Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a Year

I have had more ups and downs in this year than in any of my life. I want to thank my friends who are too numerous to mention but especially AOW and TMW. 2009 was many things it was be memorable both good and bad. I am hoping 2010 is sweeter than 2009.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Missing the Point

Some of Obama's defenders are really off base. We are in the worst economy since the Great Depression. He did inherit the mess, but there is the perception he is doing nothing other self promotion.

The defenders who claim that his critics are being racist when they here the phrase "we want our country back". are off base. This criticism is natural and logical given the dire economy. What that phrase means to me is that the person saying it is unhappy with the direction of the country.

The exact same phrase was typically stated at President critics often by people who
call themselves "citizens of the planet". When you hear this phrase you are almost certainly dealing with a Commie or Fruit Loop certified looney tunes nutbar.

Obama's critic's want a return to American values. They do not care what some gin drinking obnoxious Euro's think in a salon. They are more concerned with their neighbors who are shopping at Walmart and are in tough times. These people want to here one word JOBS. They do not care about some idiotic meeting in Copenhagen or health care.

Americans want to work, but it is tough out there. The perception that Obama is more interested in the opinions of European elitists than his constituency is a real problem. He took a major dive in the polls when he went to Europe and seems oblivious to this perception and his popularity rating dive is reflective of someone who is being viewed as out of touch.

None of these issues is racial in any description.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Obama misses the point

Obama as usual fails a basic part of the larger story.

Once again the terrorist is clearly not from an impoverished family. Marxists weave a lie that terrorism is the work of poor desperate people. In fact this terrorist was from a wealthy family. The Weatherman were in fact spoiled rich communists who never knew a single moment of poverty in their lives.

Once again this appears to be a student radicalized by the excessive unchecked political rhetoric in a Western University. Obama as a classic University Marxist has no intention of looking into the hiring practices and course content in higher ed.

Basically, what students are fed is a cartoon version of world history. An example in our own culture would be an American history with no mention of Native Americans or slavery. Colonialism and Cultural Imperialism are not exclusive Western Constructs. However, Marxists create a cartoon version of history where Muslims are perpetual victims and Islam was spread by trade. Religious minorities who lived under Islam are treated as non-people. There is no discussion of non Western slavery.

Obama never seems to address the rights of religious minorities who live in Muslim countries. The boorish Euros never seem to talk about Christians in the Middle East unless it is to promote some Communist hack bashing Israel. Commies never seem to grasp that Psuedostinian Christians emigrate from the PA to Israel.

Moreover any look at Pakistan and India or Israel and its adjacent states shows which states are religiously cleansed. Of course the same University hacks never get around to pointing this out to their Islamic radical tenured hacks. Marxists are practicing a form of entryism that should be familiar to those who were alive in 1979. Despite the lies of Comrade Gassy Sandwich Iranian Communists did work with the religious zealots to create the mess in Iran. For a sad but often humorous look at this the works of VS Naipul deal with this tangentially.

Genuine scholars would have addressed some of these themes. However, what we have in higher ed is academic gulags with political hacks like Ayers, Aptheker and Mental Ward Churchill. Churchill is the example of the Universities concept of a Native American who repeats Marxist rhetoric. The fact he was not a Native American and merely repeating cliches they wanted to hear and had zero real credentials shows what higher ed has devolved into.

We will focus on terrorist lists, but the malady of higher ed will go unmentioned.

Monday, December 28, 2009

How much Liberty are we willing to sacrafice

How many of you would be willing to give up full biometrics for a passport. Would you be willing to give a computer 4 biometrics that can be checked by a computer quickly.
Fingerprints, retina scan, height and some non intrusive DNA.

This would be more reliable than name, date of birth and location. There are some non criminal types with non readable finger prints.

Once again we would have to place everyone in the system and it could be used in all sorts of legal ways to aid local law enforcement. We do ask government employees to be fingerprinted so why not for passports.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Liberty vs Security

Many of us are shaken by the recent terrorist scare. No doubt our nation will have more of these episodes as sooner or later one gets through.

As a proud member of a free society we are vulnerable to this sort of criminality. None of us wants to think that our friends and neighbors as terrorists. The Cold War taught us that our enemies lied repeatedly. There were communist spies in the government. We should not make the same errors and allow unfettered access to government radical Muslims or Marxists.

We need to look at security checks more seriously and consider denaturalization for people who advocate terrorism and treason in the USA. Part of us understands the fear that the folks who dealt with the FT Hood terrorist of being called a racist. However, we need to look at the risks posed by allowing no scrutiny at all.

A free society ponders liberty vs security all the time. We must remain vigilant but never allow ourselves to forget individual rights and procedures. It is a tough job and we are lucky many dedicate their careers to this task. We will get hit again, but the cost of never getting hit again would be to burn our individual rights.

Pleasantly amused at lefties misconceptions of the Tea Parties

I am quite frankly amazed at the paranoia and misconception on the far left of just who the tea bag crowd is. The utter exasperation of the far left shows how out of touch they are with real Americanism. This is the one crowd who will not allow Commies to participate or take their cause off message.

1) Tea Baggers are angry at government but not in a way commies grasp. They want a return to American values and individual liberty. They want nothing to do with a nanny

2) There is no room for bigotry at Tea Party events. The closest one gets to this are the birthers who are protesting because they perceive a cover up with Obama's birth certificate. When one goes to a so called Peace protest one will see Jew hatred in open display.

3) The Tea Parties are on message. They do not veer off the topic of government run amok and the lousy cult of personality that Obama has tried to foster.

4) Hostility to Socialism and all forms of communism. A communist who attempted any form of entryism would find this crowd very hostile.

5) Tea Party participants are respectful to law enforcement officers and military vets not named Gomer Kerry. There were zero incidents in Washington DC and the police were helpful.

6) This is not about big name celebrities or no talent University hacks. The Tea party crowd is a cross section of real America. They come from all walks of life and want the government to get back to basics, like improving the economy.

7) Tea Party participants are proud of their country. The last thing they want to do
is emulate the EU.

No doubt commies are quite upset that they can not infiltrate this group. Commies always seek to subvert local movements. However, this time they found one that excludes them and they are flabbergasted.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Remember What Makes Christmas Special

Although I am not a Christian, I respect the life affirming spirit of the religion. A true Christian serves the poor and needy not for power but as a religious calling. Life is to be treasured and there is no such thing as a caste whom the man upstairs does not judge.

I want to wish those who celebrate Christmas a joyous holiday.

The most important part is to be with family and those close to you. It doesn't really matter what the gift is. The true gift is the memories and the special moments.

I am lucky that the special moments are not few and far between. Life is a journey and I have been on the seas of life. The Tranquil Sea is my home. It is great to sail
in calm waters and enjoy life. Every moment is to be treasured as they are priceless.
A trip to the store or restaurant turns into lifetime memories.

Remember if you can not afford a gift this tough season give a smile. A smile is the best present you can give alot of people.

I am looking for clothes from LL Beamish. Perhaps I will post a Beakerambo version
of A Christmas Carol or butcher a popular Christmas story with my version Gift of the Ducki. We might even do How the Marxist Grinch Stole Christmas.

Sad but true

It is sad that some people work in vocations where they must work on Christmas. Sadly
we live in a world where this is unfortunately the case. It would be a much better world if we could all just have one day to be with our loved ones.

Tonight I will be spending time with people who must work on Christmas. I am cooking but the important part is that the family will be together. It is not the first Christmas for me as I have spent them with other families. I just adore the honor of sharing a special moment in time.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Scenes from the snow

I am taking my time digging out. I was pleasantly surprised to see a huge Blue Jay
in a tree above. We got a foot over here but it is bad snow that is wet and heavy. The walk is 1/3 done and I have to get to the cars.

It is amusing to see the Blue Jay sit in a snow divot that I made. The lawn is exposed in that spot. There is a small family of sparrows that lives under the awning protected from snow and rain. They made their home above a porch light that we never use. I think I turned it on when it was below zero. The area is also protected from the wind as it almost always blows the other way

Friday, December 18, 2009

The wacky Duck

The cartoonish Duck is under a false impression that the early relationship between Far left lunatic Idi Amin,sort for Idiot, and the Israelis was due to a desire to destabilize Sudan. As Sudan is an incoherent colonial mishmash that has never been stable this statement shows more about the mania of the Duck.

Amin was a man of the far left. If he had better PR and was not so inherently stupid
he could have been his era's Chavez. Lets see he deported his countries middle class minorities and stole their possessions, aid to terrorists and a maniacal obsession with Israel.

The far left needs to take credit for the crimes of Idi Amin. Even its drug impaired criminal messiah has gone around praising Amin. Lefties are lemming like morons who follow their messiah, so logic and history goes out the window again.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who was Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was a person like the rest of us. He was marketed and packaged in a way to make him a hero for everyone. His accomplishments are still real even if the packaging is tainted. In this media age we are past the era of heroes.

Woods is just an average man spoiled by fame and athletes and performers get plenty of offers. They are human as such subject to temptations.

My hero would never be an athlete or a star. My hero is the man who works two jobs to support his kids. My hero is a priest who helps the truly needy in court. My hero is the kid who takes a job after school to help her family survive. My hero is the woman who loves her husband when times are tough. My hero is the person who thanks a harried waiter. My hero is the man who brings his wife flowers because he feels like it.

Sports are games. They are interesting and fun to watch but life is real.

My hero is the person that calls a recently laid off friends and buys them lunch. My hero is child who thanks his parents.

Maybe we need to look closer to home for heroes.

Woods was just a great athlete and we expected too much.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This may sound funny but the quickest way to cure one of the belief that government can solve problems is to see the dysfunctional way that government works from the inside. In an ideal world government functions to serve and be accountable to the public.

One of the saddest parts of governance is a function I call proceduralism. The ritual of procedures and forms becomes larger than the function. Who really benefits from cases that go on for decades?

Perhaps some day we will see true government service. A person comes in seeking a benefit and a person gets a straight answer you need to do X or a simple no. Too often the atmosphere is adversarial. Public servants should remember our job is to serve. Management should also do everything in its power to get workers the tools they need to accomplish reasonable goals.

