Thursday, February 27, 2014

Little Phonies

The usual suspects are in bunker mode. Let a couple of Arabs throw rocks and they rail about Jooos. When people rail and start throwing rocks at Commies the usual suspect feign ignorance and start making excuses.

As University Commies defend this crap it is time for boycotts. No aid for student loans Until Commies and Anarchists are removed from the faculty.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

No fights

People fail to grasp that if I am really upset, I stop talking. After certain lines are crossed I move on and have nothing to do with the annoyance. Fighting is just a waste of time and when bothered it is just better to go elsewhere.

At work the person next door has constant coffee clatches. In general, I am quite tolerant until the ring leader of the gang that bullied me showed up. I addressed the matter politely and were this mere passing through it would not concern me. The issue was multiple daily visits that last an hour or more and are not work related.
 I pointed out my concern and got a lecture. My response to the lecture was you are 100% correct. However, as my space is next door I can decide what to do with it as well. Kindly, don't talk to me or ask for help.  This person did ask for help multiple times and as a peer, I don't mind helping out. However, don't ask me for help and make my area into a mess.

Now I keep my door locked at all times. I discourage visitors and prefer to do my job in peace. I am still the same sweet guy to the public. However, I really prefer to hang with the old timers who grasp the full history in our area.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A job and toilet paper

I want to point to the rhetoric of the demented Troutsky as yet another Workers Paradise implodes. The Fish molester ponders about people wanting to return to the days of Blacks and Browns being ordered about by whites.

This is a rather amusing look at a country where crime is out of control, basic consumer staples like toilet paper are unavailable, property of political opponents are nationalized and jobs are as real as bigfoot.
Now it doesn't take any real IQ to predict this because other than crime this is what happens every time an idiot decides to follow Marx.

Maybe Cuba is next.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spent Time with my daughter and grandaughter.

I spent an evening with my daughter. I am exhausted from work but my kid and my grand kid come first. It is odd that Emma adores me because I am just so odd. The again my daughter in law notices the pets also gravitate towards me.

I am somewhat surprised about the grand child relationship because initially when this child was very small she feared me. I used to joke about it and play with the the dogs or do something else. The grandchild loves me very much and does not like to leave with her mom when I am home.

Someday, when she is older she will get that many of the stories have a point. The land of Snow and Beer is actually Vermont. My younger brother, the annoying Beaker, is in many of these stories. Oddly, my grandfather did the same thing and at times my father introduces the truth. For example my great grandfather emigrated to the USA. The legend of him being thrown out was a comedic image painted by his son in law
to his grandchildren. He also left his wife and many children behind, but World War One, the Flu of 1918, the Depression, the Holocaust and World War 2 and scores of smaller events got in the way.

We seldom think about things now that we live in a global age. I chat effortlessly with family in Guyana or friends who are on assignment elsewhere. Some lunatic coworker swears he heard something close to the Surf Music in my office in a doctors office in a Muslim Middle Eastern country. One century ago friends and family did lose contact.

In my case as I am not one who looks back I would not maintain friendships after I moved on. There is a coworker who retired who is an exception. I can be located with ease if someone is looking. However, I am usually glad to see them and discover that I have little in common.

My trip to the jungle may be delayed by civil unrest in the adjacent  country.

Rebel Against What ???

I met a younger peer from the area. He claimed that others followed my lead after I decided to leave religious schools. While I did notice others did follow it was something I did not encourage or had anything to do with.

In my case, I simply never was and would not be forced, coerced into traditions I wanted no part of. I did not defy or make my actions public. Mine was more akin to just opting out. I refused to write any answers on tests and left papers blank. I did not participate in class discussions and just said modestly I don't know when called upon in religious classes. I obeyed the rules, never tried to set an example for others and just was granted my freedom. Even the Rabbi's who were prone to violent reactions did not bother to hit me. My reactions were never defiant. I did not debate theology or get into arguments. My point was this is not who I am. I respect your beliefs, but I have no desire to be a part of this community. I did not deny wrong doing that was trivial and always accepted punishment but was never subjected to violence of any kind. I remember one said "You are an affable guy. Violence wouldn't change anything and I can't make you something you aren't or never were. I told him my sole desire was to leave quietly without fanfare.

