Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back In The Hot Seat with Mr Beamish Round Two

Mr Beamish has asked for a second iterview and we are honored to conduct a second interview with Mr Beamish. Mr Beamish is the standard of skillful comedic quips in our community. However, he also is quite eloquent and on topic when the topic calls for it.

1 Most of us are well aware that you are a fan of the St Louis Rams. What are your thoughts on basketball, baseball, hockey.

2 Has free agency ruined football? Who has the worst football franchise over the last twenty years.

3 What should we do with North Korea and Iran,s nuclear ambitions?

4 Is Hugo Chavez a potentially more serious problem for the USA than the USA.

5 You are the artist who created Beakerambo. Is Beakerambo really a halfwit or does he just have a speech impediment.

6 What are your views on Liberation theology? Is Marx compatible with Christianity?

7 Are those on the far left mentally defective? I have yet to get answers from Weazie who is behind the great 9-11 conspiracy he advocates.

8 We have established that you are a comic book fan. What are your views on the Punisher and Daredevil?

9 What videogames are your favorites? Would you like to see a Mr Beamish themed video

10 Were the Godzilla movies fun or a bore?

11 Should the government eliminate student loans for majors that do not provide gainful employment like Sociology, Minority Studies and Anthropologies?

12 What are your views of the flat tax?

13 What are your thoughts on India? Should our Nation pursue a more pro-Indian foreign policy?

14 Is China a friend or foe, a mixture of both.

15 What are your views on agricultural and artistic subsidies?

16 Who is the most annoying celebrity?

17 St Louis is known for Barbeque, what are your views on barbequing the following items shrimp, lamb, venison and possum?

18 What crimes are suitable for the death penalty?

19 Do you own a shearling or leather jacket?

20 What are your views on meat substitutes?

21 Have you ever driven a tractor?

22 Who is the most annoying troll you have encountered so far?

23 Were you a fan of the A team?

24 Should speed limits be raised to 75 on rural interstate highways?

25 Who is your favorite pundit?

Monday, October 30, 2006


A good blog adapts with the times and is always fesh and enjoyable. My blog has been influenced by Talk Radio, other Blogs by the audience.

The widely popular interview segment was originally intended as a Mr Beamish vehicle.
We would do a wacky press conference ask about oddities such as grenade fishing or offroad golf and get funny responses. However, I had listened to the great Bob Grant and observed his straight ahead style. He doesn't throw softballs like Larry King, he remains a professional and one learns a thing or two.

While talk radio has expanded nationally it was a NYC phenomena in the early eighties. There was the legendary Bob Grant and a young upstart named Limbaugh. Limbaugh had a NYC only show that featured caller abortions. NYC residents would call and ask to be aborted. This did not play well nationally but we pay tribute to that segment here with troll abortions.

The best show for fun is still the Mark Levin show. Levin is similar to the great Bob Grant but has yet to master the art of interviewing. He has liberals call on a special line and smacks them around with great humor. Much of my responses to the Duck and other trolls are patterned after Levin and Grant.

The Blog Roast bit was a tribute to the Dean Martin Roasts. I used to enjoy watching them on a Friday Night. However, the era of big time Night club style comedians may be over.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

One of those dreaded next posts

Most wanted interviews

1Jason Pappas
2 Farmer John
3 Mustang
4 Mark Alexander
5 Kuhnkat
6 Woman Honor Thyself
7 Cubed
8 Batya of Shiloh Musings
9 Amil of Bad Eagle
10 Pim's Ghost

Our interview policy is anyone with a blog can request an interview except John Brown or Gertrude. We reserve the right not to interview, but it has never been used.

Friday, October 27, 2006

In the Hot Seat with Morgan

It is often harder to interview a friend like Morgan than to interview a Ducky or a Disgruntled Chemist. This is one of the rare times I get to interview someone who is from a similar cultural backround and political leanings as myself.

1 I never cease to be amazed at the monofocused obsession the far left has with Israel and the Jews. I have seen example after example of the basest mindless moronic comments eminating from the Duck, Weazie and others on the left. Have you experienced antisemitism? If so does it come from a particular political philosophy?

2 The frequent charge of the left is that Jews have dual loyalty issues. However, no group has a larger and more profound history of dual loyalty than the far left itself. What are your thoughts on this issue?

3 I have looked at the FBI hate crime index, I still can not find the hate crimes to match the hysteria of Ducky and CAIR. There are still roughly five times more anti-semitic crimes against Jews and Gay men than those commited against Muslims. Is this another example of the Duck getting it wrong.

4 Should we end the current focus on family based immigration and move towards a vocational based immigration in the future?

5 Should we require immigrants to obey our family laws? What should we do with polygamous unions?

6 What are your views of hidden taxes gasoline, phone taxes and users fees? Are these stealth tax increases.

7 What are your views of gasoline and cigarette taxes?

8 Should the USA seek better relations with India? Which countries are vital to our future economy?

9 What sports teams do you root for? What are your thoughts on Golf, Bowling and the new sport Grenade fishing?

10 Should racial and ethnic quotas be abolished? Should the Universities eliminate legacy prefferances as well?

11 Is drug abuse a medical or criminal problem?

12 What are you views of Rabbi Michael Lerner?

13 What are your views on Jews like Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein who seem to be prototype anti-semites? Are Jews who believe in Marx still Jews?

14 Is the liberal conservative chasm just Nationalists vs Internationalists? What are your thoughts on the UN?

15 What are your views on labor unions? Have they outlived their purpose?

16 Who is the funniest person on the web. Impertinent at FPM and Mr Beamish in our community have me in stitches. I am still laughing over Gert crying about a Mr Beamish quote " Get off my planet".

17 What are your views on hunting and fishing?

18 There is a insanity amongst the left and a while back I was accused of concealing my ethnicity? Why does the left seem to obsess over who is Jewish? I do not recall anyone making similar complaints about AOW or Elmer's Brother. I know they are not Jewish, but I do not see any similar demands over other bloggers ethnicity.

19 What are your picks for the three most under rated and over rated films of all time?

20 Do you believe in the death penalty for terrorists?

21 Should non citizens serving in Iraq get their citizenship and waitng times for relatives reduced. There are plenty of non-citizens serving in the US military.

22 What qualities do you view as important in a President?

23 Who is the most obnoxious celebrity?

24 What condiments do you put on a hot dog?

25 Should we place more emphasis on results over self esteem in our educational system?

Rushing to NYC

I will be on the road tonight. I will publish the interview questions for Morgan.

Lets see if we can coax Kuhnkat into a future interview.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Stephen Scwartz enigma

Most of us know the familiar enemies of civilization. We can spot Marxist clowns miles away. The cartoon Jihadis like the CAIR clowns are also obvious.

However, Stephen Schwartz is something different and how we react to people like him may speak vollumes about us. Stephen Schwartz is an American Muslim and brilliant author who is the head of the Center for Islamic Pluralism. The first thing is Schwartz is a patriot and a firm believer in Western Civ. He sees Islam playing a role in Western Civ and we can debate how large. He loves our traditions and our country and sees Islam as being part of our fabric.

He is 100% against all forms of terrorism and causes CAIR more headaches than we ever could. A CAIR clown can dismiss an AC as an Islamophobe but Schwartz presents another problem.

If the vast majority of Muslims were as wise and had the integrity of Stephen Schwartz we would not be where we are today. The late Richard Nixon in his book Beyond Peace cautioned us not to end up in a clash of civilizations with Islam. The clash has been largely forced upon us by Wahabi nuts and violent religious nuts who just have no desire to live in Peace.

I have been reading his articles for a while and have these observations. His articles challenge our assumptions, but we do not see enough Schwartz types speaking up.

Ducky Just so Hapens to Repeat the Company Line

Yesterday, the Duck was in rare form as the Marxist Malard just happened to repeat Communist party lines. He sides with Yuri Andropov over the elected President of the United States and he repeats the line about Cuban involvement in a Civil War in Angola to stem aparthied. He claims not to be a communist apologist but he amazingly takes the official party line.

In the Book End of Commitment Rafael Del Pino would tend to know just a tad more about Cuban Military invasion and abuses against the people of Angola, Eithiopia and Somalia than Ducky. Del Pino unlike the Duck was there and was a high ranking Cuban military leader. Del Pino was a Cuban patriot who was apolitical but the meglomania and incompetant brutality of Castro even forced this apolitical type to open his eyes. Ducky claims not to be an apologist for Castro, but readily repeats the party line at any moment.

" ...the air force becamethe favorite instrument of terror of the Cuban commanders. The Angolan people were subjected to the most criminal and merciless treatment by all the high ranking officers that paraded through the higher echelons of the Cuban forces in Angola....
.....We did become a mercenary Army serving the interests of Soviet Imperialism".

At the time of this fighting the far left said absoulutely zero about the Cuban mercenary armies. The tried to turn off all aid to Dr Jonas Savimbi and sell the Angolan people out to Marxist hegemony. John "Gomer" Kerry was the Sandinazi pitchman
and repeated Communist talking points. Sandinista and Cuban aid to Communist thug guerilas was ignored. Helicopter massacres of Indians using Pseudostinian and other mercenaries were also ignored. " Gomer" Kerry sold the people of Vietnam out and attempted to do the same to the Nicaraguan people and the people of Angola. Yet the media asked not one question about "Gomer" Kerry's support of yet another Communist thug regime.

"Our military intervention in Angola ranks as one of the greatest crimes commited by Fidel Castro, not only against the Angolan people but against the Cuban youth, whom he sent to the slaugherhouse, for no other reason but to satisfy the Napoleonic airs of his schitzophrenia".

This episode was ignored by the left and their Democratic henchmen who did everything in their power to tar Jonas Savimbi while ignoring the Cuban mercenaries who were paid for by the Soviet Union. A favorite tactic of the left is to react hysterical at any faults of our allies while playing stupid about the daily Crimes commited by Marxist henchmen.

