Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lets get the premise of Ducky to Gitmo

In this exercise we are sending the Duck to Gitmo where our job is to annoy the Duck by giving him the worst of our popular culture. In the new Obama era we can not waterboard Jihadis, so the best we can do is send them our worst popular culture. We also want to piss off the Commies at the same time

Select 10 movies that the Duck can watch as the new entertainment manager at Gitmo
Thanks to Aligator

10) Red Dawn
9) Dr Zhivago
8) Brokeback Mountain Jihadis and Gays not a good idea
7) Black Sunday
6) The Green Berets
5) The Ten Comandments
4) Big Jim McClain The Duke punches out Commies
3) Rambo III
2) Exodus
1) Yentyl

Now onto TV remember we are trying to get information and may not waterboard. If the jihadis get upset with the Duck this is okay.

10)Little House on the Prarie
9) Green Acres
8) Dobbie Gillis
7) Designing Women
6) Roseanne
5) Sex and the City
4) Seinfeld
3) Will & Grace
2) Petticoat Junction
1) Golden Girls

We also need to select various artists to drive both Jihadis and the Duck up a wall.
Our goal is to get information first and annoy the Duck second.

10)Michael Jackson
9) Pat Boone
8) Charlie Daniels Commies loathe patriotic country music
7) AC/DC Jihadis and Commies hate heavy metal.
6) Willie Nelson
5) The Spice Girls
4) Slim Whitman
3) Boy George
2) Milli Vanilli
1) Vanilla Ice

Glenn Beck is onto something we mentioned here. The media portrays the Tea Party types as hateful. However, there were no arrests despite a huge turnout. A tiny group of commies rally in Pittsburgh and predictably there are arrests. Of course the most hateful rhetoric or even the fact that the protesters n Pittsburgh are commies or anarchists are typically withheld by the media.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Vast Right Wng Conspiracy

The egotist Bill Clintoon claims that the vast conspiracy that targeted him is behind the anti Obama rhetoric. Of course when the public reacts negatively to far left arrogance and corruption the left is oblivious to any notion that it could be out of touch with the American people.

I do empathize with the Obama folk on a limited basis. The talk of impeachment and now a stupid poll on a website calling for his assassination are very low. All of you Obama haters should realize an assassinated Obama would hand a dullard Biden a blank check to pass all sorts of bad legislation in his memory. Every public item that could be named after him would be. We could have Obama Airport and bridges. What is named after Jimmy Carter?

Of course when the far left were staging plays that called for the assassination of Bush we heard long lectures about free speech. We heard very little about those who called Bush Chimpy and anyone doing anything similar to Obama would be correctly called a racist.

Much of the anger at Obama is due to his tin ear. People are out of work why are we discussing anything other than getting them back to work.

The conspiracy seems to be centered on an inept politician who has not heard the will of the people. This did happen to Bush when he proposed an unpopular version of immigration reform so bad even Col Bernie Sanders Idiot from Vermont couldn't vote for.

There are no vast right wing conspiracies. We have a broken economy and a President who is in love with his own image. His face and idiotic Pepsi knock off logo are everywhere. In NYC there are Obama Fried Chicken stores and Obama condoms. Personally, I think Joe Biden is a better model for birth control. Maybe Biden can rip off the Hawaiian Punch logo. His image and voice are being mass marketed at precisely the time Americans are hurting.

If he were a skilled politician he would be working on the economy. Instead, he is discussing more programs we can not afford.

We elected the worst of political hacks at the worst time.

Beamish in 12.

Make America a better place send Ducky to Gitmo. Let him have the detainees watch Mission to Moscow, Reefer Madness and European Art Films for two Years. Are we ready for blood thirsty terrorists who can quote obscure French Films before blowing us all to smithereens.

Of course the notion of making the Duck Watch some American film classics in a Gitmo style revenge is a comedy classic.

