Saturday, October 31, 2015

RIP Al Molinaro

He was known to most as Al from Happy Days. He was also Murray the Cop from the Odd Couple. I preferred his as the loveable Murray the Cop. It's sad to see so many icons of TV and film pass away. He was good friends with his cast mates from the Odd Couple until the very end.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

RIP Maureen OHara

It is sad that many film legends are no longer with us. Most of the actors who starred with John Wayne are gone. Off the top of my head only Kirk Douglas and Ron Howard are still with us. Ohara was a close friend of Wayne along with Claire Trevor. His type was Hispanic women but apparently he did run around with Marlene Dietrich.

It was nice to see Ohara return to the screen as John Candys mom. It was sad to see John Candy go long before Ohara.
It would have been sweet to see her and Trevor in the Shootist.It was good to see Jimmy Stewart and John Caradine in the last film.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The NFC Least

The Division is a mess from top to bottom. The Giants offensive line is one player away from being among the better teams. Unfortunately they can't rush the passer. Moore can rush the passer but is a mess and liable to hurt you with penalties. JPP is a jerk and likely has played his last game here. Ayers is a decent player who can't seem to stay healthy.Beason, Kennard and Amukamara are injury prone. Other than Shane Vereen catching the ball the Running backs are ordinary but Jennings has a heart the size of NYC.

Dallas has a pass rush and a world class offensive line. Romo is injury prone and Dez Bryant is injury prone and disruptive. Written is above average everyone else is ordinary. McFadden can be excellent for a few games but the wear and tear get to him.

Philadelphia can beat you on any given day. They have a decent pass rush and ordinary corners. The interior of their line is subpar.

Washington has some interesting pieces but isn't there yet. I still think RGlll deserves another shot.

Anyone can win this Division.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Obama and the future revolution

Within thirty years there will be a revolution in the United States. The cause of this revolution is the Hugo Chavez precedents of a circus clown President. The unlawful tactics and abuse of power have ruined the trust of the American
People in government.

The endless fiascos, the abuse of power and total convivance of much of the elite media has our nation headed towards a civil war in the future. The left has gone way too far and the protests against police should not even be labeled as Black. Those Blacks that work or are rational grasp the police have a tough but important job. This is not even the ranting of genuine inner city folks. This is Hollywood hypocrites living in gated communities and Marijuana Marxist goons like Obama and the Ninja Turdle Mayor Dumblassholio. This is bankrolled by Soros and covered up by his
Amen corner in the media.

This is a failed President who allegedly is an expert on Constitutional law failing basics. Ignoring whole sets of laws that he does not like and claiming those he does are settled is imperial. I need no lectures from amateurs on prosecutorial discretion. I have championed that concept long before Obama. However the bar has been set way too low.

The Lerner affair is the grossest abuse of power by the Obamarhoids. The DOJ investigates a former employee and finds nothing wrong in the worst abuse of power in US governmental history. Apparently if you are on the left abuse power and obstruct justice it is peachy. Lerner is not free by a long shot. There are civil suits and whole ranges of behaviors that will make the remainder of her days miserable. As she served Obama and persecuted Zionist groups she should be greeted as Kapo number one and be given the Hitler salute at any gathering in the community.

The answer of Obama to the worst economic crisis is to open the immigration floodgates for jobs that don't exist. The whole goal is to turn Texas and Floria into democratic strongholds so we will be stuck with one party rule and corruption.

The government under Obama is unaccountable and imperial. It will not happen in my lifetime. These abuses of power make anything imagined by Nixon trivial. There is some irony in my saying this. At work I frequently am the buffer between governance and imperial abuse. I frequently fix things off the rails. When people are Kojaks of the mind and run off the rails I can be counted upon for a fair review in the grossest of errors. I have fought for accountability and rational use of power.

