Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Deception of the Duck

Ducky, Gertrude and 167 are fairly typical of the Communist left. They hyperventilate about Israel as if no other issue in the world exists. They rail about mistreatment of fake indigenous people and ignore serious abuses in the rest of the world. They are especially quiet about human rights violations under communist thugocracies.

Lets see the Duck has trotted out that Cuba has great health care and everyone can read. The problem is that they are free to read what they are told to read. Writers are not given artistic freedom and suffer for their views. Meanwhile, the Duck is so concerned about the USA where farces about killing the current President are produced by his comwads. The Duck is fond of crying about the cancelation of a commie play "Hello my name is Rachel Corrie". I was itending to go and root for the bulldozer, carrying a Tonka version. I even purchased a CAT hat and Bisquick for the event that has become a staple of communist lies. The Israelis in no way ran her over on purpose. However, I shed no tears for the moron who had no business in Gaza and was in violation of US law.

In the book the End of Commitment has the story of two true Cuban believers Carlos Franqui and Herberto Padilla. Franqi was a genuine true believer in social change. He protested the torture in Cuban Prisons and showed evidence to Fidel who approved of it. He protested the abuses in Castros raids against the bomemian sections of Cuba where offenders were made to wear the letter P for Pimp, Prostitute or Pederast. Of course those wearing the letters were abused. I wonder how the Duck would feel about a similar display where Ameicans force Marxists like himself to wear clothing with the letter T for traitor or maybe M for Moron. He seems to approve of this when done to Jews and Christians under Sharia. Oh I forgot about the special taxes the Duck would have to pay as a Marxist, 50% of his salary so that the rest of us don't beat him.

Franqi also witnessed the Sovitization of peasants who just wanted to be left alone.
He witnesses the transformation of Cuba from a place that had one big prison to a prison society. Franqui also notes that the rebels who fled to the Escambray Mountains were ordinary workers and peasants who wanted no part of the workers paradise. However, the Duck still ignores reality as Infidel sends troops to prop up Thugocracies in Angola, Eithiopia and Elsewhere. Lets see the Duck was stating something about intervening in Civil Wars the other day. It seems wherever his Comwads intervene or god forbid win mass murder, repression and refugees follow. Thus the Duck is a good barometer of whom not to support.

Padilla is one of those writers that have been persecuted under Marxist thugocracy.
The far left ( and one Israeli moron who swears he is right wing) like to cry about
McCarthyism and Blacklists to this very day. They seem to think there is a symetry with treasonous advocates for class genocide and theft having to work manual labor
and artists like Feffer and Solomon Michoels who were killed and others who were imprisoned. Nor have the advocates of the left figured out that there was extensive
communist treason, subversion and espionage in the McCarthy period. In fact every defense of the left of the period has been proven false by the Soviet archives. Nor was this a case of leftists not knowing, the lies were maintained for decades.

No doubt the Duck will respond with more talk about excellent health care. The Duck seems to forget that people risk their lives to get away from Cuba. Yet the Duck sees
nothing noble in the Cuban, Vietnamese or other people who have suffered under his Marxist delusions. The Ducks mono focus is on violent fake indigenous people who are part of a society that embodies the worst aspects of Colonialism and Jim Crow.

Beamish in 08


American Crusader said...

"He witnesses the transformation of Cuba from a place that had one big prison to a prison society."

Pretty much sums up what happened to Cuba.
If Cuba ever sheds communism it has the potential to become a tropical paradise. With its close proximity and gorgeous beaches, tourism alone would double the island's current GDP.

Mr. Ducky said...

My, my, where to start. Let's start with Rachel Corrie. I did mention the blocking of that performance by shoa pimps at the time when everyone was jizzing their pants over the "Muhammed" cartoons.

Now I will reiterate. In Europe, muslim groups asked that the cartoons not be published because they were offensive. That type of request is made continuously in the U.S.