It is important to understand all players are a mix of good and bad. I was not too fond of lawyers but after working with them one sees a mix of good and bad. It takes a larger mind to see their role as advocate. Sometimes their information is vital and it never hurts to listen. One must listen first,evaluate and if action is needed
clearly convey what is expected. In short you want X but we need you to provide Y. In situations that can not be resolved one should explain what the impasse is with a
description of options in a hopeful tone.

Government workers should understand our role is to deal with existing laws, rules and policies. We may have feelings on certain issues but our jobs are to follow the law, albeit with a lot of common sense. While we do serve the people in front of us our larger service is to the nation as a whole.

I did not enter governance with the mindset I could change the world. However, more often than one thinks we do change lives. Sometimes all it takes to make a day is that smile of the person in front of you. Other times it is important to acknowledge the frustration of the person in front of you. I understand things are tough, but we are doing out best to see this gets resolved if possible. Sometimes explaining what steps are being taken or the obstacles does help matters. This alleviated the concerns of a person who had been waiting for years and did get a happy ending.

In essence government needs to understand our ultimate boss is the people we govern.
While our jobs are important, so is our mission to serve to the best of our abilities. Procedures, rules and policies are guidelines how to carry out our functions. However, the rote of procedure should not become larger than the mission

Monday, December 14, 2009

Politics of Slobs

I want to point out that in an earlier era politicians could mix and mingle with the general public. Sadly the assault om Berlesconi reminds us they can't and it is our loss. The security screening of people keeps the public at a distance. In the case of Hillary and likely Obama the people in the room are scanned to be party faithful. This is why the encounter with Joe the Plumber was rare.

How much of a better candidate would we get if the process allowed for unscripted, unscreened questions from the public. We probably would have been spared most of the current Presidents save Reagan.

Sadly in an era of political assassinations mainly by far leftists and mental patients we get a diet of security that allows spin men a clean slate.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Christmas in rough times

I wonder how many of us are thinking about economic choices in this rough climate. The holidays are rough on poor people. My favorite Christmas fiction is Gift of the Magi. I
remember being in Vermont and being invited by Northwind's family to spend Christmas with them. Of course I bought the Turkey and most of the food. They found a tree out back and I gave her mom a cashmere blanket that she loved but never used. The home was very poor, but for a day they feasted and had plenty.

Northwind is long gone, but I will never forget that Christmas with her family. Times were tough, but the Turkey wasn't even if her mother wouldn't let me cook it. It was a huge bird and nobody complained about leftovers or the odd ingredients I brought with me that remained. It was a great meal in a poor house with people I barely knew who were timeless as the holiday itself.

The youngsters gathered around as I read a childrens book from my youth. When I was a child the story of the Little Red Lighthouse was a favorite.

Its funny how there wasn't much there, but it was special.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays. Some of the best memories such as a parent reading a book or eating a meal together do not cost much.

Friday, December 11, 2009

You can't make some of this up part 2

The soulless Communist hack Renegade Eye is upset about Abner Louima. Most of us are not to fond of the indecent either. However, what makes this amazing is the exponent of a system that killed 100,000,000 mostly during peacetime neglects the facts of the case.

1) A crime did occur and the officer who committed this crime was given a harsher sentence than if he had shot a cop.

2) Louima's cousin did in fact assault a cop. He left his cousin to take the consequences for his actions. This does not excuse the actions subsequently even if Louima had been guilty of assaulting the cop which he did not.

3) Louima perjured himself with the famous Giuliani time quote. Louima lied about this detail to gain publicity and money.

The crime that happened was inexcusable, but Justice was swift and severe for the Officer. Louima's cousin got away with assaulting a cop. Louima also got away with perjury for financial gain.

We will point out peasants who were starved to death would have been happy to trade places with Louima. Residents of Gulags also have tons of worse stories about communist brutality that are far worse than the Louima story.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

You can't make some of this up

There are some small pockets of insanity in America who view the actions of a drugged out lunatic in Caracas in messianic terms. The illegal acts in support of a criminal narcotics gang FARC warrant any response Colombia deems fit including invasion or openly allowing Contras to similarly use its soil.

The insane Chavez goes on to praise Idi Amin. Amin like Chavez was a thief who stole property he did not own. He expelled indians from Uganda and the countries economy went down hill. Typical commies like to point out that the Israelis had an early relationship with Amin. The butchery accelerated as he drifted into the left/ islamic
fantasy world. Amin was a Soviet client and his comical hosting of Psuedostinian and Red Army Terrorists was no accident. Then again commies pretend that terrorizing school kids and tossing senior citizens in wheel chairs off of ocean liners is an act of virtue.

Chavez is an imbecile. An investigation should immediately commence into how many of his American supporters have received cash, subsidized travel and have met with intelligence or military operatives. The offenders should be placed on 24/7 security scrutiny and prosecuted for any violation of US Law.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Human Failure

The news of a local officer being accused of bribery in Long Island is a sad story. However, in any large group of people there are rouges. Of course in a nation of laws this person will have their day in court. If they are innocent, they will never get their lives back.

Public servants are held to a very high standard. This may sound odd but crimes that have nothing to do with our jobs would get us fired or lose a security clearance. It is a responsibility that goes with the profession. I just hope that no peer ever loses their job over reckless charges that come up in divorce proceedings.

If the officer did solicit bribes or sold the integrity of his office he deserves to be punished. However, this needs to be proven in a court proceeding after a fair defense.

Monday, December 07, 2009


I also want to talk about my impression of commissioner Napalitano. She was direct and to the point and showed wit and integrity. She is a better speaker than expected.

I want to point out that the problems in government are largely caused by hacks. We are public servants and our job is simple. Give the public the right benefit at the right time. The problem agencies like ours have is summed up in a phrase procedurism. Nobody benefits from having cases go on for decades. The applicants life becomes a system of legal proceedings. The public has money wasted on cases that cost a fraction of the fee.

This may sound anti PC, but perhaps we should rethink the whole system. Adoption cases cost more to work than regular cases. Why should an adoption case cost the same when ten times more work is done? Country Y has a lousy record keeping system perhaps everyone should be mandated to do DNA tests. One thing that is correct is the dollars filed on motions, appeals and waivers are way too low. A waiver that takes a half a day should not cost $500.00. That fee should be $2000.00 to prevent frivolous filings from jamming the system.

Any case that has three applications denied should be seen by in house counsel. This may sound odd but some of these cases have simple issues that could be resolved long ago and require special attention. We need to focus on the really bad cases of fraud
and criminality and get these resolvable cases out of the way

Friday, December 04, 2009

Americanism and Royalty

I am not fond of any form of royalty. The essence of Americanism is individualism. The notion of aristocracy is offensive. Even in NYC we run into some old timers who still prattle on about "old money" but this is rare.

Communists basically attempted to usurp the aristocracy by creating a surrogate faith.
Their surrogate faith killed and treated people much worse than the inbred buffoon royals.

The Pagan is onto something larger. Commies talk about Eurocentrism, but in fact are the most Eurocentric clowns on the planet. They talk about letting Third worlders speak so long as they agree with Communism. A perfect example is the mess created by Marxist clowns in the Anglican Church. The only African supporter the European Commies
can rely upon is Desmond Tofu.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

communist obsessions

The Duck once again illustrates my point about communist hypocrisy and obsessions with Jews.

1) Communists lie about who they are. Finkelstein calls himself a Green and does not mention he was a Maoist. He presents himself as an ordinary Jew outraged by Israel's actions

2) There is no such thing as a Palestinian. It a term designated by commies who know the obvious stench of Judenfrei real estate. This argument was created by Commies after the six day war which they provoked.

3) How does one destroy or eliminate a people who have been growing exponentially?

4) Typical communist lies include Israel as an apartheid state. The Arab states are ethnically cleansed states that are almost entirely run by theocratic law.

5) We could discuss boycotts of North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. The first two produce nothing anyone would want to buy except some very over rated cigars. The later is a criminal rouge state that has aided and abetted FARC a communist Narco criminal group. Lets start off with drug dealing kidnappings on a scale exponentially
higher than the Contras were accused of. Columbia has a legal right to invade and depose Chavez.

6) Communists do identify Jews as a nationality on ID documents in their beloved Soviet Union but do a 180 and say you are a mere religion with its own language and 3000 year identity when expedient.

7) Many nations have identical laws to the right of return including Poland, Italy, Taiwan and Nigeria.

8) History does not start in 1948. Islamo Jim Crow and Colonialism have a far longer history than the Western counterparts. Colonialism only becomes evil when practiced by the west.

9) Jews are the indigenous people of Israel. Arabs are colonial invaders with tons of stolen real estate.

10) Islam is in conflict with every major religion. Given time it will find a way to be more inclusive and include scientology and Shintoism.

11) Why do Muslims need to create ethnically cleansed states like Pakistan?

The US should have elected to respond to the ban of Mike Savage in the UK by making a similar ban on the insane comedic prop Harold Pinter whose comments illustrate typical leftist dementia.

I do not favor such bans on people based on their speech. Galloway should be exhibited in Museums as the lowest form of politician on the planet. His new targets include the Iranian people sick of the regime. However, illustrating this idiocy by
banning Pinter based upon his mental illness disguised as political speech would serve an excellent point and likely increase his earnings for subpar work.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Communism and morality

Commies live in a fog where their demented death cult faith is immune from its own history, logic and human nature. They imagine that by virtue of their twisted faith that the rest of us are domestic animals. If the actual workers disagree with them it is because they suffer from a false consciousness.

There is nothing Judaic or Christian in this madness. People like Junglemom and TMW serve the poor as their calling from Christ. They do not seek to create Utopia in this world. Genuine religious types build orphanages and hospitals and commies build gulags.

They scream at the top of their lungs about persecution and being harassed for their ideas. However, they conspire and connive to exclude all contrary points of view from their sanctuaries in higher ed. Then when the public objects to their idiocy they cry about intellectual freedom. There is no intellectual freedom in a den of Marxist intellectual crooks. Arthur Schlesinger was a true liberal and he uttered that exact phrase when describing hack academic "Noam Chimpanzee".

