Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pastor Wright's Egomania leaves Obama no Choice

Barak Obama had zero choice but to denounce the insane ego maniacal Marxist Rev Wright. The comments about the US government creating AIDS and being a "terrorist nation" are typical fare among commies in NYC. However they are out of touch with America. Commies generally live and work in gulags and most of us are too polite to remind them how insane their comments are.

In a comment below Pagan Temple speculates the Clinton's friends in the media engineered the Pastor Wright publicity appearances. This probably has an element of truth, but it leaves out how ego maniacal the insane Pastor is. Wright's appearance at the Detroit NAACP show how the agency has devolved into Archie Bunker bigotry and mindless anti-Americanism.

In Wright's circles Muslim's are victims. This must come as a surprise to African Christians from Nigeria, Sudan and elsewhere. Wright wants to condemn the USA for the slave trade while ignoring the Arabic Muslim trade and the role of Black royalty. Slavery was a world wide norm ended by those evil "white Christians".

I want to point out the mindless attempts by the Wright types to denigrate the Holocaust or compare slavery to the Holocaust. Rather than talk about the evils of slavery, the usual suspect crowd needs to denigrate Jews. Nobody in their right mind approves of slavery in any context.
Commies create neoslavery and neoplantations in the present but they are clearly not in their Wright minds, pun intended.

I also want to point out that Native Americans manage to discuss the genuine historic wrongs without going off the deep end into warped mindless anti-Americanism. When commies like Mental Ward Churchill do this it represents a theft of history. This borders on an insult to our intelligence given the record of commies like the Sandinazis in the recent past.

The culprit remains Wright and the Marxists cult of insanity. His brand of bigotry and mindless
anti Americanism may be fashionable with Tom Hayden types but the rest of us know exactly what mindless populism is.

True Christianity transcends races and mindless bigotry and serves the poor as its calling. This calling is about valuing life and helping people in need without political bufoonery.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Flaw of Wright

Wright falls into the same game that Commies play. His comments about Hiroshima being a crime are laughable. Obviously Wright forgot about who started that war. Commies like to play indict the USA or Israel by its history game.

However, when I of play this exact game with the history of communism they scream and cry. Communists are not smart enough to recognize their own techniques.

As am American I have no problem dealing with historic wrongs done to Indians. These wrongs belong to Indians. Communists attempt to steal the history of Indians to advance their cult of death.

Pastor Wright's Egomania

Pastor Wright sees the attacks on his speeches as " an attack on the Black Church". The attacks are
on a the crackpot bigot who preaches more Marxism than Jesus. This was also the message of Hayden who compared Wright to the Black Panthers.

The message of the New Testament was inclusive. The comments about Romans being White oppressors of Black Jesus are factually wrong. Those that insist on placing race in story do so for political and not theological reasons.

The religious left has gotten a free pass for its excesses for far too long. While the media heaped attention on every possible peep of Pat Robertson and Falwell crackpots like Wright got a free pass.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Reverend Wright is a crackpot

The media campaign to reduce the idiocy of Barak Obama's crackpot Minister falls short. Wright's
rant about Barak HUSSEIN Obama and Arabic is a language not a religion marks an all time new low for Wright who would have been better off keeping his mouth shut.

Obama would have been better off with an Imam who was reality based than this lunatic. One can find decent Muslims with almost no effort. The Wright admix of Marx, Nuremberg and Archie Bunker is a clear joke.

This country does have an idiocy when it comes to clergymen. If you are white and Conservative every goofy comment one makes is publicized. If you are Black or far leftist and make stupid remarks then the media just moves on to something else.

The more you see of Wright the more absurd the excuse of Obama becomes I didn't know.....

Obama's greatest problem is that the more we learn the less we like. He is every bit as arrogant and out of touch as Hillary. He is 100% packaging with no substance.

Maybe someday the Democrats will learn that appealing to commies and freaks costs national elections. That being said it looks like Hillary is purposely tring to sink Obama in an election she can't win.

Hayden is correct on this One

Tom Hayden is a vile lowlife who embodies what is wrong with the Democratic Party and higher education. However, he does speak the truth about Hillary's attacks on Obama. He also does reveal how clueless commies are.

Hayden lives in the Berkley gulag. He still views himself as a hero for dooming millions to Communist butchery and betraying his country. Contrary to the delusions of commies, the antiwar
protester was loathed. Even Gomer Kerry and the Clinton's try to play down their roles. Kerry tried to reinvent himself as Sgt York and tried to deflect attention away from his testimony in Congress and the Winter Soldier lies.