There were demonstrations in hard line muslim nations where radicals will demonstrate for virtually any reason. Big deal.

I don't support Castro. I will say that there were high hopes for that revolution. Memories of Underdevelopment is a terfific filmthat studies the hopes for that revolution.

Now what was out response? We formed a regional organizations and development banks that were also COMPLETE FAILURES. The problem persists while you fight this moronic right vs. left battle which only benefits a few oligarchs.
An interesting question would be whether it is easier to sucker a right or left winger. I'm not sure. Thumpers are easily suckered so I say edge to the right.

So the issue should be the failures by BOTH sides in the region and the failure to deal with the corrupt Mexican oligarchy.

There aren't many voices out there but I am more comfortable with the left than with shoa pimps like David Horowitz. It amazes me that you and filth like Ho'boy complain about Castro arming Africans when your deam government in Israel was demonstrating its high morals by arming apartheid South Africa. Nothing I wouldn't expect from the Israeli Apartheid Regime, they have as much chance of being a positive force in the world as Castro or the corrupt Mexican oligarchy.

beakerkin said...

Lets see the Duck again invokes the Holocaust where there is no logic to his train of thought. The South African regime had a better human rights record than Cuba, Zimbabwe or any other left thug state. Moreover Savimbi was engaged in a Civil War. What is your excuse for Eithiopia.?

The cannard about Israels military trade with South Africa is a leftist staple but European states ranked higher in all forms of trade
including military. The reality that aparthied was repugnant but less odious than Cuba that exports its pathos around the globe.

The Duck ignores the reality of the suffering his kind have created endorsed throughout their wretched existance. Words condemning Fidel, Mugabe and Kim Jong Mentally ill 0 words on Israel
with violent fake indigenous people thousands.

A fraud remains a fraud.

Mr. Ducky said...

Well, welcome to straw man central. I posted a substantive response and all we get from Beak is straw man arguments.

It isn't hard to back a devotee of a toad like David Ho'boy into a corner and you should take that as an indication that your narrow tunnel vision perspective is indefensible, Beak.

beakerkin said...

Lets see the Duck is responding to his typical Communist anti-semitic monomania about Israel with denial.
Moreover, his preoccupation with Isreal while ignoring the crimes of every other nation especially communist thugocracies is typical.

The same people that turn a blind eye to genuine torture in Cuban Prisons are worried about panties on the head and naked twister at Abu Gharib. Lets see Vietnam, Cuba, Zimbabwe and every Muslim state are held to no standards but Israel and the USA are held to the highest standard.

Who actually placed the Muslims in cattle cars Duck? Here is a hint it wasn't Nazis or Zionists? The amount of words said by the left 0.
Who used helicopter gunships and Pseudostinian mercenaries to massacre Native Americans in the 80's. At last conversation Gnome Chimpanze is still praising the Sandinazis. Even Ward Churchill and Russel Means took up arms against those thugs.

A fraud remains a fraud

Freedomnow said...

Ducky doesn't support Castro's Cuba, he only speaks out in Cuba's favor until he is challenged.

This way he can praise Cuba and deride America without repercussions.

Welcome to the world of Liberal American politics...

Robert Bayn said...

If all these communist nations are so great, why don't these guys live there instead of the evil Imperialistic great Satan United States.

beakerkin said...


This is the game the Duck plays. He will tell you Capalism isn't perfect. Most of us accept that no
system is perfect. However, to deny the carnage every time Marxism is attempted becomes a joke. Aparthied was evil, but nobody ever starved in Rhodesia until a Marxist thug took power.
Cuba had the second highest standard of living and now has one of the lowest in the Western Hemisphere. Everyone can read what the government tells them to read.

However, the Duck and many others like to talk about Cuban health care. They forget political prisoners and genuine torture.

The Duck wouldn't last five minutes in Cuba. They still perform labotomies there. I hear John Brown and Gert are planning to get them in Havanna.

