Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Enter the Beaker

The agency I work for is sending 1000 volunteers to help FEMA in New Orleans. I did volunteer to be sent . If I get selected to go is an open question. My supervisor will make the ultimate call. I would prefer to go as a single man and I remember people helping out NYC .

I doubt I will be selected as many people have volunteered. However I am a single man and I can stay far longer.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Know the enemy

Most of my fellow bloggers seem to think that the enemy is militant Islam. This misses the more common enemy that aids abets and rationalizes the barbarity of the terrorists. I am refering to the lunatic left and as a social liberal I am disgusted by the acceptance of this element. I will refer to the best example of the mind ( or lack of) of the dumbest communist on the Web the anti semite par excellance 167.

Say your city has been bombed by religious nuts. A normal person condems the bombing and he added that not all Muslims are bombers. This is decent so far but wait lack of intelligence will show.

He reserves his outrage for the Police for the unfortunate shooting . He then adds it is a Zionistic tactic to shoot people in the head. He thus fails to mention that all of the above would not be needed if a certain element would stop blowing up civilians. Maybe suicide bombing is a cultural variant to 167 or it is okay as long as Jooooooooos er Zionists are blown up.

This is typical of what we deal with . Israel has absolutely zero to do with the Iraq war and talk of Jooooish cabals and zionist media is naked anti semitism. Guess what Howard Dean and now Susan Estrich agree and neither can be described as a Conservative. The left has been silent about Deans denunciation of this blatant antisemitism eminating from the far left.

This is the amazing part as liberals want to get self righteous at every alleged anti gay statement by Falwell. Yet these same sorts go into denial when there own talk about Joooos. Can we say phonies

Hey liberals I might agree with you on the social issues but Communism and Anti semites are pure evil . I will not watch the same sort sell the people of Iraq out like the Vietnamese , North Koreans and Cubans.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Returning Home

I will be leaving Thursday Night to visit my beloved NYC. I will stop off with my relatives in Jersey including Drummaster . In fact the second stop will be the Strand
Bookstore. I am looking foward to speaking with people who read . The next stop will be the nearest Jewish resturant.

Vermont is great and with rare exception people have been kind to me. Yet I belong in NYC with the action excitement and culture. God help the first person who hands me Maple Syrup. A Knish my kingdom for a knish and good Pastami.

Scooter Humiliates Beak at the State Fair

The Beak has never been to a State Fair but Scooer dragged me along . The food was expensive but good. Scooter was embarassed when I called out for A-1 at the livestock expo. You have a good future as a Rib Eye.

Well Scooter had to get gifts for the kids. Naturaly he picks out a Sponge Bob stuffed Animal and guess who has to carry it. It is impossible to be a NYC tough guy and carry a Sponge Bob. To make matters worse he also gets the cotton candy and can we say tourist geek. How is a NYC person supposed to be macho carrying a Sponge Bob.

When we got home we found out our mutual friend's son got shot in the hand in Iraq.
Hopefully, he will recover soon and either come home or rejoin his unit. It does put the Sponge Bob idiocy into perspective.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hijacked By Al Gore

Regular readers of this blog do not be alarmed. I am using the readership of this blo to promote my new network that nobody watches.

Our first show is Libertarians gone Wild. Watch as lLibertarians demand rich art patrons pay for their own opera tickets. Cringe as they demand college Professors work fourty hour work weeks. Be afraid as they demand productivity and innitiative from Government workers. Watch them try to destroy the planet by eliminating gas taxes.

Be afraid the Libertarians are out there.

Then we have our new Reality show called Revolting America. Watch three Communist Anti Semites that a trip around America . The three visionaries are Ducky , 167, and 147. Wintermute did not make the cut as even Commies have to be reality based. Watch as 167 finds common ground with the KKK .

" Well we both agree that you live in a Jooooo controlled country with a joooooish er zionist media. However you positions on blacks and gays......"

Watch Ducky explain the wonders of Casto in Miami as people arive in inner tubes fleeing the workers paradise.

" Don't you know you are fleeing a land with great health care and education. Get back on those inner tubes and head back you ingrates."

Watch as 147 goes to Brighton Beach and explains to Soviet Jooooos that they are all liars and were never persecuted.

As our goal is to change the world we have childrens cartoons too.

" Adolescent Neo Marxist Sexualy Perveted Worms from Berkley" Meet the fab four named after our greatest minds Marx , Chomsky , Castro and the comedian Moore."

We also have a Soap for Daytime. Higher Times at Hiher Ed where faculty and students light up , play naked twister, everyone gets an A except for some White male named Beamish.

Now back to the mediocrity called the Beak Speaks. Patriotism is so passe.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Beaker and Laborday

Readers may be surprised that I am a Union member. I am a member of a Union and was surprised to learn my title is officer Beaker. I was in Canada and the local gaurd smiled and told me.

I still believe National security trumps my social beleifs and thus I will not change my affiliations any time soon. The tolerance and connivance of the Democrats with Communist anti semites is pun intended revolting. I am glad Gov Dean finally said that talk of Jooish cabals and Israel being responsible for the Iraq war is anti semitic. Yet people like 167 have no response to Howard Dean. They pretend he did not say it as they spew more bile and venom at Joooooooooos.

Organized labor is an oxymoron as my pers are great guys but they are not organized or decisive. The focus should be on work conditions and the ass backwards term system. Investigating people for five years for a one year term is wasteful. My coworkers would like better training on issues directly related to what we do.

However I am glad to serve my country in this capacity. I traveled a long road to get here. The work is fun when they do not have me in training. My good friend loves to schedule me in his classes because he thinks I am better then a rubber chicken. In other words you can make jokes at my expense and I laugh it off. The reward for hard work is more training bear that in mind . I prefer just working cases but others prefer to teach.