Hillary did work for a Communist law firm. Bill Clinton pardoned Communist terrorists. Then she has the nerve to point the finger at Obama for his ties to terrorist Bill Ayers.

Hillary, Hayden and Obama are all opportunists. I am starting to believe that the 10% who lead commies are Machiavelian types who are power mad and the rest are fools. Hayden doesn't quite understand why he is almost as loathed as Ayers. What point does he pick up that Communism, the Black Panthers and LSD Marxist Terrorists are evil? Obama still has not figured out that a Minister preaching a mix of Marx, Black redneckism and loathing of the United States is wrong. Obama also does not seem to grasp the crimes of Bill Ayers.

Hillary at least is reality enough based to grasp the above. However, she is pure Machiavellian and uses smoke and mirrors. The least she could do is say she was young and stupid.

I am and have always been a social liberal. I specifically registered as a Republican because the Democrats were allowing anti-American types into the party and were not serious about the Cold War. What the Democrats never quite get is that commies are loud but irrelevant. For every Code Pink clown that votes there are another three that leave based on their antics.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

More Hypocrisy From Commies

The brain impaired Ren downplays the reign of terror by the communist Weathermen as a temper
tantrum. He also claims that Hezbollah, Hamas and the Weathermen are reformers.

What part of Hezbollah and Hamas is reformist? Or is it reformist just when killing Jews in Pizzarias or Houses of Worship in Argentina.

This is the same person who demands the USA hand over Posada Carilles to near certain torture.
We also get serial lies about Joanne Chesimard who was tried and convicted.

Communism is a mental and moral pathology.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Communist Lies

I am 100% amazed at how seriously clueless communists are. The reason communists are so clueless is that we allow them to bask in their fantasies. In the warped mind of communists any critique of association with Communists is McCarthyism. One can see this familiar refrain by the Cafeteria Commisar Ren on Sonia's site.

Obama knowingly associated with a known communist terrorist for many years. Moreover, his excuses on the subject say plenty about his arrogance. However, the Clintons pardoned terrorists
for votes. However, to Ren any discussion of a persons associations with Communists even terrorists who clearly commited crimes in the name of Marx is McCarthyite.

Commies also play a game with feigning ignorance about who is and is not a communist. For example the world's foremost anti-semite, endorsed by Ren, is a Maoist. Norman Finkelstein's supporters feign ignorance on the subject and the rabid one claims he is a "green". The only think Green about Finky is his book sales and speaking fees. Commies pretend he is just an ordinary Joooo outraged by Zionism. A similar charade is played by LSD clown Kovel who attempts to pretend he is Green while pushing anti-semitism.

However, the problem lies not with Commies who will push their madness until the rest of us are dead, but the rest of us. Many of us allow commies to fantasize about their actual historical record or allow them to pass judgement on the world. So lets see 100,000,000 dead seems a good reason to marginalize a criminal pseudoreligion. Some of us allow commies to pretend that Trotsky is somehow unique without looking at Trotsky himself. There is also the familiar true Communism hasn't been tried or that was 1917 version yada yada yada...

Most humorous are the ignorant anarchists who still haven't figured out that the leading cause of death in their ranks are Communists. Communists are so lethal to Anarchists that the former should have to wear a Surgeon General's warning. "Proximity to brain impaired Communist Cultist has been proven hazardous to huuman health especially Anarchists who are too stupid to read this warning. Exposure to communists has also been proven to cause sterility in lab rats".

Most of us are polite by nature and this is our mistake. We should not be polite with crazed Nazis
like LWB/John Brown. We should not be polite to Jihadists who seek to impose their theocracy on the rest of us and have a never ending lust for land. Nor should we be polite to the butchers of 100,000,000.

As for anarchists they are too stupid to be evil. They should be laughed at and pittied for their brain impairment. Anarchists unlike lab rats never learn from experience. A lab rat will learn from its experiences. Anarchists make alliances with commies and then end up slaughtered after consolidation of power. They also never get anything done. Ask an anarchist about hospitals and roads built without Tax bases. You will get a lecture about some obscure cooperatives in France
but no discussion of how hospitals, roads and schools get built without a tax base.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dawn of the Dead Clintons

The Clintons are self important zombies who just need a reminder that they are dead. There is no
possible way Hillary overcomes the delagate lead of Obama. Her only thin hope is that some scandal scares the super delegates. Even then an enraged group of Obama supporters stays home and the Clintons base support in the Black community is over.

Is she aiming to cripple Obama so that he can not win?

