Sunday, April 30, 2006

Beakerkin and the Crackhouse down the block

Now older readers are well aware of the police scrutiny in town. Not far from where I live the local police busted a crack ring. Now the locals are having all kinds of fun saying that there was no crack house in town until the NYC boy arrived. I am certain that the customers must have all been NYC types all three of us.

The part that annoys me the most is the sheer stupidity of this crew. What type of Morons burry money in their back yards anyway. Don't these amatuers know how to launder money. I could see a reality show NYC gangsta educates wannabe hoodlums. Well you need the accent deese , dem, dose and the mannerisms stop squezing my grapefruits.

The locals employed a drug cow instead of a drug mule. One of the members of the gang was a huge woman. On my first night in town she started to flirt with me and I made a much remember statement. " Well there is a time and place for cheap alcohol. Do you have anything with a halucinagen." People still joke about that line months later. I do not know what those hoodlums were thinking except if I am a cop I refuse to search that woman. Perhaps the dairy indudtry is so dominant in this state so a cow would draw less attention then a mule.

The locals are still a bit touchy about a minor joke I made. If disaster strikes this town everyone grab your guns and guard the key asset in this town the beverage mart. Half these people would be divorced if they ever sobered up.

New feature on the blog " Poster Abortions"

An old foe from FPM has started to make his vile presence felt on this blog. The loathsome vile Socrates a genuine pedophile has decided he wants to join our community. However unlike FPM I own this site and will not allow a pedophile a single vowel on this site. He may pollute FPM and his own blog but not he will not be permited here.

In the early days of the Rush Limbaugh show there was a special feature on the local show called caller abortions. NYC people would call Rush and say they were unwanted callers can he please abort them. I have shamelessly adapted this gag into my repetoire and will proceed with aborting Socrates. Everytime he shows up I will have Drummaster fire up the industrial shopvac and the 650lbs of fecal matter will be removed.

Now do not try this at home as 650lb of fecal matter can only be removed with an industrial shop vac.

The gag will play as follows . Socrates is an unwanted poster whose life is meaningless . The best thing he can do to make this world a better place is to die. There are some crimes that even death does not absolve such as molesting your own daughters. We do not cater to the criminally insane on this blog. All pedophiles deserve the death penalty. We also do not like men who prey on women.

Drummaster Fire up the vacum and let us rid this blog of Socrates.

RZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kzkz zrrzzzzzzzzzzzzz

650lbs of fecal mater has been removed. If you see any hits on your blog from San Mateo or Coaling CA just abort away. Aborting Socrates is easy fast and fun for the whole community. Feel free to steal this gag for your blog. If any liberals object tell them "how dare you tell me what to do with my blog ? A blogger has the right to a pedophile free zone of privacy.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky married to Ernie in MA, 167 RIP and Socko aborted.

Beakerkin at the Maple Festival and around the state

I took a day to enjoy the local Maple Fair. Scooter was there as usual and I was the sport. The Maple Fair is like a giant NYC block party without our culinary favorites.
There is one oddity that should be exported to NYC the blooming onion. It is a massive fried Texas White Onion served in the shape of a flower. The Pizza and Italian food are not even close.

Scooter asked me if the oddities at the parade compared to NYC. The Shriners in Fezs
racing all over the place was odd. However I lived in Manhattan and the Gay Pride and Haloween Parade passed my appartment. 450lb lesbiams wearing angel wings and leather underpants on choppers singing Gloria Estefan tune was a classic. Seeing fifty adult men dress up like Sponge Bob another fifty like Lizzie Grubman and another 100 as Deborah Harry was memorable. I pointed to Scooter look there are the my friends from NYC. The men wearing skirts were the local bagpipe brigade.

The crowd booed the handful of Republicans and cheered Bernie Sanders. Sanders attempted to shake my hand but I told him I am allergic to Socialists. Sanders and the local veterans drew the largest applause. One float with kids was memorable because a todler fell asleep on the float. The crowd roared when the kid woke up.
There was a parade of classic cars and old tractors as well. There was no lumberjacks singing Abba songs.

I also took a trip to the local swamp in search of the rare Muhlenbergs bog turtle and struck out . I did see a few Snapping Turtles , Painted turtles and a wood turtle
but no trace of my Muhlenbergs bog turtle. I also saw my first mudpuppy and they are rare long salamanders about the size of my hand and much thinner then I imagined.

This week was also the football draft and Big Blue did well at the top and not so well in later rounds. However they better hope they can find a free agent defensive tackle in a hurry. The Eagles did well and took a lot of great players.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to be sent to North Korea and 167 RIP

Has this blog become a troll magnet

This blog has a series of pests ranging from Ducky to Anum to John Brown. The Duck is not a troll in the standard sense. The Duck does raise relevant points and creates a starting point for discussion. He is an anti semite but that is a near universal malady among the far left. The Duck is the official Troll of this blog as we prefer Trolls that have some coherence and never cry. Crying and whining is unmanly that is why 167 was never named the official troll.

Anum is not a troll either in that she drops one remark and goes. Sadly, Anum has yet to understand that her views only redouble our opposition. Anum is convinced that she has the Key to heaven and we are all misguided and lesser people because we do not embrace Islam. Anums closed tent and Jim Crow like world view are repugnant to the vast majority of us. Most of us acknowledge the difference between Civil and theological law. I prefer to let the big guy upstairs deal with theological issues. Any attempt to subject the USA to Talmudic law would be more comedic then dangerous and no Jew advocates this absurd concept.

John Brown feels a need to be heard and to do verbal combat. He has a blog that nobody reads is vulgar and just lies through his teeth. A minor example is the bit that the CIA killed Daniel Perl . Not even the most deranged of leftists in NYC and VT believe that crap. He still has not figured out that you do not build a blog with people who oppose your views. If you want to build readership you find people with similar views and trolls will migrate there. He feels a need to have a seat at our family table. This is not unusual as plenty of people come and enjoy our Community.
We get new members all the time like Kevin, Kyle and I wish Storm would check in more often. In fact we welcome those who seek to get a start like FB Jones.

One of the reasons I do the interviews was I wanted to give new bloggers a chance to meet our older members. One day I will have to figure out a way to do a team interview of all these new team blogs. Nanc and Warren , Warren and AOW and Justin and Rob in a team interview would be fun. My offer to interview any new blogger is still open. John Brown has not requested an interview but he would have to answer questions.

My most wanted interview list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang Of Social Sense
3 Jeff Bargholz
4 Mike of Mikes America
5 Esther of Outside the Blogway
6 Woman Honor Thyself
7 Farmer John This interview would be mostly on Art and Litt
8 Kevin of Amboy Times
9 Bum From Jersey
10 Rob the Dirty Liberal who is the rare comedic left type.

Weasie is another vulgar troll who has his own blog with low readership. He has exhibited a range of mental health disorders and loathsome behavior on FPM. He has run into the paradox of bloggging in that he wants an audience but lacks the social graces to find it. Maybe the solution would be for John Brown and Weasie to form their own community of vulgar Commies but that would be common sense.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to get married to Ernie in MA and 167 RIP

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Are Communnist Genocide Deniers ?