There is just a romance of the Beak hammering away at never ending files. The cases never get boring but my coworkers have been helpful and are great people with the rarest of exception. My work is a labor of love and duty born out of the nightmare of 9-11.

I just wish people knew that yes there are some who serve out of love of country.
Patriotism and Nationalism aren;t quaint notions I live it each and every day.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Beak and the Police mystery solved

This is a small community and thus unknown people are rare . Most people know each other for twenty years. Thus my exasperation when someone asks aren't you related to .... My arrival was somewhat like the man with no name in the spaghetti westerns.
I was seen but nobody knew who I was or what I did for a while. I socialized with a small group of people and other then the gas station I have few interactions with the locals.

Apparently , the places I like to read and blog are also frequented by drug dealers. Yet this is not a big deal for any NYC resident especially one who lived by Washington Square. In fact if I felt homesick for NYC sitting in a Park with homeless people and drug dealers would remind one of home , Washington Square.

The local police explained that they are concerned for my safety and want me to do my late night reading and bloging from areas they can see .

Thus the mystery of the local police is solved. I live near a bar known for rowdiness
,have out of state plates and read books and blog from spots that are frequented by drug dealers. On top of it all I am still largely unknown and that unnerves some. Given all of the above I certainly would stop myself in their shoes.

The requests were reasonable and I complied. I am posting this blog from Ciy Hall a spot not known for drug dealing. Police and citizens should work together as it is our job to comply with reasonable requests as they are trying to keep the town safe.
In many ways the town I am in bears more resemblance to the South Bronx then to Forrest Hills. The amount of social disfunction drugs, alcoholism, homelessness and people who haven't worked in years. I guess this is a paradise that never was but the scenery and the clear skies at night are still impressive.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

9-11 and the change in my life part 2

Anyone who was there and some who watched on TV were changed that day. My heart goes out to the brave rescue personel whose solen, dutiful and foreboding looks haunts me to this day. I was one of those racing from history as far braver men made history in their efforts to save lives. Sadly the left has spit on their memory with conspiracy talk that began while the buildings were sill burning. The right should emphasize the heroes of that day and sadly they should do better.

I always make a point to thank Police and Firemen . They sacrafice their lives and protect us each and every day. I also thank military personel for the dedication they show. I was struck that as the sailors ventured into working class areas they were popular. Thus the striking Teamsters had a beer with us. The people in Harlem cheered the sailors. Hwever the human garbage in the NYU and Union Square area booed the sailors. For all the left wing ralk about populism it has little or no connection to the people. I have never heard class and struggle in the same sentence in Harlem or the Soth Bronx. People there know hustlers and con men when they see them.

After 9-11 the Commies came out and held a rally in Union Square while the buildings were still smoldering. 2000 plus people blamed Israel and the Joooooos for 9-11 but all you heard was Robertsons stupid anti gay remarks. The same bias hold true today and thus Sheehan's virulent anti semitism and Commie cronies go unreported. Thus as the far left knifed America an the back the Cold Warrior was reborn. Anti Communist moderates must not be silent.

The stakes are too high

9-11 and the change in my life

9-11 has caused some subtle changes in my life. Strange but ordinary NYC life has put me in some hair raising situations that did not affect me. I have seen drive by shootings in the Bronx, A bizarre incedent of the SI Ferry involving a bezerk man and a machette in the 80's , car accidents galore, indcustrial accidents, blackouts, Hurricanes and blizzards and of course the WTC 93 bombing that I am a survivor of. None of those incedents changed me so why should 9-11. The reason is it was not death alone as I have seen it more then a normal person would. Death is part of our lives.

Industrial accidents are an unfortunate part of work . People fall , get run over and machines malfunction and hopefuly nobody gets hurt too badly but it happens. Sadly, in reference to the machette wielding lunatic in the eighties people break down . The man was obviously deranged and it is sad but unfortunate. This is also why
mental health and people taking their medication is so important. The forces of Nature are also a part of life as Nature blesses us with her bounty sometimes we endure her wrath. Fires, Car accidents, blackouts and a certain amount of crime are just inevitable in a big city. Even the 93 blast the toll of death was slight and I certainly did not see it, despite being in the building.

The WTC was not an exotic place for me as I passed there daily. My usual partner was my coworker thne Late Big Bad Larry Yeah Yeah. He recently passed away having nothing to do with 9-11. The place was alive with energy even at 2AM one could find workers scurring to and fro and there was a shopping center with a Borders Bookstore among other stores and Resturants. Beneath that were a maze of trains carrying people everywhere.

The site looks alot larger on TV. People often wonder about how small the site is when they see it in person. Yet this is where my life and some of yours were changed
forever. Many people tell me of weeping at home or at work. The question of my generation is often where were you on 9-11. I walked through the parking lot at work in VT and was touched to see a plaque and a tree planted . 9-11 was larger then a NYC event and many people around the country and the World were horrified and wept at the pointless horror of death, chaos and mayhem for no reason. The victims were going to work or racing to save lives and represented a cross section of NYC and the world. Pointless death is life's ultimate crime and to cavalierly waste life on some religious or political idiocy is evil incarnate.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ending Gang or Mob related violence

I have always had a particular animus towards gang members. Comparing them to wolves is an insult to wolves. Wolves kill what they need and use violence for a purpose and then it stops.

The problem is we allow people to claim I was swept up by a mob. This is a falacy and no excuse. I understand the herd instinct but we are suposed to have a higher function then Wolves.

