Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why do they hate us

After 9-11 commies stood around in a self righteous furor and asked why do Muslims hate us. Of course they used this opportunity to stab America in the back once again and form and rationalize behavior that is barbaric.

Our response to the far left is.

You have earned the hatred of the American people and should really consider emigration. Your death cult values and amoral rationalizations are an affront to our American values.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The failure of the MSM

Of course the MSM sent its lackeys out to cover an alleged indecent of intolerance by the Mosque protesters. Yet a video of Commies agitating and exhorting violence in support of the mosque will not make the MSM. The Duck will feign ignorance that this is rhetorical violence. However, those of us familiar with commies grasp that they want Muslims to do their dirty work.

Sadly, I have a career and can not participate in a riot. It would be much more fun if commies would do their own dirty work and we could have Hard Hat Riots Act 2.

The video is more proof of why commies should not be allowed into any group even when they purport to agree. They are not discussing principles ala Bloomberg. They are trying to whip up a street fight and have Muslims do their dirty work.

Maybe when Obama is thrown out this country will get serious about political criminality from the left.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Didn't Intend to write this one

On 9-11 my city was attacked in the greatest war crime ever perpetrated against the American people. Close to 3000 people going to work were incinerated by criminals acting in the name of Islam. Now many Muslims and their far left allies point the fingers at various rationalizations. In fact Commies ( Yes this is your kind Ducky) were the first to invent antisemitic conspiracy theories blaming them Jooooos for 9-11.

The American people were fed a bunch of lies by an administration seriously scarred that lynchings of Muslims would take place. The well intentioned lies allowed Muslims to avoid scrutiny of their history. When a Muslim activists talks of American intolerance and historical crimes they are repeating material best suited for comedy clubs.

There is much furor about the intransigence of the founders of the Mosque to move this inflammatory and inappropriate structure. The leaders of this so called healing gestures rationalize the inexcusable war crimes on foreign policy and refuse to meet with opponents.

Let this be round one in a battle that ends here and now. Build the Mosque but demand legislation banning all foreign money from US tax exempt organizations. If Saudis wish to fund more mosques they can wait till there is a Chabad House and a Gay bar in Mecca. They can also get around this by becoming US Citizens subject to our tax laws.

The IRS brought down Al Capone and it can deal quite nicely with Saudi funny money.

Beck is right on this one.

The so called Civil Rights industry is part and parcel of the hard left Marxist goonery
in the USA. It has gone from something noble many of us could respect to a loathsome hate America borderline illegal embarassment. Notable frauds include Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the cast of CAIR and the embarrassment of La Razza.

Of course Commies like the Duck need a nation divided so they infiltrate these groups.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lets Build a Gay Community Center next to the Ground Zero Mosque

The reality is that gays outnumber Muslims three to one. Unlike Muslims who are more apt to commit a hate crime than to be a victim of one gays in the area really do need a community center. The community center can also house Lamda Legal so that the victims of these hate crimes and gay immigrants from Jim Crow ethnically cleansed homophobic states can get legal services.

Let the arrogance of the ground zero mosque sponsors and supporters be heard in congress.

1) Elimination of foreign funding for tax exempt structures.
2) Denaturalization and deportation for immigrants found to have practiced polygamy.
3) Elimination of foreign subsidized professorships from countries that restrict the free practice of religion.
4) Foreign Students arrested for any reason including at political demonstrations get deported and barred from the USA for five years.
5) Students found to have collaborated with terrorists are barred from student loans, research grants and Federal Employment for life.


My trip to Guyana has been moved back by the Tranquil Sea's employer. They are still very busy and late January is more likely.

I will be taking off Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur. I will make posts on both.

Oliver Wiswell by Kenneth Roberts is getting very interesting. If you can deal with the first 100 -150 pages it gets much better. Roberts is unique in that his supporting cast is much better than his main characters. In previous books Benedict Arnold steals the show when present. When he is away from the action Cap Huff the heroes best friend in the first book and a vital supporting role in the second makes reading a pleasure. In the second book Doc Means also provides much levity as well. The lead is really not interesting as his loyal friend the forever scheming jack of all trades Tom Buell. Any book that starts off with a tar and feathering can't be too bad. The author did serve in the American occupation of Siberia and was an arch foe of communism.

The Surf Rock bit is still going strong as I am enjoying the latest CD with the Super Stocks, Vulcanes and Eddie and the Showmen.

On the upcoming Labor Day Holiday please remember to spend some time with those looking for a job. Being unemployed in the summer is OK as you can go places. It gets much harder in the fall and winter is brutal. I plan on treating a few people who I know who are down on their luck to lunch.

Also remember the Mr Beamish food pyramid. Do not waste time with the veggies. Merely eat the animals who eat the veggies with barbecue sauce and a domestic brew.

More divided than ever

The far left dreamed of Obama as the messiah. We were all supposed to live in a post racial America where race is nothing more than shoe size. Of course this would be possible is we elected a man like JC Watts who respects our traditions and values and was a decent football player.

The problem with Obama is that he doesn't understand America because he is a product of an off the map planet far left Old Bolshevik Club. Obama's mother is not discussed much because her politics and bio are not mainstream. If fact she was a bug eyed far leftist who would be an embarrassment. His grandparents were also very far to the left but more grounded. Naming your daughter Stanley should have gotten them some sort of abuse, but when the daughter becomes a cartoon leftist the score is even.

Obama has a well known communist mentor in his youth. He passes from one elite private school to the next. We can not see his admission or grades so suspicion that he was socially promoted by fellow leftists and affirmative action is certainly warranted.

Obama has only looked bright by standing next to Joe Biden who is clearly a moron of unusual talent. Obama should have selected Col. Bernie Sanders and would look more intelligent and coherent than the clown from NYC who would be selling Jerry Springer CDS on the street if he remained in NYC.

Pretty much if you object to Obama's policy the left cries racism. If you want existing immigration laws enforced the left will cry racism. If you think placing a Mosque near a site of the greatest war crime in American history with fishy funding you are a racist. When you point out Muslims are not racial the left says "duhhhhhh I meant hominid er duhhh Claustrophobe err Islamohobe".

Of course when you point out to these dull leftists that running around talking about Joooish conspiracies to run DC or 9-11 conspiracy talk is highly bigoted they scream about McCarthyism and being silenced.

Obama has performed the following miracles

He has made me nostalgic for Bill Clintoon who at least had a clue how to govern and a few brain cells leftover from pot binges.

He has gotten more Jews to register Republican or identify as independents.

He has gotten Conservatives and Independents off the sofa and into the street protesting his warped policies.

He has even made many lefties miss George W Bush. They could complain about his every imagined action, but Obama shows what happens when mindless lefties get into power.

Beamish in 12

Friday, August 27, 2010

Jews leaving the Democratic Party

Obama has done the impossible. The NYT has reported that the numbers of Jewish Republicans and independents has grown. When I joined the GOP in 84 it was a very rare thing. However, the key to me was that not only were Democrats obstructionists in the Cold War some of the Democrats were actively seeking their victory. It is one thing to be against the US policy on Cuba, but at the time Democrats were holding Tea Parties for Castro.

As I have reported the local Young Republican club in NYC was almost one third Jewish.
Even Drummaster started college way on the left and has moved to the Center. He is not endanger of being a Mr. Beamish clone yet. However, he is seeking a career in law enforcement and is probably to my right.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The polls on Islam tired of media spin

Some recent polls have come out and show Americans have an unfavorable view of Islam.
Those on the far left have exacerbated the problems by rationalizing the familiar war crimes with excuses and trying to divert attention elsewhere. The Muslim Community in the USA with the exception of Stephen Schwartz has done an abysmal job of dealing with this issue. The primary reason is that many of the familiar groups are tied to suspect organizations.

Basically, the far left uses and stokes Islamo victimization. The bird brained commie Duck will talk of the handful of instances where an American goes postal and ignore or rationalize war crime after war crime. The attacks on 9-11 were war crimes against the American people.

Of course Schwartz is a man of integrity and free of terrorist ties and can state the obvious. TERRORISM HURTS MUSLIMS AND THE CAUSE OF ISLAM. Schwartz can say this without spin or word games because he gets no funding from dubious sources. Schwartz also knows that the alliance with the hate America far left has been disastrous on many levels for Muslims.

Of course the far left dominated media merely spins whatever it decides. So the desire to have Muslims build a Mosque away from the greatest war crime committed against the American people is bigotry. This is far left spin denying the reality that a Mosque has existed since 1970 two blocks away with no fanfare. Of course that one was paid for and built by the local community like every other house of worship in the area except for this new project which is the zenith of bad taste.

There is also something decidedly wrong with the use of foreign money to create tax exempt structures in NYC other than official diplomatic missions.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wrong Arguments on the Ground Zero Mosque

First lets start off with some basics.

The local Muslim Community is served a few blocks away by a Mosque. The Mosque exists it was built and funded by locals to serve the needs of locals in the area. No other group has large sums of money being sent from overseas to build tax exempt structures.Much of the money does come from the exact same place as the 9-11 hijackers.

The notion that the area is Muslim free or that this project is an amusing lie by people prone to victimization.

Terrorism is a war crime and it is typically carried out in the name of Islam or Communism. While not all Muslims are terrorist many of their leaders parse words and rationalize war crimes elsewhere. It is rare that a Muslim leader comes out and states categorically that this type of barbaric activity is not in the interests of Islam.

