Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Amusing Bio

There are some people on the web who really need to get a clue.

1) I am not Black. If I were I would gladly tell you as I would be proud of what I am. Black Americans serve in every area of the government and are my brother and sister Americans.

2) I do not write under any other pen names other than this one. I am not Naiche of Bad Eagle who was a friend. He is some sort of Indian who is allegedly in his 70's.

3) I am not gay. If I were I would gladly tell you. Justin and Rob are valued friends who I sometimes agree with.

4) I am a life long Republican and have never belonged to any other party.

5) I am not a Conservative and have described myself as a moderate and a nationalist.

6) I have never worked for NYPD and am still employed in the Federal Government in a law enforcement capacity.

7) I have not lived in Brooklyn for over 20 years.

8) I have no idea who Beverly Isaac is. I have never met or spoken to a person by that name.

The problem with the web is that pen names are not protected by libel and slander protections.
Thus a real name like Bob Smith of Houston TX is protected but a pen name like Beakerkin is not.

Real Problem Covering the Face in an interview

Readers of this blog know that the author does interview people from all over the world. It is important to be culturally competent. The question of face covering and testimony is mentioned on Front Page Magazine.

The situation did happen at work. I was prepared to interview as the facts in the case did not require tight scrutiny as the couple had two children. A supervisor stopped and had a female verify the identity while I departed the room.

The point raised is that observers are reading facial expressions and this becomes impossible with a face covering. I do appreciate the need to show respect for different cultures, but the judge has a point in this case. In general hats are not allowed unless they have a religious significance. I do ask Jewish applicants if the mind testifying with a yarmulke and it has never been an issue.

In some cases I have the luxury of asking an interpreter about local customs, cultural context or regional variations in documents. Mostly, it as simple as asking if a certain group lives on both sides of a border. Sometimes it is questioning if a person's accent is from the area they claim to be from or conducting small talk with the spouse to make 100% sure they are bilingual.

Monday, June 29, 2009


There is a certain element that thinks they own this country. This element screams from the top of
its lungs that it is more patriotic and Christian than the rest of you. In fact this element is neither Christian nor American.

My country's ideals are open to all who decide to believe. Any notion of racial supremacy is a mockery of the founding ideals of my country. Blacks are Americans who serve our nation in all capacities. The notion that they are not equal or that being Black is a detriment is Unamerican. I also will never tell a person who to love based upon anything other than character.

It is fine to dislike Obama's policies and Obama personally. There are many valid reasons for doing so. It is valid to point out he got 90% of the Black vote and would not have been elected without it.It is also valid to state that many whites voted for him out of a belief he could heal racial divisions. It is accurate to point to the slavish coverage in the media. It is not okay to focus on his race and rant that he is a tool of the Jews.

Understanding America from its Judeo Christian roots is fairly simple. The other day I went with
Sunbeam and met Jews of all types and description. I met Jews from Turkey, Morocco, Russia, Poland and of course the USA. There are plenty of young Chinese females adopted raised in Jewish homes that consider themselves Jewish. There are plenty of Black Jews from Ethiopia and some from mixed marriages and conversions. There are many different communities that range from reform to the Chasidic sects. Most shop in the same stores, eat in the same establishments and marry between the groups. The exceptions are some Chasidic groups marry
amongst themselves and the Syrians tend to do so as well.

The Jewish community is not unique. The vast majority of Christians understand that Christ is open to all who decide he is the savior. The notion that any group is excluded on the basis of race
is a mockery of Christianity. Any notion of racial supremacy is a mockery of the message of Jesus. We do have many devout Christians on this site who are genuine such as Junglemom, TMW, AOW, Zinla, Warren and many others. None of the commenters embrace a racial exclusionary form of Christ.

If America is to embody the Judeo Christian ideal than it must be open to all who embrace the concepts embodied in the Constitution. We can acknowledge racial differences, but those diffrences do not make people less American.

There are many out there who have a paranoid view that Jews/Zionists control America. There is almost a fundamentalist fervor amongst these false patriots that America needs to be rescued
from this element. This is not Conservatism and it is a mockery of conservative values. It is a paranoid form of mental illness masking itself as political thought. Oddly, these so called Conservatives readily repeat the lines of Communists and freely associate with them in common fronts.

