Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Still going strong

The family is gathered for the new year.  We have four generations gathered. My beloved Maltese is next to me. I went for a short trip to the store to buy some fun products. I bought a few types of Turkey meat and some lamb for a Guyanese traditional dish called pepper pot. The granddaughter asked for watermelon. Oddly the beloved Maltese went crazy. Theoretically he should not recognize the turkey Bologna as I usually use a different brand. Apparently, he figured out what it is and I gave him a few slices.
Hopefully, I will be in the new office in February. The boss stopped by to discuss production numbers.

Another year of blogging in the same format. I did speak to Mr AOW and tried to call Warren. Many bloggers are no longer with us.

The clock is running out on the Obama debacle. I wonder what the media will reveal about this administration after the clock runs out. I am fairly certain there will be plenty of stuff about the IRS and the nature of some relationships with some shady characters will be far deeper than anyone realized.

I am enjoying some quality time with the family and the Guyanese community.

Next year may the Frummies be in Jerusalem or anyplace that I am not.

Out with the trash

It is natural that the GOP is held to different standards than the Democrats. The GOP should not excuse a politician who has extensive ties with David Duke. If it were the case of attending a single meeting that would be an error. Unfortunately, at the moment it appears to be more serious than a chance meeting.

The problem is that the media ignores racists who are non white. It also ignores criminal left wing groups a free pass. Every sort of criminality is associated with the Obama approved OWS. The Deblassio approved anti cop marches are led by hipster communists.

The media is very guilty of negligence in the case of Obama. He was a member of a Church led by a racist crackpot for twenty years. Pretending that media coverage only highlighted his most idiotic statements is intellectually dishonest. No real discussion of what Black Liberation Theology is ever took place. This is a racist left wing mockery of Christian ideals.

We also have extensive ties by Obama with a whole range of loathsome people starting with Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi, Al Sharpton and Soros. Scalise  should be accountable but so should Democrats. Scalise should resign yesterday.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Answer for a dumbass

The term law enforcement officers describe a wide variety of people. The term does not preclude one from being an official of the government. Communist like to play word games and those of us familiar with antics can site a litany of word games.

The only confusion is in the head of communist dullards.

Turning Their Backs on Mayor Pothead

The outrageous behavior of Mayor Pothead have become such an issue that the NYPD turned their backs when he spoke at a funeral. In most instances, I favor respecting the office. However, his rhetoric crossed the line long ago. The protesters are hipster political freaks and are nothing more than spoiled brats.

Police work and that of recidivist criminals are risky vocations. There is no evidence of intentional malice in the Garnare case. His death was caused by many poor lifestyle choices. How does one charge the cop and not charge the supervisor on the scene who was Black and female, There are plenty of policies to address, but resisting arrest is stupid and dangerous.

Mayor Pothead wants to be leading the protests. He is free to do so once he resigns from office. He could have easily condemned the inexcusable rhetoric from his allies. Instead, he blames the media for highlighting the bombastic exhortations to violence.

The truth is the Mayor does not respect nor understand the job. We concentrated on Anthony Weiners silly problems. At no time did Weiner the politician ever demonstrate such idiocy. Then there were attacks from the far left on another candidate because as a lesbian she must be politically deranged as an obligation. Pretty much the Pothead ran on his family, specifically his sons retro hairdo.

Now the Pothead is complaining about the media coverage of his job. Lefties assume that no matter how stupid their behaviors are the media will rationalize these actions. There comes a time when excuses just don't matter.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Anti Cop Asshats

The leaders of the anti cop chorus are quite fond of actual police states in Cuba, Venezuela and other leftist hell holes. The protesters are hard core communist and anarchist loser types. There are very few actual residents who fit the profile of someone who would be profiled. Hipsters playing revolutionary is not novel.

We have a series of lefties here stating falsehoods. Anyone familiar with the Kiko Garcia riots knows the witness testimony was falsified. In fact it was well reported the key witness could not have seen the events in question because it was physically impossible to see the area in question.

It doesn't matter to a lefty that the facts aren't even close. The narrative is too attack Capitalism with falsehood and slander. Thus we don't see residents of lower class areas. We see hipsters, spoiled brat revolutionaries and aging stoned out hippies.

The Pothead Mayor asked his allies to tone it down. There is no surprise such a verminous lot of imbeciles is impervious to reason even from a well meaning ally.

Learning From The Pros

I have an appreciation for the hard work done by my peers in Law Enforcement each and every day. It is very rare but sometimes dangerous criminals have to be apprehended. The problem is they do such an amazing job it seems easier than it is in reality.

