Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sooner or Later

London dodged a close call with terror. The technique was fairly predictable and I am surprised it did not happen sooner. No doubt that if it had gone off the usual suspects would still blame America, Israel and the Jews.

Quite typical of the far left deranged mentality was the gay dane 167 who resides in London. He spent several posts on the "zionist police tactics" that killed a man by accident. He wrote a few rationalizations about the bombing and the typical excuses for rage in the Muslim community.

167 represents the mindlessness of the commie left. The far left has now become fascist in its anti-semitic zeal. Make no mistake, singling out the worlds only Jewish state where 40% of the world's Jews reside is a Nazi like anti-semitic tactic. Moreover, if any group should be banned from speaking it should be commies.

Lets take a look at the same clowns who appologize for Fidel Castro. "Cuba has great health care and all the poverty is the fault of the US boycott". In any objective measure Israeli health care is superior to that of Cuba. Moreover, Israel does not place homosexuals and political extreemists
in mental institutions or AIDS patients in ghettos. Israel has a free press, an independent judiciary and democratic elections, unlike Cuba. Cuba has supported insurection in other countries and has sent troops onto other continents to back up regimes that were just as repressive. It also sent troops to Syria in the Yom Kippur war and at last check this has nothing to do with Caribean political situation. We could also talk about China, Sudan, Iran in similar terms.

However, the H1b program has uncovered the dirty little secret about America's Universities.
Indian Universities somehow prepare excellent business majors without all the political courses.
At some point in the future one should expect the creation of an Indian Colleges for American students. People are currently going to India for medical procedures. When the public finds out that one can get a superior education in India at a fraction of the cost this will spur people to get a quality education at a reasonable price.

Lets see Johny wants to be a business major. He could go into debt for milenia caused by paying professors six figure salaries for worthless research and ten hour work weeks. He would then take a series of useless classes such as Sociology or one of the many victims rights courses or he could get the skills he needs to compette in India at a cheaper price. Indian commerce majors have more business classes without ever seeing a joke class.

No doubt when India exposes how inferior American degrees are the usual suspects will start ranting about India. India, China and even Iran understand that the role of a University is to produce graduates with valuable skill. The role is not to indoctrinate people in a long discredited mindless Marxism. In fact even degrees from the former Soviet Union only had one or two political classes.

Sooner or later one of these plots will work. The far left will blame everyone except the actual perpetrators. The far left is divorced from reality itself.

Beamish in 08. John Brown to be given the Old Yeller treatment by his Comwads????

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Hot Seat A Relaxing Interview with Jams O'Donnel

This is a unique interview as there will not be as many political questions as the readers often see in these interviews. When we interview foreign bloggers we try to gain a glimpse of the daily lives and flavor of local life abroad. Jams has several blogs and I am fairly surprised to see AOW and Farmer John also read Jam's sites.

Jams and I are members of a small vocational fraternity of immigration inspectors. Jams has since moved onto another career.

We will start this interview with Jam's love of cats. He has four cats and each has a persona that one gets through the pictures. Mimi is the clueless cat who often looks confused. Ted seems to have some sinister plan in the works. Robyn is happy go lucky and seems to avoid getting brushed. Bebe is your professional cat that seems to do all the typical cat chores.

1 Do you have to buy various types of cat food with four different tastes. I was lucky in that Earl the Cat seems to eat everything, including Liverwurst.
2 Do the cats have a pecking order and teritories?
3 What are your personal views on declawing cats?
4 Are purebred cats over rated? I didn't even see many of them in NYC except for an odd Siamese. I do not recall seeing one in Vermont.

Jams spends much time on photography. He photograpghs animals, insects, statues, plants and unique buildings.

5 I do notice that other than the feral Turtles you seem to stick with insects and horses. Are the local mamals in your area pretty much Red Foxes and Hedgehogs. Even in VT the majority of species are nocturnal and it is hard to see many species at all. There are people who are native Vermonters who have never seen a Moose.
6 What are your views on the current style of building the glass box. Is this style too generic for good photography.
7 Are old Churches naturally good subjects for photography?

Popular culture is a frequent topic in Jams blog. One may even find a clip from an American band or two in the Utube offerings. I am going to group all the popular culture questions together.

8 Is Dr Who a children's show in the UK? Does Star Trek have a similar cult following in the UK?

9 There has been some controversy from the left about removal of Huck Finn from the school
ciriculum for the use of an anti-Black slur. I do remember reading plenty of material with anti-Semitic lines in a Yeshiva. The class discussion noted that bigotry was the norm in that era and society has moved ahead form that era. I think that this is a common sense way to handle the situations. Under no circumstances should we consider editing the lines in classic lit. What are your views on the subject?

10 I was shocked the other day that a Polish immigrant who hardly speaks English said "Vanilla Ice Sucks". One of my coworkers looked like Vanilla Ice and this prompted the exchange. Does the entire planet know how awful Vanilla Ice is. Who bought all of his albums? Who is worse in your opinion Milli Vanilli or Vanilla Ice?

11 I have yet to find someone who admits to enjoying the music of Barry Manilow. He does seem to sell plenty of records and fill concert seats. Is there something nerdy about admitting one likes Manilow Music?

12 Did the music of the Village People make it to the UK? Was disco a largely American pathology with the exception of the Gibbs brothers?

13 In the USA we have radio stations dedicated to Classic Rock and the Oldies. Are there similar
formats in the UK?

14 In the United States there is a cable channel dedicated to English TV classics like Benny Hill, The Saint and a few others. Is there an American channel in the UK. Where on earth did you hear about the Mr Ed show? I do understand that Sex in the City, Seinfeld and the Sopranos did run in the UK. However, did shows like Bewitched, Green Acres and Gunsmoke run in the UK?

Local Life

15 If I went within ten a ten kilometer drive of your flat what ethnic resturants would be available?

16 Do the cabbies speak English in the UK?

17 Are the mom and pop stores disappearing in the UK ?

History and Movies

18 Could you link the posts on the Nazi sympathies of the IRA in WW2? American who are into
old movies will see a hint of that in the long forgotten film The Eagle has Landed ?

19 Has WW1 become passe in Movies? I can think of very few movies that are set in WW1 and scores of movies set in WW2.

20 Is history cheapened when it is used as a backdrop in Cinema? Or is this a starting point for curious young people to begin learning?


21 Has the unique misadventures of Curious George made it to the UK ? I was surpised to find that children are still reading those same stories thirty years after I enjoyed them.

22 Have basketball and American football become more popular in the UK. Is boxing becoming a sport of the past?

23 American are often perplexed about football hooligans. The fights in American sporting events mostly involve people who have had way too much alcohol. Are the hooligans confined to
the fans of Manchester? Are there hooligans in other sports such as Rugby or cricket?

24 Is it appropriate to boo a performer in a live show that has performed miserably. I would never boo amatuers under any circumstances. However, the cost of live theatre raises expectations. There is a history of this behavior that goes back to Shakespeare and even Gladiators.

25 Has live music in clubs also become a thing of the past in the UK?

Bonus Question: What American authors if any did you encounter in your education?

John Edwards needs to Man Up

I do not defend Ann Coulter's use of the term faggot to describe Edwards. The use of a homophobic slur word is just wrong. The correct term for Edwards is metrosexual as he seems to spend an inordinate time fixated on his hair. Edwards is not nor should ever be considered manly. However, he has not tried the John Kerry Duck hunting bit. Kerry looked a tad like Elmer Fudd and made matters worse.

However, Coulter does have a point about far left hysteria and Edwards mercenary abuse of the far left mania for financial gain. We have heard Rosie ODumbell advance 9-11 conspiracy idiocy and mock Asian Americans with no peep. We have seen the quotes from media figures wanting Clarence Thomas's wife to feed him a high colesterol diet. We have seen the quote of a female reporter who made the remark that she would ahem service Bill Clinton for keeping abortion legal. We have seen the familiar Alec Baldwin rants about lynching congressmen in the impeachment saga. No idiocy on the far left home of Bush equals Hitler is too insane for scrutiny.

