Monday, January 31, 2011

Can't win this one

The Sprite woke me up six times. I went to sleep and she woke me at 5 A.M saying she wants hot chocolate. The Maltese nipped at my pant leg so I took him with me. I went to the bakery and got real Hot Chocolate and fresh brownies. I placed them on the night table and went back to sleep. My daughter woke me up again to tell me the hot chocolate was too hot. I placed milk in and was told she doesn't like walnuts in the brownies. She woke me up a little bit later to cut water melon.

I was pushed out of bed three times the night before for I am hungry, followed by cut more water melon and I am bored.

I adore my daughter, but one can only laugh.

Her dog spends as much time trying to get me to take him when I run errands. As he is a small dog I can carry him in stores.

Out of all the kids show I get stuck watching Phineas and Ferb is the best. The Nutty
Prof Doofenschmitz reminds me of the reality impaired Duck. He is always plotting to
rule the planet while trying to deal with an Ex- wife and a goth daughter that thinks he is a nut. The real Duck was likely the inspiration for this character. Perhaps Ducky can change his avatar while creating Doofania which is more realistic than his failed utopian workers paradise.

Quite Amused by Euros

I am quite amused by those in Europe that proclaim their expertise in all things American based upon Huffington, the NYT and a few visits to New York and LA. Americans for the most part really do not care who rules what abroad. They do ask that you tone down the mindless anti Americanism. A distinct minority, the Cocktail Party, does desire to be more like Europe. They are over represented in the chattering classes in media and academia and are in no way representative of the country as a whole.

When dealing with lefties abroad they talk about painting people with broad brushes. I am a traditional liberal and this is quite different than the current definition. Traditional liberals stepped away from the Marxists and understood the role of regulatory agencies. Over time the issues of learned dependence and the question of should government be doing this never were addressed.

The Euro left is quite arrogant. When one disagrees with them one is called uneducated or a Talk Radio groupie. The truth is we have likely read more books than our lefty peers and do not suffer from the infantile starting point of dividing the world into classes. We have covered this when lefty loons like Joel Kovel attempt to
define Native Americans as proto Marxists and so forth.

The left feigns ignorance of where Truthers come from. The folks at Counterpunch, Van Jones, Michael "Rabbi" Lerner and Howard Zinn and so forth are clearly on the left. In fairness one can see these loons at so called far right sites like Stormfront. The truth is that while the right has zero difficulty stating that the KKK is odious the left screams when one discusses their loons.

I have been to Peace Protests and Tea Party Events. It takes no effort to find Truthers, Jews Run the US Government, Celebrations of Cop Killers and occasionally Holocaust Deniers as Peace Protests. The closest thing at a Tea Party event is the Birthers, some of whom like Yeagley are racist. Birtherism at its worst is in no way
near the level of bigotry expressed openly at Peace Party protests. AOW did see some John Birch types, but I did not.

Of course it is easier to gain expertise from reading sites like Huffington where people expound on books they have not read, shows they do not listen to and protests they do not attend. The cocktail party of know nothings will make excuse after excuse for the Obama Kool Aid brigade. Palin is uneducated... Did she sit in a Marxist antisemitic Church for twenty years and miss sermon after sermon. Did she pal
around with Communist terrorists, professors considered to extreme by Latin American Marxist governments and have a communist mentor. Have we seen Obama's grades? When and where did Obama hold a real job?

I do not pretend to be an expert in Guyana despite being adopted by the community. I leave the Guyanese to solve their issues without my advice. My efforts are in NGO aid groups and that is it. Euros should behave similarly, but that would require genuine wisdom these types on the Euro left lack.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

No real change

Even if Egypt falls other than mass emigration of Christians the prophets of doom are lost as usual. Egypt is an economic mess that has squandered aid with little to show for it.

The huge army is supported by foreign aid. Job creation is nill and poverty is rife.

The best clue as to what an Egyptian Brotherhood rule would be like is a poorer version of Gaza. The miltary would likely be to divided to do much. We could see the tyranny and corruption of religious police.

Any notion that Egyptians will embrace the Magna Carta and Jefferson is misguided. Societies with submission as a key cultural component do not readily lend themselves to this type of solution.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gay Asylum Claims

I am somewhat disturbed by the NYT story about Gays having to flaunt their identities to get asylum claims. This is a very disturbing story and a sad state of a situation where the laws need to be adjusted and perhaps training of officers need to be addressed.

