Monday, October 31, 2005

Age of Ignorance

Those of you who are new to the blog are wondering about this title. It could pertain to 167 and Ducky's natural state but not for this post.

VS Naipul is a brilliant author who is a true craftsman. He doesn't machine gun his readers with facts or jokes in odd places. He has a great fluid style but the best style still belongs to Monica Crowley. Reading a book should never feel like a chore
and Naipul's style is a plus except when he ventures into art and botany. I am versed in both areas so it was no problem for me.

Naipul gently describes Islamo colonialism erasing traditions among converted people.
I am struck by the animaslistic rage Javans whiped themselves into all because a poet signed an article AG meaning he is a Christian. This matches the idiocay of the far left who also get their pants tied in a knot over anything from non Commie front groups claiming to be Christian.

I do not need a Marxist using my history (joooish )to indict Christianity. Holocaust survivors were a part of my daily life and none of the hundreds I knew ever said a word about Christianity. However I can and do talk with Russian Emigres who will tell you the most venal anti semites are Marxists.

The rationale of Islam is simple anything that came before Islam belongs to the age of ignorance and must be erased. Thus when Arafat dennied to Clintooon that the Temple ever existed in Jerusalem he was repeating standard Islamic practice of trashing history for his own ends , Communists also play this game by creating non people and events.

The rationale of Islam is that everyone is born Muslim and that only by submitting to the truth is your life worthy. Excuse us Abdul Americans are people of backbone
unlike Euroleftists we do not yield to intimidation. Yet te Euroleft remains silent over the Progressive answer to Islam. The Progressive put the troublesome Muslims onto cattle cars and sent them ( Poles , Balts were also sent) to die in a frozen wasteland.

Is the Beak the luckiest man in VT

My coworkers and some locals swear that I am the luckiest person in VT. I hit a deer and walk away with no damage to the car or deer. Last week a tree fell on top of me
and again no damage to car or Beaker. I did have to change my outfit because I got thrown into the snow. The locals are swearing that I am the luckiest man around.

My experiences with death and near death on 9-11 lead me to a different take on the subject. The line between death and near death is subtle. I no longer fear it as I once did . When our time comes is often not determined by us. Some of us go in our sleep but the rarest ones will go out in a tragic event.

The moral of the story is we do not write the final pages of our life story. Therefore it is important that we stop and reflect and tell those around us we love them. It is also important not to hold petty grudges against anyone other then Commies or Jihadists.

I may be the first person in recent times who can respond with a straight face to the oldest joke. "How fast was the tree moving when it hit you" I obviously wasn't going fast enough to get out of the way.

On Thursday I am working on a surprise collumn.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Happy Birthday to Warren

I want to pause from Duck hunting to talk about the relevant.

Let us pause and wish a happy Birthday to Warren and wish him the best in the current year. Long term readers of this blog know that most of us are a small family.
Warren was there from the beging of this blog when we were besiged by anti Semites from the UK. Warren and I batted them around but they fled as soon as Jason gave them a shot between the eyes.

I have a fondness for 90% of the readers but Warren is a special friend to all that post here without numbers or named after poultry.

For those that read but do not comment . B is a friend and we agree on many things
in another era our paths might have been reversed.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Hypocrisy about the Religious left

The popular cry is a deep concern about Falwell , Robertson and others imposing theocracy on America. Yetb our liberal friends have zero problem with far left even Communistic religious people and organizations entering the fray.

The World Council of Churches is a Commie front groip . The pathology of Liberation theology and the Maryknoll (Commieknoll) Catholics interjected themselves into the Cold War. The Pope who lived under the malady of Communism dealt with the perversion of Liberation theology. This is a major reason why the left has an obsession with the current Pope. Rev Soan (Lennins Tomb) Coffin and the Berrigan brothers comedy act are well known to Vietnam era readers.

Jesse Jackson, Sharpton and the Bill Clinton appeared in black Churches daily. Yet the left sees nothing wrong with this. However they cry the second a Republican or a Conservative pators preaches a different tune. Mormons are a particular target of the far left as they are generaly Conservative. We had a deranged far left poster call Warren a Mormon. Yet the same people who preach tolerance for the sons of Allah who really want to impose theocracy on everyone they do not slaughter remain silent,

PS While all of us had our attention elsewhere Marc Rich is in the OIl for Food scandal. Hillary will not be aked at all.

PPS A conspirator in WTC 93 was released and deported to Egypt. Eight years for the death and destruction of WTC 93 is a joke. I am a survivor of thaty blast and outraged. All of the conspirators in that plot should have been executed.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Book Review The Pride and the Rage . Best rant this side of Mr Beamish

On this blog we stop to review books. Some are useful others are subpar and we also grade them on entertainment as well.

The Pride and Rage is not a hard hitting book that we can use in our daily blogs. It is the best ever rant against the sons of Allah who leave death and destruction in their wake. The author kicks the tail of the Euro PC elite by calling them Cicadas.