We did illustrate this here with the refusal of far left bloggers to say a peep about the pointed anti-semitism of LWB. The comments of LWB are identical to those found on Neonazi site Stormfront minus the rants about Communism being a Jewish pathology. Only one commie said a word and he was attacked by antisemites LWB and Cringingstupidity. My point was what does a communist have to do to prove himself. Does he have to become a suicide bomber or a capo to please the commie anti-semitic elements.

Attempting to man up John Edwards seems to be an excersize in futilty.

Beamish in 08

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The standard pre interview hype for a decent guy

We will be taking a break from the usual fare and be conducting another of the much appreciated blog interviews. We will be interviewing a friend Jams O'Donnel and the interview will focus on his diverse interests including Cats, Photography, plants and life in the UK.

Jams is a breath of fresh air that is far too rare on the left. He is an idealist who one can respect even when one disagrees. For example Jams and I disagree on the death penalty, but he does not turn a blind eye to its use in Havana. We both are in agreement that the death penalty should not be used for overdue library books.

The foreign interviews also have many daily life questions, that seem popular with the critics of this blog.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Return Home

I had given up all hope of returning home. Around nine I sent yet another application to the NYC office but this time as an 11. The odds of an eleven making the cut in NYC where there are plenty of jobs and not many people who want to go there are pretty good. A nine doesn't stand much of a chance anywhere. A friend of mine is a twelve and still waiting to return to Hartford.

I prepared an email to the lady who inerviewed me thanking her for her time and letting her know I was trying again as an eleven. Nines and below must pass a writing test to get hired. I passed the test and was eligible for hire.

I should be home around August if all goes according to plan. There will be more frequent Rav Roov interviews and some extra visits from drummaster.

The lady on the other end asked me if I wanted to think about the job offer. My response was send me home. Vermont is a great place and I met wonderful people whom I will miss, but it isn't home

Things to look foward to in NYC other than my family

1 Ethnic food of all types but especially the elusive Bialey and Knish. Cuban and Korean Barbeque are especially missed.

2 The Strand Book Store and The Forbidden Planet. The Strand is a fun placeand one can find Mitchner hardcovers for five dollars. Odds and Ends and 1/2 price reviewers copies are down stairs.

3 WABC radio and MARK LEVIN. Bob Grant has retired and the next best thing is Mark Levin.
"Get off the phone you big dope". There is also Curtis and Commie

4 Public Transportation

5 Broadway

6 24 Nighlife

7 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

8 The Bronx Zoo, Bombers and Stan's Sports World

9 The greatest newspaper in the country The NY Sun and magazine shops with every title from all over the planet.

10 No comments about an unusual accent.

I normaly don't talk about Brown's blog of slander. However, he seem to have a few unusual photos of himself there. Normally, one doesn't place photos like that on the web. However, nobody has ever accused Brown of being normal. What a sicko!!!

New Site

I am in the early pages of reading the book Infidel. However, the description of the misery caused by Communist misrule in Somalia seems familiar. One could pick up a book about Cuba, China and hear similar stories. In fact those of you who have read Nonnie Darwash's book will see similar stories about the mess created by Nasser's embrace of Communism in the early pages.

We are familiar with the apologists for Communism and familiar lies they tell. Funny but when a genuine Cuban American was here they remain silent. Communists depend on an ignorant public to spread their lies all with the singular goal of Revolutionary Defeatism in mind.

Those of you who think I am too rough on commies read the question on the Further Left Forum. "Who would you rather fight the USA or Al Queda". Make no mistake the practice of Communism has always been Revolutionary Defeatism for the USA.

I intend to provide a format for all those people who have lived under Communism to tell their experiences. I am looking all over the web to find people and we will confront those myths directly.

We will also interview members of groups Communists have demonized such as Vietnam and Gulf Veterans. We will be interviewing members of groups that Communists deem they are the sole arbiters of authenticity such as African Americans, Native Americans, Jews, Gays and so forth.

Lastly, we will include a neglected group that Commies feel they have the right to slander practicing Christians. I was on G's site when he made the comment that religious people are corrupt and controlling. This is from the same person who defends and visits Cuba. The best G could say when faced with the obvious was Cuba has "problems".

If you know of a guest you would like to suggest for our first interview feel free to send them here. This is a team blog and I have sent out invites to Mr Beamish and AOW and will be sending out a few more. I will be inviting Florian to do some interviews. I can not have all of the fun and perhaps we can talk WC into interviewing in the future.

This site is dedicated to all those slandered by the far left.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Communists mimicing Stormfront or visa versa

Over the last few days we have seen naked raw anti-Semitic hatred emanate from the far left. However, the inability or unwillingness of the far left to say a word is typified by the cafeteria commissar or wannabe Lunchroom Lenin Renegade Eye.

Ren in a Walter Mitty style fancies himself as a cyber Commisar. He is full of demands ( and something else) with the official position with regards to the political roles of some of his crew. He was demanding a peer in London should not lead an ex-Muslim group. However, in reality his commisar fantasies are more akin to those of Walter Mitty fame.

Those of you who have read this site know I have zero patience for race baiting. I would not remain silent in the face of such antics. Moreover, many of you will remember my constant battles with MZ over homophobia. There is a site that I used to frequent that expelled a commenter on what appears to be racial grounds. I expressed my concern in a private email and have left the site. This was not easy for me, but my vision of America has no place for mindless racial superiority. As a New Yorker, this concept is offensive to me and I do not live that way.

Ren seems to think it is amusing when his Communist pal John Brown stalks, harasses and libels an entire community. He claims to have told Brown several times to knock it off. However, I do remember Jams and Troutsky telling Brown to leave people alone. Ren never said these words to Brown. Moreover, Ren seems to think that calling political opponents pedophiles and Klansmen are funny. Ren forgets that pedophelia is still a crime and I wonder how amused he would be if he were given similar treatment. He did throw a hissy fit when I called Troutsky a "Simpleton"

There is a rabidly Anti-semitic communist who has copied the material presented in Stormfront.
Most of us are familiar with the idiots that spend their time at Stormfront. No dout the Walter Mitty Bolshevik Ren and Sponge Bob er Chester Cheetos er Che Bob would no doubt love to send the bufoons at Stormfront for re-education or perhaps apply the tried and true practice of
class genocide that Commies are famous for.

These four themes are found in LWB posts and are Stormfront Staples

1 American Jews are not loyal to the United States.
2 A secret cabal of Jews manipulated George Bush into invading Iraq
3 AIPAC rules the United States
4 Jews control the media

I could also add the frequent Israel/Nazi and Israel/Apartheid comments that are staples of his site. He does go into Linda Blair type hissy fits when a friend of his compared Hugo Chavez to Hitler. He has seen it fit to lecture Rush Limbaugh about his alleged racism. However, when it comes to anti-semitism Ren pretends it doesn't exist.

The reality is that the far left is full of bigotry and something else. A typical example of this is when G decides that professionals whose visas cross my desk are the oligarchy. Thus they maintain this fiction that Doctors, Engineers, Small Store Owners, Farmers and others can have their property stolen in the name of Marxist Dogma. They have been spreading similar lies about Cuban emigres for years. Cuban emigres are a diverse people who come from all walks of life.

We have seen the Duck use the term "Shoah Pimp" to describe Elie Weisel. Jams had zero problem pointing out the anti-semitic content of that statement. However, Jams is a humane idealist with whom one should respect at all times. He does not go around apologizing and rationalizing repressive police states in Havana or anywhere else.

We have seen the Duck use the term "Aunt Jemimah" to describe Condi Rice. We have seen the Ass in the Assylum Weazie question the authenticity of CB as a black man based upon his conservatism. Last I checked all Americans still have independence of thought. Who died and left Commies the arbiter of who is ethnically authentic? Lets see Ward Churchill is somehow ethnically genuine with no Native American Heritage and Dr Yeagley is a fake who is 1/2 Comanche.