There are people who defile the site of Ground Zero almost daily. They literally mock the dead on the site of the greatest war crime ever committed against the American people. There is a sizable contingent of commies ( Yes Ducky they are Commies with a few Anarchists) who pass out conspiracy literature on the site of Ground Zero. Usually these kooks and loons add the Ducks typical virulent anti Semitism. Of course the Duck wants us to ignore that the Obama administration appointed a 9-11 Truther Van Jones to a government position.

Are the critics of the Mosque demanding the closure of the Warren Street Mosque that predates 9-11 by decades? No. Would these same critics care if this facility were expanded? No Would this be an appropriate compromise suitable to all? Yes.

Common sense never prevails.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mike Lupica A Clown that Needs to Stick to Sports

There are certain writers who really need to stick to what they do best. Mike Lupica was a decent but highly overated sports writer. He has decided he wants to be a political commentator. He has published a hatched job on Newt Gingrich and the Mosque protesters to ingratiate himself with the big media cocktail party set.

Lupica as usual goes off the deep end on Gingrich, Giuliani and Palin and spends little time on the subject. He is not the sharpest tool in the shed and needs to return to asking athletes idiotic questions in the shower room. FYI he was never quite as good as Bill Madden,Myers and does not deserve to be mentioned with Dick Young.

Lupica does not bother to tell the readers why he supports the Mosque. He does not address the critics of the project. To do so would require a first rate mind that Lupica does not posses. While we disagree with Michael Bloomberg, he has provided an articulate impassioned rationale that one can respect. Bloomberg, unlike Obama, has demonstrated leadership, competence and courage.

Lupica does not bother to state that this is not the case of local Muslims getting together and building a Mosque in their community. This is a foreign financed venture
from the exact same place where the majority of the 9-11 hijackers came from.

Lupica could have walked the area and noticed that around Church Street and Chambers
there are indeed many Muslim businesses. The businesses have been there for some time
and a Mosque located where the actual community is located to the North would make far more sense and raise zero objections.

Lupica does not bother to discuss the symbolism of placing a foreign sponsored mega mosque near the site of three war crime attacks that incinerated 2900 office workers in the name of Islam. This does not infer that all Muslims are guilty of 9-11, but that the project is in very questionable taste. The project is legal, but fails to show respect for the site and the survivors of 9-11.

The analogy of Pearl Harbor falls short. The attack on Pearl Harbor was a sneak attack on a military base. This is far different than slamming two planes into office buildings or blowing up a van in the basement parking lot. More people died at the WTC than died at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese are certainly classier and more considerate than to place a 13 story cultural center two blocks from the Arizona monument. The USA waited 65 years to participate in memorials for the atomic bomb
ceremonies in Japan.

Lupica demonstrates that he lacks the aptitude to do serious political analysis. He needs to return to the world of jock straps and shower rooms. Perhaps his publisher did not want to reduce the reputation of excellence in his sports section which is one of the reasons many people buy the NY Daily News.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Mosque Madness

I want to stress that traditional Muslims do not recognize the Nation of Islam led by Louis Farrakhan. The Koran does not talk about space ships and the group is more of a satire than a cult.

Older NYC residents are aware of the history of Harlem's Mosque number 7. It was apparently bombed in the time of Malcolm X. There was a fatal standoff with NYPD in 1972 where a NYPD cop was killed.

This latest report comes from DNAinfo Manhattan Network on You Tube. Apparently, an NYPD detective was denied entry into the Mosque with his shield and gun. The Detective was performing community relations and investigating allegations of police brutality.

This is another case that illustrates the arrogance of certain religious leaders who think they are above the law. I have personally witnessed NYPD visiting Jewish Temples and Catholics and most Protestants can likely point to law enforcement officers in their congregation. As the Mosque is on the soil of NYC its law enforcement officers have a right to perform their duties. We can discuss the legality of sanctuary in another post.

The Mayor should demand an immediate apology from the Imam to the officer. Furthermore, if this policy remains unchanged the building should be padlocked as a public safety concern. Sorry, but inane religious cults ( Not Islamic) do not have the right to create their own laws in NYC, nor are they above the law.

Obama a Muslim??????

There has been much made in the news about where polls have stated that about one in five of us thinks Obama is a Muslim. Now if Americans feel that the wool has been pulled over their eyes by the MSM, this is likely due to the smoke and mirrors games played by the MSM. The more American people learn about Obama, the more of us want him sent packing in 2012.

The truth is the Obama has unprecedented secrecy that is unthinkable in this age of internet information over load. Where are his transcripts and University applications? Perhaps Obama doesn't want us to know he benefited from affirmative action multiple times. Of course his failure to produce even the simplest records has fueled the birther movement.

Obama is a beneficiary of the Old Bolshevik movement. His campaign was fond of pointing to his Kansas roots. This is quite amusing in that his mother was a freakazoid leftist further left than Castro and his Grandparents were just slightly more moderate. Obama was given Communist mentors sent to elite private schools likely
on the basis of scholarships that his grades did not earn. Obama likely continued to be rewarded for sucking up to Marxist throughout college and law school. Obama gave them a student who repeated what they wished to hear. Once out of college he fails to do real work becomes a "community organizer", attends a racist anti semitic communist church led by a crack pot pastor and spends his free time socializing with
communist terrorists and a far left Palestinian professor.

The media decided early on that Obama was their savior. They turned on Hillary who at least had some intelligence and lousy ideas. Obama was a stealth Marxist who was to deliver America to post racial America. Obama picked the second dumbest man in the Senate to make himself look brighter. He could have picked Bernie Sanders but his Marxist cover would have been blown.

Obama's two decades long membership in the racist Marxist antisemitic church is something far more odious than being Muslims or a visit to Bob Jones University. He was allowed to feign ignorance of the toxic hate and communist garbage spewed by Pastor Wright. In the case of the intellectually limited Obama, this might be true but not what you want in a President.

Once in office his Bolshevik minions wanted America to surrender in the war on terror and nationalize everything on the planet. Obama insisted on pushing an unwanted socialized health care debacle to please his faculty room allies. He passed more money for his Marxist henchmen in big academia and watched the economy burn.
The American people called out to him to respect American values and our founding documents and get the economy moving. Obama merely pushed idiotic cost ineffective green jobs and sent his henchmen out to cry racism at any criticism.

We seldom see the real Barak Obama and when America sees it he falls in the polls.
We saw his contempt for the American people in his infamous "God Gays and Guns" quote that could have been written by the bird brained Marxist Duck. We see it in his arrogant answer to Joe the Plumber. We see the real Obama in the choice of a Pastor that says "God Damned America" and accuses the US government of creating Aids. We see it in the snide remarks of his wife who says that "this is the first time she has been proud of America".

The reality of what Obama is and the vulgar views of his Pastor are far worse than traditional Islam.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beakerkin an Indian????

I am usually amazed when people mistake me for a member of another group. For the record I remain a Jewish American patriot with roots in various Eastern European countries. We do not know or care what the ethnic composition of AOW, Mr Beamish, Brooke, TMW, Warren or other Americans are so I am perplexed as to why my roots are of such interest to others.

We had the unhinged one at Bad Eagle suggest I was a mulatto, Apache and employed by NYPD. There are light skinned Black people but in my case it would become comedic as I am whiter than the non White White Supremacists. For the record the late Northwind was a French and Abenaki woman.

Over time I have been confused for Polish, Russian, Ukranian by members of those groups in NYC. While I undoubtedly have some of that DNA I consider myself Jewish end of conversation. Those that emigrated from Europe considered themselves Jews and I respect their memory.

Onto more amusing things I have at various times been accused of being a Copt, Assyrian, Armenian and now an Indian by Muslims. It seems that the motion of a Jew speaking of Muslim history via these groups is so outlandish that in the minds of Muslims I must be an impostor.

My identity and thought remain American and I honor those sentiments with my devoted service to the American people. I do have a relationship with an Indo Guyanese woman that is likely headed to matrimony. I have a wonderful parental relationship with her six year old daughter who never knew her father. This does not make me Hindu or Guyanese. I do have a love for the wonderful Guyanese community. However, I have similar affection for the Philippine, Italian, Polish, Dominican, Cuban, Haitian, Egyptian Coptic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Columbian communities as well. I am probably leaving out many of the communities where I have spent time. This versatility is what quite ordinary for NYC residents.

While commies like the Ducky talk of internationalism and treat the locals like domestic animals NYC types and real Christians like Junglemom, TMW and AOW live it each and every day. Our American DNA contains a bit of this and that we treasure our history and our American values.

Still on Schedule to go to DC on 9-12

I will likely meet with AOW in DC on 9-12. I did meet with Frogburger last year as well as TMW. I hope to run into Steve Harkonen and a few others there.

The last time I went to one of these events it was due to a mixture of curiosity and a desire to be with my friends. Long term readers grasp that I am not a Conservative, but am the rare patriotic liberal. My views are different from Conservatives whom I respect. I consider communism to be an abomination and folks like the Duck to be political criminals.

I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of finding anything more serious than AACORN Sucks and Birtherism. For the most part people welcomed me as a self identified Jew. I heard plenty of people wish that more of my kind would show. Some were surprised by my NYC accent and pleasantly surprised. Everyone was respectful and far from the cartoons presented in the MSM accounts.

