Friday, July 31, 2015

Holocaust Denial

The claim of Poultry that there is no IRS scandal is on a par with Holocaust Denial. This is a claim that not even the vile and reprehensible Lois Lerner would make. It also bears mentioning that pro Israel groups were also targeted for abuse by the IRS.

The actions of the IRS at the direction and instigation of Lerner were outrageous. Lerner knowingly abused her authority of her positions to punish those with political views she opposed. This violates every ethical standard of Federal service.

Federal employees take multiple courses on this situation. As an attorney and manager Lerner should be held to a higher standard. She was well aware of her crimes and the actions with the emails amount to tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice. She took the fifth amendment protection in a bizarre manner that call into question her basic competence as an attorney.

I want to point this out to the bird brained poultry. We had several policy changes in regards to gay applicants. Many officers refused to work the new case type. I was accused of being a ringleader of that group. My boss pointed out that actually the reverse was true. I spoke out against this illegal action and took on multiple extra cases so that the public was served.

Actually when the change in policy had been granted I took an unusual step. Like with every other applicant I welcomed the public to my office. I spoke about the policy change and noted that subtle changes to my interview required slight modifications. Actually I was somewhat surprised at how minor the changes were. I think there were minor changes to the word spouse. I got it wrong on the first interview, caught it myself. I think there was one minor error. I joked wrong interview chalk that up to the learning curve and proceeded. The error was minor, but my ability to laugh at myself and genuine honest efforts to welcome the public made the error a mutually comedic point.
In general, the public is not stupid, they know the difference between a sincere person and a hateful jerk.

I spoke multiple times and addressed those few officers who refused to work this case type. In the end the only trouble I had was switching cases with the officers who objected. After a few days management stopped this practice and stated everyone would have to work this case type after specific training.

I did not object to gay marriage. My objection was to a lack of respect for a sector of the public for being themselves. Now admittedly, there are parts of the interview where we joke about all being guys and picking up the check. There was a quip about me being upset with the Mrs for taking hours to select a single item of clothing. I joked with my boss thank god you will never have to endure that. My boss looked at me and said he endures that problem as well. There is a difference between laughing at common experiences and laughing at people. Thus joking about picking up the check devolving into martial arts is something all guys can relate to.

Lerner abused her position in a manner to punish those whose politics she objected to. The magnitude of her actions exceeded anything imaginable at Watergate. The asking for donor list and unreasonable requests for evidence, delays and subsequent harassment would be unacceptable to poultry if it were one of his favored groups. This is why poultry lacks the temperament to be a public servant.

Public officials are responsible for applying laws and regulations in a sane manner across the board. There are plenty of times reasonable well intentioned parties can disagree. I had a dispute with another agency involving bank records donated by an ex girlfriend could be released to another agency. The matter was resolved after a short discussion with two sets of attorneys. The questions were related to privacy and unsolicited evidence.

The tone of Poultry indicates why he and many other extreme lefties lack the decorum and moral core for public service. Why does he bring up the subject of Pollard to a Jewish officer. This is normal behavior for Poultry who has an Elmer Fudd style obsession with Jews who support the State of Israel. Good Jews are religious cultists who are on the dole who share his obsession. Good Jews are Communists who by the nature of who and what they are have ceased being Jews. These are small vocal and despised minorities within the community. Poultry has a blatant history of using racist epithets at Black Conservatives as he regularly calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah and Clarence Thommas Slappy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Obama Stupidity

The recent comments of Obama on the IRS scandal rank up there with the most ignorant comments of a President in modern history. The President had denied the scandal and then tries to blame any issues on Republicans for lack of funding. The IRS is not nor has it ever been underfunded. Look at the bonuses awarded Lerner and the travel and training budgets that put any other agency to shame.

There is ample evidence Lerner conspired with outside agencies. In this case, we are facing the Federal equivalent of the Blue Wall of silence. Congress should place an immediate pay and hiring freeze on the IRS until the workers step forward and testify against Lerner. If Lerner thought she was hated before let her coworkers feel it in their pay checks. If Lerner had an ounce of ethics, she would spare her coworkers. She has no ethics and continues to play victim. Her actions are a text book example of abuse of power and violate every ethics law on the book. Lerner as a lawyer should be held to a higher standard and should spend the rest of her life in jail with violent criminals.