Chimpanzee's acolyte Norman Finkola talks about a "Holocaust Industry". He packages himself as an ordinary Jooooo, the son of Holocaust survivors, but leaves out the fact that his mother was a Stalinist and he is a Maoist calling himself "Green". Finkelstein is part of a larger industry that is very lucrative. It is the Communist
populist antisemitism industry. It is a fairly simple racket that ensures you will have a well paid job in a University with no actual scholarship, large speaking fees and huge book advances.

Joel Kovel is part of this game. He pretends to be some sort of "green activist" who writes extensively on anticommunism as a form of mental illness. Thus if one objects
to theft of private property, class genocide and true intellectual freedom one is mentally ill. How this person remained employed in higher ed despite a litany of ignorance is largely due to the Communist Antisemitism Racket.

Now Finky will probably moan that his Maoism is irrelevant to his work. We point out that Communism is a twisted surrogate religion and that he has been perpetuating a form of false packaging on his readers. The funny part is that Marxists will almost
always project their evils onto others.

Marxists are not fit to pass judgment on anyone. Their scholarship and opinions are worthless as their Nazi peers. The difference between Nazism and Communism is that Communism has a history of deception and better PR.

The problem with Communism begins with the rest of us. Many on the left do not make efforts to clear themselves of the Marxist stench. Conservatives mostly play genteel
games with Communists and pay lip service to fighting Communism. Indeed the toughest anticommunist were moderates and traditional liberals. The notable exception was Reagan who invited a big tent of anticommunist foes. Reagan encouraged ex communists
to step into the light.

Sadly George Bush senior made a tragic error when the Soviets fell. We were too busy gloating over the fall of the Soviet Union to grab the intelligence archives and try
domestic traitors. No doubt in the future we will learn the extent of communist espionage and infiltration in the so called Peace Movement.

The problem begins with us. The first step towards taking our country back is ending the genteel games. The time has long since been overdue to confront Marxists with their crimes against humanity.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I will be visiting with the kids tonight. I am having a hard time explaining to NYC kids that a woodchuck is a furry creature and not a drill accessory. I will have to take the kids to the Bronx Zoo to clarify that mess.

They did ask me if the land of Snow and Beer is a real place. I told them it is more commonly known as the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont. They marvel at the stories of wild animals living with even wilder locals.

I do have to extend an invitation to the Pagan Temple and Commanche Moon to sit for the generic Hot Seat interviews. Waterboarding is pure mischief and reserved for those who are either blights on humanity like the Duck or who just have way too much courage.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Waterboarding of the Duck

In the wide world of Beakerkin there are two types of interviews. We do the In the Hot Seat with Beakerkin when we are doing serious political ideas punctuated with some whimsical fun.

We are doing a second type of interview that is sheer apolitical mischief. We will be discussing popular culture, food products and sports. This segment is called Waterboarding

Our first victim needs no introduction as he is quite well known around these parts.
Waterboarding is 30 questions about common life you may find any topic from Dear Abby
to Col Sanders.

1) What is behind your dislike of Mayonaise?
2) Which actress is more competent Farah Fawcett or Sandra Bullock
3) Do you even know what so called Boston Style mustard is? Compare and contrast it to New York Deli Mustard?
4) Did you watch the Patridge Family?
5) Who is better Abbott & Costello or Martin & Lewis?
6) Why is Bernadette Peters famous?
7) Name three Country and Western songs?
8) Name one NASCAR driver?
9) What condiment is commonly served with Bufalo Wings?
10) What color is Manhatan Clam Chowder?
11) What TV Show featured a charachter known as Aagarn?
12) What is the name of Homer Simpson's boss?
13) What Red Sox player was commonly known as "space man"?
14) Name any book written by James Mitchner?
15) Did John Wayne ever star in a work of Arthur Miller or Eugene Oneil?
16) Did you see the film Superfly?
17) Who was Bullwinkle's side kick?
18) The spokesman for Wendy's is?
19) What is a cherry lime rickey?
20) Name any two films with Telly Savalas?
21) Who is Simon Templar?
22) Which actor has more talent Michael Caine or Robert Redford and why?
23) Who lived next door to Archie Bunker?
24) Name any two sitcoms with Bill Bixby?
25) Name two Beatles songs?
26) What was the name of Lion puppet on the Soupy Sales show?
27) What actors played the parts of Felix Unger and Oscar Madison in the film version of the Odd Couple?
28) What cereal uses Toucan Sam as its mascot?
29) Who wrote the Winds of War
30) Name any of Tom Cruises current or former wives

Beakerkin Announces a New Type of Interview

Previously we had a format called the Hot Seat with Beakerkin. It really wasn't very hot and the questions were thoughtful. In the spirit of Gitmo we are doing a new feature WATER BOARDING

Waterboarding is a pop culture interview reserved for the evil. It can be 25 questions
on any part of Popular culture from the food we eat, to the TV shows we watch and Professional Sports.

I want to disagree with an Israeli official who sees an Al Queda type attack on the USA as imminent. Even blood crazed loonies understand that Obama is doing everything they wish. An attack would do two things. It would force Obama to react in some fashion and boost his popularity short term.

If there is an attack it will likely be small done by folks who are sympathetic to Al Queda. Logical targets would be public transportation, shopping malls, Jewish houses of worship or schools and Casinos.

A bad economy and jihad are a very lethal combo

Monday, November 23, 2009

No Sympathy

We are not sympathetic to traitor Hassan who is apparently paralyzed below the waist.
Our system requires all must be given a fair trial. However, the reality is highly likely that he and the 9-11 plotters will walk.

A lawyer will likely place the military on trial. The labor practices of the Federal Government will be front and center. Many of us are familiar with how evil at times some bosses can be but there is no excuse for killing people.

In the 9-11 plotters case the trial is a leftist attempt to place the Bush regime on trial. Waterboarding really is not acceptable to any form of life other than Commies.
Of course if we did strictly mental torture like placing panties on the heads of terrorist the usual suspects would cry. I can see it now the guards laughing at Khalid Sheik Mohammad telling him he looks like Ron Jeremy, but er lacks his talent.

Here are some of the facts produced at a recent water boarding of Ducky

10) He actually listened to Barry Manilow
9) He used Miracle Whip on food voluntarily
8) He enjoyed Banachek
7) He thinks Chico Marx is more talented than Groucho
6) He wants to watch professional Twister
5) John Travolta can't act
4) Sissy Spacek can act
3) He does not get Mr Magoo
2) Can not name the cast members of frinds
1) Thinks Boston style mustard stinks.

The Giants Suck and other news

The Giants suck and their vaunted pass rush has been bad. They need to get help at safety, linebacker and replace some of the linemen. In essence the entire NFC East stinks and some of it is injuries. They did bring in some young talent like Sintim and Beatty. Unfortunately, they need to get them some playing time. The injury to Kenny Phillips hurt them big time and it looks like a career ender. The only good news is that Boley looks real.

Can we now say break up the Lions and Kansas City?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pseudostinians myths

The locals in Gaza have decided to stop firing rockets into Israel for now. The rockets were of very limited utility even in terrorist terms. They were an annoyance that brought more hardship upon the Pseudostinians than the Israelis.

If the truth be known were it not for hysterical communist idiocy the situation of the folks in Gaza would have been solved long ago. First of all any complaints about the lives of the folks in Gaza as compared to ordinary folks in North Korea, Zimbabwe or Cuba shows this to be a farce.

The folks in Gaza need jobs and responsible governance. All of the aid is making matters worse and adding to the corruption.

The problem in Gaza is very simple. The folks there are Egyptian and they need to be returned to Egyptian rule. The game of creating a lie to further a political agenda needs to stop. The notion that Palestinians are anything other than ordinary Arabs was a Marxist invention after the Six Day War. Judenfrie real estate had obvious odious stench so commies created a Myth and Arabs just repeated it.

Let Gaza go back to Egyptian rule. Let Israel and Jordan make a distinct deal on the West Bank and the problems are solved.

There can be peace in the region once the myth of a fake ethnicity and the real history of the region is dealt with. The history of Arab colonialism and mistreatment of religious minorities has to be acknowledged.

Waiting for responsible leadership from a people who are basically human hockey pucks slapped around by commies to stoke populist anti semitism and by Jihadists as symbols is not realistic.

End the myths and Peace is possible.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fun with the kids

I got stuck again entertaining some kids. The four year old boy is quite clever. He figured out that wherever I go there is good food. I went to a small stand for Jamaican
BBQ Chicken patties and Jamaican soda bottled locally. I did not expect the other kids to be so jealous and had to go back a few times.

The kids never owned a football and I bought one. The four year old is learning quickly and shows no fear of the ball.

Amazingly, I did not ruin dinner with all those chicken patties.

The Duck is quite clueless about anything beyond his own delusions. In Guyana where there is zero ethnic strife there is religious tension. Hindus and Christians get along quite well, but guess who doesn't mix well with others.

The Duck lives in a clueless fog oblivious to facts and logic. As a well known Jew with light complexion I have had zero problems interacting within the Hindu community. I have been accepted as a beloved part of the community and neighbor. The key is being respectful of traditions and being yourself.

For those of you wondering I am not converting as I just am not religious. I enjoy spending time in the community and listening and helping out where I can.

The demented duck contrives a world where Islam is peaceful and all the problems with it are due to dem Joooos. The facts show that many types of Christians, Hindus, Anamists, Pagans and others have problems with Islam.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Fixated Duck

The Duck does indeed suffer from Marxist Jooo obsessions. We run an anti Chavez post and he places in a cliche about people who support Israel. The post has nothing to do with Israel or Jews. Chavez is a notorious anti-semite and Venezuelan Jews have been kidnapped and harassed by the government. However, this was not mentioned in the post. The post deals with Chavez aiding Narco terrorist FARC. Columbia is justified in allowing contras on its soil or invading Hugo's crack den. If we had responsible governance ( not Obama the clueless) this would be done.