Howard Stern used to have a satire game called "Who is a Jew". However, Commies play this game in real life. 167 famously called a man I consider to be a role model a "Hell bound Zionista"
despite the fact he has written next to nothing on Israel and isn't Jewish. Richard Poe has been a practicing Roman Catholic but 1% Jewish blood makes him a Jew. Stephen Schwartz was never Jewish and is a practicing Sufi Muslim but the same 1% Jewish blood makes him Jewish. Obviously Howard Dean who has denounced people who advance theories that Israel or Jews pushed America into the Iraq war was motivated or manipulated by his Jewish wife. Commies play this game with obscure relations of Ruppert Murdoch and the Sulzburger family who have converted to another faith as well.

Most of the 9-11 cranks also involve some degree of anti-semitic conspiracies. To his credit G has pointed out the absurdity of the tin foil hat brigade.

The reason Ren like most commies turn a blind eye is that anti-semitism has always been central to the identity of Commies who wanted Jews to disappear into the new Communist man.
Zionism from its earliest days was seen as a rival to Communism. Even in WW2 the Soviet Union spent resources keeping spies in Jewish agencies in America. The Venona code word for Jews was rats and blacks were called Polecats.

Ren can not say a word about the anti-semitic comments of LWB, John Brown and the others because it is a essential part of his blog. He has ignored those same attacks when aimed at Sonia and Eric who he claims to be friendly with. The attack on Eric is amazing given that he is a good Communist who objects to the antics of LWB because it makes Commies look bad. Maybe if Eric worked as a suicide bomber or as a Capo LWB would leave him be. Eric thinks for himself and is unsuited for the job of Capo and LWB should offer the job to Ren.

The bigotry aimed at Jews is the most obvious. However, one can see with amazing regularity arrogant views of practicing Christians. Left to their own devices Christians build schools, hospitals, orphanages and community outreach programs that define them as good people. Communists are known for creating prisons, gulags, Killing Feilds, refugees and piles of dead.
People do not flee Italy, the United States beacause the countries are Christian. I could point to many people who fled these fictional Utopias created by Marxist hacks.

Maybe as a public service I should work with Henry Gomez and create a regular feature ask a person who lived under Communism. We could get Eithiopians, Cuban, Poles, Chinese, Somalis and others who lived under Communism to tell their stories.

However, the inability or unwillingness of Ren to deal with the most obvious examples of bigotry on his own site speaks vollumes. Ren is a hack with Walter Mitty like delusions of granduer. It is easy to climb on top of Lenins corpse and lecture those in London about their roles. However, when Stormfront types infest his site he remains silent and throws them red meat.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Good News Poe Fans

Many of us have missed the wit and wisdom of noted author Richard Poe. Mr Poe's new site is up and running

The thing I admire most about Mr Poe is his broad grasp of history including the ancients. To date Mr Poe has the unique distiction of changing a position of mine with a coherent well constructed argument in the Seven Myths of Gun control.

Few authors take the time to place todays issue in the broader historical perspectives inluding the ancients.

Here We Go Again

Someone allegedly spammed Renegade's site and the finger will be pointed at me. Those people who know me will tell you that my word is sufficient. I am uninvolved with anything that has happened at that site. It is clear that John Brown has annoyed many people and they are tired of his cyber harassment.

Ren needs to come to grips with Brown's antics and behavior. Cyber harassment and stalking is not funny. Ren obviously thinks it is funny when it is done to foes of communism. However, he has not endured two plus years of this and is crying up a storm.

The solution to the problem is fairly simple. Ren needs to talk to John Brown and explain his behavior is now causing distractions on his site. If Brown values Ren's friendship he will cease and desist his activities. If Brown is unable to control himself maybe it is time to show him the door.

Welcome to my world Renegade. I understand you do not like the antics and I empathize with you. However, the solution is to talk to John Brown. Dozens of bloggers telling the same story is no coincedence.

Since I have posted this Brown has tried to make contact twice and been rejected. He even posts a link on your blog that serves as an example of the tactics of harassment
that many find objectionable. This a clear case of stalking, criminal harassment and libel.

The obvious solution is to ask John Brown to leave. Let him take his circus act somewhere else and be done with it. If you do not believe me I can produce around two dozen people who object to Brown's antics. Two dozen people telling the same exact story should tell you something.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Flat Earth Types

Communist seem to think that no matter how long a lie is repeated people will believe it. The other day our Marxist hack proclaimed Julius Rosenberg and specifically Ethel Rosenberg innocent. Sonia corrected the mindless Marxists by reminding him that the Venona intercepts indicate Ethel was clearly involved. The sad part is that the Rosenbergs could have remained alive by talking. However, they decided to orphan their choldren for Stalin.

The far left used the Rosenberg case to divert attention from the Slansky show trial.
Over the years countless books articles all have been dedicated to a subject that was obviously false. This is an example of Communists perpetuating a myth they knew was false from the outset. This is also an example of why Communists do not belong in higher education. Years after Rigoberta Menchu's book has been proven a fraud it is still used in colleges.

This is paraphrasing of a conversation with Communist types

Beakerkin: Cuba is a totalitarian police state with policital prisoners and a track record of sending mercenaries abroad.
Marxist Clown: Cuba has great health care. Don't you care about the poor.
B: The same great heath care placed homosexuals and political prisoners in mental hospital. Cuba still offered labotomies long after it was stopped in the West.
MC: Cuba has improved litteracy.
B: Yes now everyone can read what the party line of the day tells the to read. Have they allowed people the freedom to think for theselves.
MC: I visited Cuba and everything was fine. I stayed in a luxury hotel.
B; Nazis took people exactly like you to Theriesenstadt. The experience at Theriesenstadt was not indicative of what was going on at Aushwitz.
MC: So you want Cuba to go back to the Batista days where it was used as Americas brothel.
B: There are more prostitutes in Havana today than in the Batista era. It would seem that the desire for hard currency trumps Marxist dogma. Lets have a date when Batista can not be used as an excuse for forty years of abusing humanity.
MC: Cuba has great health care and you don't care about the people.
B: These are the same people that Fidel will not allow to leave. People risk death to get away from Communism.
MC: You are so McCarthyite.
B: If you like Fidel so much why don't you move there. Maybe you can live next to Communist Convicted Cop Killer and terrorist Joanne Chesimard.

These people know the party lines are lies but they repeat them day after day. They pretend that Communism in Europe is a different animal from that in Cuba. The Communism in Europe was Stalinist and that of China is Moaist and Pol Pot was a nationalist so he couldn't have been a Communist.

Great News those who want to hear the truth about Cuba can turn to the Babalublog.
They have an excellent blog radio show and some odd theme music. If you want to skip the music the show starts around three minutes or so. I listened to the last two shows and it is very interesting.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Your turn to interview Beakerkin

We have many new readers who have questions about this blog. Now is your turn to ask questions. This segment is open to all except those who have been expressly banned.

The Banned List John Brown, Socrates and all his aliases, Uptown Steve, Greg of Hear O Israel and his lackey Gert.

For the record Nanc, Freedomnow and MZ are not banned. The link to Nanc's site has been restored. The link to Freedomnow will be restored shortly. There will be no restoration of links with MZ.

I want to thank Henry Gomez

Yesterday's interview was informative and an enlightening look behind the stereotypes. Many of us including myself are fortunate to have Cuban American friends and coworkers. Their story doesn't match the diet of lies perpetuated by the far left. The left demonizes Cuban Americans in a similar manner to the way it demonizes Jews and Christians who practice their faith.

Many members of the far left live in a fantasy world and they think if they repeat a lie or go on a few government sponsored Theresienstadt visits they are experts. As Sonia pointed out " those who are selected for such tours are prone to believe the idiocy of the Cuban and Venezuelan government. A greater question is how such people afford such trips to Vietnam, Cuba,Venezuela. Are these trips being subsidized by the government in question? If so then they should be considered agents of a hostile foreign power and subject to governmental scrutiny. They should be immediately prosecuted if they interfere in US Foreign policy or violate US Law. The range of penalties should include denaturalization and deportation of US born citizens who violate the law.