Monday, July 27, 2015

President Pothead

Our cowardly President has deemed it appropriate to lecture Africans about gay rights and women's rights. He does not have the courage to make a similar speech in Saudi Arabia. In fact he has made a nuclear arms deal with the most backwards country on earth for gay rights and leading sponsor of terrorism.

Let John Gomer Kerry make a speech in Teheran about respecting gays, non Muslims, women and sponsoring terrorism. In the mad world of Gomer Kerry all of the Death to the USA is just flowery rhetoric. I would not be shocked if Col Bernie Sanders does not support this treaty. Sanders may be on the left, but is not as obtuse as Obama. He is also more honest and intellectually independent then Obama. If Onama ran on immigration reform and busting up mostly far left Lilly white enclaves he would have increased the midterm massacre even more.

The papers can correctly ascribe all types of motives to the theatre shooter. Yet a Psuedostiniam texting Koran quotes with a ZZ Top beard is depressed.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The noblest of creatures

The Maltese is an interesting companion. He never leaves my side. No matter what odd place I sleep he finds me. I slept on the patio he has there. I made a midnight run to the Taco Truck he was there and got an extra meal.

Perhaps with lefties hiking minimum wage to insane levels all we might have in some places are food food trucks. I like them because they are different.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Defending My Family

Lefties who visit this blog do not have the class or decency to comment on the illegal threats of agression by a communist regime against the sovereign state of Guyana. It is quite revealing that people who talk in racist stereotypes about dual loyalty will not even consider denouncing the criminal behavior of a communist regime. It appears the usual suspects are devoid of basic morality.

Communists have questioned my right to defend the country of my family from communist agression. I will point out that unlike Rachel Corrie, Lori Berenson and other leftist criminals I do have family in Guyana. I live in a Guyanese
Family in a Guyanese community. I will point out extending this critique are communists who obsess about Pseudostinians as a vehicle to express base populist Jew hatred are revealing themselves to be hypocrites on many levels.

The matter of the border was resolved one hundred years ago. Venezuelans threats are illegal violations of international law. My right to defend my family against communist agression should not be disputed. Sadly the deaths will likely be some peasant and not the political clods responsible for this illegal action.

Unlike lefties I will keep my activities legal. If hostilities start I will do what I can within the confines of the laws of the USA.

My issue is not with the Venezuelan people. My issue is with a criminal regime sending the poor to die for their death cult theology. Venezuela already posses an abundance of oil without threatening its peaceful neighbors. The matter was settled 100 years ago. This is really blood for oil by lefties who rambled this prase falsely at the USA. Of course I don't expect logic or sanity from mindless lefties who reek hypocrisy and are loyal to a death cult.

This Venezuelan militancy just coincides with more economic misery. It is a clear attempt by a criminal regime to boost support despite an economic train wreck caused by Mickey Marxist Malfeasence. It is amusing how hypocritical lefties are when one of their own violates international law.

Scratch yet another failed workers paradise.No doubt lefties will contrive another savior of Marx. Who knows maybe it
Will be Di Blassio

Monday, July 20, 2015

No blood for oil

Now that the criminal regime in Caracas is threatening a peaceful neighbor over a border dispute settled over 100 years ago the silence on the left is deafening. The failure of lefties to condemn this naked aggression by a criminal
Regime is proof of their dual loyalties to the enemies of the USA. Ordinarily, I would not point this out, however as
Lefties themselves do this with Jews who support Israel a taste of their own hypocrisy is deserved.

We need to start peppering lefties with constant harangues based on their support of a criminal regime. Feel free to give lefties a taste of their own medicine.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Dumb comment by Trump

I salute the military service of all our Vietnam veterans not named John Kerry. There are times McCain is exasperating and annoying, but the man is still a hero. The comments of Trump are dumb. He has a lifetime of stupid comments familiar to New Yorkers.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Killer of Marines Pseudostinian

Once again the Obamunist media has obscured the facts of a terrorist case. The Killer was a Psuedostinian born in Kuwait. The same Psuedostinians that collaborated with Saddam and were tossed out after the U.S. Liberated Kuwait. The family is linked to Hammas.

