Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not true

What makes a story scary is that it contains enough elements of the truth to be plausible. The latest craze is the bug eyed Obama administration wants to ban recreational fishing. This administration has shown a tin ear when it comes to the lives of regular folk vs radical faculty lounge activists.

The administration is considering banning recreational fishing of some severely depleted Tuna Species. This is a rather misguided effort as this problem is likely caused by commercial fishermen.

The administration is not about to take little Ed's fishing pole. Moreover, if it ever did than it would be the end of Obama. Americans would probably start some type of civil disobedience. I have not fished in 35 years, but would pick up a pole and allow myself to get arrested. This would be Obama literally telling some very poor people let them eat cake.

The story is more about creeping Marxist incrementalism. First the far left demanded cigarette taxes and now they want to tax soda and junk food. I want the government to
stop playing nanny and get out of my refrigerator.

The left is fond of saying don't tell a person what to do with their body when it comes to abortion, but wants to tax people who have a Mountain Dew. Of course these busy bodies will soon move onto coffee and everything other than water and tofu.

Sanity in 12 Beamish & Bardo to the Whitehouse.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, the blue fin tuna is near extinction. Why wouldn't you protect it?

Much of the world gets its protein from the sea, from fish. If you haven't noticed, and in your case that's probable, fish stocks have been destroyed. Had you ever heard of Georges Bank? What happened to the fish.

Typical right wing dipstick who just wants to destroy the planet and believes the consumption can continue unabated.

Just plain dumb as a heavy metal fan, Beak.

Brooke said...

Sanity in '12, indeed.

Is there no part of our lives the leftists will leave untouched?

I think it is absurd that to fish in Ohio, I must purchase a $20 fishing license each year. After that, there are loads of ridiculous rules to abide by.

In any case, I would like to know exactly how Obama intends to enforce such a restriction.

beakerkin said...


If you want to protect a species commercial fishing is the problem not sports fishermen.


Obama is out of touch with the common man. The fact that many people
would think he would restrict fishing speaks volumes about how elitist he is.

beamish said...

Tuna tasted better when it wasn't "dolphin safe."

Alligator said...

Obama's executive order creating he Interagancy Ocean Taskforce is working lockstep from a document crafted by the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, Defenders of Wildlife, Pew Environment Group and others produced a document entitled "Transition Green". This was " shortly after Obama was elected in 2008. I have been unable to learn if these people are consulting with state fishery agencies, which have been dealing in the science of ichthyology and aquaculture quite successfully since the 1930s.

Some of these groups mentioned have demonstrated bias against recreational fishing. Furthermore "Transiton Green" does not differentiate between commercial or recreational fishing. Several pro-fishing organizations have inquired of the Task Force if they are including recreational fishing in their final report. (Crickets chirping) Apparently, the Task Force is no longer accepting public comment, even though most Americans have just learned of its existence.

Besides oceans, they are "studying" coastal waterways, the Great Lakes and "inland waterways." It is doubtful they would shut down all recreational fishing, but the potential does now exists for the President to do this by executive order. Bear in mind, you do have the above mentioned groups and especially PETA who have no qualms about disposing of all fishing.

About 60 million Americans go fishing every year. One million are employed in tackle and boat manufacturing and guide businesses, not to mention lodges and campgrounds that cater to campers. All told about 120 billion dollar a year business.

Limiting the harvest of one species due to declining numbers is one thing. If the Feds start poking their under the tent in other areas, I fear that eventually the camel will be in the tent. This happens in other areas, why not fishing?

They very well could end up "managing" all waterways in the United States. And I am sure that the Russian, Japanese and Norwegian fishing fleets off our coasts will be glad to comply with the Inter-agency Ocean Taskforce edicts.

The Obama admin could resolve the controversy by issuing a statement that they differentiate between recreational and commercial fishing. But so far they are mum. Why? So I will remain suspicious of the whole thing. It smells fishy to me.


uptownsteve said...

Hiya Doin Beak.

Please don't delete me.

I'm a born again black conservative.

I even went to a tea party!