Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Where there is a will.......

I am slightly under the weather having food poisoning. Those of you who are familiar with this malady can imagine driving 450 miles. Somewhere along the line I sprained my neck and am runing a mild fever as well. I will try to go to work tommorow but I have onehundred sick hours.

I am a patient person but two days of Uptown is enough. He will be deleted if his posts are not on subject. I am an advocate of free speech but his low class behavior and boring posts are too much for even a patient man. If Uptown can stay on topic fine. If he can not he will be deleted.

Uptown Steve a Blog visitor behaving badly

There is a practice known as blog manners and I will use the antic of Uptown Steve to demonstrate manners. Uptown is the personification of low class. His unwelcome visits to La Shawn Barber are a point of note. When dealing with women in the words of David Dinkins " Don't Diss your Sis". Rather then adress the evidence Uptown personally attacks La Shawn and makes references to no white boy would drag her to a hotel. This personal attack raises no points but Uptown wants to know why he is unwanted at Ms Barbers site. His post is actual sexual harassment of a party that does not want him or his sandbox antics on her site.

Now Uptown wants to interview me on my own site. The answer is no as Uptown was uncooperative and rude durring his interview. Every other interviewee answered the questions and comported themselves. Uptown cried victim and veered into familiar tangents. Uptown revealed that he does not read the articles he posts on at FPM. We are not here to spoon feed Uptown. When links are provided he sticks to his story. He lies about behaviors demands quotes and when they are provided spins.

The content of my site is determined by me. I do take into account the opinions of valued members of my audience especially those of my earliest readers Warren, Mr Beamish etc. The opinions and desires of Uptown and John Brown have zero impact on how posts are selected. This blog is not a special ed class where I have to perform a public service for the certified insane (Brown) and those who are too lazy to educate themselves.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Great News

A Beakerkin Dr Yeagley interview will run on Bad Eagle in the near future. It will be divided up as there is a lot of ground to cover. Pehaps Warren or Drumaster will link the segments here.

Some of you are registered Bad Eagle posters and can comment. My Commentary will be reserved for this site. Despite the fact that BE has run a couple of posts and this interview I remain banned. Yet my BE ban inspired me to produce a better product we all enjoy. The ban did not come from Dr Yeagley himself who remains a friend and a mentor.

The power of Love

I want to point out another factor lost in the mix in our battle with Utopians. I sat with family and close friends celebrating my birthday and I am indeed a lucky man. My friends and family don't agree on much except that we are friends and family.
Even the beloved Rav Roov and I have little in common. Yet these were the very people I was thinking about as I fled North as well as my beloved girlfriend.

Romantic love is a good thing and our opponents do all in their power to wreak the family. Who can forget Ducky's role models the Rosenberg's orphaning their own children for the cause. The Commie classic of ratting one's parents and informing on loved ones is celebrated.

The far left is in reality a cult more then a coherent philosophy. One has to adopt around a hundred identical beliefs. The importance of the Marxist- Anarcho nexus has on Israel is staggering. The chump Weasie is fairly typical of this stupidity although he tries in vain to hide his true colors , red. He awkwardly attempts to flirt with Nanc and claims.... she will be a good person but needs to rethink Israel.
We have many fine posters who disagree on a range of subjects but I do not need to parse my respect on a person's political oppinions except for advocacy of Groucho Marxism.

Islam goes through great effort to kill or curtail romantic love. Some people claim that one learns to love and there is some validity. Yet the rigid attempts to divide the sexes in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia serves to harden and animalize a certain segment of society. This segment will never marry due to lack of wealth and other reasons. They find refuge in religion and terrorism. Mohammed Atta was from a wealthy family but was in some versions gay and repressed( I doubt it ) or too mentally unstable to have experienced love.

Yet as I ran from the towers singing the Jewish song of the death my thoughts were of my family and beloved. I would not see my nieces and nephews grow, the voices of my family. Yet as Jews prepare to face death over the milenia they face death with the familiar Shema or Ani Mamin. Both are an affirmation of faith and it is ironic our ennemies chant " God is Great" while my bretheren recite the oneness of god or the belief in everlasing peace and the messiah .

I turn once again to the moment where I had been angered to the point of probable violence. There comes a point where a man just doesn't care about the consequences and has had enough. The crazen political power play and opportunism of the Commie traitors in Union Square Park on the Saturday after 9-11 was too much. If anyone ever says who exploited 9-11 it was Duncy's pals . The media focused on the stupidity of Falwell blaming 9-11 on gays. Yet it ignored 2,000 anti semitic cranks blaming Israel nd the Joooos for 9-11 in Union Square park.

Amidst the smell of burning evil, a flaming death a city was shaken. At the time it was believed 30,000 of our friends and nieghbors were dead. The American flags were rising in the windows of most of the buildings in most neighborhoods except mine. The area around NYU was still dominated by the ever present rainbow flags . Some call it misplaced priorites but my locale was never known for patriotism . It is known for sedition and Commie treason going back well over eighty years.

The crazen political opportunism of the treasonous accolytes of Marx was evident . They were doing what Marxist always do demogouge an issue and attach a whole bunch of other causes to the cacophony including Free Mummia, US out of Puerto Rico and there were tons of flags but it was the Palestinian flag. Amidst this sceene the talk
of the Jewish conspiracies were born. It evolved out of why do they hate us rants. Shortly, afterwards it evolved into an orgy of anti semitism and communist subversion. On that day the retired Cold Warrior was reborn and I will never forgive the accolytes of Marx. When I tell my account of that rally Marxist who were there
have no defense and try to change the subject.

I had enough and was ready to have a fight. I turned to my beloved and told her to meet me at home. Somehow, she knew what was in my mind as I can be read like a second grade book. She said the subtle words and touched my cheek and looked me in the eyes " I am not going home without you". I gave her a pained look and said nothing. " Your place is at home. I am not going home without you". I was up against an opponent I could never conquer. Yet the thoughts of me engaging in a street brawl with my beloved present were unthinkable. We walked a short distance and we had a series of conversations with our eyes without saying a word. It was a battle that I could not win and she did not let me out of the appartment for hours. She kept me busy moving furniture and preparing a the next meal ( she could never cook ). When that failed she arranged for other tasks and to put it mildly I was defused.

Ladies this only works on men with a sense of duty and honor. Do not attempt this on
people without values and honor and water fowl.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky awaiting the NY court verdict on mixed marriages . Isreal has permited human - dolphin marriages. Does this portend hope for our local Marxist
poultry, 167 still no readers and Socrasleaze aborted.

Monday, May 29, 2006


I want to thank the beloved Rav Roov for his interview . He is funny in real life and is a genuine Rabbi with a congregation in Brooklyn. Someday I may try to do an ask Rav Roov segment .

I have had better interviews and trust me he is very funny.

Random News

Iranian writer Amil will sit for an interview when he returns to the USA. The Beloved Rav Roov is a pain the the rear end and is nearly impossible to get for an interview. He is unfamiliar with blogger and insists on live posts. He tends to be somewhat long winded but humorous.

I celebrated my birthday with my family and family friends. I hate pictures but had a great time when the cashier ID Rav Roovs son for slurpees. You got Id kid those slurpees are for 18 year old. The poor kid looked at me and I pretended not to know him.

The most wanted interview list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Farmer John
3 Mustang
4 Jeff Bargholz
5 Mark Alexander
6 Woman Honor Thyself
7 Jingoist
8 Ecology
9 Mike of Mike's America
10 Pim's Ghost.

Amil is on the top and I am trying to find a way to schedule him. This is an important interview and all of you need to pay attention. This is a rare chance to hear about Iran from a Native.

An interview with the beloved Rav Roov

Few readers know that my blog is named in honor of my younger brother the beloved Rav Roov. Rav Roov is a genuine Orthodox Rabbi and G man . It is his unfortunate luck to be my younger brother. This interview is a mix of Judaism , Comic books and comedic swipes at myself.

Desperate Rebbes

1 Are you the only known Rabbi that uses comic book and Star Trek references is your Dvar Torah or sermon. Who is your favorite Star Trek Charachter ?
2 You also ae a big fan of Comic books ? What are your favorites ?
3 What cartoon or Star Trek charachter reminds you of your older brother ?
4 You also are an avid baseball fan. Are other Rabbis big sports fans ?
5 Do you know any Rabbi's into off road driving.

This is the "heiliger" Rav Roov signing in. First of all, I'd like to comment that if anybody out there has a photo of "uncle Grouchie" similing, my family has big bucks out there as a reward.

It has to bew after his Bar-Mitzvah.

First of all, I feel that it's a breach of protocol to answer more than four questions, especially after the Passover Seder, but we do special things for the Grouchi one...

1. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only Rabbi that uses cartoon references -- but there are some Mickey Mouse rabbis out there that do soas well... The others are reform rabbis with a lowercase "r" though. Only Rav Roov does it with any orthodox angle. By the way, to order my book full of the connections between Bugs Bunny and true Torah Judaism, send $24.95 to me brother, he'll get you a copy.

My favorite Star Trek character is Spock -- that has to do with the priestly blessings on the holidays and the parting of the finger "Live Long and Prosper." The obvious connection to Judaism is obvious. Though are they saying that Vulcan's are Jewish? Also, why are there no Jews on Star Trek? Whites, blacks, Asians, even American Indians (Commander Chakotay) -- why are there no Jews on that series? Wait... I remember that Spock's mother had a Jewish trait of mothering Spock and babying him. Wait, now that the new movie my Big Fat somethingor other wedding -- It's not a Jewish thing either...

2. Anybody who ever went to Hebrew school would know that the w

6 What is the difference between a Rabbi and a Rav
7 Is Roadkill kosher ?
8 What is a siyum ? Is there square dancing part of the siyum ?
9 What does beaker mean in hebrew ?
10 Were you an original member of the Beastie Boys ?
11 Are movies like Yently or a Stranger among us accurate ?
12 What do you think of Matisyahu ?
13 What was it like to follow in the footsteps of an eccentric brother ?
14 What is the saying every Jewish girl has a nice butt about ?
15 What does one have to do to become a Rabbi.
16 Will you be selling Rav Roov products to compette with Madonna's Kabalah center ?
17 What part of the chicken did you fight to get on Shabos growing up. Was any blood shed ?
18 Is the reason we had two challahs on shabos is one is for your older brother and the other is for the rest of the family.
19 Is it true that a talent scout from Fox News gave you a business card on the LIRR ?
20 Is Shmuley Boteach a mensch or a publicity hound ?
21 How do you always manage to arrive five minutes before shabos every week ?
22 Is chulent a potential WMD.
23 Who was the worst Yeshiva student of all time ?
24 What does the torah say about pot ?
25 Is song and dance part of Jewish Culture ?

