Saturday, May 27, 2006

Random News

I want to welcome Jingoist to our blog community. Jingoist is a friend from FPM and is a fellow Jewish Conservative. The great thing about a blog community is that you can welcome friends like Jingoist and exclude trolls who post under several aliases.

I went to She Designs site and it has some awesome posts but she doesn't allow comments. If you haven't read the interviews of Possum and She Designs take the opportunity to meet both.

Our good friend Rob Bayn is closing his blog. I will miss his posts and those of his partner Justin Morris. I respect both of them and enjoy their posts on this blog. Someday I may even do a Farmer John special type of post with Justin. If and when Justin comes around we will try a Beakerkin/Justin Morris special on theological redemption. Does God forgive our sins if we repent ?

New top ten most wanted interviews

1 Jason Pappas
2 Farmer John
3 Mustang
4 Jeff Bargholtz
5 Jingoist
6 Woman Honor Thyself
7 Pim's Ghost
8 Amil of Bad Eagle
9 Cubed
10 Mike of Mike's America.


MissingLink said...

Hi Jingoist.
Nice to meet you.

JINGOIST said...

Missinglink it's nice to meet you too. Your handle sounds familiar, have you ever posted at FrontPage Magazine? I have a question about your screen name. Did you choose it because Homo Ergaster, Homo Habilis and Homo Sanfranciscas were already taken?

Either way, you have a great name and I look forward to posting with you.

FLORIAN said...

Hey Felis--Jingo is a great friend of ours and former FrontPage Magazine fellow hard right conservative like me. You ought to check out Felis (Missing Link's) blog--a good ol' Aussie blog with tons of dirt on the great religion of "peace" Islam.

FLORIAN said...

Beak: As a Christian who believes in the divinity of God I know he forgives our sins if we repent. Tons of stuff on that in the old and new testament.

Jingo: I also want to interview you for my blog!

JINGOIST said...

To Beaker and Florian it would be an honor and a thrill to interview on both of your websites! I haven't gotten this much attention since my ex-wife's lawyers were tag-teaming me on tape. :-) That's a great story over beers.

Just tell me how it's done. Sounds like a lot of fun!


nanc said...

good morgan!

i'm thrilled to see you back and anxiously await your hotseat interview.

if you haven't been there, linkster is a contributor on one of the best mid-size blogs going down under or anywhere:

honestly, there's something for everyone - and you'll learn to speak OZ!

Always On Watch said...

I never participated at the FPM blog, so you are completely new to me. But if you are Beak's friend, you are MY friend. Welcome!

MissingLink said...

I posted on FPM only once and everybody ignored my shy attempt to join in.
Perhaps doscussing weather was not the most clever attempt to break the ice.
Who knows.

Did you choose it because Homo Ergaster, Homo Habilis and Homo Sanfranciscas ....

I think because 'Homo Australis Onlyhalferectus' was far too long.

Flo, Nancy, Beak,
Jingo is a great friend of ours ...hard right conservative like me.
I hear ya.
I like 'conservative', sudden changes make me puke.
Pardon me.

Actually I am working on several sections of our site.
So far I have three parts ready (news, main blog and articles).
The home page is just

Discussion forum should be ready in a couple of days.

muse said...

"conservative Jew"
In my day, it meant something else; otherwise it was an oxymoron. I'm glad that things have changed.

I wish more Jews felt the pain of Jews before or more than the pain of others.

Warren said...

Hello Morgan!

What happened over at FPM, I mean, why are so many commenters branching out.

Lately, I've seen so many FPM commenters that I never used to see "out and about".

I lurked around a little and made a couple of comments but the blogging type software and password security was a joke and the word blocking was totally off the wall!

nanc said...

since i wiped out my cookie jar - i haven't been able to get back on at fpm! time for a new identity...

Elmer's Brother said...

Hey jingo it's a pleasure!

Elmer's Brother said...

Beak..Felis would be an excellent interview. Lived under communism etc....

beakerkin said...

I interviewed Felis early in the history of the spot. It was one of the better interviews. Your interview was excellent.

beakerkin said...


Those who practice the faith tend to be Conservative. The problem is that our community never dealt with the realites of Marxism. A person who is a Marxist is a traitor and a servant of a death cult. In reality they are not Jews, Americans or Isrealis.

