Sunday, December 28, 2014

Anti Cop Asshats

The leaders of the anti cop chorus are quite fond of actual police states in Cuba, Venezuela and other leftist hell holes. The protesters are hard core communist and anarchist loser types. There are very few actual residents who fit the profile of someone who would be profiled. Hipsters playing revolutionary is not novel.

We have a series of lefties here stating falsehoods. Anyone familiar with the Kiko Garcia riots knows the witness testimony was falsified. In fact it was well reported the key witness could not have seen the events in question because it was physically impossible to see the area in question.

It doesn't matter to a lefty that the facts aren't even close. The narrative is too attack Capitalism with falsehood and slander. Thus we don't see residents of lower class areas. We see hipsters, spoiled brat revolutionaries and aging stoned out hippies.

The Pothead Mayor asked his allies to tone it down. There is no surprise such a verminous lot of imbeciles is impervious to reason even from a well meaning ally.

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