I would like to see all penatlties for mob violence multipled by four. Thus a group that robs would be looking at four times the penalty. The current flaw is that a person can get swept up by a crowd lessening the crime. This is dead wrong logicaly as the attack is more cowardly due to numbers the penalties should increase.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Life as a paradox

I have decided to spend more time reading and less with the locals. I might love and admire my neighbors but one must be true to what you are. I wasn't surprised when the local owner of the dive next door tokd me to pick another spot. The incedent stemmed from the incedent that I described in my blog about predjudice, Several people were uncomfortable that I carry around a book or my laptop. The formal excuse was this is not a library. No doubt there was regional prejudice against the NYC person.

I explained there are 20 other places just like yours and others appreciate the business. I also am the rare customer that never has a tab. Funny but back home in my section of Staten Island we had three bars with ten times the population.

I find it amazing that the social disfunction is exactly like the inner city without the gunfire and few minorities. I tried explaining that education or learning a trade is an investment in yourself. It is much more important to get an education then a new pick up.

People do not seem to know or care to plan ahead. There is resentment against those that do well like the immigrant that owns the local hotel. Perhaps the obvious logic that if you do not spend your days in a drunken stupor and on cigarettes you too could acheive. Yet I do not understand jealousy at all. The man in the next cubicle wins an award I am happy for him. Yet this does not extend to my community where everyone seems jealous over something job, car, education, girlfriend etc. I do not understand how down to earth people can get so twisted. Why not try to acheive yourself but there is a crab apple menatity.

I miss being able to discuss books and ideas. Perhaps there is a better spot but one must be true to themselves. I am not a carpenter and I do notfix things as a hobby. I read and try to learn each and every day.

I find the social disfunction amidst the abundant natural beauty to be the paradox of
my section of VT. I looked at the sky and my friend the North wind came to visit. She looked at me perplexed but I explained we do not see the full night stars in NYC.
I can not recall ever seeing the winter constellations. I sat with the perplexed North wind and she departed as quickly as she arrived.

Life is full of paradoxes but be true to what and who you are.

Is the use of Sports terms in the workplace sexist

This issue was actually adressed as I was told that use of baseball terms in references to a case made a coworker feel excluded. The term in question was foul ball. At first I honestly thought it was a cruel hoax but my supervisor told me it was a real complaint.

The reaction of my male coworkers was a groan of resignation. However several female coworkers were agitated as they thought it was absurd. The notion that women do not understand baseball terms itself was sexist and trivialized real sexism. In fact only one person way out on the left agreed with the original complaint.

The bottom line was that common sense should have prevailed and the coworker ask what a foul ball was. Real sexism and sexual harassment is a major problem . I do sympathize and empathize with people who are made to feel threatened and unsafe in the work place.

Another coworker had an entirely unique but interesting opinion. Baseball is part of the American culture and thus the person in question should try to familiarize herself with American Culture. I do not even want to think of where Pop culture references like Vanilla Ice and Rubiks Cube fit into that discusion.

Most PC problems like this could have been solved with common courtesy.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

An Anniversary I would love not to Remember

Another year has gone by since 9-11 and WTC 93. Long term readers know that I was an eyewitness to 9-11 and a survivor of WTC 93. There are experiences etched into my soul. Yet for the remainder of my days I will bear those memories . I had to take a day off from work after seeing the footage from London. I had flashbacks to the attacks in NYC. My boss was ex military and understood and told me to stay away from the TV.

I am but a little man a winess to history. My role inconsequential as I fled to saftey in a human stampede. The most memorable thing was the look on the faces of the rescue personel . The look was one I had never seen before but I am haunted by nightly. That look gives me more nightmares then the falling bodies and debree. I could write forever and not do it justice. There look was pure determination , duty and honor.

The irony is that among the horror and worst of man was the paradox of it bringing out the best in men. The dedication to saving lives even though ones own life was in danger. I will not ever forget that expression and that is my most vivid memory of 9-11. Some of us rose to the apex of man on that day but I was just another set of eyes
racing from history as many became part of it.

I also remember a burning evil smell that causes my hair to stand up. My uncle a Holocaust Survivor spoke vividly of a haunting smell of pure evil. I always thought it was an exageration but I know exactly what he was talking about and smelled it for weeks. No doubt some of you will think that I am exagerating but I pray you never smell burning death and pure evil.

I want you to also remember the way the far left often treats men like me because we think they are insane. They want to push witnesses with the far left view as representativeof eyewitnesses and survivors. I have been called a coward for running to safety.

My greatest loss was the myth of exceptionalism all of us carry. We all think that we will rise to meet the challenge and act exceptional when confronted with a crisis. I no longer have that illusion as I was just an olrdinary man witnessing history as others joined it. Fate is funny though as one seldom understands that history is made by few but witnessed by many ordinary people. Remember the rescue personel on 9-11 as the best and most noble amongst us.

I am not a hero just a witness to a great evil transposed with the most noble of humanity in a day of chaos. Unfortunately, I will bear those memories for the remainder of my days. I have a duty to tell those that ask about the bravery of those men, my discomfort is a small price so that some remember.

Summer Reading

I am always amused when the left describes me as illiterate. The truth is you can find me with piles of books reading away.

I am waiting for Sword of the prophet by Trifkovik and Robert Spencers politcaly incorrect guide to the Crusades. I have picked up books by Sowell , Radosh and finnished Horrowitz latest effort.

I am halfway through the myth of Islamic tolerance. Bat Yeor wrote the majority of articles and is thought provoking. Her style is not for the casual reader. It is best to read a couple of pages think about it and let it sink in.

I would be long finished with that excellent book but Stolen Valor by Burkett is riveting . I read the chapter about fake POW and the damage they do. The chapter was brilliant. The stories of real POWs like McCain and Stockdale spawned a host of wannabes.