On the previous post the behavior of John Brown and to a lesser extent the Duck are revealing. Their reaction to a post that accuses Communism of 100,000,000 deaths is
to do the following.

1 Blame Israel. Israel is not relevant to the crimes of Communism. Moreover their monofocus on Israel and the United States is fairly typical. Communist kill 100,000,000 but Israel is the criminal regime. Communist kill 100,000,000 but lets go back to Israel.

2Historical Dementia . The crimes of Communist against indigenous people including Chechens, Tartars, Balts,Poles, Miskito Indians, Ukranians, Tibetians are well established facts. The brutal history of Muslim Jihads and Jim Crow opression against Various Christians, Jews , Hindooooos, Bhooooodists, Zoooooroasssstrians and others is well known.

Brown wails about American mistreatment of Indians and slavery but endorses exact equivalents via manifesto and Koran. Most of us are well aware of the wars against the American Indian. However, the tribes were decimated by diseases for which they had no immunity such as small pox. Nor were many of these tribes peaceful people like the Land O Lakes maiden. Native American Societies were diverse and there were war like tribes and peaceful tribes. The vast majority of us are aware of the broken treaties and crimes against Native Americans and do not endorse this behavior.

However, the identical crimes of Communism and Islam are mitigated by Brown and the Duck. Thus slavery is evil when practiced in the US but okay in Gulags, Chinese equivalents and via Koran. Imperialism and interference is an American and Israeli crime but perfectly fine when done via manifesto and Koran.

3Political Prisoners
Anatoly Scharansky wants to leave the Soviet Union and is placed in prison.
Brown talks of Mumia Jamal who shot a police officer in the back. The police officer wonded returns fire and hits Mumia in the Chest. Mummia is found wearing a holster
and the gun registered to Mumia with five spent shells is found near Mumia. Unlike Browns myth the bullets in officer Faulkner were the same caliber as Mumia's gun. Most Mumia crank defenders maintain a crank mystery gunman theory. Moreover Mummia himself has never denied he killed officer Faulkner.

Mummia has sat for decades awaiting his justice while Ed Assssner and Mike " Moron" Farell and other bozo far left clown spin yarns. Mummia adresses Commie groups and has a radio show. Scharansky was not allowed to have visits with his family and letters were blotted out. Why he was not allowed to study Hebrew is more curious. Learning Hebrew was not permitted in the Soviet Union. Commies lecture us about rights and then create speech codes and ban Hebrew.

The reader should note that Commies like JB and Duncy excuse and mittigate crimes by Communist regimes and via Koran while placing every action of the US and Israel under a microscope. The truth is that aparthied was an evil system but people did not starve until Mugabe enacted Marxism. Does Brown or Ducky condemn Zimbabwe's oppressive thugocracy ? They change the subject but this is exactly the game Commies play. The United States and Israel are held to high standards and Commies and third world states are held to none.

Chapter one of the Black Book Straight ahead.

Beamish in 08, Ducky still in denial and 167 RIP

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Forward To the Black Book and Holocaust Denial

This serialization is not intended for John Brown. The serialization is intended for good people like Rob Bayn who do not understand why most of us oppose any compromise with Communist. The vulgar John Brown is a true believer similar to Anum. Both deny the realities of genocide produced by their utopias. The Duck is of a different cloth entirely as he is well aware of the carnage produced by Communism. His rationale is that there is nothing Communist about Gulags, planned starvation and democide.

The forward of the book starts in France with a phenomena familiar to us in America. The far left comprised of coalitions with genuine Communists try to smear the far right with a Nazi connection. The post of our familiar blogs are filled with far left types in reality Communists screaching at people who they disagree with Nazi, Fascist, Racist and Homophobe. The commies often feel free to use racial slurs 167 called a couple of Jewish businessmen Faggins and JB has used racial slurs on Warren, Collin Powell and Condi Rice. There is a pointed irony about followers of a genocidal movement Communisms obsessing over Zionism. Zionism is the legitimate right of the Jewish people to a state on a land for which they and not Arabs are indigenous. Communists play word games with Joooooo and zionist similar to that of KKK people with Blacks and the N word. In fact the talking points of Commies like 167 and John Brown are identical to that found on Nazi sites such as Storm Front.

The coherent and more rational Commie types like to lecture us about nuance and then lump all of us together with Nazis and Facists although as Mr Beamish has pointed out Nazis and Commies are all found on the far left. WEB Dubois was effusive in his praise for Nazism because he corectly saw Nazism as Communisms rival and not its antithesis. Communists colluded with Nazis to divide Europe and then their allies double crossed them. The fact was that many Ukrainians , Balts and others joined the ranks of the Nazis as Hiwis. The Commies own history of brutalization of the locals and anti Semitism were key recruiting points. The key point is that Conservatives like Mr Beamish, Liberterians like Jason and Cold War Liberals like myself have zero in common with Nazis. In fact our objection to Islam is not on a racial grounds. Our objection to Islam is that it is a genocidal religion seeking global domination and the creation of utopia in this world. Muslims come in all races and we would have to despise humanity itself.

The forward explains why the sins of Nazism are evident and those of Comunism are denied. Nazisms crimes took place in Central Europe and as it was defeated militarily we had the records and evidence of the crimes of Nazism. The defining aspect of Nazism became the Holocaust the industrialized attempt to eliminate Jews and Gypsies . However, Commies soon needed a new venue to delegitimize the state of Israel. Thus you have the new phenomena of Norm Finklestein a Commie calling himself
a Green becoming a Holocaust Denier. You have Noam Chomsky another Commie calling himself an anarchist aiding another Holocaust denier Faurison in France. We have 167
writing Jews stole the Holocaust and linking to Holocaust Denial site the Institute for Historical Review. The political aspirations and flexible morality of Communist take priority over fact.

The crimes of Communist were hidden on the perifery of Europe and elsewhere. Communism was not defeated militarily so until recently we did not have acsess to records of Communist government. Communists also mostly killed people along class lines but there were plenty of examples of Communists using ethnicity as a pretext for death. We have allready heard an early excuse from the Duck " the Khmer Rouge were nationalist and not Commies". We will deal with Cambodiatowards the end.

The Holocaust will forever define Nazism as a bankrupt ideaology. Similarly Gulags and Democide should also be the definition of the bankruptcy of communism. Allready before this series has even started we have the words of the Duck " Shame on you for using the victims of the Gulag". JB contributed classic comparisons of the Black book of Comunism to Mein Kamph. How a documentation of the numerous crimes of Communism rehabilitates Nazism is a stretch.

The killings in the Nazi period around 25,000,000 or so to place in a short time span. The 100,000,000 deaths achieved by Communism were spread over eighty years. Yet we have seen the far left deny the existence of these crimes and then attempt to rationalize them. I am certain slavery and Nazism also have their proponents but the rest of us know they are flat earth types.