The subject of homosexuality is one that the false patriot holier than crowd is obsessed by. Even in a religious Jewish context homosexuality is one of many sins. Included on the same list is adultery, masturbation and pre and extra marital sex. In reality we live in a country based on Civil law. Sexual behavior is a private matter that is within the bounds of personal liberty between consenting adults. I do not want a Saudi style government stoning masturabators or anyone else. We would also quickly have a country left with Pat Boone and around three other people.It is okay to be against gay marriage and have discomfort with the gay lifestyle. However, it is wrong to hate people for behavior that is private, consentual and to be blunt is not
anyone's business.

I value personal liberty and want government out of my bedroom and refrigerator. We are coming to an era where elites will decide to abuse the tax code and tax soda and likely soon potato chips. Government intrusion into our private lives is something that needs to be opposed.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Being Too Tough

My father is similar to me in many ways. Last week my mother went in for a heart procedure.
She was released with little fanfare. My father had no symptoms but went in for a similar test. He wasn't released and the operation was two days ago.

I saw him yesterday. He was alert and had his personality. He knew that I gave a relative in need way too much money to change my car battery. It would be nice if I saw my car, but Drummaster clearly knows the difference between 4 and 6 cylinders. He has lost weight and is trying to grow a beard. He has 90 credits in criminal justice and is doing well.

Sunbeam is truly special and offered to make the Shabos dinner. My mother joked that my cooking and driving are more dangerous than the heart procedure. Oddly, my father likes industrial food and swears by the kosher meal at the hospital. He was irritated that the TV coverage was 24/7 Michael Jackson. He was also aware of the Yankees score and Pinella telling Milton Bradley to get out of his uniform.

I am going to make a care package with Sunbeam to send to camp. A comic book, some chocolates and some very light reading should do the trick. Rav Roov's son is in Israel studying the Talmud. It seems to be his passion and he is a good kid. I wish this were another passion that
one could make a living with. He has a good personality and will likely end up in a sheltered religious atmosphere.

I enjoyed my trip to the city. Something about me tells tourists I am a local. I took some young
students who pestered me to the Forbidden Planet. It is too bad that in that Comic Book and science fiction haven there really are not Beakerambo products. I want to say that the Japanese comics are either too cute or x rated.

My father will be fine but no driving for five weeks should be hard on him. He also has to sit in the back seat. It is better that his procedure was in the summer as he can walk around. Sadly the nearest kosher place is one mile uphill and he can't cary more than 5 pounds.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Now I have Seen Everything

On my way to visit Sunbeam I saw a huge crowd. A man was selling Obama Condoms. They were
sold out quickly. What is next Biden toilet paper or Hillary hearing aids.

You can't make this up.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Death and all of us

We will have a month of Jacko stories if we are lucky. No doubt we will hear conspiracy clowns like the Diana loons from time to time.

Farah Fawcett was a beauty who could act better than she was credited with. This was easy as she was given zero credit at all. Does anyone remember her in Logans Run or the Burning Bed?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Amil Imani

Amil is a friend of mine. He is younger than I am and has grown as a person and writer. In the past we didn't always get along. However, I sensed a person who was learning to write and a first class thinker.

Amil found himself in a bad situation at bad Eagle. He is not a street brawler from the mean streets of NYC and said some regrettable things. He has not repeated the comments and has gone on to bigger and better things.

I had the pleasure of speaking with him briefly on AOW's radio show. He is very witty and articulate. I am somewhat jealous in that his foes put up a picture of him surrounded by three amazing looking women. His foes are really not too clever at all.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Odd Reading

I am reading the Lives of Hitlers Jewish soldiers. One should treat this book for what it is a rich collection of oral history. There is much color, but remember with all oral history there is a natural
tendency to justify yourself.

I find the description of the Finnish army to be amazing. Performing well against communists in battle is not difficult in that Communist armies are burdened by stupidity and reward political orthodoxy as opposed to merit. The description of the Finns as ruthless fighters who excelled in guerrilla warfare is surprising, especially coming from a from a Waffen SS veteran.

The stories are that of human nature. The policy of michlenge was not widely known and the book
promotes a discussion of a seldom discussed facet of the Holocaust.

