popular Bund and Zionist movements he was against. As a populist
he merely ranted about the actions of the government to create a far worse one. There is nothing admirable in Trotsky's pathetic wasted life. His cult followers are incapable of looking at his actions rather than in his volumes of self serving writings. Trotskyites point out that he was a great speaker by that standard so was Hitler and we know about the actions of the latter. The ability to write well does not confer wisdom beyond that craft Harold Pinter and Noran Mailer could write well but were complete idiots beyond their craft.

The Duck whines that I focus on Trotsky's lack of any Jewish life. Trotsky was a hard core death cultist. His sole lust was for power by any means. When persecuting Jews is expedient he did so with expediency. He was factual when he quiped that he spent his life trying to get away from being Jewish. Commies also pretend that by venerating this war criminal that they are somehow
not antisemitic despite their monomania about Jews and Israel. While the Rosenbergs were committing treason Stalin was killing Jews by the score. Commies whines and railed about guilty traitors and never lifted a finger or said a word about Jews being butchered by Stalin. A typical example is the cowardice of Commie stooge Paul Robeson. Robeson met with a friend Feffer who
used hand motions to avoid the scores of Commie fink police to convey that he was going to be killed. Robeson never said a word at the time. The story was conveyed by his son and is typical
of communists.

Now one may get the impression that I do bash communists 24/7. The problem with the left in general is that liberals do not throw people who aid and abet communists out of their ranks. It is one thing to be against the embargo of Cuba, but it is another thing to host tea parties for Communist Tyrants like Daniel Ortega and Castro ala Charles Rangel. Gomer Kerry seems to be more concerned with representing Communists than with his constituency. A true liberal does not need to be told step away from the Commies. A classic liberal knows that Statism is totalitarianism and against American values. Our traditions include respect for private property,
individual rights and balanced power and all forms of Communism are anathema to American values.

Those who align with commies usually find themselves killed later. The sole exception is the Iranian revolution which was aided and abetted by Commies. Latter on they were killed after the clerics consolidated power. The truth is the clerics in Iran are truer to the legacy of Trotsky
than Commies admit. Exporting revolution to conquer the planet, obsessions about Zionism, the use of terror as a political tool and crushing all dissent outside of the recognized party seems familiar, been there done that.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trotsky Mendicant and Welfare Recipient

Commies are very quick to say but .... the Czar to every one of their crimes. This is similar to how they are still blaming Batista for the depravity and crimes against humanity in Cuba today.

A look at the early life of so called revolutionary icon shows that he was a pampered brat in the mode of Bill Ayers. Far from being Jewish he was actually educated in Lutheran schools. His parents were assimilated and not practicing Jews in any definition. Commies frequently make contradicting claims they claim there is no ethnic component to Judaism and it is a mere religion
when convenient. They historically have practiced the reverse and labeled Jews a nationality on their own ID documents. This is a fact Communist loon Shlomo Sand conveniently omits in his diatribes about Israeli ID.

The big bad Czar catches Trotsky committing treason and sentences him to a stint in Siberia. He is allowed to marry his fellow traitor whom he courts while bullying her. He is given welfare by the Czar and fails as a bookkeeper. The brutal Czar allows him to publish some articles under a pseudonym in a Siberian paper. Meanwhile this attracts the attention of Death Cultists in Western Europe. They invite the imbecile Trotsky to write for them abroad. Unlike the Czar the commies did not make provisions for his wife and two daughters who are left behind in Siberia
on welfare.

Trotsky then takes the family funds and escapes to the West. He bad mouths those that help him along the way. He frequently hits the people along the way up for money. A typical example is going from a train station in a cab and stating I am Leon Trotsky and broke pay my cab fare.
He then finds his way to Lenin's side where he finds a new woman. He is careful to warn the woman he left on welfare with two daughters in Siberia "not to get mixed up with the Jewish Bund or Zionists".

Robert Service paints a wonderful picture of Trotsky who thus far is a worse house guest than Kato Kaelin and a worse husband than John Edwards. In short thus far he could write well albeit filled with self serving lapses and omissions and got good grades. I suppose a biographer could similarly say about a mass murderer like Pol Pot "he could make a great pot of coffee but..."

As we have said before Communists are not Jews, Americans or anything else. They are hard core death cultists who are far more fundamentalist in their beliefs than the folks at the 700 club. They are actually more bigoted than the racial power kooks they mock and frequently align with them when they are non-white.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Get a grip. Have some dignity.

The local papers in NYC ran a story about a nurse who was beaten in the bathroom by an enraged man who was upset that she refused to dance with him. As a guy the nature of our role
is we frequently get turned down for many reasons. This does not ever give one an excuse for violence, stalking or anything else.

The suspect was caught and hopefully justice will be served. However, this is NYC so expect a slap on the wrist.

In general when I was single, I had a rather clever way of weeding out the high maitenence types early. When asked I would promtly state I was a bus driver and this would get rid of snobs
early. One person found out about this trick and was very angry and confronted me. I pointed out that bus drivers in NYC earn more than social workers. Her actions told me right away that her personality and mine would clash. I did get a drink over the head for that remark, but it is better to get a drink over the head early than deal with a pain in the neck later.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Probably will get nailed with lightning bolts

I want to point out I am not surprised about Jihad Jane. Converts to a religion, change their faiths for many reason. Some like Stephen Schwartz were raised in families that had no faith. Others are troubled looking for all the answers from a pied piper.