The book is intended to demonstrate that Comunism was a criminal enterprise in its origins. The myth of placing the blame upon Mao, Stalin or Pol Pot is deception by Communist apologists. Most of us are repelled by Nazis and for perfectly valid reasons Genocide agressive war. Communists should be treated similarly but instead we have apologists for a Genocidal system in college faculties, Hollywood and Journalism. In fact amongst these nuts being an anti Communist like myself of an apostate like David Horowitz, Ronald Radosh or Stephen Schwartz are treated with more scorn then the actual apologists for sedition and Genocide. The term Neocon has two meanings to the Commie left . The first meaning is evil Joooish weepublican and the fact that I am often called a Neocon is significant. How a person who was never sympathetic to Communism gets a label that is by definition a former Commie turned againstComunism is unknown. Much of the furor over Neocons is the Marxist variant of apostasy . If one breaks from the official party line friends will shun you and every
smear under the sun will be tossed in your direction as Chrisopher Hitchens recently learned.

Expect some hysterical rants from JB and Duncy . Their rationalizations , spin and flexible morality are to be expected. A typical example of this if a Commie government aims and trains rebels and imports merceneries the left calls them " Freedom fighters" . When Ronald Regan employed the same technique the Contras and others were called "terrorists". This is amusing as the left does not call people who blow up Jewish Houses of Worship in Tunisia , Argentina and Turkey Terrorists. Nor do they label people who push senior citens in wheel chairs, blow up public transportation , smack planes into office buildings or shoot school kids in the back terrorists. No the left calls these people militants , activists and freedom fighters
despite the fact that they target civilians. The only people who the left refer to as terrorist are those who take up arms to prevent Marxist thieves from stealing their property, controling their lives and destroying their liberty.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky prepare for the spin cycle and 167 RIP.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Interuption of Schedule

I apologize to all those who were enjoyng From West To East. Stephen Schwartz is an excellent author and this effort is well worth reading. In an ideal situation all of my readers including the Duck could kick back and diescuss California litt. However, we have a vulgar problem with the initials JB.

Most of us know Communism was evil but I am more concerned about the Rob Bayn's then JB. Rob doesn't understand why I am vehemently anti Communist. Rob is a patriotic liberal with a different view point. I am concerned when a good person is unaware of the legacy and the true nature of Communism. Rob is not to be faulted as he has been bombarded with a popular culture that distorts the facts about a genocidal system.

If anyone was to get up and try to defend Nazism and say that genocide was just a misguided part of a good idea they would be correctly ridiculed. There is something perverse about a Marxist like the Duck railing against Rand. Rand and Liberterians do not have a history of failure and 100,000,000 dead. Yet we have a plethora of apologists making every excuse under the sun for this failed system. We have Commie apologists in our University system. This makes as much sense as placing pedophiles in jobs at daycare centers or Bankrobbers as security guards in banks.

Communists are natural bigots and it is safe to assume that if you hear an anti semite 80% of the time it is a comie . The almost as incoherent anarchists are responsible for almost the entire remainder. A commie feels no shame at using racial slurs on those who disagree with them . Thus Brown feels he has the divine right to use racial slurs. However if one of us used a similar slur about Charlie " the red " Rangel all hell would break loose.

I also find it humorous that the Duck feels a need to lecture Felis who lived under Communism about his experiences. Sorry Ducky but Felis lived in your workers paradise. Your workers paradise was not lost it never existed .

Sit back and enjoy the brutality as we bring you the oft quoted but seldom read Black Book of Communism.

Beamish in 08 , Ducky to Gitmo and 167 unread.

Editorial whims

I seldom comment on the postings of another blog for whom I have great respect. AOW is a friend and an excellent writer for whom I have the utmost respect. Contrary to popular opinion I do not hate the Duck. He does tick me off when he veers into anti semitic lunacy such as idiotic comments accusing me of wanting to cover up the Ukrainian famine. Why a fervent anti communist like myself would cover up a commie crime boggles the mind. This is also more amusing because I do post on the subject for which my family has some personal history. The recent spate of dog eating jokes started with a quip about my family history durring the famine. Man's best friend became table food. My family also had to eat horse meat as well. This was not by choice but starvation forces one to deal with difficult circumstances.

I am mulling serializing the Black Book of Communism on this blog . I do not do this lightly but most of us are well versed in the era. I do know that a couple of you do have copies . Those of you that do have a copy should consider reading along.

The idiotic comments of John Brown and the mostly sane but wrong Duck will be batted
around quite easily. I would like the thoughts of the regular readers of this blog.
How many of you own this book ? It is a rather long book but there is a time and a place for everything.

Chapter 2 Runaway Society

Over the course of the years I have read hundreds of books. The best like those of Scharansky and Horowitz remain in my memory. I do remember reading Two Years Before the Mast and the Red Badge of Courage in Junior High. However while I do remember the Red Badge of Courage , Two Years Before The Mast has faded from my memory. Stephen Crane does come up in other readings about NYC from the Gangs of NYC Era.

The chapter begins with sailors abandoning ship durring the Gold Rush. There was an obvious reason for this as the Gold Rush tempted people from all over the globe. Yet when we discuss the brutal treatment of earlier eras Slavery does correctly stand out as odious. However, the often brutal treatment of sailors seems largely forgotten. Floggings, people being Shanghaied and even murdered at Sea were very real. Schwartz portrays the case of the ship Sunrise in vivid detail. The first mate was charged with killing three abducted men and running a Hell ship.

Schwartz also describes the Chinese hardships and apparently Mark Twain had a high opinion of the local Chinese. I find this interesting because some districts have removed his works due to the use of the N word which was common in its era and can be heard in 1/3 of rap videos. Twain is censored for using the N word but Eugene ONeil uses it with impunity in the Emperor Jones . In fact the great traitor Paul Robeson portrayed the lead role on film . The moral of the story is one can freely use the N word if one is producing Rap videos or is a Commie finkola like Ducky. I do not remember any Jewish students objecting to Shakespeare despite some anti semitic lines. Moreover I read the Canturburry tales in a Yeshiva as well as Shakespeare . The entire discussion of anti semitism in the works was discussed in less then ten minutes.

Schwartz also presents a range of interesting characters including Mexican Banditos, the crazed adventurer Willie Walker who Ducky will drone on and local Native Americans. Schwartz descriptions of SF from the post Civil War era seem familiar to those who have read about NYC from the same time period.

Schartz does write about Henry George whose ideas still seem to reverbate amongst the incorent Anarchist types in NYC. There is a trendy type of anarchism that believes that people should own only what you create. Nobody created land so it should not be owned. However anyone who pays property tax is well aware that you pay an ungodly fee for the land you own . Most of this is because educational expenditures are linked to property tax. If the formula were changed the impact would create a flight to private schools and cripple housing values. The NYC crowd tends to think this is new and enlightened but the idea is at least 100 years old. Farmer John and other will probably find earlier versions of this inane concept. Ownership of the land also encourages people to invest Capital and make improvements
on the property. The improvements cause property values to go up and increase revenues for the government. This is interesting because Liberals have defended the right of eminent domain to increase tax revenues. I understand the use of eminent domain to build roads and bridges. However, the current use of building Luxury housing, expanding Casinos and shopping malls is abhorent.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and 167 RIP

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Chapter One from East to West by Schwartz

Schwartz does an excellent job of entertaining his readers with the PreAmerican history of Spanish and Mexican California. We do not have the grand drama of the Texas Revolution. However the influences of the Texas and French revolutions reverberate in California.