Communists are a death cult more dogmatic than Al Queda. They depend on forming grand alliances and stealth and deception to spread their twisted rule. On Farmer John's site the Duck advocates using fake photo journalism to spread Stalinism. In the modern era we have Paliwood with fake victims created by Fwench media and Mr Green Helmet posing with already dead kids. While the usual clowns cry about corporate media Marxist employees seem to have free reign to commit fraud. Always remember with commies the ends justify the means and morality is whatever the party line says it is.

There is no such thing as the Palestinian people. It is a Marxist fairy tale created
after the Soviets pushed the Arabs into creating a war in 67. They also promised to send troops and reneged. The marketing slogan of "Judenfrei" real estate had obvious
odious overtones. So commies created the "Pseudostinian Industry". Pseudostinians are whatever Marxists wish them to be because there is no basis in reality. Noted frauds include thugs Arafat and academic hack Said who were Egyptians. Psuedostinians
have no unique history, language or religion and have less basis for nation hood than Indian or African tribes, Texans or Brooklynites. They are said to have a regional accent and on this basis there should be a nation of Brooklyn with Spike Lee as our leader. Did some of you point out that Spike is not from Brooklyn? Well neither were Arafat or Said from Palestine.

Commies get their panies in a knot and say Duhhhhh Begin was born in Poland. Begin was a person who was part of a culture that was indigenous to the region. He practiced a religion and participated in a culture that was clearly indigenous to Israel. The concept of right of return exists in many nations including Taiwan, Poland, Italy and Nigeria. Commies also defined Jew as a nationality in the documents of their sacred Soviet Union. In the infantile minds of Commies Jews are a nationality when convenient and a mere religion when otherwise expedient.

Beamish in 12

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time to let the Venezuelan People liberate themselves

The apologists for Chavez talk of revolution. However, it is time that the United States government aids the people of Venezuela. The United States government by virtue of Chavez's aid for FARC has cause to back a Colombian Invasion of Venezuela. At a minimum the United States should arm contras to keep pressure on the regime. As conditions worsen Chavez will fall. Hopefully he will leave a nice cache of documents
revealing which Americans have received cash for their support of despotism

Newsflash Venezuela Viewed as Corrupt

This news comes as no surprise to anyone with an IQ. This excludes communist as they are lemmings in capable of critical thought.

The Crackpipe Communist in Caracas apparently has succeeded in having his country viewed as more corrupt than Nigeria. No doubt the apologist who wail about every action of Israel will note it comes in at 32.

Of course the apologists for despotism can brag we are less corrupt than Haiti. Haitians are smart enough to bypass Cuba when they flee local conditions.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not swept away by Palin

I would still prefer another run by Rudy or someone of that ilk. Abortion and gay marriage are not issues on my radar. Having a strong leader who is for law and order is more important.

The Duck likes to talk about Kerik. Whatever Kerik did it does not compare to perjury on the Senate floor while aiding communists, perpetuating fake Vietnam veteran war crimes stories with a Communist cohort that never set foot in Vietnam, driving a woman into water, working with the Soviets against your own president, running a brothel out of your townhouse and sexually exploiting teenage pages or in other words you average behavior of marxist democrats in MA.

Lets compare what Kerik has done to Charlie "the red" Rangel.

At least Kerik was a genuine hero unlike Gomer Kerry. Don't ask Kerry ask his peers like Ted Peck.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Dark Side of the Internet

The internet has changed our way of life and not for the better. Whole industries are being decimated. This is not necessarily a bad thing as the media elite find themselves accountable and under new pressures. The music industry has devolved into niches.

Of course there are many wonderful people I have met on line. However, the flip side is that antisocial types with criminal tendencies can easily target good people and privacy can be invaded.

The internet is here to stay. However, we have to understand that it is a new reality.
Just as TV and radio changed the world so has the internet.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama is dead wrong on Fort Hood

Obama is correct that the deaths at Fort Hood should not be turned into political theater. I also agree that this is precisely the reason that 9-11 conspiracy crank Marxists should not be in his administration.

What we should be looking at is policies. What were the policies that were in place. Were the policies ignored or do they need to be changed. It is more important to look at this from the policy level than to look at this from a witch hunt angle.

The truth is that the individuals have had the same diversity training as other federal employees and it does not cover this. That training is noble, but it also just does not deal with the challenges that we deal with today.

I want to point out Hassan or any other officer has the right to disagree with policy.However, it is the rationalization of suicide bombings and repeated claims I am a Muslim than an American that should have set off some scrutiny.

Obama, is part of a party that specializes in theater. The whole Joe Wilson saga was sheer publicity meant to divide the country. Obama has placed 9-11 conspiracy freaks in his administration. He also has a history of personal contact with a well known terrorist who may be the most despised man in America. He was a member of a Church led by a racist crack pot for two decades. His lack of judgment, inexperience and egomania should have kept him out of the White House. No doubt we will be talking about his failures in the same way we discuss Jimmy Carter's soon.

The trials of the 9-11 conspirators will really be about the Bush administration. So
far we have not learned the name of the Lawyers but to expect a Ron Kuby type of communist should be expected. More than likely we will get the more evil Lynne Stewart more malicious sort of Marxist. There is some thought that these lunatics will act as their own defense consul. More than likely some pseudo Islamic human rights group will try and talk them out of that folly.

When it is said and done there is an excellent chance that the 9-11 terrorists will walk. I am dreading what jury selection would be like.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Left unsaid Left out left behind

My country does not accept second class citizens of any kind. However, with the atmosphere of political correctness we have lost our COLLECTIVE minds. Years of fiction about alleged persecution of Communists has devolved into a political morass that infects our military and government.

Americans have the right to disagree with whatever policy they wish. However, these disagreements should not interfere with the ability to do your job. Yet we need to look into the case of Commie traitor Anna Montes for a look on political views and suitability for office.

Like the Fort Hood Killer she was quite outspoken in her views against American foreign policy. This is not of concern if she works in a hospital. However, these views should be serious danger signs when it is someone engaged in a National security situation. She could have been moved to less sensitive work, but a culture of PC allowed her to go unnoticed for years.

This is not to say Muslims should not serve in the military. However, when Abdul starts praising suicide bombers and starts off anti American rants it is time for a career change.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Marxist Delusion

Commies live in an arrogant world where they alone are heirs to a sacred truth. If you are happy it is because you are living a false reality. If people flee their pest holes it is because people buy into a myth.

One is not a Marxist in the way that one is a Republican or Democrat ( mainstream). We start with a notion that Utopia does not exist and people should make their own choices.We find our meanings in our loves and work. We do not see governance as the answer to all issues.

People can think for themselves. It is the height of arrogance for commies to pretend the people fleeing Marx are brainwashed. When commies depart in large numbers to live
in the messes they create than they can raise this point

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Beak and Kids

Yesterday I had to host four kids under eight. It was a great deal of fun. The kids wanted to know what I was scared of. I told them that the greatest fear many people have is those rascally IRS agents. I modeled the lead agent after the Beloved Rav Roov
and called him Agent One Eyebrow. They sat enchanted as Agent One Eyebrow hunted down
the worlds greatest criminal Al Capone who laughed at police. The adults were on the floor laughing. When they asked for another story I told them about the IRS vs Daryl
Strawberry. "Did they take his clothes" one asked. "No but that was only because they couldn't sell it".

One of the six year old girls asked " if I went to college?" I told her "I graduated and was given a piece of paper". She said " Then you must have laid naked on top of many women kissing them." I assured her "that was only between a lot of classes and reading".

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Maybe we should rethink some things

In the wake of the Ft Hood massacre, perhaps it is time to rethink military discharges.
The soldier in question did seek to leave the military. His supervisors were monitoring his performance. His peers repeatedly expressed serious concerns in training.

When a tragedy strikes there is a natural tendency to point fingers. I am pointing to a series of policies that need to be looked at.

Part of the problem with his views in training is that many professors in Social Science would agree with many parts of his odd views. There are plenty of psychologists
who are Marxists and agree with the thoughts that suicide bombers are rational.

The question of if Marxists themselves belong in the industry is a serious question that should be addressed. Marxism is a world view that is genocidal and seeks the violent creation of utopia. It has been attempted multiple times and has produced nothing other than dead bodies.

The history of Marxism reveals stealth, deception and treason in multiple instances.
One can have a rational discourse with a libertarian or people within the mainstream. We disagree about specific policies but respect the same tradition.

How does a profession that seeks to judge human behavior admit people whose comic book cartoon minds are beyond normality. The ultimate example of this circus freak logic is Prof Joel Kovel who feigns he is a green. He has written comedy tracts on green issues. However his obsession with anti communism and cartoon rants about Israel make him a poster boy for academic gulags.

This cartoon scholar is a source of embarrassment to his fellow professors. I ran into one of his peers in NYC and rolled my eyes as soon as I heard her say Bard College. I was told that Kovel is an embarrassment and that around twice a week this person hears snide remarks based upon his antics. I did not have to even mention his name and this person knew why I was rolling my eyes. Kovel would pretend he is a victim of a Zionist conspiracy, but his antics have seriously damaged his employer, peers and students. I have had similar encounters with embarrassed Bard students and alumni.

No doubt in an atmosphere filled with Professors who were likely way left the rants of the Ft Hood Killer were likely unspectacular. In fact noting that he is a Pseudostinian the Professors themselves likely rewarded or expected these types of rants. I would be amused if it were later discovered that the class presentation of the suicide bomber rants were off topic. If my subject is Greek History and I present a paper on Woody Woodpecker I should be given an F unless I can draw a link between the two.

Maybe it is just time to rethink many things

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Battle Within America

In America we have a problem comprehending that certain ideas are beyond our norms.
We upho;d the right of freedom of religion. No doubt Junglemom or TMW extol the noblest versions of religious faith. In general most religions are compatible with a free and democratic society.

There are some versions of Islam that are not compatible with our traditions. No doubt when Stephen Schwartz of the CIP says he is a Muslim patriot he is being honest. Yet even Schwartz recognizes the inherent danger of some of these movements.