When Stephen Schwartz practices his faith he does so as a man of arts, culture and firmly versed in our American Tradition. These converts like Jihad Jane and Richard Reid are troubled people and are using Islam as an answer for their failed lives and mental illness. Even the case of the Nigerian Bomber and Zazi show troubled people looking for answers.

Schwartz has written many articles on placing the wrong type of Imams in prison and the Army.
This may sound weird but the way we practice our faith is a reflection upon us. Junglemom, TMW and AOW are among many of the loving Christians who see a community type of Church serving for the sake of service. There are also the hateful political scammers who preach liberation theology or its racial corollaries like Pastor Wright. Much of the page one bashing of the Catholic Church scandals comes from political activists who are upset over this Pope's role in
eliminating the malady of Liberation Theology from his Church.

More important than the house of worship or lack of one is the lives we lead. There is no doubt Merlin Olsen and Rosey Grier were both men of faith who thought that violence never solved anything. Violence is to be used only to protect loved ones or to serve your country. In the case of Grier he probably did save Sirhan Sirhan's life. Luckily, for us because we as a society have been spared the never ending hateful conspiracy idiocy afterwards.

For many of us we ponder what it is to be a man or a woman. Yet in essence one never does know the real meaning until you are a parent or serve your community. Not everyone is cut out for these roles. Sadly, the mental health industry has become politicized and hurts as many people as it helps.

Maureen Dowd wrote a recent article where she expressed surprise that as a non Muslim she is not allowed into the holiest of places. The question is "where has she been and what has she been
reading for decades". This is common knowledge, yet one can see the criticism of these very policies from the pages of the Center for Islamic Pluralism.

Many of us see Islam as not being able to change. Yet Memri has translated a wide variety of articles critical of child brides. Perhaps twenty years ago this would have been unthinkable. The criticism comes not from fake Islamo Communist progressives, but from within Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Commies usually ignore these topics and lump it under cultural differences. I vividly recall a so called Socialist leader framing the topic of honor killing as the case of a Yezidi woman
who was killed for taking a Muslim husband. This sleight of hand trick with a problem that is almost entirely within the Muslim community is quite typical of Marxist duplicity. When asked about her knowledge of the Yezidi community it was nonexistent.

Much of our problem with Islam comes not from Muslims but from ourselves. It is entirely inapropriate to discriminate against people of any faith. However, when a coworker is justifying
suicide bombings this should have set off alarms. The Fort Hood shooter was aided by a system that encourages fear of being called a bigot. In the end the ultimate responsibility lies with the people who would not let him resign when it was obvious he was unfit for service. The educators
who allowed him to subvert class assignments into political diatribes unrelated to the topic need to also come under scrutiny. If a fundamentalist Christian went on an anti abortion tirade instead of their class assignment a predictable F would have been issued. While we should respect religion we should not fear common sense prudent judgment.

Much of our culture of fear is caused by the Marxist left. Sorry, but apologists for despotism and pointless death are the last persons who should be lecturing others about morality. The truth is while Schwartz and others work for a more positive world Communists are more apt to be rationalizing evil and fostering divisions. Communists are the enablers of terrorism and turn a blind eye to everything that they does not fit their agenda.

Schwartz as a man of arts and letters can talk at length about the humanities. He most likely would take a similar position to my own about reading the classics in the context of its time. I do remember reading the Merchants of Venice, Dickens and the Canterbury Tales in a Yeshiva. We joked with a Jewish teacher who was no Bolshevik about what seemed like being bombarded with the worst in English Lit. We were given a polite but serious discussion about history and lit
that was memorable. Sadly, when we hear calls to ban Mark Twain for the use of the N word it comes from the bug eyed far left. We seldom hear these same people make similar calls to ban Eugene O'Neil for the Emperor Jones which communist icon Paul Robeson uttering that same word multiple times.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New York Times gets around to dubious trade schools

You have seen the commercials on TV. The trade school that promised a lucrative career. What they do not tell you is that many of these schools saddle the applicants with debt loads they can not pay and jobs that pay just above minimum wage. The ones in the culinary art area are far and away the most notorious.

The sad part is that these schools are feeding on people who are at rock bottom. Of guess who pays for these scams..... the tax payer via student loans. We need accountability in government and reform in all educational outlays.

I want to take the story of a childhood friend. I grew up with this friend and indeed he was a talented artist. He went to a State university and did get a fine arts degree with impressive grades.His degree qualified him to do nothing.

Unlike many fine arts students my friend is a gifted writer and has other skills. Still in twenty five years of moving from entry level job to job has gotten him nowhere. The liberal arts base provided no significant job skills.

The truth is that students are more employable after an acounting class than by reading Marx, Menchu and Chomsky. However, the folks at big education do not want to discuss the cushy jobs
and lousy product of our system.

The trade schools is a great start but what is a sociology major really equipped to do.