If you are looking for fun reading this is a great choice. However if you want to stick it to Commie/ Islamo anti semitic appologists like Ducky this is not the vehicle.

Just to explain how the news cycle works and determines what stories we are fed. How many of you knnew that today a German court sentenced four sons of Allah for planning to bomb Jews in Germany. Few of you will have read that story but you read Abu Gharib endlessly. The fact that Jooooos were a target outside of Israel points out the deep seeded anti Semitism in the sons of Allah.Yet the media won't stray from the Islamo victim line even if all of us buy the farm in the process.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wrong again Duncy

I will deal with the intelligent dissent B after I deal with the anti Semitic , Wahabi apologist Communo Daffy Duck.

McCarty can not be a witch hunt as unlike witches Commie traitors were and are real. Their perfidity and complicity in the crimes against American and a range of others are fact.

Myth Number 1 The Rosenburgs were innocent. The far left knowingly spun this tale for thirty years.

Myth number 2 The Us Communist party was independent and no espionage took place there. Read the Venona cables they were subsidised by Moscow and did extensive espionage.

Myth Number 3 Alger Hiss was innocent. No read the Vennona papers.

Myth NUmber 4 Members of the Peace movement in the Vietnam era were domesticaly guided. No John Kerry, Hayden and others met with Communist intelligence officers durring a war.

Thus it is entirely relevant that Cindy Sheehan is protesting with Known Communists in Code Pink, Answer and United for Peace and Justice. Once again Liberals do not make any effort to distance themselves or denounce Communists. Liberals have failed to clean house.

Yet there is a world of difference between patriotic dissent like B and sometimes Justins and the insane Communist lines espoused by the Duck and others. The failure of patriotic liberals to push out the Commie has hurt their cause immeasurably.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

No Sympathy

The press is in its latest insult to Islam mode. The bodies of two Taliban vermin were burned by our special forces in Afghanistan. Cremation is against Islamic law unless one does it in the name of Jihad. My patience with this crew was lost on 9-11 after 2900 of my fellow NYC residents were incinerated by the Sons of Allah. Brave men rushed to their death hoping to save lives and I had a front row seat.

I am tired of everything being an insult to Islam. Shooting schoolkids in the back offends me, do the sons of Allah care. Beheading hostages while chang Allah Ahkbar offends me, do the sons of Allah care. I can go further but you get the point.

Maybe we should take this Psyops one step further. Lets take some Marshmellows with pork products and use pork fat as a starter.

No let the Muslim world worry about how the American people feel. Most of us are sick and tired of the terrorism rationalization BS. Jihad is only in self defense....
Killing civilians is okay...... If Muslims feel uncomfortable let them blame CAIR and other groups for spin and the mitigsation game

Monday, October 24, 2005

Note to B Known anti semites and Communists.

There are only four people that I have labeled Communist Anti Semites. Many people such as yourself , Justin Morris, Rob Bayn , Kafkaesqe, Ac Pariot have disagreed with this blog without either label.

1 Ducky - Ducky is a vulgar person who mitigates the crimes of Communism and Radical Islam. He often posts epithets as inbred Lubavitcher, Likudnik, Neocon ( I was never a leftist always a anti Commie moderate) . He often blames the Iraq war on Israel and such conservatives as Howard Dean have described that as anti Semitic.

2 147 actualy calls himself a Communist and has frequent references to the " Jewish Question". People who are mild mannered like Esther will readily tell you he is an Anti Semite.

3 167 Has repeated the line true Communism was never tried yet. Has had lengthy arguments with myself , Jason Papas and JB of Citcom where he appologizes mitigates and refuses to lay any blame on Communists or Communism.

Wants to ban Zionists alone from freedom of speech in Universities. Espouses the Joooos stole the Holocaust. Promotes Norman Finkelstein whose thesis on the Holocaust inustry was copmpared by the NYT to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
Praised a post that accused jooooos of creating Alienation , Pollution and greed by the infamous anti semite Simon Jones who is a prime contributor to the virulently Anti Semitic Jewish Tribal Review. Has also repeated the Israel and Jewish Cabal are responsible for the Iraq War. Has posted links directly from sources of notorious Holocaust denier David Irving.

4 Mark Elf Posts such goodies as Israel's Dr Mengele , Finkelstein's crank theories,
Jews were never persecuted in Arab lands, Jewish Cabal started the Iraq War.

Prime contributor of infamous blog called Lennins tomb.

Communists often deny what they are. I have dealt with the real thing in Union Square as has Jason Papas. I know the game quite well.

Facism and religious Christians have never betrayed the country. The Communist left has a rather lengthy history of treason read the Vennona cables. True facists are rare but the term is most often used to describe anti communists. 100,000,000 dead is a monumental crime.