When Great Sites Decline

I want to point out that the Editrix is largely correct. I want to point out some basic mistakes that can happen at any site.

A site needs to have a voice or a vision. Yet there also needs to be decorum.

There is also the question of how the person views Jews.

1) The author in question is clearly not an antisemite.
2) The author does have an odd opinion that successful non Jews have some secret Jewish heritage as conversos or tie to the community.

A recent example is a series of posts about Justice Sotomayor. A person who has grown up in NYC will undoubtedly have many Jewish friends and peers. This should come as zero surprise to people who live here. NYC is a special place where people mix freely. This may sound odd but I feel more comfortable in a Guyanese, Indian or Dominican Party in NYC than at parties in VT.
In NYC one is expected and encouraged to have such experiences.This familiarity was likely reinforced in college and in law school.

Does this familiarity or affinity infer that she is Jewish? No, it is just part of NYC life.

There are people like Sunbeam who seldom venture far from their community. However, there are plenty of people like myself who venture into other communities freely. Does my affinity
for the local Cuban, Guyanese and Dominican communities alter my identity. No, it merely enriches and makes my life more interesting.

The Doctor does understand the vibrant aspect of intellectual debate within our community. Within a household there may be a range of political and religious debates spanning all spectrums. There are brilliant people like my grandmother who was the rare Jewish Conservative of her era. There are those who just live life and let others ponder the larger questions as they raise children or work.

A Jew understands what it is like to be the outsider. Thus at work when a member of a foreign
culture arrives it is appropriate to respect the culture within reason. A small gesture such as understanding the basics of the religion or culture goes a long way. Many of us feel an affinity with those who are needlessly hated for being themselves. The very same people who rail against Blacks will often rail against Jews. Thus it is hardly surprising that when people are needlessly targeted for hate many Jews will empathize with a familiar experience.

What has led to the downfall of the site is a crab apple mentality. There are those who think that saving America from a Jewish conspiracy is a divine mission. These people cloak themselves in fake patriotism and Christianity. They talk as if they own America, but are alien to its ideals.
I am glad you are proud of your culture, please stop denigrating Blacks who are my fellow citizens.You do not raise your culture by denigrating another.

The Conservatism of Reagan welcomed all to share our hopes, dreams and future together. Racial supremacy is lunacy, not Conservatism.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What should we think of Yeltsin

Maybe we need to consider his role in history. Iran needs its own Yeltsin. A person of faith that understands theocracy doesn't work. A man of faith that values life and understands humanity
and thinks of prosperity.

Yeltsin may have had his quirks, but he made the world a safer place.

Monday, June 22, 2009

When one has been wronged

I want to point out the difference between what has happened at Bad Eagle now or in past beefs
here. My nature is peaceful and I respect intellectual differences to a point. Thus when the Editrix, Justin or anyone else disagrees with a point of view it is a reasonable person with admirable qualities who has plenty to say.

In short I can disagree with those types without being disagreeable. Mature friends, often disagree on plenty of matters. Nor is a reflexive distaste for the left, One can easily spot the difference between a laborite like Jams and an apologist for despotism like Renegade Spleen.

In this case, the Doctor is not in any definition an anti-semite. However, like Obama he fails to be able to distinguish reasonable people from arsonists. No amount of charm is going to change a died in the wool hard core Jooooo hater/white supremacist into a functioning adult. One is dealing with people whose view of reality is skewed by paranoia and insane obsessions.

The Doctor asked for a truce with some rather creepy people. I am inclined to grant it to all but one. The first is a well known lunatic who expects me to deal with repeated expressions of hate
in a clinical manner. Thus if an Indian comes on the site and posts 9-11 conspiracy idiocy or bizzare claims about Holocaust Denial these are "important posts". Sorry, this is ethnic arson and will be treated accordingly. This person's venture into insanity includes claims that I do not write this blog and that I am not Jewish and am really Black. Being Black and Jewish are not mutually exclusive, nor do I consider such claims or being called gay an insult. My reaction is you are sadly
mistaken and need to return to reality. She promised to bring three "Jewish friends" to replace my perspective. The funny part is her claim to have three friends in any group. Should these friends read her remarks and the stuff that she defends they would not be there long or turn on her very quickly. I typically ignore her as a fool who talks of me forming alliances with people whose names are unknown to me.