The reality is that Hillary's career is over. Her initial win over a non candidate was closer than one might expect. The Clinton base is the Black Community and unmarried women over 40. Much of her base will abandon her if Obama loses. She should expect a Democratic challenger in the primaries and a serious Republican challenger.

Perhaps the Clinton's will focus their maniacal ambitions on Chelsea. Bill Clinton looks like he has aged twenty years since he left office. The good news is Jimmy Carter makes any ex-Presidential behavior look passable by his bad example.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama is right about this one

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that Bill Ayers is a vile terrorist. His crimes had absolutely nothing to do with the Vietnam war. The crimes were that of a spoiled communist criminal who basically bombed to create revolution fantasies. Where do communist criminals go when they stop bombing? They go to the old Bolshevik network in higher education.

Obama stupidly knowingly served on a board with Ayers. Obama did point out that Bill Clinton pardoned Weathermen and should have pointed to FALN terrorists as well. The latter says more about Hillary as it was an attempt to buy votes before her Senate election.

Obama is 100% correct about Clinton's blatant dishonesty. However Obama's non answer about Ayers and his crimes tells us all we need to know. Obama has a hard time just admiting he made a mistake in judgement and moving ahead.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Humans first

Commies have been talking about food prices. They fail to understand that the current crisis is a direct consequence of their Green allies. Moreover, communism and socialist price controls reduce supplies. Starvation in North Korea and Zimbabwe are a direct consequence of Marxism.

It is time to end the biofuel craze that has kept food for humans off the market. Biofuels are not efficient and the corn is better used elsewhere.

We also need to end commie/green obstructionism on energy policy. We need to drill for Oil everywhere. We should terminate Nimby lawsuits such as those that kept windfarms out of MA because the Kennedys like their view.We also need nuclear energy.

The motto should be humans first.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Wrong Meaning of Exodus

Commies like to portray a Marxist message into the story of the Exodus. The parable could not
be further removed from the truth. The reality is commies have created neoslavery with a self deluded elite. The elite are accountable only to the Great Leader who is every bit as God like as the Pharohs of old.

The words about the people are empty. The masses despair while the party faithful rewarded by cronyism reap the meager rewards. There is no need for ten plauges when an inept cleptocracy starves its own people for no reason.

There will be no Moses for the battered people of North Korea, Cuba or Zimbabwe. We have lost the will to help those free themselves.

The Communists and Anarchists pretend to repackage yesterdays disaster with new rhetoric. Bonapartism, Jihadism, The Confederacy and every other failed bad idea has its defenders. When one speaks to a Communist one is speaking to an advocate of class genocide.

I usually end my Passover with the same refrain as I do on the Fourth of July.

May those who live under tyranny be free of its burden. May the people of Cuba and every other Marxist pest holes be spared another year of suffering.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not Quite

Long term readers know of my respect for religious people. My basic view is that government should stay out of the pulpit unless public safety is involved.

Long term readers also know I despise utopians of all stripes Red, Green or Anarchist freaks. Theocracy is a dreadful idea that falls into the realm of stupidity.

Many of you read the familiar Kahanist sites. These well meaning imbeciles want to create a Jewish
version of Iran. If the state of Israel ever transformed into the hateful type of "Torah" state advocated by the Kahane crowd I would no longer support it.

The Kahane crowd has an almost sick obsession with the laws regarding sexual behavior. Even those of us who take the Bible literally would not like to see adulters, masturbators, gays and people who have sex out of wedlock flogged. The same crowd wants to dictate what I eat, whom I sleep with and how I pray. Of course this madness would require thugs like the state of Iran.

The opinions of the Kahane crowd are that of an inconsequential minority of freaks that is statistically irrelevant even within the modern Orthodox community.

The realm of utopia is for the next life. Kahanists are well intentioned fools who are almost as reality challenged as their evil communist peers.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Communist Mazzola Man Fantasies

I am always amazed at the cartoonish image of Indians promoted by Communists who have likely never met one outside their cloistered life. This image is an arrogant repackaging of the noble savage myth.

Myth number one is that all cultural practices are mere variants. Thus practices of some tribes including slavery, human sacrifice and torture of POWs are cultural variants. The notion that Indians were communing with nature is more Mazzola than real. Survival was a tough task that required back breaking work. In many ways our perception of what Indians were is colored by our own biases more than their lives. In short Indians were themselves and we should not try to define them in their own terms.

Myth number two Indians hate Christians. This must come as a surprise to the Indians themselves who are often very devout Christians. Obviously these Indians do not know their
own thoughts as well as outsiders who study them from textbooks.