Schwartz also points to the French debacle in Haiti as a motivating factor behind the Louisiana Purchase. Napoleon's army in Haiti was routed by disease , nepotistic leadership and crafty foes. There was an excellent article in Military History Quarterly around two years ago.

We also get to visit local uprisings against Mexico. Argentian adventurers trying to lead a revolt against Spain. Schwartz also provives vivid portraits of literary figures who passed through California.

The best parts are ahead as the sections on Steinbeck and Sinclair start on page 269
and I am at page 73. We may disagree with Schwartz on Islam but his talent, intellect and flair for writting are clearly evident.

Some quick Stephen Schwartz facts

1 Schwartz's father was a far left Jew and his mother was a non practicing Catholic. He was never Jewish in any definition except by those of the far left who assume that any Jewish blood makes one a Jew. Richard Poe and Jamie Glazov are also pointed to by the far left as Jews but are in fact Christians. The great Richard Poe is also Hispanic but unlike Geraldo never gets any credit or recognition.

2 Schwartz does not bash Western Civ at anytime. He praises Western Civ and points to Islam's place on the perifery. We can debate Islam's role in a coherent rational manner. However Schwartz has never espoused the idiotic notion that Islam civilized the West or denigrated Shakespeare or Greco Roman advances.

3 Schwartz has unequivocally condemed terrorism. He has also been critical of the double games of Cair. He has also beaten Justin Raimondo to a pulp for his stupidity and mendenacity. Schwartz is clearly an American patriot as opposed to Anum who trashes America at every opportunity.

The question for each of us is what do we say to Patriotic Muslims like Schwartz. We can disagree with him on history and theology. However should he have the right to freedom of intellect to pursue his brand of Islam. My answer is that we should respect Schwartz as a first rate talented author and respect his patriotism. Schwartz has never advocated burning books or killing nonbelievers. If we are to be true to our Western notion of freedom we should respect his notion of a cosmopolitan Islam that respects other faiths and seeks to live as members of civilized society.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to be banished to North Korea and 167 RIP

Coming Soon to a theatre near you Mr Beamish stars in the new and improved version of the new Algerian Classic "Man in the Iron Gasmask ". Maybe Mr Beamish will make a Movie Poster for the new venture.

Light Reading Stephen Schwartz From West To East

Most of us have a rather low opinion of Stephen Schwartz. However, he is a patriotic Muslim who disagrees with almost all of us. In fact any praise I could offer would probably anger him more then the slings and arrows.

Schwartz is a brilliant writer who is clearly dedicated to his craft. He has an excellent style that is easy to read and entertaining. He is direct and to the point
and at times humorous.

From West to East is the story of the history of California. California does not have an epic like Texas but it is still interesting.

In chapter one we meet the Catalans and the Malorcans who founded California. We tend to think of the founders of the USA as random groupings of people. However, people from certain regions founded the Eastern USA and apparently California.

In Chapter one we meet the Spanish, English and Russian Explorers. We also meet the local Indians who built a cult on halucegenic drugs. Ducky probably claims most of his economic theories after religious cermonies with the cult.

On a larger note sometimes we should read authors we disagree with. While I do disagree with Schwartz on a range of topics he does excellent research and is informed. Reading the work of a professional writer like Schwartz or VS Naipul is a pleasant experience because they know their craft. Schwartz clearly knows how to inform and entertain. I have not had to labor through any of his sections yet but it is early. Another trap that writers fall into is peaking too early. Orianna Falachi did that on her last book and Jared Diamond did that in Colapse.

Beamish in 08, Ducky looking for the halucigenic cult and 167 a ratings 0

Monday, April 24, 2006

Book Review Hating Whitey and other Progressive Causes

David Horowitz is a giant as an author but being an author with a well established body of work has a downside. His works are not measured against the competition but against his other efforts. When one has set the bar so high it is often hard for an otherwise excellent but dated collection of essays to stand out.

His last book the Professors was somewhat disappointing as it was way too broad. Many professors who should have charter membership in the cult of the insane far left were omitted notably Joel " Deranged " Koevell and Ellen " The real Shrek was more intelligent and better looking Shrecker. It was a great book for those who do not read Front Page Magazine every day.

Some of the essays stand the test of time notably the genesis of the far lefts rage against Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens and myself thought the cruise missle attacks on Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan were to deflect attention from Clintons lapses and boost his opinion in the polls. We meet Sandy Burglar who had a major role in China gate. The far left gets bent out of shape about Johnathan Pollard who I do not defend but down plays scandal after scandal of Chinese spying. Much of the furor against Pollard is driven by antisemitism. Clinton also lied when he claimed Israel asked him to pardon Marc Rich, it was Pollard.

We also meet Stokely Carmichael, Eldridge Cleaver and the Black Panthers. The Duck should closely read the chapter on Pinochet . The left has made a cottage industry out of the 5000 deaths in Chile while ignoring attrocities by Castro and the Sandanistas. Pinochet is not excused or looked to by the Conservatives as a role model. The left still has a love affair with Castro and the insane thug in Venezuela.

The book deals with familiar themes lazy accademics. Incompetent Commie hacks hired
by a leftist Old Bolsheviks club such as Angela Davis, Dorn and Ayers.

Horowitz's book is interesting but dated and it is above average in his vollume of work. I hope his next book cuts new ground but when one is a giant there is high expectations.

Anyone who did not buy this book because of the title owes David Horrowitz an apology. I am guilty of this but a person who has read around eight books and over 100 articles should have zero problem knowing what is in an authors heart. Horowitz has remained comited to the ideals of the Civil Rights movement equality of opportunity. This noble cause has devolved into afrocentrism and bigotry. Many of the key players like Huey Newton, Carmichael and Jesse Jackson were hucksters. More impressive is the writing of Julius Lester who has grown and matured. Horowitz never betrayed his ideals but the nature of the movement has changed.

Sadly we have companies in Brooklyn and Queens that do not employ a single black person . Jesse Jackson wastes time on the NFL and Nascar when ordinary young people need help. The specter of all Hispanic companies in NYC has become common. Who is knocking on doors urging employers to interview HS dropouts ? It certainly is not Jackson who is more involved in the media circus.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to be deported to Venezuela and 167 still a ratings zero

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Islamophile persecution fantasies

Many of our leftist critics dream of a world where Conservatives are chomping at the bit to persecute Muslims. This fantasy bears no relation to any reality on the planet. However if a denaturalization and deportation movement starts Communists with a well established history of subversion and espionage in the USA should be the first to go. However our country tends to reward sedition and treason with jobs in the social science section of a university or media outlet.

The paragon of stupidity 167 made some claims about Gay harassment in the United states. Gay persecution is a problem however 167 pretends anti semitism does not exist. As for the beleagured Muslims it is readily apparent they are more apt to perpetrate hate crimes then to be victimized.

Hate crime statistics FBI 2004

Crimes against Jews 1003 Male Homosexuals 855 Anti Black 3281 Anti White 998 Anti Hispanic 611

Drumroll ............. The number of Bias crimes vs Muslims is 193.