This was a question I had with an actual grad student and mounds of debt. He was a nice enough
sort who is lost in the train wreck of an economy. Of course the student had no idea, but none of us ever know what the future holds.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Requiem for a Giant among men

I want to say that in an era of self centered obnoxious papered criminal athletes a man like the late Merlin Olsen looms larger than ever. He was a great football player but humble and never needed to toot his own horn. He was tough on the field but gentle and personable off it.

He portrayed the gentle giant in the movie the Undefeated with John Wayne. He is playing with a bunch of children when Rock Hudson asks him to reluctantly fight someone from John Wayne's group. He was the kind and gentle neighbor on Little House on the Prarie. He was the person you wanted your son to emulate.

He was a very good sportscaster and never bored you with flash or self promotion. It was about love of the game and you felt honored to be listening to him.

Perhaps the only athlete we have in a similar class is his team mate Rosey Grier. Other than getting mixed up with Bobby Kennedy and needle point there is almost no athlete that has served America with as great an example as Merlin Olsen.

Merlin Olsen is in the Hall of Fame for his contributions on the field. He was even a better person
off the field than on it.

Real Immigration Reform

Obama is focused on health care to the exclusion of all other problems.

The truth is that it is way too easy to get into the USA. The student and exchange visitor route needs to be closed. A Mickey Mouse language institute can provide almost anyone on the planet with an F-1 visa. These students seldom learn anything, if they bother to attend and allow the holder to remain until another status can be found either a real or sham marriage.

Student visas are also a scam run by big education. Many so called students do not even show up at the Universities. If they do many take a few classes and sometimes remain for a decade before arranging a marriage of often dubious quality.

The USA should crack down on sham trade schools and require a $20,000 bond for students. We also should not admit students unless they are in a degree program that leads to a read job such as hard sciences, math, business, nursing and so forth. The portion of money returned should be divided by 20000. Zack is from Greece studying
accounting at Brooklyn College. He has 60 credits and a 3.0 GPA. Half of the sum should be returned. He falls in love with a local and decides to go to work. He has not completed the terms of his admission and would forfeit 10,000 dollars. If the couple has a child proven by DNA the balance can be returned to the female parent.

Oddly our President should be well aware of the deception of exchange students. His father was an exchange student who illegally married a local who was three months pregnant. The fact that he was already married abroad and technically practicing polygamy is seldom discussed.

Obama is very much a University Marxist and is beholden to big education. It is time escalating costs, sham degrees and loan programs are ended. Ultimately as the majority of students are subsidized by loans the tax payer should have a say in how these disgraceful institutions are run. Costs are out of control and lazy political hacks like Bill Ayers still do not even come close to working a 40 hour work week.

The B2 visitor visa route should also be closed. Person x comes from Canada and has remained in the USA for 15 years before deciding he wants to get married. He should pay a fine of 1000 dollars for each year he remained illegally. This amount can be waived if a DNA test can establish they have a child. Countries with high amounts of overstays should have to post a bond of up to $100,000 dollars. The countries with high overstay rates would pay higher fees. Enforcement would be similar to a jumping bail situation.

Don't hold your breath for this.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not true

What makes a story scary is that it contains enough elements of the truth to be plausible. The latest craze is the bug eyed Obama administration wants to ban recreational fishing. This administration has shown a tin ear when it comes to the lives of regular folk vs radical faculty lounge activists.

The administration is considering banning recreational fishing of some severely depleted Tuna Species. This is a rather misguided effort as this problem is likely caused by commercial fishermen.

The administration is not about to take little Ed's fishing pole. Moreover, if it ever did than it would be the end of Obama. Americans would probably start some type of civil disobedience. I have not fished in 35 years, but would pick up a pole and allow myself to get arrested. This would be Obama literally telling some very poor people let them eat cake.

The story is more about creeping Marxist incrementalism. First the far left demanded cigarette taxes and now they want to tax soda and junk food. I want the government to
stop playing nanny and get out of my refrigerator.

The left is fond of saying don't tell a person what to do with their body when it comes to abortion, but wants to tax people who have a Mountain Dew. Of course these busy bodies will soon move onto coffee and everything other than water and tofu.

Sanity in 12 Beamish & Bardo to the Whitehouse.

Service's Trotsky

I am still in the very early stages of this book. Trotsky is in the ultimate Communiist club, prison.

1) Like Bill Ayers Trotsky was a spoiled self centered rich kid. The author stressed
he got good grades. What is noteable is a lack of close friends as revolutionaries tend to use people like cattle.

2) There is nothing Jewish in Trotsky's life. His parents briefy sent him for Jewish
education before packing him off to go to a Lutheran School.

3) Trotsky bullies his girlfriend in arguments before deciding to court her via long winded letters in prison.

Service paints a picture of a manipulative wretch with good grades, but no real friends who becomes a revolutionary on dad's dime. Sorry, but this story is too familiar. Even Rigoberta Menchu turned out to be wealthy by local standards.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A long post

Some of you question my focus on communism as evil. Communists are still with us and are making a mess of the United States. It is rare that a Communist in America will come out and say that they are Communist. They hide behind other names and front groups.