I read the first two chapters or Irsad Manjis the trouble with Islam all are excellent reading.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Moderate Priorities

Most experienced readers know that I am a moderate. The question is often asked why am I so hard on the far left and ignore the far right . The answer is found in my Judaic roots we have traditions , the far lefts tradition is SEDITION.

Our country and Western Civilization is in a fight for survival. The far left has actrd as the enablers of Muslim terror. It was okay as lomg as Jooooos, Hindoooooos and some Black Christians were being butchered. However now the chickens are home to roost and our own cities have been attacked.

What did the far left do in this crisis. Their reaction was to scream why do they hate us it must be our fault if only we didn't suport the Joooos. The far left started a range of conspiracy theories.

Message for Johny Jihad and Comrade Carl

I am an American and you will never intimidate me. You will not pass judgement on my countries history in light of the failures of your own. Freedom and Capitalism are my birth rights and I will fight anyone who lifts a finger against my country.

Yes this is my country and you will never be a part of it . The radical left is like a parasite attacking the host from the iside. Johny Jihad is like skin cancer attacking from the outside.

When the far left blames America pull out the black book read their legacy. When Johny Jihad tells you how evil America is tell him to get out and find a better country.

Freedom is to be cherished and lived and fought for at times . Utopianism ultimately
leads to totalitarianism and death.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Is Cindy Sheehan being exploited

It is painfuly apparent that Comrade Cindy Sheehan is being used by the Blame America first crowd. Every bit of evidence shows that her son did not support her insane anti semitic and Marxist views. The woman is in desperate need of professional help and her family is breaking appart. Does the left care for this woman ? Of course they do not care about her or you. She is just a willing pawn in their never ending war against Capitalism.

I find it amazing that our personal Communist antisemite 167 has proclaimed I am hell bound. Given his statements on the Pope and religious Christians I find this amazing. Do not tell a 9-11 eyewiness about and a WTC 93 survivor about hell ? I have seen Hell brought to my home by Johny Jihad. The same religious fanatics you aid and abet and encorage so long as they are blowing up jooooooos or Americans.Rationalization of religious freedom end the second violent criminal behavior against civilians is encoraged.

I occasionaly disagree with a patriotic liberal (B) about the excesses of the far left. However it is apparent that the media does not report left wing anti semitism.
Sheehan's statements were reprehensible and should have been in the front page along with her idiotic ....."this country isn't worth fighting for.." The media did not report left wing vermin harassing senior citizens in their own neighborhood calling eighty year old women "Zionist bitches" . This happened more then once at the RNC protests in NYC. Nor was the distribution of Communist material and organization of the protests noted. The media is guilty of malfeasence.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Who speaks for the minorities living under Islam

Lost in the medias obsession about fake indigenous people is the plight of real indigenous people who live under Islamic opression. They face daily abuse in their own native lands but the left turns a deaf ear. We have seen familiar far left bufoons laugh at the plight of the Copts and Assyrians. Are they not entitled to human dignity ?

Where is the concern for Christians in Pakistan and Indonesia ? Has anyone even mentioned Hindu and Bhudist minorities ? Why should the Bhai face brutal persecution in Iran. When the left talks about Sudan they talk about the tragedy in racial terms not religious.

We must keep our doors open to these people who are fleeing for their lives. I would like to see the waiting periods eliminated for religious minorities fleeing Islam. We should remember the people on the St Louis.

Over the years I have come to know many of these brave people and they all say the same thing. If you want to understand the persecution read the Koran. I have been told the exact same thing from Copts, Maronites, Jews of Islamic countries and Hindus. After I finish the current book I will do just that. People who live under Islam must have gained insight and to a man they are saying the exact same thing.

Comedy Central 167 is concerned about free speech

I love when the far left whine about free speech. This blog has never deleted a comment nor have we barred any posters. We practice free speech each and every day at this blog. Last I checked every blog I link to has the exact same policy.

167 is concerned that a fellow Communist anti semite has had her right to free speech taken away. What famous blogger has banned posters from his site. What poster has also spoken in favor or a boycot of joooooooos on colleges in the UK. The blatant hypocrisy is amazing.

Lets talk about fantasy based people as he has outposted me on this site by about eight to one. He claims not to read this blog but quotes it all the time. He even goes on Citzcom looking for Beakerkin quotes. Can we say obsessed ? Admitedly I use 167 as the best illustration of the rampant anti semitism on the left and blatant stupidity.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Comedy Central in the UK at the 167 home for the politicaly insane

I always do get amused when the local communazi quotes a blog he swears he doesn't read. However being truthful is not a specialty in the house of 167. He loves to call this blog illiterate but has mangled a basic reading of the PLO charter. Richard Poe and David Yeagley are still laughing at your 137 word 15 comma sentences.

Lets see a woman associates with a known Communist group Code Pink. This is not my opinion but a fact left unreported. Even in liberal Vermont they are calling Miss Sheehan a media whore and a ghoul. Those statements came from anti war people who were not shocked at all that Commies are using their dead children who absolutely would be ashamed of his mothers little media game.

Moving ahead the clueless 167 can not fathom how blaming the worlds only Joooish state and a Cabal of joooish wascaly webublicans for getting America into the war is anti semitic. The great conservative war hawk Howard Dean has called this anti semitic. Oh wait Howard Dean is anti war and on the far left. What is 167s excuse going to be GOV Deans wife is a jooooooo or that the jooooooish media twisted his arm. Or maybe its those jooooooish donors. Howard Dean may be many thing but he is his own man. I guess the failure to see the obvious is what differentiates a liberal Dean from aommunist 167 and from a moron Rob Bayn. No Rob you may fantasize that we have called you an antisemite or a commie but you have been dubbed 00 as you are too stupid to be anything more then a usefull idiot to real commies.

