Wednesday, October 21, 2009

United in Hate

Thus far this book is a brilliant look into the demented world of bird brained Marxists like our friend Poultry. In reality Commies are Borg like herd animals devoid of higher thought and individuality. They must all conform to what the party line is or they become nonpeople. The truth is that commies are nonpeople.

We have a wide variety of people who read this site. Sometimes we agree and at times we don't, but this is the reality of life in a functioning society. While commies moan about Faux News and Ditto heads creating mindless herd animals they are guilty of projecting their own flaws on their betters. The mindless Gnome Chimpanzee talks of corporate media but gets abnesia when discussing state owned and subsidized media. Gnome also has much of his book sales done by academic coercion by death cult henchmen in University Gulags.

We can look at these pages and see times where many of us disagree with each others because as Americans ( not you Poultry) we are individuals. We are the product of a culture that celebrates individual rights and freedoms.

Even our blogs are filled with human stories of real lives. When one looks at a commie one sees an inferior. They are devoid of humanity and are lesser beings. They are slaves to a death cult devoid of individuality and logic. History and facts become coloring books. Never mind the facts about the actual life of Trotsky. Ema Goldman was a premature Neocon. All the witnesses to the mess in Caracas are merely
telling identical lies to please government officials. Indigenous people are sacred unless they are in the path of Marxism or are Jews.

Glazov describes the malady of Marxism correctly.

One can find plenty of decent folks who are Muslims that share our American values.
They share our concerns and seek the same freedoms we do. Communists seek to impose
their vulgar fetid system on us by any means possible. To a commie, the ends always
justify the means. No lie is too twisted to use, No crime is unimaginable if it serves the cause.

If the Duck wishes we will start a thread on the question if one can be a Marxist and remain an American.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, if I'm a Marxist (and economically I certainly accept some of his ideas) then where does that put renegade eye on the scale? He's much further left than I am.

You still hangout with "Jughead" Glazov over at Frontpage?
The level of conversation at GayEagle get a little to intellectual for your poor muddled head?

The Pagan Temple said...

Well, they are not all the same, are they? The main problem would be their rejection of the concept of property rights. Oh sure, they will insist that you have the right to own personal property, like clothing, a car, personal items, etc., and maybe even your own home, but what good is that if they don't accept that concept as a constitutional right, to the point anything you have might be taken from you at the slightest whim, for whatever reason?

Another problem is their obsession with internationalism, but hell, anymore that doesn't make them much different from most Democrats and for that matter more Republicans than you might realize.

Mainly though, whatever their intentions might be, the whole system is flawed because there are no checks and balances set up in the system, which you might say is another reason that can't be good Americans. But there again, without checks and balances, would Republicans be any better? I won't even bother to ask that question about the Democrats.

I still say you read Ren wrong though. At least he allows dissent on his blog. He gets pissed off at me sometimes, but hell, who don't? I think I've had you spinning your head a time or two (like maybe right now).

So you two need to kiss and make up, so maybe I can win a Nobel Prize next year, which I would deserve as much as Obama.

beamish said...

I don't deny leftists their individuality. Many individual ex-leftists have slogged their way through enough real life experience and / or academic training in rational inquiry / logical methodology to find that there really is no tangible distinction between leftism and willful stupidity. The wake up call eventually comes, usually on the precipice of unavoidable disasters such as when Ducky's fellow progressive leftists that ran Nazi Germany thought they could maintain the Ardennes Offensive because their self-deluding Potemkin inventory paperwork said they had fuel reserves. Of course, had Hitler's Third Reich labor revolution not failed militarily, ideologically the imaginary fuel would have been stolen by (Jewish) international capitalists.

Leftists can become ex-leftists, but it isn't so much a break with the party line so much as it is a realization that they were never truly leftist to begin with and that they're actually too damned intelligent to be a leftist. For every David Horowitz that wakes up and realizes they were inanely wrong in their leftist past, there's scores of lifetime right-wingers that can say "well, no shit Sherlock."

Leftists, as Ducky demonstrates every day, lack the capacity for rational thought.