8. Ah siyum is ah party that we make when we complete the study of (a) ah tractate of Talmud; (b) a section of Mishnah and/or (c) a Book of the Bible with commentary. That refers to the OLD TESTMAMENT, by the way.

And as we say in Talmud, now you siyum, now you don't. And where there's a will, there's a Wayne.

9. Beaker is spelled "Bikur" in Hebrew, and means to visit. Most common context is visiting the sick ("bikur cholim".)

10. The Who? Who is on first? What's on second?... I don't know -- THIRD BASE.

11. Yes and no. The whole thing about women not studying Torah like a man -- that definitely was the mainstream 100 years ago. THe stuff about only accepting charity --etc. Not true. The Strangers among us thing was pretty accurate as far as religious Jews in some Hasidic sects, although it's crazy to think that the "future Rebbe" would make out with Melanie Griffin. I mean, please... Also, there's a scene in that movie when she's learning how to bake challah and they crack an egg and it goes right into the dough. It's not done that way -- it has to be cracked into a separate dish, etc. -- to check for blood spots, etc. The philosophy there about looking for your bashert (intended match in Heaven) was worth the price of admission. Her interaction with the secular Jew who was hitting on her was also priceless. ("I'm waiting for my bashert." "What's that?" "Ask your Rabbi.")

12. SUper cool dude. I would love to hear him daven for the congregation on a Friday night. If anybody knows how to get in touch with him, I'd pay to have him lead my congregation in prayer.

13. I don't know the meaning of the word. I also can't spell it.

14. The saying comes from a famous Pee Wee Herman movie, where Pee Wee comments: "Every girl I know has a nice but(butt). You're a nice guy, but..." A classic line. I can't remember which one of his movies it was though.

15. Lots and lots of study. So much study that you have the Talmud and Bible everywhere. Also you have to have people bothering you when you come to synagogue late, and it doesn't matter if you have a good excuse ---- What I mean, is that being a Rabbi means being a leader and people look up to you. As SPiderman would say: "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility." Being a Rabbi is all about responsibility (I've used that theme for many a sermon in synagogue in one form or another.)

16. I'm not planning on it, but if people want to pay me $8 for a bottle of water, I'd be happy to start production immediately. In fact, if anybody is interested, send my brother a blank check and I'll start working on it right now...

17. That was some other religion. I don't remember sacrificing any chickens in our house. No, wait -- There was that time when Fred Stanley (backup shortstop to the Yankees "great" Bucky Dent, and nicknamed "the Chicken") sacrifice bunted back in 1978...

18. This is one of the most frequent questions I get as a Rabbi. The reason we have two challas on Shabbas is because of the old Abbot and Costello routine: "One for you, and one for me. Two for you and one, two for me. Three for you and one, two three for me..."

19. That is true. When I sent her an e-mail as she requested, it did not come back, but she not follow up. THis of course, proves the old Talmudic adage: "It's hard to figure out a woman as often they themselves don't know what they want. However a woman can never fool another woman." Mel Gibson struggled with this theme in What women want... The problem (and it's true in reality), and there was a scene like this in that movie -- is that often women themselves are in a state of internal conflict with what they want. If you saw it already, you know what I mean. If you didn't, it is Assur (forbidden religiously) to see any movie by that man Mel GIbson after he did that "Passion" movie. That was a disgrace and from what I was told, it really upset alot of Jewish people.

20. Rabbi Boteach is a hero of modern Orthodox Judaism. He's not afraid to be on the edge of Jewish law. I couldn't believe he did the playboy interview and article, but he really laid it on them -- saying that he could not be on the same page or opposite any nudity or profanity... He also had an interview with a woman who posed naked for playboy and confronted her why she included pictures of her Bas-Mitzvah... I liken it in my mind to when Guiliani fired a police woman for doing a naked spread on the NYPD logo -- saying it disgraced the uniform and what it respresents. My recollection is that the court found in favor of Guliani when the woman sued to get her job back.

Bottom line, I'm a huge Rabbi Boteach fan.

21. G-d stopped working at sundown, so I do them same. If he can create until right before Shabbat starts (a commentary says that G-d created 10 things on the Eve of Shabbat... so I believe in working right until Shabbat starts.

22. Cholent is probably a HAZMAT. You gotta remember to SOAK THE BEANS FIRST. Otherwise, buy BEANO by the case. My gastro tells me that there isn't a stomach on the planet that can digest it. (And that's fact -- He told me any gastro would say the same.)

23. I won't insult any of my collegues and don't wash my laundry in public. I will say that the worst Yeshiva student has something going for him -- He tried and went to Yeshiva, and you can be sure he didn't get an academic schoilarship either.

24. The Torah says alot about pots. There is much discussion about which pots are kosher and which are unpure, how to make non-kosher pots kosher again...

I believe that there is a reference that one of the ingredients in the "k'toret" -- ie incense, was HASH. Defitently not pot or anything like that. Some kind of drug though -- nothing as bad as you would smell at GRATEFUL DEAD concert though... ("I will, get BY (HIGH)" -- Bad stuff. No, it would have no place in Judaism...

25. This is a complicated thing. I believe that all Rabbinics is to an extent a song and dance. Education has to be at the student's level, not the teacher's. It always has to be interesting, or it will not succeed. But it isn't a show -- Torah is no joke and no show. Hence, if the TOrah reader isn't there, it's not a proper expression to say: "The show must go on..." Synagogue prayer service isn't a show -- Service of G-d is no joke.

Who is our best and brightest

I want to talk about people who put their lives on the line each and every day. They toil in annonymity far from home and the ones they love. They work under brutal conditions and often pay the ultimate price. They are our best and brightest and not the unwashed pampered elites who parrot Chomsky.

Many of these people come from poor under funded schools but do not complain about a labor of love. While the Marxist goons talk in high tones about brotherhood those in the military practice it each and every day. Your life may depend on that team member next to you so petty bigotry may get you killed. People who serve in the military have a bond that transcends that of any other job.

Sadly the best of our country finds itself second guessed by the worst of the country. The treasonous far left, many have not worked an honest day in their life
as students or professor feel the need to second guess every action by men who in every category are their superior. Who are these critics that point the finger of blame at our heroes ? They are the Sons of Marx who are apologists for a system that
has produced a virtual monopoly on death and devastation since WW2. They are the Sons of Allah whose Colonialism, Ethnocide and a series of never ending attrocities.
They do readily point the finger at others and create fake massacres but blame others for 9-11, Beslan and a score of lesser known attrocities.

Few of us ever find out what we are made of. We think and imagine that we have the right stuff to join our best and bravest. I found out on 9-11 that I do not have what it takes. There is no shame in being ordinary and running on that day . There were many who fled the vortex of death and destruction on that day. As a civillian my job was to get out of the way for well trained responders. Many of those first responders never did get home and are part of the 3000 who paid the ultimate price on 9-11. They ran to danger as others ran away.

Never allow the worst of America to point the finger at our best and bravest.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky still hiding from Elmer Cheney, 167 zero ratings and Socrasleaze aborted into nonexistence.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The will to fight and kick A4#@$#%

I respect Mark Alexander but there is a problem that is severe in Europe. Europeans have lost the will to fight the far left. There is an acceptance of far left deranged types into the political system. Even in bastions of the far left like elite Universities brave students make their presence known in this country.

The truth is far left types are not cool and hip. They are apologists for a system of death and theft sanctioned by elites in media and our universites. How is one cool when they do not have ideaological independence. They must march lock step to whatever PC illogic of the day is. Ducky may think he is cool but he is retro. John Brown is a cartoon hack reading party lines from a playbook. Anum reads from another playbook and at least will be well mannered before she severs your head. Uptown Steve is a cross between Homey the Clown and Malcolm Exlax. People easily deal with white racists with little hesitation. Yet the same people including myself just do not want to say it as it is about black racists. Thus everyone is a racist if they think the Williams sisters are fugly or point out Ad dollars flow to almost white black women like Berry.

I celebrate the American spirit and embody the fight of the average man. The average man seeks enlightenment in the person next door unless you live next to John Brown.
They know that utopianism is evil and dangerous. The people know that religious nut jobs and racial power kooks are vile. Look at the people around you and always say American with pride.

There is a panty waist in CA that calls himself Agi that calls what I am about to do hate speech. My response to the whimpy obtuse Agi is I am an American and Free Speech is my God given birth right. I do not need your blessing , permission or approval.

All right all you red blooded Americans USA!!!USA !!!!! USA!!!!! USA!!!!! USA!!!!
Everyone not in the peoples republic of MA USA!!!!USA!!!!!USA!!!!!USA!!!!!
Those of you in the the other 49 great states USA !!!! USA !!!!! USA !!!!!

In tribute to our friends down Under OZ!!!!OZ!!!!!!OZ!!!!!!OZ

We should point out that Canadians are mostly normal except for those living in Quebec. It is time for those in Europe to reclaim their culture and honor. Stop appologizing for your history especially to criminal Marxist and Jihadist types. Both groups have created far greater messes then Europe ever did. If any people have the right to point the finger of blame at Europe it is my people the Jews and not the Sons of Allah or Marx.

Be proud of what what you are unless you are a genocidal Marxist or Jihadi.

Beamish in 08, Ducky hiding from Elmer Cheeney, 167 now calling himselm Gash without a clue as to what gash is a slang for. Given his proclivities he has no intrest in that type of gash, Recidoofus, Fizzzzzzhog, Cheesewiz, Rizla Blue, Tidy Bowl Blue, Fresh Step Kitty Litter Blue all new names with the same stupid message and Socrasleazoid if aborted troll scream in agony but leaves no trace did he ever exist at all.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Random News

I want to welcome Jingoist to our blog community. Jingoist is a friend from FPM and is a fellow Jewish Conservative. The great thing about a blog community is that you can welcome friends like Jingoist and exclude trolls who post under several aliases.