Most of us agree that our nation is on the wrong track. Obama is an abomination who
treats Americans with contempt as he caters to his far left allies in faculty lounges and entertainment industry cocktail parties.

I still expect Hillary to jump ship if Obama drops another ten points. Hillary may be dreadful but would be an improvement over the arrogant condescending Obama and lobotomized Biden. Of course my dream ticket is still Rudy and JC Watts. That ticket would create a tidal wave that would sweep the Nation.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Taking our lives for granted

I stop and think of my own life and take things for granted. I took the Sprite to the Central Park Zoo. It was just too hot to go to the Bronx Zoo. It was her first trip to the zoo and a lot of firsts.

I was unaware that the Tranquil Sea had never been to a zoo or an Italian Restaurant.
Perhaps as a native NYC type sometimes I take things for granted.

The Sprite was drawn to the fountains of Columbus Circle. She had never seem them before. I was to find out later she had never seen a horse up close either. I did make a small mistake and should have brought a camera, not for me but for the Sprite. She did enjoy feeding goats and lambs at the Childrens zoo. We did look for an antisemitic Duck at the Zoo and did not find one.

The Sprite enjoyed a good meal at the Italian restaurant. I was shocked that apparently the Tranquil Sea has never eaten in an Italian restaurant.

We think of our own lives as typical, but in fact they are not. I was reminded of that in California when I ordered in Chinatown with zero difficulty while my peers could not get served. My life may not be as typical and average as I had assumed. Maybe nobody's life is in actuality.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Peru gets it right

Communist mercenary Lori Berenson will serve the remainder of her sentence. Her feigned ignorance and lack of remorse for her crimes were apparent well before a series of recent word games.

Communists seem to think that they can get involved in other countries civil wars and then hide behind their foreign citizenship. The actions of the Peruvian government were entirely humane given the seriousness of the offense.

On a human level my sympathies go out to Prof. Berenson who is a decent man. Unfortunately, his daughter is a political criminal who has not learned a thing in spite of her 15 years in jail.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr Laura on the N word

I want to point out that we do not use that word on this blog. I also want to point out that as Dr Laura has said it is frequently said by Blacks who also use the F word to describe gays. I also want to point out that Commies like Oliver Stone are free to spew Jewish conspiracies with impunity. Dr. Laura should immediately state she is a commie than no standards of behavior would apply.

We do not use epithets. When the Duck is described as a Commie this is a factual presentation of a political criminal.

Facts and Myths about the Mosque

There are hundreds of Mosques in NYC. The vast amount of NYC residents grasp the legality of building the Mosque at Park Place. That being said they want the project moved to another location. Muslims are quite adept at the crying game. The crimes of 9-11 were committed in the name of Islam. This does not infer that all Moslems are guilty, but they should grasp the rationale
of respecting the site.

There is a persecution complex in the Muslim community and the fault lies with the leaders of many organizations. Americans are sick of being lied to with such falsehoods as Islam is a religion of Peace, Jihad means inner struggle, Islam was spread by trade and so forth. Muslim leaders need to emulate the example of Stephen Schwartz and renounce terrorism everywhere without word games. They must say the same thing in English as in Arabic. Instead of crying victim at every issue the thought needs to be where do we go from here to a better future.

That being said the current mosque site is not the most conspicuous location. It is two blocks North and in the middle of the block. I work in the area and had to find it. It is not visible from the avenues and a compromise location further away would likely yield a more prominent location.

As far as the Ducks comments about Pam Geller and Robert Spencer I find his hypocrisy to be interesting. The president should not meet with them because it grants them legitimacy. This is the same person that demands Israel meet with the most retrograde of Arab terrorists who are dedicated to their elimination. This reveals the blatant hypocrisy and brain impaired bird brained logic of the Duck. Neither Geller not Spenser have ever committed terrorist acts against
Muslims. Furthermore, Obama has stated we should talk to the lunatic leaders of Iran without conditions. If the USA should talk to Iran than local Muslims can talk to Robert Spenser and Pam Geller.

This is not a center funded and financed by the local community. It is a project funded from abroad with very dubious financing. On some levels as this project is being largely funded from abroad the standard logic of the first the first amendment are not as readily defined. This is especially true when a large portion of the financing comes from a Jim Crow Apartheid State that does not permit other religions to build houses of worship on its soil.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Obama His Arrogancy

Obama seems to think he can lecture the world about its problems. He has been on record claiming we should talk to our enemies without conditions. We should engage Iran without conditions. The Israelis need to talk with people dedicated to their elimination.

Obama needs to practice what he preaches. Why should any foreign leaders listen to him if he can't even get Pam Geller and the Mosque Proponents into talks.

Those who scoff at the idea should know that if we make demands on foreign leaders to talk with criminal terrorists than Muslims can meet with Pam Geller, Robert Spencer and Newt Gingrich. If Obama wants to lead a small feat like this can be done. As for Muslims, Geller may have ruffled some feathers. However, just as Muslims claim the first amendment they can not silence those who disagree.

After Geller is done with this she needs to go to round two. Lets publish the names and faces of Commies mocking the dead at Ground Zero. The Mosque is a smaller battle and moving it or scaling down the size is a realistic outcome. However, no such deal should be made with commies
who need to be ridiculed for their spreading conspiracy theories at Ground Zero. Of course the Duck feigns ignorance about the activities of his comwads.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lessons in Crying

I am totally amazed at the amount of crying by Muslims in the Ground Zero Mosque bit. I want to differentiate their critique from the Duck who is pretty much a political criminal dedicated to the destruction of the USA. The Duck seeks to rationalize any group that seeks his common goal the destruction of the USA. The Duck is so stupid that he fails to grasp that Ray is a Yeagley critic and sticks up for Obama. Any claim that the Duck is capable of higher thought is a delusion.

One discusses the Ground Zero Mosque and gets the following themes

1) US foreign policy brought on 9-11

No 9-11 was an inexcusable war crime committed against the USA in the name of Islam

2) The people of NYC are unreasonable.

No there are hundreds of mosques in NYC that operate in sizes ranging from small storefronts to large congregations that take up a whole city block.

3) Only Islam is judged as a criminal religion

No but with rare exceptions like Stephen Schwartz many Muslim leaders play rationalization word games. Schwartz rejects violence against civilians everywhere as hurting the cause of Islam. This stands in stark contrast to the folks at CAIR who are known for word games and their Marxist academic cheerleading squad.

4) But the USA destroys Mosques .....

Terrorists have blown up Mosques, Churches and Jewish houses of worship in places unrelated to conflicts. The attacks in Tunisa, Argentina and Mumbai targeted Jews who had zero to do with events in Israel.

The USA does not target mosques but if high profile terrorists enter mosques they should nor hesitate to blow it up. If a mosque permits an Al Queda type to enter or store weapons it is a target. Any blame falls upon the terrorists who grasp they are targets.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Mosque Bit Shows Why Obama fails as a leader

I want to point to the difference between a real leader I disagree with Michael Bloomberg and an incompetent I agree with Barak Obama

Points one

The Mosque is 100% legal. It is not as bad as advertised as I actually went to the area and toured the site. It is in the middle of the block and 13 stories is smaller than the buildings in the area. Unlike many experts I work in the area and am familiar with the site in question.

Point Two

A Mosque so close to Ground Zero is in dreadful taste. It is an affront to many who consider the
area special.

Bloomberg is 100% correct in pointing out the above. For him it is unthinkable to violate the concept of religious freedom because many think this mosque is in very poor taste. Where Bloomberg goes off track is the flip comments he does not care how this project was funded. For him this is no different than a rich foreign investor buying a townhouse. The foreign investors will pay property tax unlike this house of worship. Moreover, NYC should know exactly who the funders of this project are and check for possible terror ties.

Obama takes a stand on principle, but then waffles at the reaction and concedes point two when
the public is furious. Of course Obama could ask the builders of the Mosque to understand the anger they are creating needlessly. Obama could demand the project be halted immediately pending an investigation of the funding. He could negotiate concessions about size of the project
or arrange a deal to move this project slightly North Of Chambers Street to a more suitable location for all.

Obama fails on all counts because he is a mindless University hack leftists and has never been able to much beyond slogans and had no real vision. He got elected by hiding who he is and was aided by a cabal of Journolist cronies.

Bloomberg is a decisive leader who built things. He is a man of convictions and action and a natural leader. I may disagree with his views but still respect him for standing on principle. Obama takes a stand looks at the polls and comments and runs for cover with a remark that tries to please everyone. Obama has no clue about leadership because he has no spine and has no
aptitude for leadership.

Of course if he wanted to show America he is a real leader he can come to NYC and rent Madison
Square Garden

1) Bring the Mosque builders, Mayor Bloomberg, David Patterson, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, Newt Gingrich, Stephen Schwartz to a Kool-Aide summit. (Beer is Haram). All of the victims families are accommodated.

Place everyone together in MSG with mediocre food until a deal is reached.

While Obama is in NYC meddling he can praise Charley Rangel's service and ask him to retire.
He can also ask the Dolans to rid NYC of Isiah Thomas.

Off to enjoy another day in the Guyanese Community

I have spent the last few days enjoying time with the local Guyanese community. For me it is a relaxing experience. I get to tell jokes and interact with ordinary folks. I enjoy meeting electricians and mechanics and having a beer with friends. My relationship with a local woman is very accepted as I support the community in its charity work. Guyanese woman can be very charming and do chase bachelors over 40. Of course this would likely get me planted in a box by my current girlfriend.