If you had read the blogs in question you might be better prepared for this post. Calling a Communist by name is not McCarthyism . The evils and perfidity of the far left speak for themselves.

Note to B real Communism

Mark Elf and the Recidooofus 167 are genuine Communist anti Semites. They regularly play word games with Jooooooo and Zionist. Both are quite fond of Norman ( He calls himself a Green but he is Red) Finklestein whose works were compared to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

As for Communism both dumbasses pushed movements to bar Zionist from speaking on Campuses. The Recidooofus has defended and mitigated the crimes of the Communists. He has even stated the standard lie that " Real Communism was never attempted" in debates with myself , Jason Papas and JB of Citzcom. Elf is a contributor to the infamous Blog known as Lennins Tomb. His entire blog is consistent with lies, treason
of known Communist groups in NYC. Posts like " Israel's Dr Mengele and lies that Joooos were ethnically cleansed or oppressed in Arab lands are his staple.

The far left Communists in the USA and worldwide have a history of lying and denying their identity. The same Communists have a lengthy history of treason in the USA and elsewhere. The 100,000,000 dead is a low end figure and you should take a closer look
at some of the people who claim to be liberals.

Now as far as your statements about the Plame matter. As Beamish pointed out Congress
investigated and a bipartisan commision concluded he lied. He was a Kerry operative who attempted to damage the administration. He lied about his wifes role (nepotism)
in his appointmentto the job. He was on local Radio John Batchelor and was questioned by author JOhn LOftus and said " I didn't know about ten times. " Plame has not been a covert agent in years. Her appointment of a partisan hack ( Kerry operative) and nepotism in the appointment of her husband should have got her terminated. Treason in the Plame matter if every detail you said were true is a reach.The fact is none of the details as you represented were true.

A general rule is for treason turn to your left.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Time to end the sloth on campus

Liberals like to whine about the importance of higher education yet they do zero to make it affordable. The current system of sloth and wasteful social science research
is pricing college out of affordability.

Let us end the pretense that Social science has value. Most of these articles are in irrelevant journals that less then one hundred eggheads read. Society gets zero value or benefit from Chomsky or Norman Finkelstein latest stupidity. Most of these programs are jobs programs for Bolsheviks.

Require all professors in the social sciences teach a minimum of six classes or three hundred students. The evaluation of educators should be entirely on the ability to educate.

The current 64 credit liberal arts ciriculm should be cut to 39 with the balance remaining in business classes. When the college graduates leave and apply for a job they can have a clue. Marketing 1001 is more relevant to graduates then Marxist diatribes about mating rituals of some obscure group living in the rainforrest.

Accademia is out of touch with the American people. It is time that it be held up like any other business. If their costs are out of control no more student loans.

The Gay Bunker.

People reading this blog assume I am a doctrinaire conservative.However in reality I am advertised a vehemently anti Communist moderate. Communists have no place in the debate on anything . They are to be laughed at like other morons like racial supremacists and extreeme environmental nuts. Most environmento nut jobs are Communists in reality.

The vast majority of gays are well adjusted normal people as far removed from 167 as you or I are removed from David Duke. The problem many gays have is they let the far left Commies speak for them. I have always maintained I speak for myself and it is time that well adjusted Gay people do as well.

I define Gay rights as human rights. Gays have every right to be left alone but please don't tell me details. I do not care or need to know make your point and move on. I do not need to tell anyone that I prefer petite brunette females. Nobody should care as it has zero to do with my worth as a person or employee.

That being said I do not need a special ciriculum as all gay sex acts can be performed by heterosexuals. Nor does the subject need to be adressed in any manner until late Junior high. The entire segment should be on acceptance not the hysterical screeching or preaching. Thus I am against efforts like NYC moronic children of the rainbow. Let young kids learn to read without attempts at indoctrination as Heather has two Mommies or Gloria goes to Gay Pride.

I also do not want insane Marxists defining religious scriptures and terms. God is and never will or can be PC. Any religion defines truth to believers in a circle and places unbelievers outside the circle. If your church says I am hell bound as an unbeliever I have zero problem.

However the limits of religious freedom are religions that advocate criminal acts against nonbelievers. I have zero problem with a Church that says God hates Jews or Fags. I have problems if the church advocates man ( a flawed creation) carry out this divine interpretation and start killing Jews , Gays or anyone named Cletus.

Thus I am perplexed by liberals making excuses for Islam and Johny Jihad or Comrade Karl. Islam is a religion whose mainstream thought is the conquer of the planet and wholesale slaughter of Jews , Gays and others. These are not mere words but points of action. Temples in Tunisia, Buenos Aires , Office towers in NYC and School kids in Beslan have zero to do with anything. In fact given the level of provocation I am amazed India, Russia and Israel others are as restrained as they are.

