Thursday, October 29, 2009

United In Hate

This is an excellent book especially for those who are not news Junkies. I did not learn very much new items from the book. This is because the author quotes some books I am very familiar with.

The truth is the author and myself both call Communism what it is a "Death Cult". The first part where the warped mental processes of Communists are discussed is valuable.Death cultists range from the soulless comic book cafeteria Commissar Renegade Bunion to the more functional poultry from MA.

Communists worship death and destruction. Ren knows all about the refugees from Caracass, but will tell everyone the preposterous story that it is all identical lies. He is well aware that the Jewish community is being targeted by thugs aligned with the government. The more brutal and megalomaniacal Chavez gets the greater the support from Death cultists.

Commies conveniently ignore or rationalize death caused by their own while demanding absolute perfection from non Communists. My advice to non Commies when dealing with death cultists is remember you are dealing with religious fundamentalists. Kick them to the curb with their crimes, history and hypocrisy. Political criminals such as Nazis, Commies, Anarchists ( human cartoons too stupid to be evil), racial power clods, jihadists and yes Kahanists deserve to get ridiculed. Theories are only as good as their applications.

Lets see Christians build Orphanages and Commies create orphans and widows. Guns don't kill people, Commies with guns kill people. Commies care about working people so they starve them to death.

This is a great book for most. The author would be performing a greater public service if he would create a before and after book with actual communist histories.


Ducky's here said...

"United in Hate" --- the story of the kahanists and the John Hagee ministry?

Ducky's here said...

Lets see Christians build Orphanages and Commies create orphans and widows.


Easy Beak, you're starting to sound like one of those right wing clowns who justified creating havoc in Iraq by saying it was okay because we unclogged the toilets at a couple of schools.

There is no end to the pathetic self congratulatory stupidity of the right.

Ducky's here said...

Actually I'm not hating at all today, Beak.

You remember the old Uncle Floyd Show? Come on man, you claim to be a real New Yorker, of course you do.

Remember the Illegal Aliens bit during "Tom Cavell's Ice Cream College on the Air"? Insane dada.

You kinda remind me of Looney Skip Rooney, that's a compliment.