Thus the Duck and others say not one word about daily crimes commited in Cuba, Vietnam, Zimbabwe or China. They do not take credit for the hell holes they have supported and in some cases helped to create. They do not say much about Islamo brutality and thugocracies at all. Instead they focus 100% of their scrutiny on the worlds only Jewish state. They repeat the fable of an indigenous people, a PR move made by the Communists and Nasser in the 1960's. Drive dem Jooooos into the sea only played well with Neonazis. Now with the concoction of a contrived ethnicity they could revert to their anti-semitic norms with the laughable claim of indigenous people. How generic Arabs prone to violence with a 1400 year history of colonialism, Jim Crowe and local slaughter against dem Jooooos and other minorities remains a mystery. Even more mysterious is that Arabs allready posses an abundance of stolen land allready. Communists like the Duck resort to a know nothing approach towards history with a magical starting point of 1948. Any history of Islamo oppression seems vauge. The concocted writings of Gnome Chimpanze and the ignoramus Fanon seem to take pecedence over Bat Yeor or Frederick Joseph minorities who lived under Islam.

The story of the Duck is to repeat the party line, revert to anti- semitic mode and deny any Communist sympathies when questioned. Sorry, Duck been there done that and you walked into this set up. It seems Comwads are quite predictable, but I know the party talking points and strategy as well as you do.

Beamish in 08 and on Mt Rushmore in 16.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Deception of the Duck

Ducky, Gertrude and 167 are fairly typical of the Communist left. They hyperventilate about Israel as if no other issue in the world exists. They rail about mistreatment of fake indigenous people and ignore serious abuses in the rest of the world. They are especially quiet about human rights violations under communist thugocracies.

Lets see the Duck has trotted out that Cuba has great health care and everyone can read. The problem is that they are free to read what they are told to read. Writers are not given artistic freedom and suffer for their views. Meanwhile, the Duck is so concerned about the USA where farces about killing the current President are produced by his comwads. The Duck is fond of crying about the cancelation of a commie play "Hello my name is Rachel Corrie". I was itending to go and root for the bulldozer, carrying a Tonka version. I even purchased a CAT hat and Bisquick for the event that has become a staple of communist lies. The Israelis in no way ran her over on purpose. However, I shed no tears for the moron who had no business in Gaza and was in violation of US law.

In the book the End of Commitment has the story of two true Cuban believers Carlos Franqui and Herberto Padilla. Franqi was a genuine true believer in social change. He protested the torture in Cuban Prisons and showed evidence to Fidel who approved of it. He protested the abuses in Castros raids against the bomemian sections of Cuba where offenders were made to wear the letter P for Pimp, Prostitute or Pederast. Of course those wearing the letters were abused. I wonder how the Duck would feel about a similar display where Ameicans force Marxists like himself to wear clothing with the letter T for traitor or maybe M for Moron. He seems to approve of this when done to Jews and Christians under Sharia. Oh I forgot about the special taxes the Duck would have to pay as a Marxist, 50% of his salary so that the rest of us don't beat him.

Franqi also witnessed the Sovitization of peasants who just wanted to be left alone.
He witnesses the transformation of Cuba from a place that had one big prison to a prison society. Franqui also notes that the rebels who fled to the Escambray Mountains were ordinary workers and peasants who wanted no part of the workers paradise. However, the Duck still ignores reality as Infidel sends troops to prop up Thugocracies in Angola, Eithiopia and Elsewhere. Lets see the Duck was stating something about intervening in Civil Wars the other day. It seems wherever his Comwads intervene or god forbid win mass murder, repression and refugees follow. Thus the Duck is a good barometer of whom not to support.

Padilla is one of those writers that have been persecuted under Marxist thugocracy.
The far left ( and one Israeli moron who swears he is right wing) like to cry about
McCarthyism and Blacklists to this very day. They seem to think there is a symetry with treasonous advocates for class genocide and theft having to work manual labor
and artists like Feffer and Solomon Michoels who were killed and others who were imprisoned. Nor have the advocates of the left figured out that there was extensive
communist treason, subversion and espionage in the McCarthy period. In fact every defense of the left of the period has been proven false by the Soviet archives. Nor was this a case of leftists not knowing, the lies were maintained for decades.

No doubt the Duck will respond with more talk about excellent health care. The Duck seems to forget that people risk their lives to get away from Cuba. Yet the Duck sees
nothing noble in the Cuban, Vietnamese or other people who have suffered under his Marxist delusions. The Ducks mono focus is on violent fake indigenous people who are part of a society that embodies the worst aspects of Colonialism and Jim Crow.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ted Kennedy and Andropov

Some of you think that we take the Communist bit a tad too seriously. However, via way of MarkLevinfan.blogspot there is some shocking news. Apparently Ducky's favorite Senator tried to collaberate policy with Yuri Andropov to undermine Ronald Reagan. The Senator/swimmer from Chapaquidick once again sided with the enemies of our country over an elected President. This brazen act of crazen cowardice was confirmed by the Soviet archives. Where is the special prosecutor for Kennedy?

The voters of MA have let human fecal matter skate through a wasted life on the reputation of his dead siblings.


Over Sateuday we will interview Morgan. Many of you are quite fond of his wisdom and wit. I will return later.

I am having modest problems with my home computer.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The End of Commitment

We read many books at this site. Most of the books are above average, but this one is a must read. Many of us wonder what makes people like 167, Gertrude, John Brown and Ducky tick. This book takes us into the world of the wacky left. The author explains the psychological motivations of those who cling to leftist delusions and those who make a break with the disasters of Marx.

The vast majority of far left types in the West are rich people who ended up on thefar left as an act of rebellion or keeping with familial patters of idiocy. The far left is actually more cult like than a coherent political system. There are semi religious meetings with unconditional purpose with basically useless unstable people.
For many of these dolts it is their entire identity.

Thus a relitively sane person like the Duck has a need to mitigate criminals like Ayers and Dorn. Their crimes had zero to do with the Vietnam war except in their deluded fantasies and those of the followers. Any attempt at peoples justice they are so fond of would have the American people lynching the traitors. Ironically the system they abused is what is keeping them alive. Ayers is not repentant and has no business working in any institution that recieves money from the Federal Government.
All student loans and research grants should be suspended until Ayers is shown the door. Let the University President explain how a convicted unapologetic terrorist was hired.

For people like the Duck their whole identity is tied up in the Vietnam era. Sorry Duck but that legacy includes thirty years of Commie represion, boat people, killing fields, reeducation camps and general misery. There was no achievement by the 60's garbage except to spread misery in SE Asia where it lingers today.

Moreover, their unrelenting assault on President Nixon boomeranged and caused Communisms demise under Reagan. Nixon's crime of Watergate pales in comparison to Filegate. Moreover, there are zero accusations of rape or sexual misconduct on the part of Richard Nixon. Monica Crowley who worked as a student intern will gladly tell you she was treated as a daughter by Nixon who was far more clever than Clinton ever was.

If any of you have doubts that there is an emotional and mental health defect with far left types, this book should be required reading.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, October 22, 2006

ESPN 15 Presents Celebrity Dodgeball The Clintons versus Team Beamish

Berman: This is Chris Berman with another edition of celebrity dodgeball. Our match comes live from PS 22 in Astoria. We have the Clinton mob versus Team Beamish. Our local announcers are Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels and Ron Commie Kuby. Last week Mr Beamish eliminated team Kerry. The fans seem quite taken with Team Beamish.

Curtis: Yes the fruit loop troopers are out in force wearing gas masks. It is fairly obvious who this crowd is rooting for.
Kuby: Team Beamish is the worst product of Capatalist exploitation. Some of those kids are even wearing Beakerambo wigs. This is commercial exploitation at its worst. Beakerambo action figures, lunch boxes, key chains , comic strips and even appearances in video games is crass merchandising.
Curtis: Let me see that thermos. A Peter Paul and Mary relic from the 60's and a Fidel Castro lunchbox undisgracia. If we were in Union City the locals might kick your behind for that.
Berman: How has team Beamish been training its newest member Elmer's brother.
Curtis: They have been training the same way as they did for the last match bean Beakerambo in the head.
Kuby: This is the worst case of Capatalist abuse of disabled workers I have seen in my life. With us now is Uptown Steve who has some words about dodge ball.

Uptown: Dodgeball is a game of schoolyard racial lynching. Its roots are in the African tribal game of......
MZ: What is this crap? He is just upset his team didn't get selected. People want to see Team Beamish and buy Beamish and Beakerambo products.
Uptown: I challenge the winner of this game to a match in Harlem. I have Al Sharpton, Prof Leonard Jeffries, Tawana Brawley and we want to stop this Dodgeball aparthied. I am a proud Black...... Klunk.
Curtis: Did you see that Beakerambo just nailed Uptown in the head.
Kuby; This is the worst exhibition of white racism.......
Curtis: Well Thans Elmer
Kuby: Power to the peeeee...... klunk
Curtis: Thanks again Elmer.

Team Clinton is entering to the tune of Don't Stop Thinking About Tommorow.
Berman: What is the huge NYPD contingent for?
Curtis: It is probably there to guard the taxpayer's wallets from the Clintionoid Tax thieves. It could also be that we have a sexual predator in the arena.
Carville: You right wing clown if you Drag some money through a trailer park what will you find.
Beakerambo: Me meee meeep Bill Clinton.
Carville: Let me get my hands on that Right wing thwack
Berman: I don't believe it that was Mary Matlin throwing a fastball from the crowd and knocking out her husband.
Beakerambo; Me me meep Skelator.
Curtis: Will you listen to the crowd as Team Beamish and Elmers Brother takes the field. The Fruit Loop Troopers are out in force.
Berman: What is this the crowd is chanting " I did not have sex with that woman."

Hillary: See the whole world knows you creep.
Bill: Its like the Exon Valdez story the whole world makes a big production over one little spill.

That Beakerambo is more narcisitc than I am all I ever hear from him is Me me me me .
Hillary: You stupid Hillbilly he has a learning disability.
Chelsea: Oh I hate it when you two fight
Bill : I need to feel the love. I haven't been okay since Buddy commited sucide.
Hillary: Feel the love thats how you got into this %&%&^ mess in the first place.

Mr T: You Know the Rules. I pity the fools.

Curtis: Bill Clinton has the ball throws at Beakerrambo misses wide right. Beakerambo
throws at Hillary misses. Chelsea throws at Beakerambo and misses but we have a ruling by Mr. T

Mr T: Beakerambo is eliminated for lowering his head into his torso.

Curtis: Will you listen to all those kids booing. Elmer grabs the ball and hits Hillary in the Fred Flinstone ankles.

Hillary: Its a vast right wing conpiracy it is not my fault I have big bones. Bill do something.