Thus the world says zero when Muslims shoot school kids in the back. Yet we are supposed to be mortified about the cremation of Muslim bodies or Abu Gahrib. Sorry there Abdul your cohorts had zero concerns about burning 2900 of my friends and fellow NYC residents to a crisp on 9-11. At least we waited till Mahmoud was dead to incinerate him.

The lack of coherncy from the screaching far left gay crowd ( not you mercurial Morris) is beyond belief. London is attacked on 7-7 and the big problem is a police accident without the mention of religious nuts who caused it. There was the usual lame attempt to tie the 7-7 massacre to Iraq etc. Muslims do not need grievances they invent them. The butcher of Baghdad in his BVDS is an outrage. No gasing Kuds at Halabja and running rape rooms is an outrage.

Yet the screaching hypocritical imperial left is amazing. Falwell says boo about gays and stop the presses. Islamic goverments kill gays as national policy ho hum. How dare you critisize a third world goverment. How dare you point out the anti Semitism of Johny Jihad or Komrade Karl.

I do not know if the majority of well adjusted Gay people feel the same disgust I feel when Chomsky, Lerner and other Comuno loosers claim to speak for me.

I am an American and I love my country. I speak with pride and reverance for my people and history. Woe onto you Johny Jihad when you attack my country. You can have your stinking fetid dessert.Komrade Karl you may claim to be American but you never were and will be. I will fight your treason till the end of my days. More us need to stop appologizing for being American . I do not think the Eurosalons and accademic gasbags are more relevant then Walmart shoppers. In fact I care about the opinions of Walmart Shoppers more then gasbags at MIT or NYU. Walmart Shoppers and people who serve the country each and every day are our backbone. The accademic and Hollywood gas bags are parasites feeding on our greatness.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Whoa Oriana Fallaci takes no prisoners

I am now in New Jersey visiting my Nephew of the familiar High Voltage blog. I am reading Oriana Fallaci's the Pride and Rage . I am about one third through the book and my jaw is on the ground.

Those of you who have read my book reviews know I seldom give a great review. I am reading the book and I amazed at her courage and fire. If you want to read a tough well composed attack on Johny Jihad this is it.

Now I have been disappointed by books with great starts and lousy endings. If you see this book in the book store grab it. Maybe we should see if it is available in cassete form for the bird brained duck.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bodansky's Secret History of the Iraq War

Bodansky's book is riveting and a direct response to the cool aid drinkers of both the left and right. Saddam and terrorists were tied at the hip and the WMD were moved to Syria . However US intelligence blundered in every single assesment. Unlike Bodansky I do not see the war as a permanent debacle . If and when we can get an Iraqi army in the field we can go home. The other option is to divide Iraq into three or more governable states. Why the Bush administration stopped a Russian coup that would have ousted and killed Saddam is unknown but stupid if true.

The CIA has been under attack for the longest time. The dumbocrats have chosen to cater to seditious far left Chomsky types rather then look out for the American people. The ultimate betrayal of the people was by Robert Toreceli who was trying to impress his Communist girlfriend Bianca Jagger. Torecceli thinking with the wrong head passed legislation that made it next to impossible to recruit human intelligence
unless they were boyscouts.

The hiring practices of the CIA and the State Department must also come under scrutiny. When a far left Commie anti semite is allowed to remain on the job and influence government policy it is time for a change. The fact that a person like Ray McGovern was allowed to work in the CIA means it is time for reform. The fact that the agency was misrun and abused in eightg years of the Clinton era is also a problem.

The answer is that there should be an immediate purge of all far left types at the State Department. The current practice of hiring people with Social Science degress
from elite universities is a failure. A person with eight years of Marxist brainwashing is not likely to have the faculties for the job. The American people would be better served by the placement of people with business degrees and experience in the corporate world. The cloak and dagger of major corporations is a better training ground then reading Chomsky in a class led by a Woodstock refugee.

I am returning to NYC so I will not get to post until tommorow. I am only in for a long weekend.

Will someone get the insurance on that deer ?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kosher Wine , Deer meat and a Ford do not mix

At 4AM this morning I hit a deer with my Ford. There was no damage to the car as I slowed to 5MPH and the deer was no worse for the wear. I was driving along at 30 MPH coming around a turn when a deer appeared in the middle of the road. I had oncoming trafic on one side and trees on the left. If I slammed on the brakes there was a good chance I would be in the great blog in the sky. I said Bambi it you or me and it aint going to be me.

I hit the deer and sent him flying about 10 feet but I had got the car to a stop. I remembered the sage words of a coworker if you ever hit a deer stay in the car. Do not check to see if the deer is okay. Sure enough after two minutes the buck sprang up and started to move like a mechanical bull.

I arrived at work and assumed my car must be totaled . Yet when I met my boss in the parking lot I found not even a scratch.