I will not claim that the community is perfect. It is very different from my own where alcoholism is unknown or very rare. We have forgotten about enjoying life in a maze of never ending inane dysfunctional families and over reliance upon mental health care professionals.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Guyana and a walk to the mosque.

I spent a wonderful evening in the Guyanese Community at a local party for a friend who insisted I visit. Much of the community is from a very small section called Berbice. Guyana is the one place where Christian, Hindu and Muslim get along in harmony and are married into each others family.In fact the MC stated that now they have to add the Jew to the list. It was a wonderful evening of great food, music and dance. As a bachelor I was not allowed to rest much when the dancing started.

I explained I love my Guyana Woman. Her beauty stirs my heart and her fire keeps me in line. In my culture if you mistreat a woman she sues you and leaves you no quarter. The Guyana woman merely kills you and leaves you in a box. Life is much simpler in the beloved Guyanese community.Love your wife and kids, work hard and enjoy life. Instead of going to a mental health provider life is summed up in one loving phrase "Get your shit together mon".

I wasn't there long when a very beautiful woman with Emerald Green Eyes asked me how the Tranquil Sea was doing. Astonished I was to learn that this was the niece of the Tranquil Sea.
One of the Tranquil Seas grandfathers was an Englishman with green eyes. You would not notice it as the Tranquil Sea is the classic Indian Beauty. The niece pointed to my Green Eyes and laughed and said it runs in the family. Alas her eyes were Emerald which is a far more exotic and breath taking color than my Blue/ Green cross color.

I love my adopted community and I very much am at home amongst the wonderful people from
Guyana. Guyana is the best that we can be if our hearts are pure and we toss all that old world crap out the window. My Guyana the beauty of the land is exceeded only by the beauty of its people. If the world could only be as wise and loving as my Guyana.

With Guyana in my heart I walked to the Ground Zero Mosque to separate fact from fiction. I breathe Americanism in my soul as I walk past the familiar where I had been on that day. Memories of the day came to my head as I remembered things best forgotten but they are stuck
with me for the remainder of my days. The truth is that the Mosque is a horrid idea as it is two blocks North. Yet it is in a tucked away in a place in a block far from a corner. One would have to look for it even if it were to be 13 stories it would still not stand out. On that side block my memories were not of 9-11, as the site is next to an imitation "Red Neck bar that fellow officers hold parties in.

Maybe if Michael Bloomberg ditched the disdain about the funding he would have been a bit more right than some of us give him credit for. Maybe if the folks who sponsored this and wanted to claim it as an interfaith place called it Guyana House instead of a place they colonized and invaded. This is not likely the great monster conceived by many as you will have to look for it. As far as desecrating Ground Zero Commie Conspiracy Kooks do it all the time by spreading their mostly antisemitic lies on the site where so many died. Long ago I grasped that freedom of speech is my birthright as an American Citizen. As part of my birthright I must accept that some are evil and have no respect for the sacred ground where my country and city were attacked. Their right of free speech does not prevent me from heckling them as mental health defectives, political criminals, traitors and life's biggest losers. Of course the Duck will swear that he has nothing to do with the commies that spread their poison and make a mockery where so many died horribly and bravely.

Maybe we need to be reminded that Ground Zero belongs to all of us. Muslims should have built this mosque a few blocks North, but it could be far worse. There is an enclave about six blocks North where this would be more appropriate but it could be worse. It would be better if Commie
( Yes Ducky these are your comrades) wouldn't spread their poisonous bigoted traitorous lies and disrespect all that died on that day. Yet it reminds us of exactly who they are and why all of us should despise them and verbally smite them whenever they crawl out from under the rock.
Remember, that roaches and Commies run from the light.

The world would be a much better place if it were like my Guyana. The world would be a better
place if it emulated my beloved NYC. The world would be a better place if all of us lived with the spirit of founders in our souls. Who needs the EU where the Muslims can't find jobs get a welfare check and socialists indulge them with cries of "bad Jooo, Evil America". Unemployed people with too much free time are vulnerable to radical preachers of doom and frequently riot.

My beloved America your founding wisdom is the light of my day. My beloved NYC you are a model of how the world should be at its best. My Guyana your heart and ways of your wonderful
people are an example of what we can be if we toss Old World garbage aside and create new world wisdom.

The best argument the supporters of the mosque can ever make is the one they will never utter.
We need to be near the site of the greatest crime against America committed in our name to learn from the wisdom of America and the harmonious way NYC residents live each and every day. We need to learn from a people who cherish individual freedoms, live love and work together in harmony and have a professionally run city with a stellar work ethic. We can only dream of the freedom that allows us to build a Mosque so close to the site of a crime committed in our name while we create societies that refuse to allow other houses of worship to be built, prevent indigenous Christians from building new Churches and execute those who seek another path to God.

We will have to live with a mosque placed in a poor place yet the insult may not be to us as to the fools who acted in poor taste. Maybe if the fake redneck bar next door could turn it up a notch
ala Hogs & Heifers it would be priceless. Those who want to go to Cordoba House can do so but
I'll be next door listening to AC DC music, eating non Halal Kielbasa with a Budweiser in my hand
and American freedom in my soul, NYC wisdom in my soul and part of my heart to my adopted Guyana people.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The 911 Attack Ground Zero Mosque, Pearl Harbor

I want to talk about 9-11 and the Ground Zero Mosque and you.

9-11 was the worst atrocity ever committed against the American people. The Japanese attacked a military base and even the crimes of the Bataan Death March were committed in the context of a war. The perpetrators and those who died were military personnel with rare exceptions. 9-11 was an attack against office buildings in NYC. The use of civilian airliners to target office buildings was by design an attack against civilians. Unlike an attack by a nation, this attack was done in the name of Islam by war criminals.

The far left has spent decades rationalizing attacks against civilians with BS about oppression. Tossing Senior citizens in wheel chairs off of cruise ships and shooting school kids in the back at Beslan and in Israel are war crimes. There is no rationalization or spin for targeting civilians, despite the rationalizations of commies like poultry.

The crimes of 9-11 were committed in the name of Islam. That being said I do not hold all Muslims accountable for the actions done on that day by lunatics. It is a tribute to the American people that with the exception of a few unfortunate actions no large scale hate crimes took place.
For an example of the basest actions of how others deal with the similar situations one can see the brutal lynching of two Israeli soldiers in Ramallah in 2000. It is to Israel's credit that rather than level the area like in Chechnya or Sri Lanka it tried the perpetrators. Yet the far left in its blind hatred and bigotries hold certain nations to different standards.

The Muslim community with rare exception has done a miserable job in stating without word games that violence aimed and directed against civilians is always wrong. The rare outstanding voices in this area are Stephen Schwartz and individuals like the congenial Abu Farris of Progressive Islam. Most of the time we get spin and rationalizations about terrorism being justified in certain places like Israel.

The American people are fed up and annoyed with being lied to. Islam does not and never has meant peace. The term means submission to the will of God. Unlike the questioning of authority
in Judaism or in most Christianity, Islam is direct about adhering to power. Such a religion by nature of this difference would be much more vulnerable to power mad tyrants than a religion where people instinctively ask Why and by whose authority.

Jihad really has not meant inner struggle. Zhakhat is really not charity as it is done via coercion
but so is taxation. Islam in many cases was spread via the sword. The conquered people were subject to Jim Crow rules that were eased and tightened by whim of rulers. While those like the Duck shake their fist at European colonization of Muslims they ignore Muslim colonization. Usually the Duck will try to point the fingers and claim the abuse of Jews in Europe was worse.
One would deservedly get ridiculed by a person saying slavery in Haiti was worse than in the South. One does not rationalize one abuse claiming another was worse elsewhere.

9-11 to me is a personal story as I was there as well as for the previous attack. The media appointed the Jersey girls as the heirs to 9-11 because they attacked the GOP. Coulter's rebuke
of them echoed with many of us. Coulter was at the home of the great author Richard Poe on 9-11. Poe watched the events from Queens. The Jersey girls were not even present and no closer to the events than myself or Richard Poe. They have been well compensated and speak only for themselves like I do.

9-11 doesn't just belong to people like myself who were there. It belongs to all of us who watched in horror from Queens like Poe or NJ. It belongs to Americans who watched in horror at home.
It belongs to those who watched abroad with their hearts in the right places. Even our good friend and Feline Aficionado Jams ODonnel wrote a moving tribute to a victim.

I return back to the mosque near ground zero. This is no attempt to build bridges as the persons
responsible could have acceded to the wishes of those for whom Ground Zero is a special place and moved the project a few blocks North. The crimes were committed in the name of Islam and a mosque with very dubious funding is not building bridges in any definition. They are creating an insult to many on ground we consider to be special. 2900 of my fellow NYC residents were incinerated by crazed religious fanatics acting in the name of Islam. While I do not hold all Muslims responsible they should show more respect to the site.

I will turn to discussing some of the Mosque supporters.

1) Michael Bloomberg believes in his heart that the USA does not have the right to tell people where to build a house of worship. Had he remained on this point we could respect him as a man
of integrity we disagree with. He lost most of that integrity when he said flipantly that he is not interested in the funding.

The rest of the opposition will be dealt with accordingly

2) A Muslim from the UK that fails to grasp what is so special about Ground Zero and points out
it is just expensive real estate.