Apparently, others did notice and made similar decisions on their own. I never encouraged this or discussed my situation when formally asked. I simply walked away and never looked back. There were those who did seek me out, but I never discussed the matter or why I left. In my case, I never had the inclination nor desire to be a part of the community in any way. There was an amusing period where after I had left being a "bad boy" was irresistible to religious girls. They did frequently contact me and show their interest, but I wanted nothing to do with them. I dated girls from the local public school. For me there was no rebellion and I wanted to be away period. Dating a religious girl, would have placed me into contact with a culture that I had no desire to be a part of.

Even after the passage of years I am perplexed by the impact my actions had. I am shocked others remembered things I had forgotten. There was an odd bully who unlike a traditional one had good grades. He was a company man and I was just disinterested in the company. I remember he tried to provoke a fight and debate me. My response was "What is there to debate? I respect your views and have no interest in discussing my own" I turned my back and walked away and this person challenged me to a fight. I told him and what are we fighting over your ego. I really don't care about you or your ego and if you hit a man who has turned his back and is walking away it says more about you then me". If this persons grades were lower his mental health issues would have been noticed. I remember a crusty English teacher told that little nut job
"Don't kid yourself. He is smarter then you will ever be." The teacher demonstrated his point and that is what set off the exchange as this person never lost anything. He dated the flashiest girl. He got better grades and threw it in your face. He was a dirty player in every sport, but almost always won. In my case I had beaten him with no effort nor concern. The teacher was making a point to this arrogant jerk that he was not quite as smart as he thought he was.

When I went to leave there was a discussion. Many Rabbis predicted I would turn out to be a criminal. The crusty English teacher asked me why I was going. I merely stated "this is not who I am. I belong in public school". He pointed out " You are not a Sweat Hog" and pointed out that despite my lack of effort my grades in secular subjects were high. The Principal stated " we can not make him into something he is not".
He also pointed out that he enjoyed having me around and liked me personally. They weren't asking me to leave but as my heart was not into it it was for the best of all. There is something to the adage if you love something set it free. If it loves you it will return. In my case, I left and never looked back. I refused to fake outward appearances and just lived my own life. Oddly, the person who did turn out to be a criminal was the fellow classmate who tried to fight with me. In his case if his grades were lower his mental pathologies would have been treated. Had he spent any time in a real public school he would have gotten beaten up and learned his lesson. Oddly, he became just as secular as me and added criminality to a bad personality.

It is funny how I really don't think of those years, but others do. I don't go to reunions and prefer not to discuss those days. They are mere parts of my life story. My reaction to those who wanted to discuss the events and most had to find me was rebel against what. As I was never a part of the community my departure could not be viewed as rebellion it was merely a logical outcome. When others followed my path I avoided them and many did track me down. I pointed out I wasn't embarrassed of where I came from I merely found where I belonged. I just went on about my business and really never thought about the past I walked away from. At one point there was a girl who made a similar journey who was persistent. We dated briefly and I walked away. I had forgotten about her entirely but ...... The less said about that mishap the better.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Just Watched an Entire Golda Meir Interview from 1968

Funny, I watched an entire interview from 1968 and never heard the words Palestine or Palestinian. The far left apparently has passed the greatest con job of all time. The contexts of the wars was Judenfrei real estate. However, that close to the Holocaust Nazi verbiage was unacceptable. Thus the bait and switch from Joooos into the sea to the creation of a bogus ethnicity created by the far left solely for the creation of stoking populist Jooooo hatred.

The far left is far more filled with Jooooo hatred then imaginary Conservative animus against Blacks. Of course lefties like Duncy hurl all types of racial epithets at Black conservatives while feigning some sort of disdain about the genuine Blackness of Black conservatives. Last I checked Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain and Thomas Sowell did not attend nearly all White Prep Schools or pass their days as a stoner.

The real truth is that the overwhelming majority of Joooos obsessed with the destruction of Israel are Communists or the members of a criminal pseudo religious cult. The criminality of the Satmar cult are quite evident. Where else in the USA does a religious disorder set up ethnically pure enclaves with welfare and poverty rates exceedingthe worst areas in the USA.