The behavior of the left is quite typical and antisemitic.The Duck becomes a fical Conservative only when aid to Israel is considered. He has commented on the Pollard and Franklin cases.Pollard is serving hard jail time. Has the media said a word about people who were caught spying for Castro and the alleged Peace activist who was charged with working for Saddam. Has the traitor who tossed grendes at his fellow soldiers been sentenced. Ren and company knowingly permit a rabid anti-semite to question the patriotism of American Jews. Were I to make similar comments about the patriotism of Muslim Americans he would be screaming bigot. Moreover, no group has had the track record of treason of the far left itself.

I also want to deal with a minor topic mentioned by Henry and CB. CB is correct that
the people he mentions do not reflect the vast majority of the opinions of African Americans. CB correctly points out the hard left/ marxist orientation of the people named by Henry. Yet these people are unique in trying to create the image of a seperate foreign policy in the US based on group identity. We do not discuss the views of Italian Americans on Israel, Cuba or the EU. Most of the people named with the exception of Charlie Rangel are self apointed. Does Danny Devito or Joe Piscopo
go around as self appointed pundits with the "Italian POV".

This goes into a long boring discussion that Commies have decided they are the arbiters of ethnic authenticity. The Marcuse based lunatics have a victims pyramid and only people who abide with their views are considered authentic. Thomas Sowell and Professor Walter E Williams do not need lectures from Commie hacks about Black authenticity. Dr Yeagley does not need a lecture from Ward Churchill about being a Native American. This is mildly amusing because Churchill is not Native Ameican and Yeagley is. Commies like Ren and Eric present themselves as Jews at times to deflect the rabid anti-semitism that is obvious in their ranks. They pretend that Commies such as Norm Finkelstein, Chomsky and Koevell are just ordinary Jews without a far left orientation.

The reality is that commies like Ren and company have signed onto a utopian death cult. Now if Ren were a Scientologist instead of a commie people would no longer consider him a Jew and this would be a self improvement of some sort. The religious implications of Communism have been discussed by experts fo at least fifty years, notably by Toynbee. Treason and sedition for Commies is as natural as breathing. David Horowitz compared radicals to cancer. Horowitz describes the essence of radicals as alienation.

Communism from its eariest days viewed Zionism as a rival and we are too familiar with how Commies handle rivals. Communists and socialists have a lengthy history of anti-semitism dating back to Marx. The notion of the Jewish advotates of this idiocy
was to erase all identies in favor of a new socialist man and kill or enslave those who disagree. One finds very few practicing Jews on the far left. Moreover even amongst non practicing Jews their numbers are small. One should not be shocked to find the local NY chapter of the Young Republicans club is 1/3 Jewish. When I registered as a Republican in the Regan years it was considered an unusual act. I suspect that the constant demonization of Jews and Israel has created some of this increase.

Much of the joy of doing these interviews is meeting new bloggers and discussing new ideas that are not commonly seen in our circle of friends. I want to thank Henry for his time and passion. For the first time that I can recall an interviewee kicked Ducky's tail better than I did.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Hot Seat Interview Returns with Henry Gomez

I have always held a natural affinity for the Cuban American community. In college several of my best friends were Cuban as well as a girlfriend or two. Cuban Americans maybe the only community slandered and obsessed about by the treasonous far left more than non- Communist Jews.

Many of you have seen me bat around Communist who obsess about Israel, but are apologists for and agressive repressive police state in Havana. Make no mistake, when you scratch an anti-semite chances are you are dealing with a communist.

In NYC there is a saying " If two Cuban Americans show up an entire room of Commies head for the hills. For this interview I proudly will consider myself a temporary honorary Cuban American, unless Henry can bring a friend or two. Communist do deserve humilation and abuse for the messes and lies they knowingly create.

Down with Fidel and all his apologist. Che Guevara was an imbecile mercenary executioner of unarmed men and a coward.

1 There is a stereotype amongst the far left that all the Cubans who fled are super wealthy. Can you describe the variety of people in your local community? Can you explain the financial hardships many Cuban Immmigrants faced upon arrival in the USA?

2 Do you still have relatives in Cuba? Does your family send money and consumer products back to these relatives?

3 Does Cuba hold political prisoners? Would you talk about two or three of the most famous political prisoners? One of the problems Cuban Americans have in getting their message out is the American people do not have a name like a Sakharov or a Havel to rally around.

4Is the boycott the cause of inability of the Cuban economy to provide basic consumer staples like food? There is a joke that drives Commies up a wall. A Cuban has three ways to get a good meal in Cuba. They could become a prostitute or if their morals are lower they coul join the Communist party. Lastly they could demand assylum in GITMO where our prisoners sit in air conditioned cells and eat better than Cuban workers.

5 What are the real ingredients to a Cuban Sandwich?

6 Does Cuba have spies in the USA?

7 Does the vaunted Cuban health care system still quarantine AIDS patiens and place political prisoners in mental health facilities?

8 What does a Cuban Block party do? Does the government employ an army of Finks and snitches?

9 Does Cuba still discriminate against Homosexuals?

10 Does Cuba persecute Christians and the handful of Jews who remain. At one point the government of Cuba outlawed the Hebrew language.

11 Is Fidel Castro linked to the Narcotics trade?

12 Does Cuba discriminate against Blacks?

13 People tend to forget that some of the Communists revolutionaries in Cuba were foreign mercenaries. Che was from Argentina and had no business in Cuba. Almost all of Che's victims were Cubans with the exception of a few Americans. Were any other leaders foreign mercenaries.

14 What excuses do the far left come up with for Cuban merceneries aiding a homicidal regime in Eithipoia? Cuba also sent 1200 soldiers to Syria in the Yom Kippur War? Where are the peaceniks when Cuba interferes in the affairs of other countries.

15 We have several readers who visit Cuba on government sponsored trips? Do the experiences of the tourists provide any insight into the lives of ordinary cubans.

16 Is there any celebrity whose stpuidity on Cuba stands out?

17 Do Cubans take special pride in the sucsess of the few pro baseball players that have made an impact in the pros such as El Duque and Jose Contreras. Does news of their exploits reach Cuba itself.

18 What are your views on immigration? Should the United States move from a family based policy to one based on vocation.

19 You may not be able to answer this one. Many of my friends had a minor problem when they entered the workforce with employers who think the Latin American community is a monolith. A Cuban American friend of mine was upset that he was moved into Spanish advertising when he graduated. In the long run it was a career builder as Spanish advertising has grown in importance. Does this misconception of a common Latino American culture exist?

20 Are you fully bilingual? Can one pick up regional accents in Spanish much like our regional and national accents in English.

21 Is the news on the Spanish stations such as Telemundo or Globovision as far to the left as its English speaking counterparts. Has a latino version of talk radio
emerged yet?

22 Do you watch professional or college sports? Which teams are your favorites?

23 What are your views on gasoline taxes? Do these taxes have an adverse impact on the rural poor?

24 What are your views on the UN? Should the United States leave the UN?

25 Should the US government make a serious effort to penalize employers who hire illegal aliens or even worse employ child labor?

Attention Interview Fans

We have an interview scheduled tommorow with Henry of I am especially looking forward to this one as our resident apologists for a police state will have to face the music.

On a personal level Cuban Americans have been amongst my closest friends and coworkers. On July 4, I always stop and remember the brave people around the world who live under Marxist oppression. The Cuban people deserve better than Fidel. Moreover watching communist run when faced with an actual Cuban is the highlight of my week.

I now have to see if we can get Jams to sit for an interview about the UK, Cats, Photography.