The first rule that I didn't really grasp until the Garner tragedy is just how dangerous the job is. I am somewhat of a legal perfectionist. I don't like to send items to the judge before all the possible angles are closed. According to my peers my standards are higher than those in court. There have been times where I prepared a case an on review my peers decided to make the arrest. This was done after an independent review of the evidence.

On the rare occasion a dangerous type is in the office the manpower needed to do the job is always present. The situations never escalate because of the preparation and controlled setting. In the beginning I questioned the amount of officers. I am confident in my ability to keep things under control. Yet they are right and that there is no need to gamble especially with dangerous criminals.

I used to be annoyed that my counterparts would rerun checks. In those rare cases I am very thorough because my safety depends on it. There have never been discrepancies but a second set of eyes never hurts. Usually my counterparts run additional checks, but it is done for sufficient cause.

The sad part is if an officer gets mildly injured in the line of duty you don't hear about it. Maybe they do their jobs so well the rest of us take it for granted.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Now where did the kid learn that.

I am somewhat responsible for the grandkids learning to knock back the chips and Mountain Dew. I have no idea where the kid looked at me and said rum. I do not ever drink in front of the kids. Not do I allow adults to drink in front of the kids.

Obviously, the kids father is drinking stuff stronger than Mountain Dew.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Once again the circumstances lead me to celebrate the holidays in an unusual place. Poor families hurt by the Obama policies banding together to celebrate Christmas. It isn't Norman Rockwell, but it has a special feel. Perhaps when things come too easy we don't relish a feast or a gift. The greatest gift of all is being a father and grandfather.  I relax on the couch with my beloved Maltese and wonder. A Duck and lasagna are being prepared and perhaps a Barbecued chicken. The kids will make chocolate covered strawberries.

Oddly there is something genuine about this holiday in my home. Bringing families together as opposed to draconian religious minutiae are the purpose of holidays. In essence Christ is the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. Yet at the core of the ethos is bringing families together. Imposing a rule book and being a general slob is something familiar to my family. My brothers religious zombie bit and the obnoxious religious condescension while having their hand out has made holidays a chore for me.  We may not have much but it is a warm loving home where people work hard when they can find a job. I will take that over fake and font Frummies any day of the week.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The whining left

The left is in panic mode over the execution of two NYPD cops. The rhetoric is part of the Obama version of bread and circuses. Obama destroyed the lives of ordinary lower income people by foisting
a healthcare bill that led directly to layoffs and underemployment of millions of citizens. Now he seeks to give people who knowingly broke the law employment authorization cards for jobs that are as real as Bigfoot. Have an Obamaphone while you look for work at a fast food joint part time at minimum wage.

This idiocy got him stomped at the polls. Obama depends on his surrogates at OWS and big media to keep the Black community in a state of paranoia. Odds are all of us are far more apt to die from criminals and the actions of illegal aliens  than at the hands of cops or George Zimmerman types. A recent exchange with a lefty over my being profiled by Vermont police because I have Nee York plates. This is okay because drugs come from NYC but don't profile people because of their race. Just what type of people in NYC are most apt to be drug dealers. I didn't like being profiled but I was respectful and did what I was told to do. Why are you at KFC? JPs doesn't open for two hours. This demonstrates local knowledge. It also allowed the cops to ask the staff at the restaurant if they were familiar later. Humor is even okay if it isn't making fun of the cops. One cop made a smart remark about Captain Crunch and I told him I am not quite old enough for Grape Nuts. Cooperate be pleasant
and if you get arrested argue in front of a judge. Even at the judge be respectful and state your case in a professional tone.

Our own Ducky has grown unhinged. He is blaming Rudy for comments made by others. Oddly will the person who makes racist remarks about Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas explain how those comments never made by the Mayor are worse than his own rants.

Lefties rant about alleged racial epithets at TEA party events and sing another tune when their buddies at OWS are linked to Crime and terrorism. Mayor pothead needs to decide whether he wants to govern or rule a mob. He can't have it both ways

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Return of the Frummies

One of the side benefits of switching to another office is fewer Frummies. They get on your nerves at times and are an embarrassment. It is the sense of entitlement and a culture of sloth that makes this group an embarrassment. There was a time when Yeshivas turned out well rounded students. Now they churn out religious zombies. These religious mendicants are culturally illiterate.

Two Dead Cops

Lefties now have the bodies of two dead cops executed in cold blood on their hands. The Rhetoric of the Pothead President and Mayor and their Bolshevik Amen chorus is directly to blame. Funny the media will never hold lefties accountable for their words or actions.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Final Countdown

As Obama prepares to leave he looks for ways to inflame his opponents. He does so knowingly and at
Great risk to his party.