I want to point out the faux culture of this disorder is far more akin to a cult then a branch of Judaism. The emulation of the Jewish ghettos is neither correct in substance or fact. Unlike, actual residents of the ghettos
these clowns disdain work and spend their lives on the dole. The actual residents worked back breaking trades and studied at night. They learned scripture and the talmud and did not need cult like Rabbis to tell them every aspect of their life. They fostered and craved intellectual freedom. Of course anyone of my generation would have vivid memories of these people as they were our Grandparents and Uncles.

We have covered the religious roots of Marxism before. I am not a theologically inclined person but evolution is quaint. However, Marxist economics has been lethal in every application. Marxists and Anarchists should be treated with the same disdain as Nazis given their body counts.

Now that there are protesters in Hugo's crack den where are the cameras? Funny when actual popular protests against a criminal leftist regime take place the Bolshevik MSM feigns ignorance.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Family returns from Guyana

My family will return from Guyana tonight. Calling there is so expensive that doing it without a phone card is a burden. I should be going in late April unless I return to VT for Maple fest.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Going to try

Yesterday work was canceled. Today we have a delayed opening. My tour of duty has been pushed back. These storms suck.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


My boss is moving to another State. The person replacing him comes with a very nasty reputation. Part of it was managements fault. When promoting a person to management one should move people out to a new area. The sole exception was a peer who was so loved by her peers and was my boss that could overcome this unwritten rule.

I am happy for my boss in that he is returning home. The new boss comes with caveats and it would have been best had she been removed from the area. However, the infighting was to severe and the damage will follow her.

In my case, I am the peasant and though the peasant may or may not like the Lord of the Manor I remain attached to the land. The Lords come and they go and most were missed. I am tied to the land like a peasant even though the climate for me to move up has changed.

The damage of the previous administration has left me unsuited for anything else. In my case I no longer believe in management even as it embraces many of my ideas. My experiences with severe workplace bullying have left me a shell of the person I was. The reality of the extreme brutality just does not go away in seconds. Unfortunately, I have to work with my abusers lackeys and this is very difficult. The newer employees don't grasp my disdain and revulsion. My departing boss got me to dial down this disdain for one
person in particular. This boss had the ability to do this, but it is very hard being around a self proclaimed genius who screws up leaving messes I have to clean. I have started locking my door because I do not trust this person being around my work space so frequently.

The odd part is the incoming boss likely has an obvious solution to her woes, but lacks the introspective aspect of the persona to grasp the solution. The common denominator was the inability to communicate with peers. Of course being very humble at work is my natural state. When I get letters of commendation, I shift the focus onto the team. One person even got a Presidential award for my actions and I am okay with it. At the time every action including was tuned into a negative. This is the reality of work place bullying. Being able to laugh at one's self would solve 90% of this persons issues. One boss who is very difficult and has a grammar fixation turned an annoying moment into a moment of love just by laughing at herself in the key moment. I was exasperated with her corrections and in one case she corrected a comma into a semicolon. I looked at her exasperated and said, I don't suppose you can articulate the reason for that correction. She looked at me and said"actually I can and started". I looked at her and we both started laughing at ourselves and it turned a moment of exasperation into a moment where the boss was lovable. To this day, I have a soft spot for this boss who at times was very difficult to work with. I also credited her with many of the innovations that improved efficiency and named certain procedures after her.

The sad part is that this persons major issues are easily remedied with a few self deprecating jokes and a touch of introspective humor. My outgoing boss knows he does not have to ask me to do anything. He also allows me the freedom of action to pick moments to excel. Use your judgement and I will back you later.
An example of this was when another unit outside NYC made gaffes that would have been really damaging to the agency I took the initiative and imported the work. The natural tendency is to let the other unit fail and then repair the damage. In this case the recipient was an advanced senior citizen and permitting that to snowball just seemed absurd. In that case I repaired the damage quietly and moved ahead. Showing workers that you trust their abilities goes a long way.

My ability to laugh at myself and with others really got me through moments that would have made others snap. Not everyone has that ability and it really goes a long way. In a very difficult case, I had to thank a supervisor I detest. My ability to describe a serious problem modestly and bring it to her attention saved the day. In fact I conceded points incorrectly and was overly generous to a legal opinion in a serious matter. The area in question was procedural rather than a results or legal issue. In my world procedures exist to protect the public from out of control government workers. I then thanked this supervisor for her help and apologized for her having to read the disturbing case, That case was so venal that I could not even discuss it with my supervisor.