The truth is that I have observed more ignorance and anti gay commentary than other types of bigotry. The same people who would crucify you for imagined racism would call lesbians bull dykes and gays fags.

There is something severely wrong when attorneys tell clients to look or act gay. Officers should grasp that some gays are outlandish and many are quite ordinary if not even boring.

When the subject presented itself I told a trainee. We adjudicate on facts and logic not looks. Gay people nor heterosexuals all have a common look. Many of those you think are gay are not and visa versa.

The sentiment in the office is largely against gay marriage. I pointed out we as officers will have to rise to the challenge and learn to judge chemistry between the couple. I am still in favor of Civil Unions as marriage remains a religious term and government should keep out of the business of defining religious terms.

Heads in their backside

The far left is feigning ignorance as to the nature of the uprisings in Egypt and elsewhere. The Egyptian Army will do what Arab Armies do over time. The left imagines that Syria did nothing to keep this in check. Then again BAATHISTS are fellow lefty Arab Socialists.

The best thing Obama can do is shut his mouth and let the events play out. Arabs will decide their own fate.

Egyptian Officers likely have vivid memories of what Hammas did to their rivals in Gaza. Of course when Jihadis tossed commies from rooftops and then the same commies fled to Israel for protection the left yawned.

Gaza is a part of Egypt and its residents are Egyptian. However, the goal has never been peace. The Commie and Jihadi alliance want to eliminate Israel and stole populist antisemitism.

Egypt has a powerful military and it will act soon.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Fluffy Little Dog

Work was cancelled today. Amazingly my daughter woke up at 4:30 AM. NYC was a ghost town. Getting out was a challenge because the snow was three feet high. Fortunately I cleared a path and met most of my neighbors allready at hard work.

I walked to get some hot chocolate for the the daughter and some baigan choca with dalpurri at the roti shop for the Tranquil Sea.

Later in the day I took out little Rex ( the Maltese) for a walk with the daughter. The little Maltese loves the snow and did not want to come back in. The daughter fared almost as well.

The dog escaped out the back and came back matted like a popsicle. We had to place him in warm water in the sink. After a quick blow dry I have my fluffy dog back. He really looks funny when he is wet but I like my dog nice fluffy and warm.

We have dug out of the snow. It was another foot of added insult to a frigid winter.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Father Daughter Time

I am off to spend the day with the Sprite. Of all of my titles being Dad is far away the best.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wafa Sultan Islam and Authority

One does not need to look to far to grasp in America that we as a people have a history of questioning authority. This is also part of the Jewish and Christian traditions. Sultan does describe an unflinching obedience to order enforced by violence. This is in the Koran and sadly in many Muslim societies. This is also why those who are secular in the Muslim world back Communism and its mindless authoritarianism. Islam has rules for everything and Communists want to control every aspect of a person's life outside the bedroom. In this case many secularists in the Muslim world merely exchange one form of tryany for another.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lessons from Rav Roov and my family

Those who read this blog grasp that my younger brother is an Orthodox pulpit Rabbi. He is a man of God but he ain't heavy he's my brother.

I have a new family and I have kept my life separate as I have no idea how to answer questions from the Sprite. How do I explain my brother is religious and I am more secular and American in thought.

My fears about my mother and much less my father were proven wrong. They love the Sprite and her phone calls to my mother are enjoyed even as my mother is going through some serious medical issues. To them the Sprite is my child whom I greatly love and they could care less about her complexion and point out she looks almost Sephardic. They have a good relationship with the Sprite and want to see more of her.

My younger brother and his family also wish to see my daughter. The fact that she is darker does not change the fact that she is a loved family member. I want to point this out to the Dr. of divinity who has an obsession with race and thinks he is some type of expert on Judaism. The Jewish people are very family oriented and no matter what we stress unity. Rav Roov does not see a child of another race. He sees a child whom his brother loves with all his heart and she has asked many times where is Little Beaker?

None of this should surprise any of you. When I met AOW and TMW and showed them the pictures the reaction was heart felt. They reacted to a picture of an adorable six year old. The notion that she was racially different never came up ever. Then again both are Christians who live in a State of grace. The notion that some are less accepted by God because of their skin color would make a mockery of their beliefs.