The second type is a former Vietnam Vet who proclaims stuff that is out of Stormfront such as jewish control of the media, government, Jews are Communists and oddly Jews promote homosexuality. I pointed out my record of anticommunism needs no defense. This person who talks of Jewish Communism was in fact a member of a far left group described by many as a communist front group for ten years. The issue is not if this person is or is not a commie. The issue is one of hypocrisy. How does one proclaim themselves an arch patriot and talk of "Jewish Communists" while being a member of a group like that. I do respect veterans of all types, but that does not insulate people like John Kerry, Ward Churchill or Charlie Rangel (Korea) from later irresponsible behavior with communists. However, in this case I will grant a troubled vet solace.

The last case is a well known racial arsonist who has made a series of anti Jewish, racist and homophobic comments. He screams from the top of his lungs he is a super Christian who is "aces" with Christ while pushing Nazi style Joooo hatred and white supremacy. This person is a super clown who seems to think Joooos have a monopoly on gays and communists. Anyone familiar with gays know they come in all races, ethnicities and religions. The claim that there are no Italian gays must be news to the fashion industry where they have worked for decades. Moreover, Romans who he oddly claims descent from were very familiar with all types of sexual deviance as well as finding rather interesting ways of feeding lions. Communism and Anarchism have a long history in Italy and claims that these are Jewish imports are insane.

There is no peace in my book for someone whose obsessions are very similar to the Holocaust museuem shooter. There is a limit to my patience and Neonazi style hatred is too much. I do want to point out to Justin that this last type claiming to be a Christian is very rare. The claim is this is some form of Catholic doctrine is not believable. Catholicism does not sanction racial supremacy and Jew hatred is limited to those preaching liberation theology.

True Christians know racial hatred is not for followers of Christ or Americans

Sunday, June 21, 2009

An odd Yeltsin???

I remember when the former Soviet Union was in crisis and Yeltsin stood large. Now we have Putin who while not exactly an ally is less of a foe than the Soviets.

There are those who forget the original revolution was aided by Communists who were tossed aside when the theocrats consolidated power. This is the same idiot who sent children to clear mine fields in the Iran Iraq war. In fairness that war was started by Saddam. Maybe he has learned about mindless bloodshed from as vile a war in my lifetime. Maybe he is looking to repeat history and toss the moderates under the bus later.

Now that Yeltsin is dead for a while how do we remember him. To me he was a man who seized the moment and became one with history.

Sadly the greatest foreign policy mind of them all was none other than Richard Nixon. We would be a better country if Obama had a mentor like Nixon. When Clinton needed a mentor remember, he turned to Nixon not Carter. Clinton may have had a large ego, but he knew Carter
had his head up his rear.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Cry of Freedom

I am proud to call Amil Imani a friend. He is a true son of the enlightened Persian people. We tend to think of Iran in terms of the images we see. Hostage taking lunatics and Holocaust denying clowns.Persia has a history of tolerance that precedes the Islamic invasion.

All righteous people, stand with the people of Iran yearning to be free. There are those who will try and make a new type of pest hole. It is important to remember that Communist colluded with the religious zealots to create the mess we are in today.

Some express surprise about reports of Hezbollah being in Iran. Hezbollah is an Iranian movement and always has a sizeable contingent of people there in for training at any given time.

The current regime is evil to the core. It will kill to perpetuate itself and the Persian people will suffer. Our hope is that there will be a crack in the security forces that refuses to kill their fellow citizens. I am not optimistic, but there is always hope for the future.

Amil is right that as Reagan stood with the folks in Poland, Obama needs to get behind and speak
louder and proclaim his support for the Persian people.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shame on You Tube False Advertising

I watched a You Tube video of Israelis allegedly beating a Code Pink activist. I didn't see any beating. This was clearly the case of a commie making a fake fall for the camera.

Israeli security should take a lesson from the French after WW 2. The French shaved the heads of female collaborators. Members of Code Pink, ISM and CPT should have their heads shaven and be deported.