Trust in a supervisor is a very important issue. In the original case, I really needed the trust of my supervisor to handle that case. My supervisor at the time was a lovable woman who I really respected and could tell me don't be absurd trust your instincts. In most cases a mere glance did the trick. That case was so disturbing that when I asked to take a break and gather myself she knew something was wrong. I told her something in the file hit a raw nerve and I had t o get a Diet Mountain Dew and a big bag of chips to gather myself. I returned and she saw enough of the file to see what did it. I looked at her and asked if she wanted to reassign it to a more suitable officer. She told me you can handle it and that my reaction was normal. In that particular case with really odious information my dedication to procedure and legal restraint was actually a positive. A more gung ho type would have grandstanded this high profile matter. I just wanted it resolved correctly the first time and off my desk. If I didn't have total trust in my boss I could not work this case that was a walking EEO time bomb. I also had to discuss a word that I call the dreaded R word, recidivism. I refuse to ever use that word in formal correspondence.

I am going to miss the outgoing boss. He was a breath of fresh air and I was luck to work as closely with him as I did. He never did persuade me to leave my office. In my case, my office is my resting spot. I survived stuff that would have broke an ordinary person. Moving on was just beyond my abilities.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Annoying Media Circus

In general I do support the right of gay people to live lives of respect and dignity. The one thing we should learn from gay people is be yourself, unless you are a jerk. I don't have gay friends. I have friends and coworkers who happen to be gay. In reality it is no different at work then having someone who is left handed.

The media circus with gay athletes is nauseating. Coming out of the closet is a choice people make every day and it is no big deal. An unknown prospect who is likely a backup is not Jackie Robinson redux. Nor should stories about gay athletes be run every two seconds in the sports pages of every paper.

There has been plenty of speculation about atlettes in the past. I think the speculation about Mike Piazza started when he got an absurd hair color. This is not something traditional men do. At this point if he were gay, he would have said so long ago. There were plenty of athletes that stated they were gay after their career.

The NFL draft process is almost like a meat market. Players are measured in every aspect height, weight, hand size, arm length, and so forth. Their ability to run, jump, throw and various strengths are measured. Their intelligence is measured and scores that should remain private are regularly leaked to the press. One athlete who played for the Jets many years back became more famous for his low Wonderlic score than his brief playing career. Of course the media is unlikely to talk about the stigma of being labeled stupid. We have Presidential candidates and Presidents who will not show people their transcripts so do we really need to leak intelligence scores of athletes. If Barak Obama does not have to show his grades or is not pressured by the media do we rally need to know Tebows intelligence score. 

Unfortunately, Pro sports is a business with a serious criminal and mental health issues. Players often bring criminal, drug and mental health issues to the work place. There are just some players who can not be reached even by the most dedicated humanitarian people such as Dick Vermiel. We are constantly learning about arrests of athletes that were covered up by their schools. We did learn plenty about these incidents after the player gets arrested or released. Rarely, does a player who gets arrested come as a shock to people who really read the newspapers. I think the sad story of Dave Meggett who was really loved by the fans and came across as a great person show the rare instance where the public was fooled.  The fact that Tiki Barber would act like a jerk blame others for his failures should not be a surprise to those who grew tired of his antics in NYC. Only NBC was stupid enough to think Barber would be a media star.

Gays are part of lives in every community. We don't need media stories each and every day and to discuss the matter endlessly. A Hassidic Jewish NASCAR driver would really be a great story. An NBA player with an Accounting degree would also be a great story. A 400lb professional ballerina would be a great story. A sports illustrated swimsuit model that looked like the girl next door 5'4'' and a size eight would be a great story. Senior Citizen boy bands would be a great story. Yes, sometimes the wheel chair basketball game at halftime is more interesting then the New York Knicks.

We really need to move past the media obsessions and look at our workplace and lives. Is it a shock when Sid in human resources or Joan in payroll say they are gay. For the vast majority of us, we don't care. The era of Black QB's and coaches being media stories ended a while back. The issue should be treated as a detail and not an event. Meet player X we go through the entire bio and he has a same sex spouse.