Where I will have some issues is that Hinduism is not egalitarian. I will celebrate the festivals and respect the norms but do remind them that I am not Hindu. It is odd because I remind them if the inherited status were something I valued my Status would be way higher than their family.

My daughter caught a glimpse when the elders of the community call me sir. I always
remind them my first name is fine and help those in need. My girlfriend is somewhat protective of my time and will keep meetings short. I remind my daughter that sir is short for Officer, but it is important to help in the community. My spirit of community comes from the same heart of my parents and Rav Roov. I do not ask the race or religion of those that seek help, that they are neighbors and friend's are enough.

The Duck talks about workers race and lofty bs. Do we actually hear him leaving his cell meetings to do work with those in need. He looks down his nose at Christians and Jews who help others in need while feigning that his Marxist faith renders efforts on his part quaint.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reading Wafa Sultan

If you expect nuance this is not the book for you. The book is direct and does not mince words with what Islam is about. We ponder why Muslim countries are not as free as our own and assume that the core values of the religion are incidental to a countries development.

Readers who have read the works of Alvin Schmidtt grasp that despite lofty theologians claims Mohammad is quite different from Jesus or Moses. Mohammad was very much a product of the harsh desert and his teachings are a theological rationalization of the Arab lifestyle of raiding. The notion of either Jesus raiding to secure treasure is not part of his teachings. Moses did lead military matters but not for the purpose of financial gain. The Jews refer to Moses as our teacher. For in Judaism the teacher is the most revered of roles.

Judaism and Christianity are religions where authority is frequently questioned and challenged Kings are accountable to God. This challenging of authority is unheard of in Islam and consequently we feign surprise that its societies are more totalitarian than their Western counterparts.

The above does not imply that every Muslim is inherently evil. Far from it, the average Muslim is a decent chap with the same concerns as the rest of us. Unfortunately, the community has the problem of foreign financed leadership that is beholden to a political version of the religion that is mostly at odds with the ethos of our founding fathers. In essence decent men of faith like Stephen Schwartz of the Center for Islamic Pluralism are being drowned out by the foreign financed CAIRs.

In America politics should respect and honor religion from afar. Those clowns like the Duck mock the religious right while pretending Marxist churches and CAIR are somehow different animals. In his own way the Duck is more doctrinaire fundamentalist than the folks at the 700 Club he mocks. He could switch a Koran and Manifesto and repeat 90% of his lines.

When reading Sultan's book we are supposed to be shocked by the brutality of life in Syria. Sadly, those of us familiar with real lives are not shocked by horrific abuse.
In their self righteous rants, the religious fanatics pretend America is decadent while treating their women slightly better than domestic animals. Every society has abuse, but in America it is not condoned by society. Society values women and children and officials will protect those who can not protect themselves. A woman coming into a clinic with cigarette burns from a husband will get some sort of counseling. Hopefully, the social worker will have learned more than Marx and be able to be a professional. This is not to say that domestic violence does not occur in other cultures, just it is not officially condoned.

If you are looking for thought provoking blunt words Sultan is for you. If you are looking for nuance make another selection.

Taking Quinine

I am somewhat surprised that I am taking a version of Quinine for my trip. My pharmacist immediately knew what it was for. He personally takes it for his trips to India and the store had it in stock. Officer "where are you traveling".

I was surprised to learn that even people like my pharmacist and natives lose their resistance over time. My doctor told me of a native Nigerian who caught Malaria and was diagnosed in NYC.

One would think Science would have come up with something better than Quinine. I have been eating the local produce to gain some familiarity with the food. However, this may sound funny that even in this bizarre small village one can get Chinese food quickly.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The backward donkey

I sit pondering the mess we have made for ourselves. The whole world is a mess largely based upon leftist idiocy. The left has created a Ponzi scheme that is going to hurt all of us. The current mess shows that it is not building weapons that bankrupt nations it is social spending.

The current matrix shows an alliance between the left and the largely and increasingly civil service unions. It would be nice if we built better systems that did measure productivity. It would be even better if imbeciles did not populate the ranks of upper management.