Being a non Christian in a largely Christian society presents challenges. However other that my insistence upon swearing the oath of duty none of my beliefs have been an issue. I may feel awkward at a meeting in a Church or at a holiday party but in the spirit of co-operation I go. I respect the laws of the other communities and the right of people to be different. I could care less that the person next to me eats Halal or lives with someone out of wedlock.

The problem with radical Islam is that it actively seeks theocracy and global hegemony. In order to achieve this goal anything and everything is permitted. In this essence radical Islam is far more similar to Communism than traditional Christianity. The folks at CAIR will feign outrage and parse words. Commies will say McVeigh or Goldstein reflexively.

The views of the Ft Hood killer were well known and reported to the correct authorities. This person sought to be discharged and was being given poor performance evaluations.

When we talk about freedom of religion we are not discussing criminal acts. We must come to grips with understanding Radical Islam is more political and criminal than religious.

Monday, November 09, 2009

No Easy Answers in Fort Hood

We may never know exactly what happened at Fort Hood. There is a religious dimension to this crime, but it is part of a larger story.

This person was employed by the government in a situation that was adversarial. His supervisors gave him lousy performance appraisals and he was closely supervised. Sometimes, these facts are part of a pattern of harassment that a union rep would describe in great detail. In this particular case if management felt so strongly that his performance was substandard and he wanted to resign it should have happened. The situation likely led to a feeling of helplessness and many of you would turn to God in those circumstances.

Unfortunately, the version of religion this person practiced does not teach turn the other cheek. He was not married and had no close family nearby. It is fairly safe to say that the local Mosque was his home. Author Stephen Schwartz, a Sufi Muslim, describes the religious extremism practiced by the killer. He would not take pictures with female coworkers.

I want to point out that there is no excuse for this man's actions. However, to simply label it terrorism or a disgruntled worker situation misses the mark. In reality it is likely some of both. The person does deserve the death penalty, but do not blame Obama. President Bush did not do much to the idiot that threw grenades at his fellow soldiers.

There is likely a story of religious discrimination at the local level. Unfortunately
I have heard two stories from Jewish soldiers who had to transfer after some episodes that included fights. Do note the soldiers did not chant Am Yisroel Chai and start killing coworkers. Most likely there are other Muslims who endure similar mistreatment but still serve.

I want to point out the real problem of law suit culture and Islam in the work place.
Most large companies have a human resources department. It is usually staffed with Social Science types fed a mixture of Marx, Chomsky and PC.

I will point to a case that I am very familiar with in the private sector. There was a Muslim coworker who had a nasty disposition. He would not sit at a table where people ate pork and was vocal about people eating pork. He called people who lived together without being married pimps and whores. He would make nasty Holocaust jokes aimed at me. The human resources manager told me walk away.

The Cole was blown up on a day we were at work. I was talking with the HR representative when he came to my desk threw my American flag on the ground and yelled "Allah Ahkbar". I glared and was angry and he said "What do you care Beakerkin
there are no Jews in the US Navy".

I was now livid on two levels.

1) I am an American. When my country is attacked I feel it just the same if not greater than the next person.
2) My half brother and sister in law are career Naval Officers.

The HR pro saw a look in my eyes and ordered me to the cafeteria to cool off. My drivers workers heard the exchange and walked off the job. My immediate boss was a Navy Vet and he had to walk off. It would have been easier to get this person off the floor, but PC....

Finally a short Peruvian truck driver had enough. He was around a foot shorter than this coworker and still kicked his tail. "If you don't like America get the %^&*^ out
and let my family in you ^&*^*". The HR person had to call me to get the truck driver off the coworker. When the whole episode was reported I was blamed for this coworker getting beaten up.

Three weeks later he made cattle calls at a very fat 500lbs female coworker. Unlike
the previous case HR was not there to save him. He had been doing this for a while and was told to stop. The woman threw a stapler at his head and beat him so badly it required around 14 stitches. It took around four people to pull her off and she was so angry that she required oxygen. He did finally get fired and blamed the episode on a Jewish conspiracy.

This may sound odd but much of human resources is reaction to lawsuit culture and PC.
Another example was a transexual who wanted the woman's performance standard. Sometimes lawsuit culture creates no win situations.

I want to point out Commies who are very fast to question the loyalty of US Jews will
pretend fake outrage when any discussion of the patriotism of Muslims is discussed.
As the commies themselves have a history rife with treason and deception this is amusing for a second. All Muslims are not traitors. However, to ignore that some should be carefully watched for terrorist ties and potential illegal activity is not realistic.

Beamish in 12

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Beak on the Town

Oddly I have never been to the Statue of Liberty and have resided in NYC for decades.
I went and it was okay. However, I see the statue in my commutes so it was not as special for me as others. Ellis Island was closed so we didn't get there.

From there I went to Chinatown. Along the day I met people from my past in the fashion world. The economy has been very rough on them.

From there I went to Umberto's in Little Italy. My friends are always saying how lousy the place is and that it is only for tourists. The restaurant is famous as the place where Crazy Joe Gallo met his maker. The menu did not offer anything special as it was something locals call "paint by numbers Italian". However, the food may have been paint by numbers but is was excellent. The staff was professional even if I did not hear my favorite line Foughetabout it when I asked if they had San Pellogrino water. My friends prefer the oddities and more elaborate fare. I can always make do with whatever food is available. I will be going back again real soon.

From there I went to the Strand Bookstore. I have been going there for years. Showing the person I was there with the prices and selection was fun. I was not searching for oddities so the stay. I purchased two Mitchner hardcovers for less than 15. I bought a copy of Caravans for a friend and Creatures and Kingdom for myself. Creatures and Kingdom is a great book for teens who like animals with short attention spans. It is a delightful compilation of Mitchner's animal stories.

I am taking a day off on Wed to go on the town again

The Government Can Be a Lousy Employer

One thing that is true from the story of the Fort Hood Killing and personal experience is that the government can be a nasty place to work. In the case of the Ft Hood incident the Killer was given a nasty performance appraisal and was under tight supervision. One would think that if management were so unhappy with this person and he wanted to resign they would say go for it, but it did not happen.

There is a perception that government workers are lazy. However, the truth is that they are often given impossible tasks and expected to be perfect according to inane numerical models that in many cases invent errors. An example being you did not check this box on a worksheet. The fact that the officer wrote the three items on the sheet that did the checked box was designed to record is just moot.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Did you expect the Killer to scream Scooby Doo Where Are You

Communists will pretend that the recent serial killing traitors screams of God is great have nothing to do with this crime. The rationale that there are some religious extremists with traitorous inclinations does not compute to people who are traitorous by nature.

If the person in question did not want to go into combat he should have resigned or gone to Leavenworth. The United States has a volunteer army and those who join know the risks.

No doubt this psycho will get a commie lawyer in the Lynne Stewart mode.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

No Obama Coat Tails

Other than a dived house race the Democrats did not do so well last night. At a certain point fairly or unfairly Obama owns the economy. Corzine had no excuse to lose other than people's tax bills and typical NJ corruption.

Expect Obama to push through healthy care and immigration reform now.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Dementia of the Duck

Communist like the Duck are unable to process information. The typical example of this dementia is Gnome Chimpanzee who compares Clintons Sudan cruise missile strike to 9-11
and talks of phantom US-Nazi alliance while pretending actual Commie-Nazi alliances were fiction.

Yesterday, the Duck pointed out that Israel arrested a Settler for some terrorist activity. Killing gays or Arabs is a crime in Israel and the man will be prosecuted and sentenced. The demented duck fails to note Pseudostinians do not prosecute terrorists they are a part and parcel of government policy. Thus when the duck promotes Psuedostinianism he is being true to his anti semitic death cult.

The Duck also fails to note that homosexual Pseudostinians run for their lives to Israel due to activity that is often sanctioned by the government. The Duck wants us to be outraged if a Christian believes homosexuality is a sin while venerating movements that kill gays as policy.

Our mental health industry unfortunately has become politicized otherwise communism would be labeled as a mental disorder. Continued advocacy of a policy that has produced nothing but death is not rational as well as hysterical obsessions with Jooooos.

If we had effective law enforcement Commies would also be under 24/7 security scrutiny. They are exponentially more prone to be traitors and terrorists than the general population. When they break the law they should be stripped of citizenship and sent to North Korea and barred from returning. People like Lori Berenson and ISM members should lose any governmental protection for their illegal activities and should face criminal prosecution when they return home.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Islamo Jim Crow

While Commies like the Duck bemoan every imagined slight against Pseudostinians they
turn actual history on its head. The Jews of Yemen were a peaceful group than lived under Jim Crow conditions for one thousand years. Pretending that Muslims are oppressed
by Jews is as preposterous as claiming Blacks oppressed their slave owners or Indian reservations are colonial in nature. History does not begin in 1948 because some commies find it expedient. Arabs need to settle their own refugees. Israel also needs to deal with Marxists in their midst and consider denaturalization and deportation.
Marxism is a treasonous screed and no nation is under any obligation to permit traitors free reign.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

To Annoy Commies So Called Nurmeberg Peace Protest

I am going to have to see if we can locate some Yid Army T shirts. Nothing annoys the far left more than the notion of Jews not being victims to their sacred Psuedostinians.
The added bonus of a Cock fighting Chicken to annoy the animal rights crowd is a bonus.

Soccer hooligans are a marked better class of people than Communist. How many soccer riots would it take to kill 100,000,000.

Has anyone seen my icepick? Vampires are eliminated with wooden stakes and eliminating Trotskyites requires an Icepick. Buffy the Trotskyite Slayer would be a great SNL gag.

NY Times Oped Author Compares Tea Party Crowd To Stalinists

Obviously being sane is not a requirement to write for the Times. One would think the Paper would have more sense than to publish a baseless screed comparing the Tea Party crowd to Stalinists and Birchers.

Oddly, the Times has underplayed the actual Marxism and Black Liberation theology connections in Obama's past.We never had a full discussion of the political past of Obama's crack pot mother Stanley Ann Dunham who was falsely portrayed as a typical product of the Midwest. The media also allowed Obama to skate past a personal relationship with a venemous Marxist racist pastor and a traitorous communist domestic terrorist.

