Friday, June 26, 2009

Death and all of us

We will have a month of Jacko stories if we are lucky. No doubt we will hear conspiracy clowns like the Diana loons from time to time.

Farah Fawcett was a beauty who could act better than she was credited with. This was easy as she was given zero credit at all. Does anyone remember her in Logans Run or the Burning Bed?


beamish said...

Saturn 3 :)

Always On Watch said...

The Burning Bed is an excellent film.

Fawcett did a lot to promote the safety of women from their abusive husbands. And she wasn't nearly as vain as many think she was. Look at how she let the ugliness show when she did that film journal on her cancer and treatments for cancer.

As for Michael Jackson, I like his music. But the guy was weird. In my view, he was not an American hero, and I so posted today.

Kat said...

I suspect Jacko's "doctor" was there at the time of his death (source: Germanine) because he was just injected with "prescription" Demerol(house call). What a nice death, according to a former drug addict friend of mine. That, while Farrah suffers for a couple of years. We think alike. A radio show talk host said Farrah was not emmy winning actress material. I disagree. She was cast in bad, bimbo type roles. Her performance in the Burning Bed was awesome. She made all these silly startlets look like, well, silly starlets. God Bless her and Ryan O'Neil.

My husband last night was watching coverage with me. The "commentator" (Geraldo) was having an "interview" (discussion designed to convince us Jacko was persecuted by the media and his victims' parents) where he said he liked to play hide and seek with his kids. My hubby said "no, hide the sausage." I couldn't stop laughing for 5 solid minutes.
He was the King of nothing, even before he diddled any kid. No other child molester would have people tempering the good with the bad in their tributes to John the Plumber. The man ran around stage singing like a girl, while grabbing his crotch and moon walking. He had plastic surgery to make himself look white, when he was a good looking black man. His poor children forced to wear masks in public. I was aghast at the undignified people outside the hospital crying, dancing and singing his songs. What kind of people do this? It reminded me of the Diana cult. Greta V.S. asked one of the FOX info babes questions like "Did these people really know him or are they just fans of his music? The info babe claimed they "knew" him worldwide!
She didn't even get that Greta was thinking "these people don't KNOW him, so why are they bawling?"

I feel no loss here, the children of the world are safer. When Diana died, I could only think about her tossing herself down the stairs, pregnant with the future King of England, in an attempt to get attention. Michael was a pervert and drug addict. Another Hollywood weirdo who got Lisa Marie to marry him. I think she did it to hoping people would make the "King" connection and buy HER music. Sigh. We now must listen to these "tributes" as if his victims don't matter at all.

The_Editrix said...

Farrah Fawcett was a lovely woman and a good Catholic who bore her illness valiantly and with great dignity. Vain? What the heck! People like her will always have grudgers.

I hope that Michael Jackson has found the peace now he couldn't find on earth. I can't find any nice things to say about him, but the real evildoers were those who broke the Hippocratic oath to turn a nice-looking black boy into a monster, and those who were only too eager to deposit their children in his bed.

Kat said...

He was a handsome black man.

Good points about Farrah, how she bore her illness with bravery and dignity.

I saw Jaclyn Smith on the tube today. She doesn't look a day over 45, and she's in her 60's. I don't see any signs of plastic surgery.
I am pee green with envy.

Shawn Dutton said...

The Blacks are racing to claim Jackson as their own and yet he didn't want to be Black, he did everythng possible to erase his blackness. He didn't want Black children, that was obvious.
This was a man who was a good singer, but misused his family, misused his life and misused his money or whatever he did with it. The bottom line is lets move on. His accomplishments aren't worth the two whole days news.
Oh by the way, Farrah died yesterday too. Wouldn't know it from the slobbering over a dead child molester ..
MJ was a pop icon! will miss his soul. & music But something always takes Place . The something is Race, It Jumps out! Rev. Sharpton eulogizes him For what seemed forever, Then it happened, RACE ISSUES ! this must stop! then Farrah was pushed aside ! Johnny Carson's side kick also. Can we never stop the Bull ?

Always On Watch said...

I'll be posting a tribute to Farrah Fawcett on Tuesday. I've been doing some research on her. I also watched her last work of film, Farrah's Story. Quite something and a real legacy!