Sorry, but Israel is under no obligation to let foreign agitators make a nuisance of themselves on their soil. Israel should deposit all of these commie clowns in North Korea.


One can admire the courage of the Persian people. However, this is going to end poorly. This is a power mad theocracy that does not care about human lives. Of course the people of Iran deserve better governance. Most people in the world deserve better governance.

Of course the usual clown Galloway found it necessary to slam the Iranian protesters. Perhaps they need to perform acts of terrorism and concoct a fake nationality and claim the regime is Jewish before he approves.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Owning a Blog

I want to point out the responsibility and problems of owning a blog or site. The problems at Bad Eagle highlight some of the problems.

I want to explain my version of the state of events. Bad Eagle was a wonderful place with many great posters. For reasons unknown, the site has attracted a series of hard core bigots focused mainly on Jews. Dr Yeagley is a friend to the Jewish community and tried to reason with this mind set. We have dealt with a series of Marxists and White Supremacists who ultimately got banned.

There is a hard core element that has portrayed his love of the Jewish community as being not Indian or a tool of the Jews. This is a classic anti semitic theme that dates back centuries.

1) An owner of a blog is judged by his words.

This is true of all blog owners.

2) A blog owner has a responsibility to State his own opinions differ from that of his commenters.

This is true of Yeagley or myself. When certain commenters disagreed with my views of gays I made my position clear as did Dr Yeagley.

3) When the bigotry persists over time choices have to be made.

Sadly, the over the top bigotry with Von Brunn style Nazi rants continued from two dolts followed by an old female shrew who think I am obligated to deal with this for days.

4) If you do not deal with bigotry people make their own choices.

This is a choice I made to leave a site where I hung my hat for a while. I decided to leave not because I dislike Yeagley. Rather, my choice was to spare him the if you object to crass Jew hatred you are not a real Indian or Conservative bit.

5) State your own vision.

I am Beakerkin, proud American patriot of Jewish extraction. I love this country where we are joined by common ideals. I am not the most religious, but to call me an atheist would be an error.
I bond with Sunbeam and my family at religiouss gatherings. I also admire true Christians who do not mix Marx or racial goonery into the words of the savior.

I am a New Yorker at home with other cultures and opinions. It is fun going to an event at the Guyanese or Dominican communities. It is a shared experience that doesn't detract from my own.

I believe in love and do not lecture others about where to find it. My love is Sunbeam. I will not point fingers at others who choose a partner from another religion or race. I will never hate gays or lesbians for being themselves. They have a right to live free from hatred just like the rest of us. I do not try to understand their choice, but rather I respect their personal liberty.

I believe in the big tent theory. You do not have to agree on everything, as there is room for most itellectual diversity. Intellectual diversity ends when your views endanger the liberty of others, so Marxists, Anarchists, Racial Power goons and those seeking Theocracy are outside my

We must never dehumanize anyone, because we can kill what is not human. We should only kill in self defense lest we become our enemies.

Evil does exist in the minds of men. The greatest way to combat it is to insist upon minimum individual rights. Racial power kooks, Commies and Jihadis will kill for their power, but we must demand minimum laws for all. Nobody should be above those standards. Conversely, Anarchy is
even as dangerous as a repressive police state.It would have a comedic factor topped only by Kim Jong Ill as well.

6) If you do not state your vision others will define you.

I stated my vision.
Perhaps someday all of you will state your own vision.

7) There comes a time for banning.

I do not accept criminal threats
I do not accept spam
I do not accept repeated daily bigotries or turning this site into a hate site

8) Have fun
If it isn't fun do something else.

9) Enjoy the friends you meet.
We even enjoy the Duck as he understands the limits of this site

10) Stand by your friends
We had a strange person here who seemed to place her needs above the peer group. It was sad to see her go, but she wished it.

11) Sometimes you will have to choose
Sad but true.

12) It is okay to miss friends.
I miss Felis, Justin, Tazz, Bargholtz, Orange Ducks ( he is deceased), Kuhnkat, American Crusader and many others.

13) Hold a hand open to good people.
The Editrix and I have had a fight or two. However, I consider her a good person and held my hand out in friendship.

14) Mock those who are beneath contempt like racial power nuts, commies and Jihadis.

