Thursday, August 19, 2010

Peru gets it right

Communist mercenary Lori Berenson will serve the remainder of her sentence. Her feigned ignorance and lack of remorse for her crimes were apparent well before a series of recent word games.

Communists seem to think that they can get involved in other countries civil wars and then hide behind their foreign citizenship. The actions of the Peruvian government were entirely humane given the seriousness of the offense.

On a human level my sympathies go out to Prof. Berenson who is a decent man. Unfortunately, his daughter is a political criminal who has not learned a thing in spite of her 15 years in jail.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, any comment on the bed bug infestation in NYC? You bring something back from Guyana?

beakerkin said...

Probably a plot by Chavez to divert attention from the failure to provide fresh meat and produce due to Marxist malfeasance.

Anonymous said...

o/t for mr. ducky...

What do you think of this in terms of the art of Wyndham Lewis?