Communists pretend that they are the moral beacons of the planet. They rail about the United States, Israel in bombastic tirades. However, a simple examination of their messes reveals them to be thugs and tyrants. Cuba is a vile police state where people are free to read what the government tells them to read. Contrary to the opinion of the Duck they have placed homosexuals in mental hospitals up until the last decade or so. In the Duck's beloved PA they are persecuted by the State.

Communists depend on your ignorance when conveying historical information. An example of this duplicity is the book "The Invention of the Jewish People" by Shlomo Sand. Sand off the bat tells you he is a communinst and as such lies spins and distorts in the opening of his book. Were this book written by someone whose name were less ethnic it would be linked to that of Holocaust Deniers.

Sand starts off with a long story about the Israeli ID card system. He like the Duck pretends it is unique or that the right of return is unique to Israel. If you are a creature of the West and look at your own identity documents this may sound convincing. However, it just so happens that yours truly does extensive work with foreign ID and the Israeli system is the standard in the region. Even countries like Pakistan with a few Hindus and Christians does place religion on its ID. Does Sand tell you this? Of course not, it doesn't suit his communist agenda.

Sand fails to note that his beloved Soviet Union prominently described Jew as a Nationality on its ID documents. Communists list Jews as a nation on their ID cards until populist antisemitism demands that they go another route to forge alliances with Jihadist Theocrats, Islamo kleptocrats like Baathists and the PA, anarchists, Nazis and racial power nuts.

Sand also is critical of the matrilineal definition of who is a Jew. He points out the story of a deranged Anarchist who was a Catalan who came from Spain after fighting Franco. Why Israel welcomed this sort who settled on a Kibutz and married a Jewish woman who had a two daughters is another story. Other than having some oddities in his passport he lived an ordinary life. As an anarchist he was an imbecile by definition. Even the dullard Sand fails to explain how his life was impacted by having a non-Jewish ID on his passport. The anarchist fool had the same rights as everyone else and continued to live on the Kibutz.

Sand as typical of Communists tells you what they wish you to know and leaves out minor details. His thesis is there is no such thing as the Jewish people and nationalism is a scam by the rulers to fool the masses into dying for them.

History does not begin in 1948 because Communists wish it to. Arabs invaded the Middle East and subjected the region to Jim Crow. The usual communist line is they were worse in Europe. This is amusing in that justifying the mistreatment of Jews by claiming they were treated worse elsewhere is illogical. Moreover, plucking one or two Jews who were prominent in a court does not infer much upon the majority. Claiming Jews victimized Arabs is as absurd as claiming Blacks victimized Southerners in the Slave Years or that Whites were victimized by Native Americans.

Arabs imposed their religion and culture by a system of taxes, violence and Jim Crow.
The people who came before were mainly Christians and Pagans. The first people to adopt Islam were nomadic war like people Arabs, Turks and Tartars. The Jewish people were hardly alone in their history. There were Assyrians, Copts, Berbers and others who lived under Jim Crow and had their culture wiped out. Amil Imani talks of the Persian empire, but this is relegated to the age of ignorance under theocrats. One can see wider erasure of culture in the writings of VS Naipul.

The context of the Arab Israeli wars was eliminationalism. Pan Arabism ( A French Socialist Malady) was the driving force behind the 1967 war. The Soviets aggressively instigated the Six Day War and promised amphibious landings and personnel. The United States was bogged down in Vietnam and would be unable to respond. You can read about the Soviet instigation of the Six Day War in the book Foxbats over Dimona. Pan Arabism was basically everyone is united under the banner of Arab Socialism except you Joooos. Arabs also ethnically cleansed their countries via abuse of the regions indigenous Jews. The Duck has justified the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Egypt on the basis of one or two cases of spies. No doubt he reverses this logic when the subject of demolishing homes of terrorists is discussed.

After the Six Day War Communists changed the argument from eliminationalism to a contrived ethnicity. No doubt the notion of Judenfrei real estate was odious to Commies thus a preposterous myth was created. In truth had Jews and Arabs sat down without Commies there would have been peace long ago. Gazans are really Egyptians and a deal between Jordan and Israel could easily be done. However, in order to do so and achieve peace the myth would have to die and the role of commies perpetuating conflicts would be exposed.

Sand is hardly unique and is hoping to get fame and fortune from the Communist Antisemitism industry. It best proponents are followers of the death cult with familiar names such as Chomsky, Finkelstein, Kovel or Pinter who grow wealthy largely by catering to the whims of the death cult while pretending to be Jews.

One can see the typical arrogance of commies towards Jews when professor Kultur descries my attachment to the Jewish religion as infantile and proudly proclaims in a moment of candor he has no God. No doubt a similar comment aimed at hunter gathers religion or Muslims would be unthinkable. However, his statements are reflective of institutional biasesin the Old Bolshevik network in higher ed.

Sand is not unique in his perfidity. There is the curious case of Marek Edelman the Warsaw Ghetto fighter who turned a moments bravery into a case of political expedience. Edelman was a lifetime socialist whose convenient memory lapses paint a fictitious image of the Warsaw Ghetto fighters. At the end probably goaded by years of in your face antisemitism by his Polish Communist Allies he joins Solidarity. Before one sees this as courage one need look into the hostile society created by Commies that caused almost all the other Jews to flee. Edelman leaves out any mention of the ZZW except to say that they were thieves and fascists. Apparently, they didmost of the real heavy fighting and were concentrated in Muranowska Square. This area was mentioned by Stroop, the Nazi commander, as the area of most of the heavy fighting. Edelman merely wrote them out of history for self serving purposes.