Naturaly the forces of evil have claimed credit for the suicide deer. 167, 147, Ducky, Hezbollah and Osama all claimed credit. My coworkers were amazed at how calm I was. I did not survive historic events to be taken out by a deer in VT. Yet having been through those events I no longer fear the unknown as it is part of life. Not that I am in a hurry to go to the afterlife . 167 assures me that as a Zionist I am hell bound. He also claims I will meet Pope John Paul, Reagan and Sharon. I'll take that company over commies any day.

Now all you Jewish motorists please remember Deer meet does not go with Kosher wine.
Leave the road kill for the poor and other scavengers like far left environloosers.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Americas friend

I am finishing Bodansky's the Secret Iraq War. Bodansky is no fan of Bush or the far left phonies.

America was having problems in Iraq with mounting casualties and limited effectiveness. The Americans did send some officers for training in Israeli methods and the results were a more effective Army on the battlefield. The war on terror sadly has an three enemies.

Enemy number one is the cowardly Jihadist who thinks of himself a Superman. This Superman needs to hide behind civilians and create colateral damage. No attrocity commited by the cowardly Jihadist is ever treated seriously. Beheading Mark Berg got one days press but Jihadist made to play naked twister got several months of headlines.

Enemy number two is the far left. The far left is in hypocritical mode and every action taken by the US or Israel is under a microscope. A hurricane hits the USA must be the result of evil GOP plot to kill black people. It turns out the incompetence was local and the stories of 30,000 dead were media hype. A competent Mayor and Govenor could have handled the situation better.

Enemy number three is apathy. Some well intentioned people forget the enemy we face wants to kill all of us. They do not care if you are liberal, black or white. However Joooos and Gays go to the front of the line for death.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ten Consecutive days of rain

It has rained up here in Northern Vermont ten days in a row. Visability on the local roads at times is poor . I have had to learn to drive in fog with near zero visability.

The good side is the terrible odor eminating from the dairy farms does not travel in cold weather. The locals say one gets used to the horrible odors but it isn't true.

The worst part of local life is having to drive thirty miles for basic household goods. Do you want to buy a toaster well head on the interstate. There isn't a genuine News stand for fifty miles. There is a local bookstore that I do alot of business with.

I am getting used to being stopped by the local police who are never rude. Sir your registration is in the glove compartment. The fact that the local policeman knows where I keep my title speaks vollumes. My coworkers swear everyone is treated badly at the local Friendlys.

I miss home but I will be in NYC on Thursday morning. Having everything a man could want at ones fingertips is comforting. I will take the smell of oil refineries across the Arthur Kill over dairy farms any day of the week.

Toomuch secrecy in Iraq

I am reading Bodansky's Secret History of the Iraq War. Bodansky is no fan of the Bush administration. However he is also not an appologist for the commie cadre of liars and quislings.

My problem with the administration is the failure to inform the American public of the role of Hezbollah in the terrorist attacks in Iraq. Hezbollah itself is not a shadowy group but a tool of Iranian and Syrian intelligence.

The US forces have captured several of Hezbollahs agents in Iraq. The administration needs to put them on TV and let the American people know. The first myth is that terrorists do not cooperate Al Queda and Hezbollah have been working together for years.

Once the American people are informed it is time for the war on terror to kill actual terrorists. Saturation bombing by US and Israel of Hezbollah bases in Lebanon should begin at once. Damascus and Tehran can be sent reminders they are next. The failure of the administration to present the Iranian and Syrian roles in the Iraqi terror against our troops is stagering.

Moreover members of the far left who meet with Hezbollah can be officialy sent to Club Gitmo.

More Stupidity from the left

On my way to the Gas station I heard the latest far left fantasy. A few eggheads from UVM are holding a secession confrence in Montpelier. The far left has finaly gone off the deep end. A state dependent on Pork wants to talk about forming its own country.

Lets see the Dairy industry without hefty subsidies goes in the toilet. The profusion of Federal jobs given as a payback for clout goes in the toilet. Basic understanding of the local economy of Vermont is lost on these insane far left eggheads.

As the far left becomes more irrelevant they become more bizzarre. Lets refight the civil war . Been there done that over one hundred years ago. Here is a great idea how about sending far left types to Cuba . We can get some tires and some Copertone for the trip from Key West. They can even name their new Cuban home Chomskyville.

Regular Vermonters and sane people just shake their heads at this stupidity.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Real Blowback Theory

My heart does go out to the victims of the latest Islamonazi attrocity in Russia. No excuses for disgusting outrages against Civilians in the name of Allah . Anything Russia does to the perpetrators of this crime is waranted. The perpatrators deserve to be tortured and killed and humiliated like the Jihadis do with their famous beheading videos.

The Russian Government and the far left get zero sympathy. Putins Commie fink buddies started this game with the far lefts favorite false indigenous people the Pseudostinians. Communists being populists and anti semites at heart were the key founders of the PLO terror network along with thatg great progressive goon Nasser of the Pan Arab fantasy. The plan worked well as long as the Islamocommies and Islamonazis killed Joooos. The fact that they brutalize Hindoooooos and Christians is a trivial detail to the far left more eggs for the omlette nobody has seen or tasted. The story of the Commies role in establishing the Islamic terror as we know it is in 167's favorite book The Black Book of Communism. Most people critique books that they have read but 167 feels a need to review books he has never read.