The statements of Sheehan were similar to the famous OIL speech that was denounced by almost every liberal in Congress. Once again this proves how out of touch with reality 167 and company are. Even the Disgruntled Chemist a sometimes sane liberal runs from the BS of Israel started the Iraq war or talk of a cabal of joooooos.

Update Now 167 is upset because a protest was broken up in Crawford. He is worried about freedom of speech. The fact that he does not practice it on his own blog make this comedic . Freedom of speech for Communist Antisemites with the blood of 100,000,000 and counting but none for Joooooooooos er Zionists. Lets see how many fake Jennin Massacres would it take to reach 100,000,000.

Sometimes the truth just doesn't work

I had another minor incedent with the police again. I gave a lady friend a ride home and the bored police followed my car. Unfortunately she dropped an unlit cigerettre in the front. She went to get it and it caused me to adjust my position on the road due to distraction. I thought nothing of the incedent until I got back to town.

The local officer gave me a lecture about deviant behavior while driving . I explained officer my friend dropped a cigarette. Nobody believed me and the police officer had a good laugh at my expense.It boiled down to are you going to believe me or your eyes.

The moral of rhe story is tell those smokers not to look fo the cigarettes until the car is stopped.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Media malfesence Sheehan the far left and anti semitism

The media has perpetrated yet another lie on the American people. They have perpetrated the myth that agrieved Cindy Sheehan is a regular mother who is grieving the loss of her son. No Cindy Sheehan is a far left nut who has used her sons death ghoulishly for 15 minutes of fame. Her far left activism preceeded the war and she is tied in with a host of Commie front groups. The American people should have been presented the correct image but the media failed.

This is not the first time the left has played this game but at least Ms Sheehans son was really a casualty. Durring the RNC convention a hispanic female screached at a GOP delagate You murdered my brother.The cameras picked it up but when I questioned the idiot the true story came out. Her brother fell overboard on an aircraft carrier. This is a sad but regular occurance that has nothing to do with the war. The media was not around when this fraud was revealed.

Apparently, Cindy Sheehan likes to engage in anti Semitic rhetoric. She is one of the Communo bigots that blames the war on Israel, neocons and the joooooos ala 167 comunustita bigiotus moronicus familiar. That great Conservative Howard Dean has called this song and dance anti semitic.

There are plenty of parents who disagree with this ghoulish , bigoted nutjob who has abused her sons death for fifteen minutes of fame. The second a WTC witness like myself supports the administration thev left says shut up and your experiences are not relevant. Thus when the far left talks about Sheehan tell them that this eyewitness to 9-11 and survivor of WTC 93 is regularly told to shut up by the far left so this sanctimonius BS doesn't fly. It is time for the left to take anti semitism as seriously as homophobia and anti black epithets.

There is no place for this kind of bigotry and Sheehans statements have tarnished her sons image. All available evidence points to the fact that her son was a sane patriot and in no way is responsible for the anti semitic epithets of his mentally ill parent.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Off the Wall with 167

Our favorite illucid communo labotomy is outraged at the wall the Israerlis ate building. How dare the Jooooooos built a wall so the peaceful fgake indigenous people can't blow them up in Pizzerias , dance clubs and general sniping mayhem of civilians. We are hardly surprised that there is no mention of the conditions that precipitated the wall. Nor are we surprised that the Arabs want yet another Judenrhein state. Yet trhe marxist moron is concerned and accuses the joooooos of etnic cleansing.

It seems to me there is an irony of progressives discussing walls or ethnic cleansing. The Communist build walls to keep people in their workers paradise. The fact that people go on boats and inner tubes to get away from these workers paradises is just an inconvenient fact. The capitalists ( jooooooos) want you to believe that socialism is evil. His even more anti sermitic buddy Simon Jones also claims that joooooos are the communists , bankers and mass media.

Speaking of ethnic cleansing the progressive solution was to round up all the muslims, Balts and a good portion of Poles and send them to Siberia. Stalin was in the process of sending the Jooooooos but died before he could carry that out.

Speaking of elimination of the safety net who used Starvation as a governmental policy tool. Thats right folks the good old progressives starve people for their own good in the Ukraine , China and elsewhere but lecture us about the inequities of Capitalism.

My advice to fellow moderates , patriotic liberals ( the handful with pride ) and Conservatives is to use Communo bigots as comedic props. They do not deserve anything other then laughter.

Will the patriotic liberals please step away from the genocidal, bigoted, criminal totalitarians that have their eyes on our freedom and possesions. Certain ideologies do not belong in the big tent of ideas.

Tisha B'Av Bat Ye"or and amazing coincedences

Tommorow is a the Jewish Holiday commemorating the destruction of the two Jewish temples. I am preparing for the fast by planing a nap for twelve hours. The destruction of the temples and reflections of the diaspora will be in my thoughts.

I have been reading Bat Ye'ors articles in Robert Spencers book the myth of tolerant Islam. She writes exensively on the French role in fastering Arabism to further its own colonial ambitions in the middle east.

She describes anti zionism as the confluence of traditional Jihadism with anti semitic replacement theology from Europe. This may explain the early roots of traditional anti zionism. However modern European anti zionism is Marxist as typified be the gifted ignorance of 167. The Joooooo/ Zionist is the agent of Capitalism and thus the war for Soialist/ Communist utopia runs through Israel. Attacking the USA and now openly is just a diversion of their master plan to emerge victorious after a clash of civilizations.