I went to She Designs site and it has some awesome posts but she doesn't allow comments. If you haven't read the interviews of Possum and She Designs take the opportunity to meet both.

Our good friend Rob Bayn is closing his blog. I will miss his posts and those of his partner Justin Morris. I respect both of them and enjoy their posts on this blog. Someday I may even do a Farmer John special type of post with Justin. If and when Justin comes around we will try a Beakerkin/Justin Morris special on theological redemption. Does God forgive our sins if we repent ?

New top ten most wanted interviews

1 Jason Pappas
2 Farmer John
3 Mustang
4 Jeff Bargholtz
5 Jingoist
6 Woman Honor Thyself
7 Pim's Ghost
8 Amil of Bad Eagle
9 Cubed
10 Mike of Mike's America.

Friday, May 26, 2006

In the Hot Seat with Elmer's Brother

There are many people who have not been in the Hot Seat who have earned an interview.
Elmer's brothers blend of wit and intelligen posts shoul have earned him an interview long ago. He has the difficult task of following three of the better interviews Kidst, Possum and Brooke. In many ways it is harder to interview an Elmers brother who agrees with me in many areas then Ducky.

The Homosexual Mess

1 I want to ask you about God in an abstract . Do you believe in a god of compassion or a stern unforgiving god. Repentance for sins is a key element of Judaism and the sins are by no means exclusive to homosexuality. Does God in your view forgive our failing if we repent.

2 Do you accept the notion of a division between Civil and Theological law ? Most Judeo Christians accept this notion. However it is absent in most Islamic societies.

3 Do you define marriage as a religious or civil matter ?

4 Is the boudary to the first amendment exhortation to commit acts of violence against nonbelievers and gays ? I am not too concerned about people claiming I am bound for hell as a unbeliever.


5 Is Islam a colonial religion ? I can not name any other religion that even jokes about global domination .

6 Are the historic crimes of Islam whitewashed by the left. If Jim Crowe is evil in the USA then 1400 years of Islamo Jim Crowe is just as evil.

7 Is one of the problems that people view Islam within the framework of their own religions ? Most Judeo - Christians accept that Utopia is a concept for the next world. Are people mixing apples and onions when comparing their own religions to Islam ?

Conspiracy Nuts

8 Are conspiracy kooks line John Brown playing with a full deck ?
9 Is there a basic bigotry behind the conspiracy cranks ? People who are bigoted against Israel and Jews tend to draw conspiracies based on these bigotries ?
10 Is there any one conspiracy that you have heard that stands out for its stupidity ?

Blog Humor

11 I am guilty for starting the house pet eating and troll abortion jokes in our community. Is there something funny about spoofing far left types with violating their causes. The original dog eating joke was illustrating a point to a person who
was not bothered by blowing up Jews in Pizzerias but was outraged gefilte poodle.

12 Which blogger excluding yourself has the best sense of humor. I find myself laughing at the points Mr Beamish raises.

Immigration disasters.

13 I am somewhat surprised that some of our our posters are against accelerated immigration benefits for servicemen ? Should people who are in the military get their waiting times reduced ?
14 Are you prepared to throw the book at employers who violate our labor laws ?
15 Has the era of family based immigration ended ? Should immigration be based on vocational needs rather then family ties.

Fun and games

16 Have you ever seen a Gila Monster ? Can you describe a Gila Monster to those who are unfamiliar with the term.
17 What type of music do you listen to ?
18 Which celebrity stands out as the most annoying ?
19 What is the worst film you have seen ? Yentyl was a disaster and Striesand should not have been allowed near a camera ?
20 Do you play video games ? If you did what bloggers avatar would be the best as the hero.


21 Are gas taxes a slap in the face of rural americans who often comute 30 miles to work.
22 Are cigarette taxes way too high ?
23 There is talk of a fast food tax . What are your views on the subject ?


24 Are men who wear plaid pants nerds ?
25 Who is the most annoying person on Daytime TV ? Dr Phil is more annoying then Oprah and that is a feat.

Conspiracy Theories and mental health defects.

Have you ever sat watching a sporting event and the person next to you just can't accept the fact that their team has lost. They take a moment in the game and a real or imagine bad call or bad luck and create a whole theory on top of it. This is how conpiracy cranks rationalize their perverse world views.

Text book case of this insanity is John " Demented " Brown and Weasie. The entire rational world knows exactly what happened on 9-11. Crazed Muslim nuts smack passenger airlines loaded with fuel into office buildings. Yet rather then admit that the victims du jour Muslims orchestrated another attrocity they concoct an elaborate fantasies on irrelevant facts. Of course the United States and or Israel and dem Joooooos were the real masterminds. The selection of who the writers select as the organizers of their conspiracies speaks vollumes about their actual prejudices.

Our own Marxist Mallard took two days to name the actual perpetrators of 9-11. He is concerned that Americans might over react. In fact as published before there are relatively few hate crimes commited against muslims . A look at the numbers shows that Muslims are probably more likely to perpetrate a hate crime then to be the victim of one.

The problem was the media did a lousy job after 9-11. You did not see pictures of people slamming into concrette but you did see a plethora of Abu Gharib photos. There was the constant message that the 9-11 attacks do not represent Muslims and Islam is a religion of Peace. No Islam is the religion of submission and the only peace in it is rest in peace if you do not submit. This does not mean or imply every Muslim is a blood thirsty homicidal maniac but the PC version is just as false.

The truth is that when we are dealing with Marxists we are dealing with mental defectives. John Brown talks about Uncle Sam's plantation but ignores a series of plantations created by Commies known as gulags . Nor is his idiotic world view rational when he speaks with people like Felis who lived under Communism.

Conspiracy cranks are mental health defectives and thus we have John Brown claiming AlCIAda killed Daniel Pearl. We have stolen election myths and it seems that many on the far left have had a break with reality.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to star with Bugs in a new cartoon Whats up Comissar, 167 still with no readers and Socrasleaze still ranting in cyberspace.

The New most wanted interview list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Farmer John
3 Mustang
4 Jeff Bargolz
5 Woman Honor Thyself
6 Amil of Bad Eagle
7 Mark Alexander
8 Pim's Ghost
9 Mike of Mike's America
10 Elmers Brother.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Travel Day

I will be returning to NYC today to spend my birthday with my family. I will be on the road for quite a while. I should get to Drummaster's by around midnight. The Popeyes Chicken will be closed.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your birtday wishes. Most of you are like family to me and I look forward to reading everyones comments except John Brown who is a bore.

I will try and write a road post

Mr BEAMISH in 08 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ducky to the Choping block Warren wants to practice his golf swing , 167 to Iran for his own beheading. Being out of the closet in Iran can be hazardous to your health and Socrasleaze aborted.

In the Hot seat with She Designs

Our next guest has the unenviable task of following Possum into the spotlight. The interview with Possum is one of my best so far. We covered a range of topics not covered on my blog before including clumsy people. She Designs is a brilliant Canadian woman from Eithiopia who has eclectic intrests in fashion, art and religion.
Her comments are always insightful and she always speaks her mind . She does not act as a yes person to the self appointed clique at Bad Eagle. I respect her intelligence and independence and she is a role model for all.


1 I am familiar with some of the people of Ethiopia, Eritrean, Tigrean, etc can you explain what the major groups are. What seperates them tribal history, language or locality.
2 How far were you from the Gondar province where the Jewish population the Falasha lived ? Did you ever meet them in Eithiopia.
3 Eithiopians have a Christian Church that has a slightly different Bible then the rest. I think the book of Enoch is accepted in the Eithiopian Cannon. What should lay
people know about the Christians of Eithiopia ?
4 There was a brutal Communist thug named Mengistu whose misrule created a civil war and massive deaths. Did the ethnic seperatism of the Eritreans etc start with Mengistu or exacerbate the divisions of Eithiopia.
5 The Rastafarians have an unusual reverence for the former ruler of Eithiopia Haille Saliesse. Is there odd views on pot smoking and the former ruler of your country annoying or comedic.
6 What is the official language of Eithiopia ? Few people are aware that the fourth Semitic language Amharic is Eithiopian. Are Eithiopians more related culturaly and historicaly to the people of the Arabian Peninsula and Semites then West Africans.

Art and Fashion

7 When I worked in the fashion industry there was an odd disdain for the customer. The designers would dread designing for the masses and this disdain would result in clothes that were poorly designed. What are your views of the fashion industry ? Have the products become better or worse on an asthetic level over the last five years ?
8 The people in the fashion industry of NYC have an odd divine mission mentality. This may seem odd but the Fashionistas have a sense of purpose that exceeds that of DHS. Is the devotion to fashion misunderstood by people like myself ? I am a numbers
person and just see products, deadlines and proffits ? Am I missing the boat ?
9 Most clothes are designed for tall rail thin women. In actuality fit models are not attractive and are selected for bodily proportion rather then beauty. Is unrealistic body image part of the problem in the fashion industry ? Lets face it most women are not 5'10 and a perfect size eight. What are your views on the subject ?
10 What are your views on art. Is there a particular school of art or artist that you are fond of ?
11 Is fashion a lower art form then painting or just a more practical application of art to every day life ?
12 We have an odd poster a Commie named Ducky who has a disdain for Renoir. He feels that Renoir is over rated. Yet in my opinion one can see the love of the subject he painted mostly women reflected in his art. What are your views on Renoir ?
13 Some religions like Islam and to a much lesser extent Judaism have prohibitions against sculpture and paintings in a house of worship. Does the presence of stained glass windows and frescoes in a church enhance the experience.
14 Traditional Jewish houses of worship do not have musical instruments. There is the Shofar but that is not a musical instrument. There is plenty of singing of prayers but it is done without instruments. My friends would often joke about playing the charge theme at sporting events before performing ceremonies. Do musical instruments in Church enhance or detract the overall experience ?


15 What are some of your favorite films ?
16 I have noticed that few people on the left have a sense of humor. Is it just impossible to save the world and be comedic at the same time ?
17 Is there a semi religious component to the far left ? Are people like myself and Warren just more practical ?
18 Is the study of the classics in Littereture important ? Should students be introduced to Shakespeare and Moby Dick ? Should we replace them with more current authors ?
19 Do you watch or participate sports ?
20 Have you tried skiing or ice skating ?
21 Do you share your home with any pets ?
22 Have any of your relatives from Eithiopia visited you in Canada ? Were they interested in the tourist stuff or more mundane stuff. I find myself more interested in the waterfalls and local wildlife then Skiing. I was going to try the bobsled run at Lake Placid but I declined when I was told I couldn't drive.
23 We have many experienced bloggers are there any questions you would like to ask our readers ?
24 There is a perception that religious people do not appreciate fine art. My experince has shown this to be a false premise. Is this just another stereotype ?
25 Are people who talk to their cars or appliances odd or certified ?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In the hot seat with Possum .