Bill: Carville is Knocked out and Dick Morris went over to the other side.

Curtis: Hillary is still arguing with Mr T. Wait argument over Mary Matlin just beaned Hillary in the head. Listen to the roar of the crowd. NYPD has taken her to the no fools lounge.

Bill: This is the first time I've had peace and quiet in month.

Curtis: Bill Clinton has the ball he throws at Mr Beamish. Mr Beamish has the ball and points to the crowd. I do not get it but Bill Clinton is staring at Nanc in Golf Shorts he's slobering. Chelsea is trying to get him to snap out. Thhwack Beamish nails him in the head but he is still Drooling . NYPD will escort him to the no fools lounge.

That leaves Elmer and Mr Beamish against Chelsea. This is not pretty as they seem to be prolonging this match making her run. Chelsea grabs a rebound throws at Elmer who catches the ball.

Game set and match TEAM BEAMISHHHHHHHH

Berman: Listen to the roar of the crowd. Mary Matlin has the kids all fired up and is leading the cheers.

Curtis; This wasn't a match it was a slaughter.The Clinton mafia goes down to team Beamish.

Berman: Tune in next week from PS 3 in Harlem. Uptown Steve, Al Sparpton, Prof Leonard Jeffries, Tawana Brawley and Jesse Jackson take on Mr Beamish, Beakerambo, Elmer's Brother, Jeff Bargholtz and Nanc. BE THERRRRREEEEEE.

One of those dreaded Straight Ahead Posts

I want to thank the Editrix for delivering on my hype. I tend to hype these interviews and this one is clearly one of the better ones. Someday I will try and talk Mark Alexander or Jams into a UK type of interview. I am going to see if I can coax Batya of Shiloh Musings into this type of interview.

The Top Ten Most Wanted Interviews

1 Jason Pappas
2 Farmer John
3 Mustang
4 Mark Alexander
5 Amil of Bad Eagle
6 Angel Of Woman Honor Thyself
7 Batya of Shiloh
8 Kuhnkat
9 Morgan/Jingoist
10 Cubed

An interview between myself and Kuhnkat might come out of the WWE. I think it would be a tour de force in comedy.

At some point in the Future I have some serious Farmer John/Beakerkin speacials. I want to do a couple of Christian themed posts. There are some minor points I wish to
develop along those lines.

I am reading The End Of Commitment by Hollander. It is the story of far leftists clinging to their identites or moving ahead after Communism's failure. This may appear in some future posts. It is an important book to read when trying to understand Poultry. John Brown and Gert belong in the realm of mental pathologies.

Friday, October 20, 2006

In the Hot Seat with our special guest The Editrix

This is an interview that many of us have been looking forward to. The Editrix is a talented writer, with a razor sharp mind who requently disagrees with me. There are those who disagree with whom I have to respect because of their articulate answers. The Editrix lets you know her position on the issues and represents herself eloquently.

1 Does the local identity still exist among Germans? Do people still have regional pride as Bavarians, Prussians or is that concept a thing of the past? In the US, certain localities like Texas, New York have a certain type of strong local identity.

2 Has there been residual issues from the reinification of East and West Germany. What happened to all the State employees of East Germany? Did professionals such as teachers and doctors have update their skills?

3 Is the anti-American sentiment in Germany largely anti-capitalist ir origin or has it cut across the right and left spectrum?

4 What is the correct way to understand Martin Luther. He was a virulent anti-semite,
but he also paved the way for the Protestant reformation of Christianity.

5 On the subject of Art, there is a naive assumption that artistic gifts bestow political wisdom. Can we as people appreciate the works of Degas, Arthur Miller, Wagner despite their odious political views?

6 How is higher education funded in Germany? Does the state pay for higher education?

7 Does Germany have sales and income taxes?

8 What is your opinion of agricultural subsidies?

9 Should people be as outraged at those who deny or mitigate the Armenian genocide as the Holocaust?

10 What are your views on nuclear energy?

11 Are India and China new superpowers? Should they be included at the world summits?

12 What are your views on immigration in Germany? There is talk of a guest worker program in the USA based upon European models. The criticism is that workers seldom go home long after their jobs are finished.

13 How does Germany deal with homelessness? In the USA the issue of homelessness is often intertwined with drug abuse and mental illness. Is the situation similar in Germany?

14 Is violent crime increasing in Germany?

15 Should drug adiction be treated as a medical or criminal matter?

16 Who are the Greens? Are they mostly former Communists? Have they had any major impact on Germany?

17 Is smoking cigarettes in resturants banned in your city?

18 How do Germans view Bismark today?

19 Has the UN become useless in todays world?

20 What is your view on State subsidies for the Arts and Culture? Should the government subsidize Museums, Zoos and the Arts?

21 What American TV shows can be seen in Germany?

22 In the United States the sale of alcohol is restricted to people over the age of twenty one. Do similar laws exist in Germany?

23 What are your views on the current Pope?

24 Do you think the immigrant riots in France could happen in Germany?

25 Does a country like Germany have the right to insist that laws like polygamy and the age of marriage be kept to historic European norms?

It is Snowing in VT allready

Winter arrived with the first snow storm. The Snow is not expected to stick but I hate driving in the slop especially at night.

I will post the interview with the Editrix later. We are very honored to have such a bright subject. Those of you who are familiar with her wisdom are in for a treat. Those of you who are not familiar with the Editrix will appreciate her articulate answers to our questions.

The interview will largely focus on Europe, Germany and the future. We thank the Editrix for her valuable time.

Final Thoughts on Londonstan

Londonstan is well worth the time and effort to read. Phillips describes a society so twisted by an idiotic obsession with minority rights it has lost touch with reality. The notion that Islam itself is an agrieved minority is preposterous. It is in reality a colonial pathology itself. Thus while trying to get over their post colonial guilt they seem to have neglected to understand they did not invet colonialism, nor was English colonialism worse than its other counterparts. The notion that Islam is under siege and the denial of reality and constant accomodations
made for it alone are part of the problem. The blatant pathological Jew obsession is mistaken for a simple land grievance. The very real existence of Islamo-nazism is quite real. Statements by Islamic Clerics advocating slaughter of Jews, homosexuals and others are ignored.

More interesting is the anti-semitic filth of replacement theology advocated by many members of the Anglican Church. This anti-semitic canard has the Jews being dispossed
by God and Christians inheriting the covenant. Pastor Leavitt called this by its correct name theologicial anti-semitism. Ironically a Church that would lecture us all about every world affair, creative PC interpretations of the scripture now reverts to its most ancient bigotry anti-semitism.

The insanely obsessed coverage that the radical left press BBC ( Baghdad Broadcasting
Corporation) and rest of the press in the UK is well documented. We are familiar with the fake Jenin Massacre and the staged Qana massacre. We are familiar with the absurd rationalizations about suicide bombings as a tool of the opressed. However, Gert repeats many of the commie left assumptions that are commo in the UK. The most amusing is the charge of a Pro-Israel media that dominates the USA. Lets see is Gertrude talking about the NYT, CNN or the Alphabet Channels. They may be pro-Isreal compared to Al Jazera or its Brittish counterpart the BBC. The only solidly pro-Israel news source is talk radio and that is largely because it alone does not depend on students trained in far left Marxist journalism programs and is ratings driven. In fact talk radio and Fox New's growth is a reaction to the far left bias in news itself.

The reality is the UK and the USA will get struck again by terrorism. I do not envision French style riots in the USA as Americans would react quite differently but they are in the UK's probable future. How the UK will react to those events remains a mystery, but given their track record it will probably be with more appeasement and denial.

Beamish in 08

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Debunking 9-11 Myths by Dunbar and Reagan

Most of us have encountered the familiar tin foil hat brigade. The book does an excellent job demolishing the fantasies of the tin foil hat brigade. However its real value is touching on the paraniod bigotry on the far left.

We have no shortage of anti-semites on this site. However, two stand out as being way off. John Brown has mockigly refered to the current wisdom as Muslim Goblins and AlCIAda. Weazie has also backed this conspiracy theory. Any claim of either to have an ounce of brains is delusional. Brown is an open Communist and Weazie talks the game while denying it. When asked point blank on this blog who did it Weazie hurls insults because any answer will result in abuse.

The key point is the conspiracy clowns take one inconsistent point out of an encyclopedia of fact and add conjecture and bigotry. The book doccuments people who were misquoted and have been harassed when they try to correct themselves. The experts quoted are mostly way outside their field of expertise. BYU Prof Jones is not a Civil Engineer or a demolitions expert he is a physicist.

The book does talk with demolitions experts who have never endorsed any of the idiocies espoused by the anti semitic far left. No demolitions expert has ever endosed these crack pot theories. One has stated that he has recieved abuse from these idiots who think he is in on the plot. The technology needed to implode a building the size of the WTC does not exist.

The bottom line is that when dealing with these types just ask who did it. The answer will say more about the bigotry of the person answering it. Most of those who espouse this garbage are far left commie with some far right Nazis as well. There are some Muslims who will say this as well but they are few in number.

Beamish in 08

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Interesting Reading

I am resting due to a severe cold. I will be posting later in the evening. I am reading the book that debunks all the 9-11 conspiracy theories. Do note that most of the time one encounters these cranks they are most often communists and frewuently anti-semites.

Back up in a few moments

Londonistan ctd

Phillips describes the relentless anti-semitism from the Muslim community and the far left. We are familiar with the blood thirsty yearnings of a certain segment of the Muslim community. The far left would like to pretend that a tiny group of Kahane suporters is the equivalent of Hamas etc. However, Jews in general have been very restrained in any comparison. There have been terrorist incedents in Jewish Temples in Tunisia, Turkey and Argentina.

The left likes to down play the actual religious nazis that call for extermination of the Jews. The commie left ( This means you Gertrude) lives in a fantasy world that shares the Islamo-Nazi obsession with Israel and the Jews. Thus we have the oddity of bloggers in the UK who post 24/7 critique of Israel claiming they are not anti semitic. In the infantile Commie world view this Islamo-Nazi eliminationist past is glossed over. Gertrude mentions that there were Churches and Temples in Muslim lands. There were also Temples in Nazi Germany but we know how that ended. Jews never lived in peace under Islamic rule. At best they paid extortion and lived under conditions that were worse than Jim Crowe.