Are the folks at Hamas practicing Communism

The silence about the massacres in Gaza from the far left is quite deafening. The left is typicaly quiet or makes excuses for any abnormal Arab behavior. Typical of this insantity is Robert Fisk who proclaims the Jenin fight a massacre and accused Israel of using low powered atomic weapons in Lebanon. This accusation has been debunked by observers not prone to be favorable to Israel.

Hamas seems to be practicing classic Communism in the Trotskyite mode. Lets see they advocate perpetual revolution. They have executed political rivals in front of their families. They have made baseless alegations that these rivals were Israeli colaberators. They practice senseless violence with no purpose whatsoever. If they ditch the Koran, become rampantly corrupt, espouse Mickey Mouse history and boring idiotic politcal rhetoric they could become Trotskyites.

I will perform a service for Ren and Troutsky and write the new party line from a classic past lie. The boys of Hammas are premature or developing Trotskyites. This dates back to the Spanish Civil War where Commies glossed over their desire to create a puppet state as premature anti-fascism. I do want to point out that advocacy of Mussolini's policies would be a dramatic form of self improvement for Trotskyites.

The idiocy of Trotskyism is that it perpetuates a myth that Trotskyism is divorced from the sins of Stalinism. There were plenty of crimes commited by the fool before he lost a power struggle just like Roehm. The tactic of Trotskyism is revolutionary defeatism at home or side with whatever enemies of the US are available. Classic Communism was anti-zionist because it was a political rival amongst opressed Russian Jews. This anti-semitism increased when it became apparent that Israel was not going to be a Soviet satelite. Then commies started killing Jews on phantom Zionist-Titoist and perhaps latoyaist plots against Stalin.

The notion of endless revolution and continued praise for repressive police states like Cuba and Uncle Hugo's mess is par for the course.

Make this country a better place vote BEAMISH in 08.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fatah leaders attempt to flee from Gaza to Israel

According to the AP several Fatah leaders have attempted to flee to Israel. The continuing carnage in Gaza is the direct fault of Fatah itself. Fatah should have acted years ago, but failed to deal with the problem.

The similarity between the goons of Hamas and communists are disturbing. Classic Communists notably Trotskyite clowns advance endless revolution and class genocide. The clowns of Hamas are practicing classic class genocide. If they ditched the Koran
their behavior would be indistinguishable from classic Communists. Maybe we should send American Communists over to Gaza to explain how to build Gulags or better yet laogai. If the people at Hamas behead a few this would be no great loss as Commies never use their heads in the first place. All Commies ever do is follow the party line no matter how divorced from reality it is and repeat slogans.

The usual suspects blame Israel for the carnage but the fault lies with the far left notably Commies. Commies have allowed the Arabs to blame all social maladies on Israel without ever demanding basics. There was no demand that Arabs build an economy and prosecute those who violate laws. There has been no demand for accountabilty that the aid reaches the intended recipients.

Hamas's actions are barbaric even by decidely low terrorist standards. There is an obvious solution, let Egypt take control of the area. The residents of Gaza were Egyptian until the far left created a myth of Palestinianism after the Six Day War.
This action would mean an end to the myth created by the left. This only proves once again that the left doesn't really care about Arabs it pretends to obsess over. They prefer to perpetuate the myth of Palestinianism as a weapon against the Joooos even if all of the people it venerates die.

There are critics of the Gaza withdrawl who did not understand that Sharon had given the Arabs a challenge. Build your economy, create jobs and deliver services was the basic task handed to the local Arabs. However, it has now become apparent that Gaza is mess. Egypt should allow refugees fleeing assasination to leave and then invade.
There will be plenty of time to rebuild and the existing Aid to Egypt should cover rebuilding.

Do not expect common sense to prevail. The Communist far left has obsessed about Zionism even before Israel was created. Zionism was a Jewish alternative to Communism and as such subject to vilification even before Israel was created. The charge of Zionism was also a convenient way for Commies to purge Jews in their ranks.
Classic communism also exists only with a dehumanized enemy. Much of the vitriol stems from decades of Communists dehumanizing Zionists. The notion of Communists dehumanizing anyone given their own record is a cruel joke.

I had also predicted this Civil War in Gaza around two years ago.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Communists as Imbeciles and Capos

Make no mistake that when you are talking with a Communist you are dealing with imbeciles devoid of higher intellect and natural traitors. In order to be a Communist one has allready failed Economics, History and most definitions of mental health. Normal people do not conform like sheep to the party line, no matter how absurd. Following orders is the same illogic that produces Gulags, Killing Fields and Concentration Camps. Nazis were also allied with Commies and despite protestations were rivals and not polar oposites.

When I leave the blog I purposely avoid the topic of Jooos and Israel to avoid fights. Communists have an Elmer Fudd like obsession with the Centrality of the destruction of Israel that is absurd. Israel is just one country in a tiny area and monomanical focus on Israel is a mental pathology. There are and never were Palestinians, just ordinary Arabs who have a colonial history and 1400 years of Jim Crow abuses against genuine indigenous people. Do not take my word for it read the PLO charter Arab unity and Palestinian Arab is all over the place. The imagined Palestinian ethnicity comes from Commie Stooge Nasser at the behest of the Soviets in 1964.

Communists are historical imbeciles who divide the world in an infantile manner into opressors and opressed. In the case of Arabs and Muslims the communist version is so divorced from reality as to be comedic. Look for Phillistines as an existing people in the work of Josephus, you won't find it. How is it that they are indigenous and missing from contemporary Roman history. Arabs invaded the area but were never indigenous to the region and subjected the genuine indigenous people mostly Jews and Christians to a Jim Crow like abuses for centuries. The abuses of Jews elsewhere does not justify Muslim abuses, nor does history start in 1948 or 1967 because some cafeteria comissars say so.

I am somewhat amused at the dumbest Commie Cringingconstipation who demands so called Jews like "Eric and Ren" do more to help the cause of Pseudostinians. Communists by nature are traitors and Ren and Eric have ceased to be Jews the moment they signed on and joined the Communist death cult. Paraphrasing the words of Communist hack Prof Ellen Schrecker defending treason and deception of Communists in America and decades of knowingly lying about it " Communists do not define patriotism in the same manner as the general population". The rest of us define the actions of Communists as treason or sedition. However if Communists think those actions serve the "cause" they are justified no matter how odious. What more can Eric do to prove he is a good Communist traitor strap on a suicide vest or become a Capo? Cringingidiocy predicts that global outrage about the Pseudostinians will create a great backlash against the Joooos. If he is looking for a Capo for his future concentration camp Eric is a poor candidate as he has proven he sometimes thinks for himself and has a vestigial soul. There is no better candidate for Capo then Renegade himself who has defended Nazi- Communist alliances.

Ren is also dishonest about Trotsky's position about Nazism. His policy was to advise his demented followers to pursue revolutionary defeatism even if it ensured a Nazi victory. His logic was that the Western Democracies would soon turn fascist anyway and there would be no difference. This is the same type of insane moral relitivism that Commies use to equate the deliberate terrorism on the part of Arabs with colateral damage.

More comedically now Ren has proven that Commies also do not understand basic math and geography. When asked to explain the surges in the Venezuelans, Bolivians and Nicaraguans seekiing to emigrate he points to Mexico. Has Ren failed to note that Mexico is a much larger country adjacent to the USA. Does he know how to calculate a percentage? We have no idea how many Cubans want to leave because a repressive police state that he endorses prevents that and Cubans have a nasty habit of drowning when they the workers paradise he is an apologist for.

Israel is not the center of the universe and there is a host of people with far greater cases for nation status than Pseudostinians. The notion of Pseudostinians as an indigenous people is an insult to all the genuine indigenous people on the planet.
Moreover, there are plenty of people who suffer under governments they do not like all over the planet and very few resort to acts of terrorism. When Cubans object to Marxist opression Ren sings another tune. He also gets offended by the mere mention of the plethora of Communist terrorist groups. Lets see the Weathermen, Red Army groups, Black Panthers and so forth all share the same overall philosophy with Renegade and the Duck.