There is a tad of irony not lost on Tisha B Av. The two nations in Europe that will demographicaly become Muslim first are Austria the birth place of Hitler and France the creator of Pan Arabism. The question of what type of Islam will emerge in Europe is open . A more liberal form may emerge in Europe as open societies and Jihad are incompatible. A far right or left populist backlash is a possibility but I do not see
it happening. The USA will not have to deal with this as Latin , Hindu and Chinese immigration outpace those immigrants from Muslim countries.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Beak's big Adventure

Ever since I arrived in Vermont I have heard the locals talk about the North East Kingdom. The North East Kingdom is descibed as rugged and loaded with wildlife. There are a few Vermonters that never make the trek.

I am going in search of Moose and assorted other wildlife. That part of Vermont has been a disappointment because the only new wildlife I have seen is a Fisher. I knew it was a weasel but to an untrained eye it looks like a huge NYC rat on steroids. I have not encountered any new bird species other then the eagles on the drive up.

The entire point of my trip to Vermont is to experience things that I could not imagine in NYC. So far I have visited waterfalls and crossed rivers but this new experience will be promising.

Scooter will not be joining me as he is a tad jumpy. I will be traveling with another NYC tranplant but he has been here for five years.

Ashamed at some of my friends up in VT

The subject of immigrants came up in a local conversation. People who read this column know I love and respect LEGAL immigrants of various cultures. I have special fondness for Poles, Russians, Cubans, Copts, Dominicans, Phillipinos, Indians and Guyanese and countless other groups. I have interacted with many people from these cultures as friends and coworkers. On numerous occasions I was privilaged to date women from some of the above cultures.

Imagine the horror when I heard ethnic slurs and stereotypes of blacks and these immigrant groups at my local bar. There is some truth that some of the drug dealing up here is done by Blacks. However they are far from the only people doing that evil function. Moreover their customers are overwhelmingly white.

Immigrants are blamed for high taxes and taking welfare. I readily pointed to white people we knew who haven't worked in years and are literaly drunk six days out of seven. In fact there was a joke about a local friend that I fill up my car at the gas station and pass her a bottle of Vodka.

I do not understand the illogical hatred for people that the locals have never even met. How many Dominicans or Guyanese do you know ? Then kindly shut up. The amazing part is the fear and hatred is related almost to the distance. Vermont is not as progressive as some think. I never heard talk like this in NYC ever except for the Anti Semitic and Hindoooooo fulminations from the Comuleft in Union Square. For the record all of these bigots were also against the war.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bat Yeor raises a point

Bat Yeor correctly describes the dhimmi process akin to a caste system. Generaly I prefer Jim Crowe but even that may be insufficient. The dhimmification process lasted way longer then Jim Crowe and was more pervaseive.

The far left loves (not you B you are sane)ry to talk about the legacy of slavery and Jim Crowe in America. The wacky left also readily spews hateful venom at India and Hinduism. The two main sources are paranoia about the BJP an the far left compares that to the Likud or GOP. Has anyone heard 167 say anything about Cuba or China ? Commubigots fail to note that all three were democratically elected .

The interesting point is the bigots of the left deny and lie about the historic and current legacy of Islam. Thus a Commie agitator in Israel gets headlines for getting caught in the crossfire. Have they written a single word about the peaceful Bhai who want to be left alone. The Bhai do not face persecution in Israel . Have the Commubigots written a single word about the Christians fleeing for their safety ?

Tony Blair hit the nail on the head. Your religious freedom ends when my safety and criminal acts begin. interestingly 167 has defended Red Ken Livingstone meeting with a Muslim cleric who calls for killing jooooos and homosexuals. In fact he only mentioned the jooooooish critiques of that meeting but Hindus and Gays among others protested.

Make no mistake the far left loves Castes so long as it is Jooooos, Christians and Hindooooooos being spat on by Jihadists.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mafia, Commies and Historic Islam

I am reading Robert Spencers the myth of Islamic tolerance . I have also read the Black Book of Communism and being a former Garment Center manager in NYC I am aquainted with organized crime. The similarities between the three is startling.

Historic Islam was basicaly a land and money oriented sceeme. Jews, Christians etc were humiliated by a series of Jim Crow laws and ponderous taxes. While Islam likes to talk of the sin of usury it endorses extortion. Pay the Jiyza and Kharaj ( real estate taxes leveled at higher rates on non Muslims ) or else. This sounds exactly like a protection racket 1001. The series of annoying laws were designed to harass Jews and Christians into leaving. Christians and other minorities are departing their indigenous lands as we speak.

Communism was basicaly theft with great PR. The secret police and block patrols perform the same exact function as religious police in Islam. The idea is to supress all individuality and freedom of thought. Muslims do face the probability of death if they convert to another religion. Similarly , Commies have blood vendettas against former members who break ranks like David Horowitz, Ronald Radosh and Stephen Schwartz.

Communism like Jihadism is ruthless and bent on world domination. Both show zero respect for human life. A comparison of either to the mafia is an insult to a well run criminal enterprise. The mafia traditionaly used violence only to serve limited aims. Shooting school kids in the back, Starving peasants are all excersizes in sick vanity.

The next time a good progressive talks about the war on terror remind them of what the progressive solution to the problem was. The good olde Commies put Muslims and other pesky minorities into rail cars and sent them to Siberia where a good portion died. Now the far left wants to point the fingers at the USA , tell them where to go.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Ibn Warraq answers the Beaks basic question.

I have long been amazed at the hypocrisy of the far left on the history of Islam and anti Semitism. The mere discusion of the facts about Islamic history draw hysterical cries of racism. This becomes astounding when Muslims Arabs and fictitional Palestinians do not constitute a race. The far left does not like when Conservatives like myself use the Zinn model in the same exact manner that it is used to bash Western Civ by the far left.