The greatest cure for a belief that government can solve anything is to work side by side with these useless dimwits and dullards in management. The new scam is to have a tool that measures performance unfortunately the tool takes 20% of the shift and measures nothing of consequence. The workers are stretched thin by some idiots idea that decisional people should do clerk work handled effectively by people making less than 1/3 of their salary. It doesn't take a genius to see the system will not work, but the dance of the imbeciles in government goes on.

We are going to live through an era of belt tightening. All of us are going to make sacrifices going forward. When the pain hits you personally, blame a Marxist for the abuse and waste of resources and Social services industry that discourages results. The culture of excuses and rationalizations of poor decisions and featherbedding government with pork are real issues. What does society get from a brainwashed grad spoon fed a diet of Marx, Chomsky and Menchu. A Sociology and Anthropology grad is qualified to do what. A Peace Studies major might be good at cleaning toilets, but likely has no ability to think critically given the Marxist Gulags of the faculty.

We look around the world at the messes created by Marx and his minions. Planned starvation in areas that exported food. Worker states where workers risk their lives to flee or drink themselves into stupors. Commies point to drugs in the inner city while pretending their darlings Hugo, FARC and Hezbollah are innocent of drug dealing.

Then we deal with the Marxists greatest ally the Islamic fundamentalist loon. The left is now championing a[apartheid states created for Muslims. The notion that Muslims need to respect others is just not spoken behind shrill and hypocritical populist antisemitism and antiamericanism. It does not take great effort to find decent Muslims like Stephen Schwartz and the CIP who are sick of criminality and barbarism being rationalized in the name of their religion. Yet the voices of reason like the CIP are drowned out by the power mad left that seeks power at all costs even if millions needlessly die for no tangible benefit. A devotee of Marx will not flinch at starving workers while claiming to act in their name.

I feel sorry for the Sprite and the world she will inherit long after one too many bags of Chips cuts me down. Yet, my legacy of love and career of changing lives will be more than enough for several lives. I am privileged to change lives mostly for the better. My career has already brought smiles to thousands and perhaps tens of thousands before I retire or get a toe tag. While commies and gadflies like Gene of Harry's Place (not a commie just an anti American fake ) talk about labor, I quietly serve as a union activist on the front line. Bullying and abuse of workers is a serious problem. The deviant inhumane management by sadism is a fact many of us are too aware of.

We on the center, and those on the right need to stop being polite to those on the hard left. Those on the decent left, need to do more to distance themselves from the criminal hard left. The Duck talks as if he is the moral center of the planet. Yes, Dr Yeagley is a racist with a warped sense of what it means to be an American and Christian. Has Yeagley ever rationalized terrorism, rationalized wholesale crimes against humanity, aided each and every enemy of his country and tried to dictate every aspect of our lives outside of the bedroom? The Duck is and remains an advocate of political criminality. The Duck is far more fundamentalist and off the wall than Yeagley.

FYI When actual Nazis whose posts are linked by Stormfront comment on familiar sites his leftists allies welcome them and link the blogs.

Our future begins now. We must eradicate all vestiges of Marxism. Marxists should be treated with the same contempt one gives the KKK. The media is partially to blame it has zero difficulty telling you that blowing up Black Churches is evil. Yet the same media romances and rationalizes Keystone clown Marxist terrorist Bill Ayers and pretends violence fostered by Marxists is somehow different.

I am not optimistic.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


My apologies to my regular readers about the paucity of posts. I have been spending most of my spare time with child care and taking care of the Maltese. The Maltese adores me and the Tranquil Sea, but can be very mean if someone approaches either of us while we sleep.

I have been reading Wafa Sultan's book in my spare moments hat tip to AOW.

My mom has the big C again but it is early. Keep me in your prayers. I did get my head handed to me by her for telling the daughter not to call. Sometimes the Sprite gets mischievous and will grab my phone and push the button that says Mom. Apparently, even though she is sick an odd phone call or two is not a hassle. I am still less than thrilled with her asking my mother to send cookies or wanting to visit when she is sick. My mother actually has a bag of chicken fingers for such visits.