The reality is that Communism is fuedalism with good PR and an army of apologists. People like Ren want to set themselves up as lords of the manor and lounge arounge doing nothing while the serfs work. I suppose the Duck thinks he will get the first nights right ala the marriage of Figaro when his demented utopia arrives. There is nothing novel or revolutionary about statism.It is a failed concept that was a bad idea in the middle ages and is just as bad now.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Luck is a matter of perspective

I was complaining about the flat I had this week. Yet another rear tire punctured on my way home. However, when my car is in the shop I take the time to fix other problems.

I have not noticed that one of my rear brakes was off line. I very seldom use my breaks in VT. One can use space and knowledge to avoid sudden stops. In fact I haven't had one of those in well over a year. I drove 500 miles in the St Patricks day blizzard with zero skids or even close calls despite having three brakes.

I fixed the minor brake issue and learned to adjust my style to the more responsive breaks. The same tap slows the car much quicker. This was just one of the things a skilled driver learns.

On my way in this morning on I-89 a deer came out of nowhere. I saw him in the nick of time but a suicidal Canadian was barreling up the road in the left lane making lane switching deadly. I tapped the brakes and the Canadian flew by me at minimum of 85 mph barely missing the deer. I was down around 35 but under control and swerved onto the shoulder and missed the deer by six feet. Had I not had my brakes fixed it would be a wrecked car and venison time.

The Canadian was stopped two miles up the road for speeding. Of course the driver was a young kid who doesn't understand a car is not a toy.

Beamish in 08.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Communists Bigots and Cowardice

I do try to avoid the subject of Israel when I am off this blog. I will slap around communists as they are devoid of coherent thought, logic and historical morons. For the most part I try to restrict myself to satire. However the best satire has elements of truth.

There are a band of sick anti-semites that post on the far left sites. For the most part they are quite stupid. John Brown, LWB, the Pupeteer, Cingingconstipation and MFL are all idiots. Ren merely stokes the rabid anti-semitism with a diet of garbage and he ignores blatant antisemitism. He wan't to criticize Rush Limbaugh for racism for a song about Barak Obama but ignores the virulent anti-semitism. In fact Ren even has a post of support for the planets most notorious anti-semite Norman Finkelstein. CB corrected Ren's ignorance about the story behind the Limbaugh parody.

LWB is a rabid antisemite and admits on Troutsky's site to attempting to pick fights. The antisemitism is so rabid even a deranged dolt named Eric pointed out that repeatedly highlighting a persons ethnicity is wrong. He also said the usual far left stupidity only to have the usual antisemites turn on him as well. I am amazed at the sheer difficulty of Commies to say a single word in the face of blatant bigotry. Sonia had zero dificulty pointing out the blatantly bigoted antics, but then she is an adult who is not beholden to a moronic world view.

Ren shows his true colors red and yellow on this thread. Faced with naked anti-semitism of the type he stokes he feigns ignorance. He then blames me for taking a thread off course. Had he looked at the thread he would have noticed it was LWB whose naked bigotry moved the thread off topic. More to the point his own blog always veers off topic when his antisemitic followers bring apartheid Israel into every post. Do check to see if Ren has ever said Israel has nothing to do with this topic. It has never happened.

Unlike the cowardly Ren, a braver but equally obtuse Eric attempts to impart an argument against facts. The familiar commie line is you are a racist. Muslims come in all racial categories, Arabs are not a race and Palestinians are not even an ethnic group. Eric reponds that Palestinians are an ethnic group because they view themselves that way. Perception does not infer fact as mental health facilities are filled with Napoleons and other people who think they are Jesus. The extension of the obtuse Eric's logic is an insane person thinks he is Jesus, so he is Jesus.

The context of all the wars prior to 1967 was Arab vs Israeli eliminationist with zero talk of Palestinians. We hear about Palestinians only in 1964 when Commie stooge Nasser at the behest of the Soviet Union creates the Palestinian Liberation Orginization. The charter is loaded with the terms Arab unity and Palestinian Arabs but people like Eric must view this as a poetic lapse. Newsflash there are no Palestinians, Jordanians, Syrians, Egyptians or Iraqis. All of the states in the area are the creation of an Anglo French treaty in 1920. 80% of the Palestine Mandate was given to Arabs to found Jordan. Jordan ethnically cleansed its few Jooos who were there long before Mohammed and his colonialists were even a concept.

After 1967 Arabs start talking about a contrived etnic group. This plays better with the anti-semitic far left than Jooos into the sea. As Arabs allready have a lenthy history of colonialism and Jim Crow treatmnt of Jooooos this is also preposterous. Jooos settled their refugees and Arabs treated their own as human hockey pucks. They are kept in camps for generations for no reason other than to placate never ending Arab greed for land and rationalize communist anti-semitism.

If Arabs wanted Peace tommorow the first step is letting Egypt reclaim Gaza. The residents of Gaza were Egyptians from the onset. Let Egypt deal firmly and harshly with the situation. The anarchy will end and residents of Gaza will transmogrify themselves into #Egyptians. Oooops they always were Egyptians but this is a minor detail.

If anything the creation of this fake ethnicity has agravated this situation long after the Israelis and Jordanians would have resoved matters. This also would have involved some land and population transfers. However, Commies and Arabs need this myth of a fake nation more than they need actual Pseudostinians.

Commies need Pseudostinians as a rallying cry for common cause an manipulation of Muslims. They ignore the most blatant of human rights abuses commited by Muslims, justify terror and a never ending seris of victimization. How the most colonial people on the planet with a legthy history of real Jim Crow abuses becomes the world foemost victims is beyond all logic.

Arab despots need Israel or they might have to deliver goods, services and much lower levels of theivery and nepotism. The clueless Johm Brown has failed to notice the State in the region that most resembles Apartheid is Syria. Syria is ruled by the BAATH Party more comonly known as the Arab SOCIALIST (THINK COMMIE STOOGE PUPPET)
party. The party is little more than an Alawite (Non MOOOOOSLIM) clique that comprises about 11% of the population and oppresses the rest when not dealing narcotics, weapons and terrorism. As they have the veneer of SOCIALISM their repressive police thug like reality is ignored. This is a small feat for those who ignore racism, repression and interventionism in Cuba.

Lastly Arab militants are very similar to Commies except that they have never starved people to liberate them. Militant Islam like Communism needs perpetual revolution. Once Israel is gone a new gripe will be the pretext. Conflicts with Islam are all the rest of the planets fault. Do note if the type of Islam was a Schwartz type this would not be a major problem. Muslims would merely work within the existing framework of law and government like anyother group and resort to naked, needless and counter productive terrorism. Of course the Schwartz type of Islam would bring forth stable politics with a more or less lower amount of corruption. People would have jobs and be working instead of sitting around in Mosques unemployed with little prospect of a better life. Arab miloitants need bad economies to thrive and terrorism scares foreign investors. It is better for radicals if Farouk is unemployed or a suicide bomber than employed at a stable job supporting his family.

Beamish in 08

Islamophobia and the Duck

The Duck is hypersensitive to imagined waves of Islamophobia, notably in Randiods. The FBI statistics still indicate this is not going on. The numbers seem to indicate that Muslims are probably more apt to commit a hate crime than to be the victim of one.

The Duck is especially stupid in that the he denigrates the person most able to combat the problem, Stephen Schwartz. Stephen Schwartz founded the CIP to provide a voice that is distinct from CAIR. The CIP serves to educate Americans about Islam and the ordinary Muslims who live down the block. The CIP does not mince words about violent intolerant radicals who endanger their saftey on many levels. The reality is that Schwartz is considered a greater foe of the radicals than the most strident outsider.

More to the point Schwartz presents Islam as it should be and we mostly experience it every day. Most of us have Muslim friends and they should not be lumped with terrorists. Schwartz presents an image of a man who embraces Americanism, Western Civ and a cosmopolitan version of Islam. Schwartz is a man of great knowledge who also values great writers. Someday the question of art and music will come up. The secret is that Schwartz considers himself part of Western Civ and as such Orwell, Shakespeare, Frost and so forth are part of his cultural inheritance too.

