Saturday, March 20, 2010

You knew this was comming claims that Tea Party Protesters used anti Black and Gay Slurs

The hyperventilating Bolshevik media has prominently published claims of alleged racial epithets
of Tea Party protesters in DC. Corrupt Castro fan Charlie Rangel who says nothing about a regime
that holds and kills Black political prisoners complains about the Tea Party crowd being racist. If Blacks wished to join the protest that is fine. I doubt that there would be a single boo if Prof Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams addressed the crowd.

The media does not bother to report people that say "Jews plotted the 9-11 attacks " "Into the ovens " at so called Peace protests. You can find plenty of anti-semitic signs at the so called "Peace" protests. The media was silent about anti semitic remarks made by professional communist imbecile Cindy Sheehan whose sons memory is being tarnished by her antics.

Of course there are zero allegations that any of the speakers used those words or photos of actual placards with the slurs in question. Barney Frank is another ethically challenged hack politician. No doubt his ethical lapses do not excuse anti gay bigotry. However, given the desperation of the sinking far left I question the accounts and the lack of recordings in a place filled with cameras.

I do not agree with racial epithets. However, there seems to be a one way standard. Lefties can call the President Chimpy and make every nasty comment about a GOP President. However, if one person in a crowd of thousands calls an ethically challenged politician a slur the media goes into mock outrage. Does the media say a peep when Commies slur Senator Lieberman?

More interestingly, how many protesters did the police have to arrest for lawlessness if any? How much property did the Tea Party crew damage. The likely answer to both questions is zero.
The folks on the ground know which groups are prone to bigotry and lawlessness.


CM said...


How can you control all the different attitudes, no matter white or Black a large crowd, you just can't. Not all will be as gentle as you.

Was that tea party people in Columbus Ohio who degraded the man sitting on the street with his debilitating Health conditions who supported the Health bill? They told him "your on the wrong side of town if you looking for handouts"(to me that sounded racist, but he was white) get off of your behind and work, or something to that affect and two men proceeded to throw dollar bills on him. The poor man just sat there with his poster, and crutches never saying a word. All these people were White!

You just can't control everyone, no matter what you think of the tea people.

I felt bad for this man in spitting and Nigger! I've seen some pretty bad signs also.

I just hope people are safe!


Always On Watch said...

MJB's mother, who marched with us that day last September, is the furthest possible from a racist. When MJB's father died, she chose a black man as his mentor and role model. MJB's mother is, as you know, a conservative -- and from the South, to boot.

The media is smearing the Tea Party Movement because the movement is a threat to the present oligarchy, with whom the media is having some sort of love affair.

Spot-on with the last two paragraphs of your post!

beamish said...

What a horrible country we are, to have escalated from lynchings to namecalling.

CM said...

Or, to hanging from a tree to just hanging from a fence!

Blanket Indian, sqaw or Nigger are A few of the kindest chosen for the Indian. They don't bother me but I don't want my Grandkids to hear these, especially my Grandaughter, the boys will handle it themselves, I'm sure, BUT I WISH THEY DIDN'T HAVE TOO!