The Cuba move is largely irrelevant except to people who wouldn't vote for him with a gun at their head anyway. It is a move negotiated in poor faith and Cuba should have been required to hand over cop killers and take their criminals back.

The working poor just got tossed under the bus by Obama. Of course political garbage pollutes immigration and not all of it is Obama. Granting work authorization for jobs that don't exist is a stupid idea. The sole exception should be for military personnel and their families. A similar program honoring first responders after five years of service could also be considered.

Even hard core immigration reform advocates are perplexed by the utter disdain for dealing with criminals by this administration and by President Potheads mini me in NYC. It isn't a question of where do we set the bar as a reluctance to set the bar at all.

The problem is Obama was not qualified to be President. He hid behind a media orgy of self glorification. He gets a Nobel Peace prize for doing what?

The question for Democrats is how do your distance yourself from a tone deaf clueless oaf who thinks the American people are quaint. The racial arson is not from authentic people who live in crime ridden enclaves. Nor are these spontaneous uprisings against the police. The vermin who were arrested for the bridge altercation include a hipster English professor and an organized labor goon. Anyone familiar with OWS has encountered both. These are the Obama shock troops. However, even Mayor Pothead senses there are limits to cop bashing. President Pothead is finished and could care less about America.

It is natural to care about legacies. What makes Obama utterly unique is that he never has shown growth. He courts our enemies and bashes our allies. He calls his political opponents terrorists while playing word games with actual terrorists. He doesn't know about negotiation or compromise but demands Israel grant concessions and Arabs do whatever. This is until some Einsteins make snuff films and chop off American heads and he does a full circle,

Messer ship and vision are not In the Obama toolbox. He could easily get up and say Cops have a difficult job. If you feel you are wronged wait for court. Resisting arrest is dangerous for everyone.
It is important to respect the position even if you are on the short side of the process.

Similarly it is just as easy to craft a bill that compromises on Immigration. Give opponents quick deportations and loss of green card status for criminal behaviors. Eliminate TPS after three years unless there is a war. Increase the burden of proof in Asylum cases and eliminate all travel while the process continues. Real penalties for those who commit serial immigration fraud. I am not talking about Aunt Whatever helping Old Man Clod from the same village in Annoyingberg. I am talking about scam artists who accept cash  for fake marriages, facilitators and fake educational scams. Colleges need to be held responsible for students who never appear or take a handful of classes and disappear. There is give and take, but in example after example Obama fails this.

There are some who admittedly have a problem with the Presidents race. There are far more who make excuses for failed policies and abuses of power that would not be accepted of anyone else. Even Bill Clinton was not this inept and clueless.

Like most Americans, I have zero tolerance for racists. I also don't pretend that criminals are martyrs and the Police have nothing better to do that abuse all Blacks including Steve Urkels types. Funny like Obama people frequently ask if I work in places I don't like restaurants and stores. This is a fairly
Common experience that has nothing to do with race unless you attribute everything to race. When someone asked me for a cup of coffee at the diner I took no offense. I have been given keys at  hotels and pointed out I am a fellow guest. Oddly at least the people didn't think I was a car thief.  These are common experiences, but to the University Elite they are causes of angst.

The truth is Beverly Hills 90210 Obama knows nothing about the real world. He was educated in Prep Schools and elite universities. He never lived in a Black enclave. His university job teaching law
Appears to be a political appointment. He doesn't know about back breaking work at a thankless job.
He doesn't grasp substandard public schools. He doesn't understand paycheck to paycheck. If he thinks Bill Ayers is an educator from the neighborhood than he is not reality based. For the record the lines about Ayers and Pastor Wright are spin only for those who want to believe.

I question those who want to believe. What in Obamas history was Presidential? When did he show leadership or vision. Who did he negotiate with?

Obama is a joke of a President and the joke is on the American people.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Redneck fare

I hate to admit this but the fish head was excellent. It is served with curried green mangoes, limes over rice. It was actually better than restaurant fare. If you didn't know what it was you would eat seconds. Of course all of the couch surfers showed up because amongst my people the head of the sea catfish is the most prized item. The head is massive roughly eight pounds. I knew granny didn't make it as I looked at the girlfriend and knew who made it. Granny made sure she ate the stuff quickly.

Suddenly eating fish heads isn't so bad. Add this to the oddities of Guyanese life that never quite have an explanation.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Too absurd

Political correctness runs one way. It only runs in the approved direction of the left. Pretty much any boorish behavior from the left is ignored or rationalized.