On another note Venezuela is threatening Guyana. Should they invade the region is ripe for guerrilla tactics.

Monday, July 13, 2015

He isn't boring

There are many things one can say about Trump. However, even his critics must admit he isn't boring. The latest fiasco is the threat of a son of the drug kingpin. I hope the toupee is bulletproof. He certainly does not lack publicity.

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Sanctuary Madness

I want to talk about the current madness about sanctuary cities. In reality I lean towards the sentiments of the original intent of this policy. Genuine advocates of humane treatment of the public in the immigration experience should be treated as humanely as possible. I fought for humane treatment of applicants long before it was fashionable. No immigration advocate or attorney I know has ever supported the insane policy of shielding dangerous criminals. This is a policy that makes no sense whatsoever. Shielding dangerous violent criminals is not progressive, it's insane.

Behind some of the familiar numbers are likely situations that involve recidivist criminals from nations that don't accept their own criminals back. Cuba is notorious for this policy. The question is what do we do with people who have served their time, but don't belong here. Repatriation needs to be negotiated by both governments. Perhaps additional incarnation or tighter supervision is required. This is a serious issue that would be best dealt with by a capable set of leaders, not Obama.

Now we can argue about what is a serious crime. I am not advocating turning over Johny for smoking a joint or a single DWI. Even with minor arrests like disorderly conduct there should be limits. Five minor arrests and out. The system of endless appeals and long dates between hearings needs to be scrapped. Motions on criminal matters should be
Done outside the USA. Mr evocation should be automatic for green card holders and Naturalized citizens. Appeals for people in these categories should have their cases heard domestically. Revoked green card holders should only be allowed to travel once a year for two weeks after paying $1000 dollars with no fee waivers permitted. An additional two trips can be purchased for one thousand. Any departures with a year would be considered self deportation. Revoked citizens would get two free trips and could pay for an additional two.

The notion of wanting crime victims, people with medical conditions and children in school is a sound idea. Sheltering serious criminals is outrageous.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Not so Crazy

The stock market halted trading and my first question to the boss was if there was an act of terrorism again. The boss pointed out the market stops trading if the market crashes. China was down big and a reciprocal sell off is not out of the question. My portfolio was down but not seriously.

A coworker who wasn't jammed up checked and found out it was a computer glitch. Apparently, my concern was shared by scores of other Americans.

Word to cellphone stock apps. If trading is halted just placing a cause would be appreciated.

Perhaps all of us take that the stock market can afford the best technical support is invulnerable to human error. Maybe we should marvel that it doesn't happen more frequently.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The final ride

i have been a small owner of Tootsie Roll industries. It has been a good twenty year run. I enjoyed my annual 3 percent stock dividend. More than anything else I enjoy the products. The CEO died in his 90s. His wife is in her eighties and it looks like the. Company will be sold in the next year. Hopefully it will be sold to Mondelez or Hershey who I own.

I love the ever increasingly hard to find big tootsie roll. I also have a soft spot for Dots. The older grandaughter likes Dots also.

When the company is sold I will make a small profit, Yet unlike most companies that get bought out I really will miss
The fun and reliable we'll run company with products that are part of my life story and in some odd places in military history.

I did buy a tiny block but I hope it will still be in my portfolio at New Years.


I have been on vacation for a week. I got a call from Cheekie that she wants Popsicles, Silly Putty and Water Mellon. Guess it is time to cut my vacation short and return home from Upstate. It was nice visiting the family property in the Catskills but the commute is long.

It was good to walk the trails even though nature has changed and I dont have Rusty the Dog to protect me in the forest. The greatest danger remains feral dog packs. Bears are more common but are not a problem unless they are protecting Cubs. I would prefer Rusty to traveling with relatives along trails I know well. Traveling in a group of three is safer than the alternatives. Bears and other wildlife get out of your way.

I miss that mischievous little kid

Monday, July 06, 2015

Duck Soup

This timeless classic was on yesterday. My favorite part is the ending where they throw fruit at the woman singing the national anthem. I thought of that when Hillary got booed by the firefighters after 9-11 or Pothead Warren Wilhem
got booed at a Mets game.