This is not to different from the Muslims that are part of our daily lives. In town one of my best friends is a Yankee fan from Brooklyn via Pakistan. I am fairly friendly with the entire family. They still read the NYC tabloids and remember WABC.
My life in NYC is filled with a virtual UN of friends and people of all walks of life. Communists dream of internationalism but Americans transcend the concept each and every day.

Beamish in 08 !!!!!!!

Lately John Brown seem to be stealing my ideas again. He is ending his comments with Mummia in 08. Brown is a herd animal and as such has never had an original thought in his life.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back to normal

My computer has been repaired and normal service will resume.

I want to point out the digraceful antics of the far left. The behavior of Ren and company ranges from disgraceful to disgusting. Far lefties are quick to point at possible alleged racism or homophobia on blogs to their right. However, the tolerance of anti-semitism is disgusting and a disgrace.

Ren is well aware of the comments of Liberal White Boy, The Pupeteer and John Brown and says zero. He actually nourishes these delusional nuts with a diet of posts that cater to their idiotic fetishes.

The Comments of LWB have become so disgusting that even a Communist had to say something on Troutsky's site. The comments of cringing are also very anti-semitic, but as they are mostly at the idiot level he is ignored. A typical idiotic comment from this dolt is to compare Richard Nixon to Pol Pot.

The problem with many on the far left is they do not realize how absurd their anti-semitism and Elmer Fudd fixations look to the rest of us. They live in a cacoon divorced from reality and common sense. The basic notions of how markets work and the totalitarian nature of group rights vs individual rights eludes them.

The ultimate baboon is John Brown who writes of Vanilla Sam. He also praises a racist regime in Cuba. He is quite fond of narcotics pushers like Hezbollah, the Taliban and Farc. The John Brown "the progressive Superfly parasite drug dealer of the people" is more accurate than the spoof would seem at first. In the real Superfly film Younglood Preist deals with the Black Panther types and dissmisses them.

Regular service and posting will start manyana.

I have restored the link to Nanc and will be restoring the link to Freedomnow shortly. Recent antics have demonstrated my point about demented people who abuse their mental illness as an excuse for disgusting behavior. The antics of the anti-semitic henchman of the mental patient are on full display. There will be no restoration of links with MZ.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stephen Schwartz and the face of Islam

One of the questions I posed to Stephen Schwartz long ago is why the media presents CAIR types as the face of Islam in America. Now the media tends to present people who make great copy regardless if they are actual leaders. How many people voted for Al Sharpton in the primaries.

The media present the familiar CAIR clown who equivocate and deny reality. Of course those of you watching at home see the spin and equivocation and think the worst. The reality is that CAIR's membership has dropped.

America would be better served if Stephen Schwartz were presented as the face of Islam in America. The presentation of a patriotic American who embraces Western Civ would allay many of the concerns some have.

Schwartz summed up his concern with the militant types. " We are their first and last targets; accepting Islam you transformed yourself into a target." The truth in that statemnet is deep and profound. One can look on TV and Muslims kill each other over sectarian and political differences. One can see Sunnis and Shia blowing up each others Mosques and civilians in Iraq. No doubt the militants would probably target Schwartz for his cosmopolitan version of Islam.

One may question is Schwartz is fighting windmills at times. However, one can never question his integrity, patriotism, courage and above all humanity. One can not measure the human heart or dignity.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stranger than Fiction

I am amazed by how many coworkers are familiar with Stephen Crane. Most of us have read The Red Badge of Courage at one point. I am surprised that several have read his book Maggie Child of the Streets. The book was allegedly inspired by Crane's watching a beating of a prostitute by a hulking police officer named Becker.

Years later becker was involved and sentenced to die in the assasination of notorious gambler Arnold Rothstein who is said to have fixed the World Series. Lt Charles Becker was sentenced by a zealous prosecutor named Whitman. Whitman prosecuted the case and rode the publicity into the NY Govenorship as a reformer.

Interestingly, the odd spectacle of an appeal carried to the Govenor who was also prosecutor did happen in this case. The matter should have caused an appeal to the Supreme Court due to a conflict of interest. However, Lt Charles Becker was executed for his crime one of the few cops to ever get the death penalty for his crime in the USA.

If you are familiar with the work of Crane he died at a very young age due to tuberculosis. I do not remember when the book Maggie girl of the Streets was assigned but it wasn't memorable. I have no recolection of many of those books but for reasons unknown 1984, Animal Farm, The Hairy Ape and most of Shakespeare are remembered and Two Years before the Mast, A Doll's House and the Jungle are mostly forgotten.

It is unusual that a chance encounter led to a book that is still with us. However, in his day Becker and Whitman were more well known than Crane's book.

The Finkelstein Fairy Tale

The saga of the Tenure of Norm Finkelstein says everything about what is wrong with academia. Some Universities eliminate candidates for tenure with a single No vote. Finky had three no votes within his own department.

The standard of scholarship is not books it is peer reviewed articles and Finky had almost no articles. Finky had been fired three times prior for unprofessional conduct. He also involved himself in the tenure process of Daniel Goldhagen at Yale. Goldhagen has too much class to reciprocate.

Finky has made a name for himself with crank antics and sham scholarship. His record of abuse of materials is quite blatant. Even Benny Morris and Novick point out the serious flaws in Finky's work. I have never accepted his critique of from Time Immemorial. His susequent crank behavior and mental pathologies and far left probable Communist world view render his work worthless. His point about Weisel reading Kant in Yiddish and calling the respected author a "professional Joo and circus clown" are clearly crank material. His libelous accusations that Dershowitz did not write his own book were withdrawn and part of a series of pathological behavior.

Do note as soon as you hear a person talking about "Norman Finkelstein" you are dealing with a hard core anti-semite.

Anti semites have no fear Finky will be free to give speeches at $10,000 a pop and probably end up teaching in the UK.

Beamish in 08

Monday, June 11, 2007

Not involved

The hysterical crybaby of class genocide has accused me of threatening to spam his blog. The threats are over the antics of the Communist labotomy whose behavior is well known to all. I am in no way connected to any such threats.

The antics of the blogger in question are well known. Maybe Ren thinks that harassment is okay when done by a commie. Maybe he thinks that threatening children, racial slurs, acusations of criminality are just fine. Ren is aware of this behavior and apparently approves of it as he has said nothing.

It is obvious that the usual suspect has annoyed someone or is making the threats himself in a twisted attempt for attention.

There is left and right, but this is about right and wrong. The antics of this blogger are well known. He obviously does not care about the headaches he has caused his allies. They would be well advised to ask him to leave.

Just a bit longer

My computer should be back from the shop tommorow.

Onto more serious news. While the far left dolt Renegade complains about imaginary spam threats an entire community is under seige due to the spam of a sick stalker. Renegade is well aware of the antics of this Marxist labotomy and condones them. This blogger has threatened people's children and used racial epithets. Several of our blogs are now by invitation only.

This blog will remain in its current form.

I find it revealing that far left blogs opperate with impunity while our sites remain under constant attack.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


I was with my parents yesterday. We drove to the North East Kingom to the great woods of Maine. My favorite spot is still scenic Walace Pond that is mostly in Canada. Maybe someday I will get to retire there.

We drove through several notches the most dificult one is Smugglers Notch. The best looking is Dixville Notch with the hotel the Balsams at its base. The Balsams looks like something taken from a Renoir painting. Most normal people like Renoir, who is despised by the Duck. However, a person that trashes Renoir and studies Arabic caligraphy is obviously an idiot.

We continued to Grafton Notch and there are many exciting things there. Unfortunately it rained so I will return in better weather. Any gorge known as Moose Cave deserves a visit even if no Moose are present.

The return trip passed Mount Washington and the Green Mountains of Vermont. The White Mountains are better on the eye.