This will be the first time that many of you will meet Possum. Possum is brilliant and articulate and has one of the best blogs that I read regularly. Possum is knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects so this promises to be interesting.

Energy and the environment

1 What are your views on nuclear energy ? I toured Indian Point in New York and trying to explain the myths and facts to hysterical anti nuclear activists is frustrating.
2 Can you explain the threat of invasive or alien species to our readers ? In my hometown Staten Island NY released pet turtles Red Ear Sliders have become established. We were told that that species can not survive the cold winters or hibernate. Apparently, someone forgot to tell the turtles. I have not seen the local species of Easern Painted turtle for years. This particular species has even been found in Europe and Pacific Islands. The Sea Lamprey created a mess in nearby Lake Champlain.
3 Is nature more adaptable then we presume ? The Coyote is spreading Eastward and is certainly in Vermont and has been found in NYC. I was surprised to see Cormorants alomg the Lamoile River at least 20 miles from Lake Champlain.
4 Some scientists are concerned about the lack of biodiversity in agricultural products and to a lesser extent domesticated animals. Should we be concerned about agricultual homgeniety of crops and farm animals ?
5 What are some of the animal species you enjoy watching in the local woods nearby. I recently was surprised by a fisher a type of huge
weasel on the way home from work.
6 Are you for or against the reintroduction of animals to their historical habitat. There has been some talk of reintoducing wolves to Vermont. I would rather see Mountain Lions or Wolverines return to their former range in VT.

Europe and the far left

7 Is there a Europhile undercurrent among the far left ? There is an assumption on the far left that Sweedes are more enlightened then Americans. This is odd coming from the same bunch that are constantly invoking multiculturalism .
8 Is there anticapitalist undercurrents in the Peace protests in Europe and America ?
9 Some members of the far left are prone to wild conspiracy theories. We have a lunatic John Brown who believes that there was a huge conspiracy on 9-11 and the CIA assasinated Daniel Pearl. I am wondering if his next conspiracy will have Leon Klinghoffer pushing his own wheel chair off the Achille Lauro to make Palestinians look bad. Have you noticed a plethora of conspiracy cranks on the far left ?
What is the most bizzare conspiracy you have heard in your travels ?
10 There is an odd airbrushing of Islmamic societies and history amongst the far left. The most extreeme example of this insanity is 167 who calls the United States and Israel " deeply homophobic socities" and then praises the same Saudi and Iranian justice systems that execute homosexuals. Has the left forgotten or airbrushed the history of Islam and forgotten Colonialism, Jim Crowe, Ethnocide, Slavery and sometimes genocide have been widely practiced in Islamic history long before the United States was even a country ?
11 Does the environmental movemental have Utopian and totalitarian undercurrents ?
Was the preindustrial world an actual Eden or are the environmentalists imagining a paradise that never was.

Women and blogging

12 The media seems to think that womens issues mean abortion and daycare. I do not see those themes on the many wonderful female authored blogs I read daily. Are issues
like the economy and national security everyone's concern ?
13 I do notice that female coservatives get some really nastry trolls. My friend Pam of Atlas Shrugged gets some extreemly malicious types. What has been your experience with trolls.
14 I am an advocate of free speech but I will not hesitate to delette comments with ethnic slurs and a plethora of profanity. I also delette the posts of a serial predator from Coalinga CA who posts under about 100 aliases. What are your views on freedom of speech and the blogospere ?


15 Do you go on nature walks or trips into the countryside to enjoy the landscape ?
I can not put my finger on it but rivers and waterfalls are favorites of mine.
16 Do you follow any professional sports ?
17 Who is the most annoying celebrity ? Barbara Striesand is a distant realative and drives me up a wall . I will leave a room rather then listen to her music.
18 What type of music do you listen to ?


19 What are your views on energy taxes ? Should bridge and toll revenues be used to subsidize public transportation ?
20 What are your views of tobacco and alcohol taxes ?
21 Should all funding for NPR be eliminated ? I am sure the Duck will have a long explanation for why my tax money should be used to put Mummia Jammal's warped views on the air .


22 Do you have any houseplants or pets in your home ?
23 If you were going out to eat would you prefer a theme resturant like The Hard Rock Cafe or a local diner ?
24 Do you enjoy watching weather ? My friend Northwind seems to find it odd that I enjoy watching thunderstorms across Lake Champlain.
25 Are clumsy people loveable ?

Monday, May 22, 2006

New Most wanted list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang
3 Farmer John
4 Jeff Bargholz
5 Ecology good guy we disagree with
6 Amil from Bad Eagle
7 Mike of Mike's America
8 Russet Shadows
9 Woman Honor thyself
10 Elmers Brother

I am looking foward to the three excellent interviews this week. Possum and She Designs are brilliant bloggers who many of you will meet for the first time.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to divorce Ernie , 167 no rating and Socrasleaze aborted

Sunday, May 21, 2006

In the Hot Seat with Brooke

Brooke is a poster that is familir to most of us. She is one of a handful of people listed on John "Communit" Brown's Klan watch section. I do not know if she has also had the pleasure of a visit from Anum Muhktar or Ducky . American Crusader was almost disappointed that Ducky did not visit his site.


1 What are trolls and is a person who disagrees with a post a troll ? There have been times Jason Pappas and I have disagreed with each other.
2 Certain blogs seem to be troll magnets and I am surprised others have less trolls then I do. The title of your blog and the Mad Zionist should ensure a steady stream. However, this blog with a generic title does seem to be a troll magnet. What has been your history with trolls.
3 The term Neocon seems to be a liberal slang term for evil jewish Republican, all six of us. Liberals have used it to describe Reaganites like Mark Levin and myself a Rudy Republican . What is your definition of the term Neocon ?

Immigration Follies

4 It seems as if some localities encorage law breaking. The mayor of Burlington VT declared his city a safe haven for illegal aliens. What is going on at the local level ?
5 There is some talk about elimination of the code of law that allows any child born in the United States automatic citizenship. The net result is twenty one years later the child can file for an automatic visa for their parents with no waiting period. Should this law be changed ?
6 What is your position on reduced citizenship time for military personel ?
7 Should Universities that admit illegal alien be denied research grants and student
aid ?

Aftermath of 9-11

8 Do you think that the News medias editing of film on 9-11 allowed the conspiracy theories to grow. The image of the plane smacking into the WTC has not been shown for a while.
9 Does the media select odd photos to run on the front page. The pictures from Abu Gharib were run for days. Yet I do not recall pictures of beheadings and people slamming into concrette.Do you notice this or is it my perception ?
10 In the after math of 9-11 the media ran with the Islam is the religion of peace hundreds of time ? Part of me was shocked at flight 93 when Muslims were shown stabbing people. Where are the movies about Beslan and the Achile Lauro ?
11 Are you concerned the first 9-11 film will be made by Oliver Stone ? I hope he does not place conspiracy BS in the film.

Women and blogging

12 There is a perception that political blogs are mostly male. However our community has several outstanding female bloggers . The media seems to think that the only women's issues are abortion and more abortion ? Is the entire notion of womens issues a media construct ?
13 Are there issues you would like to blog on but do not think the audience is interested in ? I did a post on comodity economics and found out that there is an interest in such an odd topic.

Liberals, Commies and Fellow Travelers

14 What has happened to the Democratic party ? Where are the Pro American Patriotic
liberals of the old school ?
15 Does it seem that the current crops of Democrats are more concerned about the opinions in the UN and the salons of Europe the national security ?
16 Recently, I have been flabergasted when a friend who is a lawyer asked what is wrong about working with Communists if they are for peace ? I asked him if he would echo the same sentiments about the KKK or Nazis and he walked away. Have some on the left forgotten the disasters Communism created ?

Personal Fun

17 Do you play video games ? If so what are your favorites ?
18 If we were casting for the show Blog survivor who would you cast as a candidate ?
My money is still on Nanc because she knows when to clean house and when to use diplomacy ?
19 Do you play a musical instrument ?
20 What type of music do you listen to ? Do an artists political views alter your purchases. I will not see a movie with Sean Penn, Danny Glover and a few others.
21 Have you ever driven a snowmobile ?
22 Do you enjoy scenic drives in the country. I can not put my finger on it but I enjoy waterfalls . I went to a couple yesterday and found some odd areas almost like a Bayou in VT
23 People who bring cell phones in theatres should be fined, flogged or scorned ?
24 When you go on a trip do you micro plan or like to have spontaneous adventures ?
25 Blogs come and go are there any blogs that have gone RIP that you miss ? Are there promising newcomers

My review of Flight 93

Last night I went to see Flight 93 with another fellow NYC resident. My first reaction was nostalic for the pre 911 era. It was good to see the buildings in the NYC landscape again. I also felt homesick at the shots of Newark airport.

The film does a decent job of showing the violent nature of our enemy. Prior to 9-11 we had lived in a different world. The notion was that hijackers would be on suicide missions was incomprehensible to most Americans. The notion was that a hijackers took the plane somewhere and made demands. The new mode has probably ended that line of work as passengers will now most likely react as those on flight 93 did.

The governmental confusion at the FAA and the military is understandable. The government does a lousy job of reacting to crisis. Top managers are not selected due to the ability to improvise. In fact government employees that improvise are second guessed and fired. This happens somewhat in most private sector jobs as well but to a
lesser degree by far.

However the 9-11 film I want to see will never be shown. All of America is familiar with the events of 9-11 except for some anti semitic conspiracy nuts. My film would show what Ducky's Commie friends did that Saturday in Union Square Park. My film would also show the media's choice to pull the images of the second plane hitting. I would also show the bodies hitting the pavement and the chunks os builing debris flying.