The left lives in a historically ignorant world that ignores Islamocolonialism. They believe in a Disnefied version of the religion and readilly dismiss crimes commited in the name of that religion. They are quick to scream racist or Islamophobe at the drop of a hat. They ignore their own anti-semitic obsessions that are self evident.
167 was very fond of the dual loyalty games the left is well known for. Jews in the mind of the left have dual loyalty to Israel, but if one makes a similar claim about Muslims you are an Islamophobe. The reality is no group has ever had the dual loyalty issues more pronounced than the left itself, the historic home of Communist treason and subversion.

The left is quite fond of word games substitution Zionist and Neocon for Joooos at will. 167 lives in a fantasy world where even the BBC and the Guardian are zionist media. The Jewish media bit is amusing because of the poor coverage Israel gets in the NYT is fairly tyical. We have staged massacres at Qana and fake attrocity Jennin claims among daily biased news.

Phillips does talk about the Commie left that romanced Central American revolutionaries now adopting the Pseudostians as their cause. These are the same dolts who championed Daniel Ortega's thugocracy which they swore was not Communist. These are the same dolts who never seem to notice Commie human rights abuses in Cuba, China, Venezuela, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. The Commie left has adopted the IslamoNazi movementin their never ending war against Capitalism. This hardly comes as a surprise as Lynne Stewart and Ron "Commie" Kuby rush to defend Islamonazis.

We are better served by reminding people that Communists are still with us. They seldom admit who and what they are and have a history of deception. However, it is readily apparent who they are and why they are evil.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Londonistan Chapter 5 Multicultural Madness

In chapter 5 Phillips discusses the legacy of the multicultural madness. One may not critique any behavior of a minority group, no matter how offensive as it would be considered racist. The multicultural bias places up a guilt trip for Christians and white washes the reality of Islamic civ. Jews in the Marxist madness are considered powerful so despite being an actual minority the far left has declared open season on them. This does explaim why Gertrude thinks calling me a Jewish Cunt or the Donkey of Zion is not anti-semitic.

The realities of Islamocolonialism and Islamo brutality towards ereligious and ethnic minorities is ignored. Instead what is taught is a Disneyfied version of Islamic civ where the sense of perpetual rage is nutured. Any critique of Islamic Civ is considered racist even if grounded in facts. Thus far leftards are much more worried about the alleged Islamophobic reactions of a Jason Pappas than actual suicide bombings.

There was an unwritten social contract That immigrants had a duty to respect the norms and culture of the dominant country and get jobs. The Commie left has tossed out the formula for sucsessful immigration and assimilation for moral relitavism. On today's Drudge Report Americans ( not many) are now seeking Assylum in the UK and are being granted free Healthcare and Welfare until their case is heard. This describes an immigration system that is out of control.

Moreover the amazing part about the multicultural guilt trips is that the two most deserving recipients get zero scrutiny. Islamo and Marxist evils are ignored in the multicutural morass and both are deserving of intense scrutiny.

Beamish in 08

Monday, October 16, 2006

Londonstan Wishful Stupid Thinking

In Londonstan Melanie Phillips points to case after case where Arab governments pointed out that certain residents of the UK were terrorist. Among the governments that pointed this out were Algeria, Egypt and Morocco. The governments were given a high handed lecture about freedom of speech. Freedom of speech does not nor has it ever been granted for criminal activity. The government similarly ignored training camps being set up in the UK and Arabs going to and from Afghanistan for training.

There was a distinct myopia about the Islamic radicals. The notion in the UK was if we grant them welfare they will spread their mayhem elsewhere. Thus the UK took no notice when UK residents were involved in crimes abroad.

In reality there is a dreadful lack of understanding about the nature of Arab history
and reality. There is a mindset among many( notably Communists) that if Israel will just go away that there will be peace in our times. Thus far left organs like the BBC and the Guardian push the envelope of Arab propaganda 24/7. Even this ham handed coverage of fake attrocities like the Quana fiasco is not enough for the far left like 167 who freely uses the term zionist media, then wonders why people call him an anti-semite. This also explains Comwad Gertrude, the venal anti-semite whose bigotry
was evident long before he was outed as Beakerpoop. Any retaliation that comes from
Jeff Bargholtz, The Editrix or Mr Beamish who were all smeared by the craven Gertrude is waranted.

Muslims are not a disadvantaged minority in any real grasp of history. They are a colonial agressor with a 1400 year history of Jim Crow treatment of a range of indigenous people. Unlike Jews, Hindus and others they demand society conform to their norms. There is a distinct difference between a facility having one Kosher kitchen and demanding whole prison systems be made Halal. Somehow, Jews and others managed to respect the norms of the dominant culture. However, if you do not like the norms of the dominant culture send your kids to private school, do not apply for jobs in Civil service and if that isn't good enough depart. One can readily find peaceful groups with their own values. However, one does not see many Chasidic people in jail and those few that are there are for tax evasion. One does not see Amish or Menonites making similar demands on society.

How does a culture that has set the Gold Standard for Colonialism, Homophobia, Religious persecution and violence become the official victims of the Commie left in the UK and America. The Commie left itself has a worse record on some of those issues. Yet the dominant society has allowed a cabal of University and Legal Marxists to pervert the law for its own ends. Thus in the UK and to a lesser extent the USA immigration is seen as a right where it has always been a privilege.

The day will come in the near future when we will have to undue the damage of the Commie left to our legal and University systems. The mess in the UK according to Phillips is worse because there is no alternative media to place a check on these abuses.

Beamish in 08.

On Deck Tonight on ESPN Celebrity Dodgeball The Clintons and Chelsea vs Mr Beamish,
Beakerambo and Elmer's Brother from PS 36 in Astoria beeee there.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Good News

I have contacted the Editrix and she has agreed to sit for an interview. The crux of the interview will focus on Germany. The Editrix is quite an interesting person and well worth reading. However, if you are a fool then do not waste her time. The time and date of the interview is being worked out.

The dreaded top ten most wanted interview list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mustang
3 Farmer John
4 Mark Alexander
5 Kuhnkat
6 Elijah
7 Angel from Woman Honor thyself
8 Batya from Shiloh Musings
9 Jingoist
10 Mark Winters of Bad Eagle.


I am reading 167's favorite book that he has never bothered to pick up. He also never bothered to read The Black Book of Communism. The bard of mindless anti semitism's favorite people to rail against are Carol Gould and the author of Londonistan, Melanie Phillips.

There is a problem in the UK with a mindless commie left that is entrenched in Universities and in media. Phillips traces the origins of this back to the United States and she talks about victim's culture and multiculturalism. She does not point to the real cause or source of the problem. Phillips describes the maldy of the Marcuse strain of communism where a pantheon of victims replace the workers.

Observers of Gert/Beakerpoop may be unfamiliar with this strain of communism. They cling to an outdated picture of loosers like John Brown or Robert Lindsay who admit to being advocates for class genocide. Do note that Weazie parrots many of the same themes including idiotic fantasies about 9-11 conspiracies. When challenged point blank who did it he refuses to answer.

On the top of this absurd pyramid of victims are Muslims. There is a total ignorance of the realities of Islamo colonialism and human rights violations against genuine indigenous people. There is a misguided myth that if Israel were to give up yet more land to fake indigenous people there would be global peace. Thus we have a blog that consists of almost nothing besides attacks on Isreal 24/7 claiming I am not an anti-semite. Thus we get the absurd comparisons of Israeli society to Sweeden, instead of the thug states of Syria and the Pseudostinian Authority.

The reflex of a Marcuse based Communist is to scream racist, homophobe or McCarthyite
at the top of their lungs when ever someone thinks in terms that are not politically correct. I have seen this pattern in NYC in Union Square where I lived and went to school for decades. The lines do not change such as comparing Christianity of four hundred years ago falsely to Islam today. This myopia also ignores that Islam alone is involved in the vast preponderance of worlds religious conflicts. Nor does one witness anything akin to the mindless blood shed and waste of life by any other group of dunderheads except perhaps for those in Sri Lanka. What purpose did shooting naked school kids in the back in Beslan serve or tossing senior citizens in wheel chairs off cruise liners. What do Jewish houses of worship in Turkey, Tunisia and Argentina have to do with anything. In the warped mind of the Commies a Liberterian like Jason Pappas is the greatest threat to the planet.

The question came forth from a fairly normal leftist on Freedomnow's blog about people like myself mistaking people like him for Communist. However, the person who asks that question does not behave in any manner resembling a Communist. I remember
Rob and Justin somewhat questioning my portayal of 167 as a communist. They later found out on their own that 167 was nuts.

How do you know if you are dealing with a Communist dolt

1 Obsession with Israel as the sole problem in the world. Word games with Zionism and Jew. A recent comedic example is Communist Renegade Eye puts up a post on the political views of Porn star Nina Hartley who calls herself a Jew but no Zionist.
The far left readers haven't figured out yet that Judaism and Marxism are not compatible. More comedic is taking the political views of a woman known for performing sex on camera seriously. I suppose she might be slightly more of an artist than Ted Rall, but that is a leap of faith.

2 The bellief that the USA and the Bush administration is a rouge state. This is mostly accompanied by idiocies of neocon/Jewish cabals seeking to eliminate Israel's foes.

3 Reflexively calling people racists, homophopes, fascists when they disagree with the party line. Gerts two degrees of seperation game with Freedomnow is typical. You are a racist because yout blog is linked to MZ or you publish on the same blog as Jeff Bargholtz or the Editrix. It doesn't matter that Arabs, Muslims or Pseudostinians are nonracial, lets invent the term as we need it. Homophobia is used when all else fails. It does not matter that actual Gay people do not nor have ever described this person as a homophobe. In fact the high piched victimization cries about Ger own orientation proves who the real homophobe is.

4 Historical dementia about Islamic and Communist history.

5 Nobody is a communist despite the fact that people have been widely known as one for years. Noted anti-semite Norman Finkelstein is an accolyte of Noam Chomsky who has been a Commie for years. Gert seems to feel a need to defend a perso whose writings were compared by the NYT to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

I may provide a chapter by chapter summary of Londonistan.

Friday, October 13, 2006

An interview with Steve Harkonen

Steve is a newer member of our blog community and has generously agreed to sit for an interview.


1 You seem to have an active interest in music what artists are your favorites?
2 Who is creepiest Vanilla Ice, Abba, Pat Boone or the Partridge Family?
3 What makes a good music video?