Ibn Warraq in the introduction traces the sanitization of Islam back to the Noble Savage idiocy, this in fact was based in a type of racism itself. Thomas Jefferson contrary to popular belief scoffed at the Noble Savage idiocy.

The left historicaly used this myth to bash Christianity, the Industrial revolution and now Capitalism. The original adherents as doccumented by Warraq could not read Arabic and had zero contact with actual socities based on Islam. Thus the left is really not interested in Islam because the game is tearing down Capitalism by any means available.

Wind Rocks and metaphors

Recently I wrote a post titled no man owns the wind. I will add no man understands or should attempt to understand the wind. Some have said if my traveling companion is the wind what are you ?

There are some that think that I am a tree . However trees provide shade and they bend with the wind unless it is a hurricane. In a hurricane trees snap or fall.

I am a rock as I am dense and clueless. The Northwind blew cold and was gone. The wind comes from another direction and the Northwind raged. The Northwind likes to drift but ex[ects the rock to remain steady.

Wind is fickle and unpredictable and while I appreciate the breeze I never count on it. I am a rock unyielding dense and clueless but content with my lot.

There are better sorts and I need to move this boulder to the forrest. A rock in a windtunnel is not advantageous. Even rocks get worn down but I got swept away by the novelty. I can only be what I am and I am not and will never be more then a rock.

On a related note, now that I found decent books I will resume being a man of books.
I did enjoy my forays into the environment but with few exceptions the locals are fairly depressing. I do not understand the chip on the shoulder a few have towards intellectuals. It isn't hard to crack a book or two but this is not NYC and I understand that . People do not read Robert Spencer or Bat Yeor. The focus is on local gossip and real issues like paying bills and kids. I haven't the patience or inclination about local gossip but the other part is interesting.

Vermont is a different reality but I do not belong here. I belong in a stack of books and exchanging ideas with like minded folk.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Take me to your bookstore

I do love my local community in Vermont but people here just do not read. The local used book store is at the whim of local tastses . Few people here have heard of Ronald Radosh or Richard Poe. I took the plunge and ventured to tghe local book store in Burlington.

I am amazed at the subtle variation on my familiar store. There were about six rows of books on New Age religion and a tiny section on Islam . I did find Robert Spencers book there and purchased it but no Bat Yeor or Fred Isaac. I found loads of Conservative books for under six dollars. I did find Radoshs new book and Sowels latest.

Scooter and I ventured into the local county fair. The wrestlers were smaller then me
and I wanted to enter the scooter in the tractor pull. There was a parade of John Deere tractors from the fifties , The locals tried to get me to milk a cow but there are just somethings this NYC resident will not do. No matter what the locals say I will never get used to the smell of dung.

The locals picked up quickly that I was a NYC resident. Scooter tells me it is the confident walk and not wearing a hat. Inevitably the coversation turned to 9-11 and a local man back from Iraq wanted to talk about 9-11 and we conversed and about thirty or so people just listened . I thanked him for the great job and we did talk about Iraq. Do not believe all the negativity in the press.

Vermont is a wonderful place but I miss the Strand Bookstore and the libraries. The only thing I do not miss is the Union Square Crowd. They talk about Vermont as a liberal utopia but do not know a thing about this state. Bernie Sanders , Ben and Jerry and Howard Dean are transplants. They are hardly typical of the exchanges I have had with the locals. The locals are not as far left as the insane transplants I described. Vermont is more then Burlington and people should venture into the smaller towns spend cash and listen.

First of all Bernie Sanders is popular because he brings back pork and is in touch with his constituents. His constituents really do not pay attention to the insane talk as long as local matters (pork) are dealt with. In reality he says less insane bs then Charles Rangel, Barney Frank or John Conyers. Part of being a Rep is serving his constituents and he excells in that role. Remember most politics are local and liberals like Daschle and Gore forgot the first rule of Washington. Remember who sent you to DC and your local community is far more important then pleasing eggheads on college faculty and special interest groups.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Nixon and the Joooooos

Liberals like to point the finger at President Nixon and call him an anti semite because he used a few slurs. However when the chips were down Nixon resuplied Israel with a big assist from Alexander Haig. The mans actions should speak way louder then some inane slurs.

Incedentaly, there are credible reports that Bill and Hillary used the same terms. The press gives Clinton a pass on everything else , but it is 100% true. Last I checked Nixon did not embrace Arab leaders right after they had a speech claiming joooos poison Arab drinking water.

Actions mean more then words and Nixon was a giant when the Jews needed help.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Palmiero should use the Clinton defense

Congressman Waxman now thinks perjury is a crime. If Bill Clinton could go lie in a legal proceeding and go unpunished so should Palmiero. The lame Democrat talking point was it was only about sex. Sex between a supervisor and a subordinate is grounds for termination. The question was asked in the frame work of a sexual harassment investigation. It is quite apparent that a pattern of behavior did exsist.
The silence of the liberals and the NOW gang was deafining.

Who did Mr Palmiero hurt other then himself. Baseball is a game an sexual harassment is far more serious then steriod use. If President Clinton was entitled to a zone of privacy then so is Mr Palmiero.

The first thing Palmiero should do Is say I did not have sex with that woman. I had the steroids but I didn't inject them. It depends on the meaning of the word is. Let Hillary cast the first stone of hypocrisy.

Palmiero should be suspended by baseball and the subject dropped. I do not need lectures from the Democrats on perjury or that baseball players are role models. Bill
Clinton lowered the bar on deviance enough for one lifetime.

