Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Attention Interview Fans

We have an interview scheduled tommorow with Henry of Cubanameicanpundits.blogspot.com. I am especially looking forward to this one as our resident apologists for a police state will have to face the music.

On a personal level Cuban Americans have been amongst my closest friends and coworkers. On July 4, I always stop and remember the brave people around the world who live under Marxist oppression. The Cuban people deserve better than Fidel. Moreover watching communist run when faced with an actual Cuban is the highlight of my week.

I now have to see if we can get Jams to sit for an interview about the UK, Cats, Photography.


Henry Gomez said...

typo in the name of the blog. You can just post it as cubanamericanpundits.com

I have domain forwarding.

beakerkin said...


These interviews exist for the entertainment of our readers and to promote blogs not known in our community.

Your blog is very intersting.

CB said...

A huge part of my interest in the problems with communism came from my friends, well mostly the women I dated, while I lived in Miami. It was interesting to hear the perspectives of Carlos Arboleya, a banker I worked with on Brickell, but also Nicaraguans who lived their own Central American nightmare.

Although, I must say too, that the politics within the Miami Cuban community are heated and fierce. Although you are on the correct side of this issue, all I can say mi amigo, ten quidado!

beakerkin said...


One of these days you should sit for an interview as well.

Sadly, I can not find another Cuban American. The old joke is that two Cuban Americans sends an army of Communists running in fear.
I will have to be an honorary Cuban American for tommorow unless a friend of Henry's shows up.

Henry Gomez said...


Just a couple of corrections. You have a typo in my URL. Also my last name is Gomez not Gonzalez.

beakerkin said...

The problem is corected.

Henry Gomez said...

Cubanameicanpundits.blogspot.com is incorrect.

You are missing an "r". It's cubanamericanpundits.blogspot.com.

jams o donnell said...

Happy to do so. Probably better over a weekend as I am pretty well up to my neck at work at the moment and may not have the time to do the interview justice on a weekday

beakerkin said...

We will schedule it for next week.
Expect at least one question about Mimi?