Films we would like the Duck to watch in Gitmo

10) Smokey and the Bandit
9) Dr Zhivago
8) Firefox
7) Forrest Gump ( Gump kicks the peace protesters backside)
6) Goldie & the Boxer OJ should have gone to jail for this
5) Operation Thunderbolt Israelis as the good guys vs Communist Pseudostinians
4) Rambo 3
3) Yentyl Dreadful. This is cruel and unusual punishment worse than water boarding.
2) Big Jim McClain John Wayne punches out Commies
1) Black Sunday His sainted Psuedostinians try to blow up the Superbowl and the hero is an Israeli played by Robert Shaw.

Feel free to post your own films you would like the Duck to Watch in a rehabilitation
facility with jihadis.

Exodus would probably cause the Duck to go into Linda Blair mode.
The Ten Commandments just missed the list. The Duck would probably claim this as some form of Zionist Propaganda.
Pride of the Yankees might kill a commie Sox fan.

Of course no internment would be complete without TV

10)Bosom Buddies
9) Cop Rock
8) Sex and the City
7) Designing Women
6) Will & Grace this wouldn't bother the Duck, it just might kill the Jihadis
5) The Waltons
4) Little House on the Prairie
3) Seinfeld
2) Roseanne
1) The Golden Girls Bea Arthur and Jihadis true torture


I used to complain about my bad timing. People with my degree went to work in Wall Street firms. They worked two or three years and made great money. Unfortunately, when I graduated the matrix of certainty had been broken by a market crash. The jobs that were supposed to be there weren't there. When they returned four years later they went to younger faces.

I met the same people who lived the life that was supposed to be mine. I remember my friends who graduated a few years before me telling me about my bad timing. The mighty have fallen on bad times and the dream jobs disappeared. Their marriages and dreams crumbled as a way of life disappeared.

Of course we tend to think of the unemployed factory worker. Yet in many ways the unemployed factory worker has it easier. He can retrain and drive a truck and is skilled by life to take what he can find.

After a year out of work and no hope of resuming a career some of these people I looked up to and idolized have been humbled. They have an abundance of time and it is not a blessing.

It seems that at this juncture my timing is not so bad after all. I tried talking to these friends but they lack the resourcefulness that was forced on me by timing. I hope the economy gets better, but the reality is those jobs may be lost for ever. The ones that will remain will go to ambitious college grads with better timing.

I guess it is all about perspective. I wish these friends were not hurting, but staying home is worse. If you can read this and you are impacted by the economy invest in yourself. Take this opportunity to learn to drive a truck and have something to fall back on. Do not stay home because the longer you do the less likely you are to ever return to work.

The economy is bad and I have met Wall Street workers now driving cabs.

Hope begins with you, but you must get outside. Staying at home and feeling sorry for yourself is an rx for trouble.

The economy is real bad. We can not blame all of it on Obama. However, instead of talking about costly idiotic health plans, we should be talking about jobs.

Maybe my timing wasn't so bad after all.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

You I and the larger picture

There was talk that GW Bush was polarizing. In reality Obama is even more polarizing than Bush ever was. It is important that we restrict our criticisms to the dreadful policies. For the most part the folks at the Tea Parties do a great job of staying on topic.

How is it that perhaps 200 people can have an anti Obama protest and nobody gets arrested and a exponentially smaller group of commies and anarchists protesting in Pittsburgh produces arrests. At our core the basic element of the anti Obama sentiment is from people who wish to preserve our traditions. It is the respect for our American way of life and wanting government out of our lives that got us in the streets. We respect the law enforcement officer and yes some of us are law enforcement officers.Commies are death cultist who are intent upon destruction. They do not respect human life or any laws.

There is a profound difference between you and I and all decent folks and commies. Commies will do and say anything to advance their scams as they are death cultists motivated by power.

We must respect our traditions and founding ethos even as we oppose Obama. If we are not true to our principles than we are as evil as the folks we oppose. There is no room for racists and conspiracy kooks in this fight.

Beamish in 12 & 16 and Mt Rushmore in 21

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I must have my eyes checked

Has anyone noticed Quadaffi looks like Kieth Richards with a bad wardrobe.

The mindless green types seem to invite every social pariah to talk about the environment including Commie Mugabe. Perhaps the greens idolize a despot whose misrule has produced starvation and misery, but the rest of us see a thug.