Myth number 3 Missionaries tell people what to think and do. This is amusing especially when these comments come from people who want to play God themselves. Herding people onto collectives, stealing property and running repressive totalitarian states like Cuba and North Korea must be inconvenient facts.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Missionaries are a form of spiritual polution"

This quote comes from the anarchist Larry Gambone. Gambone as an anarchist is a moron.

Gambone has decided based on his idiocy that he knows what is better for Indians than the Indians
themselves. This is typical elitist arrogance from people who are neither elite nor intelligent.

Indians ( Do not use Native American) like any other people have the right to practice religion as they see fit. Most of the Indians I post with are very religious and Christian. For some reason as
we have noted Commies and Anarchists freak out at the notion of Christian Indians. An Indian embracing Christ as a savior ruins their narrative.

Commies will do a 180 and praise Black Churches as the pillar of the community especially if it is led by a nut like Jeremiah Wright. Previously Renegade Eye has compared me to Farakhan. However, it is abundantly clear that Wright's hatred of America and anti semitic obsessions would be indistinguishable from the majority of non nudist commenters on Ren's site.

Junglemom should be embarrased by her work educating people who in the views of Commies should do as they are told for their own good. Thus the crime of Junglemom is bringing the word of God and education to an underserved community. Serving and helping the actual poor is a crime according to commies and mindless anarchists. It is far better to herd them onto collectives smash their culture and indoctrinate them in Marx.

Junglemom and the many Christians I am proud to know merely serve the poor and needy as God's messenger. As Christ's messenger there are rules and norms that come from a higher power. Commies like Ren think that they are God and need to herd these Indians into collectives
for their own good. Junglemom sees souls that need guidance and Commies see unwashed mashes who are not capable of thinking for themselves.

Comming up next we are going to have another episode of Kahanist Car 54 Where Are You. We do respect the vast majority of practicing Christians and Jews. We do not respect advocates of theocracy like the morons who want to create a "Torah State Gulag".

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Helloooooo McFly .......... Anyone at home

The reality impaired critics of this site have some amazing criticisms of this site.

"You are a Jewish Farakhan or Marcus Garvey". Lunchroom Lenin Anti-semite from MN

The real Farakhan or Marcus Garvey would be far more prone to posts at the site of my Trotskyite critic than here. Farakhan's anti-semitism would fit right in the special ed freak show he runs.
It is generally Sonia, Mr B, CB and the inmates of a psych ward.

Essentially what the communist traitor has said if you support the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish State you are on a par with Farakhan. This is interesting considering the Trotskyite stoogemust have mistaken me for one of his Kahanist pals. How does a secular type become an advocate of theocracy?

" You never state your positions"

1) I loathe commies, jihadis (theocrats) and racial power nuts.
2) The same person describes me as more moderate than CB. How did he arrive at that conclusion. Well if a typo is a grassy knoll type plot then we know this person has a demonstrated history of stupid remarks.
3) Does he read this blog?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Amatuer Hour

Communists by nature are stupid and paranoid. They assume the entire world is one great conspiracy.

Some of you are wondering if I am Greg Eitan Divinsky. The answer is quite obvious to anyone who wants to know. Greg Divinsky aka Eitan is a nut who has attempted to blackmail me. Normally he gets stupid types like Gert or Ren to do his dirty work. Add a typo and communist paranoia and we have a conspiracy Beakerkin is Greg/Eitan.

Those of you who know me off line know I value my privacy. Greg has violated my privacy repeatedly after being told to go away. He has never appologized for his actions and hides behind
his mental illness as an excuse for behavior he knew was wrong.

Now we have Ren lying about his wild charges. Why would he email Greg if he thought that we were in fact the same person? The truth is Ren is a liar and contrived a scandal out of a typo. He
has used a dangerously mentally ill nut who will now be after him. Why does he continue to repeat something he knows is a lie? He does so because as a Communist lying to advance social Justice is standard operating procedure. Wheras I told a nut to get lost Ren knowingly sacraficed a dangerously disturbed type to get back at me.

Those of you who know me off line know I would never email anyone. In fact only a handful correspond with me offline. As much as I like Sonia I would not contact her off line. She values her privacy much as I do my own.

