Monday, August 29, 2016

RIP Gene Wilder

I really like his work from the zany films with Richard Pryor to the Mel Brooks collaborations. He made the underrated Frisco Kid. It would have been fun to see John Wayne in it. Instead we got Harrison Ford in an early role. Surprisingly Willy Wonka was not a box office hit but became bigger via tv viewings. That film should have never been remade. Sadly Alzhiemers robbed us of his wit in his later years.

It is sad that Richard Pryor and he made only four films together. If they had a larger body of work they might be in the same conversation as Martin and Lewis. Richard Pryor was in declining health. Allegedly Trading Places was written for Pryor and Wilder.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Terrorists are not stupid

Terrorists have refrained from striking the USA near the election. They do not want to turn the election over to Trump. After he loses it will be business as usual. Obama smokes pot and plays golf. Bill chases skirts and counts cash. Hillary attempts to govern in between temper tantrums.

Pretty much short of an illegal alien killing a photogenic female Trump is over.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


When the mind snaps we have unusual patterns. The officers are overwhelmed and I am repairing cases from an officer whose mind snapped. I was reluctant to do this. The top boss said to use my skill set. I told her that I can put the cases together and add some guess work.

It all boils down to inhuman treatment.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Even more bizarre

Now my father who is not a patient gets treated by my Dr. This is almost absurd. My doctor was laughing about it. If I eat on a schedule and don't snack I might not need medication.

The resident who took care of me recognized my father in seconds. She also saw the weight loss. I told her unlike most I changed certain things. The top bosses told me to ease up on the numbers. There was one time I fell behind and the top boss said take lunch. I told him I was three back can't. He directed the boss to pull two cases off. I really have to break for lunch. I looked at the top boss and told him I would never milk diabetes for easier work. He told me nobody comes in the day after being discharged from the hospital. He was in the room when I offered to come in after being discharged at 8:00 am.

I got the reminder that milking sick leave does not include sick people. I assured the boss I could do a full caseload. Our medical people said to reduce the workload. It is inspirational to the younger officers to see me lead a charge.

Monday, August 15, 2016

New Medicine Sucks

The new way of practicing medicine sucks.The government will get all into your face if you smoke or drink. Funny they have no problem getting in the face of smokers. How much unprotected sex hand out condoms and don't judge.

Don't bring your medications. They reworked the doses anyway.

Getting your treatment and tests ordered by a Dr you have never met sucks.

Welcome to low quality expensive invasive Obama care. The media remains silent as Obama turns the country to crap. How often does Obamas Doctor get asked about drugs.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Not a given

Ultimately the only real chance Trump has of winning is via massive terrorist attack. Hillary is beholden to Obama and this will make a bad situation worse. Obama is far and away the dumbest and most incompetent President. His dishonesty and arrogance are off the chart.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Mrs. Trumps Photos

I was expecting much worse than these photos. They even appear to have artistic merit. I am not bothered by them and in the small scale of things are meaningless. Now the left wing imbeciles point out that Trump married immigrant women. His second wife was from Georgia, but Marla Maples is largely a footnote. Trump married and had children with these women who were models. They were here legally and last anyone checked gainfully employed. I will contrast that with Hillary Clintons ethically challenged law practice and commodity trades.

I want to point out the names of the women Trump dated are easy enough to find. The media really made no effort to find similar ex girlfriends in Obamas past. In fact he has a history of making composites for his alleged biography. We still never got his transcripts or the real story how he was hired at a law school and was employed for twelve years and published nothing. He taught political courses and is in no definition a acholar or even articulate on any subject. We still don't have the Obama grades. We still don't have any evidence Onamas parents married or lived together. The marriage certificate was never located, no photos exist and no witnessss to the event have ever been located. There is a divorce. Had such a marriage taken place, he would have been arrested for bigamy. The government was aware of his wife in Africa. We don't have explanations of his relationships with Bill Ayers, Pastor Wright, Rashid Khalidi and his card carrying Communist mentor.

Please if there are naked photos of Hillary let the media keep these under wraps for aesthetic reasons. The media also seems to ignore evidence of Bill Clintons libido problems. At best his behavior is sophomoric, but there is sufficient evidence to suggest minimally he was a predator.

To the Muslim father.

I salute your sons sacrafice. It is the same as the sacrafice of many other families. To pretend that Islam has nothing to do with terror when people scream Allah Ahkbar while commiting yet another human rights attrocity is dishonest. Glad your son served with honor, but don't insult our intelligence.