My sympathy goes out to the Russian people but I have zero for the Communists who created and fostered the mess. To Quote another Muslim Malcom X " The Chickens have come home to roost". If it was good enough for the Jooos do not complain when the same unreasonable demands are placed on you.

Nepotism Kills

One fact quite clear is that the Americans were aided by the idiocy of Saddams son Quesay. The son's military ineptitude led directly to the slaughter of several units of the Republican Gaurd. His idiotic speech before the Americans reached Baghdad caused many units to drop their weapons and return home.

Nepotism is a universal problem but at its zenith in the Arab world. The King of Jordan designated his son who is the best of a sorry lot of the next generation of rulers. The jury is still out on Bashar Assad who looks lost in Syria. In fact if Syria does become a battlefield do not be surprised to see fragmentation.

Mubarak and Quadaffi want to bestow their countries on their progeny. The Arab armed forces in Iraq and elsewhere hand out rank on the basis of personal loyalty rather then on ability. The result is when they face a real army it is a professional soldier vs a political hack. America has its own problems with nepotism but fortunately the military is left alone. Nepotism is a oroblem that crosses party lines and we should strive to eliminate it.

The truth is that this nepotism and the strong man system ensure Arab defeat. Societies that do not reward its most able are corrupt and prone to failure. Yet the Middle Eastern scholars never point to the strong man / nepotism cycle for much of the chaos and humiliation that they claim is rife in thne Arab world.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

New Reading Material VS Naipul and Bodansky

I am reading Bodansky's the Secret Iraq War. Bodansky is no friend to the leftist cranks, Arabs or Bush. His basic premise is largely that Saddam did have active ties to terror but that Bush mishandled the situation.

Arabs have a mania about any foriegn invasions. Thus the idiocy of the Arab street coming to the defense of the "Butcher of Baghdad" is comical. Lets rally around a man who has killed more Arabs then anyone else because he said the word Palestine. Egypt double crossed the USA because Mubarak is intent on giving his son power when he retires. The Saudis were duplicitous as to be expected from the Saudi Mafia family. Syria closely allied itself with Saddam and then Iran.

Not all Arab states were on the wrong side. Kuwait,Oman and Jordan were helpful with bases and some logistical support.

Turkey is the ultimate villan with its obsession about the KUrds. Turkey mistreats and denies a Kurdish nationality. The monomania about a possible Kurdistan led Turkey
to block our army from opening a Northern front.

Iran had its own machinations but quickly realized a Shite Islamic state was not in the cards. Iran too wanted to block a Kurdish state and counter the Turks. I am wondering if a smarter move would have been to let the Turks clean Irans clock.

Russia did try to stage a coup but Bush blundered. A Russian coup would have spared us the war .Russia was trying to protect its investments in Iraq. France is corerectly described as obstructionist.

The story that Bodansky tells that missed the radar is Arafat tried to provoke an Israeli counter reaction. Arafat and Saddam wanted a Arab war against Israel to save his own bacon. Arafat being a moron and a crook decided to let his people face decimation in a war that they could not possibly win for reasons of ego.

The book throws cold water on the idiots who say that Saddam was not sponsoring terrorism. In fact Abu Abbas and Iraqi 999 units were sent to Turkey , Israel and the Gulf states to await orders. There were contacts with Al Queda before Zarqawi arrived as well. Imad Mougniyah is also heavily involved with the terrorism in Iraq and on the Iranian payroll.

Interesting book so far and it seems to make sense.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kurdistan and Assyria.

I have long been an advocate of the rights of both of trhese people to homelands. The fact that they despise each other and the Assyrians have plenty of reason to despise the Kurds doesn't change my view.

The standard Leftist tripe about fake indigenous people stands and exposes their hypocrisy at the plight of genuine ones. Let the Kurdistan rise in Iraq and start the fight in the Syrian, Turkish and Iranian areas. Unlike the psuedostinians the Kurds have their own language and culture dating back 3000 years. The buffoons in England and France sold out the Kurds and Assyrians and divided them after WWI.

The Turks lost all right to a say in how Iraq is governed by their obstructionism in the initial phases of the war.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Book Review Bat Yeor's Eurabia

If you have read the Spenser book this book is a waste of time. However as a stand alone book this is an interesting voyage. Bat Yeor traces the rise of anti semitism to the political and monetary machinations of France , Germany and Belgium. Yet like a Frankenstein monster the deal becomes a bad bargain when demographics will create a Islamic states in Europe. I am seeing plenty of Muslims fleeing Europe at work so I do not know what to make of the hypothesis.