Those of you who are calculating my motives

1 Greg has been threatening me for years. It is good for the dolt to get a taste of his own medicine.
2 A dangerous lunatic will now see Ren as having betrayed him. Why should I bail out Ren who
has demonstrated once again that commies are evil?
3 Any inspection of actual facts such as writing style shows the obvious answer.
4 The episode illustrates the delusional aspect of commnism. A typo is a conspiracy.
5 The episode demonstrates Ren is a pathological liar. Why would he email Greg if he honestly
thought Greg was Beakerkin? Does he not believe his own accusations.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Protocols 2008 Commie Update part 2 stoking populist anti semitism

Commies like Ren are favorably disposed to mania about neocons. The term neocon is a commie code word for Jew. Thus commies have updated their Stalinistic fervor about secret cabals of Zionists. People actually died after long show trials on trumped up charges. At the same time real these show trials the Rosenberg traitors were on trial. Commies were quick to invent conspiracies
and knowingly lied about the matter.

Today commies repackage the Protocols in a new box. Traditional anti-semitism is the glue that binds commie, jihadi and Nazi in a grand alliance.

1) Neocon cabals (read the term as Jew) manipulated a vulnerable George W Bush into war with Iraq for Israel. This mantra is repeated by Commie Cindy Sheehan. "My son did not sign up to die for Israel". Obviously Susan (Dukakis Campaign) must have joined the conspiracy when she labeled Sheehan an anti semite.

We see extensions of this conspiracy theme in Renagade Eye ally Neonazi LWB/John Brown. He is fond of the Israel knew about 9-11 angle as reported in Commie rag Counter punch. LWB/ Brown is also fond of calling Jews who support Israel traitors and posting material that is found on Neonazi site Stormfront.

2) The Israeli Lobby angle. This variant of the Protocols popular with mindless salonistas in various states of alcoholic stupor in Europe. This element has the United States foreign policy subverted by Jews for their own interests. The efforts of Greek and other communities to lobby for their own interests as part and parcel of our political process gets lost in the bigotry.

If any group has acted through stealth and deception to influence foreign policy it is commies who have formed numerous groups all aimed at concealing their identity such as Code Pink, UPJ, ANSWER and so forth. I have numerous problems with Kahanists, but they never conceal their identity.

3) The Holocaust was used by zionists mish mash

This angle portrayed by Maoist Norman Finkelstein often for lucrative speaking fees and book sales to suckers goes as follows.

Zionists (code word Non Communist Jews) abused the Holocaust to create the State of Israel. Israel is the home of the Jewish people and the immigration started long WW2. Most of the Jews in Israel were ethnically cleansed from Arab lands. These Jews outnumbered Arab refugees many whom did not have long historical ties to the area.

Finky frequently compares Jews to Nazis. Ren claims ignorance about the numerous comments
such as calling Ellie Wiesel a "circus clown and a professional Joo" or claiming that Jewish leaders
look like "Der Shturmer Caricatures". Finky is also fond of placing "6,000,000" dead in the Holocaust in quotes. He also is fond of claiming people did not write books even when the manuscript is hand written. He is also fond of looking for a crank point like claiming Wiesel is a fraud based on a small passage about Kant in Yiddish. This technique is shared by Holocaust deniers and 9-11 cranks. A copy of the book Finky claimed did not exist is actually in the Harvard library and has been there for decades.

Ren claims the Finkelstein post was on Freedom of speech. An actual reading of the post shows that it is more red meat tossed to his army of maniacal anti-semites. One can combine this with
the political views of porn star Nina Hartley that Ren also felt compelled to post. More comedically was the predictable reaction of the low IQ Graeme "she is a Jew but no zionist" . The fact that the woman is known for performing sex acts on film and not her intelligence is lost on the clueless Graeme.

Ren is a rather infantile type. He could have listened to the friendly advice of CB and others about tolerating anti-semitism on his site. CB went out of his way to charitably claim Ren is not an anti semite but Ren threw a hissy fit rather than listen to a friend.

The truth is commies are not individuals and you can see Ren crying about individuality on Troutsky's blog. I am an individual and individualism is intertwined with my identity as an American. Mr B, Warren, AOW, TMW and all others who come on this site are Americans and as such we disagree. I will point out that even someone to the left like Jams or Rob Bayn basically are decent sorts who are reality based and want a better world. We may differ about policy but I can not ever imagine Jams or Rob describing individuality as a bad thing.

The Protocols 2008 Commie Update part 1 stealth

There are some of you out there who fail to see the importance of anti-semitism amongst communist bug eyed types. Lets talk about the history of commies in a large pattern. The life blood of communism is alienation for the foot soldiers. For the more ambitious like Che "Sponge Bob" or Ren the draw is power.

Communists are driven by a religious type of fervor. Thus it is hardly surprising that Ren has attended Lubavitcher functions looking for identity. For the record I have never attended any meetings at Chabad or the JDL. In fact I have been opposed to Kahane consistently for well over two decades. As far as Chabad, I have given them money in the past and support their community efforts. On a personal level I have my own faith, but prefer to walk apart for my own reasons. I have remained the same Cold Warrior since the late 70's.