The Tea Party crowd wants to roll back the size of government. The movement wants real conservatism and responsibility. I am not a conservative but recognize what the movement seeks. Is the group angry with Obama and current politics? This is 100% correct, but they are also 100% patriotic unlike Obama and the NYT staff. Obama appears more likely to be familiar with actual Stalinists, Maoists and Trotskyite goons than the Tea Party crowd.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Take that all you politically correct crybabies

I am not amused at the politically correct people who cry about naming sports teams after Indians. They always point out how would you feel if they named a baseball team after Jews. It wouldn't bother me one bit unless the team was as bad as the Detroit Lions.

Well apparently there is a team in the UK that calls its supporters the Yid Army. I like the idea and am looking for merchandise. Apparently there is a similar situation in Ajax and Crackow. The Irish took pride in Notre Dame and there is nothing wrong with a similar situation.

I would like to see the sports teams in Berkley named the Bug Eyed Marxists. We can rename the Georgetown teams the Paper pushers or Bureaucrats not to be confused with the Bear cats. I would like to change the name of the Knicks to Wall Street Swindlers.

Yid Army????

Apparently there is a soccer team in the UK that calls itself the Yid Army. I am going to see if I can locate a T shirt. Maybe I can get some sports team from the New School to call themselves the Useful Idiots.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Since Obama likes to meddle in NY Politics

Let Obama show he is the leader of the Democratic Party and kindly ask Charles Rangel to retire. He has been corrupt since he arrived and needs to step down. His idiotic
statements and playing hosts to every anti American communist thug on the planet should have ended his career.

Do not hold your breath.

Patterson is merely incompetent, not corrupt.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

United In Hate

This is an excellent book especially for those who are not news Junkies. I did not learn very much new items from the book. This is because the author quotes some books I am very familiar with.

The truth is the author and myself both call Communism what it is a "Death Cult". The first part where the warped mental processes of Communists are discussed is valuable.Death cultists range from the soulless comic book cafeteria Commissar Renegade Bunion to the more functional poultry from MA.

Communists worship death and destruction. Ren knows all about the refugees from Caracass, but will tell everyone the preposterous story that it is all identical lies. He is well aware that the Jewish community is being targeted by thugs aligned with the government. The more brutal and megalomaniacal Chavez gets the greater the support from Death cultists.

Commies conveniently ignore or rationalize death caused by their own while demanding absolute perfection from non Communists. My advice to non Commies when dealing with death cultists is remember you are dealing with religious fundamentalists. Kick them to the curb with their crimes, history and hypocrisy. Political criminals such as Nazis, Commies, Anarchists ( human cartoons too stupid to be evil), racial power clods, jihadists and yes Kahanists deserve to get ridiculed. Theories are only as good as their applications.

Lets see Christians build Orphanages and Commies create orphans and widows. Guns don't kill people, Commies with guns kill people. Commies care about working people so they starve them to death.

This is a great book for most. The author would be performing a greater public service if he would create a before and after book with actual communist histories.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ghost Riders in the Sky

I will likely be away on a new adventure. It is an exciting time to be me. One should always be open to possibilities personal and professional. Only Death, taxes and Marxist stupidity are absolutes.

On Friday I will be away for a bit. On Sunday I should be at the Metropolitan Museum
and it will be fun to be on the town. I am looking forward to some quality road time.

Professionally, the work is slowing down. Legal immigration slows in bad economic times. Obama's bufoonery and the bad economy are better at reversing illegal immigration than the works of enforcement agencies.

I will be in the West Indian section of Queens for a visit. Chinatown had some energy on the main streets, but was weaker than usual on the side streets. My last trip to the West Indian section was not good. I was there for a funeral of a young man who tied way too young from natural causes. There were vacant store fronts everywhere and this is no good for anyone.

While Marxists go and agitate in their visits, I merely learn. Oddly I am more at home in a group of Guyanese than Vermonters. This is the reality of life in NYC. One must be adaptable and the locals are more accepting of outsiders because this is what NYC is about. In Vermont the outsider is a mysterious curiosity. I did better than most because I did not mix with the locals too much other than Northwind who was locally loved despite her being dysfunctional.

The beauty of NYC life is that while Marxist hacks discuss multicultrialism NYC folks have practiced it for years. There are those who never venture too far from home. However, there are those like myself who adapt and thrive in each new surrounding. I m ay be with Poles in Greenpoint today, Ecuadorians in Jackson Heights
or Malaysians in Flushing tomorrow.

Americanism does not define deviancy down. If you are here legally welcome.Find work if you can and obey the laws. If you wish to retain local cuisine or dress go ahead. Above all respect others and understand others have different customs.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Enjoying Life

My blog is unique in that we discuss many things. One never knows if a book review or blogger interview will appear.

Every now and then it is important to take time and enjoy life. Much is possible if only through persistence.

As I journey across life I am much the same person that I have been for years. I loathe communism and believe that the common person can make their own choices.

I always tell people who have a bad break when one door closes look for another. Yesterday a great officer was bothered by an applicant crying. As officers often we have to do tough things. We need to acknowledge our human side at times.

However, there are also magical stories and moments you get to share with families.
You see mothers and children reunited. You see all types of couples in various stages in life. You meet people from all over the world and from every walk of life.

My coworker was a greater officer for acknowledging that which lies within our souls than by pretending she has no soul.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What a day

i haven't had so much fun since I was in college. Adventure and good fortune lurks around the corner.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Off on a Journey

I will be joining a coworkers Church on a day trip to Ct. For reasons that I am not fully aware of I am comfortable with the local Guyanese community. I worked closely with them in the fashion industry and after.

Now those of you understand I am not to fond of vegetarians. However, when it is a religious as opposed to a political belief it is a different matter. There are no long wind lectures and I am respectful. I will point out the irony of a bug eyed commie lecturing me about KFC is just ironic. Leave it to an apologist for Killing Fields and Gulags to worry about the fate of poultry.

Usually for whatever reason the folks love for me to do a few jokes on the bus ride.
Hearing me respond in the local dialect is usually good for a laugh. The Church also appreciates my very generous donations.

A normal NYer finds himself everywhere, nowhere and all points in between.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Answer for the Duck

Marxism is a death cult. Like any cult there are followers and leaders. Death cults leaders employ henchmen to do their actual dirty work.

Renegade Eye aka Renegade Testicle aka Comrade Gassy Sandwich fancies himself a Cafeteria Commissar. He is an apologist for a crack addict monomaniacal corrupt despot whom he hails as the latest savior of Marx. The question remains is he compensated for his efforts and has his HOV group met with foreign intelligence operatives. If we had responsible governance he would be under 24/7 security scrutiny and prosecuted for any misdeed. He is a born liar and virulent antisemite. He uses his joooo mania as a badge of revolutionary authenticity.

Commies are very quick to point to Johnathan Pollard but get perplexed by the name Ana Montes. Ana Montes was a communist traitor who worked in the US Government on behalf of Cuba. She is an example of why communists should never be employed in any governmental capacity. Few people know of her misdeeds and while the usual suspects talk incessantly about imagined dual loyalty of real Jews ( Not Commies) who support Israel. There have been plenty of Cuban spies caught fairly recently as well as a bag man paying Chavez mouth pieces. Commies are not guilty of dual loyalty as their sole loyalty is to a death cult that seeks the violent overthrow of the USA.

Muslims have a well known concept called Taqiyeh where it is permissible to lie to advance the cause of Islam. This is true and frequently done by CAIR types or University Goons who ignore actual history. However, the average Muslim in the USA is a decent guy who wants to earn a living and raise his family the same as the rest of us. Renegade Eye knowingly tells lies to advance his cause. In typical communist fashion he will assent to the actions of Slave Revolt or John Brown threatening opponents of Marxism's children, calling people pedophiles so long as he has plausible denial. He is not above invasion of privacy to silence his critics. I have known his identity for three years and could easily have retaliated in kind. The more one knows about the actual Comwad Gassy Sandwich the more comedic he becomes. However, if we retaliated in kind we would be no different than the Toilet Trotskyite.

The difference between you and the gassy sandwich is you don't run around in your underoos pretending you are the imagined leader of a mass movement. You understand that Commies are indeed guilty of a series of crimes. You are not on the payroll or in the service of a hostile foreign regime and for better or worse are your own person. You do not go off into flights of fancy such as hundreds of people conspiring to tell scores of officers identical lies about Chavez.

Then there are hopelessly naive types like Troutsky. The Troutsky types of the world have yet to discern the difference between flowery words and deadly consequences. Philosophy is only as relevant as the actions of its followers. He is the type that buys the idiocy peddled by a MLM marketer while Ren knowingly sells the product to suckers like Troutsky.

One thing that should be apparent that even in these posts. Non commies have rather interesting lives while commies have no lives. I will be going on a trip with my friends Guyannese Church and some coworkers. I visit friends and family and enjoy a mostly happy life. One can see plenty of non political stuff in my blog or AOW. We are not consumed with rage and hatred. Nor do we need to follow the party line from an all knowing leader. We are individuals with healthy ordinary lives and loves.

Commies are to be pitied and sometimes prosecuted for violating the laws of the USA.
The believers of the death cult think that the masses suffer from false consciousness
and that they alone are heirs to the divine truth. Sorry, but the average Joe does not need or want a bug eyed death cultist telling him what he needs. In general the working Joe is quite capable of living his own life and votes with his feet and runs from every Marxist pest hole.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

United in Hate

Thus far this book is a brilliant look into the demented world of bird brained Marxists like our friend Poultry. In reality Commies are Borg like herd animals devoid of higher thought and individuality. They must all conform to what the party line is or they become nonpeople. The truth is that commies are nonpeople.

We have a wide variety of people who read this site. Sometimes we agree and at times we don't, but this is the reality of life in a functioning society. While commies moan about Faux News and Ditto heads creating mindless herd animals they are guilty of projecting their own flaws on their betters. The mindless Gnome Chimpanzee talks of corporate media but gets abnesia when discussing state owned and subsidized media. Gnome also has much of his book sales done by academic coercion by death cult henchmen in University Gulags.

We can look at these pages and see times where many of us disagree with each others because as Americans ( not you Poultry) we are individuals. We are the product of a culture that celebrates individual rights and freedoms.

