Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The legend of the Northern VT buffet Ninja and Bandito

I am often found at a local buffet enjoying the quisine. In real life I am mild mannered and a much beloved customer at local resturants. The locals seem to enjoy the series of humorous jokes that are seldom in bad taste.

There seems to be a buffet Ninja at work in Northern Vt. Every time the shrimp is put out I seldom even catch a glimpse. The Ninja works through stealth and guile and
seems to get there just before me. I feel an elbow in my ribs and turn and like a the wind the shrimp is gone. If the shrimp was served and I do not see it was it there at all.

Some far left types seem to think it is the corporate owners fooling the masses. Those on the far right blame the blue haired senior citizens with their hairs in buns. As for me I believe in the legend of the Upper VT buffet Ninja.

Next time on legends of Northern VT Outlaw Senior Citizens riding Rascals. Has Easy Rider met Cocoon in the far North of VT.


the merry widow said...

Don't stand between a senior in thier Rascal and anything! You'll end up with feet a size or 2 larger! Little old ladies in walkers, especially wheeled ones need to be watched closely also! Canes in the hands of little old men are weapons of widespread destruction! Maybe you need a walker at the buffets, Beaker. You might get some respect from them little old ladies!


Mad Zionist said...

Beak, nice Jewish boys shouldn't be eating the shrimp, anyway.

beakerkin said...

That is true MZ but I doubt the Buffet Ninja was concerned with Kashruth. Apparently some people in town do know about Buffet Ninjas and Banditos.