I have battled communists on their home turf in NYC. My observations of their behavior comes from two decades of dealing with them as a foe.

1 Communists know they are pariahs and will use a variety of names to escape their deserved isolation.

a) Calling ones self a green like Maoist Norman Finkelstein. Finky is known as the most rabid anti-semite on the planet works with Hezbollah and Nazi like Zundel. He presents himself as an outraged Jew and omits his Maoist history that would label him a crank. He also neglects to point out his mother was also a commie and his father a fellow traveler when presenting their views. What is green about Finky other than book sales, speaking fees and the traditional colors
of the jihadis he supports remains a mystery.

Kovel unlike Finky does have some green credentials. In between bong hits he sees anti communism as anti semitism but anti zionism is not anti semitic. A green who writes pot laced
tracts about anti communism doesn't pass the smell test.

b) Anarchist Commies like Chomsky pretend they are Anarchists. However, phantom US/Nazi alliances while ignoring actual commie/Nazi alliances does not pass the test. Support for Pol Pot, Vietnamese Communists and so forth also is part of a pattern.

C) Social Democrats. Michael Harrington attempted to repackage communism into a socially acceptable movement. He still marched lock step and endorsed communist party lines and attempted to infiltrate the Democratic party. One can see the real Harrington's colors in his reaction to Ronald Radosh who published the truth about the Rosenbergs. In short Harrington tossed Radosh under the bus to keep his red minions happy.

Part two Tales about Neocons and using populist antisemitism.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beakerkin goes West Indian

Never let it be said that the Beak is not a man of his word. I lost a bet and had to wear West Indian attire on casual Friday. One of my close friends got promoted to supervisor and they insisted I join them for a night of dancing.

You can guess who picked up the check. The modest weight loss and new wardrobe has made me more popular at work. Unlike VT where I kept apart from my coworkers I will take lunch with my peers. I felt more or a distance from the Vermonters than I do with fellow NYC types even if we are of different races or ethnicities.

I would not describe myself as a bon vivant.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tibet and Animal Farm

The commie clowns have decided to spit on Tibetians for wanting to create a fuedal state and have blamed the Dali Lama for inciting violence. One of the staples of this blog has been exposing the hypocrisy of commies who literally spit on genuine indigenous people like Tibetians, Kurds and many others while venerating Pseudostinians into semi religious icons.

The Pseudostinian welfare and Hitler youth type incitement are rationalized by commies. Commies also cry about proportionality of any Israeli reaction to repeated provocation. Did commies say a single word when Grozny was leveled? Did commies say a word when Baathist Syria killed 10,000.

The Tibetians are too civilized to start smacking planes into office buildings. Maybe the lesson is that pointless violence against civilians brings communist brand approval

Free Tibet.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lets talk about the economy

There is a recession and some of us are feeling the hard times. I look around the blogosphere and see friend and even former acquaintances falling on hard times. Some of us were lulled by the years of non stop growth into thinking the business cycle no longer exists.

The business cycle exists and is a real problem in down times. The times may be tough but they are followed by longer up cycles.

Some of us fall into the trap of blaming a scapegoat for issues larger than ourselves. The IT industry is an example of the new workplace. IT people work on contracts across borders and change companies with great frequency.

I want to wish all those experiencing rough times my sincerest best wishes.

Cult of Stupidity

The latest rant of Graeme and the hypocrisy of the usual suspects is amazing. What does the prison
population in the United States have to do with Tibet.

Game Show Music........................................................................


Commies play the game that whatever the situation is the United States and Israel must be held to perfection and every other group on the planet held to none.

Lets see Tibetians have a clear history and culture unlike Pseudostinians. Any comparison between the case for Tibet and Palestine is an insult to Tibetians. Commies really do not care about actual Palestinians as they are more valuable as tools than as people. The Muslim rage and traditional Nazi anti semites like LWB/ John Brown. Oddly Commies provoked the Six Day War
by fake pledges of support to Egypt in the event of war. Thus commie stupidity goad Arabs into a war they lose and then commies pretend to be the champoin of the same people they led into disaster.

Much like the Iranian advisors in Lebanon, Russian experts led and fought in the Six day war. What were Cubans doing in the Golan Heights in 73?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More Stupidity From Commies part 3

There are some of you who pretend that Trotskyites are somehow free of the historical sins of communism. Those who continue to believe this ignore the war crimes and record of Trotsky. Many of you believe that Renegade Eye is somehow a benign variant of the malady of Marx.