A coworker who is from the Middle East points to the allegedly pious Satmar freaks as proof that anti Zionists are religiously sanctioned. I point out this is an insular cult that might find itself under RICO type of actions if not for block voting. Then he goes off on a rant about child molestation being endemic in the Jewish community.

This would be amusing if this clod would look at the very people he declared religiously authentic. If he knew anything beyond Huffington he would grasp this is a loathed minority in the Jewish community. The tension between those who work and the Frummy freeloaders is a real issue in many families. I personally am so disgusted by it, I changed my burial arrangements.

It does not take much effort to find Muslim abuse of children, women and so forth. Funny but the media in the UK does not describe Chabad Chapter rape gangs. There have been incidents of individual criminality but nothing near the pervasive gang culture.

Now I don't want to go near  honor killings and terrorism but for Muslims to point their fingers at child abuse in communities they praise is a bit bizarre. I don't connect the average Muslim with terrorism, but had I responded no doubt I would have a nice EEO lawsuit on my hands.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Even Prisoners Don't eat this stuff

In a case of senior citizens behaving badly we now have my aunt from Guyana with us. Three husbands killed themselves to get away from her but she swears it was heart attacks. She was living with her granddaughter around the corner. She got into a fight with her granddaughter's husband over food.

Now she is staying here and she is serving fish heads. I pointed out that we do not serve such fare to prisoners here. The daughter and granddaughters won't eat it. I don't care if it is a local delicacy. We don't eat that stuff here. Even poor Vermonters shun fish heads for road kill.

I told her just go to my fridge when she is hungry and eat with us but don't cook fish heads here. Of course she does and now the entire younger generation is eating my emergency rations rather than fish heads. They did figure out which package was home fries. My daughter made those fast but at least she did not figure out the more complex stuff yet.

Guyanese people eat odd things in country. The daughter was complaining when she got back. I avoided that by bringing my own food and buying what I wanted. Of course the locals did not say much because if I went to the market. I always brought enough for them and eat quite well.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Making a mockery of Rape

The Barry One fiasco was dodged with a legalistic trick of claiming the false charges were some type of pseudonym. There is little doubt of the authors intention when she dropped hints that her rapist was a Conservative. This detail was placed in purely to juice book sales. Making this claim about an encounter with a student activist in La Razza would have drawn all types of media fire. Similarly Rolling Stone is just now discovering the author  of its bizarre rape account made up a fake boyfriend and is apparently a flake.

In the case of Dunham the writing was so poor as to be comedic. I have never seen a man gay or straight wear purple cowboy boots. I am not certain such a product was ever manufactured for the male market. If this detail were correct you might be looking at a little guy who cross dresses. Leaving that last part out, I don't ever recall conservatives wearing such bizarre clothing. They tend to emulate Alex P Keaton. Then again Obama has created such disdain for the left there may even be Goths who are conservative.

I am at a loss as to what a flamboyant mustache is or isn't. Is it a Dali type of mess, a handlebar mess or a Hulk Hogan mess. I had the latter and it grew in redish blonde. It was gone as a Freshman after much humor and complaints. Maybe it is a reference to the stereotype porn mustaches that were referred to in a Seinfeld episode or when Duckys students try to make retro porn.

Add in the booming deep voice and you get a cartoon non person. This many details off leads me to suspect buyers remorse rather than rape. In the UVA case it may be the case of a wallflower leading a dark fantasy life.

Rape is a serious matter that should be treated accordingly. When political garbage is attached the charges become suspect. In the case of Dunham the writing is so poor that her editor should be fired.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Brand preferences

I am starting to wonder if advertising means as much as exposure in the household. I use specific brands on almost everything. Some of these brands get transmitted to the younger generation. The readers of the blog know I love my diet Mountain Dew, Hawaiian Punch, Popeyes Chicken and so forth.

It was football day and I woke up too late to cook. I got a couple of Chinese dishes. The family loves chicken lo mein and shrimp dishes. I typically would have General Tso or chicken and broccoli. The daughter eats both. I buy barrel pickles when available and the rest of the house eats them. I prefer Pringles because small kids don't eat a whole bag. The granddaughters know what Pringles are and they are less than three. The daughter picked up my love for jello.

Oddly my preferences on soap and cleaning products is the norm. We are largely a Proctor and Gamble house with the exception of Colgate and Clorox in a few rare categories.