This is a person who doesn't grasp the seriousness of 9-11. This is not a person to be loathed or hated. We should convey what 9-11 means to us and leave it there.

3) Lefties like the Duck and Obnoxious EU types

The Duck fully grasps what 9-11 means to us. He is merely intent on sticking his middle finger up at patriots while trying to be a hero to his fellow Commies and EU arrogant condescending windbag counterparts. He deserves a cyber wedgie and whatever abuse Mr. B or Elmer decide is warranted.

Note some opposition from Europe falls closely into the acceptable disagreement type of Bloomberg. When one talks of values and liberty this is a quite different discussion than talking about GOP redneck values or Pam Geller is a jerk.

Workplace Violence Unions and Bullying

It seems as if in this bad economy not a day goes by where we fail to read of some case of a worker
going insane and shooting his coworkers. We have also witnessed dramatic quitting via a flaky airline employee. This is the Obama work place where the tough economy has made life more brutal than every before.

The unions have a fair share of the blame in this new era. At the top levels they are merely paper tigers for the Democrats. If you are lucky you will have a Union at the local level that cares about doing its job. The truth is that even with a good union the processes can be so drawn out that in some cases people can be terminated go through hearings for years before they are reinstated.

The truth is that there is a great deal of bullying in the American work place. A position of authority does not entitle one to abuse or berate employees. It does not also entitle one to abuse their authority and violate laws. Unlike most people I can report of this as a top manager and as an employee. One of my proudest achievements as a manager was I had zero complaints to HR
in five plus years. I got the job done and it was done via teamwork and commitment to the goal first with no larger agendas. I did not hide behind my desk as clerical workers are suited to that task. A managers job is to lead from the front and direct. Most of the time the workers would tell me to sit back, but it wasn't my style. When I suffered a kidney injury that style was altered by
a Dr. who ordered that I may lift nothing larger than a pen at work and a sandwich for lunch. It was hard not being able to do things at the front. The order came from HR stating that any worker who allowed me to lift would be suspended.

My workers had a loyalty to me due to the style. One worker made a dangerous error and accidentally dropped a cherry picker battery. The top boss lined up my workers and asked who did it. When nobody stepped forward I did. The top boss stated Mr. Beakerkin I know you are lying. You never ever get behind anything other than an automatic jack. I stated sir its because I do not know what I am doing and everyone including the top boss laughed. The top boss said I am giving the guilty party 24 hours to step forward or everyone gets suspended for one day without pay. The guilty party stepped forward and was told he was suspended for half a day.

How we manage our staff and deal with the public is a reflection of who we are. For me it is unfathomable to berate a person who made an error from trying too hard. Even when a mistake is made it is done gently and the procedures are discussed. For me it is unthinkable to treat someone unjustly because decency requires no less.

In the new work place bullying is worse than ever. The basic problem is managers are frequently
unaccountable for their actions and there is no review. An employee making an error does not entitle one to scream like a patient out of Bellvue. Nor does hyperscrutiny and proceduralism have any place in the work place.

HR departments are supposed to monitor this but they don't. More often then not they are chums with management and fail to act impartially.

The Obama administration has an unhealthy fixation on a health plan that was not desired by the American people. It has focused on fat cats in Suites and Wall Street while catering to its allies in big education, high ranking labor leaders, big media and the legal industry.

Much of the fault lies with the unions for not focusing on the work place and becoming a yes man
to whatever the big donkey says. Many of us can relate to being bullied at work and it is a very
nasty experience. Those of us who have careers have little choice but to put up with it for years.

Of course dealing with a very real issue and making HR departments accountable in the nasty new work place would be a step in the right direction. Much of HR is merely filling out forms and passing the buck. HR departments need to be accountable for maintaining integrity in the work place and need to be liable when they fail. HR needs to work with the Unions to solve these issues before expensive law suits and arbitration hearings.

Of course being bullied is not an excuse to commit work place violence. The shootings at the beer
distributor need to be investigated. The employee was on film stealing beer and this undercuts any claims of harassment that need to be examined.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Media morons

With great curiosity I read the headline Israeli serial killer in google. When I looked at the name and the town it was obvious that this was a Palestinian Christian. One again the media botched another one.

Gays Gays Everywhere

I am perplexed that even the alleged culturally sensitive Duck (not) has decided that Peter Pan is gay. Peter Pan was a character from a fairy tale ( pun intended) that is familiar to most about a boy
who never grew up. There is nothing gay in the story and this is a really inane stereotype about gays being men stuck in childhood. This does not match the reality of gays I know.

I can point to several heterosexual coworkers who are Peter Pan like. Officer X has a new girlfriend every month at 27. He fancies himself a ladies man but seriously looks like Bob Denver. My joke was the reason he has so many girlfriends is he is no good in bed and they dump him for someone who knows what they are doing. Officer X brags he needs two women in bed. This is because he does nothing and needs the extra one so they can talk to each other and avoid being bored to death. Officer X lacks the maturity and depth to have a loving relationship.

There was talk about Sponge Bob being gay. This was based on an idiotic reaction to his being placed in an advocacy video. The character is meant to be a boy who is naive. Some of it is funny
as when he gets beaten up the person punching him does nothing because hitting a sponge is a
wasted effort. Sponges reproduce by dividing so this is all stupidity.

What other popular fiction characters are gay. Stewie from the Family Guy appears to have gay
lines. Dr Smith from Lost in Space appears gay except Johnathan Harris ( not gay) said he was satiring Englishmen not homosexuals.

Maybe I yearn for a better age where people accepted a fairy tale kid who didn't want to grow up. Maybe a sponge is just a sponge without anything beyond that.

In real life gays are many different types of people. There are those who act effeminate and those who are just unexceptional. Our friend Justin is a veteran and a man of God who lives in Texas. He probably has never been to a Broadway show. He could probably barbecue and fix his car better than all of us not named Warren. Rob Bayn loves sports if you can call the Detroit Lions a sport team of sorts.

In life people are not cartoons with rare exception. I will point out that those who scoff at a certain person for dancing with gourds do not grasp that dance was important in that culture.
The warriors would dance and then go to battle so the context is different.

Of course there is the far left arrogant fellow from MA who seems to come from central casting.
He is a doodling instructor who roots for the vile Red Sox. His lines are fairly predictable and I can not think of a time where anything he stated varied from the script. No doubt he will try to shock us with an admission that he once saw and enjoyed a Revenge of the Nerds film or ate a Hebrew ( Zionist) National Hot dog with a Mountain Dew in 84.

Even the Ultimate American Mr. B listens to Rap Music. Those of us familiar with our resident
philosopher would assume that all he listens to is Heavy Metal. Now Mr. B listening to Barry Manilow or eating a meal without a deal animal would be shocking.

Yet all of us are individuals with unique personalities. We are predictable for the most part, but are capable of surprises. Now most of us know my younger brother is an Orthodox Rabbi, but who would guess he is a huge fan of Spiderman and Star Trek.

I long for the earlier age where we could just enjoy things as they were

1) An era where cops on TV had passion about their cases like Kojak
2) Where dumb people like Pottsie and Rerun were charming
3) Where Fonzi could sleep with everything and not get someone pregnant or get VD
4) Where Grizzly Adams and his Indian friend could talk two different languages and understand
each other
5) Where Archie Bunker could afford a house in Queens working on a loading dock
6) Where a girl as ugly as Mindy Cohn on the Facts of Life could buy a date
7) Where Ginger could have a never ending wardrobe on Gilligans Island
8) Where Gary Coleman was everybody's younger brother
9) When a baseball player hit a 500 foot home run and all we wondered about was the majesty of the blast without wondering about steroids.
10) Where football players like Curtis Martin and Barry Sanders didn't need to talk trash after a great play or game.
11) Where we laughed with and had fun with Terry Bradshaw who just seemed to love life and the NFL.
12) When actors like John Wayne and Eastwood loved America and were vocal about it.
13) Where we could watch a horror movie with Vincent Price and think of him as a tragic uncle.
14) Where we could laugh at Abbott and Costello as lovable characters
15) Where a TV show with excellent writing and gay characters (Will and Grace) could laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously.
16) Where Al Bundy never got a new car or left the shoe store.
17) Where Horseshack hung out with cooler kids.
18) Where McGarrett never had to worry about budgets or bullets hitting his hairdo.
19) Where Neil Diamond was considered cool.
20) Where people respected the President.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Honestly talking about Islam and 9-11

Certain ideologies are defined by certain events. Nazism and Auschwitz are tied together. Communism is tied to Gulags, Killing Fields, Terrorism and crimes against humanity. Unfortunately Islam is tied to 9-11 and that is the way it is.

On September 11 my city was attacked and 2900 of my fellow NYC residents were incinerated by lunatics acting in their definition of Islam. Now most of us understand that these lunatics were not acting on behalf of Stephen Schwartz and the average Muslim American. While Schwartz and a few others do not mince words about the evils of terrorism many other Islamic leaders play word games and waffle about terrorism.

Schwartz does grasp the magnitude of the pain and anger Americans feel over the 9-11 attacks. He grasps that many people see the ground zero as a special place to many Americans. He understands that it is not an appropriate place to place a mosque. Schwartz envisions a cosmopolitan Islam where Muslims embrace American values.