The UN

4 What is your opinion of the mindless worship of the UN by the left.
5 Has the media done an effective covering the Oil for Food Scandal and the sexual exploitation of Africans by UN employees.
6 Should the US defund the UN?

The Balkans

7 What is your view on the Balkan mess?
8 Did the media, Bill Clinton and the UN all mess up.

Leftwing Idiocy

9 I have witnessed a new workd where the far left has devolved into self righteous red rednecks. The amount of antisemitism on the far left has reached epidemic proportions. A recent visitor to Freedomnow's site sees nothing bigoted with calling someone a Jewish Cunt or Donkey of Zion? Is the far left antisemitic?
10 I have also witnessed similar arrogance towards religious Christians. Have you seen similar patterns of behavior.

Video Games

11 What are your views of video games are they too violent?
12 Which blogger would make the best video game charachter? I nominate Mr Beamish.


13 What sports if any do you follow?
14 Do you follow any team or athlette in particular.


15 What countries do you see as vital to our future economy?
16 Do you think international competition will force American Universities to reduce the emphasis on social sciences? Will the competition correct many of excesses of the left?
17 Should we do more domestic drilling for oil?
18 Should we build more nuclear power plants?
19 Should we change our emphasis from family based immigration to vocational immigration?

Blog related

20 Are people whose blogs are mostly cut and paste lazy?
21 Name some of the blogs you read daily?
22 Have you encountered trolls on your site? This site gets fairly nasty trolls and we do spend time smacking them around.
23 What are your views on free speech on your blog?


24 Many of our readers were former comic book fans. Have you heard of the Silver Surfer? Did you read comic books in youth?
25 Name the worst movie that you have seen on TV in the last five years?

One of those dreaded Next posts

We have not done inerviews in a long time. The inerview segments have proven popular
even with our critics. The most widely linked interviews were that of the beloved Rav Roov and TMW. For reasons I am not entirely aware of people seem to enjoy when I discuss or interview religious people.

Most Wanted Interviews

1 Jason Papas
2 Farmer John
3 Mustang
4 Mark Alexander
5 Editrix
6 Jingoist
7 Kuhnkat HA You Moron!!!!!!! That feels sothing
8 Steve Harkonen
9 Mark Winters of Bad Eagle
10 Amil of Bad Eagle

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Special Post A Limited interview with TMW on Life, God and Man

This will be an experimental mini interview where we discuss topics that we do not discuss with any frequecy. We sit and discuss the usual fare day in and day out but not today. We will discuss the abstract things that can not be measured.

Most of my readership is far more religious than I am. Thus I could have chosen nearly anyone except myself and the Duck. Most of us are familiar with TMW and her cheery upbeat personality. Today she will set the pace or try to make sense of recent events great and small.

This is a new format so there will be unexpected turns.

1 The heart of a true Christian

I was rather pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming heartfelt joy when a long time reader embraced Christ. This person was always my friend before, but I was surprised at the overwhelming heart felt affection this friend recieved. I expected TMW and perhaps Warren to welcome a friend into the family. The overwhelmingly positive reaction with no reservations should be as no surprise to those who know true Christians.

Should I have been surprised by the overwhelmingly positive reception our friend recieved. Or is the welcoming people in part of what defines a true Christian.

2 On a practical level do you belive man can redeem himself?

3 Can you explai the elusive concept of "divine grace" for non-Christains?

4 Recent events on this blog have made me wonder if some of my Jewish bretheren have their brains in nuetral. Are Christians offended by Jews like MZ who are faithfull to the orthodox customs? I say this as some of us think our enemies come from the faithful. I remind all that the Marxist left has been venomously hostile to the Jewish people from the days of Marx himself.

5 I have rolled my eles as the far left has described religious Christians as stupid
supestitious intolerant people. Have you experienced this arrogance from the left as a religious person.

6 What are your views on religious art and music in ceremonies?

7 My view is that some clergymen forget what their job is. Their job is to meet the spiritual needs of the congregation. Is my customer service model of how Churches should opperate too simplistic.

8 Is the morass of anything goes moral relitivism in he dominant pop culture a problem in your daily life.

9 I have been learning from Native Americans that thier version of Utopia on earth is more or less a stressful small scale eaiser version of their historic . This is opposed to the " social justice " far left mafia mayhem gang or the brothel style fantasy found by some Muslims.

10 Is anyone talking about the lives of Christians in the Middle East who are fleeing in droves.

The Uniqueness of this Blog

Over the last few days I have been contemplating what is so unique about this site that would attract such hardened lunacy as exhibited by a John Brown or Gert. Weazie and Uptown are explainable in other terms dating back to FPM. Ducky is another matter
and is like an eccentric relative and in no way belongs lumped with the rest.

Part of the charm of this blog is that the readers always know they will get fresh content. One does not know what will be here. One may find an interview, a book review, satire, talk of members of our community or just the musings of daily life in Vermont. There is no steady formula and we do a variety of post types. Unlike some of my anal critics every post is written by me. I do not fill my blog with cut and paste material. This blog is constructed with the reader in mind and when writing posts the rule is never bore or disrespect your readers. For every post you see there are two that you don't see. Sometimes, I my notion of what you want to read is dead wrong. A famous incedent was when I was breaking down the Book Intellectual Morons I chose not to run the Chapter on Strauss and Rand. An alert Mr Beamish pointed this out and we had an interesting discussion. Rule number one respect your readers and provide fresh entertaining content.

The readers know where I stand on any given subject. However, certain stories just do not interest me. For example the Duke Rape case is not something I chose to write on. This is a story that interests others, but not me. On the subjects we do write about there is no mistaking my stance on a subject.

Most readers of this blog know I have great disdain for Marxists, Jihadist, Racial Power Crackpots and 9-11 conspiracy clowns. One does get to know the person behind the blog even though I seldom talk about my personal life. People who read this blog
are well aware that I am a secular Jew from a more religious family. I have a genuine respect for Christianity as well as my own religion. One may also glimpse that even my critique of Jihadi nuts is based on history.

I will break down the more familiar types of non community based misfits in the house of Beakerkin in the Categories, The Psychos, The Old Shoes and the Poultry.


The Duck is a member of the community and he has a type of honor. Yes, he does have some odious views. However,Ducky does know how to get along well with others and above all is not boring.

Old Shoes

Weazie Weazie is am ego maniacal anti semitic commie blowhard from FPM. He is full of piss and vinegar and devoid of basic social skills. He believes that he is all knowing but it is the delusions of a nut. He will ramble on about 9-11 conpiracies, but when you tell him cut to the chase who did it you will get a piss and vinegar response. How dare you question the mighty Weazie who stands 3'11''. Mostly I laugh at the pompous horse's behind and am quite open about it.

Uptown is your average race based victims rights marxist anti semite. He has his days where he is okay in small doses. I do not censor all his comments, but this blog just isn't about race. Race has never been a topic I cared about or interested me. There are others who will post on those subjects, but it is not my style.

The Psychos

John Brown is a mental patient who should be placed out of his misery like a rabid dog. He is a self proclaimed Communist and fairly open about it. He is antisemitic and obsessive and belongs in the category of deranged. Our recent cry baby nuts have not endured anything like Brown. Ninety plus spams in one day are the norm. He has also stolen my avatar and created a blog that claims I am a pedophile. He has threatened Elmer's children while doing his vulgar satire. He also lists myself and about sixor seven other members of our community in a Klanwatch section.

Gertrude is a serial liar who liked to spam this blog a Beakerpoop. His annoying idiocy would come from the shadows and had predated my confrontation with him on Greg's blog by months. He is a craven liar and claims offense at the slightest depiction of him in anyway he doesn't like. He is bone cold stupid and freely tosses
around labels at people who can't defend themselves mostly racist and homophobe. He also cries like a banshee when you give him a taste of his own medicine.

He has a blog that consists of cut and paste attacks on Israel from a far left commie perspective. The obsession with Israel and the Jews is evident as he posts on almost no other subject. This mono focused obsession with the world's only Jewish State and holding it alone to impossible standards is anti-semitic.

My interaction with him came by accident as he likes spam from the shadows as Beakerpoop. I had minimal interaction with Greg at MZ's site. I looked in google and the little worm was bad mouthing myself and the Editrix. Of course neither were around to defend themselves. Gertie seems to have a problem with anti communism. The sane amongst us do not and are well aware of the history of deception that Communists
have employed in the West. They call themselves by many names but the stench of Communism precedes their travels. The cookie cutter responses are routine and boring and I have been dealing with this type for over two decades. In Gert's fantasy world
nobody is a communist including his absurd stakement about noted Commie Anti Semite
Norman Finklestein who now calls himself Green.

His antisemitic rant and attempted blackmail provides us with all we need to know about Gert. Gert is a craven coward who lurks in the shadows as Beakerpoop. He is not manly enough to go toe to toe like the Duck or Uptown. He cries up a storm when you return his own tactics. His disdain for Ducky is unusual but Gert is bone stupid.
He has spent months studying this blog but got his ass whipped in every confrontation. Give Ducky or any fairly intelligent person two months to prepare and they will do well enough. However, Gert is bone stupid in adition to being craven.
Moreover, until his latest stunt there was no need to hide in the shadows as unless you are John Brown or Uptown every post was uncensored.

These yokels(not you Ducky) come here for a few basic reasons. One we have a steady readership with an active set of commentators. Two They are all far left anti-semites
Three There is this fantasy among the far left that they are tough guys. For whatever reason some of these yokels percieve me as a cyber gunslinger. They have this fantasy I am going to duke it out with the gunslinger. Their tactics range from the Craven cowardly Gert who mostly hides in the shadows to the ponderous obsessive John Brown.

Their hatred and their obsessions define who they are, but only in their fantasies are they a tenth as intelligent as they think they are.

On to Future events

I am reading Robert Spenser's book about Mohammed. That may show up in the blog. I have a copy of Londinistan and a few books about the Fall of Communism.

John Brown is lurking so moderation is waranted.

I will see if we can get one of the more religious among us to do a special interview. I will see if I can get Justin, TMW, Warren, MZ or Rob to sit down for a short general theological type of interview. It will be ten questions exclusively on general theology. The interview will generate some interesting discussions on topics we rarely talk about.