Certainly Yeor explains the delusional thinking of our favorite Communist labotomy with his virulent antisemitism while clinging to a flight of fancy that he is pro Jooooooooooo. Yeor does mention the idocy of the Commie left but should illuminate the subject with more extensive coverage. The idiocy of a gay appologist for movements that openly advocate killing gays allong with unbelievers of every stripe is revealing. However if one has a smidgeon of logic they tend to toss Marx with yesterdays trash.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is the day where the almighty dictates the fate of all. I am not a literalist but my life has been an adventure. There are moments that all of us need to reflect upon the passage of time.

I have looked back at the passage of time and reflected on rights and wrongs and adjusted to new conditions. After living through the mess of WTC 93 and the horrors of 911 I decided to do my part in the war on terror. I have moved 400 miles away from friends and family because I could no longer sit on the sideline.

Yet there is the hope with the new year I can be doing my job close to home. Vermont is a wonderful place and 90% of Vermonters have been great. I long for the company of friends family and exotic NYC. Will my wish be granted is up to powers well above me.

Either way I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the country I love . I have had many jobs over the years but this is the only time I have worked for a higher calling. People on the far left do not understand the love and dedication my coworkers have to our craft. Many are lawyers who could be earning three times as much elsewhere.

I count my blessing each and every day . I live in a wonderful country I adore. I have a fine family and wonderful friends including the readers of this blog. Yet each and every day I see people wanting to join our family legaly. Sadly, there are heartbreaking cases where the law does not allow me to help. All we can ever do is our best and count our blessings each and every day.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Its my City and I will Die where I want to

NYC is not an exotic location to me it is home. I am tired of religious zealots attacking my home. I am tired of communists whinning and telling me its is a big conspiracy and I must undersdtand their rage. No I do not need or care to understand their anger. I just need to hunt and kill the religious nuts before they blow my home up yet again.

The communists are the defacto allies of the religious nuts and they enable and provide tactical support. This time NYC residents should once and for all casst away our fame tolerance and let the traitors have it. How many of our loved ones have to die before the far left stops desecraing their memory ?

The far left many of whom also call NYC home has lost its collective mind. I find nothing more scandalous then the psychological pathology of the far left to play games with the memories of our loved ones. If they wish to live in an Israel type of existence where being blown up on the way for a slice of pizza is just a fact of life they can. I will never accept this as reality in my home.

Homeward Bound

I am working on an assignment that would send me to Newark. I would have to spend a week training in MO, that is Beamish country. I can be back in the city I love and serve my country at home.

The deal is far from finalized but I will be returning next week . I will visit with my nephew high voltage. I will tour Chinatown, Ground Zero and bring back stuff for my coworkers.

In a day or so I will make a special Yom Kippur post. Yom Kippur is allegedly the time that the all mighty writes the book of living. I have had some visits to the edge of the pages but have always been in the book of Life. Coworkers joked that Osama can not plan a bombing until I return. Osama was never big on manners.

I am going out to the local buffet it seems they are serving Roast Duck.

Justin good to hear from you my friend . Everyone else have a wonderful weekend except for Ducky. Beamish is writting a pop up Capitalist book so you will understand why Marxism always fails.


Friday, October 07, 2005

Failure to learn the lessons of the Cold War

I sit watching my beloved city under yet another terrorist threat. I can live with those threats it is part of the price for living in NYC. I will be returning shortly
but that is another post.

The problem with the Cold War was we treated Communism as just another political viewpoint. Thus as another viewpoint they are entitled to the freedoms the rest of us have. Unfortunately, we have learned that CPUSA was entirely funded by Moscow . We also learned about espionage centered from CPUSA. We have also learned of the ancient tactic of Front Groups to disguise the CPUSA involvement.

Communism is an expansionistic hegemonistic system that seeks the violent overthrow of Capitalism. Islam is not a religion like Baptists or Zoroastrians . There is also the desire for world domination expressed in the faith . Jihad is not a diversion it is a central theme.

Civil rights do not include national suicide, if it does Striesand goes first. These groups should be closely monitored and if they violate the law prosecuted . Members of Code Pink gave money and medical supplies to our enemies in Falujah . The people responsible should be tried.

Free Speech does not include meeting with foriegn intelligence agencies or terrorists . Hayden and others did this durring Vietnam and should have faced prosecution. Sedition and Treason are not protected by the first amendment. The FBI has an obligation to watch Mosques and far left groups. It is time we wise up and learn from our mistakes.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Time to play offense

one of the things moderates and Conservatives do wrong in the ideological arena is we spend way too much time on responding to idiocy from the far left. I think it is time we go out and take the fight to the enemy.

On another blog a Native American Communist is famous for his blame America and capitalism rants. I asked himwho killed and persecuted the Miskito indians. The result was no comment and a change of topic. I asked the same question and got a dodge. I pointed out the dodge and the commie has not been seen on the board.