When law is arbitrary and power is being abused we are headed for some rough times ahead.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A strange loan

I lent a supervisor who is journeying home an odd relic. In my wallet is the Torah on microfilm. It was given to me by a Lubavitcher shortly before 9-11. He looked at me and said Something to the effect of danger seems to follow you.
Put this in your wallet. The path ahead is dangerous. I looked at him. He said put it in your wallet so it will go with you.

Days later indeed I was on hand for 9-11. After three initial energy to run a strange feeling came over me. The proclamation of faith in conning of the savior. I envisioned at that moment resignation or sarcasm.

My boss is journeying home to bury his father. He made the choice to end life support. All of us answer life differently. I know that is not my way. When trouble came to my home I threw my body in a way to protect the children. I could have looked for my daughter but protecting my grandaughter came first.

As my boss left I told him to carry the item home. I can't explain it but it has a calming effect


Truthers are communist antisemites. They are fond of demanding absurd levels of proof and absurd inferences that aren't meaningful. Truthers use the same techniques as Holocaust deniers. Then they pretend that these toxic
Agenda driven games are merely logic driven attempts to get to the bottom of the facts.

Art Bell noted Truthers are obsessed and antisemitic. The fact that the Holocaust Museum shooter is directly linked to trutherism is never held against Commies. Unlike imagined links to Fox News of your average shooter these links are direct smoking links.

While the media brings up Trumps birtherism it never gets around to holding idiots like Rosie Odumbell accountable. She should be hounded at every opportunity like a member of the KKK. Truthers should be denied tenure and if tenured asked to retire. This should also be grounds for an immediate psychological evaluation on any job dealing with the public. This is a pathological mental defect attempting first amendment games.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A lesson learned quickly

My daughter unfortunately asks for my help with her homework. The teacher has an abnormal fixation on technology reports in Current events. My daughter had a friend print a news article. Unfortunately the article was from Alex Jones. I gave her a lesson in what conspiracy kooks think. Even people with very little history of reading news can discern that truthers are not to be taken seriously.

I comment on Mikes America with a bore named Elwood. He has claimed that there was a 9-11 cover up. When asked multiple times he refuses to name who did it. Most likely it fits the pattern of Jews. This is the same nut who sees no Obama problems in the IRS, Ben Ghazi. It seems that low IQ Jew haters love Obama.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Football Not as Fun as it used to be

Maybe it's me but players don't seem to be having fun out there. Yes sports are a business. However it is rare to see true passion for the game. The Mannings are more akin to professors. Maybe in all the dollars we forgot about people from nowhere who have a passion for the game.

The Cowboys are losing and other than Sean Lee did anyone care? Where are the football mavens calling for the head of the NFLs Napoleon Chip Kelley. Where are the jokes about the Lions being so bad that Snaggle Puss refused to be their mascot.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Junk Food Culture

The sad part is that Mom and Pop shops become a thing of the past what can we share with our kids and grandkids. I remember going to a barbershop with my grandfather. The places we went are long gone except for Nathan's in Coney Island, Katz Deli and Yonah Schimmel. Even mighty chains fall but only some of them are missed. I miss Roy Rodgers, Arthur Treacher and Tads Steakhouse.

The passage of brands is not exactly subtle. I tried to fool Cheekie by switching out Pringles for Chex Mix. That didn't work at all and the kids asks for it. I switched from Mountain Dew around Cheekie to Hawaian Punch and that did not work. I tried eating dried Papaya and apricots but the kid hates them. Oddly the kid like Pecans which is kind of silly seeing a toddler munching away on that.

I remember my grandparents and parents brands. It would be nice to sit on a restaurant owned by a family. This is why I love the Greek Dinners so much. Until we get into a new age where the little guy has a chance it's junk food culture.