Beamish in 08

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Homophobia Frauds

Many of you now know that I consider sexual relations between consenting adults to be a private matter. In a limited way MZ does make some valid points. The parades are in dreadful taste, but NYC and other places manage to survive. Many Gay people themselves find the antics somewhat over the top. The reality is that if you don't like it don't go. If you live in the area as I did take a day away and return later.

I want to show the profound difference between Rob Bayn and Gert. Rob is gay and will
talk about gay rights wherever they are being mistreated. He will critique Fallwells stupid remarks like blaming 9-11 on gays. The remarks was certainly stupid and odious. However, the vast majority of screaming conspiracy goons have zero problem
with Jewish conspiracies. Even Art Bell who knows a thing or two about conspiracy nuts calls this group decidedly antisemitic.Rob also understands that there are many countries where gays are harrassed by the government as policy. He has zero problem criticizing persecution of Gays in the Muslim world or far left misruled countries.
Gert who seems to think homophobia is so evil has not devoted a single post to the persecution of gays in the PA. One finds almost no posts on his blog that are critical of anyone other than Israel with the odd American hit post tossed in.

The person who would lecture us all about homophobia is a marked hypocrite when the chickens come home to roost. His good friend Weazie recently accused me of being gay and it say more about Weazie being a venomous communist antisemite frothing in hatred. We have done a series of posts that one can not determine who is gay by interests, where they live, if they have children or vocation. Justin Morris is an Army Veteran and I worked in the fashion industry. The stereotype would say I am gay
and Justin isn't, but it is wrong.

Gert's odd mannerism's lead many to speculate if he is gay or has gender issues. This is not my opinion alone and his use of body parts and sprinkled with liberal use of the word bitch is odd. His pen name beakerpoop even inquires about the size of
my genetalia. Then there is he nice poem written in his style that starts off Beakernazi does suck because he has no teeth that also makes refernces to my sexuality. How did I react to Weazie's accusation? I laughed at it just as the product of a person frothing in far left commie antisemitic hatred and the stupidity
that accompanies his every comment. I find the odd obsession of Beakerpoop seemingly
creepy but it is yet another example of the depths of self righteous hatred the far left finds acceptable as long as the target is to the right of Hugo Chavez. Another example of this is Uptown who doesn't object to racial term used on Condoleza Rice by Ducky. Ducky hides behind the ravings of Harry Belacommie.

Compare and contrast my reactions to that of Gert who would lecture all of us in self righteous angst. I find it mildly amusing and the product of people's anger gone into overdrive. I do not get all upset or preachy but then I don't walk around calling scores of people homophobes especially Nanc. Neither Rob nor Justin have ever called Nanc a homophobe. Gert trots out every cliche under the sun. I have kids,
but so does Justin and scores of Gay men. I am married but so was Justin. I don't have a gay bone (boner) in my body, since when are bones gay. Then he gets all hysterical about the accusation.

Here is the whole point of the excersize. Nobody really knows who is gay or straight
unless one volunteers the information. There is no stereotype that or combination of them that says person A is Gay and person B isn't. However, a person who is going to lecture people about homophobia should be more enlightened. The heated denials and crying about such an accusation are homophobic behavior. If the person honestly felt
it was not a big deal then why does he make such a big deal.

Moreover if you are going to fling this charge it help like Rob to apply it where it exists with no sacred cows. There is no group more decidedly prejudiced against gays
than Muslims itself. Shariah courts execute gays after show trials and genuine torture. The PA which Gert never criticizes persecutes Gays as public policy. Gays flee the PA to Israel for safety and this is no laughing matter. If this topic is so important then kindly dedicate the space without the pc excuses. Fact Israel treats gays better than any other country in the area.

Homophobia is a real and serious problem. No sane person ever advocates violence against gays. Gay people are persecuted as government policy imprisoned and killed because they are being themselves. Self righteously tossing the label homophobe at Nanc and then having a temper tantrum when people call you gay is hypocrisy.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I would like to thank my many Friends

I would like to thank all my friends for sticking by me in this episode. I would like to say Freedomnow is a friend who did his best under a dificult situation. The only part I strenuously disagree with is that he is far too generous with Greg's complicity.

When we go out and write these blogs there are many good people that we meet. Most of us go from site to site visiting familiar friends. Most of us don't linger too long on sites we dislike. The exception is Ducky who has honor in his own way. He takes rather odious positions at time but he knows the limits. Even Uptown knows there are certain limits and that is why I will let some comments ( a few ) slip through moderation. Weazie for all his piss and venom fantasies also is clever enough to craft a response that will get through the censor.

There is a breed of reader that is a cyber criminal. They come to seek attention and do not know how to comport themselves. John Brown who has just returned is the most notorious example. He was given months of free reign and even that was not enough.
He was tossed in short order after placing 90 plus comments that were repeatative on my site. Free speech does not mean spam, vulgarity and above all repeating yourself.
His response was to create a site that portrays me as a pedophile and steal my avatar. Does anyone hear me crying or complining? This is part of what we put up with when we set up shop.

Now the Beavis and Butthead Greg and Gert like to play a game. Gert thinks it is okay to smear Freedomnow with all the positions of his friends. Thus I am called a racist despite the groups being non racial. MZ has been the target of constant abuse
from Beavis and Butthead.Gert has been stalking me under the name of Beakerpoop as well and the writting styles are identical. People who have never interacted with Gert such as the Editrix, Jeff Bargholz and amazingly Ducky found themselves targeted
in this routine. How Gert deduces Nanc is a homophobe is a mystery as Rob or Justin have never ever made that claim? Everyone who disagrees is a racist and if your friends think outside the left they are homophobes. However, when Gerts comments and blog are scrutinized he cries hysterically. His comments at Freedomnow's site are venomously antisemitic.

We allow plenty of dissent on this site. The Duck has never been censored or threatned with censorship. This may change if and when we get around to discussing Renoir whom the Duck has a disdain for.

People come here to be entertained and we allow plenty of leeway. However, leeway is not license and it you can't take the heat do not come here.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Let the readers decide.

Many of you are aware of a sick individual in the UK whose obsession with me has become a comedic farce. Gert and his sidekick Greg an alleged zionist who colaberates with genuine communist anti-semites have been trying to blackmail me.

This criminal activity is on display at Freedomnows site. Yes the self righteous Greg and Gert have resorted to criminal activities because they can't handle the truth.

Gerts drama queen hysterical crying game has now bit him in the behind. Gert seems all worked up about your trully and demands a cease fire.

I invite the readers to look at Gert's writing style and that of Beakerpoop. The blog in question is Donalandbeaksuck.blogspot.com. Gerts writting is at freedomnow's site.

Well it appears that Gertrude has been less then honest. Hank Snow blog contains the musings of Beakerpoop whose writting style seems identical to Gert's. Moreover a person denying orientation issues questions the size of my equipment. This person also seems to have written a Gay poem about Beakernazi. Now I do not have problems with homosexuality but it seems that the author of these posts has orientation issues.

These same author just happens to bring up Freedom Now and raise identical points in Greg's mental assylum. Is this just an eerie coincedence?

It seems that Gertrude likes to strike at me from the shadows but gets really upset when I give him a taste of his own medicine. Well there it is apparent who is obssesed with whom. It is also apparent that Gert has some ahem issues and is either flaming or a homophobe himself.

I tend to agree with Justin on this one. This guys got a load of issues anti-semitism is clearly established, communism is clear and now this odd interest in my equipment and proclivities. I am sure if Rob were around he would add a quote about poor taste.

ESPN 15 Presents Celebrity Dodgeball Mr Beamish and Beakerambo vs John and Therese Heinz Kerry

This is Chris Berman and we are live in NYC at PS 22's playground. The site is filled with crazed kids as we present Celebrity Dodge Ball. Our local commentators are Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby.

Curtis: Dodgeball is the classic NYC school yard game. It is doge or get pegged with a fast ball. This is not something you girlie man pony tailed commie pinkos would know as you failed PE.
Kuby: Politicians are known for their ability to dodge a variety of life's issues. Thus we have a uber macho warmonger and an incoherent corporate pitchman on one side vs a Progressive Vietnam Vet and the African Pricess/ Heiress capatlist exploiter.

We will interview the teams in practice;

Kuby: So John what has led you to celebrity dodgeball.
Kerry Dodgeball reminds me of when I was in Vietnam dodging bullets and real combat.
I haven't stopped talking about my three months for 33 years.
Kuby: So you are proud of the fact that you a Capitalist War Criminal
Kerry: I was against the war, then went to war and led the protests against the war but now I am proud of my service.
Curtis: That was a fine exibition of dodging.
Theresa: John, why are you talking to that stinking man in the Che shirt with a Greasy ponytail and the play dough boy. Massage my feet Dahlink.
Kerry: It is hard to find loaded millinaresses. A man has to do.....
Thereza: Did I give you permision to talk.
Curtis: Un disgracia

Berman: Well John Kerry seems to be an expert in dodging. Now our taped segment in the other locker room.

Curtis: Mr Beamish do you think you have what it takes to take outthe Kerry's
Mr Beamish: I have been practicing my aim all week. Wacks Beakerambo with the ball.
Beakerambo: Me me mi %^&*76 me meep.
Curtis: You have supeior aim how did you train.
Mr Beamish: By nailing Beakerambo in the head for two weeks.
Beakerambo: Me me meep me hurts like hell
Kuby: This is shameless disgusting Capitalist exploitation of handicapped people with speech impediments....I am ouraged by the .......Wack
Cutis:That was excellent aim. Lets have a replay as Mr Beamish knocks out Ron Kuby.
Mr Beamish: A fastball to the head is the best way to deal with Commie libs.

Chris Berman; The teams are entering the field. Look at the section of kids dressed up in Mr Beamish Gear. There is a small contingent of Beakerambo fans. John and Theresa have entered the playground to a chorus of boooos. Will you listen to the crowd as Mr Beamish and Beakerambo enter the playground.

Our special guest referee is Mr T.

Mr T: I pity the fools. Hey you stop shaking. Speak Up
Beakerambo: Me mi meep A Team
Mr T: No cause to be incoherent talk like a man and be the man. I pitty the fool
Thereza: I married the fool
Crowd: WE KNOW
Beakerambo: Me mi meep mi Green Acres meep Mr Ziffel.
Thereza: What did that peasant say. How dare he adress me like that.