15) Be proud of what you are and respect others differences, unless they threaten your liberty.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Leaving Home

The time has come for me to depart Bad Eagle. I want to point out I will be in touch with the Doctor and many of my friends via private mail. I still admire Dr Yeagley and respect him very much. That being said I have a very different vision of America. I am not a Conservative, I am a nationalistic moderate.

I am more at home here amongst my friends who for the most part share my vision. I do not have to explain my positions as they are well known. I only wish Justin or Rob were around to laugh at my being called a "gay apologist". I guess that wanting people to live free from mindless hatred for being themselves makes one an apologist.

I am from the big tent theory. My vision of America is a nation of shared ideals united by a common vision. Racial supremacy and hating people based on the way they worship God or don't
is anathema to me. My vision is like Reagan's. We don't have to agree on everything except the free market and liberty it is an open door that excludes only those who are Marxist death cultists and jihadis.

In a way Yeagley is like Obama in his naivete. He thinks people consumed with hate can be reasoned with. This is not true as hatred of Jews amongst this crew is almost a missionary calling that is one part paranoia and two parts mental illness. Marxist clowns like Renegade Spleen and the Duck merely stoke this mania for political expediency. These so called super patriots have zero difficulty forming alliances with commies or even jihadis and yes taunting a crime victim for political expediency.

I grow angry with the concept as expressed by some that Yeagley is not his own man or a tool of the Jews for opposing Nazi style obsessive hate. In reality Indians should be very wary of any movement that devalues life. You can kill what you dehumanize, Indian history has plenty of examples of this. Dehumanizing the Jew or Blacks ultimately leads to dehumanizing Indians at a later dateed . This mania is not to far removed from Von Brunn or communist paranoia about a cabal of Jews controling the United States.

Yeagley is a good man and will remain a friend of mine. It is time for me to hang my hat in my
own home. Those of you who think I am totaly secular need to be reminded my brother and parents are Orthodox as is the woman ( Sunbeam) who I love with my heart and soul. I respect
religion and walk in many commnities in my own way. However, I am in my heart an American of the Jewish faith. Those of you who see Jews as foriegn are not quite as American as you think.

Monday, June 15, 2009


It does not take a genius to see a tragedy before our eyes. A government that sends 9 year old into minefields and encourages suicide bombing places no value on life.

The wonderful Persian people should not be confused with the rabid mullahs. Tyranny obscures wonderful people in many lands who deserve better than the hell holes created by despots. The only people who deserve to live there are the Western apologist clowns. Do not hold your breath for Trotskyite lowlife's to surrender their citizenship and emigrate to Caracas.

The situation in Iran will end poorly. A despotic regime based in theocracy is capable of all types of evil. How do we trust a regime with the bomb when it doesn't respect the lives of its own citizens.

Obama is going to learn the hard way that the despot in Iran is a blood thirsty clown

Step into the light

I want to say that I have observed some disgusting things in my time on the web. Yet each and every day I see a new nadir.

The owner of sites are directly responsible for at minimum stating their own positions when hate or criminality raises its head. Those of you should be reminded of this when Nazis and Jew haters visit
Renegade Eye. You will note than Ren never says a critical word to the most rabid forms of Jew hatred and tosses them enough "red" meat.

The other day a formerly fine site was polluted with all types of hate. There were threats of violence directed at me as well as a steady stream of Von Brunn style Nazi rants. I can handle myself anywhere and can deal with that type of garbage.

What I can not and refuse to deal with is taunting rape victims. A real man shows compassion for women in this situation. Even in the Duke Rape case, our sympathies were towards the woman until the story fell apart. In this case there was zero reason to disbelieve the person. The person found solace in Christian forgiveness after a horrible crime. Yet the more Christian than thou crew ( not this one) mocked and taunted the woman. None of our regular people, including the Duck would have ever behaved in that manner. People as diverse as Mr. Beamish, TMW, Jams,
Justin, Warren, FJ and yes even the Duck would have shown a human face.

Hatred is a bottomless pit that consumes the soul. As humans, and especially as men, our job is to protect women and children. Most officers if properly trained will save rime victims first before giving chase to criminals. The over the top hatred has caused an unnatural human moral
rot. I am dismayed the owner of the site in question did not address the taunting of a rape victim.