Did I mention I loathe Subway, Au Bon Pain and Pret a Manger. Only the last one is worth a visit. Give me Potbelly or
a real old Blimpie any day. How many of our memories are tied up in brands. It was good to see my daughter play the board game life. Many of the oldies like Dungeon Dice and Statego are rarely seen.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Haloween Whoper

After three days of green poop, I am starting to rethink artificial coloring as just stupid. I am not as against preservatives or flavor enhancers but these dyes are just silly. Three days for a item to be broken down just doesn't
Sound right. I would still drink my Diet Dew without the coloring. In fact since I learned about it I cut back and switched to other beverages.

Chemical colors is not worth the headache or likely health issues.

Friday, October 09, 2015

This is a test

Our minds are very strange sometimes. We remember certain things and not others. Even people not born when the crime occurred remember Robert Chambers. The same people don't remember the name of the thug who executed two cops. We remember Baruch Goldstein but forget almost all the names of Muslim terrorists.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The NFL is still a game

In life some of us like a good underdog story. We have had a few in NYC sports. I was annoyed when the Giants cut Hynowski for an unknown. Fullbacks are a dying breed and although Hynowski excelled he played infrequently. His replacement Nikita Whitlock plays on offense, defense and special teams. He is a decent pass rusher and got his first NFL sack. It is underdogs like Whitlock who despite being undrsized still gets the job done. If he were in NE with Belechick he would be a household name. The Patriots are masters of moving people into other positions. For now we can enjoy watching the few plays on offense and defense.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Lord of the Flies

I want to talk of logic and lynch mobs. Lynch mobs are not logical and if you find yourself in the center of the storm move quickly. Lynch mobs react to rumor and speculation. One does not argue with a mob. They do not burn themselves out. They are usually the actions of drunken loser types without jobs.

Even having a rational conversation is impossible when you are dealing with this element. Case in point all of us die
At some certain point. While the circumstances of each death are open to conjecture the results of autopsies are not typically mysterious. Great conspiracies only exist in fiction.

A local dies before her time. Are we certain about her family medical history. All types of accidents of varying types are possible. This is not the case of a car crash victim or the death by obvious cause. Until the coroner speaks everything is speculation. If the body is released and buried and there are no arrests one needs to let it rest.

If I were dealing with more literate types explaing the tabloid cycle and the absence of a story is not apt to work with people who don't read much. Tabloid Journalism 1001.

1) Beautiful victims sell papers. The public likes its victims pretty.

2) Obnoxious bad guys from wealth sell papers. All of you remember Robert Chambers. What was the name of the slob that shot the cops who were executed in NYC

3)Readers like a lost love angle. A love triangle angle sells papers. Jilted at the altar sells papers. Shot for stinking up the bathroom doesn't.

The only thing the story lacked was a body part joke or a sex tape. If you can work in a cute dog or cat it is a plus. There was no story because there was no arrest and no proof of foul play.

Human Nature

Humans are capable of both good and evil.We are imperfect and nothing ever really floors me. As someone who was falsely accused of a great crime, I indeerstand this personally. I was fortunate to have a union behind me. I remember the looks of people who to this day swore I got off on great lawyering. Even though the facts spoke loudly and clearly in my favor some to this day think I skated.

People watch TV shows and think they are all Kojaks or Quinvy. In reAlity actual work is done on longer scales. Thus
I urge untrained people not to speculate when things hit close to home. Even if the fActs speak loudly we must await
The efforts of a flawed system.

We never really know people. We kid ourselves we know Billy Bob up the block. We know this person only within the context of our interactions. We never see the full range of possibilities even with those we live with. Given the right circumstances many of us are capable of anything. We should also know that our justice system is flawed and its biases help those with money and hurts eccentrics. When dealing with eccentrics they frequently can be convicted of things they never did.

Eccentrics are those people who live in their own world. Few of them have the social skills to know this. They tend to overestimate their intelligence and law enforcement has field days with them.

Those who are reading this should view this as general information. My situation remains the same and I Amin no trouble of any kind. The best you can do when there is a cloud in your community is say you don't know. In reality we never know anyway. Innocent men go to jail and the guilty skate.