The issue is not whether gays should play in major sports. They have likely been there from the earliest of times. Just as gays served in the military with pride long before the media made it an obsession. The days of people having to live in the closet are long over. However, we don't need media circus sideshow events each and every time a person says they are gay. The sports section should be about the game and the event. A single story or a passing reference is fine, but this is overkill. 


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Sam Follies

The NFL has had several gay players. The decision of Sam is not quite as a big deal as the media has made it. In the process of vetting players this information would have come out. Apparently, teams are looking for this sort of material. However, in a league where criminality and drug abuse is common being gay should be viewed as quaint. We likely won't have to worry about this player having multiple paternity suits unless he gets a series of concussions.

This announcement really should not have been on the front page of the NYT and all the sports pages.  Gay people are part of the American community. My supervisor was a terrific officer who was promoted because of his skills. He is a great leader and manager who happens to be gay. His orientation has absolutely zero to do with his promotion. If anything his being gay makes the job more interesting. It was very interesting seeing the office vamp not get that her target was quite immune to her charms, actually this was priceless. In an office where nepotism and incompetence by management was the rule competence is a breath of fresh air. I don't have to worry about my boss having multiple sexual harassment suits and this indeed was a problem at work. The reason I don't have to worry is that he understands and embraces the genuine notion of customer service. When there was grumbling he was promoted because he was gay, I was the first to point out he was more qualified than 3/4 of the present managers.

This brings me to the next part of the Sam story. Sam is essentially a player without a position. Defensive linemen tend to be 6'4'' and around 270.  Linebackers tend to have his height but run a 4.6. Sam is a productive player whose skill set does not translate to the NFL. Of course the Tebow bashers pointed this out and it was all over the place. However, there are only a few articles pointing out that he is a tweener who really is a sixth round prospect based on the numbers. in the NYT article that never should have been on page one they mention this at the very end. My guess is there will be a team that drafts him early for publicity purposes. hopefully, it will not be the Miami Dolphins or Cincinnati Bengals which seem to have an abundance of jerks. He belongs with a team like New England that values versatility and players that can play multiple positions as a sixth round prospect.

There have been plenty of gay players. this would have likely been better handled had a player established himself first and then said as an after thought announced this later. Unfortunately, we live in a media age where this would have become public knowledge shortly. However, given the criminal issues and irresponsible behavior of NFL players being gay is almost akin to boring. The person with the multi page rap sheet whose life is like a train wreck needs more scrutiny then a gay player. For better or worse you can count on Sam to show up and give you his best effort. The player with drug and criminal issues is a time bomb that may go off any second. Its just amazing in a league with plenty of criminals and character issues that gays should even be a concern. This is not to say that gay people don't have character issues, but homosexuality by itself is not an issue.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Farrow Follies

I want to point out that the NYT is a disgraceful disgusting paper at certain points. Over the last few years Mia Farrow and her brood have been continuing a media vendetta against Woody Allen. Woody Allen was never married to Farrow, he never lived with Farrow and employed her in many of his films.

It is probably a very stupid thing to start a relationship with the daughter of the woman you are dating. In this case it was a stupid and inappropriate thing and Farrow had a right to be angry. At this point the couple in question has been married over 15 years and Farrow needs to move on.

Farrow has poisoned the relationship between what was his purported biological son and adopted daughter. This is fairly common when divorce or long term relationships end.

It is very hard to make the at times loathsome Woody Allen appear sympathetic. Shame on the NYT for printing this spiteful garbage years after the fact. The story is long over and there is more credible evidence in the Juanita Broderick story the Times ignored than this garbage.

Time for Farrow to grow up and move on.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Circle of (Ice

I awoke at the usual time planning my commute. The message had been given delayed opening. I watched SVU and prepared for a later bus. I found a later bus and upon arrival roughly three miles away had been told office closed,

At that point my task was to turn around and make it home. First I had to pick up the newspaper and the amazing Hot and Crusty Bagels in Penn Station. From there it was fairly simple as the One train leaves one 30 feet from the ferry terminal. After a harbor crossing the bus was right there and it dropped me a block from my house.

Along the day I heard a strange noise that sounded like dimes falling. It was sheets of ice coming from the trees outside. Ice storms are usually the most dangerous event in my area as trees snap under the weight of ice.

There is another big storm on Sunday exactly when my family is returning from Guyana.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Been Busy

Been working 12 hour days at the office. Very tired.