Saturday, April 01, 2006

New serialization Bat Yeor's Decline of Easten Christianity

This book was not easy to locate and is pricey. Do not attempt to get this book unless you are a serious student and have money to burn. I saw one copy in the Strand Bookstore for $90.00 and that is a bit high. Authors quote this book so you can glean much of the material elsewhere.

The Duck has disdain for Bat Yeor as he likes his Islamo victimology from Fannon and other deranged sources. Bat Yeor knows about Islam as she lived under its yoke in Egypt.167 likes to pretend that Jooooish refugees from Moooslim countries do not exist and they lived harmoniously.Islamo colonialism was brutal and lasted longer then Western colonialism.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to the smokehouse, 167 kissing and telling on his blog nooooo class.


Always On Watch said...

Islamo colonialism was brutal and lasted longer then Western colonialism.

That little fact doesn't get much play in the media nor in the textbooks.

Nor does the fact that slavery thrives in many Islamic nations. Of course, slavery, complete with eunuchs as slaves, is a logical outcome of Islam because of the arrogance. Muslims consider themselves superior to all others.

beakerkin said...

The Duck has never answered how Mooooslims became the official victims of the far left ?

Always On Watch said...

I'm sure that Duck will have something to say about Bat Ye'or.

Warren said...

As always, the Duck will quack about something he knows nothing about.

Maybe he'll dine to put on his turban and with the great guiding spirits, (the great Carnac) helpuful hand, give us a prediction from Nostradumbass.

It always gives me a chuckle when someone says "Ducky, you seem like an intelligent person."

Its akin to praising a Ludite for his understanding of technology.

I've often wondered, Ducky. If TSHIF what will you do with that snake gun you have buried in your back yard, shoot yourself?


Mr. Ducky said...

Lot of people "know about Islam", Beak. Whay is B'at Shit informative?

She seems like a stooge that fits your prejudices, nothing more.

It's spelled, Fanon, Beak and we do know this. Wretched of the Earth had more of an impact on world culture than B'at Shit ever will. May be because there were germs of truth in what Fanon wrote.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, this treasure is available on Amazon, why the search?

You can even look at the Table of Contents. She spends roughly twenty pages on the first hundred and fifty years of Islamic history, forty pages or so on the 19th century and the rest is her description of "Dhimmitude". Can't you smell the pure stinky cheese?

This is probably a person with no credetials in the study of history and plent of crendetials on making a cheap buck making people like Warren piss his diapers.

beakerkin said...

That is funny Ducky as Chomsky is a linguist and readily used as a source outside his expertise. Bat Yeor provides her sources in the book.

You talk about aparthied quite often Duck. However you endorse real aparthied in your odd claims about Moooslim victimization. Colonialism, Slavery and aparthied are noble as long as its pretext is the Koran. The entire notion of Arabs claiming to be the indigenous people with zero history of mistreating Joooos is one of your standards.

Perhaps Fanon should have looked into what Mooooooslims did do their minorities. He didn't because it doesn't fit the Marxist agenda.

Islamic history is Colonialism and Jim Crowe personified. Your excuses
and spin on a culture of bigotry rife with colonialism and slavery
are par for the course.

How do the followers of a Colonial pathology rife with Jim Crow laws
become victims.

In a real university students would be required to read Bat Yeor

Warren said...

Ducky said:

"Can't you smell the pure stinky cheese? "

Try changing your socks.

And Ducy, if we met face to face, I think we all know who would piss their pants. Here's a hint. You!

Oh, BTW, just to firm up that jello spine of yours; that isn't a threat. Chickenshit, armchair socialists aren't worth jail time.

beakerkin said...


More interesting is how Ducky can heap such scorn on an author he has not bothered to read. It would be nice if the Duck did his homework. FYI Bat Yeor lived under Islam in Egypt.

The Duck is fairly obtuse in most areas.

nanc said...

have you seen this, beak?:

you may be right about muhammed's anus.

Always On Watch said...

From that link you left:

The site, Ya Mohammed, is part of the "Internet Jihad to fight against the front of blasphemy"...

I guess that I'm on that front the last several days. LOL.

Always On Watch said...

An amusing observation for a Sunday evening...

Duck's new theme is "diapers"--my Depends and Warren's diapers.

Not terribly orignal. I'm disappointed.

Always On Watch said...

orignal = original

MissingLink said...

Islam exploited millions of people in Europe, Africa and Asia, in fact it still does.

Once again Western radicals identify ideology oppressive to its own followers with some imaginary "ethnic" and/or cultural or religious group oppressed by the West.
In fact Islam is mostly oppressive to the people it controls the same way as communism is oppressive to all those unfortunate souls who happen to live under its glorious reign.

Jeff Bargholz said...


why do you object to a book which exposes dhimmitude for the soulless perversion that it is? You can claim the author is unqualified without reading her book and object to anything the Beak recommends with a rapidly jerking knee, but that doesn't obscure the fact that you're defending dhimmitude and slavery.

Even you have to know that only a mindless asshole consistently praises the death cult of islam while just as consistently condemning Christianity.

Jeff Bargholz said...


on an unrelated subject, who is "Professorsubstitute?" The guy was recently promoted from teaching life science to physics in Fantasy U, but who is he really? You told me that he applied as a writer to FPM and was turned down. That would explain his monomaniacal attacks on Horowitz. What's his name? Does he teach at some junior high or what? Is he a blue state scumbag living in a red state America? I really want to expose that talentless fraud.

beakerkin said...

On FPM there are few known constants. Donal, J Mac, Mike , UU
and Mad Max are constants. Northern Steve has been around for a while and has posted under other names such as Steve Bl and Canadian Steve.