I still think if they ever remake Marx Bros films Andrew Cuomo plays Chico. I went looking for a Chico Marx hat and couldn't find one. When I go back to Guyana I am wearing a Chico Marx hat. The last time my tropical fedora created unwanted attention. My brother in law sold it for 400 dollars.

If we do a Beakerkin parody of this I am playing Jewford T Zionist.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

The Unspoken Truth via Trump

Donald Trump is a horse's behind. He has spoken a truth that is uncomfortable to many. The immigration system has many problems. In a rush to curtail deportations, the administration has turned a blind eye towards criminality. There are dead and maimed citizens who have been harmed by the arrogance of idiotic leftism.

The sanctuary city movement is an abomination. Cities have opted out of reporting dangerous criminals municipalities
Turn them loose on the public to commit more crimes. They won't typically bother lefties who smoke pot in their gated
Communities. In general they prey on the working poor where they live.

I want to point out that even the most passionate immigration advocates draw the line at criminality. This is an extreme policy foisted arrogantly on the community by limousine Pothead Marxists with zero regard for the public. Obama regularly takes the most off the wall positions and pretends this is the norm. Few of us want a deportation for
The clod caught with a small amount of pot. However, must we endure multiple DWIs and violent crime. This should be part of a national discussion. Instead these policies are foisted on the people by pothead tyrants on the people.

One of the policies that is off the wall is the move to end arrests at the local offices where they are safer for everyone including the perp. Once again the administration has taken extreme measures with a blatant disregard for public safety. Obama loves to interject himself in conflicts between law enforcement officers and the public and goes
Out of his way to increase them. Of course the pothead progressives on the local level think nothing of endangering the lives of officers and the public with this extreme policy.

The criminality in the Mexican and Central American community is no laughing matter.The situation where certain countries notably Cuba and China refuse to take their hardened criminals back is well documented. Obama has made relations with Cuba a central part of his legacy. Let him insist Cuba take their hardened criminals back. Obama seems
disinterested in the return of Communist Cop Killer Joanne Chesimard. No doubt the Duck will pretend the crimes of Ayers and Chesimard are somehow different than the mental case Moron With the bad hairdo.

We have selected outrage at Trump for his presentation and lack of style points. He speaks for plenty of people who are fed up with a complete disregard for the law in the immigration system. There is also an arrogance in the illegal
Community. You broke the law and did not follow the rules and demand benefits and jobs that increase the cost to the taxpayers. To the kids that were knowingly smuggled in sorry but your family made this mess. Don't start demanding benefits when you should not have been here in the first place. Don't blame America, blame your family members who have zero respect for the laws of the United States.

Moreover, are these Trumpophobes defending hard core criminality that is apparent to any law enforcement officer. Why
Do these cases frequently take decades with endless motions. There is no excuse or defense for the levels of criminality in the immigrant community. Nor is there any defense for the utter disregard for public safety by the Pothead Progressives.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Fun with Sulu

George Takei has apologized for his over the top comments about Clarence Thomas. In the spirit of comedic satire, we would like to have a few jokes from Clarence Thomas.

Sulu is upset that he got less fan mail than the guy that looked like Davy Jones next to him.
His highlight of his career was a guest spot on King of the Nerds
His acting was so bad it stood out in The Green Berets
He is still upset he didn't get to guest star in Different Strokes
He was the only Asian actor that didn't get casted in Midway

Friday, July 03, 2015

The truth hurts

This is an adult conversation for Americsns. If you are clearly not American or have no respect for our history or traditions, this is not the post for for you. On this post the only lefties who will be allowed to comment are Ducky
And BB. We will publish those comments from those outside the USA who have demonstrated a respect for our history and traditions.

Immigration offers many challenges to the host country. The comments of Trump are crude, but they do contain enough elements of truth that should be discussed. Ann Coulter in her publicity circus mode taps into some of the same questions. We are not diplomats at this blog. However, we are going to discuss it from an entirely different perspective.

Americans should respect people from other cultures. Our values include tolerance of different religious and cultural
Customs. While we should respect these cultures there are lines about our own culture that also need to be firmly respected. Respect is a two way street and right now it appears that respect for our laws and traditions are lacking.
Immigration is not a divine right. It is an honor granted by the American people provided you comply with a set of rules and in some instances make a compelling case.

