Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bat Yeor raises a point

Bat Yeor correctly describes the dhimmi process akin to a caste system. Generaly I prefer Jim Crowe but even that may be insufficient. The dhimmification process lasted way longer then Jim Crowe and was more pervaseive.

The far left loves (not you B you are sane)ry to talk about the legacy of slavery and Jim Crowe in America. The wacky left also readily spews hateful venom at India and Hinduism. The two main sources are paranoia about the BJP an the far left compares that to the Likud or GOP. Has anyone heard 167 say anything about Cuba or China ? Commubigots fail to note that all three were democratically elected .

The interesting point is the bigots of the left deny and lie about the historic and current legacy of Islam. Thus a Commie agitator in Israel gets headlines for getting caught in the crossfire. Have they written a single word about the peaceful Bhai who want to be left alone. The Bhai do not face persecution in Israel . Have the Commubigots written a single word about the Christians fleeing for their safety ?

Tony Blair hit the nail on the head. Your religious freedom ends when my safety and criminal acts begin. interestingly 167 has defended Red Ken Livingstone meeting with a Muslim cleric who calls for killing jooooos and homosexuals. In fact he only mentioned the jooooooish critiques of that meeting but Hindus and Gays among others protested.

Make no mistake the far left loves Castes so long as it is Jooooos, Christians and Hindooooooos being spat on by Jihadists.


Always On Watch said...

What hadn't I thought of the caste-system comparison? Bat Yeor has made a valid point. The caste system is indeed analogous to the dhimmi status, and to other aspects of Islam as well, including the status of women.

The lefties push multiculturalism, but as you pointed you, they denigrate certain cultures. I can't abide such hypocritical inconsistency!

Of late, I've gained much respect for Tony Blair. But can he get the UK to follow through with what must be done?

beakerkin said...

Blair probably will make examples of a few high profile Jihadists. This is one of the reason Commies like 167 rail against him with a vengence.

At a certain point the far left will have to be dealt with. You are entitled to free speech. However we are entitled to react to it. There was a case of Rudy Guilani firing Cops for being on a racist float in a parade off duty.
The far left was in favor of that and demanded the heads of the officers. Lets extend this to accademics who have expressed and excused terror. They are free to speak just not on my dime.

Always Sourced, Never Disputed said...

I consider 167 to be a simpleton.

I tried to read his blog but my grass was growing and during the 2 times he has surfaced to debate me, I was amazed at the lack of any coherent thought.

Undoubtedly he supports the concept of hate crimes when it suits his purposes.

As for Isalm and more particularly I find it interesting that liberals like 167 have no knowledge of history. Apparently the WTC in 1993 was attacked because of Bush. Oh wait Bush was not even considering the Presidency, USS Cole, Somalia, etc all Clinton.

167 turn on your computer and search in Google for Waabaism specifically the Suabi Arabia Pennisula. Islamic terrorists were around before America was even a country.

beakerkin said...

I do not know if you can read Debborah Orrin but there was a 9-11
Clinton cover up.Jamie Goerelik stoped military intelligence from contacting the FBI about Mohammed Atta . I smelled a rat when she was on the panel.

Will the press ask Hillary ? NO

Always On Watch said...

Do the Lefties read anything in the newspapers except for their OWN articles/commentaries? I doubt it, unless they are zooming in on something with which to zap GWB.