We live in a smaller world where the deeds of one or two loonies ( Chavez) can set off Armageddon. The idea that crazed religious loonies can trigger Armageddon while looking for
Utopia is very real. Either we learn to live together or we die in a clash of civilizations.

Mermaids are Halal

I want to tip my hat to my friend Abu Farris of Progressive Islam. Apparently according to Islamic religious authority mermaids are suitable for eating. Personally I think to do so without cocktail sauce is barbaric. Of course Westerners who are not subject to Islamic dietary restrictions will have to deduce the appropriate type of wine to use when eating mermaids. Of course if one follows the advice of our good friend and resident philosopher Mr. B just serve it with beer.

Then again if you cant hit it with a Buick it probably is not worth cooking anyway.

This Post is only for long term readers and friends of this blog

I am going to write a post on the Ground Zero Mosque. Long term readers know I was on hand for both blasts at the WTC. If you are part of the group of people who regularly comment here including Poultry, Ray, the Editrix your opinions are welcomed. I ask that Mark Winters use his own name for this post as I consider this to be a serious subject. No Foghorn Leghorns or Captain Spaulding please just Mark Winters.

Ground Zero is sacred ground to me for obvious reasons. I was there when people who were acting in their interpretation of Islam blew and incinerated 2900 of my fellow NYC residents. I do not hold all Muslims responsible for 9-11. I have zero doubt that Stephen Schwartz of the Center of Islamic Pluralism and decent folks like Abu Farris of Harry's Place would have done anything and everything in their power including risk their own lives to prevent senseless slaughter.

We live in a society where freedom of speech and worship are our birth rights. Building a mosque there is legal, but not all things that are legal are advisable or wise. No doubt some of the arrogant far left supporters of the Mosque ignore that even in very liberal NYC the public is overwhelmingly against the building of an over sized Mosque with very dubious funding in the proximity to what we consider sacred ground.

One can walk ten blocks North and see businesses that I sometimes frequent such as the Pakistani Tea House. Let the local community build its own Mosque away from sacred ground
and proportional to the other houses of worship in the area.

Certain projects are not appropriate for certain locations. I would not seek to create a room to honor Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Thomas Payne inside Buckingham Palace with a Taco Bell. I do not think any of us should support a Disney theme Park in Mecca, the Vatican or on the Gettysburgh battlefield. Nor would a monument to Stalin on the site of the Katyn massacre or anywhere else be appropriate.

The truth is I am exasperated by far left types desecrating Ground Zero and handing out conspiracy theory literature on the sight of Ground Zero. Unfortunately, the First Amendment protects commies who mock the site and the dead daily for political purposes.

Of course the Editrix may not be familiar with my annoyance at the far left for stabbing America in the back and making a mockery of the brave firemen whose haunting looks I will never forget
as they passed me and joined history as I raced away on that day with visions I will carry forever. The Duck is too polite and grounded in reality to make a mockery of the dead, but he knows where the populist bigotry comes from and who it is directed against.

Building a mosque there is legal, but not all things that are legal are wise. If these people are truly interested in serving the community let them do so ten blocks North and away from sacred ground.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

While Alive Live

I am amazed by the envy of those with no life to envy their betters. I am a blessed man on many levels to have a life of such bounty. My life is filled with love on many levels and I am able to convey it in paragraph and sometimes poetry.

Those who are around me save the Duck are able to convey the most intense emotions through their words and deeds. One would point to the Great Gasmasked Patriot/ Philosopher and see great love for his nation, siblings, friends and the up and downs of a normal romance. One can read the words of the Editrix who calls me "dolt" in a way that a true friend tells one who is misguided.Her vivid description of her family life filled with warmth are touching. Her pets are likely more interesting than mine. A turtle who hunts yet knows how to mooch his share of chicken is not as interesting as a beloved canine or feline trickster. Yet even Rex the Maltese is known to scam a chicken wing as I chase him around the house trying to get it back playfully.

One can read of the great spousal loves of many of my friends like Warren, AOW, Brooke and even those who are widowed like TMW or Z. I spend more time describing the loving relationship between myself and my step daughter because it was something I never expected
and is far more profound than anything I imagined. As a normal man with an average life I have experienced great loves and their loss at time. My relationships inspired poetry that I never even knew I was writing until informed by one who received it. I never thought about it much as I wrote it as it came from within.

The profound love between daughter and father is something I can never convey in words or even verse. A simple look of rapt devotion as I describe a tale from "The Land of Snow and Beer" touches my soul. She listens to the tales of exotic and strange animals and bizarre people who hunt for dinner with small munitions and late model cars. The meals are made with whatever is in the house. Bigfoot in a Tie Dye T shirt running through the woods carrying a book of Whitman. Cows that won't get off your foot and a feline trickster scamming a meal. Does such a land exist and how much of it is poetic license. A land of rednecks driving Volvos and Subarus and scenic roads with fields that change with the seasons.

The simplest gesture touches me in ways I never imagined. I told the Sprite the tale of the Golem and she made her own with Play Dough. It did not look like Mr. Bill but it was a loving gesture.These are images of a life filled with joy.

Now I respect my friend the Editrix who at times calls me "dolt" in a loving way. She cautioned me below not to write about those I love as rabid senile mongrel bitches may be driven by envy.
Those who are alive see the beauty in the loving life as dedicated boyfriend and father to the Sprite. I write for the pleasure of my friends and I laugh at the slings and arrows of the hateful.

It is clear who is the master and who is the slave. I live a life of joy filled with love while she may only sit and dream of humanity. Who would love such an ignorant rabid useless mongrel bitch. While I serve as a respected honored officer who has helped thousands she stews about her wasted life. The respect of attorneys and the public is enough for most. Yet I have the love of the Tranquil Sea and the Beloved Sprite to energize my soul. I have a wonderful family and legions of friends. Her one friend was an equally rabid wheel chair bound and diaper clad wearing Nazi
who grew tired of her.

Onto Peter Pan Yeagley who cries about the slings and arrows No sling or arrow wielded by a foe could do more damage to him than his own idiotic writings. He is a great fan of Edgar Alan Poe
and keeps dragging around Batty Ann who refuses to go back into the Oblong Box as the ship of his ten minutes of fame have long since passed.

Life is too short to worry about maladjusted hate filled people. A wise philosopher said by their fruits you shall know them. The fruit of a true Christian are sweet and provide sustenance even
to those of another tree. The fruit of a dying tree filled with hatred are poisonous. Racial hatred is not Christian.

While alive live and love. Share in the joys of others and enjoy the moments. If you are in a bad place than share the joy of others. The only person who can make you happy is the man in the mirror.

Monday, August 09, 2010

I apologize Editrix but this is too fun to pass up

I am quite amused by the claim of the rabid mongrel bitch that " I destroy God's Children". Who would that describe ???????

I am not theological in orientation and live by my own codes. I do not place my morals on other people and could care less what others think. My principles are those of the founding fathers whom racist imbeciles and Marxist clowns know zero about.

Sorry, but if I want a lecture about God I will discuss it with the Beloved Rav Roov, Junglemom, Justin Morris, Warren, TMW, Z or anyone else who can buy a clue. I run a blog dedicated to my friends and for my enjoyment. As for my personal life, I live a rather unexceptional ordinary life.
I have wonderful relationship with the Tranquil Sea and am serving as a Parental figure to the Beloved Sprite who fills my heart with joy.

There are many people out there who lead empty wasted lives. One sees a typical life filled with love, family and career in these pages. People like Warren and AOW who have dedicated themselves in loving relationships are my heroes. They can write volumes and all I have is just the routine poetry. TMW working hard to raise her kids after her husband has passed away is to be admired. Z whose deep love for her late husband was evident in words.

What does one say of a man near 60 who thinks he is Peter Pan. Where are the great loves of a normal man in the Gourd Dancer. His soul is barren and filled with hate for those of different pigmentation. Do I care that my step daughter is many shades darker? Not at all as every day is a joy. She made me a play dough Golem to protect me after hearing the legend. Such a noble gesture is beyond the grasp of Yeagley. We went to the live food store up the block and she hid behind me as the live crabs scared her. I responded with a gentle look and gesture. A person of depth knows these simple parts of life. You can find these snap shots of life in that of any ordinary man or woman. I love the Tranquil Sea as God made her with hair and skin dark as night yet soft as butter to my touch. I love her resilience and she loves my passion and warmth.
Those who are alive live and those who are not can only be green with envy.

Whatever, I must answer for in the after life is no doubt mundane. My life is dedicated to public service and those family and friends nearby. I will accept blame for my wrongs and take credits for my rights with the dignity I lived my life.

I will not be judged by a Truck Stop Seniors looking for the near dead, nor by the Gourd Dancer.

While Alive Live Love and Grow as there is plenty of time to lay around when we are no more.

Roseann Barr waepons grade insane

All of us are aware of the idiotic statements of Mel Gibson. The fact that he has addiction and mental health issues. Gibson's career is over for his low class antics. Now comes the antisemitic and ignorant remarks by insane lefty Roseann Barr. You probably will not hear about this rant because
the media lets far left bigotry slide.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Listening to Poe

I have had the distinct pleasure of listening to Edgar Alan Poe adaptations on CBS mystery theater radio. Those adaptations are better than the original readings. EG Marshall was a great host and the music was perfect.