Even our blogs are filled with human stories of real lives. When one looks at a commie one sees an inferior. They are devoid of humanity and are lesser beings. They are slaves to a death cult devoid of individuality and logic. History and facts become coloring books. Never mind the facts about the actual life of Trotsky. Ema Goldman was a premature Neocon. All the witnesses to the mess in Caracas are merely
telling identical lies to please government officials. Indigenous people are sacred unless they are in the path of Marxism or are Jews.

Glazov describes the malady of Marxism correctly.

One can find plenty of decent folks who are Muslims that share our American values.
They share our concerns and seek the same freedoms we do. Communists seek to impose
their vulgar fetid system on us by any means possible. To a commie, the ends always
justify the means. No lie is too twisted to use, No crime is unimaginable if it serves the cause.

If the Duck wishes we will start a thread on the question if one can be a Marxist and remain an American.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Very disappointed in my trip to the book store

I went to Borders looking for Service's book on Trotsky. All of the books I could find were written by Marxist morons and as such are unfit for reading. There is a need for a book that explains the real record of the war criminal/psycho venerated as the messiah by losers and idiots.

If Trotskyites were not such unemployable imbeciles, I would try to make a dollar selling golden icepick chains. Trotskyite's would also be a market for Ice pick martyr paintings.

Trotskyite's are like the youngest Brady kid who in the famous TV episode venerates Jessie James. Unlike the TV show facts and logic about the real life actions of the psycho are unlikely to sway his brain impaired fundamentalist loser followers. Mostly
these followers are wannabe Cafeteria Commissars who build Lego gulags and dress up in KGB underoos.

I did find the book United in Hate. This book tries to explain how loser Marxists align themselves with the most despicable regimes on the planet. On our own blog we have seen Poultry obsess over the Pseudostinians. The actual facts that Pseudostine is a fake ethnicity designed by Marxists as a cover for Arab greed for additional colonized land does not matter. The fact that both Hammas and Fatah are corrupt and brutal also does not matter.

Marxists are really more fundamentalist than the Christians they mock. They are economic illiterates who are just as bigoted as the KKK types they are aligned with.
If you think this is amusing you should read the scandal of a second rate academic
hack who quoted an article on a David Duke site that just happened to support the Pseudostinians.

This dementia extends to veneration of an insane cartoon commie crack addict in Caracas. In the demented world of the imbecile faithful Venezuelan emigres have nothing better to do than tell identical lies to immigration officers and attorneys.
The fact that these stories are never heard from the much larger Colombian immigrants
is just an inconvenient fact.

Commies also pretend Zimbabwe and North Korea are mere aberrations. They are in fact typical examples of their death cult corrupt faith that should be treated as a moral defect and a psychological illness.

The real secret is that commies are all offense and no defense. When one gives them a taste of their own tactics they cry, whine, lie and threaten. The truth is they are spineless losers who lack the courage of their convictions and fail to notice how quickly people flee their idiotic failed utopias. Do not expect a commie to pack his bags renounce their citizenship and remain in the hell holes they create.

Do not expect the Obama administration to look into the funding and activities of the Chavez apologists. This administration has selective outrage at Fox News, but will ignore any misdeeds from the left from the ethical lapses of Rangel to paid Chavez agents in the USA.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Obama Throws a Temper Tantrum

The administration is not satisfied with the softball coverage it gets in the MSM. In a move that would be widely criticized if done by a Republican administration it has lashed out at FOX News. Obviously, the folks have not learned that by criticizing FOX News it will only boost the ratings of FOX News.

The MSM has widely given Obama a free pass. The economy is a disaster and all Obama seems to be doing is whining about Fox News and getting the Olypics for Chicago.

Placing Rush In Perspective

I am amazed at the media arrogance regarding Limbaugh's attempted purchase of the Rams.
Even the worst interpretation of his humor does not come close to the antics of Al Sharpton. On two occasions his hateful rhetoric led to riots that resulted in death. He slandered a government official and ruined his life with the Tawana Brawley hoax. Al Sharpton is a vile irresponsible bigot who should not comment on anyone's statements be it Limbaugh or Don Imus.

Then we have Rev Jesse Jackson of Hymietown fame. While all of the talk radio hosts comments are made in the attempt of entertainment Jackson's comments were not in that context.

Rush stated that McNaab is overated. Plenty of people say this about Tony Romo, Eli Manning and Derek Jeter.

If you want a pass for the most absurd behavior join the far left.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Very disappointing book

After a brilliant start the book The Israel Test turns into a disappointment. The first part is an excellent expose of traditional Marxist antisemitism. The second part bogs down to Israel as an economic success in high tech. The story of how Israel's high tech partnerships with US companies is important.

The Marxist dopes like the Duck point to aid to Israel. However, Israel creates products and technologies that are vital to our future. When we talk of aid that goes to much of the rest of the planet we get zero. With all the money tossed at Pseudostinians from the demented far left of Europe the economy of the Pseudostinian territories is worse than ever. In fact all the aid winds up doing is creating a system of dependence on corrupt politicians be they Marxist or Jihadis hacks.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is Gilder correct

The author of the Israel test and Mr Beamish have pointed to an interesting theory about reflexive Marxist anti-semitism. Jews tend to be Entrepreneurs and thus commies
tend to vent their usual imbecilic Jooo mania in terms of class enemies. In practice as pointed out by others Marxism causes Jews to flee in places like Ethiopia, Cuba and now Venezuela.

I see Marxism as a fundamentalist death cult with a sinister calculated plan of deception and deceit to foster global hegemony. Antisemitism is a valuable tool for the Bug Eyed zealots to use to form Entryist alliances with Nazi and Jihadis.

The plan

1) Divorce Communism from its history by re branding it or blaming its body count on Mao, Stalin or Pol Pot.

2) Lie about its history of treason and knowingly creating layers of fake martyrs
in its effort to undermine the USA

3) Using and abusing hatred of Jews and Israel to form entryist alliances with Nazis and Jihadis.

4) The false promotion of the environmental movement as an alternative route to power.

5) Infiltration of the Democratic Party to an extent that its members spend more time promoting and protecting thugs like Daniel Ortega than their own districts.

6) Turning higher ed into an academic gulag.

7) Promoting fake conspiracy theories such as 9-11 fantasies, omnipotent Israel lobbies, Zionist media monopolies and Holocaust Industries.

8) Perversion of art into cartoon like political expressions. Where are the depictions of Communist Treason in the USA? At least action films can kill a few commies or even depict a fraction of their evil. Their is more historical truth in Rambo three than in the Front.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Nobel Fiasco

What has Obama done for the cause of Peace? Obama has not done much other than promote himself and propose some idiotic ideas. The Nobel Peace prize has hurt his image as he seems more than ever a dullard that cares more about what some pompous lefties in Europe think than Albert Workingman looking for a job.

Obama doesn't talk about jobs. He has no plan to get America working. He knows that this is his only chance to get health care reform. The polls are looking bad and democrats know it.

Obama is from the University Marxist school of dementia. Americans first and foremost want to work. However, when tax bills go through the roof it kills jobs.

Even some union members at work who voted for Obama are looking at sticker shock tax rates. The insurers and the medical professionals are balking. About the only group that remains quiet are lawyers who will sue with any plan.

Will Charlie Rangel please retire? It would be a noble act of a person who has been a scoundrel and a clown for decades. Maybe his friends Fidel or Ortega can give him a nice villa with servants.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Dementia of the Duck

Our friend Poultry seems to have a fixation on the term Kahanist. Kahanists wish to create a theocracy in Israel. They are very rare, but are very outspoken. MZ is a Kahanist who values the company of communists.

The term Kahanist does not apply to German Catholics or Christian supporters of Israel.Nor does the term apply to an outspoken advocate of secular law.

Commies are fond of using a variety of inaccurate labels to obscure their Jooooo Mania.Likudnick, Neocon, Kahanst, Zionist are some examples of the words they use interchangeably with Jooooo.

They are also fond of pretending Communists are just typical joooos who disagree with the status quo. Renegade Testicle has made false claims of Zionist Nazi ties while ignoring Communist-Nazi alliances. Outspoken anti Zoinist Finkelstein pretends hs Maoism is an inconvenient detail. Prof Demento Kovel merely writes books complaining that anticommunism is a form of mental illness.

Jews should view Communists in the same manner as Black people view the KKK. Communsts of Jewish heritage are modern Capos and should be treated accordingly.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Black Players Will Not Play For Limbaugh

Perhaps someone told Jamarcus Russel that he is playing for Limbaugh. His performance against the Giants was dreadful. The coaching was dreadful and on a couple of sacks they were out coached. Russel is the worst QB is ever saw. I have seen the great ones like Dan Fouts have a bad day and throw multiple interceptions. However, I have never seen a QB look clueless. Of course it would help if the Raiders spent the cash and brought in Jim Fassel who has a record of developing QB's or at least in the case of Kerry Collins rebuilding his career.

In defense of Russel his Offensive line stinks. His WR's are very raw and Heyward Bey and Murphy are projects who need time. The Giants did not throw Steve Smith to the wolves and Sinorce Moss would likely start on the Raiders. Their TE is an above average player. The RBs are likely better than they have shown.

The players who said they wouldn't play for Limbaugh are fools. A look at the Redskins, Raiders and Bucs shows teams in disarray. The Rams are a royal mess but that was not the coaches fault. Who has been drafting players like Leonard. Chris Long needs to get going. The Chiefs and Lions appear to be rebuilding. The Rams need
a lot of help starting with the GM.

Limbaugh is smart enough to let football men rebuild his team. Exhibit A Bill Parcells rebuilds the Cowboys from jokes to a decent team. Owner Jerry Jones brings in distractions and the team is declining. Tony Romo is over rated. Felix Jones is a great player who can't stay healthy. You can torch the secondary with ease.

Another example of an owner getting too involved is Dan Snyder. He did best when he let Gibbs run the show. Jim Zorn would be a great coordinator and his QB can be developed with solid coaching. All that money spent on Haynesworth is crazy as the team needs offensive lineman.