When discussing human nature none of us like to have lived a wasted life. We pretend that our faults or our prism is genuine and self serving. In a more heinous example Leon Trotsky presented a cartoon version of his life and his followers merely glean
what they wish from his over rated and entirely self serving memoirs. Claiming that the master bureaucrat was a victim of Bureaucracy is sheer comedy. His cult was advanced by his assassination and willing propagandists like Duetscher.

Plenty of Jews served in the Polish Army and fought in the war of 1920 against the Bolsheviks. Plenty of them also died at the hands of commies before and after the Nazis arrived and there were plenty of them at the Katyn massacre. Once again commies
true to form lied about this massacre for decades and generally never discuss the Jews there.

Commies play similar games with Indians. Ward Churchill is an impostor who was given a job in higher ed largely by making himself into a cartoon of what Commies in higher ed wanted. The fact that his credentials were non existent and his scholarship comedic were trivial details. The fact that he was not an Indian at all says more about the insular world of higher ed.

Communists play similar games with American history. Richard Nixon was elected in a landslide and was a war time President. Commies pretend that the Peace movement swept the nation and pulled America out of the war. This is a blatant lie and the protesters were extremely unpopular. Nixon faced a hostile press and did not have the advantage of Fox news to deal with mainstream news antagonism. The fact that the protesters used fake veterans who were in fact communists was not widely publicized. The anger that ordinary Americans felt at the property damage and domestic terrorism isn't discussed. The fact was Watergate was more instrumental to the end of the Vietnam War than any protest.

Watergate pales in any serious comparison to the Clinton scandals. Filegate alone was way more serious than Watergate and involved personal invasion of privacy. There was lying under oath multiple times and the evidence that Clinton was at a minimum a sexual predator who would have been under serious charges in the private sector is overwhelming. Clinton was part of the Old Bolshevik club. He smoked pot, protested the Vietnam war and his wife hung out with a slimy sort Michael Lerner who is another Jewish communist. Hillary ditched Lerner, when she realized he is less popular than bubonic plauge in the Jewish Community. Clinton unlike Obama was a smart politician whose practicalism was largely a product of a middle class life. His mother was not wealthy and his mentor was the much lampooned Senator Fulbright who was known for antisemitism and stupidity. He was widely described as Senator halfbright. Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders could probably match his idiocy. Clinton also had a Republican House to reign in his designs.

Obama is more Little Lord Fauntleroy than John down the block. He pretends his family was a product of midwestern values. His mother was a bug eyed far left activist whose leftism exceeded that of her grandparents. She almost certainly knowingly was a party to some sort of immigration fraud by the father of Barak Obama. Obama's father had a wife in Kenya. The spin is that when Stanley Dunham learned this she divorced his father. In all probability she knew this the whole time and the marriage was one to avoid the stigma of illegitimacy she was three months pregnant at the time of her marriage. According to the self serving myth she found out about the polygamy thing after the fact. She then went onto marry a wealthy Indoneasan businessman and pawned her son off on her parents.

Obama was very much raised as a red diaper baby complete with a Communist mentor in Hawaii. He has likely has benefited from affirmative action despite having zero relations to actual slaves in America. His mothers family owned a few slaves and his Kenyan fathers family had no involvement with Slavery in America. With this history it comes as zero surprise he attended a racist version of Marxist Liberation theology church for two decades and was close friends with convicted terrorist Bill Ayers.

Unlike Clinton Obama has been catered to his entire life. He has played the game as dictated by his communist community and never had to deviate from the script. The media has largely allowed him to fiddle while the economy burns and he continues to push programs we can not afford while Americans sit looking for work.

Obama prays at the altar of higher ed and has not said a word about out of control educational costs. Of course socializing higher ed would reduce the salaries of his Bolshevik allies in higher ed. They might also have to actually work normal hours like the rest of us. I am envisioning Bill Ayers or the clown Gnome Chimpanzee calling for a revolution when they have to work 40 hours a week and have their pay and privileges slashed to the bone.

There is an anger in our land and you hear it at Tea Party rallies, talk radio shows and many blogs. People want jobs and a return to American values. Americans do not want to emulate the EU or Cuba. We want to keep what we earn and want no part of a Nanny state. Obama doesn't listen and marches to the music in the faculty lounge.

Amazingly, this does not satisfy Commies who think Obama hasn't gone far enough.

Communists want

1) The placement of US forces under the UN and a drastic reduction in the size of our military.
2) Pull out from all deployments and bases overseas except to aid Haiti or perhaps go into Darfur after 20 years of ignoring mayhem
3) Elimination of Israel
4) Socialized medecine
5) Use of the fairness doctrine to silence talk radio
6) Endless welfare

Of course if Obama did any of this he would be Jimmy Carter 2.

Communism is a disease that needs to be confronted directly and in no uncertain terms.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Hand me my Ice Pick

From Time to time we will be discussing Robert Service's account of the self serving War Criminal Leon Trotsky. The Cult of Trotsky has air brushed an unsavory scoundrel into a cartoon.