At that point the perpetrators should be told to "Step into the light and rejoin humanity. You have reached the nadir of humanity and your moral center has been consumed with hate."

Boundless, Von Brunn style hatred eats away at the soul and erases our normal capacity for empathy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Different Type of Post on The Holocaust

I want to venture into the topic raised by the Editrix. There is an effort by some to trivialize or rationalize and minimize the Holocaust. We do get the kook deniers, but they are a loud vocal minority.

We need to begin with the notion of man itself. Man is capable of great good as well as great evil. The great evil does not come from nowhere, but is part and parcel of political power plays. This should not be taken as an endorsement of the anarchy imbecile fantasies. Rather, we need a logical starting point of individual rights granted to us on the basis of our common humanity.

What makes the Holocaust unique was mixture of a vile idea of eugenics. Eugenics is a backward idea created by junk science that is laughable. Genetic diversity is mankind's greatest gift and love is too rare a gift to be spoiled by science. There have been plenty of massacres before, but an industrial genocide backed by a kooky scientific idea is unique.

The history of far left movements using Jew hatred for populist appeal continues to this day. What makes the left wing variant unique is the cold calculating nexus of evil elements the left binds together with the glue of Jew hatred.

We really do not spend nearly enough time on the crimes of Communists and Jihadis. Thus we encounter people who try and rebrand a deadly philosophies as relevant. The average American
does spend some time on the crimes of colonialism and slavery. They spend zero time on the crimes of communists and Islamo colonialism.

We really do need to discuss Islamo colonialism and the historic crimes of communists. It is utterly preposterous that histories greatest butchers should proclaim themselves the moral arbiters of right and wrong and pass judgement on anyone.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What is Von Brunn and what do we do with him

Prisons are not designed to handle the needs of people pushing 90. Moreover, in this case a prison sentence and a long trial would grant a imbecile a platform he seeks. In this case it would be more prudent to have a competency trial and place this dimwit in a mental health facility for the remainder of his days.

The question of who or what Von Brunn is raises some questions about the left and ourselves.

Many of us dislike Obama and that is our right. He is a megalomaniac of the first order who thinks he has all the answers and is soft on terrorism and flirts with communism. His lifetime associations with Communists and a hate filled Black Liberation kook pastor are cause for concern. Then again maybe we forget politicians are chameleon like and adapt to the winds of the times.

When we go into over drive and paranoia, we become cartoons. Obama is a ego maniac and is bad for America is a sane thought. When we turn him into the focus of all evil in the world we are going into insanity.

What Vonn Brunn was is not easy to describe so lets disect him.

Holocaust Denial This is something we do not see here. The bird brained duck may make stupid comparisons that are more common on Renegade Eyes site from his house Nazi LWB/John Brown. The Duck doesn't deny the Holocaust but makes rather idiotic comparisons and has an odd fixation with me and the Ukranian famine. Since when do I deny Communist crimes especially one members of my family endured.

None of the regular commenters here do this.

Hatred of Christianity This is something again one is more apt to see on Ren's site from a far leftist like Graemeful Dead. It is not something one sees on the right. This as the Editrix says may be unique to America.

I want to point out that when I disagree with a Justin or Rob, they are Christians who disagree with an aspect or a segment. This is quite different from a person who sees Christianity as a Jewish plot.

9-11 Conspiracy Idiocy

We never see that here. Nor have I observed this on the American right. One can and does find this at Ren's site where he ignores the subject. He then wonders why people deduce he is an anti semite. Entryist alliances make strange bed fellows and anti semitism is a Trotskyite force multiplier in his case.

Jews control the United States

This is also more apt to be a left wing fantasy found on Ren's site by commenters. Many of the leftist dolts talk of media control or add spin about neocons.

Obama's birth certificate

Some of us have regretably done this.

Odd thinking about Usury and the Fed

This is way more common on Ren's site.

Hatred of Blacks.

This is something that is not observed here or at Ren's site. One may find plenty of self deluded
people at Stormfront who think they are Conservatives but are deluded. America is a nation of shared values and hatred based on race is not American or Conservative.