I would like my mother to rest. My mother seems to enjoy the phone calls and wants more time with the Sprite even though she is not well. I am also not exactly certain how my mother even understands what my daughter is saying as she will often veer into West Indian Creole English and talk of strange words like Bora and Gilbacker. I understand exactly what these items are. What my mother thinks they are remains a mystery.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ready for action

I went for my innoculations and medication in advance of the trip. My physical did not as go as well as expected. However, a few alterations to daily life should allow
to plauge commies for another two decades or more.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beakerambo live from the front

Mr Beamish has latched onto the truth Beakerambo intends to infiltrate Venezuela and hunt down Commies and especially their traitorous American helpers. Beakerkrambo will enter through an undisclosed jungle location and try to terminate these traitors with extreme prejudice.

Beakerambo live from the front

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sometimes things do go better than expected

I have been away taking care of the beloved Sprite due to a family emergency. My parents have met the beloved Sprite and everyone had a great time. My mother was able to understand the West Indian patios which is fairly surprising. She also did very well with a finicky eater and had a good time.

Of course every visit is not without some comedy. The Sprite was complaining about the huge Pizza slice and asked me to cut it in two. My father pulled out a pocket knife and took care of the problem. I did tell the Sprite not to wear the ballet dress less she scare the kids next door. She insisted in me getting her one.

Life is not easy when all the kid eats is chicken fingers, fish sticks an lo mein. How my mother guessed she would eat watermellon is beyond me.

My trip is in February. I will try to blog from abroad. I will try and contact AOW if I can not post from parts unknown. On Wednesday I go for my shots and they are aparently not in my arm.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Out of Town for a while

I will be leavinmg shortly for a trip. My cell phone will not be working and I will try to email AOW and Warren if possible. For sevurity reasons my destination will remain unknown.

This is not a trip I wanted to make. Unfortunately all of us have things we have to do.

I tried to cut my trip short but was unable to do so.

If, Im can blog from the trip it will be from parts unknown. I did manage to blog on previous trips. This trip is not to the safest destination and security is a top priority.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stranger than Fiction in NYC

For the most part in NYC Gays and Lesbians tend to get along. There is a gym in NYC that is widely perceived to be gay friendly. In a surprising development two female trainers are suing the gym for harassment based upon their lesbian status. One would think this establishment is the last place such harassment could take place, especially in NYC.

The truth is that Gays and Lesbians can sometimes be as boorish as the rest of us.

The Arizona shooter and higher education

A running theme in many of these shootings is the failure of higher ed to deal with mental health issues at home. This is the case of the VT, Ft Hood and the Arizona shooters. In all cases a clear problem was identified but the ball was dropped.

In the recent case the college did notice that the Arizona shooter was deranged and expelled the student until proof that he had been in treatment was provided. The system could have worked better, but at least the student was expelled before a more dangerous type of VT indecent could have happened there.

Perhaps in the future College Admissions will include the right to seek medical and psychological evaluations and if need be treatment as a contingency for remaining on campus. In the case of the VT shooter concerns had clearly been identified prior to the shooting. Public safety in these issues do trump civil liberties issues.

The Arizona Shooter should continue to embrace Marx and claim Bill Ayers as a role model. Like Ayers, the shooter is incoherent and prone to violence. While in jail he will have plenty of time to study Marx, Fanon, Menchu and Chomsky. The shooter must learn to couch his paranoia about Jews in the terms used by Prof Walt. When he gets out of jail there should be a job in higher ed waiting for him, provided his father makes millions of dollars of donations to the university in question ala Bill Ayers.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All Suspects except Commies and Jihadis

The media always rushes to judgment about the motives of a killer, except for when these acts are committed by Muslims or Commies. The Ft Hood Massacre was portrayed as an employee rage bit. The original NYC Times Square bombing was immediately described as a disgruntled anti Obama nut.

Predictably, Chris Mathews on idiot central points the fingers at Mark Levin. People should note it is unlikely the shooter listened to MSNBC or his cohort loser Olberman
as their ratings are negligible. Mark Levin dismissed Mathews idiocy in seconds and
given this was a pothead fan of Marx one can speculate if Mathews is developmentally
challenged. Having a low IQ was probably a job requirement for his position in the Carter Administration. As Levin is an actual Constitutional scholar, as opposed to a political hack of a failed administration, it is likely Levin is talking over the low IQ of Mathews. Has Mathews commented on the anti Semitic antics of his former employer Jimmy Peanut or the fruit of the looney tune Marxists in Academia and the MSM. It is more than likely that given this persons reading of Marx and the targets heritage that this person was influenced by Marx and Campus Radicals. Remember his classmates described him as a far left loon.