One of the reasons conspiracy goons lure some kooks is that basic facts were not shown. The explosions broke windows 400 feet away but Weasie wants to know how WTC 7
across the street collapsed. This shows people like Weasie are unfamiliar with the layout of the area. Anyone with a familiarity of the area knows that body parts and
building debris were found across the srteet in all directions. There was no firefighting in WTC 7 but a different distinction should be made. Most of the surrounding buildings were built before the Glass box concept of the WTC .Buildings like the Empire State Building and the other buildins to the South were built with much more concrette and they survived but have still yet to be demolished.

My film would show the treasonous bigoted behavior of Ducky's Marxist brothers and the crass opportunism they exhibited on that day. Amist the smell of fiery burning death that was indescribable to anyone not there the local NYC Commie held an anti semitic rally and blamed Israel and the Jews for 9-11. I remember my blood boiling as I told my girlfriend to meet me at home later. Instinctively she touched my cheek and said I am not leaving without you. I looked at her and tried to reason with her but she let me know in no uncertain terms my place was at home. I would play video clips of that rally where the conspiracy talk started that day. The far left likes to talk about exploitation of 9-11 and no group exploited the event and has fouled its memory as greatly as the Commie far left that Ducky and others deny exist.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Beakerkin Troll Awards

This blog serves as a troll magnet for a wide assortment of insane types. I will announce a troll of the year list.

The Categories most incoherent:
Least Entertaining:
Least Manly Crybaby
Most entertaining
King of Boredom;
Largest Ego

I will nominate Uptown Steve for most incoherent. He has produced almost a book without raising a point.

Runner Up : Robert Lindsay who claimed that Mao and Stalin saved lives by improvements in health care ( Rob Bayn's blog)

Least Entertaining John Brown same story day in and day out.

Runner Up Drew who was here early and was a bore.

Least Manly Crybaby : 167 who now calls himself 167 in tribute to a running gag. He is still crying about me more then one year after I posted a coment on his blog.

John Brown Who has listed people who block his posts as klansmen.

Most Entertaining Ducky has moments when he is talking about movies and is a cut above the other trolls.

Runner Up Anum Writes her post and then leaves. Not much content

King of Boredom; Uptown Steve just a bore

Runner up : Craig B is a toadie of 167 is a bore.

Largest Ego Weasie A dunce that insists he is a genius

Runner Up 167 He claims his IQ is 167 but divided by what remains unknown

Most Vile Socrates He is the only poster who is aborted on sight. Boasts of molesting his daughters on FPM . Posts stupid contentent under 100 names and are all obvious . He is the inspiration for the troll abortion craze.

Runner Up : Nobody even close

Stupid but Harmless : Dana from the Mad Zionist

Cast your vote today.

Friday, May 19, 2006


On Monday Brooke will be our guest in the hot seat. Her interview promises to be interesting. Those of us who don't read her site should . On Monday you will get a glimpse of what you are missing.

On Wed we will have the honor of interviewing Possum. Some of you are seeing her for the first time today. She is brilliant and articulate on many subjects. This promises to be very interesting so mark it on your calendar.

The New wish list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang
3 Farmer John
4 Jeff Bargholz
5 Woman Honor Thyself
6 She Designs from Bad Eagle A brilliant Eithiopan Woman from Canada who is Conservative.
7 Amil of Bad Eagle An Iranian who is concerned about the future of Iran and America.
8 Ecology off centered but fun
9 Northern Steve A well spoken Canadian Jew who is in the mental helth profession
10 Pim's Ghost

Nanc see if you can talk Northern Steve into a visit.

Uptown vs the Beaker let the readers decide.

Uptown Steve and I disagree on a major point and I would like to get your feedback. Uptown is often critical of Israel and the Jews. When people disagree with them he calls them JEWS in capital letters. He has done this to at least four non Jews who have taken issue with his views.

One of the four people Uptown has called JEW is Donal. I know of at least three others Pointman, Hispano and JBaumgart. I aslo think Uptown did this to Jimbo as well. Donal, Florian and Nanc may recall others that he treated similarly. At first Uptown spent weeks denning he had ever made the remarks. When he was shown the remarks he has spun a fairy tale.

What do you think , is this bigoted behavior ?

House of cards

I do not like to post on economics as the posts tend not to interest many. There is our idiot savant flat earth Duck who still thinks Marx is a valid model. There is a jihadonomics as certain Muslims feel it is their divine right to exact tribute. This sounds like a protection racket out of a grade D mafia script.

Our enemies Commies and Jihadis are placing their future on an economic falacy. Oil is a comodity that fluctuates in price just as Wood, Steel and Orange Juice. The myth
is that oil prices can shoot up forever in a straight line. The problem is that it can not. Rises in the price of oil mean that wells and oil fields that are not viable now become realistic alternatives. At 75 dollars a barrel Canadian Oil Sands are viable.

The greater the increase in the price of oil the quicker the market forces will react with an alternatives. The Saudis are well aware of this as they may be evil but they understand markets. Hugo Chavez and the Iranians fail to understand how markets work.

Ultimately both of our enemies have placed a bet that in the long term is unwinable.
The forces of Jihad are also counting on a huge growth in population to force their will. Social services in Europe are being stretched by an aging population and people who expect handouts with no work. The United States is dealing with similar issues but ultimately hispanic Americans will and do blend in to our culture quite well.

The unwritten story of the series of protests was the organization by Commie front groups. These are the same front groups that our friendly local waterfowl Marxist claim do not exist. This is a later day version of Mafia there is no such thing. Right now there are companies that are exploiting illegal labor but the answer to the problemis genuine enforcement of rules that exist now. It is unrealistic to expect business owners not to tap and exploit these workers. However the answer to these problems require historic liberal responses that are far removed from the crop
of fellow travelers who call themselves liberals today. The response to the illegal alien situation must start with heavy fines for companies that hire illegals. Social services at the federal level for illegal aliens should be defunded. If MA or local municipalities want to house illegal aliens let them pay for it. The ensuing tax payer revolt will sweep every far leftist out of office.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky being stalked by Elmer Cheeney, 167 still a ratings zero and Socrasleaze keep looking a big surprise is on its way.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The new Most wanted interview list

Yesterdays list had a gaffe on my part but I will fix yesterdays mistake.

1 Jason Pappas he likes to benumber one
2 Mustang of Social Sense
3 Farmer John
4 Jeff Bargholz
5 Possum that promises to be an excellent interview. She is articulate , brilliant and has excellent knowledge on a variety of subjects.
6 Brooke
7 Ecology he disagrees with us on many areas but is just a class act, funny and interesting
8 She Designs of Bad Eagle Brilliant woman who would provide an excellent interview
9 Amil of Bad Eagle An Iranian who has some serious concerns about what Islam has done to his people
10 Batya of Shiloh She writes an excellent blog from Israel and is not the FPM poster of the same name.

I am thinking of doing a blog segment on the future of the American Economy. What countries will be linked to our future economic growth. How will we meet our energy needs ?

Lessons from Yesterday's Uptown Temper Tantrum

I went into the interview with Uptown Steve well aware of his sandbox mentality and low intellect. Some of the questions asked to Steve were aimed at our own cartoon charachter Ducky. Ducky seems to think that racial epithets are okay as long as a Commie stooge like Harry Belafonte or Paul Robeson utter them. Ducky should be well aware that as the child of Broadway buffs not only am I aware of who wrote Emperor Jones I have seen it on TV and off Broaday. Ducky's use of another racial epithet Chimpy was used by White bigots against a black bigot Uptown Steve.

Uptown Steve plays the following games

1 Cry victim. The interview was fair and avoided Israel and Jews as much as possible.
Uptown has a running bit Jews controlled the slave trade bit. When asked about the overwelming Muslim and Black roles he responds so. The facts are that everyone was involved in the slave trade and highlighting a Jewish role itself is anti semitic. Have we ever discussed Italians, Norwegians or midgets in the slave trade ? The facts are that Blacks and Native Americans owned slaves. Nor were these Blacks who owned slaves merely purchasing relatives. One can see an over view of this in Dinesh D'Sousa's classic End of Racism.

2 Deny and demand quotes. Steve plays this game all the time. He denied calling Donal, JBaumgart, Pointman and Hispano Jews. His train of thought is akin to the old standard N%^&^& lover bit from bigots of yre. Esther and I stood up for Gays yesterday so according to Uptown both of us must be gay. I found all the quote and then he turns around and rationalizes. He has done this on topics was Yasser Arafat born in Egypt and is Michael Lerner a real Rabbi. Countless links were produced and he states well I still think Lerner is a Rabbi. Interestingly Lerner would have a genuine anti semite as a reader. The fact is that calling someone a Jew merely because of their opinions is indeed anti semitic. If Donal were here she could add names to the list.

3 Strawman irrelavent points. Donal and Jeff Bargholz are friends and their statements have absolutely nothing to do with me. Donal will readily tell you about Steve's crass behavior. I have been called a racist several times along with Zinla and Northern Steve. None of us have ever used racial epithets despite repeated attempts to provoke us into saying them.

4 Lack of education. Donal will verify this story and it is speaks vollumes. I asked Uptown over the course of two weeks to name a book he has read. He has yet to ever quote a book. Well he named a book about Nat Turner and the subject dropped. Except a poster Morgan Frost noticed he had gotten the title wrong and apparently never read that book either. You can see dozens of references to books on this blog.
The political affiiations of Lerner, Chomsky, Finklestein and Kovell are well known common knowledge. Any attempt to compare Thomas Sowell, La Shawn Barber, Walter E Williams and Larry Elder all patriotic Americans to Communists, Anarchists and Greens is insulting to people beloved by America.

5 Warped Logic Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are political figures and regularly run for office and are portrayed as Black leaders in the media. Michael Savage is a talk show host and seldom mentions blacks in any capacity. He does say plenty about Muslims and to a lesser extent Gays. David Horowitz is a writer and runs Front Page Magazine. He is not mixing apples with oranges but apples with zuccini.

The reason I did this interview was I wanted to show the mindset and low class behavior of a person who has fouled La Shawn Barbers site and FPM. I am fairly certain that La Shawn is well aware of the differnce between honest dissent and low class showmanship punctuated by stupidity. What does La Shawn's inability to pass the bar mean to a person that could not name a single book he had read for two weeks ? Other classic Uptown Steve moments were claiming Iranians were Arabs. Donal, Florian and Nanc might have other examples of Uptowns stupidity.

