Saturday, October 03, 2009

Where is Bert out Web Expert?

This blog is the unofficial Beamish in 12 HQ. We need to come up with strategies for
the 12 campaign. Barak Obama has the inane Pepsi knock off logo. We have the Beamish gas mask. Now thanks to some creative scientist who made a gas mask bra we can have rallies that are a cross between Tea Parties and Greatful Dead Concerts

New Ad

Mr Beamish demonstrates the proper way to negotiate with terrorists

Farouk: All you infidels die
Mr Beamish: ........
Farouk: You Americans die !!!! We mock your great hero Dave Thomas
Mr Beamish:............
Farouk: We will enslave your women and kill.....
Ali: Farouk what is this red dot it keeps following me
Farouk: You have one too it is strange
Mr Beamish: Send regards to Allah. Hope you enjoy the 72 virgins that all look like Madeline Allbright


Anonymous said...

lol! ;-)

beakerkin said...


We must get to work on the Beamsh in 12 campaign. We already have our logo and now all we need is our campaign slogan

Tough times deserve a tough President vote Beamish he kiscks #%$%^&


Bring the war on terror back home
to the TERRORISTS vote Beamish.

Anonymous said...

How about, "Let's end the War on Terror, Nuke Iran!"

We need a slogan contest...

beamish said...

I'm starting to feel like the message of my campaign for the Presidency in 2008 never resonated.

I wanted everyone to run for President in 2012. Obama has proved that any unqualified asshole can win. You don't even have to be an American citizen.

So please. Berty in '12. Beakerkin in '12. Hell, even Ducky in '12.

As far as slogans, I still like the Kakistocratic DystopianParty mantra....

"Make America better by making the world much worse."

The Merry Widow said...

G*D bless and MARANATHA!