Kuby: It is apparent that the learning disabled exploited Beakerambo has mistaken Thereza Hienz Kerry for Za Za Gabor.

Mr T: Begin the Game Fools

Curtis: It is obvious the Fruit Loop Troopers are rooting for Mr Beamish.
Kuby: Kids do not understand nuance they understand crass commercial exploitaion.
Curtis: Mr Beamish has the ball. He picks it up and nails announcer Ron Kubynwith another fasball to the head. The crowd roars its approval.
Mr Beamish: Nuance is for whimps
Mr T: I pity that Ron Kuby clown he's out for the count.
Thereza: Does my Che shirt match my Manolo Shoes Dahlink.
John Kerry: You Look wonderful .
Beakerambo: Me mi Me meep whipped me me.
John Kerry: You need to know about give and take Beakerambo.....
Beakerambo; Meee mee meep take to the bank Meep.
John Kerry: Exactly how would you like to be the Ambassador to Botswana in a Kerry Administration.
Curtis: Beakerambo pick up the ball throws and misses. Thereza breaks a nail and calls for a time out that is dennied by Mr T.
Mr T: There are no timeouts in dodge ball we play to the end Fool.
Thereza: He must be talking to that idiot with za speeech impediment. What is with this me me mi.
Curtis: Mr Beamish picks up the ball and pegs Beakerambo in the back of the head.
Mr Beamish: Sorry there training reflex.
Mr T: Beakerambo is out take him to the No Fools Lounge.
Curtis: It is now two on one with the Kerry's having an advantage over Mr Beamish. John Kerry throws and misses. Thereza grabs the rebound and throws short. Mr Beamish grabs the ball.
Mr Beamish: Those are last years Manolo's
Curtis: Thereza looks down and is nailed by a Mr Beamish fastball to the head.
Mr T: Take the princess to the No Fools lounge.
John Kerry: That is the first time she has shut up since we are married.
Curtis: Who will win the showdown the Man of the People or the King of Windsurfing.
Kerry has the ball he throws and misses left. Grabs the rebound and misses left. Mr Beamish grabs the rebound and pegs AFlAC Duck and Ben Afleck in the first row. Kerry grabs the rebound and throws short.
Elmer's Brother: Did you really serve in Vietnam?
Kerry: Well I SPLAT
Curtis: Any Mr Beamish nails John Kerry in the head with a fastball. Kerry was distracted by Elmers Brother. Listen to the applause of the Fruit Loop Troopers as their hero Mr Beamish wins the match
Kerry: I protest I was missed by the dodgeball before I was hit by the dodgeball.
Mr T nails Kerry with the Dodgeball and knocks him out. " Take this chump to the No Fools Lounge
Bill Clinton: Hillary , Chelsea and I want the next match

Chris Berman; There we go from NYC the winner of this match Mr Beamish. The question is who will be the third partner.
Curtis: I have been talking with coach MZ and it is a toss up between Elmer's Brother, Jeff Bargholtz and Nanc.

Chris Berman: Tune in next week as the Clinton Gang take on Team Beamish in PS 58 in Astoria Queens. Tune in next week for celebrity dodgeball.

Greg Fails In Life

There are times when all of us need to man up. Those are the times that we need to take responsability for our fuck ups acknowledge them and move on. These aren't pleasant times but every man has them. Greg has had his man up moment and failed. This comes as no surprise to someone whom is a failure in every aspect of life. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has dealt with the childish idiot.

Greg had begged to maintain a friendship after I cut him off and told him. " Close the door as you leave". The reason that he was cut off had nothing to do with Saba or his shit flinging temper tantrum after I posted the truth about the lack of a Palestinian ethnicity. He did not take the rejection well and I could post the emails where he tried to maintain contact.

The reason that he was cut off was the lattitude that he gives a virulent anti- semetic communist fop that most of us have grown to laugh at. Gert's naked anti-semitism and trollish behavior is on display at Freedomnow's site. Gert is an imbecile who uses a half baked moron in an attempt to convince himself and the world
that he is not a communist anti-semite. Gert rails about labels but has zero problem calling anyone who disagrees with him racist or homophobe. He cries about charachter assasination but my first encounter with the jerk was him bad mouthing me on the dimwit's site. I had zero idea who this fop was but I had a series of hysterical screching attacks from a person who had never posted here. There is good reason Gertrude did not post here. My readers have zero patience with his brand of communist crapola. Moreover, his drama queen antics would result in a fast butt kicking.

Greg is a failure in life and there is no way around that fact. The person who would ecture MZ or myself about zionism is the Israeli equivalent of a perpetual welfare case. Immigrnts to Israel get their college paid for, medecine is socialized and housing is paid for by the state. Thus Greg in one of his few saner moments took his act to Israel where he is a perpetual ward of the state. It is not easy to be disqualified from the military in Israel but he has been granted the Isreali equivalent of the infamous section eight. Non military people know this is the code Cop Klinger tried to get himself disqualified from the military in MASH. Klinger used tacky dresses but in no way was useless. Greg has proven with his behavior that his section eight is totally waranted.

Greg is not as stupid as he sems. His calculated attention drawing stunts are calculated. His crude attempts to blackmail me by threatening to reval my name were condemned by his freind Freedomnow, Nanc ans TMW. After his friend told him not to do it and deleted the post. He goes on to post my first name dozens of times. He totaly disrespects his friend Freedomnow's wishes in the process. Then he comes back and feigns ignorance as to why this is offensive.

His friend the communist anti-semitic drama queen then decides to make his friend Greg look like a total asshole by demonstrating the reason I value my privacy. Gert then trolls the internet compounding his friend's fuck up. If people who did not know Greg was an idiot it is certainly on display now. Moreover Gregs friend Gert did not seem to care how many new enemies he created for Greg.

Gert's antisemitic tirades are on full display at Freedomnow's site. Greg is now defending a person whose antisemitism is very blatant to all. Gert's usual line is don't tell me I am not anti semitic I just wrote an article claiming the Israeli-Nazi connection was unwarranted. This is essentially like David Duke of the KKK claiming he is not a bigot because he wrote an article claiming blacks should not be compared to apes.

Greg would like to let the world know he disagrees with MZ or myself to score brownie points with antisemites. He has made no statement on Gert's anti-semitic drama queen antics on Freedomnow's site. Freedomnow had zero problem denouncing such classics as Jewishcunt, Donkey of Zion, Stupid Jew. This clown seriously believes such fare is not anti semitic.

In life there are tests we all face. Greg was given the chance to own up to his own mistake with no excuses. He was presented with an obvious anti semitic tirade from his close friend Gert. He sent me an email where he finds the whole matter funny. Greg seems to think that Freedomnow should have to answer for his friendships with MZ, Nanc, TMW, The Editrix because Gert calls them racists or homophobes. Well Gert has been revealed as a virulent anti-semite and a hypocrite on homophobia. Greg has said nothing and finds the whole matter funny.

Greg's whole life is a lie. The rabid zionist who would lecture MZ and myself is a section 8 perpetual welfare recipient. The poster who would lecture MZ or myself has now defended an anti semite whose act has removed any doubt. The preposterous claim of Gert whose entire blog consists of cut and paste anti-Israel hit pieces is I am moderately pro-Israel. This must be in comparison to Hezbollah, Hamas, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finklestein and the Iranian regime. He is also the world's laziest anti-semite
as he doesn't even write original posts. His blog has one reader noted communist anti-semite Weazie. Weazie also is fond of 9-11 conspiracy theories. Weazies lame attempts to flirt with Nanc are the best comedic theatre I have seen in a while. Neither Weazie or Gert have any readers.

Gertrude is all upset because he was outed as a homosexual. Gert's effeminate manners are obvious to anyone who reads his posts. In truth one can not deduce sexual orientaion from writting style. Justin nor Rob would appear gay on that basis, but in fact are. However, Gert has decided to label everyone out of the blue homophobes. Yet he failed miserably when his own orientation was questioned. His high pitching crying and ignorant answers prove that it is he who is ignorant and a homophobe. His excuse was I have been married for ten years, James McGreevy was married twice. His next excuse was he has a twelve year old daughter, adopted stepchild is not stated. The fact is that many Gay men have children, but Gert who would lecture us doesn't seem to know this. His answers and crazed dennials prove he is in fact a homophobe himself. Given the same question my response has been and. The reason is the whole subject is no big deal. Being gay would not change my value as a friend or as a person. Thus we have as Rob suggested a heterosexual without a clue lecturing people about a subject he knows nothing about. Conversely, we have a closeted person who is probably in denial for what seriously does appear to be a person with serious gender issues. Gay or not Gertrude clearly does appear quite feminine with none of the warmth and charm of a real female. The women in our lives
make our days with their warmth and charm. Gert is not even a real woman, he is a poor mans immitation of a drama queen

On Deck John and Theresa Heinz Kerry play dodgeball against Mr Beamish and Beakerambo on ESPN 15.

Beakerkin will answer the Dimwit's Questions

Life is not fair there are those who are dimwits and dullards. Such is the plight of Greg whose stupidty and poor judgement are near legendary. Yet even the dullard can come up with a decent question. However, the best guidance is listen to Freedomnow as he never sters you wrong. Then devote the rest of your life to the teachings of Mr Beamish.

Question 1A Is Marxism inherently evil?

A movement that has killed 100,000,000 people for no purpose is inherently evil. Marxism is what happens when man plays god and decides he can create Utopia on this earth. Any sacrafice thus becomes excusable in an effort to create this utopia. Planned starvation is a great way to liberate the masses from life itself. Then there is the communist example of how to deal with pesky Muslims. Just pack them off onto cattle cars ( along with other pesky nationalities) and send them to frozen Siberia to die. Then turn around and shake your fist at those pesky Joooos er zionists for imaginary crimes on a much larger scale. The great thing about being a Communist is that no matter how hypocritical or disasterous your flops are the standard excuses of well that wasn't true communism, blame the zionists (joos) or imaginary McCarthyism always seems readily available.

The thought of anyone making a similar argument with Nazism would be absurd. However, Communists killed several times more people then Nazis. Moreover Nazis and Communists were actual allies until Hitler double crossed his Commie allies. Less well known is that the SS and Communists had several meetings in Poland and co-ordinated their mayhem. Also less known are the local massacres that took place well before the Nazis ever got there, the most famous of which is Katayn. Unsurprisingly, many Balts and Ukranians looked favorably on the Nazis. Left unsaid is that the Communist deliberately starved the Ukranians causing many to become Hiwis. The notion of Communists as less evil than Nazis is a joke perpetuated by malfeasance in our Universities.