I will never forget the words of my favorite writer Richard Poe when I disagreed with him on the Terry Schiavo matter . It does not take a genius to know the difference between an honest man and a knave. For the record Richard Poe did explain why I was 100% wrong and misguided.

Mr Poe's words were on display yesterday and before that with John Brown.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to get wed to Ernie in MA, 167 still a ratings zero and Socrasleaze still aborted and looking for Meathead.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

From Crass to Class Lady Esther in the Hot Seat

Those of us who are fortunate to call Esther friend are lucky indeed. She radiates warmth and charm and is too nice for trolls to pester. Trolls tend to congregate around Jewish blogs like Pam of Atlas and this blog to a lesser extent.

Yesterdays gay dispute

1 I understand your frustration with the posters on this issue. However left under the radar was that Florian and Nanc favored Civil Unions. Most people accept the division of civil and religious law. What are your thoughts on the division of civil and religious law in America.

2 I also understand that there are religious issues. I do not care if an imam says Jews are hell bound. However when the sermon encourages criminal acts of violence I have major problems. A religious exhortation to violence is incititement to riot. Where do you draw the line between freedom of religion and criminal inciteent ?

3 Do you view marriage as a contract or a religious term.

Esther is a writer

4 Do Soaps and Lifetime Movies deserve their reputation for shoddy writing ?
5 Is predictability a serious problem in both genres
6 Many romantic heroes wear masks Zorro, the Lone Ranger, Batman in Fiction. Does this mean that Mr Beamish might have a future as a Soap Stud if he loses the election. What do women find so appealing about men in a mask.
7 Name your alltime under rated and over rated films ?
8 Does it take more discipline to write a movie or a television show ?


9 Do many on the far left play word games with Jew and Zionism ?
10 Does it seem like the world hold Israel to impossible standards . I published a list of countries with records on human rights then Israel and the list was well over 100.
11 Should people who attempt to link Israel and the Iraq war be considered anti semitic.
12 Is Neocon a code word for evil Jewish Republican. Ann Coulter brings this up in her book How to Talk to a Liberal if You must on page one. I find it amazing that a Reaganite like Mark Levin and a Rudy Republican are often called Neocon by people without a clue.


13 What do you feel are the keys to a good interview ?
14 Have you ever had an interview turn hostile ? I expected the interview below to turn hostile.

Running a blog
15 Is being a good host or hostess an under rated part of running a blog AOW and AC excelled as hosts.
16 Are there some lesser known blogs that you think our readers should know about.


17 Have you driven a convertable ?
18 Growing up were you more afraid of meeting your boyfriends parents or you boyfrien meeting your parents ?
19 Have you tried Ice Skating ?
20 Do the trends in fashion make sense ? What is your position in the great plaid debate. My position is that only mens flannel shirts should be plaid all other uses should be banned. Nanc opposes this but men wearing plaid pants belong in a comedy skit not in public.
21 Are the highways in LA as bad as we are told ?
22 What is your favorite TV show set in LA ?
23 Do you know anyone that admits they listen to Wayne Newton or Bobby Vinton music ?
24 You frequently travel do you overpack or under pack ? Can you lift your own lugage
or is it on wheels so it is irrelvant.
25 Have you played air hockey ?

Bonus Question Who would be you candidate for a Blog verion of survivor ?

On Deck

This evening we will interview Lady Esther. I have always wanted to interview her but she has been on hiatus. This promises to be an interesting interview with a good friend who I respect. There will be plenty of great comedy as well.

Jeff Bargholz has an open invitation to an interview. Remember most of these posts are written at 1AM and there was no oversite.

Another Episode of Myths and Legend of Northern Vermont might be on the blog.

1 The over the hill Outlaw Senior Citizen Rascal gang or Vermont Senior Citizens Cooler then their Grandkids.
2 The legend of Champy the lake monster of nearby lake Champlain
3 The Tie Die Shirt Clad Bigfoot of the Northeast Kingdom ?

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky shanghaied by a local resturant, 167 no ratings and Socrasleaze aborted

Long overdue Kevin of Amboy Times in the Hot Seat

Certain bloggers should have earned the right to an interview long ago. Kevin writes a superior blog and always posts interesting comments. Most of the people I interview request one. The delay in this case is my fault and no slight on my part for a talented blogger.

1 What has happened to the Republican party ? I am furious over the current immigration bill. Has the Bush administration abandoned its supporters.
2 What are your views of legal immigrants ? Legal immigrants play by the rules and in the case of Philipinno siblings wait 20 years
3 Should military personell get expedited waiting times cut in half. I am for this as if a person is willing to serve in the military it is the least we can do. Several of our regular readers disagreed with this.
4 Do we need to reconsider the entire formula for immigration. The notion of family ties is not consistent with a modern economy ? I would prefer the focus to be vocational with some provisions for human rights refugees.
5 Has NAFTA failed the treaty was supposed to boost the economy of Mexico. Instead more illegal aliens are coming in then ever before
6 Are you prepared to deny all social services including education to illegal aliens.
Emergency medical care should be provided for humanitarian purposes.
7 Are you prepared to fine and jail business owners who violate our labor laws.
8 Should student loans be eliminated for Universities that give seats to illegal aliens ?

9 Do you follow professional sports if so what teams do you root for.
10 Do high movie prices and poor content keep you from going to the movies
11 Choose one classic NJ Dinner or a theme steakhouse

War with trolls
12 Does it seem that the familiar trolls invent conspiracies when they do not have the facts ?
13 Have you noticed trolls seldom stay on subject. I post about the history of death
under Communism and Ducky and John Brown point the finger at Israel and George Bush.
14 You do not seem to attract many trolls. Are there some blogs that are troll magnets.


15 Is socialism theft with good PR. An investor invest Capital in a business venture
and a populist clown nationalizes the industry often without compensating the investors.
16 Are people who continue to espouse Socialism and Communism flat earth types, utopian zealots or mental defectives.

Blog Mayhem

17 What blogs do you read daily ? What is the key to drawing a huge audience. Pam of Atlas Shrugged is over 1,000,000 visitors. She does also get the most cruel and vile of trolls. Her trolls almost swarm to that site.
18 Is being a great host like AOW and American Crusader a key.


19 The locals complain about traffic on I 87 . However I explain the Garden State and the NJ Turnpike are the worst I ever encounter. They are so bad they almost warant a survivor type show. Do you get used to the congestion and Ben Hur types on the local highways.
20 In the Northeast bridge and tunnel tolls are used to subsidize mass transit is this a good idea ?
21 Are you embarassed at some of the talk going on around you on cell phones in public transportation. I really do not need the person next to me describing her lousy dates, medical conditions or husband that forgets everything not nailed to the ground.


22 Have you visited any casinos recently. I never seem to make it past the buffet and the shows.
23 Do you listen to talk radio if so what shows are your favorite
24 Have you played minature golf
25 Should Lawn Ornaments be outlawed ?

The legend of the Northern VT buffet Ninja and Bandito

I am often found at a local buffet enjoying the quisine. In real life I am mild mannered and a much beloved customer at local resturants. The locals seem to enjoy the series of humorous jokes that are seldom in bad taste.

There seems to be a buffet Ninja at work in Northern Vt. Every time the shrimp is put out I seldom even catch a glimpse. The Ninja works through stealth and guile and
seems to get there just before me. I feel an elbow in my ribs and turn and like a the wind the shrimp is gone. If the shrimp was served and I do not see it was it there at all.

Some far left types seem to think it is the corporate owners fooling the masses. Those on the far right blame the blue haired senior citizens with their hairs in buns. As for me I believe in the legend of the Upper VT buffet Ninja.

Next time on legends of Northern VT Outlaw Senior Citizens riding Rascals. Has Easy Rider met Cocoon in the far North of VT.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I am waiting for Donal and Uptown to answer their interviews. I am writing an interview for Kevin of the Amboy Times and Lady Esther will be our guest tommorow.

This Sunday I will take a trip to the Maine Coast. The roads should be passable and I will have another travel adventure tale. Perhaps Roadkill Lobster is on the menu
with the high tides and flooding. There should be plenty of fun and adventure as on the road with the Beak will be passing into Moose Counrty.

The Top Ten Most Wanted interviews

1Jason Pappas
2 Mustang
3 Farmer John
4 Possum
5 Brooke
6 Woman Honor Thyself
7 Ecology
8 Northern Steve of FPM
9 Pims Ghost
10 She Designs of Bad Eagle

An Unexpected Guest in The Hotseat Uptown Steve

Uptown Steve and I are well aquanted from FPM. To be honest I like the guy even though his views are odious. He doesn't misrepresent himself post under multiple aliases . In short he is never a bore and that is the worst crime on a chatboard.

Uptown Steve is a fellow New York City person relocated to Va. He is a Coast Guard Vet and is a father. Some of his critics claim he is a mother as well but that involves hyphens and we won't go there.

This interview will give you a glimpse into Uptown Steve 101.

1 How many years were you in the Coast Guard ? We have another Coast Guard Vet American Crusader ?
2 What is a Goober ? If this is a TV Land reference would a White person calling you Rerun be Racist.
3 Speaking of TV Land what is your opinion of the Jefforsons, Good Times, What's Hapening, The White Shadow, Sanford and Son and the Cosby Show ?
4 You seem to have an animosity towards Thomas Sowwel, Walter Williams, Larry Elder and Leshawn Barber. The first two are accademics do they have the same right to form their own opinions as you.
5 You also have a low opinion of Condoleza Rice. If a Conservative were to call Jesse Jackson a hustler that would be racist. However liberals call her Aunt Jemimah and that is a racial epithet. Why do liberals get a free pass.
6 You also have white and American Indian heritage. What percentage of black ancestry
makes a person black.
7 What are your views on reparations ? Who should pay and why ?
8 What are your views on immigration ? Do illegal imigrants have an adverse impact on African Americans ?
9 What is your view of the Nation of Islam ?
10 Why have you accused Donal, Hispano, JBaumgart and the Pointman of being Jews ? Is this your version of the slur %^%&&* lover ?
11 Speaking of the N word are you in favor of banning Huck Finn for the use of the N word. Paul " Commie Stooge" Robeson used that word thirty times in the Emperor Jones which can be seen on Turner Movie Classics.