We can sit and juggle the numbers but the great fantasy of a beleagured Mooooooslim comunity is fiction much like the rest of the far left repetoire. The number of anti black hate crimes is alarming. However the ideal number of hate crimes is zero.

Lets look at the regional numbers by state

CA 725 but they have 36,000,000 Home of Esther
NY 520 18,000,000 Home of Jason Pappas
NJ 513 8,700,000 Home of Drummaster
MO 259 3,500,000 Home of Mr Beamish
MA 301 5,800,000 Home of the Duck
AR 192 1,600,000 Home of Nanc
MI 601 9,000,000 Home of Rob Bayn
IN 137 3,000,000 Home of Warren
TX 987 22,500,000 Home of Farmer John and Justin
FL 490 17,000,000 Home of Mad Zionist and TMW
VT 74 600,000 Home of Iran Watch and me temp
VA 395 7,400,000 Home of AOW and Mustang

Sorry Felis I did not find Australian Numbers. However you can pick any state as your
honorary home. I guess NY is more enlightened then MA the home of the Wahabi Duck as per capita hate crimes are much more common in the Peoples Republic of MA.

I am sure these numbers will lead to all types of mayhem on the blog.

Speaking of bigots Anum has changed her story again and now blames the Jews for 9-11 again . I wish she would stick with one story . She flip flops almost as often as John Kerry.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to find out why his idol Hugo Chavez blames increasing Venezuelan crime on capatalist tendencies and 167 to seek refuge in Cuba

Friday, April 21, 2006

Weekend Roast Ducky Roasted or Smoked

Ducky is our official troll and is a cut above our usual pests. We do not like Troll who cry and whine like 167 . Nor is our official troll a one note bore like Anum.
John Brown and Weasie make Ducky and the rest of humanity look sane by comparison.

The Duck has some odd disdain for Renoir that is unusual. I prefer to look at beautiful women drawn in vibrant colors and the Duck prefers Chardin's fruitbowl with dead fish or rabbit etc. Even those whose proclivities are not as conventional as mine would also rather look at a Renior then endure endless fruit and dead game paintings. I am sure Justin or Rob will have a quip over that line.

The Duck is quite the film critic he has seen Red's , Mission to Moscow and every left wing cliche film on record. We have yet to get his version if John Kerry was the actual role model for C3PO.

Now we have a whole series of material to work with but I will point out some themes.

1 Ducky thinks Marxism works so we can safely assume he is into Science fiction and believes Dungeons and Dragons works.
2 Ducky loathes Rand
3 Ducky practices an unnatural alternative lifestyle as a Red Sox fan.

Let the quips fly and do not spare the Duck.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Do far left types worship criminals

I am perplexed at the extent of the hero worship of criminals on the far left. There are the ever present posters of cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal who cntrary to popular belief was far mor associated with MOVE then the Black Panthers. The Black Panthers were a street gang that commited many acts of violence but are still hailed by those on the far left as heroes.

The far left sees no problem with giving terrorists like Bill Ayers or Bernadine Dorn jobs in Universities. They see zero problem hiring Angela Davis who also has a criminal past. FYI not guilty is not the equivalent of innocence. Terrorist fund raisers teach in Universities and the far left sees nothing wrong.

Not only do the far left allow criminals to work in Universities they provide them with cushy jobs and pay large honoraria to hear criminals speak. The scholarship in most of the social sciences is worthless and the bill is paid for by the tax payer.

There is the never ending rationalizations of the Clinton mayhem. Maybe Barry Bonds should claim that the steroids were used to boost his intimate performance. However as we have learned from Jose Canseco this is hardly the case.

Is a clear pattern emerging ?

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky and the sleaze yech !!!! and 167 still a ratings zero 00000

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Should Colleges have racially segregated dorms

There are several colleges with all black and hispanic housing areas. This voluntary segregation is never critiqued. The notion of having an all white dorm is clearly not allowed. Why do our quote " Progressive " Universities endorse Jim Crow on Campus. I do understand a no alcohol section as this is a place reserved for serious students.

Our enlightened universities have speech codes, segregated living areas and are staffed by the old Bolshevik Couch Potato crew. Something stinks in accademia and it is time that the taxpayers started demanding reforms and value for our tax dollars.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to be deported and 167 changing formats yet again.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What a way to end a trip

I had a poetic ending to this trip from hell. Afrter seven hours of driving my car refused to start at a gas station thirty miles from home. The mishap was lucky as I was less then three miles from a garage. I passed an accident and some of the debris lodged in my engine and severed the alarm. Worse yet my mechanic sold the parts even before I left.

Some valuable lessons from the mishap. Always have a cell phone mine was low and it reduced the headache. Always have a wintercoat in the car it was a lifesaver. Never walk on country roads without a flashlight. I left mine in the car and almost got run over.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to be smoked and 167 still with no ratings

Sunday, April 16, 2006

What a start to this trip

I forgot to mention some more odd Vermont behavior on the start of my trip. Outside of Swanton I was deriving to NYCand behind me was an attractive woman in a pickup truck. I swerved and nearly went into a river to miss a woodchuck. The women behind me hit the woodchuck got out of the truck and tossed it in the back. Now some of you think that this was an attempt to keep the road clean. I do not want to even imagine pressed woodchuck with wild rice.

I spoke to my brother who just returned from Kuwait. He informed me that he had to salt his own butter, drink whole milk and there was no Yardley English Rose Lavender soap in his unit. I guess that means the folks in Kuwait are safe from Brian's visits.

I can only imagine a visit to Northern Vermont. Brian could eat a toe tag special breakfast until he found out the locals do not drink skim milk and salt their own butter. I am imagining a long lecture about serving woodchuck with squash and white wine. Of course Brian is an expert on everything except autoparts and bowling.

Rav Roov's kids did not fall asleep until 3 AM . Well they did notwake me up at 5AM and at least the kids know how to salt their own butter. However leaving your hand on the table is not a good idea . Shera almost took three of my fingers as I got too close to the potato chips. Jacob doesn't say much except in temple or at 5AM.

I will be back in VT and be able to get Peace and Quiet. The police raided the crack house around the corner. The North Wind should be in rare form when I return. I am certain I will get 50 questions pouting a temper tantrum. It is not easy being me but I am counting my blessings. I didn't get blown up on this trip. I did not have any unscheduled contact between my car and any wild animals. I still have all my fingers after having a meal with Shera. The local store does not sell Yardley English Rose Soap.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to migrate and 167 unread.

This trip bites the big one.

I do not like religious holidays and I do not care for drama queens. Every time I come in the drama queen shows up. So I stay by my parents and Get three days of religious tedium and whiny kids tossed at me. This was not my ideal vacation and had my mother told me that Rav Roov was visiting for three days no big deal I'll come the next week or stay by Drummaster. However every time I come in the drama queen shows up.

Now I am returning for Memorial day and I decided to have my own absurd list.

1 Preparation H incase the drama quen shows up
2 Sand paper toilet paper
3 Buttermilk . Skim milk is an insult
4 A chainsaw to shave with
5 Any cheap alcohol with a halucinagen .