Mr. Ducky said...

bayn, let's see if we can get this into your 85 I.Q. Freeper head.

Life isn't great for people in Central America or the Carribean. That includes Guatemala, Cuba, Haiti etc.

My post clearly states that neithe the left or the right has been able to bring much relief and Castro is no better or worse than the rest of the rogues gallery.

Now is that too difficult for you to understand you f**king child?

beakerkin said...


Bayn is a partiotic liberal and has nothing to to with the right.
His IQ seems higher than yours.

Cuba has far more political prisoners than any of the states mentioned. Moreover, Cubans flee to the Dominican Republic so that argument is false.

The Duck also pretends that Fidel has nothing to do with the Drug trade and arming Commie thug guerillas.

Robert Bayn said...

Duck duck goose, for the record i have 124 IQ. Second Castro is a evil dictator, and yes WORSE than any Captalist leader could ever be, does that help you?

Wow i got called a "kid" again, great comeback! Even if i had a 84 IQ, by your statement alone, one would have to believe your IQ is near the Negative range, someone in a coma might have more brain activity than you SIR!

Beak, i get called a liberal and a conservative, haha! I just love politics! I actually consider myself to be a independent. In this election, where everyone seems to be saying Republicans will lose, for the first time in my life, i plan on voting for every Republican in my district, include the Governor race, i wonder how many more people like me are out there, who actually take things on a case by case base, rather than listening to the inflated ego's on the left or right.

beakerkin said...

Rob The Duck considers anyone against the war to be liberal. The Duck seems to delude himself that only far left types have IQ's above room temperature. I never mention what mine is because one becomes a cartoon like 167 when one makes a gaffe. I present myself a Joe sixpack and let the far left types do the boasting.

Robert Bayn said...

There are Numberous Republicans against the war, my reasons for being against the war are well documented, however i also understand and support us winning In Iraq for obvious reasons. I really don't care about IQ's, seem like leftist people like to demonize other people by calling them stupid, which is shameful, i try refrain from calling someone stupid, but a spade is a spade sometimes.

beakerkin said...


Do note that these far left types make a great issue of alleged IQ's and this has become a running gag. Lets see we have 167 who has posted under this name. We have 147 Robert Lidsay who thinks he is Stalin's accountant. We have to get the Duck to proclaim his number. The problem when one boasts of being a super genius every mistake is magnified. I did laugh when the Recidoofus posted under the name 167.

The Duck is too smart to provide obvious comedic fodder.

beakerkin said...

Anyone who is interested the demeted 167 posts on May 05, 2006 on the cyber roast for Warren.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

It's the right wing's fault Cuba is a failure of Communism?


Ducky. Dude. Stop pretending other people are stupid.


Elmer's Brother said...

Ducky. Dude. Stop pretending other people are stupid.

He's not pretending Beamish, she er he really thinks that.

Elmer's Brother said...

The Duck is too smart to provide obvious comedic fodder.

Since when?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Elmer's Bro,

Yeah, I know. Just trying to help Ducky out. You know, you wouldn't let someone with a booger hanging out of his nose start talking about being a lady's man. Ducky trying to make like he's smarter than Beak or anyone else here falls under the same principle.

Ducky's so stupid he tried warm baby milk and burned his tits on the stove.

elmers said...

bwahahaha Beamish....

Mad Zionist said...

Duck seems to be transforming into John Brown. The onetime Marxist quipster has turned into a gratuitously obsene infant throwing tantrums - ala John Brown. Nothing but juvenile insults and predictable, logic-free rantings now defines the ever devolving Ducky.

Purple Avenger said...

The pics I've seen of Cuban hospitals (the one the common folk get, not the tourists) look more like butcher shops in Little Haiti than hospitals.

kuhnkat said...

Little Che Sucky the Lying Fascist CLAIMS to have responded with substance.


The only substance the Little Che Sucky has is from his Eastern Elite forebears, or is that foreskins??


Try some FACTS MORON!!!