Racial Profiling

Those of you who are long term readers know that yours truly has been profiled in VT.
The reason for that is I drive with NY plates. Unfortunately, the local police have learned who I am and have been polite. There are times it is annoying but the police are doing their job.

The reality of Police work is that many of the clues are subtle and police do work on probability. A person with NYC plates by the border is most likely a tourist or in other cases could be involved in criminal activity. Thus my 2AM trips to the local supermarket to get Miracle Whip arroused suspicion. I was inconvienenced delayed but let go. I offered to take a breathalizer immediately and was turned down.
I offered to touch my nose the polce officers nose but that wasn't the issue. The local police were never rude or abusive just doing their job.

Similarly police in NYC and other places have tough jobs to do. We have plenty of infrastructure to gaurd and they must use every tool of judgement at their disposal.
The idiotic left wants you to believe Grandma Prune Juice is as likely to blow up a building as someone from a Muslim Country. Off the bat that logic is absurd and inconveniences people for no good reason. Maybe if you are from Pakistan and you do not like being profiled you will turn on the real culprits the terrorists and their fellow travelers on the left. The blame for the ensuing hassles belongs on the terrorists.

Policemen have a tough job and should be respected. If the left like 167 is so against police states where is the critique of Cuba, Iran and the Commies durring the Cold War. The Orwellian hypocrisy from the far left is astounding. Do we need smoking cities before AMerica realizes the far left is full of it.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Do Immigrants have obligations to their host countries

As a NYC resident I have the oportunity to interact with immigrants from every part of the globe. Most are greatful for the freedoms and opportunities the USA provides. Legal immigrants enrich our culture and most work hard. I have stated my affinity for various immigrant groups not limited to Cubans, Poles, Koreans, Chinese, Indians, Guyanese , Philipinnos and Dominicans. I have spent time in various ethnic enclaves and always felt welcome.

A good immigrant seeks nothing more then opportunity for his family and the SAME rights and duties as the rest of us. A good immigrant is loyal to his host country and does not blow up infrastructure. The NYC schools made little or no accomodation for previous immigrants. Jews did not get bent out of shape while readcing Shakespeare and the Cantubury tales. These were parts of the litterary tradition of our host culture . The immigrants as typified by my grandparents worked hard to learn English , provide for their families and loved this country. My Grandfather in particular had no use for Marxists who he called hypocrites and thieves. It did not matter that these thieves also claimed Jewish heritage. "A Communist in reality is not a Jew or American they are crooks and nuts." My grandmother on the other side also had zero use for these types " Who are these idiots who claim to speak for me. Let them get real jobs and live their own lives".

The question is if our culture offends you so much why do you remain here. If you feel no loyalty to this country then go home. There are scores of people who want the opportunity you have wasted. If you want to live in a theocracy rife with violence there are plenty of places Iran and the Kingdom of Corruption errr Saudi Arabia. No country is perfect and I am reminded daily of the goofs and flubs , most made in PC deferences. If you do not like the USA please go and don't let the door hit you as you leave.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Has the mental health community fallen asleep

The mental health community seems to be MIA in the war on terror. I have heard plenty of rationalization about poverty and humiliation . However there are plenty of opressed communities poorer and more humiliated then Muslims. There is a reluctance to link mental illness to suicide bombing or define AL Queda as a death cult.

The mental health community seems strangely silent. We have every type of analysis of Mc Veigh or the unibomber. There seems to be no hesitation in calling Americans who commit terrorist bombings mentaly disturbed. Is the mental health community suffering from PC or do they seriously define the propensity to blow people up as a cultural right.

Monday, August 01, 2005

My view of Osama.

Osama bin Ladden is a meglomaniac and any historian knows that is hardly unique. Every generation or so we have them. They form a cult of personality spread death and destruction. Then they go into histories dustbgin of failures appreciated by nobody . The sole exception are the menatly ill progressives who keep making excuses for Communism like 167.

Osama is unique in that he has fused an odd mixture 1/3 meglomania, 1/3 religious fervor and 1/3 marketing 1001. These high profile attacks serve no purpose otnher then a sick attemp at brand recognition. Lives are wasted as Osama leaveshis calling card.

We have two options ignore him but this did not work in the Clinton years. The other option is to turn up the heat and make life a living hell. Building Iraq is a goods start but it is time to turn up the heat. There are other fronts in this war and we should aid Russia, India , China and the Philipinnes in their battle. We should also arm Kurdish freedom fighters in Iran and Syria. The Kurds are our allies. If we turn up the heat there is a good probability that someone will turn on Bin Ladden.

Iraq and Afghanistan are only local battles in a wider war. Osama has ties to the Chechens, Kashmiri and Philipinno terrorists so lets flush them out. The stakes are just too high.

They take 9-11 seriously up here

It is ironic but the local people up here take 9-11 more seriously then alot of NYC residents. Not a day goes by where I am not asked asbout 9-11 or WTC 93. The people are supportive of NYC even if they don't like my NY Yankees.

Yet I try and explain that Vermont has little or nothing to target. The people here are just spread out too much. Terrorism is sadly a PR game and there are almost no places where they can get a bang for their buck.

I do not think that we understand that the media coverage given to the terrorists themselves feeds this war. Of course we have to report 9-11 and 7-7 but can we do so without feeding the beast. There is a pathological narcicistic undertone that is almost as important as the religious aspects. Suicide bombings is a peverse realization of Andy Warhols fifteen minutes of celebrity.

The question is how can we balance the need for news without feeding the mental illnesses of the terrorists. Terrorism without big PR can not sustain itself. I am not a fan of controlled press so that is not an option.
The idea of the largely leftist press using restraint is not an option either.