Knowing my luck the drama queen will find a pretense to show up yet again and irritate me yet again. When there is a wedding Brian wants to be the bride. I am sure at the next funeral he will want to be the corpse as well. I am sure that Brian will go to the Sea World and jump into the tank and perform but he needs albacore.

I will have to remind my parents the next time I come down to remind me if Rav Roov if visiting. I can survive a one day religious holiday but three days.

Well at least I can go back to St Albans and get some peace and quiet in a bar figt or the train yard. I allready told Drummaster's Mom the next visit will be birthday 40. The drama queens gift is to stay at home.

Watch on my next trip Rav Roov will arrive 30 seconds before the sabath. The kids will wake me up at five AM and when I go to my sisters for some peace and quiet stinky will come in with his laundry list. I am not a gopher and even with a shot gun I am not buying Yardley English Rose Soap, Charmin Ultra, Women's deoderant or
salted butter.

Now I need to go back to work and get some vacation from this vacation.

Does this happen to anyone else ?

Beamish in 08, Ducky to the state fair and 167 still a ratings zero.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

What type of house guest is this ?

I pride myself on being a good house guest. I drive my 400 miles and often fall asleep anywhere. I don't care what is served and I help myself to whatever local resturants are in the area.

Everytime I come down Drummaster's uncle from the other side shows up. I am not demanding and super cool. Brian needs special butter, special toilet paper and needs to be shuttled to and fro. Excuse me what type of visitor tells you what dairy products you needs. Hey lard butt, if it is so important to you pick your fat $%$% and get it youurself. I do not mind doing a few errands but I will not cater a spoiled obnoxious buffoon.

This shore leave did not work out so well. Three days of religious holidays in a row drives me up the wall. I am back from boresville and want to cut loose. Religious observances are not high on my list. Rav Roov is a great guy but this is not how I would have spent my shore leave. Had my mother told me Rav Roov was staying for three days I would have come down next week.

What a trip option a boresville with the religious or dealing with the obnoxious high maitenence drama queen. I chose the religious boredom as fussy types get on my nerves. I can just imagine fussbot asking me to fetch Yardley's Lavender soap .

Beamish in 08, Ducky to be smoked and 167 with no readers.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Mr Beakerkin's trip home

I visited my old familiar haunts in Staten Island. The area has changed for the worse. My favorite news stand was near a trainstation and run by a surly Chinese man Lenny. For a twenty five years Lenny has been telling kids this is not a library. I would get a series of insults upon entry to the store.Lenny has sold the store to a Pakistani who is even more obnoxious then Lenny.

Vermont Pizza is dreadful so I went to my favorite mustachioed Italian place. The old Mustachioed Pete is replace by a less skilled Mexican. I tried the pizza maybe Old Pete imparted his craftsmanship. It wasn't even close and there was no pride. The Pizza was worse then the Pizza I loathe in Vermont.

The traffic in NJ and Staten Island is hair raising. Even at three in the afternoon the traffic on the Staten Island was brutal. I often listen with mild amusement at tales of woe at traffic on I89.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to be smoked and 167 still looking for ratings

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Back in Staten Island

I arrived about one hour ago and traffic was good until I hit the NJ Turnpike. For those of you in rural areas the NJ Turnpike and Garden State are as bad as it gets.
The drivers are agressive and will box you in.

The beloved Rav Roov is in for the Seder and why he pulls these last second arrivals is beyond me. He always arrives about five minutes before any major Jewish Holiday. This time he arived within thirty seconds of sundown.

Most people like the holidays but I had to work eight straight ten plus hours to get home. Tommorow I have the dreaded DMV but I will take a book.

There seems to be a positive reaction to a Duck Roast. Smoked Duck is something he does between Marx , Fanon and Zinn.

How to fix Immigration

Immigration will never be fixed because politicians do not have the will power. Business wants cheap labor and Democrats want new voters and screw the wishes of the American people.

Illegal immigants do not help the economy unless they are running a business. The cost of educating children of illegal immigrants alone would justify the cost of a plane ticket back to whatever country. They also depress the wages of the least skilled jobs. Employers readily mistreat illegals and this mistreatment then filters down to legal workers. I have worked for employers who openly refuse to even condsider blacks because " they steal and sue. " Every group has potential theives and the racial lawsuit industry does make some employers leery.

The notion of family based immigration should end. The notion that a persons brother or child is the best candidate is outmoded. The paperwork of many countries is so fraudulent and haphazzard that even in this area blood tests should be required.

Immigration fraud also needs to be more vigourously prosecuted including jail time and loss of citizenship for sham marriages. Adoptions should pay a greater fee for the amount of extra work required. An adoption requires the person do about at least eight times the amount of work. Adoptions require investigations of foriegn law and the examination of multiples of paperwork. The fee should start at 1000 and should require at least a paralegal representation. The lawyers in the adoption cases earn every penny and provide a critical service.

The country should move to a strictly vocational immigration system. Countries with historic US interests such as Liberia, Haiti, Philipinnes, Poland should get the majority of the spots. What historic ties does the US have to Ghana or Bangladesh ?
India and China are trade partners and should also get some slots.

The country should end the practice of granting citizenship to the parents of people who have children in the USA. Woman x from country y has a child in the USA 21 years later she gets a visa. Then all of her children become eligible down the road.

I am off to NYC and will be on the road.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to be roasted ????? and 167 changing formats and names yet again.

I am considering roasting the Duck next Friday. We tend to do this anyway but this
would be more comedy based. I would like the opinions of regular posters . This blog does have some readers off the beaten path who are encouraged to express their opinions.

Should we roast the Duck ?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Rights vs Toleration another Beakerkin and Farmer John Special

Bat Yeor claims that at the core of Sharia is the principle of toleration. Toleration
under Sharia can be bought or sold and removed by a whim. Western Law is codified in rights that are inherent and unvoidable . Thus the entire notion of Sharia with rights for the faithful and a Jim Crow toleration at best for some is not compatible with Western notions of freedom.

This is one of those threads where the Farmer and some others will venture into philosophy history and probably theology. Please excuse this venture into the abstract. We will resume our usual fare in future posts.

Random notes our comedic prop the anti semitic commie rubber chicken 167 claims that some zionists are emailing him. No but a person who uses etnic slurs such as Faggins, zionist media and talks of Joooish cabals to start the Iraq war is upset that he has been termed an Anti semite. This is just the latest in long running saga of the brain impaired 167 whose next intelligent thought will be his first.

I am returning to NYC for the holidays tommorow night. I want to wish our Jewish readers a happy Passover and a Happy Easter to all our Christian readers. To those who worship Karl Marx I wish you have a nice meeting between my steel toed boots and your backside.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to sit in Mustangs history class and 167 no pity , no readers and no brains.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Born Free Extortion Islam and You

People who are regular readers of this blog know I love my country and 90% of the population. I am an American and petty differences on ethnicity, most religious differences and political viewpoints are well within the spectrum. I do have some issues with those with deviant lifesyles notably Boston Red Sox fans. Red Sox fans are just an alternative lifestyle that should be kept in the closet.

