Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stephen Schwartz and the face of Islam

One of the questions I posed to Stephen Schwartz long ago is why the media presents CAIR types as the face of Islam in America. Now the media tends to present people who make great copy regardless if they are actual leaders. How many people voted for Al Sharpton in the primaries.

The media present the familiar CAIR clown who equivocate and deny reality. Of course those of you watching at home see the spin and equivocation and think the worst. The reality is that CAIR's membership has dropped.

America would be better served if Stephen Schwartz were presented as the face of Islam in America. The presentation of a patriotic American who embraces Western Civ would allay many of the concerns some have.

Schwartz summed up his concern with the militant types. " We are their first and last targets; accepting Islam you transformed yourself into a target." The truth in that statemnet is deep and profound. One can look on TV and Muslims kill each other over sectarian and political differences. One can see Sunnis and Shia blowing up each others Mosques and civilians in Iraq. No doubt the militants would probably target Schwartz for his cosmopolitan version of Islam.

One may question is Schwartz is fighting windmills at times. However, one can never question his integrity, patriotism, courage and above all humanity. One can not measure the human heart or dignity.


Always On Watch said...

Schwartz will not be allowed to be the voice of Islam in America as long as CAIR, MAS, et al, are gobbling up media attention.

Also, Sufi Islam has traditionally been marginalized, as are mystics in many religions.

Anonymous said...

The media doesn't care one whit about truth. They're in the entertainment business.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, who blew up the mosque in Samarra? Now we immediately jumped to the conclusion it was al-Qaeda, right? I felt that also but Iraqis are saying it was Baathists, i.e. secularists.

Now the Baathists have long been willing to destroy religious structures for political reasons, correct? I suspect you don't mention it because the idea that the violence isn't religious confuses you.

So who won? Well al-Sadr is threatening to bolt out of parliament unless the U.S. rebuilds the mosque (fat chance) and they can't get a quorum without him so no deBaathification changes, no oil revenue sharing, no amendments. Nada. Seems Iran wins again.

So Schwartz can frame this as whatever kind of religious struggle he likes but it is a political struggle between states and Schwartz is neither brave nor relevant.

beakerkin said...


You are right.


Do note the common name of the Baath Party. You are joined at the hip with Saddam. What is a bit of class genocide between friends.

Warren said...

al-Sadr might end up bolting into the path of a bullet. Then someone else can take his seat, someone with a little bit better sense of self-preservation.