Unlike other people who claim to be experts on books they have never bothered to read we will read this one and discuss it over the next month or so.

Question from the Editrix

The truth is that most Socialist fail to step away from the Communists and it is largely a shell game. An example of this duplicity is in the United States Michael Harrington pretended he was breaking new ground. In reality he could not even tell the truth about the treason of the Rosenbergs.

This does not mean that labor types are evil. We do respect Jams ODonnel even though we disagree with him. He is not an apologist for Hugo or plays rationalization with the very real crimes of communists.

The truth is that the term Socialist or Green is frequently a smoke screen. The differences were largely cosmetic as Harrington was a craven advocate for the Sandanistas. Largely, his opposition was a cosmetic way to infiltrate the Democratic Party. The species known as the Cold War liberal is extinct and has been replaced with Rudy/McCain types.

Beakerkin enjoys the Hindu rite of spring

I took part in the South Indian festival of Spring. The crowd was mostly Guyanese with a few Trinidadians. The festival has people pouring colored powder on each other. I joked that as my shade is alabaster the white color doesn't work.

I treated a large group of people to lunch after the festival. It was a good time with good people and all walks of life.

Of course I could not help but slip in a few Vermont jokes. I explained I lived in a very bad area of Vermont. They have a similar festival except they use Paprika and Oregano before placing Flat Landers in the pot. I did explain the Franklin county Field days with truck pulls, tractor parades and yours truly wondering what the chickens would look like fried.

The part that makes NYC fun is that we respect each others cultures without getting too uptight. I was in a friends African American at a coworkers baby's father funeral when a group of mimes came out. I loathe mimes with a passion as a stupid form of clowning. Another coworker turned to me and I said if you think I am doing that forget it. My coworker had a good laugh.

I do enjoy the Chinese New Year and hearing the locals say Stupid Tourists.

The only festival I refuse to go near is when Commies celebrate May Day. Perhaps, the Tea Party crowd should hold an event in the heart of the madness in Union Square.

I should have told them about the Northern Vermont ritual called Running with the Drunks

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Rather Mindless Sort

I want to point out that Dr. Yeagley is not an antisemite. He sometimes says very stupid things that could convince people otherwise. I have been gone from Bad Eagle for about a month. I do not regret this move. I consider Mark Winters and Amil who are still there friends. Winters, is wrong in his assessment that Amren conference was my line in the sand. I have been disillusioned with the Dr. for a while. However, I was too polite to be upfront about it.

The site I loved was brought together by Yeagley, but it really wasn't about Yeagley.
There were brilliant posts by Kidst, the Hun, Amil and Mac. There was lively humor by Winters and Gator. There was of course everyone's best friend Warren. Over time the racial goonery was a tad much for many. My friends were gone and it was myself, Winters and Batty Ann. There really wasn't a reason for me to remain.

I did see the quote by Yeagley where he sometimes thinks the media is a fight between liberal and Conservative Jews. This is the classic "Jews control the media" canard. He also continues to fail to grasp the ramifications of what a communist is.
Communism is a cult and a kook that calls himself a Maoist in this day and age is clearly deranged and looking to suck up to his Old Bolshevik masters in higher ed. Perhaps his studies in Divinity were too closely focused on Judeo Christianity to grasp other forms of religion.

I still consider Yeagley a friend with disgusting views. His views are pretty dreadful, but no worse than those of the communist Duck. Lets see so Yeagley is a bigot with a warped view of America and the Duck is an apologist for a system that has committed treason and terrorism in the USA and has killed 100,000,000. However, I refuse to spend my life being Yeagley's Jiminy Cricket.

I want to point out that much of the Ducks ire is raised by the Dr's views on gays.
The Dr. takes scripture literally and in many respects is not to different from Rav Roov. My younger brother would not marry a gay couple or officiate at a mixed religion ceremony. He takes his job very seriously. However, Rav Roov also does not advocate theocracy of any kind and takes a dim view of Kahanists. He wants Jews to be more Jewish, but grasps free will. He prefers that non Jews respect their own faiths and traditions. I am still pro-Civil union for gay people and in the insane world of Bad Eagle this makes me a gay activist.

The Duck is quite the hypocrite when it comes to gays and race. Last I checked Cuba's political prisoners are almost all Black. He turns a blind eye to human rights violations in Cuba while screaming about Gitmo. He also pretends that homophobia in states with religious law does not exist. As for what states are apartheid he backs the formation of Judenfrei Pseudostinian states.

I have left over a month ago and miss the old site. The new site is not a place where I wish to hang my hat with apologies to Mark Winters, Amil and a few others.

Yeagley's friend Ray Friggon is in many ways kookier than Yeagley and seems to be
more like Dale Gribble from King of the Hill. Sorry, but 9-11 Truthers are not Conservative or Patriotic and are almost always commies or antisemites. The Holocaust Museum and Pentagon Shooter were examples of the mix of insanity, bigotry of the conspiracy crew. As Mr. Beamish stated the Holocaust Museum shooter was closer to the politics of the Duck as an anticapitalist with the standard fixation on Jews and Israel than to a Rudy Republican.

