Monday, August 15, 2005

Sometimes the truth just doesn't work

I had another minor incedent with the police again. I gave a lady friend a ride home and the bored police followed my car. Unfortunately she dropped an unlit cigerettre in the front. She went to get it and it caused me to adjust my position on the road due to distraction. I thought nothing of the incedent until I got back to town.

The local officer gave me a lecture about deviant behavior while driving . I explained officer my friend dropped a cigarette. Nobody believed me and the police officer had a good laugh at my expense.It boiled down to are you going to believe me or your eyes.

The moral of rhe story is tell those smokers not to look fo the cigarettes until the car is stopped.


Esther said...

Oh good lord, Beak! That's horrible. Why do they keep stopping you? Haven't they all met you by this point? :)

bumfromjersey said...

beak, do you look like a minority of any kind? i am joking of course (but half serious as well). i have to echo what the previous commenter said. there are like 12 people in that entire state. how come they keep picking on you? maybe police quotas are real :)

beakerkin said...

Esther it is a small town by NYC standards and the police have zero to do. This was a case of a friendly cop having fun at my expense. To be honest I might not believe the story if I were the cop. This was just a friendly reminder from your local beat cop. However being laughed at by your local beat cop is not the best feeling.

Bum from Jersey I still have NYC plates and my registration is almost 400 miles from home. Other then a rather stupid incedent involving my friend Scooter they have been entirely reasonable. I let a disabled person out in a rainstorm and stopped traffic. Scooter has MS and I got a lecture that was absurd. Disabled people should not be made to walk hundreds of feet in the rain. Nor did a single driver honk or say a word . In fact Vermont drivers will often wait until he crosses the street.

Mr. Ducky said...

Come on Beak, why don't you two get a room.

beakerkin said...

Duck if that were my intent I could find much more comfortable places then the front seat of my car.