Oddly, group rights ala Pastor Wright is a left wing construct. It could be legitamately argued
that Stormfront idiots are engaging in an not politically correct version of the generic Black liberation stupidity.

When one breaks down the idiocy of Von Brunn, he appears strikingly similar to commenters on Ren's site. What is common with the regular commenters on this site? There are a few that have
some concerns about Obama's birth certificate but that is it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Holocaust Museum Shooter

The odd thing is all this kook who shot the security guard needed to be gainfully employed was to drop the anti Black idiocy and add swear fealty to Marx. He could be the new Bill Ayers or Norman Finkelstein.

Higher Ed needs to clean up its act.

There are plenty of nuts in higher ed who share the same idiotic views about 9-11, Jewish control of America and insane theories about Neocons. Maybe the folks at Depaul need a replacement who has a similar record of publishing to Norman Finkelstein. No doubt some of this paranoia is fed by clowns like Prof Walt.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where insanity leads

If we had genuine mental health industry the shooter at the Holocaust Museum would have been treated long ago. The problem is the industry has been infested with mindless radicals who have dismissed the obsessive paranoid qualities for obvious reasons. When one starts talking about Holocaust Denials, 9-11 conspiracies and Neocon Cabals one is in fact insane.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

North Korea

Have the usual suspects commented on the treatment of journalists in North Korea. Once again
commies are quite silent on abuses by their own. They will pretend that Kim Jong Mentally Ill's
despotism is related to his hairdo or love of golf.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Will we survive the crisis

The truth is this is probably the worst crisis since the Great Depression. The truth is we do have to do something about ruanaway medical, educational and housing costs. The problem may be there is to much regulation without common sense.

What if we could build insurance tailored to clients needs. The problem is we have 50 different rules instead of one floor. In places like Vermont there is less competition and prices are sky high.Why not allow people to buy minimum coverage for catastrophic illness? They do not need aroma therapy or allergists, so why pay for it.

Families and young people are burdened by sky high educational costs. The cost of education needs to be reduced so that young families are not burdened with a second mortgage. Maybe the face of academic mediocrity and laziness should be Bill Ayers. Just how did he get his job and how many hours a week does he work. Sorry, but the soft sciences should be done by educators who work 40 hour work weeks with no sabbaticals. Also Communist goons do not have the right
to stick the public with featherbed jobs that are thin guises for political activism.

We also need a sane immigration policy that is vocational based. The policy would stop anchor babies and brides. The endless cycle of appeals needs to end. There must be genuine penalties for US citizens who commit fraud.

A Glimmer

For the first time I saw a burst of commerce in Chinatown. It was so busy yesterday I thought I was in a time warp. It is not the Chinatown of the 80's as there are African pedlers, Pakistani food carts and your old Jewish jeweler.

It may have been a flash in the pan but after bad trips it was good to see a burst of commerce.

We place too much blame and credit on the President for the business cycle. Ironically 10,000 small business owners may have more impact on the economy than a governor. Helping the small business owner grow is the best way to fix the economy.

Obama is neither messiah nor anti Christ. He is a very mediocre political hack who got where he is with media connivance and many miraculous breaks. We will survive his bloated ego that makes Bill Clinton's look normal in comparison.

A funny day

I had to play softball for the first time in over ten years. An injury happened while I was watching.
I played short center field. I handled what I was supposed to even if my speed wasn't what it was.

I got up once with the game decided and probably had the world's shortest single. It traveled all of abot eight feet near the first base line. I also scored in the inning.

Lets just say I will not be doing this anytime soon.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

What is going on in Australia

There have been stories of attacks on foreign students. Is this street crime or something far more sinister.

The number of Chinese students studying in Australia alone jumped out at me 130,000. It may be entirely possible that China has 500,000
students studying abroad.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Paradox of faith and values

If you believe abortion is murder ( I do not except late term) than the killing of the doctor is an act that can be rationalized. We kill terrorists to stop them from killing others. Yet the rationale is not the same because the Dr was performing a legal activity that will be performed by someone else.

It is okay to oppose abortion, but one can not oppose immorality with terrorism. That being said the vast majority of the pro life people are peaceful.

Abortion is a matter where it is a personal belief. Even though I am pro choice I respect the sincere views of the pro lifers.