12 You lived not far from Yankee Stadium did you ever go to the games ? What memories stand out.
13 Did you aquire a taste for bagels, knishes and Nathan's Famous in NYC ? There are rumors that you have been known to sneak a bagel when nobody is looking.
14 Were you any good at stickball or skiball
15 Have you heard of the Black Hebrews or the Ten Percenters


16 You have claimed that Jews ran the slave trade. What role did Muslims and Arabs play in the Eatern Slave trade ?
17 Who was responsible for ending slavery ?

18 You objected to my description of you as a " Black Nationalist" . Why do you object to this term ?
19 Why do you frequently describe myself and Northern Steve as racists. I have never seen Northern Steve ever post any material that could be remotely construed as racist. I have had frequent battles with racial nuts on FPM and Bad Eagle of all stripes.
20 What FPM poster drives you up the wall ?
21 I understand the racial aspect of calling black people Chimps . Is it okay for Ducky to refer to President Bush as Chimpy ?
22 I have been stopped by the local police sixteen times in VT. The experience is annoying but I survive until the next time. What are your views on racial and ethnic profiling ?
23 What are your views on Afirmative Action ? When should the program end ?
24 What was the last book you read ?
25 Did you watch the Dave Chapelle show or In Living Color ?

Monday, May 15, 2006

The interview with Donal

Our next guest is new to the blogosphere and has started a new blog . Donal is still a key poster at FPM where I have chosen to leave. There are many good people there but David Horowitz has not made an effort to remove serial predators. Trolls are annoying but part of blogging. However predators posts under multiple aliases talk with themselves and infest boards. Recently a serial predator who is a pedophile in real life has attempted to gain acsess to this blog.We own our collective blogs and we all should be on the lookout for a serial menace from CA called Socrates. We should be careful and check our sitemeters and check the links as he has been known to steal identities.

Trolls and FPM
1 Donal I want you to explain what distinguishes an ordinary dissenter like a Ducky or a jerk like Uptown Steve from a Socrates ?

2 Uptown is on this blog tonight and did confess to writing the note to Leshawn Barber. I have always found him to be a huge bore and not well read. Uptown has called non Jews such as Hispano, Pointman, JBaumgart and yourself as Jews.

3 Recently the Weasel has invaded this blog and objects to my description of him as
an average Communist anti semite. Would you say this is accurate ? He has been pushing WTC conspiracy claims lately ?

4 What FPM posters would make good bloggers ? I would like to read a Northern Steve or Mike blog ?

5 You have dealt with a range of pests, predators and trolls what do you think motivates them ? I almost feel sorry for Weasie as he wants a board with a few readers. Predictably when he wanted to build an audience he comes here.


6 Explain what DU is to our readers ?
7 What are progressives ? Is this the term Communists and Socialists hide behind ?
8 Do you find the posters at DU hate filled ? Have you seen conspiracy theories at DU ?


9 You are a non Jewish supporter of Israel. Does it seem like our trolls have an obsession with Israel and Jews ? I do not know if you remember a poster Murray Rothbard who blamed the Jews for 9-11 at FPM ?
10 Have you seen the cannard Zionist media at DU ?


11 We do a spoof of Rush Limbaugh's caller abortions known as troll abortion . What are your views on troll abortions and real abortions ?
12 Do you percieve a Utopian or totalitarian undercurrent in the environmental movement ? What are your views on the environment ?
13 What is your stance on Gay marriage ? I have found plenty of support for civil unions among the center right bloggers in this community. My own position is I am in favor of Civil Unions as marriage is a religious term. I do not want Ruth Bader Ginsburg or other lunatics from the far left defining my religious terms.
14 What is your view of the Second Amendment ? I find myself moving to the right on this issue.
15 Is the lefts fixation on gas, alcohol and cigarette taxes a slap in the face of the working poor and rural Americans. Have the Democrats lost touch with rural America ?

We seldom see the personal side of Donal at FPM other then her marriage and being a football fan. Let us ask some questions aout Donal tastes and interests.

16 What type of Music do you listen to ? Is Julio Englesias talented or comedic ? What do you think of Barry Manilow, Neal Diamond and ABBA ? I know for a fact that playing ABBA annoys hip hop fans. They enjoyed Dean Martin and Sinatra so that took the fun out of that joke.
17 What are your favorite movies ? Did you see Flight 93? What are your picks for the most over rated and under rated films of all time ? I thought the English patient was over rated and needed editing. I think the Quiet Man is under rated and my mother enjoys that film.
18 Do you watch Lifetime TV, Sex and the City or Desperate Housewives. I am amazed that people would watch some of that stuff. Lifetime TV seems to be all victims 24/7.
A typical movie stars Meredith Baxter Birney married to a creep who sleeps with her best friend played by Jean Smart with a predictable ending.
19 Are you a fashionista ? Do you pay attention to high fashion ? We have a running debate about people who wear plaid on this blog.
20 Do you have a particular writer you are fond of ?
21 Is there a coffee house subculture in Seattle ? What is their motto get gouged , get wired and get buzzed ? Do you pay $4.00 for a cup of coffee ?
22 Have you gone Whale watching in the Northwest ?
23 Would you rather go to a French resturant or a barbeque house.
24 Name your favorite catoon charachter ?
25 In yesterdays NY Daily News there was a picture of Paris Hilton kissing Bugs Bunny. Who do you think has a higher IQ Paris Hilton or Bugs Bunny ?

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to team with Elmer Fudd, 167 RIP and Socrasleaze aborted

Hat Tip to Florian

Uptown Steve did contact the blog from Fairpoint NY. Uptown says he has not been in Union Square Park for 20 years . He also claims he does not have an oversized head. Uptown may be crass, vulgar and anti semitic but he tends not to lie. He did admit to sending that email to Leshawn Barber.I will look for the post but it clearly was Uptown and noc Soc stealing yet another identity.

Straight Ahead

Tonight I am posting a series of questions for Donal of Dudrat review. You will get the usual off the wall questions and it should be fun. There will be a few FPM questions but the focus will be on her new blog.

Tuesday night will be an interview with Kevin of the Amboy Times. This interview is long overdue and earned. Kevin has a top shelf blog and posts excellent comments and should have been near the top of any interview series.

Over the last week or so a criminal from CA has attempted to infest my boards. Socrates is a serial criminal whose habit of posting under multiple aliases alone at FPM should earn him a lifetime ban. I was sceptical about the pedophelia charges as they are commonly used as an atomic bomb in divorce proceedings. However he has boasted of the crimes and provided details notably on the Radosh thread. His sexual harassment of female posters is legendary notably his comments about Fiona who posts under the name Sabuki. The bottom line is I own this site and Socrates and all of his creations are banned forever.

Most wanted interviews

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang of Social Sense
3 Farmer John
4 Lady Esther
5 Possum brilliant and when two conservative nature fans host a discussion it promises to be a must read.
6 Woman Honor Thyself
7 Brooke
8 Iran Watch I have sent Leonard Nimoy in search of IW. I didn't see him in any bogs
in my trip across VT.
9 Ecology new poster who is a great guy but differs with nost of us.
10 Jeff Bargholz

I am going to discuss what makes a good interview and the questions. Most of the time
I have a basic knowledge or a blog to read in order to understand a guest. Now most of us know a Ducky's odious positions and there is little point of reading rehashed predictable material. However Ducky on the subject of the Sand Pebbles or Planet of the Apes is more interesting. Ducky missed the writers thinly veiled references to race in the latter. Planet of the Apes also had an anti nuclear weapons message and was in fact pointedly liberal but our friend was unable to look beyond Charlton Heston. Yet this is a detail that we did not know .

Most bloggers are multi dimensional thus MZ also is a huge football fan. We learned that Nanc likes golf and Mr Beamish does not like rodeo. Thus we have many possibilities to work with. The interviews are meant to be a mix of entertainment and factpresented in a fun manner. Contrary to popular opinion I have only done one interview with a cartoon charachter and it was not Ducky. The interview of Anum was a difficult segment in that she demonstrated a serious lack of depth. The most disturbing question was the one where she would not eat lunch with a person who was gay or eating pork. MZ also does not eat pork but would likely bring his own meal and that is fine. I have no problem eating lunch with a gay person it doesn't change my orientation. I would have huge problems eating with a John Brown who would likely give a long lecture about fried chicken. For me the question of excluding a person based on factors unrelated to personality is unthinkable. How would most of us react if someone made similar comments about Blacks or Lefthanded people ?

Lastly I try to extract an interview that I would want to read myself. Why would I ask questions that I am well aware of the response. This creates a boredom and bored readers go elsewhere. All of us know AOW is an educator so why ask that. However, if I ask are teachers expectations of students too low and do students reach their potential without challenges is interesting reading.

Yet even a skilled interviewer can not elicit an interesting response from a crass one dimensional interviewee. A skilled interviewer must ask interesting questions but there are limits to what we can do with bad material.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

On the Road with the Beak

I set out this morning in search of carnivourous plants and a rare species of bird that is common in the NE Kingdom. The NE Kingdom is the rugged part of VT and marks the begining of the Tundra. I have been in elevated forrests in NY State but this promised to be a new adventure.

Route 105 starts in the Champlain Valley and the area is mild in climate compared to the rest of the state. Lake Champlain keeps the temperature from plumeting in the winter. The landscape is filled with Maple and Willows with an odd evergreen tossed about.The route follows the Missisquio river to Richford. The lanscape is a lush green with yellow dandilions as far as the eye can see. In the distance loom the rounded Green Mountains of VT.

Now traveling in this region is fun if the weather is damp or you own a gasmask like Mr Beamish. Today the area was damp and the smell not so bad. However as I tell the locals if a Staten Islander is complaining about foul odors believe it. The smell of the dairy farms is far worse then the Fresh Kills landfill. The locals tell you that you get used to it but the is a load of %$#%$#% much like the source of the horrible smell.

Enosburg Falls is a nice little town one can get gas and shop at the local Hanafords supermarket. The next town Richford is the butt of every joke in the area. There isn't much there but it is a small town with a border crossing. I made a wrong turn and almost ended in Canada.

From Richford to Jay we start entering the Green Mountains. My trips have been North and South . One doesn't really think about how hard it was to travel east west. Even with the luxury of a car and a paved road it is a steep climb. There are much fewer maples and evergreens are more prominent.