That being said the first and foremost part is public safety. There is no excuse for the flagrant disrespect for the law. Those immigrants who come in and have five disorderly conducts need to go home. Now I am not talking about deporting every immigrant with a joint. However, when you are talking about five arrests excluding idiocy like littering or parking tickets you are a recidivist and don't need to be here.

In essence the administration has set the bar way too high for deportation. The Federal government has refused to do its job enforcing the laws and has forced municipalities to pay the bills for social services and incarceration.
The costs of incarceration, education and social welfare are staggering. It is cheaper to buy first class plane tickets than to pay for educational costs.

There is also the matter of family law and community standards. In some cultures it is acceptable for a thirty year old to romance a young teen. Any law enforcement officer is familiar with these cases. Too often kindly judges error and wink and nod at this vile behavior. This is swept under the rug with hasty marriages and it needs to change. Behavior of this type should be met with swift deportation. If you want to engage in this type of behavior go home and do so. People convicted of this crime should be barred from entering the country for life. In general the laws are way too lax for pedophiles. There are communities where this behavior is widely practiced. Our community standards are not to be disrespected by politically correct judges with no regards to public safety or community standards.

There are places where polygamy is perfectly legal. If you can not respect our laws and traditions there are plenty of places to go. Now there are those who compare polygamy with gay marriage. Two consenting adults is quite different than a group situation.

The Obamunist media is negligent in its reporting on the entire DACA story. Both Republicans and Democrats have allowed the Temporary Status Protection Program. The same countries that have been awarded TPS have the unaccompanied
kids crossing the border. The TPS program needs to be overhauled and other than war a three year limit followed by a return to their country of origin for five years. If a person applies for any other benefit it is double the cost.

Hispanic leaders are demanding Republicans distance themselves from Trump. He is guilty of stating a basic truth about a serious problem in blunt terms. All of these countries are guilty of crass hypocrisy given their own policies on illegal immigration at home. Moreover, being in the USA without a visa or overstaying a visa is still a crime. I have no patience for criminality and even less for those who weren't supposed to be here in the first place. Respect is a two way street and it is apparent that many of the leaders in the Latino community think immigration is a right.
It is an honor granted by following a set of rules.

There are plenty of criminal aliens and green card holders who need to depart. They have failed to comply with the laws of the land. Moreover, politicians of all kinds need to be held accountable for TPS, our joke of an Asylum system and DACA.

It is time to end our family based system with anchor babies and brides. It is time to scrap TPS and overhaul asylum.
It is time to limit endless motion and appeals and fee waivers. All of these excesses are not enough for the left.

Public safety is the first job of government. It's time all of us remembered that.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Bikers vs Commies

In an amazing development, bikers prevented a flag burning in Brooklyn. If I did not have to work I would have show up with a seltzer bottle. The Commies who were burning the flag to protest police violence had to seek police protection. Our NYPD officers are too honorable to allow a tar and feathering of communist and anarchists even though
they deserve it.

Burning objects is unrelated to speech. It is an incitement designed to provoke and goad people into violence. Note Commies need a variety of items to function. They need a whole bunch of terms and front groups to hide their stench. They abuse these causes and whine it's all about whatever. Thus if scores of people shout base antisemitic comments lefties will reflexively state don't let a few jerks ruin the spirit of whatever. Of course if a single person says the N word at a TEA party function every attendee is guilty. As there were scores of cameras at the event and Elijah Cummings is prone to hypocrisy this event likely did not occur. His behavior in the Lois Lerner matter has tarnished his entire career.

In the next Presidency, the issue of IRS abuse should be discussed. If employees do not come forward the entire agency should be subject to a pay and hiring freeze. Lets see how many of Lerners cronies protect her when paychecks
and careers are on the line. In this case the perfidity at the IRS is so severe anyone who is eligible to retire should be forced out

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Islamo Nazis Kill Gays

ISIS proves its hateful tolerance by killing people who are allegedly gay. This sick and twisted loser lifestyle is not to be tolerated. Oddly France has been more assertive in booting hate preachers and attempting to deal with terror than the USA. Then again they are not burdened with the most incompetent elected leader in modern times.