Limbaugh said Mcnaab is over rated because of race. How many analysts have said Eli Manning was over rated because of his relatives. How many said that about Chris Simms
is one of many QB's who could start for the Raiders.

I disagree with Rush on McNaab who has had injury issues. The Black QB thing is largely a thing of the past. If anything the NFL places too much emphasis on big arms like Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russel and not enough emphasis on savvy or heart like Chad Pennington or Steve McNair. You draft a QB and at least you should get some Offensive lineman to protect him and a coach or a veteran to mentor him.

Mentors are an over looked factor in the NFL. The league is amazed at the production of the NY Giants recievers. However, the fact is Keenan McCardel worked with Mario Manningham in camp. On the Defensive side last year Sam Madison and RW McQuarters worked with the Giant DBs. The Chiefs and Lions seem to grasp this and the Raiders do not. Would the young Raiders WR's benefit from Amani Toomer's mentor ship. It certainly helped Smith and Hixon and would be a greater help than Javon Walker.

Football players play for organizations more than owners. Those that assume Limbaugh
could make the Rams worse are in error.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Obama will end the gay ban in the military

I am surprised this did not happen sooner. However, as the people most apt to be annoyed with this are already annoyed beyond repair Obama is seeking to boost support in the gay and far left community.

In general the far left community has always been deceitful about gay rights. There are plenty of gay antisemites who parrot popular leftist cliches about Israel in favor of Psuedostinians who persecute gays. Gays were mistreated under Castro, Mugabe and in many other places. These facts send Gay leftists up a wall as they pretend the sum of all evil is Pat Robertson. The fact remains that while militant gays scream about the the Catholic Church and other denominations, these same denominations treat the sick and the dying. In an extreme example the Anglican Church is on the verge of a split because the far left tried to impose its will in this area.

Gays have always been in the military. In an ideal world there would be no need for don't ask don't tell. The matter would be discussed discreetly and be handled as a matter of discretion. The non fraternization rules that govern other federal workers should be enforced gay or not.

The times are changing and in reality this policy especially when non military contractors such as interpreters should have been changed long ago. A gay Arabic or Urdu interpreter could do the job just as well if not better than a straight interpreter. The reality is that a gay interpreter would likely provide a reliable interpretation especially considering how Jihadist types want to kill them.

I understand how military employment is much different from working at Dairy Queen. People at Dairy Queen do not live together or form the type of bonds that military personnel do. In fact even law enforcement officers form closer bonds with coworkers than other professions. In my own unit I have been surprised at the crass bigotry by the same people aimed at gays who would skin you alive for saying the N word. Some of the more odious claims is that they have "gaydar" or that gays work in certain professions. This is odd because our friend Justin is a Vietnam Vet lives in Texas and as far as I know never went to a Broadway Show or attended a Barbara Streisand concert. I worked in the fashion industry for over ten years, lived in Greenwich Village, attended over 100 Broadway shows and am related to Streisand. The prejudice against gays is frightening in that people assume people are gay and the converse and have no idea who is gay or not.

Obama is going to try immigration reform after health care. He will be a one term disaster. His saving grace is that Jimmy Carter will always look worse.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Do Euros really want Peace

The point raised by Gilder in the Israel test is something I have always stated. Commies really do not want Peace in the Middle East. The aid from the far left hurts the cause of Peace in the region.

The Pseudostinans recieve ample foreign aid and have failed to build an economy. The aid strengthens Marxist hacks in the PA and Jihadist loons in Hamas and is used as a spoils for corrupt leaders.

The Pseudostinian people are capable of building an economy, but the best way to weaken corrupt violent movements is to cut off the foreign aid. The Psuedostinian people would have to rebuild the economy.

If the Euroleft cared than the Aid should be restricted to food and medicine and distribute it without locals. The Euroleft cares more about Popular front alliances with jihadist and Nazi types than their sacred Pseudostnians

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Who is a Joooooooooo

Most of us laugh at this game when played by Howard Stern. However, at a certain point
it does not become funny.

The Editrix in her own way points out that Dr Yeagley does have an odd patern with wondering who is and is not a Jew. Dr Yeagley is not an anti semite. He does have huge issues in other areas specifically with Black people.

If we go back in anyone's family tree long enough we will find some odd ends. My own grandfather was a troubled man who abandoned his family. If we search in our family tree we find all types of scoundrels and just regular folk. In America and with intermarriage the bio of any third generation immigrant probably reads like a decent Mitchner novel.

The obsession with who is a Jew is almost entirely a Communist and wack job Nazi past time. Does anyone care that Joan Collins and Harrison Ford are half Jewish. Commies contort like Linda Blair with Corporate Zionist media cabals. There are all types of odd theories about media owners and neocon cabals.

At the end of the day these people blather and sound like idiots to the rest of us.
The morale of the story is that if you want to blather on about Joooish conspiracies
add a touch of Marx and stay amongst your kind in a University gulag.

Speaking of oddities if the number of commies in the USA is around 1%, how do they become exponentially over represented in Universities. Faculty selection star chambers unlike Media conspiracies are quite real.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Okay All You Experts

There was a recent story about the lunatic ruler in Iran allegedly being Jewish. Dr Yeagley jumped on this story and believed so called unknown web experts and unknown authors with no knowledge. We have been over this territory before with how to scientifically verify birth certificates. In the case of Dr. Yeagley, he is more interested in proving his biases than facts.

1) An article in the Guardian debunked this story.
2) The basic Iranian ID document, shenasnameh lists both parents religion, wife's religion as well as that of all a person's children. When the document has this information on it why even bother guessing about religion when it is there?
3) This lunatics mother is a Syeda. Syed means that this person is a direct descendant of Mohammad. A person is Jewish if his mother is Jewish or if one has converted. The argument should be effectively ended.

However, for the Nazi types who insist on defining any person with any Jewish blood as Jewish we will go further.

According to the Guardian

1) The suffix jian does not infer a person is Jewish. Muslim names also use this prefix as well. The last three letters ian or yan often is strongly associated with Armenians who tend to be Christians not Jews.

2) The name in question does not mean Prayer Shawl it has more to do with carpet manufacturing. This is not a trade that according to this source was a Jewish vocation.

Never ever believe unknown web experts when it comes to foreign ID. A typical dumb commie rant.

Israel is a racist state because it places religion on its ID documents.

Fact Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan amongst other countries do the same thing. In fact in Lebanon they spell out what type of Christian or Muslim you are.

The moral of this story is don't believe everything you read. In this case the article was really more comedic than factual.

The descent of Bad Eagle

The Dr continues his never ending quest to hit rock bottom. No doubt his appearances on the Political Cesspool which features David Duke, Nazis and Stormfronters will help him become a freak.

Those of us who are familiar with the Dr. are disappointed. Bad Eagle was advertised as a site where American Indians and their Conservative Allies could exchange ideas. Almost all of my posts were in the Jewish sections and I really did not see the mindless hatred that comes from the site. I claimed that Bad Eagle has evolved into Storm Front Lite. The truth is likely closer to what Mac claims that it always was Stormfront Lite. The reason it was not readily apparent was that many talented posters who did not share the Dr's bugaboos gave the site crediblty.

The Dr is upset that Front Page Magazine no longer publishes his articles. David Horowitz is many things, but above all even his critics note he is quite sharp. Dr Yeagley deserved to dropped when his mindless racism became too apparent to ignore. Front Page Magazine is a very mainstream well run site, reflective a true man of vision who delivers the goods. I have donated to this site several times and plan to do so again in the near future.

I am not a Conservative. I respect their love of country and agree with them most of the time. These lunatic fools that claim they are paleoconservatives make a mockery
of the term Conservative. The Conservatives I know like Mr B, AOW, Elmer and many others loathe people like David Duke and the Stormfront loser types.

Now many of us rightly are upset at Obama for valid reasons. I went to the DC Tea Party because the country is headed in the wrong direction. Yet even though it is headed in the wrong direction we need to look at those around us closely.

Even though the Duck represents a fowl ( pun intended) ideology, his views on Yeagley are correct. He is a hateful bigot who just happens to have a soft spot for Jews. No doubt he will claim that my criticism of his racial arson causes hatred of Jews.

The lesson of Yeagley is that a true Patriot loves his country and understands we are a nation bound by ideas. My nation has no second class citizens, Black or otherwise.

What has Yeagley done with his career? He was a troubled academic and has become a pundit on the Political Cesspool. He has one very mediocre book that is a collection of his articles. As a pundit he can no longer be viewed as mainstream given his recent posts and appearances of a widely known racist radio program. One can talk about Rush or Imus and the conversation mostly is about questionable attempts at humor. The Political Cesspool is the home of David Duke, Prof MacDonald and not surprisingly Pat Buchanan.

Of course Yeagley might ask the same question of me. I do not aspire to punditry. I serve that which I love, the American People, every day. My career is dedicated to upholding the law. I wouldn't trade one day of public service for fame and fortune.
I was walking with a date through Chinatown when a woman cried Officer Beakerkin and hugged me with tears running down her eyes. I had forgotten her but she never forgot the officer who listened. One can not put a price on moments like that. Such moments come from the heart and are far greater rewards to me than fame.

Second part.

Mr B states that the Rams are the worst team in the NFL and I am going with the Raiders. The Raiders may have won a game on luck, but will never go anywhere as long as Al Davis remains with the club. He was once a cutting edge visionary who has become stale. John Madden and Flores are long gone and even Gruden didn't stay long.

The Rams, Lions, Chiefs are headed in the right direction and the jury is out with the Bucs. I still see Denver playing in a lousy division over their head and the Cowboys somewhat over rated. I do not think they match up with the Eagles or the Giants. I still see positives in the jets loss to the best team in the NFL. They held the Saints to 10 points on offense and Sanchez will get better. I see Braylon Edwards signing with the Jets as a free agent.

My team is still the Giants. They beat two 0 and four teams and two teams that are 2-2. They play the Raiders and have a real test with the Saints. They will lose to the Saints who have a bye week to prepare. It should be simple cover Smith and make Boss and the erratic Manningham beat you, unless Nicks is real.