The trip down the eastern side is not breath taking .I follow Route 105 back into another plain. The plain area is much like the Champlain plain . For those of you who like farm land the landscape seems like a more colorful Wyeth painting. I do not care for the horible odors eminating from the cows. Thislandscape is unbroken until one comes to Newport. Newport is on the shores of a huge lake Memphragog that is mostly in Canada. It is a huge lake but much smaller then Champlain. In the distance I saw what looked to be a moving stone but with the trusty binoculars it was a large snaping Turlte.

From there I drove along 105 into the famed North East Kingdom. In the distancte the White mountains loom. The White mountains are more interesting to look at from a distance. The Green Mountains are similar to the Catskills and Poconos everthing is smooth and rounded. The White Mountains are angular and the landscape is now filled with evergreens.

I stopped my car at a resting area and entered the a bog. Always test the ground with a stick as you will sink a long way. There were signs of Moose everywhere trees with bark chewed off in a circle around shoulder high. Even some utility poles seemed to have been damaged by Moose. I ventured in looking for some pitcher plants
and did not find any or Muhlenburgs Bog Turtle . I did see a rare Wood Turle and around some good sized Bullfrogs.

I decided to continue to New Hampshire and the scenery was awesome. Route 3 follows the Connecticut river to a nice sized regional town Colebrook. Colebrook. I followed
route 26 to Upton Maine. The top of New Hampshire is narrow but roads follow streams through the Mountains. The highlihgt of the trip is Dixville Notch . Route 26 cuts in between two huge stone formations . I stopped the car in the rest area and inspected the rocks. It was an odd mix of shale , limesone and there looked to be some othrs tossed in. The wind is magnified through the crevice and a one has to account for it while driving.

I continued driving until I had reached Lake Umbagog which borders Maine. The lake is crystal clear and known as a hotspot for fishing trout and suposedly a species of land locked Salmon. I took out my binoculars and observed a great blue heron in the distace. I continued driving unil I had reached Maine and if you blink you will miss the town of Upton.

I may repeat this in a month or so and try the east west pass to the South that my coworkers swear by route 2. The scenery along Route 2 is said to be nicer and it is closer to Portland and lobster rolls.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to be smoked with Cheech and Chong, 167 keeps changing venue, Hank Snow clueless as well as bogus and Socrates aborted yet again he posts I abort life is good.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

A mini adventure

Tommorow I will be leaving at the crack of dawn to drive along rte 105 into NH. I will be venturing into the lower section of the White Mountains. This is where the tundra begins. I will be taking my binoculars and hope to find several species of carnivorous plants, moose, grayjays and the rare bog turtle.

I may cross into Maine briefly as NH is very narrow at the top. This area is rugged and should be full of surprises.

I want to urge everyone to visit AC and wish him a speedy recovery. AC is a class act and always sees the best in people. I wish I could share his optimistic viewpoint but my world is different. Communists like John Brown are to be ridiculed for their fealty to a genocidal philosophy. Weasie is a vile loathsome individual who brags of alleged intelligence and veers into Tinfoil hat territory, anti semitism and communism. The links on his site tell us all we need to know about where
he is coming from.

I want to wish all of the genuine mothers a happy mother's day. I have been called a mother often by trolls but it is often hyphenated and not Theresa or Superior.

The dreaded top ten most wanted interview list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang of Social Sense
3 Esther
4 Jeff Bargholz
5 Possum Brilliant woman on about six levels
6 Donal
7 Kevin of Amboy Times
8 Brooke
9 Woman Honor thyself
10 Ecology Great guy with a different point of view and funny.

I am going to try and get Donal to sit for an interview for Monday. She has a new blog but Nanc and Florian are familiar with her from FPM. I am going to try and get Kevin to sit in on Wed.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo , 167 changing names again Lost in Space , Weasie joins the tinfoil hat brigade, John Brown to star as Browlum in Beaker of the rings and Socrasleaze still classless.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Breakout the Cheap Booze and Roadkill It is the Roast we have all been waiting for MRRRRRR BEEEEEEEAAMISHHHH

This is another roast dedicated to one of everyones favorite blogger Mr Beamish. Mr Beamish has the most unpredictable and fun site I visit daily. One never knows if one is going to get razor sharp satire, brilliant comedy, well written and researched material or the rare but always classic Mr Beamish school of art.

Mr Beamish single handedly set the pace for the avatar craze that swept our circle.
The classic black and white gasmask has donned a Ram's helmet, a Renoir paining, the Sphinx and center stage at Mecca. It was Mr Beamish who alerted us to the possibilities of mayhem with an avatar. My nephew's favorite avatar is Warren's axeman but the one that set the standard was Mr Beamish's gasmask.

Now Mr Beamish is well known for his sense of humor but his humor is based on reality. He told John Brown that he could post uncensored if he put the disclaimer that Brown is a moron before he posts. Anyone who reads a John Brown post is well aware of the obvious. Brown was too dimwitted to follow the advice of Mr Beamish and place the warnings above his post.

Our Jihadi troll Anum Muhktar will not visit Mr Beamish. I advised him to hire Al Gore's legal team but Mr Beamish attributes it to his cyber canine Scrap Iron. Jihadis do not like to visit places with dogs. This is all the more reason we should
love man's best friend. Some of us have an unusual love for man's best friend with red wine and wild rice.

We have learned this week that Mr Beamish is quite well versed in comic books. He even explored a possible alternative universe where an odd new Super hero Wolverbeaker may join the Avengers. Now only one of us has an actual kick A^%&%^^ action figure made in his honor.

I will now play the audio bloopers from Jihadi Toy Story with his co star Hassan Miah

Hassan: I do not understand this how does a twelve inch action figure get love letters from Mariah Carey.
Mr Beamish I didn't say where the twelve inches were. As they say in the real estate biz location, location and location.

Hassan: Do you realize that according to Beakerkin that we made $400,000 dollars running the prison cigarette,alcohol and floozie rackets
Mr Beamish : Whattttt that means when I win the Presidency I will have to take a pay cut. Damn Bolsheviks!!!!!

Now if there is any complaint about the cheap booze and roadkill at this roast Warren is handling those functions.

Lets the testemonials and jokes flow freely as we salute Mr Beamish

On Deck

We should continue yesterdays thread what is the worst professional sports team in Ameica ? The NO Saints is a good candidate but Drew Brees and Reggie Bush should improve the team unless the Mayor Neagin decides to coach the team.

This weekend will be the roast of everyone's favorite blogger MR BEAMISH. Nanc will have to be the hostess.

I am thinking about a blog spoof of American Idol / Survivor called Troll Survivor.
Readers could vote who is the least talented. A good troll is like Ducky intersting
and never cries. Bad Troll are unoriginal John Brown or whiners and less then manly crybabies like 167. This would decide once and for all who the best troll is in this section of the blogosphere. We would have to unearth Robert Lindsay and get Dana the Moron from MZ.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky the early house favorite in Troll Survivor, 167 still less then manly and Socrasleaze less then human

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In the Hot Seat Rob the Dirty Liberal

Our next guest is also a grad student at UCI . He posses a razor sharp wit and seems almost too comedic to be a scientist. One of the questions in the Disgruntled Chemist
interview was if Rob was as cool in real life as he appears on the web. Rob is also from Texas and openly rooted for Texas against USC which probably made him unpopular around campus for a week.

Now sit back for what promises to be a great mix of comedy and education as we interview Rob the Dirty Liberal.

1 You have an excellent sense of humor are you sure you are a scientist and a liberal . Both groups are not exactly known for their sense of humor. The Chemist swears he is funny in real life . Is your friend Agi still mad at me for the joke about him mistaking the soap cakes in the urinals for mints ? Is the stereotype of humorless science types a myth.
2 The Chemist had an interesting mishap while demonstrating an experiment at a local school. What happens when one of your Physics experiments runs amok ?
3 Do you get a laugh at the physics gargon placed in shows like Star Trek and Dr Who.
I think Dr Who's catch phrase to every problem was reverse the polarity of the nuetron flow. Star Trek dables in talk of antimatter explosions. Does this make the shows even more corny and campy.

Physics and Everyday life
4 Would Physics draw more interest from the general public if we could relate the study to every day life. Few of us think about it except for energy.
5 What are your views on nuclear energy ?
6 What types of energy should we be trying to develop for a sound energy policy ?
7 Would you be interested in teaching a class called the Physics of everyday life.
Topics could include the Physics of car crashes and couch potatoes and energy consumption. One could demonstrate some basic concepts of physics in an entertaining
comedic attmosphere and get the audience to remember.

8 You went to France a while back did you encounter any hostility as an American from Texas despite being anti war and anti Bush ? The local French in VT do not like the Qubecois and their European kin. I live in a largely French enclave in Northern VT.
9 Have you attended a real toga party ?
10 Does UCI have a real football team ? Do you go to any of the games?
11 I remember reading a post a while back about some Scientific advance in India. India is an ally and has a great educational system that produces world class engineers and scientists. However you seemed somewhat concerned about India. Should the American people be concerned that India and China are making scientific advances ? India is the worlds largest democracy and an ally .
12 One of my themes is that the United states has gotten away from investing in Human capital. Countries like India and China readily invest in human capital (education)but they invest in engineers and doctors. How many Science classes is a Poli Sci major required to take at the undergrad level at UCI ? Should there be a greater emphasis on developing our own engineers.

Nerds Rob is too cool to be a Nerd.
13 Did you see the Revenge of the Nerds Films ? Are there Nerd types in UCI that could come off the set of a Revenge of the Nerds Film ?
14 What college Movie is the most realistic based on your experiences ?
15 Are Nerds just fashion challenged misunderstood types

16 Is light Beer an insult ?
17 Name your favorite brands of beer ?


18 Should Scientific in the Universities research be geared to commercial applications ?
19 Is the private sector better equiped to do reasearch then your average university.
20 Does corporate sponsorship taint research ?


21 Do the foriegn exchange students understand your sense of humor ?
22 What is your view on the use of animals in labratory research. Have you seen fellow students talking with lab animals. Is there alcohol or drug use before the conversations.
23 Were you a participant in the Chemist's mayhem involving Mentos and Diet Coke ?
Were you surprised at the geyser ? What was the reaction of people who passed by.
24 Did you read comic books or watch cartoons as a kid ? What were your favorites.
25 Do you talk with your peers about your experiments ? Is some of their advice usefull even if it is from another discipline.