Sunday, August 08, 2010

Deception from the NYT

The folks at the Bolshevik NYT are at it again. They point to a point to a series of protests across the country against mosques in their area.

The notion of hallowed ground and appropriate respect is not discussed. There are certain things that would not be a good idea like creating a Disney Theme Park on top of Mecca. Never mind that other faiths are not permitted to have houses of worship, but the left talks about apartheid in Israel.

Similarly, we do not place the Japanese embassy next to the Battleship Arizona or Gettysburgh themed casinos next to the Battlegrounds. The issue is not religious freedom it is respect for the site and the dead caused by radical Islam. The mosque can be built a few blocks away with no effort and the financing is shady.

The NYT also peddles the myth of peaceful existence in Cordoba. This omits the reality of Islamic colonial expansion. How did Islam get to Spain in the first place? Nor was it as peaceful as historical apologists for Islam pretend. Of course the folks at the NYT believe the oft repeated lie Islam was spread by trade. This should go into the circular file with happy slaves in he old South and Indians who were happy to have their land stolen.

I am starting to wonder is if a Casino means bad taste. We do not have a Jewish themed casino.
I can envision it now with a luxury deli and a stable of Jackie Mason type comedians. Maybe there will be a NYC themed casino in Vegas with satelite versions of famous NYC restaurants. Of course the Duck dreams of a communist casino ....... chalk that up to another bad idea.


Always On Watch said...

Check out this article about the Ground Zero mosque. Excerpt from “A Muslim victim of 9/11: ‘Build your mosque somewhere else’”:

…I was born in pre-revolutionary Iran. My family led a largely secular existence — I did not attend a religious school, I never wore a headscarf — but for us, as for anyone there, Islam was part of our heritage, our culture, our entire lives. Though I have nothing but contempt for the fanaticism that propelled the terrorists to carry out their murderous attacks on Sept. 11, I still have great respect for the faith. Yet, I worry that the construction of the Cordoba House Islamic cultural center near the World Trade Center site would not promote tolerance or understanding; I fear it would become a symbol of victory for militant Muslims around the world…

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why the financing of the mosque was discounted by Mayor Bloomberg.

beakerkin said...


I was not bothered by his position until that disdain for the finances.

Ducky's here said...

There is an excellent article on Juan Cole's site about Islam in Spain.

Officer Beak may even remember what happened to the Jews in Spain after the Muslims left. Wasn't pleasant and we can probably agree that the Inquisition was a disgrace and far less enlightened than Moorish rule.

Whatever, a casino headlining Jackie Mason, looking to bring in the geriatric crowd. Jackie Mason, now that's hip.

So suck on it, Beak, it's getting built and you and Pamela Geller can't do a thing. Tough noogies.

beakerkin said...

Ah except that the Duck is trying to spin one series of atrocities by claiming another was worse.

Ducky you seem to think that I think short term. Building a mosque there will create a back lash. It is possible to lose a battle and win a war. November is approaching and more win for the anti Commie crews is a good thing.

In my world I deal with the evil of you and your kind who aid and abet terrorism first. Your kind is facing political irrelevancy and Obama is the agent of your destruction.

beamish said...

Mockery of New Yorkers affected by 9/11 from a guy in the city that let armed hijackers board two planes that day.

You're a class act, Ducky. The one with a dunce cap.