Merely being a Marxist or Anarchist should establish probable cause for Governmental surveilance. The history of Communist subversion and espionage in the USA is well doccumented. Regretably Yeshiva University needs to take action to purge this filth from its ranks. They still have a notable Commie apologist on their staff Prof Ellen Shrecker who should be immediately retired.

Our community has played nice with traitors and needs to deal with them in a more serious manner.

beakerkin said...


Front Page Magazine still has some amazing posters. However, the forum made no effort to purge a serial predator named Socrates from its board. He posts under four aliases with zero substance.

The site has done a terible job of removing psychos like Weasie from its site as well. Horowitz is an advocate of free speech and has chosen to error on the side of freedom.

There is some irony in that when I
left FPM all those who scoffed at this site Soc, Weasie, Snow and Uptown have come here for eyeballs.
Socrates is pemanently barred and was aborted thirty times in one weekend.

the merry widow said...

Good morning and G*D bless all here!
Jingoist- I remember you from mbc, found a new place to hang! Glad to see more of the old crew wandering in! Welcome! I don't have a blog, so I just mooch on the good natured folks here and at some others in the community, nothing like a cup of coffee and an excuse to harras elmer's brother's fuzzy bunny tail! Hi EB.


Always On Watch said...

Socrates...was aborted thirty times in one weekend.

Good grief! Persistent, huh? In special ed, we speak of "perseverance," which is not a good quality when one keeps persevering along the wrong path.

the merry widow said...

Dirty gym soc is cring for attention, especially from those who ignore him! Did anyone see the AFV's video of the toddler whose father was taping his temper tantrum, every time dad moved to another room the little stinker went looking for him, when found he would throw himself on the floor and start wailing? It reminds me of some of our trolls, "Look at me, look at me! I can throw more temper around if you just watch meeeeeeee!" Infantile behavior, just not even close to being cute. AoW- I wonder if that was how so many trolls got thier way when they were little? Then the behavior became ingrained, so whining and flailing about is thier normal behavior? Doesn't encourage adult style relationships! Except for Ducky, he doesn't whine and kick his feet so much! Hm? Let me think on this somemore, I think we have proof that spoiling your child and letting them get away with that behavior is bad for proper growth.


Elmer's Brother said...

I am sorry I missed that one with Felis Beak. I gotta find that one. tmw do your really want to get started with me? I can send people to a merry widow site if you want?

Elmer's Brother said...

(embarrassed and staring at feet) I enjoyed the interview with Felis.

beakerkin said...

Elmer there is an unpublished side bar to that interview . Author Dr Yeagley liked that interview so much he answered Felis's questions as well.

For whatever reason he did not want to do a tailored interview. I guess it was more fun for him to answer questions designed for Felis.

Elmer's Brother said...

Beak I forgot to tell you thanks fo the opportunity, it was fun.

beakerkin said...


The key to interview is to have a good guest and you excelled in that role. My job is to come with interesting questions that enjoyable to read and informative.

I find amazing that John Brown Brown directly parodies this segment and even calls it on the grill. In many ways it is much tougher to interview someone I agree with like yourself then a flim flam man like the Duck.

the merry widow said...

EB- You're too late! Nanc got there first! I almost got banned(I think), it's over on LongRange, before Nanc found a home! So getting myself in trouble is nothing new, I get so tickled I tend to go off the deep end! I think everyone just e-mails each other about how I acted like an idjit, again! And ask Nanc about the "merry widows" and my red satin shoes!


Elmer's Brother said...

Well imitation is the highest form of flattery Beak.

tmw - red satin shoes're scaring me now

the merry widow said...

EB- The're RED, the're Italian, the're open toed slingbacks and I wear them to church! How do you think I came up with the handle? hehehe! I got it the old fashioned way, I earned it! And I'm a redblooded American woman who proudly wears them!


Brooke said...

Hey, Morgan! Nice to meet you; your comments are really good!

I hope to see a lot more of you!

Camera Lucida said...


I just don't have time to responsibly answer posts. And I'm not sure if I would get trolls (I usually tend to post about art, books, design), but in case I do, it would be a headache.

I always encourage emails, though.

Mr. Ducky said...

Hey Florian, is Beak going to hell? I thought I'd ask a thumper for a ruling.