The sanctimonious MSM is now talking about tone. Funny, but we had years of Bush = Hitler from the left and no calls were made to lower the tone. While it is wrong to criticize Obama on the basis of race, it is wrong too shield him from criticism based that goes with the job.

As stated before this loon like the Duck lists Marx as among his favorite authors. He has a fixation with Jews like the Duck. He is described by classmates that regularly listened to his rants as far left wing, Only in the imagination of the left does this person become a Conservative.

For the record Amren is a low organization that I do not support. Unlike the Duck they do not run around talking about the dual loyalty of Jews or use the term ZOG.
ZOG is basically a lower class version of the theme of far left Prof Walt favored by Commies and their brethren like the Holocaust Museum Shooter. Nazis and Communists did work together in the past and you can look at far left sites and see rhetoric identical to what one sees in Stormfront.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Arizona Shooter and the Duck

Contrary to media reports. the Arizona shooter like the Duck lists the communist manifesto as one of his favorite books. The class mates that he scared in college described him as left wing and his ZOG rants are on a par with the Ducks usual obsessions.

Thus far the links to AMREN are very murky. Accuracy in Media once again lists the odious types and describes Yeagley prominently. The Soros funded stooges should note that Yeagley has been willing to show his birth certificate. He is the biological son of a Native American mother. The charges about his racial hangups are largely accurate.
There are zero links to the Tea Party and conventional GOP politics.

This is quite similar to the portrayals of the Holocaust Museum shooter as right wing. His rants sound much like the material found on left wing blogs like Renegade Eye or Troutsky in the comment section Zionist er Jews control the US government media, 911 conspiracy bunk and blood libel 2010 bs from Psuedostine.

Radical leftism in its essence is 1/2 mental illness, 1/4 bigotry, 20% stupidity and 5% cult theology.

Postings will be sparse

Due to some family issues postings will be sparse for the next few days. I do not know if I can blog from where I will be going but I will be in contact with Warren, AOW and TMW. This trip is unrelated to work, but for security reasons my precise location must remain confidential.

Friday, January 07, 2011

The soul of a good officer

I work in a position where one does use power. One learns about themselves when one uses power. I spoke to a peer at the State Department who was beginning their career.
I showed him that it is the most rewarding work on the planet and there is no cause to ever be mean. If we can't grant a benefit, I explain clearly what is missing or the law in question. In some cases, I will discuss the precedent in question with the attorney and will listen to a rebuttal. Unlike some if the argument in question has merit I will reverse course, because it is not about ego. The job is the right benefit at the right time, to the right person.

I pointed out that a good officer tells his peer of the cases that were messed up for years that they resolved rather than arrests or denials. I do plenty of those other types as part of my work, but it is not something I look forward to. I avoid those who want to be a super hero and make a name.

For me the greatest joy is seeing families that have waited get the benefit they deserve. I get to share wonderful moments with good people who are lost in the system. There is no better reward than seeing the smiles of good people who sometimes even remember your efforts.

I had a woman whose case required a lot of work if she was willing to wait five hours for me to correct the errors. In her case she could be granted relief but the computers had to be corrected and information packets prepared. The woman stated what is five hours when I have waited 18 years. The paper work was done in three hours and the mother and daughters cried together. I wished them a happy holiday and
sent them home with a smile.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Laws of unintended consequences

I spent last night with the daughter. Long term readers grasp my difficulty with curry.
Thus, I bring food in or store it around the house. I brought in a chicken gyro from the Greek place up the block. Next thing I know the girlfriend decided she wanted one.I said I would just get one from the truck up the block. I ended up going all the way back to the Greek Place and the daughter asked for more chicken nuggets. I stopped by the Chinese place and grabbed a quart of chicken soup.