As a public service I may do a review of the Communist Kook Shlomo Sands Invention of the Jewish People. Had this book been written by a person with a non- Jewish name this would have been grouped with Der Shturmer and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. I may do so to further the stated view point that Communists are in fact members of a death cult and whose writings should never be taken seriously. I also picked up a copy of Robert Service's Trotsky. Any book that is likened to a second assassination of the insane cowardly war criminal is worth reading. Unlike a certain apologist for Hugo Chavez who calls himself a Maoist we read books before passing judgment. The cafeteria commissar objects to Service's view that Stalinism is the logical progression of communism. History, has proven that Marx=Death.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Day in the West Indian Community

I am taking a day to celebrate a local festival with the Guyanese community. The reality is that a New Yorker has to be adaptable and culturally sophisticated. It is actually easier for me to go to functions in the various communities in NYC than for me to endure the monoculture of Northern Vermont.

I remember perplexed officers trying to figure out that I venture freely anywhere the winds take me. To my fellow officers in training eating at a Morrocan, Cuban or Jamaican joint is exotic. A NYC type with rare exception encounters the world in their backyard. There are those who stay in their culture, but I have always been free of spirit and heart.

I remember in Northern Vermont people taking me to a Thai restaurant and thinking it was exotic. The perplexed Northwind never grasped such things are common place in NYC. Even the odd alcohol I seldom touch is a NYC thing. I tried to explain that in NYC even our rednecks go to Art Museums and Broadway.

A NYC life is a journey into the unknown. Odd romances and friendships and the unpredictable vitality make for an interesting life. I roam the concrete canyons not knowing what adventure will bring tomorrow. Adventures that are routine to an old salt like Beakerkin are new to the Tranquil Sea and the Sprite.

Music wise I am still enjoying the Surfer rock bit. The Vegan next door says she expects Annette and Frankie to pop out of my door any second. As much as I love my neighbors from the West Indies I will keep the Surfer Rock. There is nothing quite like working with the Ventures in the distance.

Surprise another criminal is a 9-11 Truther

Long term readers of this blog know that we have a very low opinion of 9-11 Truthers.
Most of them are Communists or Nazis with large doses of mental illness. Thus it comes as no surprise that the Pentagon and Holocaust Museum shooters are Truthers. This sentiment that usually a secret cabal of Jooooos is part of a larger form of mental illness.

I am slightly amused that communists whose whole history is conspiracy cabals and deception would project their criminal history on anyone else.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Why I Support Stephen Schwartz

The cornerstone of America is intellectual freedom and respect for our traditions and culture. Stephen Schwartz as a man of literature and letters understands and embodies those traditions.

The future is largely unknown and assuming linearity of trends has proven not reliable. There were those that predicted the Soviets would win the Cold War. There were those who claimed we would be in an ice age and contrived theories about global warming. Who can forget the population madness.

Schwartz is a member of the Center for Islamic Pluralism. He understands and celebrates American values and tradition. Schwartz would likely agree that there are many problems in the Islamic community. However, many of our perceptions are tied to the disastrous alliance of so called Islamic activists and the mindless far left. One does not have to look to hard to find decent Muslims who want to earn a living and respect property rights.

In general the aim of far left types is power for its own sake. They are more fundamentalist and intolerant in their views than the folks at the 700 Club and exponentially more bigoted. The aim of the far left is divide and conquer.

Most of us have legitimate concerns about Islam. However, the reality is Shariah law
is not going to usurp family and business law. Our Constitutional values are in danger from Marxist activists who seek to impose their values upon us. The questions
of what to do with families that violate certain laws are difficult to answer. Part of our culture celebrates the family and polygamy is not compatible with our culture.
Legally, second wives are not married under the law. The State should not pay a nickel to support such families. However, the children of such families are United States Citizens. Jailing people for polygamy creates more wards of the state. This is a problem that is more common than people presume and the parties are not all Mormons.

I certainly do not want to be like France. However, the Burkha does create some problems. At work this was resolved by having a female verify the identity of the woman who arrived for the interview. I offered to have a female do the interview and
this was deemed not necessary. This is a reasonable accommodation as is offering Halal meals or letting people bring their own food. What is not reasonable is allowing governmental ID to be compromised. Sorry, but if you want a driver's license or passport you need to follow the rules. Law Enforcement officers should be considered similar to doctors and showing photo ID is part of the norms in almost all societies.

If Muslims do not want to adopt children this is okay. They are not forbidding the rest of us from doing so. As far as divorce law our current system is dreadful and only lawyers like it. That being said our greedy lawyers will fight tooth and nail to ensure they profit from your misery. 90% of the misery is caused by fighting over money. Both parties should be able to initiate a divorce. The system will improve when it stops rewarding people for making up allegations and goes straight to division of property without blame.

Schwartz has questioned this disastrous alliance of Muslims to the far left. The far left feeds Muslims a diet of populist antisemitism, hate your country and cry victim.
Of course the rest of us see this and correctly react negatively to this. The question is why do Muslims riot in France and not Dearborn. The folks in Dearborn are
expected to work. There is not an army of paternalistic socialists tossing out subsistence welfare checks and being the pied pipers of societal destruction. It is no accident that employed people do not tend to riot.