What does Sharia mean for you.

Well it means that followers of a certain religious view point get granted special rights and others get the short end of the deal. In theory all you non belivers can buy your peace by paying tribute to the elite. If this sound like a protection racket then you are perceptive. Sharia is Jim Crow with protection money unless one happens to be Hindooooo, Boooooodist or practice native American religion. Members of all the above religions are pagans and to be killed unless they convert. Gooooood Jooooooos who agree with the theft of land which we are the indigenous people may be allowed to live as dhimmis.

All you Christians turn in your weapons because only Muslims get to carry weapons. This is much like NYC gun control where only a rich elite and the criminal class get to protect themselves. All of you Christians and Non Zionist Jooos ( Communist and Anarchists ) get to wear special clothing. The reason you get to wear the special clothing is so that you are easier to beat. If you lift a hand to protect yourself then you must die. All of you non Muslims must turn in your cars but Allah migh allow you to drive a golf cart or a electronic scooter like the type the disabled used.

Turn in your weapons and cars, no wonder Islam has such appeal to far left types like the Duck. But wait it gets worse ,lets talk about personal choices.

People who happen to be gay have the right to be beheaded. I can just picture 167 blaming the Jews as the minions of Allah sever a head he never used. Maybe because he was such a good ussefull idiot they will sever his head with a chainsaw.

We take you live to 167's fantasy future beheading
Executioner: Allah Ahkbar Ahllah Ahkbar Allah who Ahkbar
167: You look so cute in the white nighthirt. I know that the evil zionists made you
sever my head. Well Allah Ahkbar baby did any one tell you white nightshirts are so in. I have a 167 IQ ......

Executioner: Allah Ahkbar the head still is talking after we beheaded him.
167: You Americans are the most evil people on the planet and tooo fat
Three days later the severed head was still talking
167 : Being a disemboweled head pesents a whole series of new problems. How does one stay fashinable without a body. Ohhhh no it here comes a man in a gasmask. It is that dreaded evil Mr Beamish with a bowling bag ...... No you evil zionist .....

Any display of young love must be ended. Yes we take you now to the future way you will get your spouse. All you women just shut up and get beaten live good wives. We now take you to Syed's wife shop and gas station. Our next customer is Ducky who has just converted.

Ducky: I am here for my second wife do you have a fuel efficient low maitenence model.
Syed: I remember you . You ask for Raquel Welch with a Rosie O' Donnel budget. You think using Beakerkin bargaining tactics will work again. I am not throwing in an oil
change with a wife.

By the way did you visit my Cousin Farouk Rug store and slave market.

All you dog and cat lovers are just out of luck under Sharia. You may keep a goat if you must have a pet.

No Western Music and Heavy Metal Music is approved by Satan himself. No country and wester, R&B and Gospell music.

Does all the above sound oppressive, boring and totalitarian ? Welcome to Sharia where amputations and Capital punishment are peachy . In fact 167 claims they are okay becaus they aren't racist.

Sharia is worse then Jim Crow and Jim Crow is repugnant to all sane freedom loving people.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky still looking for a fuel efficient second wife and 167 to a bowling alley.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Weekend Cyber Roast for Always on the Watch

Our last cyber roast generated such an overwhelming response we had to do another. A roast starts out with a tribute from the host and degenerates into a series of comedy
jokes. Pack your sense of humor and bring a smile the roast is on.

I first met AOW on Jason's site and welcomed her into our family with a segment called the electronic bar. All of our sites have grown much larger but the growth of AOW has been exponential. Yet she always finds the time to stop by her oldest friends
and post a comment or two. Her formula is simple provide a quality post with with and charm and you will build a vast audience. Your audience comes from people who tend to agree with you. However, a set of good trolls create a lively board.

Most of my pests with two exceptions now visit AOW as often as my blog. The official troll of this blog Ducky is most often found at AOW or Jason's blog. Ducky is a skilled troll and has a union card in his pocket. Less skilled Anum Muhktar has also started visiting AOW. I was hardly surprised to find high on Anum's link list. This is the only area where I out rank AOW. Mr Beamish and Jason are still baffled how they missed Anum's link. Felis has his own Islamo trolls and did not need another. Unskilled deranged and vulgar John Brown also holds court there . Brown has yet to figure out people do not build an audience as trolls.

AOW has joined the new avatar craze with a refreshing avatar. Her avatar requires rolled up sleeves to deal with her slowest pupil. This one student is stuck on a single philosopher.... Oooooops that isn't one of AOW students it is the Duck. AOW also requires rolled up sleves to deal with all of my spelling errors we call Beakerisms.

This roast is now open.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A dubious honor and random humor

Some of our blogs have been linked by Anum Muhktar. I do think Anum has a right to spread her message. We also have a right to present our view of Islam that disagrees with Anum. Anum has a blog that provides a good understanding of what we are dealing with.

In Anums world Justin and Rob would be stoned to death. Their crimes is just living differently then Allah deems fit. The fact that Justin is a loving father and veteran or that Rob is a decent person is irrelevant. Allah is merciful but both Justin and Rob must die for living their lives. This notion that man should mete out punishment over a private matter is abhorent.

The Mad Zionist, Drummaster, Esther and myself would face beheading for supporting Israel and being Jews. All of you Christians might be permited to live so long as you turn in your weapons, cars and wear special clothing so you can be identified for beatings. You may have to give up 1/5 of your children to form the new Jannisary Corps.

No doubt people like Mr Beamish who like to drink a beer after work and listen to Satan's Music ( Heavy metal ) are in for Allah's mercy. Jason and Felis might face heresy charges for reading the Koran in a less then flattering manner.

In other news Front Page Magazine has a picture of a Mr Beamish campaign rally. They posted the wrong story about WMD's with the picture. Beamishism is causing stores to run out of children's gas masks. There are even dark rumors that familiar corporate logo's may join Team Beamish. You could see the Pilsbury Dough Boy, the Keebler Elves and Count Chocula wearing the Beamish Gas Mask soon. The Michelin man was rejected as New Algerian logos are not acceptable to team Beamish.

In other news I would like to host another Blog Roast for tommorow. Lets hear who you want to see roasted Dean Martin style. I have been roasted allready so I am not a candidate.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to join the Janisaries and 167 Irelevant.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

India and Pakistan abd the failure of Islamic Civ

Islamic societies have failed in the modern era for various reasons but the ultimate source is Islam itself. Islam is nomadic theft based religion and is not and should not be the basis of an economic system.

Why have Islamic societies failed in modern times ?

1 Political Stability India is a modern democracy with stable governance. Pakistan is most often run by warlords with attempts at democracy. China provides an example of a stable but non democratic government. Why should anyone risk investing resources in Syria or Lybia with erretic strongmen

2 Human Capital India values education and produces a skilled workforce. Pakistan exports its human capital and its educational system is noted for Madrassa type production of religious zealots. Most of the Pakistani Entrepenuers in America are Mohajairs who left India and then Pakistan to set up Businesses in America.

3 Coherent Law enforcement Muslim courts and law enforcement are notoriously corrupt.Potential investors have to deal with extortion and a series of never ending corruption.