Jinny Lowe posted under another name Lobsterman. Any simple examination of the writting styles
indicates a 100% fit. I have never been a fan of JLowe.

There are signs that Meathead is Socrates . However the fit has been less then perfect.

Socrates was a vile disgusting boor
who posted under several alliases.
Known Socrates alliases were Shanghai Charlie who writes in gramatically correct Chenglish minus pronouns, Muster Quark his version of man in the Iron mask.

In general few people defended Soc's boorish conduct. Meathead was a Soc defender as was AKA. My first contact with Meathead occurs when out of the blue he asks for a truce. I was a Soc foe that drove him up a wall. He spent months trying to figure out my identity but failed as I was new.

Soc was an English teacher in a prison in CA. He applied for a job as a staff writer at FPM. Horrowitz rejected his application.
Soc set out to destroy FPM and nearly did. His crude and vulgar attacks on innocent people notably lady Fionna cost DH loads of money
and there was potential for lawsuits.

The writting styles of Meathead and Soc were not perfect fits. However, Soc also created aliases to have an air of intellectual authority and friendship with those who were Soc foes. One such alias was Homer who he cleverly kept out of his routines.

I have studdied Meathead's writting
and his new found alliance with Jinny is a recent invention. He also flips out at any mention of Donal that is a clear sign.

There is no mention of his being a Professor before late 2005. In fact when he talks about accademic issues he does not mention any Professorship and talks about it second hand. He may not be Socrates
but is clearly a fraud.

Anonymous said...

On FPM there are few known constants. Donal, J Mac, Mike , UU
and Mad Max are constants. Northern Steve has been around for a while and has posted under other names such as Steve Bl and Canadian Steve.

Jinny Lowe posted under another name Lobsterman. Any simple examination of the writting styles
indicates a 100% fit. I have never biving necessary, the hairy feeling of danger...

meaning is fleeting but real, that's the deal, and the true warrior lives for it, like half an orange on a hand held juicer, drinking the sweetness out of a year's growth in time not worth measuring, and feeling satisfied by it.

Satisfaction is virtue...courage to face the drudgery...sounds like puritanism to the puritans but really its mustard for the mystic...atisfaction is virtue...courage to face the drudgery...sounds like puritanism to the puritans but really its mustard for the mystic...

nanc said...

my take on soybean is it's a divisive tactic by someone who possibly has a split personality - i try to avoid this person as much as possible. i noticed several months ago this person was trying to cozy up to ninja who is a fierce woman of G-d. someone tried warning her and wish i could remember. aka IS shoshona by two reliable sources - she is close to the person socrates who threatened to go to donal's residence and rape her. best to avoid this troll.

Kyle said...

All one has to do is read the life of the prophet. He had an african slave, and no he did not set him free. He had concubines as young as twelve years old and little boy servants also. He murdered the people of Medina after signing a tuce with them. He told his followers not to wear armor in battle but went to battle in complete heavy mail.
So lets see, an enlightened prophet? or a sick twisted slaveowning, pedophile murderer?

beakerkin said...

AKA is not Shoshona and ask MZ if an eight year old knows what goes with an essrog. AKA also defended Soc when he told two Jews Northern Steve and myself get in the oven. AKA has also started the who is a Jew game with myself and Northern Steve. AKA is not who she claims to be.

Jeff Bargholz said...


I've been exposing Professorsubstitute as a fraud for quite awhile now. I never read anything Socrates wrote but it wouldn't surprise me if Subby is an English teacher in a prison. I'm sure he takes it up the ass.

Strangely enough, the selective censorship of the networking editor "Roberta" often protects him. He once posted some ridiculous science paper from a peer review and smugly asked me what I thought of it. I wrote back that it was derivative and inconclusive. I asked him some questions that a renowned professor such as himself should be able to answer. I asked one question each about: science, English, history, philosophy, theology and poetry. I phrased the questions in such a way that he could not look up the answers easily. The execrable "Roberta" deleted it. It was not profane or objectionable in any way. Many of my comments which expose him as a phony have been deleted. That's why I thought Subby was a woman and a probable lesbian, networking with other women.

I don't even bother with FPM anymore.

By the way, I raised hell at Weasel's boring site today. I know you enjoy skewering the little nut-job so I thought of you as I did it. There are too many restrictions at some blogs but Weasel's gutter blog allows me to really open up on the little turd. I was lucky enough to find a Eurotrash scum-sucker to abuse. I loathe Eurotrash filth and take great delight in pointing out the superiority of America and even Canada to hoplessly doomed Europe. I worked with Europeans for years and learned to detest their stupidly smug anti-Americanism.

nanc said...

beak - i remember a couple of months ago when she (aka/shoshona) and donal made peace and d specifically called her shoshona. ask d about her.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Geez. I took a gander at FPM's message boards a few years ago, saw the drama, and decided not to indulge. Thankfully FPM ran a blog on the side for a while (Moonbat Central) and I made a few contacts.

Warren said...

Same here,I posted a handful of comments and saw all the unmoderated trolling going on.

The comments software is a joke and the "mysterious Roberta", is either incredibly stupid or has an agenda. I'm betting on a fusion of both.

Always On Watch said...

All one has to do is read the life of the prophet.

And, of course, Muslims are supposed to follow the example of the prophet. What does that tell us?

nanc said...

i've found the best articles are usually on page two - but do you think you could get any posters off the first article to take a gander at them? no, you cannot, with the exception of a few. the first article is nearly always the busiest. you could put an article there about the finer points of bowling balls and it'd be the busiest. and i want to know why they call roberta roberta when that is NOT her name?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

My name isn't really Mr. Beamish...