Perhaps the importance of building brand loyalty is a forgotten art. Maybe the aspect of breaking into daily routines is forgotten. I remember my friends introducting me to Sam Adams beer. Golds condiments were passed on to me from my grandparents homes. Philadelphia cream cheese, Helmans mayonnaise and Skippy Peanut butter came from my parents home. Somewhere along the way I developed the taste for Miracle Whip and Stubs Bbq sauce. My father liked any Mustard not named Frenches. I liked Guldens but the quality of other offerings are good. Nathan's mustard which is made by Golds is exceptional when you can find it.

The trick for companies is to get into the home and become part of the story. I remember my grandfather giving me a Hershey bar and Wrigleys Doublemint gum. I remember being on a family trip upstate and tasting my first Mointain Dew. Perhaps soft drink vendors need to focus more on stadiums, zoos and theme parks. 

I still would love to see a can of five alive again someday.

Even the stupid get it

My girlfriend decided the Maltese needed company and got a Pomeranian. I do not like the Pomeranian as he can be viscous and unstable.

The Maltese bonded with me from when he was a young puppy. I take him with me on long walks at crazy hours. When I eat I plan my menu thinking can I share this with my buddy. He sleeps next to me on the bed.

We have had several other dogs and the only one that was viscous was the Pomeranian. We had a pit bull that could be viscous. He was gentle with me because I had the food. He would play all day with the Maltese. We had to get rid of him when the daughter in law gave birth. The daugher in law had a Maltese also that followed me everywhere. He would sleep next to me with the other Maltese, He died in a car accident. We had a mixed breed small black dog that I liked but the Maltese hated. He was good natured and we gave him to a family that loves him.

Enter the viscous Pomeranian. He attacked my feet and had to be rescued before I kicked him in defense. When he growls I Toss  blankets over him and make him look absurd. After months of war he gave up and follows me wherever I go looking for food. He sees me reach for the treat bag for the Maltese he waits his turn. He follows me everywhere. He carries the rawhide bone I gave him wherever he goes. When he is eating he can be difficult. Feeding the Maltese by hand was natural. The Pomeranian is not natural in those interactions.

The Maltese is still my favorite and he is like a little comedian in the house. He is calm around food unless it is the chicken treats or chopped liver. If I lived in the country he wouldn't need a leash. He enjoys the doggy park so much he doesn't want to go home.

Even the stupid Pomeranian learns to go where the food is. He shadows me at all hours of the night.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Mugged by an Obama Supporters

The other day I was mugged by a thief who had an Obama button on his jacket. He claimed to be an IRS worker furloughed by Ted Cruz. His name was Sheldon and he was wearing a glow in the dark hoodie with the words Chernobyl Farms.

Of course this is absurd and BS. It is no less preposterous than some of these fake rape stories published. Rape is a serious matter and the political views of criminals is something we really should not take too seriously. If a person commits a crime do we seriously ask who did you vote for.

No doubt the writers will claim these were composites. It would have been better to just address the subject without such deception. Being raped by a Peace Studies major wearing a messenger bag wouldn't sell books. Writers do write about painful subjects and add color. However, recent
Experiences with far left parties in the UK have shown lefties are adept at rape and covering up
the crimes with meetings. The notion the crimes should be reported eluded the Marxist morons.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

How to turn a car into garbage?

A relative has to go in for surgery and is having the Frummies drive them to and from the hospital. As
mr hear abominations are so accident prone their driving is far more dangerous than the operation.

Unfortunately the Frummies have a propensity to crash other people's cars. There is always the never ending excuses for the accidents.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Barter in the age of Obama

I am unused to being without as my needs are simple. I am amazed at the informal system of bartering and even just sometimes sharing meager resources. I went to the store for some Advil and purchased a large container. The girlfriend gave two neighbors including an old lady around twenty pills each. This likely would explain how certain resources disappear and how things appear out of thin air.

Every now and then what items are recognized surprise me. I use trace amounts of powdered turmeric   with my drinking water. The girlfriend noticed it in seconds whic is odd because there was no pictute or writing. Items that are used in the community are bartered and those that are unfamiliar remain. It is as simple as bartering four laundry pods for a bag of potatoes.

I don't think poverty alone explains this as I pretty much cover most things. However the neighbor might want to trade an item for a luxury good. Right now we have a type of fish in abundance about ten pounds. The neighbor might want a small amount and trade yams or something else.

This is different then my mother borrowing eggs or sugar.

Certain items never get traded. I  am safe with egg noodles and kielbasa that is until someone else develops a taste for it. Chicken franks and barrel pickles were safe years back, but my daughter has developed a taste for them. What is going on with the containers of chicken livers that the girlfriend
took from the home made dog food project is unknown. I suspect that is being bartered or passed to the less fortunate.