I remember sitting as a young kid in the Catskill Mountains listening on the tube radio after a campfire with my cousins. The tales would be spooky and sometimes we could hear rebroacasts from distant stations. There were many excellent actors including Fred Gwynne whose voice I remembered from those shows before I saw the Munsters on reruns.

Perhaps I will do the Mighty Bearkerkin Community Theatre production of The Oblong Box staring Beakerkin and the Duck along with some surprising guest cameos. The spoof will be a tribute to the classic with the expected humor and satire.

Deception from the NYT

The folks at the Bolshevik NYT are at it again. They point to a point to a series of protests across the country against mosques in their area.

The notion of hallowed ground and appropriate respect is not discussed. There are certain things that would not be a good idea like creating a Disney Theme Park on top of Mecca. Never mind that other faiths are not permitted to have houses of worship, but the left talks about apartheid in Israel.

Similarly, we do not place the Japanese embassy next to the Battleship Arizona or Gettysburgh themed casinos next to the Battlegrounds. The issue is not religious freedom it is respect for the site and the dead caused by radical Islam. The mosque can be built a few blocks away with no effort and the financing is shady.

The NYT also peddles the myth of peaceful existence in Cordoba. This omits the reality of Islamic colonial expansion. How did Islam get to Spain in the first place? Nor was it as peaceful as historical apologists for Islam pretend. Of course the folks at the NYT believe the oft repeated lie Islam was spread by trade. This should go into the circular file with happy slaves in he old South and Indians who were happy to have their land stolen.

I am starting to wonder is if a Casino means bad taste. We do not have a Jewish themed casino.
I can envision it now with a luxury deli and a stable of Jackie Mason type comedians. Maybe there will be a NYC themed casino in Vegas with satelite versions of famous NYC restaurants. Of course the Duck dreams of a communist casino ....... chalk that up to another bad idea.

Trip to the live food market with the Sprite

Normally, I can do quite well in the seafood and butcher stores of Chinatown. I have been going to
them for years and have a good eye. The species sold in the local live food market are flown in from Guyana and other than the Tilapia have zero clue as to how to cook them. Of course the crabs and some of the food was still alive and this upset the Sprite. The store owner gave her a chocolate bar.
I am not familiar with the species of crab from the Guyana coast. The shark is presented in a different way.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Gay Bashing

I was quite amused by the ignoranti abroad claiming the Tea Party is racist Yada Yada Yada. There is some interesting footage from Gay Tea Partiers describing the hostility they get from members of the gay community when they come out of the Conservative closet. I do admit a good natured chuckle when I saw the sign "Freedom is Fabulous" on you tube. I also do get a similar chuckle from seeing a friend from Vermont's bumper sticker "Ban Republican Marriage".

Of course most of the critics have never spent time at a Tea Party event. They read coverage in
the NYT and Huffington and mistake that for unbiased news coverage. I honestly can not recall seeing anti gay signs at a Tea Party event.

The bias that the gay Tea Party people describe is part of a larger phenomena of normal people living in far left enclaves who accidentally out themselves as not far left. As a person who lived in one of these enclaves I could tell similar stories. The problem is most people are too polite to far left types. I want to point out one can respect a person like Jams who is to the left but respects private property and makes zero apologies for Chavez, Terrorism and anti Jewish mania.

Similarly, I heard noting but warm sentiments as an easily identified Jew at a major Tea Party event. If I want to see frothing bigotry aimed at Jews I merely need do nothing more than walk to a Nuremberg style so called Peace Protest. Of course the notion that Commies are bigoted against Jews and Christians is something bird brained Marxists try to sweep under the rug.

Friday, August 06, 2010

More Stupidity from Sean Penn

In general the best way to decide if something is a good idea is to see if Sean Penn is against it. Penn has decided that he should interject his opinions on Haitian politics based upon his brief time on the Island. Haiti would be better served by placing Penn on a raft and pointing him in the direction of Cuba.

The Haitian people should decide their own elections without stupid commies offering their opinion.Perhaps Penn thinks he is in a Tarzan movie, because I can not think of another one where an uneducated uncouth white person lords over Black people.

Much has been made over the celebrity status of Mr. Jean. However, maybe what is really needed is for the Haitian diaspora to head home and help place their country on the right path. There are plenty of Haitian professionals in NYC, NJ, Boston and Miami and they are needed at home. Mr. Jean can also use his celebrity as an ambassador for his country. Given the abysmal prior leaders it would probably take great effort or mental ( Chavez) illness to make the current situation worse.

The USA perhaps should rethink its aid and Haitian policies. Perhaps our aid should be focused on infrastructure. We should immediately take some of the garment quota from China and increase Haiti's quota.

Onto stupidity

While Americans are suffering Michelle Obama has decided to take a luxury European vacation
to an unreliable ally. Now in fairness there will always be some Americans out of work, but these lavish expenses at a time where Obama is lecturing Wall Street about salaries and federal agencies are talking about staffing reductions are in bad taste. The vacations show that the Obamas are very far removed from the American people. The God, Guns and Gays comment reveal the contempt that Obama has for the American people.

I enjoyed listening to two internet versions of CBS's famed Mystery Theatre. I used to listen to those shows as a kid with EG Marshall and the predictable music. It is great fun if you get a chance and they did do many Edgar Allan Poe tales.

I will be seeing my beloved and the other woman in my life the beloved Sprite. She is cooking a nice meal tomorrow but I am leery about curried Duck. In reality I can cook very well and it amazes people who have watched me do it effortlessly. Many a girlfriend learned that I am quite talented in that area and a few got their egos crushed. I do not know why but I will resist the urge to do anything less I hurt oversized female egos. I find it funny but if someone does something better I enjoy the talent.

Having a daughter has matured me in ways I can't explain. Her smile and hugs mean everything
to me. I walk through the door and am greeted with hugs and a crazy Maltese pulling at my ankle. I make sure I spend time every week separate from my time with the Tranquil Sea. Being a father is not a role I anticipated. But I did not anticipate being a mentor either and seem quite natural in those roles. When I first met the Sprite she was nervous and shy and spilled her drink on me twice. Over time and with patience my charm and gentle ways turned the relationship around. She never knew her biological father who passed away when she was two. In many ways it is easier because she has not inherited my family's traits. She is just a sweet kid who is a true
pleasure to a curmudgeon. I think Drummaster will be the first family member to meet the Sprite.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Mental Illness and Communism

The Duck as usual being low class is cheering the misfortune of the Guiliani family. Then again her brush with the law comes after going to Harvard. Most likely the break down of morals comes from exposure to mindless Marxism

Speaking of mindless Marxists according to Hitchen's the Duck's favorite messiah is certified insane. 9-11 conspiracies and faked moon landings are the product of Marxist induced dementia.
If that wasn't enough there is misadventures with the corpse of Bolivar. Chavez is such an addict he will smoke the crack out of the Duck's behind. Of course Kim Jong Mentally Ill, is yet another good example of Marxist dementia.

Immigrants who get it and Americans who don't

I grow more impressed with writings of Amil Imani. He has grown over the time that I have known him and embodies the spirit of Americanism. At another site he was frequently attacked as a foreigner, but he understands our values and bounties in a way that only someone who has lived in
a society that lacked them can. Amil correctly points out that the Persians were more tolerant and enlightened than portrayed in film, conventional history and the rouge current regime. FYI the current nut job running Iran is an Azeri.

Likewise the Communist Duck who pretends he is egalitarian is an exponent of totalitarian ponzi scams with great PR. He talks of great health care in Cuba but fails to grasp that GITMO has better health care, food and freedom to read whatever you wish. The Duck pretends that a rouge crack addict who was caught aiding narco terrorists is some sort of victim. He is about as bigoted as the Cartoon Comanche he mocks. Lets see the person he mocks frequently calls Obama a negro and the Duck calls Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah. He mocks Christians obsessed with gays and outs Yeagley based on what???? Of course Muslims that kill gays and use the official legal system to punish gays are peachy but Pat Robertson is the ultimate evil.

There is nothing American about the bird brained duck. The Duck teaches doodling and looks askance upon the working man who needs to be led like farm animals by his betters. Sorry, but the working man does not need bug eyed cultists to speak for them. No doubt the Duck forgets that a typical street cop has extensive legal training which is more complicated than doodling.
Your average clod in customs has to deal with pages of rules and regulations. If anything their job requires more skill than doodlers. Those who can doodle do and those who can't doodle teach doodling.

One need not even be a citizen to grasp our spirit.

If you believe in the following you get it.

1) Individualism in spirit and rights
2) Merit
3) Respect for property rights
4) Secular law
5) Respect for the populace
6) Respect for the vision of the founding fathers all are equal under the law

The Duck fails on point 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and we can debate his views on 4. Marxism is not a coherent philosophy, but is in fact a seditious cult.

To those foreign readers you may be more American than you realize.

Mr B embodies it, Amil gets it, Warren has it in abundance but the Duck has no clue.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Never listen to the Duck

When one listens to the Duck and checks things out look for yourself. When one sees Muzzlewatch
on the cover you know that you are getting Communists white washing Islam. When one sees a critique of Robert Spencer or Pam Geller by Stephen Schwartz one is getting an informed opinion by a Muslim who cares about his faith and is a genuine patriot. Schwartz is a genuine man of ideas and integrity who can articulate a point. He also does not parse words about terrorism or makes excuses for behavior that goes beyond the pale. He does not want to rip books out of your hands or tear paintings off the walls as he is a man well versed in arts and letters.