The forces of evil have their panties in a knot as Norman Finkelstein noted anti-semite was denied tenure. The thrice fired clown has not published articles that are the prequisite for tenure. Book sales are not the criteria and his books should have been placed in the crank aisle long ago. The merits of harassing Elie Weisel over reading Kant in Yidish are typical of crank antics that are typical of a mental case who will teach in the or elsewhere. Fans of the noted anti-semite need not worry that he will be unemployed for long.

Renegade Eye is making up some absurd claims that I am behind threats to spam his blog. I have not commented there in many weeks and have nothing to do with anything there. As far as spam is concerned he should talk to his friend who has spammed this blog and has threatened children with molestation. This blog has been spammed daily for two weeks with around 200 comments a day. If he has any proof that I am behind this let him show it or quit crying.

More to the point Ren has lost all his marbles and needs to stop crying. He has attempted a left wing McCarthyite tactics under the most absurd charges. He is bawling because I called Troutsky a simpleton, despite the much more strident personal attacks. Troutsky will be the first to admit to them and it is no big deal.
Ren is also still bawling over being linked to Ayers, Dorn, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. Excuse me, but all of the above share the same philosophy with Ren and at best differ on tactics and procedure. I do not buy this rope a dope garbage with him claiming to be a Troskyite. This is as absurd as a goon claiming to rehabilitate a Roehm version of Nazism.

More to the point, I respect people like Jams and Redwine who is way to my left. Jams is an idealist and as such he is not beholden or an apologist for class genocide, flat earth economics and meglomaniacal third word despots. I also respect Beatroot as a refreshing cynic who tends to equivacate but is articulate. The continued denial of realities in Cuba, Venezuela and elsewhere are flat earth logic.
Ren is also an actual anti-semite who feeds the most rabid mania of people like John, Brown, The Pupeteer, LWB and the incoherent MFL.

Friday, June 08, 2007

May have to do a few interviews

There are several new readers who are unknown to the vast majority of the audience.
A while back I did blog interviews so the regular readers could get a feel for some of the newer people in the familiar blogs. The experince is fun for the reader and helps drive traffic to your site.

The top ten most wanted interview list

1 Jason Papas
2 Mark Alexander
3 CB
4 Jams ODonnel Foreign interviews focus on local matters in the home country. In this case Jams is from the UK.
5 Junglemom
6 Roman
7 Zinla
8 Beatroot A Polish Cynic. Cynics are refreshing as opposed to far left hacks.
9 Johny Mac
10 Republican Brother

11 A non political interview with the Duck. This would be a battle royal on Cinema, Lit, Art and the merits of caligraphy. This would be an interesting change of pace and be a smack down of another sort.

For those of you unfamiliar with the interviews. I post 25 questions that are a mix of serious and comedic questions designed individually for each interviewee. The interviewee responds in the comment section.

Zinla spends part of the year abroad so she would have to answer a few European questions as well.

I have restored the link with Nanc and will do so with Freedomnow in the future. No links will restored with MZ who was not a friend in any description. The policy of this blog remains that we do not post on sites that allow rabid dogs or their anti semitic Dr Smith clones to comment.

Interestingly, someone bought all my shares in Blogshares. The same person took over Jason's site as well. The takeovers left me with 39,000,000 in game money. 167 has been known to do this from time to time but he does not appear to be involved. When the culprit gets bored I will buy my shares back with a healty proffit.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Alive and well

I had a minor accident that resulted in my glasses being broken. They arrived from NYC this morning. For two days I had Mr Magoo issues. My laptop is being repaired and should be ready tommorow.

I will be posting abot the book Stolen Valor by Burkett. I am just amazed at how the media assigns problems like the infamous wild man of 96th street as a former vet.
Burkett debunks dozens of these absurd stories. The stories all play into far left media biases. It is an excellent book, but not one that will cheer you up.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Good News Stephen Schwartz Gets it

Amidst all the hoopla and people screaming Islamophobia about the Fort Dix six is a lone voice of sanity. Stephen Schwartz has praised the employee for reporting the suspicious behavior to law enforcement. Schwartz understands the potential consequences are dire for America and the mostly law abiding Muslims. We need to see more Stephen Schwartz and less CAIR.

You can read the post at the Center for Islamic Pluralism. There are patriotic Muslims and we desperately need to hear from them. There is no excuse for slaughter and mayhem and long term it hurts the goal of the Muslim community as well.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

New Links

I have added a few new links

Roman has an interesting blog many of you will enjoy and he has a pleasant personality.

Craig Bardo is known to many of you who read Sonia's excellent site. He also has an engaging personality.

The link to Rob and Justins site is fixed.

I have to contact Junglemom, Kevin and Redwine and see why I am unable to link their sites. I am also going to link Republican Brother in the near future.

Communists in their own words

Many people think that I am tough on Comunists for their history. This defense of Communist treason sums it up best. Prof Schrecker (noted Communist appologist)"it is important to realize that as Communists these people did not conform to traditional forms of patriotism; they were internationalists whose political allegiances transcended national boundaries. They thought they were building a better world for the masses" not betraying their country."

Of course you could turn to the wacky world of Joel Koevell. Anticommunism is a form of mental illness, anti-semitism or racism. However antizionism is not antisemitism according to the illucid Koevell. His defenders swear he isn't a Communist. He merely defends Comunism at every opportunity while pretending to be a green. He even attempts to steal the history of Native Americans. The insane Koevel claims Native Americans were persecuted becaused they lived Communaly. This must come as news to Native Americans who enjoyed trade, had slaves and sometimes practiced human sacrafice. Native Americans are a series of diverse cultures with positive and negative attributes. The attempted theft of their history by Koevel and the fake Ward Churchill is quite amusing given recent massacres by Sandanistas. While the Sandanistas were massacring Indians Chomsky, Ed ASSner and company were singing their praises.

Communist are apologists for a brutal form of Totalitarianism. Each and every application has yeilded death and misery. There is no rationale for a rope a dope rehabilitation via Trotsky, Chavez or Alfed E Neuman.

Communists have knowingly lied about espionage and the source of funding of the Communist party. I can produce mountains of books by Commies defending the Rosenbergs, Hiss and so forth as well as scores calling Bentley, Chambers and Radosh liars. The verdict of history is in and Communists were guilty of all the crimes their critics charged and more.

The defenders of Communism are mentally ill members of a deranged cult fed by nostalgia for a lost cause. Nazism, the Confederacy and the French Revolution all had its defenders of similar bad ideas who airbrushed history. The lofty motives bit is the most insane part yet. We shall liberate the masses by starving them to death. Death must be an alternative form of liberation. We shall free the people by creating gulags, armies of Finks, Police states, censorship of free speech, abusing mental health facilities and fostering a series of Civil wars and terrorism.

The lofty motives bit is hot air. Behind every commie is an arrogant elitist. The arrogance is the driving force behind massacres as the elite must think for the unwashed masses. Communist feel that they alone as possesors of the divine truth have the right to play God. However, man is not God and the results and bodies speak for themselves.

Friday, June 01, 2007

My Brother Amil

I want to introduce those of you to a friend of mine and a true visionary Amil. Amil understands what it is like to be an American and he years for his people to have the freedoms we take for granted. There is a link to Amil's site on the right.

The left white washes the brutality of the current Iranian regime. The class genocide and harassment of dissenters should seem familiar to Renegade and Company. In fact if one would toss Ren or Troutsky a Koran one would hardly notice much difference. Maybe Ren would spew a tad more strident anti-semitic venom ala Liberal White Boy or John Brown.

While the people suffer the left dithers and sides with our enemies.

There is a world of difference between an idealist like Jams and an honest cynic like Beatroot and an unappologetic proponent of toalitarian mayhem like Ren or Troutsky. One can have an honest conversation with Beatroot or Jams but as Naipul said " writers that align themselves with great causes like Islam or Communism prositute themselves to a cause".

Beamish in O8