Communist have a lengthy history of deception, treason, espionage, infiltration and subversion in the West. This history is well documented in the Venonna Project and the Soviet Archives. Communists do not want you to know they are advocates for class genocide. They call themselves liberals, progressives, greens, labor socialists, various types of activists, various types of anarchist and everything under the sun except Ronald Reagan. It is very rare a deranged person like John Brown or Robert Lindsay will come out and admit they are a Communist. I would invite people to compare the statements of 167, Gert, Weazie, Ducky with that of John Brown or Robert Lindsay. A trained observer quickly knows the difference between a patriotic liberal like Rob Bayn and a shit flinging imbecile like John Brown or Gertie. Communists are obsessed with Jews and Israel and a clear indication that one is dealing with a commie is a 24/7 focus on Jews, word games with Jew and Zionist and holding the US and Israel to impossible standards and scrutiny and holding the rest of the planet to none. Most Nazi types who are also obsessed with dem Joos tend to be very young and post absurd material on race. There still are a few classic anti semites like Pat
Buchanan but they are rare.

A trained observer can quickly figure out who is an actual communist. This is not that dificult when one lives in NYC in the infamous Union Square locale. I know their playbook better than they do. Most communists have abysmal social skills and fall into the mental health defective maladies. Most are unemployable outside of accademia or little cabals in some government offices. They readily discriminate against people who do not pass their litmus tests.

Any idea with such a disasterous track record belongs in the ashbin of history.

1B Is Islam Evil

Unlike Communists one can easily find decent Muslim people. The hard working shop owner or the Doctor who is dedicated to his craft are easily located.

A closer look at Islam itself reveals it has nothing in common with religion as we define it. There is no modern notion of a Jewish or Christian plan to dominate the globe. The notion of having Israel run by halchic law is confined to a few oddballs.
The far left likes to inflate their importance and numbers and compare them to Islamic terrorists. They do not smack planes into office buildings and the mere fact you can name Baruch Goldstein is because his behavior was so inconsistent with Jewish norms.

The logical place to evaluate Islam is with the Koran read it yourself. The read the Great Divide by Alvin Schmidtt, Indigenous People Under the Rule of Islam and the decline of Eastern Christianity by BAt Yeor.

1 There is no seperation of Church and state in Islam
2 Individual rights do not exist
3 Minorities have even less rights then ordinary Muslims and they must pay extortion.
This extortion is the divine right of Muslims and it may be removed for any reason.

A system that starts with submission is easily manipulated by strongmen of varying degrees of maliciousness. These strongmen create and perpetute a cycle of violence that scares away investment. If there was no violence the constant corruption at all levels of government as an accepted norm scare off the remainder.

Any system of law that has no concept of indivual rights and liberty for all can hardly be expected to honor agreements with other nations. Sharia as the basis of law is an Rx for human rights disasters. It is no accident that Christians are fleeing the middle east. Even Muslims do not want to live in the hell holes they create because there are no jobs. A logical solution would be to adapt Civil law with property rights. Do not hold your breath on this one as the Commie left will rationalize or white wash the history and reality of Islam.

2 Will there be peace betwenn Israel and Arabs

No one can not have peace when the other party is entrenced in the position you have no right to exist.

Imaginary negotiations between John " Gomer" Kerry fellow traveler and genuine moron
and your friendly local bloodcrazed Jihadi.

Jihadi: I kill all of you now . Die infidel scum
Kerry: How about you kill us all in twenty years.
Jihadi: You die now
Kerry; How about we die in twenty years and I hand over that Beakerkin Jew for a nice Beheading.
Jihadi: You die now.
Kerry: Did I tell you I was a Vietnam Veteran. Apocalypse Now was made after my life story. Martin Sheen played me and I was off to kill Col Kurtz who was an incoherent zionist thug in Cambodia. I spent 3 1/2 months in Vietnam and the next 33 years talking about it.
Jihadi: Allah I can't take this clod any more eith he shuts up or I kill myself.
Kerry: Look here are the medals I allegedly threw away at Dewey Canyon. Here is the magic hat the CIA man gave me on my trip to Cambodia.
Jihadi Magic hat this looks like ordinary Mickey Mouse ears. Muslims invented Disneyland before the evil Zionist Eisner stole our ideas. We invented Ice cream , baseball and the toilet.
Kerry: So if we hand over Eisner and Beakerkin you kill is in twenty years.
Jihadi: We let you live one year
Kerry: Ah progress have some ketchup.

One can not have peace when people have this mindset. The entire notion of Peace with the Arabs was a pipe dream.

3 Who lies more Bush or Clinton

Slick Willie was a term invented by Al Gore. Lying is a way of life to the Clintons.
All together now sing Blue Stained Dress. I smoked but I didn't inhale. I never has sex with that woman. The meaning of is is have all entered history.

For those of you who do not read as widely as yours truly there is always follow the wit and wisdom of Mr Beamish.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Our bounty

I am a proud member of Western Civ. I understand that many people have been wronged for us to arrive at this great juncture in time. However, the answer is to look ahead and appreciate the freedoms and liberties we have. Most of the freedoms and liberties we have are offshoots of Christianity.

The enemies of Western Civ would have you believe in fairy tales. Communism failed and many paid with their lives. Man was not meant to play god and Social justice is a code word for theft. The difference between Communists and the mafia is that the mafia is organized and has a good business model and losy public relations. Communists are inept at anything other than public relations and stacking bodies high. They change their names frequently and deny what they are but it is readily apparent who and what they are. To the deluded Marxist nobody is or was a communist, nor are they stained by class genocide. The rest of us know who you are and the stench of death, anti Americanism and antisemitsm fill the air with every utterance you make.

The Jihadis would make victims of histories most abusive colonialists. People like Gertrude and Duncy forget that the sons of Allah were practicing colonialism, Jim Cowe and wholesale slavery long before and after Western Civ. Uptown Steve chooses to ignore reality. The rest of the chumps white wash the realities of Islam. There is no accident that the vast majority of the worlds religions involve Islam. Minorities have no rights under Islam, but extortion may be paid. The extortion is the divine right of the Muslim. Hypocritical people like Gertrude lecture MZ about his alleged homophobia. They meanwhile say zero about the PA that persecutes gays as governmental policy. They say less about Iran and Saudi Arabia that execute gays. They say nothing about Cuban and Zimbabwean persecution of gays. They get their panties in a knot about every stupid utterance of Falwell. The reality is that Jews are one of many indigenous people abused by Islam for 1400 years. The stream of Christians fleeing the Middle East is quite real. However the usual suspects say zero about the rights of these indigenous people while hoisting fake ones as cause celebre. A quick look at what Russia has done in Grozny show how a real nation deals with the types of provocations the Isrealis have dealt with since their inception. It is time for Arabs to settle their own refugees like every other group. It is time Muslims started to respect the rights of others. It is time for the far left to stop rationalizing terrorism as an alternative lifestyle.

I am an American and my brothers and sisters come in all races. Warren, Mr Beamish, Nanc, AOW, TMW, Jason, Jeff, Justin, Rob, MZ, Russet and many others are my family. Felis wherever he is is an honorary member of our family from OZ. Our heroes are Richard Poe, George Will, Derek Jeter, Barry Sanders, Thomas Sowell, Mark Twain and many others.

There are people outside out house who wish to tear it down. They are mostly Communists, Jihadis and racial power goons like David Duke or Farrakhan.

This is our house and we live in the world of the possible. This house is not perfect and sometimes our members disagree on a thing or two. However, the people in our house are commited to a greater vision of America. Our freedoms and liberties are the envy of many. People risk life and limb to escape the madness of the so called workers paradise in Cuba. Even Jihadist do not like to live in the hell holes they create. They emigrate because their societies fail to create jobs.

Never be guilted or ashamed of who we are as a people or our history. We can play the indict a civilization by its history with Communist or Islamic history with ease.
The problem with pC is the wrong people are being given the guilt trip.

Beamish in O8

No Deal Gertrude

Lets see Eitan/Greg deserves all the abuse I dish out. His immature attempt to blackmail me failed and was seen by all. When Freedomnow, Nanc and TMW pointed out this was wrong retardo does it again. He has proven that he can not be trusted. Moreover, he comes back later after your tirade and plays stupid. Let him come to this site and own up to his huge blunder no excuses, no mistakes and be a man.

Greg now has to answer for your anti-semitic tirade on Freedomnow's site. Greg can no longer look the other way at scores of anti-semitic quotes. Moreover, as far as who started this look in the mirror . I had no idea who the F&(*k you were and I had seen a quote in Google on Greg's site bad mouthing me. I would also remind others here that Gert has bad mouthed the Editrix and oddly Ducky.

I want an answer why Greg has given an obsessed Communist anti semite so much lattitude. It is one thing to disagree with myself or MZ, but there is zero rationale for Gert's antisemitism. Will Greg man up or Weasel his way into more excuses.

Gert who claims to be Greg's friend compounded and magnified his mistake. A true friend does not go out of their way to make their friends look bad. Whatever problems
Greg's outburst caused were made worse by Gert's antics. Now by spreading the damage
you have used your worst ammunition and I am still standing with many friends at my side.

Now about Gert's orientation this has become quite humorous. Lets see what is the big deal about being gay. After all there Gertie you want to lecture us all about homophobia, good for you. If you did not have such homophobic hang ups which you project onto others than why does it matter. No Gertie, you have been revealed as a fake, phony and fraud on homophobia. You and anyone else can call me gay and I honestly do not care. I have friends who happen to be gay and I am proud of them just as I am of all of my many friends. Anyone who knows me knows what I am about and the thought of me being gay is actually funny.

I will hardly be the first to inform Gert that he does appear quite effeminate. Several others have made the same observation. The fact that you are married and have a kid means zero. Gay or not gay, means absolutely zero as the bottom line is you have no class.

No deal Gertrude but you bore us. We want to hear Greg defend your anti-semitic tirade and trollish hissy fit. You have used your worst ammunition and are in no position to dictate terms. My quiver of slings and arrows will only get worse and I am relentless. You picked a bad opponent and your humiliation has just begun comwad.