I look at the psycho left loon watch site and see a revelation that Robert Spencer earned 132,000 as the head of Jihadwatch. How much do the officials at CAIR earn and how much of it comes from overseas? $132,000 is not a huge sum given the size of the job. This is near what the daughters of communist Aptheker earn for unqualified jobs and zero scholarship in higher ed. How many books have either sold. We can go down the list of officials at Islamic charities seeing similar numbers to Spencer.

Moving onto an incoherent obsession with Pam Geller who is called a "genocide denier". This is amusing from people whose entire history is replete with a series of massacres against Hindus, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Pagans, Animists, Bhai, Ahmadis, various members of rival Islamic sects, Buddhists but they have yet to butcher American Indians or Japanese in large numbers.

One can talk intelligently with a man of integrity like Stephen Schwartz who grasps this history and understands we live in a cosmopolitan world. Muslims need to respect non Muslims and live in peace. How much of the strife is caused by Communists exacerbating outrageous claims and falsifying history is a matter of debate.

With a man of integrity like Stephen Schwartz one can say where do we go from here. I do not wish to have a clash of civilizations if it can be avoided. However, in order to get from there a genuine look at the damage to global peace caused by Communists and Anarchist freaks needs to be assessed. Why should Palestinians make a deal with the Israelis and live like civilized people when EU Marxists and their American epigones rationalize the most barbaric of behaviors and hand out welfare checks for no reason. In fact the people of Gaza have a higher standard of living
than the residents of Egypt. The fact that the residents of Gaza are in fact Egyptian before a series of bait and switch games by commies also gets lost in the discussion.

Of course one can not talk about history and facts with commies who speak in slogans, knowingly
repeat absurd lies in a pattern similar to Holocaust deniers. A typical example is Renagade Testicle who sees Saddam as the CIA's boy. Of course the USA does not make T series tanks, SAM missiles, MIG Jets, AK-47 or Mirage Jets and thousands of Soviet advisers were in Iraq learning how to pick figs. Commies require myths and narratives like the clown Rigoberta Menchu. The fact that the entire story was false does not prevent them from continuing to assign this long after the fraud was exposed.

For his part Schwartz has recognized the serious damage to Islam the common alliance with communists has caused. People do not listen to rabid dogs and bird brained Marxist poultry. If Muslims want to live in peace they need to obey laws, respect others and state their cases without communist parasites stoking the pot.

The wrong people are thinking about renouncing their citizenship

According to Drudge there has been an large group of Americans considering surrendering their US Citizenship. The reason for people denaturalizing themselves is the excessive tax burdens placed on them by the Marxist Obama administration. These are not the people the US government should be encouraging to emigrate. The article deals mainly with people who work abroad long term in productive jobs.

The USA should be encouraging Communists like to emigrate. The Duck is a couch potato communist who appears more ignorant and obnoxious than dangerous. The constitutional guarantees to intellectual freedom do not include taking subsidized travel from narco terrorist states or being a spokesman for rouge regimes. Any person who is on the payroll or has worked with the government of Venezuela should be denaturalized and deported there. There is no need to waste time and jail space when history has shown that commies get social justice ( death) when they are deported to live under communism.

Obama is sinking in the polls with every group other than African Americans. The next administration will be decidedly more hostile to Marxists in Latin America and in the USA. It is time to drain the swamps in big education and eliminate student loans unless universities agree
to alter their staffing models which have created Bolshevik gulags and alter the core curriculum
to include business courses and eliminate social science. This is not to say the Universities can not have commie or two on staff, but whole departments staffed by Marxists should be a thing of the past.

Of course graduates who are able to pass two accounting classes as opposed to Marx, Menchu, Fannon and Chomsky are employable.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Stephen Schwartz of the CIP Questions the ground Zero Mosque

The USA is a secular society based in the respect of all religions, including Islam. The idea of a Mosque so close to ground zero is a bad idea. We do not place the Mexican embassy in the center of the Alamo or place Japanese cultural centers on top of the Arizona in Pearl Harbor.

Schwartz like many others have questioned the forthcoming of the mosques leaders to show exactly where the funds came from. This should be a warning to those who think that this is merely local Muslims seeking a house of worship. The Mosque is funded by foreigners outside the USA for expressly political purposes.

I will point out that Schwartz has opposed the religious apartheid at Mecca and Medina. He is an advocate of a more cosmopolitan Islam that is part of Western Civilization. To a large degree Schwartz is correct in that the true reason we have problems with terrorism and radicalization is that Islam is caught in a self defeating circle. The radicalism scares investors who would build the factories that would employ the locals who turn to radicalism. The divide will grow worse in the information age where societies that allow women to do nothing will fall further behind those that develop their vocational talents.

As far as Sharia in a Western perspective it should be handled in a manner similar to the Jewish
courts. Let it regulate Halal and provide religious divorces. However, division of assets and official divorce is only recognized by the State. Muslims would still have to obey laws like those regarding monogamy. Offering Halal meals is an innocuous accommodation less intrusive than the demands of vegans. We do not chafe at putting up with demands of vegans, who are far and away more obnoxious and preachy than folks who eat Halal or Kosher food. In fact I have spent much time in the Hindu community and I have never been subjected to the nasty commentary of vegans. Usually the question comes up and I explain my culture has a different perspective respectfully. I do not eat those food in their presence. However, in the Guyanese tradition it is not uncommon for some people to eat differently with no problem in larger settings, but I retain my respect for those who object and grab a whopper in private later.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Now this is truly scary.

I was cheering up a friend in the UK who finds himself at a crossroad in life. I quoted a local beloved NY philosopher Yogi Berra and apparently his brand of wisdom is even known there.
American Baseball is not followed in the UK so this is unexpected.

Yogi Berra is of course a much beloved baseball legend who like Mr B is from St Louis. Berra is the
opposite of the egotistical athlete in that he is loved for his modesty. Do not let the modesty and a series of beloved funny quotes fool you into thinking he is not a competitor or in reality a brilliant man.

After baseball Berra was a very wise and successful businessman. He made many commercials that played on his unusual wit. The creators of the Yogi Bear cartoon swore that the beloved cartoon character was not named after Yogi Berra.

An example of one of those quotes is "Always go to other peoples funerals or they won't go to yours." and "Steve McQueen must have made that film before he died".

The most famous of them "It isn't over until its over".

Of course my favorite is the commercial where Berra confuses the annoying AFLAC Duck. You can see this one on You Tube. Our own Ducky was the original who was fired for saying "progressive" instead of Aflack.

Sadly, another athlete who seemed to borrow from the Yogi Berra tradition apparently was bitter about it. A recent interview with Terry Bradshaw revealed the anger over years of playing the simpleton. Of course Bradshaw was no dope in that he called his own plays. He wasn't a scholar like Roger Staubach, but few people were. Bradshaw was part of a great team that included the Steel Curtain Defense. He also threw to two of the best receivers of his era Republican Lynn Swan and Stalworth. He could also hand off to one of the greatest runners of the era Franco Harris. All that being said he was an integral part of those great teams.

Bradshaw hid his anger very well because he looked like he was enjoying life. Like Berra he also made many commercials.He also portrayed his lovable everyman persona into years of TV commentary adored by fans. Michael Strahan has borrowed some of this and is loved by the fans. You can not teach someone to be lovable either you have it or you don't. Media execs who thought the annoying and crass Tiki Barber would translate into a media star forgot that Barber is loathed as a self centered boor who is not quite as bright as he thinks he is.

Berra is loved for his modesty and the ability to laugh at himself. You laugh with Berra who is
having a great time along the way.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Post Racial America

The followers of Obama promised us a post racial America. It was a silly promise as we can not change the nature of man. We did elect a person who has no respect for the American people or our values. The media covered up the real Obama from the insane racist church, his bug eyed lunatic radical mother, life time of private elite schools and shoddy employment record.

Of course Obama is not JC Watts who understands and embraces American values and is a true patriot. Obama is more comfortable in a university faculty lounge speaking to fellow Europhile Marxist clowns than to Americans in Sam's Club parking lots.

Of course there is some racist opposition to Obama. While Obama has not made this claim his surrogates at the NAACP and jimmy Peanut have made this claim. Similarly Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters are making this claim while trying to avoid punishment for ethical lapses. While it is odious to oppose Obama on race it is similarly odious to support him because he is Black. Obama's support in almost every other category has dropped like a rock. He has even annoyed his Kool Aide brigade in the UK.

In my own home there is yet another bias attack against Mexicans in Staten Island. Left out of the stories is that it appears that the perpetrators are Black and steal money. Of course left out of the story is that when the suspects are caught they will be unemployed. What little is left of manufacturing is almost always done by immigrants from Latin America and even security guards and home health care aides are likely to be from Ghana or the West Indies.

The days where America could endlessly take in unskilled labor is finnished. There is some talk that these immigrants will do jobs Americans will not. However, these jobs should go to HS drop outs who are here legally. The tension rises in bad economic times and the behaviors are inexcusable.

Rangel spent his days hosting Tea parties for Castro and did not champion the cause of American
workers being denied jobs by companies that hire illegal aliens. He is far removed from those young Americans who are never given a chance by owners breaking the law.

The attmosphere has never been worse and Obama, the NAACP and Rangel are partially responsible for overlooking those who are invisible HS drop out who need a chance.