Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wrong Arguments on the Ground Zero Mosque

First lets start off with some basics.

The local Muslim Community is served a few blocks away by a Mosque. The Mosque exists it was built and funded by locals to serve the needs of locals in the area. No other group has large sums of money being sent from overseas to build tax exempt structures.Much of the money does come from the exact same place as the 9-11 hijackers.

The notion that the area is Muslim free or that this project is an amusing lie by people prone to victimization.

Terrorism is a war crime and it is typically carried out in the name of Islam or Communism. While not all Muslims are terrorist many of their leaders parse words and rationalize war crimes elsewhere. It is rare that a Muslim leader comes out and states categorically that this type of barbaric activity is not in the interests of Islam.

There are people who defile the site of Ground Zero almost daily. They literally mock the dead on the site of the greatest war crime ever committed against the American people. There is a sizable contingent of commies ( Yes Ducky they are Commies with a few Anarchists) who pass out conspiracy literature on the site of Ground Zero. Usually these kooks and loons add the Ducks typical virulent anti Semitism. Of course the Duck wants us to ignore that the Obama administration appointed a 9-11 Truther Van Jones to a government position.

Are the critics of the Mosque demanding the closure of the Warren Street Mosque that predates 9-11 by decades? No. Would these same critics care if this facility were expanded? No Would this be an appropriate compromise suitable to all? Yes.

Common sense never prevails.


Ducky's here said...

Terrorism is a war crime and it is typically carried out in the name of Islam or Communism.


Officer Paper Pusher conveniently forgets the Stern Gang and Irgun, the terrorists who helped found Israel.

Thanks to American welfare checks, Israel now has jet fighters and advanced armor and attack helicopters to kill civilians. When you use the military, it's just simple murder.

Brooke said...

The MSM just jumped into the mix, with the AP putting out an edict that their reporters should not call it the "Ground Zero Mosque" anymore.

Ducky's here said...

The hate is bearing fruit

Ducky's here said...

Beak, why do you continue to call it a mosque? It's a community center that will be open to everyone, just like the Jewish community center uptown.

beakerkin said...

That is amusing when Muslims kill Americans and commit war crimes the Duck is fast to point out that all Muslims are not to blame.

The facts of this case are not known yet.

Funny when your buddy the Holocaust Museum shooter repeated 9-11 Communist conspiracy talk about Jooish conspiracies you were quiet

Cateran said...

I think Comrade Duch has a point. When Muslims commit crimes against non-Muslims, they should be charged with hate crimes.

Always On Watch said...

Those building the mosque are in no way amenable to compromise.