Ren is on Sonias blog blaming the food shortages in the Hugo's blunderland on price gougers. In the words of Ren he should "use the army" to solve this problem.

Where have we seen this solution before? This is exactly a repeat of the Kulak disaster in the Soviet Union and starvation followed. Mugabbe, Castro and others stole productive land from small farmers and starvation followed. This is yet another example of commies revealing their faithful adherence to failed ideas that do not work in the name of populism.

Of course after the enemies of the people are found they must be killed or shipped to gulags.

The truth is that anyone who views commies as thugs are mistaken. Christians like Junglemom,
TMW, Justin and others have dedicated large amounts of time to helping the poor and troubled in the name of Christ as their calling. Those who want to help the poor and needy should just join Christ or at least stay out of the way.

Commies are thugs and their sole goal is power. They can rationalize all forms of criminality and failure to justify their warped utopia. In reality they are more fundaMENTAList than the genuine Christians they mock.

Viva Beamish El Presidente in 08.

Beakerkin joins the Miami Mafia

On a lark I purchased a Panama hat and loud West Indian shirt. I placed a cigar in my pocket and went to visit the freaks in Union Square. The freaks literally ran for their lives as they thought I was a Cuban American. This is quite interesting as I have seen the same types harass people in military outfits and policemen. My DHS logo shirt does not inspire similar reaction from Commies.

A coworker asked " Have you joined the Miami Mafia ?".

I have to tip the Panama hat to Henry Gomez of Babalu blog. This was the most fun I had in ages.
Commies react to Panama Hats like vampires or Ducky reacting to a crucifix.

Maybe it is time for Beakerambo to become an honorary Cuban American. I will have to see if we can talk to Mr B about a special issue new avatar.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cultural Oddities

Often I take for granted that coworkers or readers will understand a cultural reference. One of the oddities is that I did see the very end of the Catskills brand of comedy. The saddest part is this world may be remembered best by the dreadful film dirty dancing or in a Michael Savage story.

I used an odd technique to get information at work. To the unaided eye it looks like disjointed questioning. However, anyone who has seen Lou Goldstein at work in a Simon Says game or I am the boss in Grossingers could recognize the technique.

Lou Goldstein held court at Grossingers and his brand of comedy was worth the stay. I watched a few clips on the web but it was such a unique experience that the memories have stayed with me for decades. The technique works on speed, timing, comedy and being three steps ahead of those being questioned or consul. You think you can keep up with Goldstein but you can't, nor can you really prepare for it.

The Christ vs Kahane Crowd

I do not like the Kahane crowd. I have been a foe of theocracy in all its forms, including a Torah State for two decades. My view has always been that government should respect religion and stay out of the pulpit. If a Church does not want to admit albinos it is their right. This is far different than a Church preaching albinos should be killed.

In general Kahanists are fools who see more of a threat from the likes of TMW, Junglemom or any other Christian than so called "Jewish" Communists who actively seek to get us killed in the name of "social justice". Sorry but there is something wrong with blogs that allow folks like Renegade Eye and Neonazi LWB/John Brown a free reign and lecture our allies.

Israel is not a Torah state nor would I support such a notion. The beloved Rav Roov does not endorse such foolishness nor do the vast majority of practicing Jews. I support the right of Jewish self determination just as strongly as the next person but I draw the line at theocracy.

As an American I endorse the right of Junglemom, TMW to speak freely. They are reliable allies who support the Jewish people unlike so called Kahanists who call each other Hitler and defend comments like "Donkey of Zion" when they are off their meds. Our enemies are not limited to bug eyed dark skinned versions of Jack Elam carrying explosives. Our greatest enemy is the communist/anarchist enablers of utopian jihadi global hegemony. The fight is between all those who are human and the utopians trying to impose their idiocy upon the non-faithful.

These loud hateful voices of insanity do not represent the vast majority of Jewish people like the Beloved Rav Roov. If they were the majority I would convert just to ensure my humanity.

RIP Charlton Heston

America has lost one of its finest actors. His many great films will be enjoyed by future generations.
Who can forget such classics as Ben Hur, The Ten Comandments, Planet of the Apes and many others.

When Hollywood produces more Heston types and less Sean Penn types maybe I will go to the movies again.

Friday, April 04, 2008

The NYT is a sick outfit part 2

This week the NYT has decided that the shrill anti-semitism of Hamas is an obstacle to peace. Where has the NYT been since the inception of Hamas? The real story should be how the far left rationalized Islamonazism and never ending Muslim greed for land and obstructionism.

