Tuesday, August 10, 2010

While Alive Live

I am amazed by the envy of those with no life to envy their betters. I am a blessed man on many levels to have a life of such bounty. My life is filled with love on many levels and I am able to convey it in paragraph and sometimes poetry.

Those who are around me save the Duck are able to convey the most intense emotions through their words and deeds. One would point to the Great Gasmasked Patriot/ Philosopher and see great love for his nation, siblings, friends and the up and downs of a normal romance. One can read the words of the Editrix who calls me "dolt" in a way that a true friend tells one who is misguided.Her vivid description of her family life filled with warmth are touching. Her pets are likely more interesting than mine. A turtle who hunts yet knows how to mooch his share of chicken is not as interesting as a beloved canine or feline trickster. Yet even Rex the Maltese is known to scam a chicken wing as I chase him around the house trying to get it back playfully.

One can read of the great spousal loves of many of my friends like Warren, AOW, Brooke and even those who are widowed like TMW or Z. I spend more time describing the loving relationship between myself and my step daughter because it was something I never expected
and is far more profound than anything I imagined. As a normal man with an average life I have experienced great loves and their loss at time. My relationships inspired poetry that I never even knew I was writing until informed by one who received it. I never thought about it much as I wrote it as it came from within.

The profound love between daughter and father is something I can never convey in words or even verse. A simple look of rapt devotion as I describe a tale from "The Land of Snow and Beer" touches my soul. She listens to the tales of exotic and strange animals and bizarre people who hunt for dinner with small munitions and late model cars. The meals are made with whatever is in the house. Bigfoot in a Tie Dye T shirt running through the woods carrying a book of Whitman. Cows that won't get off your foot and a feline trickster scamming a meal. Does such a land exist and how much of it is poetic license. A land of rednecks driving Volvos and Subarus and scenic roads with fields that change with the seasons.

The simplest gesture touches me in ways I never imagined. I told the Sprite the tale of the Golem and she made her own with Play Dough. It did not look like Mr. Bill but it was a loving gesture.These are images of a life filled with joy.

Now I respect my friend the Editrix who at times calls me "dolt" in a loving way. She cautioned me below not to write about those I love as rabid senile mongrel bitches may be driven by envy.
Those who are alive see the beauty in the loving life as dedicated boyfriend and father to the Sprite. I write for the pleasure of my friends and I laugh at the slings and arrows of the hateful.

It is clear who is the master and who is the slave. I live a life of joy filled with love while she may only sit and dream of humanity. Who would love such an ignorant rabid useless mongrel bitch. While I serve as a respected honored officer who has helped thousands she stews about her wasted life. The respect of attorneys and the public is enough for most. Yet I have the love of the Tranquil Sea and the Beloved Sprite to energize my soul. I have a wonderful family and legions of friends. Her one friend was an equally rabid wheel chair bound and diaper clad wearing Nazi
who grew tired of her.

Onto Peter Pan Yeagley who cries about the slings and arrows No sling or arrow wielded by a foe could do more damage to him than his own idiotic writings. He is a great fan of Edgar Alan Poe
and keeps dragging around Batty Ann who refuses to go back into the Oblong Box as the ship of his ten minutes of fame have long since passed.

Life is too short to worry about maladjusted hate filled people. A wise philosopher said by their fruits you shall know them. The fruit of a true Christian are sweet and provide sustenance even
to those of another tree. The fruit of a dying tree filled with hatred are poisonous. Racial hatred is not Christian.

While alive live and love. Share in the joys of others and enjoy the moments. If you are in a bad place than share the joy of others. The only person who can make you happy is the man in the mirror.


Ducky's here said...

The Land of Snow and Beer?

Northern Maine in winter? Or do you need an editor?

Ducky's here said...

You seem to be most eloquent, Beak, when you are reflecting on your man-love for Gay Eagle.

Cheer up, there must be other gay, white supremacist, native Americas who share your bigotry for anything Muslim.

beakerkin said...

The land of snow and beer is my affectionate way of describing Northern Vermont. My former coworkers
enjoy that term.

beakerkin said...

Obviously, the Duck is not well read.
In any basic reading of the vivid descriptions of heterosexual love makes the comment silly.

No sane reading of my words shows zero support for racial goonery. The words of the Duck reveal plenty of Joooo hatred and a curious amount of homophobia.