India was not founded as a Hindu state and is ruled by civil law. It has many excellent institutions where students study real subjects. One could compare Israel and Egypt and reach the same point. Islam as the starting point of an economy is an
rx for disaster. The moral justifications of a caravan raider are not the basis for a coherent economy in the modern age.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to the library and try to avoid the Marx section and 167 still seeking a labotomy.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bat Yeaor's point

Bat Yeor describes Islam as a religious justification of a nomadic lifestyle. Islams initiall adherents Arabs were nomads with a predatory lifestyle. They would conduct a series of raids mostly on farmers and small villagers. The initial appeal of Islam was the goods, slaves and power the religion provided. The raids were an established pattern of theft that had preceded Islam.

The most notable of Islam's early adherents were also nomadic warlike people. The Turks were a warlike nomadic people from the plains of Central Asia. The Berbers were North African nomads attracted by the booty and plunder .

The nomads destroyed and plundered wherever they went. Whole villages fled to mountainous regions where the nomadic tactics were less sucsessful. However the oppressive taxation of its most productive population led to its near collapse. The Nomadic Mongols invaded and conquered Baghdad. Interestingly Mongols invasions are still depecticed as a savage horde plundering and pillaging. This is exactly what Muslims did for centuries but the PC left obscures the facts.

Thus today we have Islamic traditionalist still attempting to colonize , convert and lord over the rest of us. I read a quote about three months ago , a French Muslim wanted an end to police presence in the occupied territories. Most of us think that this is yet another call for Israel to leave the West Bank. This was a call for French police to leave sections of France.

The Islamo conquest works in a simple fashion. Excess population emigrates to adjacent areas and first petitions for recognition. When a critical mass is reached they begin to riot. When the riots and disorder start the locals emigrate. Emigration, lawlessness and terror are part of the plan to conquer the globe.

The problem is compounded by the fact that Islam is not the basis for a modern economy. Civilization depends on law and order and a Jim Crow system of theft and rampant violence is not compatible with a modern economy. India and China are making huge strides and are superpowers. This is because they are not hindered by a system of governance based upon justifying the lifestyle of nomads 1400 years ago.

Beamish in 08, Ducky back to the library and 167 a ratings 0

Monday, April 03, 2006

Bat Yeor's Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam

I want to start off with the absudity of our demented official troll Ducky. Ducky loves to talk about apathied, colonialism and slavery in the Western context. We have a wide range of readership and it is same to say we have no appologists for those evils. Nobody is in favor of Jim Crow or is mittigating slavery or the treatment of Native Americans. These are parts of our history that we have learned to deal with and move ahead.

The Muslims and the far left have come up with an insane version of history that cast Muslims as victims.Islam demands your respect and pay attention to its alleged laundry list of never ending complaints dating back to the Crusades.

There is zero talk of the Muslim role in the slave trade. Even more absurd Muslims point the finger at Jews. Blacks in America also tend to ignore the black role in the capture of slaves.There is a reason for this overt hypocisy and peversion of facts. Education has been dominated by the far left and history is now being created
in a manner that has victims and victimizers. The Western Capitalist is always the bad guy and the indigenous people are always cannonized.

However in the case of Islam the colonized were much more brutal to the colonized then the West ever was. Islam is a colonial theft based political system that masquerades as a religion. Its popularity was the rampant justification of theft by uncivilized nomads against sedentary people.

Islam was spead via a series of invasions and Arabs are not indigenous in many of the areas they claim today. Jews are clearly the indigenous people in Israel and lived under a series of JIm Crow laws. Arabs create fictional ethnicities and lecture Jews and Christians about colonialism. The treatment of indigenous people
Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians and others can not be compared to aparthied or Jim Crow as it was far worse and lasted longer.

We hear the familiar refrains about Crusades and Mongol Hordes. However the Mongols were just better at the nomadic warfare game then the Muslims. A Muslim crying about Mongol or Crusader evils is comedic given their own history of predatory behavior.
We do not hear about the dhimmi system Jews , Christians and others were forced to live under. We do not hear about Muslim bloodbaths in India, Egypt , Assyria and elswewhere. We do not hear about forced conversions, massacres and Jannisaries.

Instead what we get is Fanon victimization stories an PC baloney . The West did ....... The story of the brutal treatment of minorities under Islamic rule is swept under the rug.

Sorry Poultry , perhaps you should take the time to read Bat Yeor before you critique Bat Yeor. I have read others describe and quote the sections from this book
but it is far more vivid in the original. This book should be required reading in every Middle Eastern studies department. However what we get is Armenian histoty minus the chapters on the genocide. We mustn't offend the sacred feelings of muslim victimhood

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to the library and 167 to get labotomized

Saturday, April 01, 2006

New serialization Bat Yeor's Decline of Easten Christianity

This book was not easy to locate and is pricey. Do not attempt to get this book unless you are a serious student and have money to burn. I saw one copy in the Strand Bookstore for $90.00 and that is a bit high. Authors quote this book so you can glean much of the material elsewhere.

The Duck has disdain for Bat Yeor as he likes his Islamo victimology from Fannon and other deranged sources. Bat Yeor knows about Islam as she lived under its yoke in Egypt.167 likes to pretend that Jooooish refugees from Moooslim countries do not exist and they lived harmoniously.Islamo colonialism was brutal and lasted longer then Western colonialism.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to the smokehouse, 167 kissing and telling on his blog nooooo class.

Book Review Murder of a Nation by Henry Morgenthau

The Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Genocide is one of the most understudied events of the last century. The picture that people have of Islamo/Christian harmony under the Ottoman Empire is false. Muslim treated minorities worse then our Jim Crowe era. Yet we have a plethora of ignorant leftist talking about colonialism. Islamo colonialism is still a problem today and any notion of indigenous people in Israel that clings to fake indigenous ethnicities is a joke. Arabs invaded the area and never were indigenous but leftist like to invent facts.

The book recounts the American ambassadors attempts to save the Armenians. The German embassy did zero to aid the Armenians and there is considerable evidence that its local representatives supported the genocide.

There is a minor comedic subplot in that the Germans sent one of 167's favorite types of Jooooooooos to reason with Morgenthau. The German embassy sent a clown by the name Dr Nossig to talk to Morgenthau. This was a conversation between a Jew (Morgenthau) and a Joooooooo (Nossig). Nossig tells Morgenthau that the Ottomans would be happy to settle Jews in Israel as long as they gave up their zionist schemes.The notion that Jews should have a right to run their own affairs in lands they are indegenous must have gone over this clowns head.

The Germans were upset that their silence in the massacre of the Armenians was becoming known in the Western press. The Germans blamed the messenger rather then the inhuman policies they often endorsed. Morgenthau stood his ground and did whatever he could.

The book is a short excursion into a larger topic that should be studied. The comedy of the left in making a colonial oppresive people as the ultimate victims is readily apparent to anyone who has picked up a book. Muslims have zero claim to victim status or to point the finger at anyone. Any examination of their history of colonialism and brutality reveals the curent charges from the left to be absurd. The far left likes to reinvent history but Islamo oprsession and colonialism remain facts.