Moral of this example know the crimes of the far left ( Not liberals B) and stay on top. Stick to your point and if need be go into Coulter mode. Have no mercy for traitors and members of the blood thirsty members of the cult of death.

Learn from Briendel and do not hesitate to call a Commie a Commie. The far left throws terms around all day so do not feel bad.

Remember it is rare that you will encounter a jihadist and anyone reading Always on the Watch or Liberty and Culture sould be ready by now. Let us focus on the Chomskyites and the Answer crowd. The relitive ease of dismantling the far left will be dealt with in the next post.

Rule one stay on topic and do not let the Commies move the issue.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Interesting slip of the tounge.

Ducky who I do not loathe even though he is a Marxist anti semitic stooge called it your America in a post. Heis right you know as Marxist are deeply alienated from a country that most of us love. Ronald Reagan said scratch a Commie and you will smell fear. Step into the light and you too can be free. Alas I know that the Duck or 167 etc can not put away their Marxist religion based on lies and fiction. The irony is that they rationalize that their love of Marx is superior to our patriotism and religious faith. The Marxist see faith as primitive but they impose far greater leaps of logic when they try to play God and redifine man.

This is my country and I love each and every day. My grandparents kissed the shores as they left the hatred and uncivilized Europe. They held no nostalgia for Europe but they took pride in their adopted country and took the oath of citizenship with pride. Theirs is one of many stories of legal immigrants longing to improve their lives and make something better.

I love my country and serve it with pride each morning. Warren, Mustang, Samwich, Justin and Big Bubba have also served and love this country though our positions may vary. Always on the Watch, Esther, Mr Beamish and the others also show their love of country in their exemplar blogs. Patriotic liberals like our friend B love the country as well though we often have differing visions.

No the Ducks slip of his beak reveals an axiom of this blog. Comrade Karl and Johny Jihad are outside our family and are part of an alien creed. Who needs utopia when I have this reality ? Be greatful for what you have as there are many who yearn to fill your shoes in bondage across the world.

Cuba Libre Mr Beamish in 08

Monday, October 03, 2005


I think in the comming year we need to refocus our attention on the far left. The historical and theological flaws of jihad are evident enough. Even Muslims themselves do not delve into the PC contortionds of the far left.

I was reading Amir Tahiri this Friday but he has said domething I have long believed. I was struck at how an Osama statement resembled that of Chomsky and Moore. Tahiri points out that the far literaly stokes the flames of Arab resentment and anti Americanism.

In the coming year I am going to devote way more reading and attention to the far left. The far lefts free ride should end and I am developing a reading list but I welcome suggestions history and non fiction only.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Jewish New Year

I am not a fatalistic person nor very religious Yet as the time rolls around it is another New Year for my people.

I have been involved in some eath shattering events and many smaller ones to know the margin between life or death is often not that great. Yet everyday we live is a blessing and each day brings new hopes and challenges. I am glad that over the past year I have made many new friends over this blog . I am greatful each and every day for the kind words and intellectual debate. Warren , Jaason and Mr Beamish were there in the early days. Always on the Watch , Farmer John , Esther , Big Bubba are always good friends. People do not realize it but I respect and admire B for his passion. I can never figure out the mercurial Justin Morris but he is still a friend.

Contrary to popular belief I do not hate the Duck. Like his avatar he is proof of what alcohol and drugs can do to a mind . I also want to wish those non readers a happy Jooooooish new year . We know you still read this blog because you can't help yourselves. This blog is amazingly often quoted and highlighted by people who swear they do not read it.

Lastly I am lucky to serve my country in a cause I believe in. My coworkers with one exception are fine human beings and a credit to our service. I do not serve for pay I serve because I love my country and all the fine people in it with some obvious exceptions. Johny Jihad I will never rest until you are in a box. Comrade Karl you deserve banishment and my fight with you will last until the end of my days. However to the rest of you and people that love freedom everywhere Happy Rosh Hashana (New Year).

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The decent folk win again. What a week ?

The NYFD fired its Muslim Chaplain for advocatin insane conspiracy theories about 9-11. These idiotic theories were denounced by an expert on crank theories Art Bell as anti semitic garbage. These theories are promoted by three types of loosers Jihadists , Far left Commie nutjobs and far right white power nuts.

The next part of the leap is the familiar Joooooish / neocon and zionist media conspiracy familiar to readers of this blog by the labotomy of the far left 167. Yet his cohorts never seem to say a word about the anti semitism of 167 but want us to turn the world upside down at every percieved slight of gays by Falwell & Robertson.

The issue is not free speech in this case but appropriateness. How is a Imam to the FDNY supposed to spiritualy counsel survivors who were there while espousing garbage. This Imam is a disgrace to his order and it would be interesting to hear the views of Muslim members of NYFD. Firemen have a brotherhood that transcends stupidity .