The rhetoric of Hamas has been clear to all who have listened including Hitler type youth programs. The latest one is a puppet with a Iraqi father married to a Lebanese woman with brothers in Gaza killing a puppet version of George Bush.

The anti-semitic far left typified by our friend poultry is fairly typical.

Ducky: You are a Likud stooge
Beaker: What is the basis for Palestinian ethnicity? It is not culture, history, language or religion as Pseudostinians are exactly the same as Jordanians. The state of Jordan was created in 1920 as a Judenfrei state and 70% of the people there call themselves Pseudostinians.
Ducky: The Pseudostinians need a state
Beaker: What makes their case greater than that of the Basques, Kurds, Comanche, Pashtuns, Texans, Tibetians or even Brooklynites.
Ducky: You are just a kahanist .....zionist apartheid.....

The fact remains that Islamo colonialism is every bit as criminal as its Western counterparts. We hear long diatribes from commies about Western Colonialism and zero about Islamo colonialism.
We correctly hear about the crimes against Indians and slavery. We hear zero about the crimes commited against indigenous people in the exact same context in the middle east. Turning Muslims into victims is the exact same logic as claiming Black slaves oppressed white people in the Jim Crow period or Indian reservations are ethnically cleansed apartheid plot to create a greater reservation.

How does eliminationalism as expressed by Hamas get rationalized by commies? How does one negotiate with one that seeks your elimination? How much ethnically cleansed real estate do Muslims need? Why do Muslims need ethnically cleansed real estate? Why do Muslims subject nonMuslims to their theological laws.

The Bolshevik NYT is still in Ostrich mode.

Stop the Madness

It is time for the United States end the practice of rewarding lawbreaking. The practice of chain immigration needs to be eliminated.

Problem 1 Anchor Babies

The current law grants citizenship to almost every child born in the USA. This encourages pregnant women to come here and give birth and demand citizenship as the parent of a citizen
The law should be amended so that the parents are not rewarded for violating the law.

Problem 2

Anchor Spouses

The law allows the spouse of a United States citizen to become a citizen in three years. This law
needs to be raised back to five years. The law should reduce the age of step children to 16.

Problem 3

Endless appeals

One appeal or motion unless it is demonstrated the law has been misapplied. The practice of cases going on for a decade needs to end.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lowering the Bar at UCI

Long term readers know that I have interacted with some grad students at UCI. The students, notably the Disgruntled Chemist has no idea how off the map he is politically due to the Old Bolshevik Network in higher education.

The Chemist was upset at me for stating that he is an antisemite for some obnoxious comments
about Israel such as calling Israel a "terrorist nation". The Chemist was fond of viewing the one or two GOP events and calling activities such as several conservatives chanting USA and waving a flag hateful. He sees nothing wrong with Muslim students wearing garb identified with Hamas and chanting Allah Ahkbar. Moreover he ignored activities by the far left such as a disturbed commie screaming at writer Lee Kaplan that he is a Mossad agent.

Front Page Magazine shows how the Muslim Student Association has lowered the bar for anti semitism at UCI. Oddly the verbose Chemist never seems to have any comments on such activities as "Holocaust in the Holyland" sponsored by the MSA.

The comedic farce gets odder when the Chemist and his witless cohort Agi were accused of Islamophobia for not repeating the MSA position on the Mohammed cartoons. Obviously, the MSA does not read the comments of the Chemist who is a decent fellow despite his thin skin and humorless approach. His view of comedy is reposting " I %&^& Ann Coulter in the #%$%^^ " .

The Chemist is a product of his depraved environment. However, when he gets a job off campus he will learn just how off the map his behavior is.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

HasMurtha Apologized

Now that the verdict is in about Haditha has sleazy Rep Murtha apologized. It seems that anti war
activists never have to apologize for their antics. Murtha tried these men in the press and did not
wait for the facts.

It seems that facts are irrelevant to the anti war crowd. However, so long as the anti war crowd is communist run and led it has zero credibility with the American people.

It is time for the sane antiwar activists to understand they will not be taken seriously until the freaks and cultists are tossed under the bus. A conversation about Iraq with a Jams or a Rob Bayn starts with the notion that the Iraq policy may not be good for America. It does not start with cabals, conspiracies or other issues. Funny I saw a non Communist free Tibet protest that stuck to one issue and did not allow commies to subvert their message. There were no Pseudostinian flags or conspiracy signs just respectful people outraged over Communist China's colonial ethnocide. The sane anti war people should take note.

1 Stay on topic
2 Toss the freaks and commies
3 Be orderly