I had some of the chicken soup. Normally, I pour some of the soup on the dried dog food and it is eaten quickly. It does seem strange to see the Maltese and the Pit Bull drinking the stuff from a bowl. I am amazed that the Pit Bull eats any wet food in seconds. The dogs are not stupid and will grab fresh bones from the oven or butcher store vs the commercial treats. The butcher tossed a few lamb bones in with my purchase and even the little Maltese will lie at my feet while I sleep gnawing at a bone that is much too large for him.

I did go to Chinatown on the way home. I purchased one of those knit Rockie the Squirrel hats with dog ears for the daughter. I never dreamed she would wear it to school. I can just see the lecture from the teacher coming tomorrow.

I am off to spend some time with my daughter. It is my favorite job.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Who says thhe Duck isn't funny

The Marxist Duck is now doing comedy. The only room that the Duck wants the government
to stay out of is the bedroom.

Communists have a lengthy history of using food to control the population. Now the Duck wants to get into your refrigerator and pantry. The concept of don't tell me what to do with my body is limited to abortion in the wacky world of the Duck.

People have the right to make their own choices. If they want to drink beer or Pepsi it frankly is not the governments business. Almost all soda companies produce diet versions of their products that are excellent. I have switched around five years ago
to diet soda and enjoy the diet vitamin water style of beverage.

I do not want the nanny state and want the government out of my kitchen and restaurants.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Fire Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin has had a good run but it is time to part ways with the head coach. Unfortunately, ownership has decided to retain him so this is a plan to rebuild the team.

1) Fire the special teams coach. The special teams under Coughlin are bad year after year. How much of Matt Dodge's horror of a season was coaching related remains unknown.
An experienced punter to replace Dodge would be nice. Resigning Hixon is part one as he helps coverage and returns. Hixon also is a decent receiver.

2) Fire the QB coach. Eli Manning needs someone like Turk Schonert to remind him how to play.

3) Fire Kevin Gilbride. The offense stunk at times and his play calling stinks.

4) Let Kevin Boss go. He seemed to have drops every game and was a liability.

5) Let Travis Beckham go. He does not seem willing to block. We can see if a new coordinator can find ways to utilize an H back.

6) Keep Bear Pascoe but find more ways to use him as a receiver. He should be better next year.

7) Sign Barry Cofield. He played hard.

8) Thank O'Hara, Suebert and Kareem McKenzie for a good careers. Move in Diehl at RT
Beatty at left and Koets at Center. Let Mitch Petrus Play and use a First round draft pick here at Tackle.

9) Let Bradshaw walk. He fumbles way too much, but at least does not blame the team ala Tiki Barber.

10) Sign coverage types of LB. This is harder than assumed.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

The proper way to read historical fiction

I am reading up on the French and Indian wars. It is hard to think of Northern NY State
as a rugged wilderness. However, the stretch between Glens Falls and Pattsburgh is still untamed and rugged. Today the area is known as Adirondack Park and it is not easy to cross with modern materials such as goretex and with insect repellent.

What makes all of this interesting is that there were plenty of people who had experience in this area in the 1750's. General Burgoyne marched through this area of swamps and thick woods for no known reason. He could easily have floated down Lake George and kept his forces in tact. Instead he decided to go over land where a few men with axes could delay armies. The colonials tore up bridges and flooded roads in places as well.

The rest is history.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Out for the Day

I am off for the day to see the Tranquil Sea and the Sprite. I am surprised at how much I miss the little Maltese. He is a great little guy with a big heart. I do not know if I will be able to walk him in this weather. The snow is fairly deep, but I will see what I can do.

I just can not read the short work of Kenneth Roberts Boon Island. Instead, I will be reading Last of the Mohichans. Perhaps, we will work in a Beakerambo satire of the book at the end. Mercifully, I spared the readers my satire of Arsenic and Old Lace. In this version the spinsters send old socialists to the deranged Duck who thinks he is Che in the Presidio. As they are socialists nobody notices that they are missing as they lead wasted lives.

The States are getting fed up with lax enforcement of immigration laws. There is a move in some states to end granting citizenship to children born in the USA to illegal aliens. I do favor this, only if the US Constitution is amended and it is done nationally.

I would like to see a new immigration law include easier denaturalization of people working on behalf of totalitarian movements, committing espionage or working with foreign intelligence operatives and private citizens ( Soros, Berenson)interfering with US Foreign Policy. Effectively, we will be placing teeth in existing laws that political criminals regularly violate.