Finally, there is terrorism and this is a legitimate issue. Making excuses like saying Timothy McVeigh yada yada yada is condescending. A look at who started mindless terrorism as a branding strategy shows this starts as a far left phenomenon.
Osama and his crew are merely aping publicity whores from red brigades all over the world. Would anyone have heard of Bill Ayers had he stayed in daddies country club?
Ultimately, none of these publicity stunts ever produced a benefit and caused server

What makes Schwartz unique is that he does not dismiss many of our legitimate fears.
He does not mince words saying that terrorism is evil and ultimately hurts Islam. What makes him unique is that he grasps Americanism at its core of individual rights
and liberties and tries to bring his community withing this concept. He also appreciates literature, art and music.

There was a point in time when all Jews were on the left. This is becoming less and less true with every passing year. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many young Republicans who were Jewish in NYC. Of course having encountered hyperbolic Marxist
antisemitic bigotry in Universities only increased this trend. Even my nephew has moved somewhat to the right.

We do not know what the future holds. However, my guess is sooner or later Muslims will grasp that the alliance with the far left has not benefited them. Looking for a place in America and celebrating your culture has always provided better results than forming alliances with the enemies of society.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Communist Kidnap American

The rouge Castro regime has kidnapped an American citizen. The citizen is being held on absurd charges of spying. Of course we have the University Marxist in the White House so no action will be done. The US Citizen was providing aid to the remnant of Cuba's Jewish community.

The quickest way to make a Judenfrei state is to impose Marx. 90% of Cuban Jews left the thug police state.

In other Cuba News. The far left is quite silent about the murder of an Afro Cuban prisoner. The prisoner was denied water and thrown naked into a room with the air conditioning turned up to the max.

It is time we end the cliches about litteracy and BS about health care. Cuba is a thugocracy run by a deranged criminal. Unlike a Pinochet Castro attempts to export his criminality abroad.

Where are the folks in the media who were applauding the clown state of Spain for allowing a terrorist to attempt to criminally prosecute Bush Administration officials for war crimes. Now that a Spanish judge has once again provided criminal
links of Hugo to terrorists in FARC and ETA it is time to act.

Hugo Chavez is a state sponsor of terrorism and should be placed on immediate notice that if he does not go into exile Venezuela should be invaded. Of course a convenient Predator drone strike can achieve the desired effect.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Hey Hugo Stop Ripping off Curtis Sliwa

Communist goon Hugo Chavez appears to be mimicking the style of beloved NYC radio personality Curtis Sliwa. Looking at today's Spanish paper a coworker told me that it was the worst picture of Curtis Sliwa he has ever seen. I pointed out that the picture
was of Hugo Chavez. She then asked me " When did he join the Guardian Angels"?

While the world is up in arms about the Israeli's using foreign passports to kill a terrorist the world remains quiet about the Communist Cocaineut of CaracASS. Apparently, Hugo is mixed up with FARC, ETA and Hezbollah. This international supporter of terrorism should be placed on trial before the Hauge.

His American apologist want to mislead you on the facts. Chavez is a Maoist and has stated he was a Maoist who thinks Idi Amin got a bad rap. His clown like Trotskyite apologists pretend that this information is not widely available.

The record of Venezuela is quite clear. The same clowns that wanted to illegally try
Bush cabinet members for war crimes based upon charges brought by a communist terrorist lawyer are now silent.

Bring Hugo before the Hauge and place him on trial as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Don't hold your breath for the Bolshevik media to hold a Maoist accountable for his crimes against humanity.

PS WABC Fire Don Imus ASAP and bring back Curtis Sliwa. Imus is not funny and is not interesting. Fact Curtis and Kooky er Commie er Kuby beat Imus soundly in NYC in the ratings. Let the stuffed suits place this lesser talent on another station.

Sorry, but other than some Rey Nagin gags he hasn't been funny since the days of Moby Worm and prank phone calls looking for Pappa Idi Dada twenty years ago.

Curtis Sliwa is a beloved NYC radio icon and Imus needed to be sent to the glue factory a decade ago.

Today's News

The Olympics is over. I find the events to be a colossal bore. I did find myself rooting for a Jamaican Skier when I was subjected to this. I am not fonder of the summer games which are also a waste. The only good thing to watch is the Americans lose Basketball because they no longer grasp team play.

The ETA lost a key terrorist in France. The ETA is yet another example of Communists exploiting a legitimate groups desire for independence. The case for a Basque State is far greater than that of Pseudostinians. Basques have a language and historical identity. The state should be carved out of Spain and France. The Euro hypocrites ignore genuine indigenous people while worshiping fake contrived ones. Of course the vast majority of Basques are law abiding.

There is a story in the Jerusalem Post about the distribution of Gas Masks. This is in promotion of the Next Mr. Beamish and Beakerambo film scheduled for release next month. Apparently, team Obama did not like the spoof of Mission Impossible called Mission Unlikely and the Hollywood Bolsheviks sent the film abroad. Apparently it is politically correct to kill terrorists and civilians with drones. The use of targeted assassination with knock off passports is considered a crime.

Beamish and Bardo in 12