New Reading Black September by Raab

The book is a fast paced account of a the Psuedostinian crime in the 1970's. We are largely where we are today because commies peddle this myth. Israel and the world owes Palestinians nothing.

Palestinians need to take responsibility for building their own state. They have been given ample time and resources. If they can not govern themselves than Egypt needs to annex Gaza and Jordan some areas of the West Bank. Arab governments may then indulge themselves and treat the locals brutally while the left yawns and reads Fannon

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Patterson vs Obama

Unlike the criticism aimed at Obama, the criticism of Patterson is non racial. Patterson is a walking disaster and an inept political hack. His opponents have zero need to play the race card because he is clueless. Patterson injected race into the mix to link his critics to those criticizing Obama.

That being said Obama should let the folks in NY decide our own fate than act as kingmaker in our local politics. Let the voters choose between Little Lord Fauntleroy ( Andrew Cuomo) and Patterson the Inept. Of course choosing Rudy or any other adult over these two would be sanity.

Has anyone forgot the disasters at HUD run by this empty suit. Has anyone forgotten that King Bubba thought soooo much of his own cabinet member he asked him to step aside in a local race.

Cuomo's only asset is that anyone looks good when compared to Patterson's lack of leadership and poor judgement.

If Patterson had half a brain he would have given Cuomo Hillary's seat. Instead he picked another non entity to fill her shoes. At least this non entity is attempting to represent NY which is more than Hillary ever did.

Obama did one good thing for NY. He got Hillary out of our local politics. Maybe Obama can show some real courage and politely ask Charles Rangel to retire.

The Idiocy of the UK

There are some who think the mindlessness of European governments is new. However, in the book Terror in Black September a small poingant point is raised. The book recounts Pseudostinian terrorists hijacking four planes. A team of hijakers did make an attempt to hijack an El Al plane and shot a person five times. The pilot took the plane through a dive that altered the hijackers gravity and the airmarshalls did their job killing one hijacker and subdoing the other.

Leave it to the folks in the UK to make a big deal and attempt to arrest the AIR MARSHALLS. In fact the even dumber Swiss did jail an air marshall for protecting the public.

This mindless legalism is proof that the moral rot in the UK is not new. Of course there are many fine people in the UK, but what were their officials thinking. The air marshalls should have been treated as heroes, but instead were subject to mindless amoral stalinistic kangaroo court antics.

Common sense did prevail in the UK and the air marshalls were released. Amazingly an air marshall for El Al was jailed for months in Switzerland for doing his job.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Maybe France has this right

France has demolished a camp of illegal immigrants by the chunnel. Of course there were a large number of children present.

The problem with immigration is the endless cycle of appeals and motions. Of course we do not want unchecked power in any government office. However, we also do not benefit from cases going on for decades. A person should have a limited number of appeals and motions and then that is it.

At a certain point extraneous motions and waivers just jam up the system.

There is also the problem of benefits fraud. The US needs to stop granting citizenship to children of illegal immigrants or modify the laws. If one has a child in the USA while in a legal immigration status this is okay. However if one has entered illegally or has overstayed the visa the child may get citizenship, but should not be able to confer benefits to their parents. Having a system that rewards people for breaking the law is absurd.

If Obama is serious about Health care reform then lets wait until he tackles the problem of medicaid fraud. Is he prepared to place real teeth in the legislation?
Of course we should as a society treat the very poor. However, if people are caught scamming the system they should be severely punished including jail time for individuals.

Do not hold your breath on that last paragraph. Obama will support panels and that is the extent of his effort.

Beamish in 12 & 16 and on Mt Rushmore 20

The Lions, Rams, Chiefs and Bucs stink.
However, out of this group the Chiefs will turn it around quickest

The Redskins and Bills are not too far away from the above.

NY Giants go 11-5
NY Jets 10-6

Monday, September 21, 2009

Terrorists are still out there

Once again while the government speculates about right wing extremists as potential terrorists yet another person out of Central casting appears. The plotter was an Islamacist with a Robert Bork style beard from Afghanistan.

The Obama as messiah bit has unhinged a few who are frustrated with a country they see going in the wrong direction. Yet even at a Tea Party there were plenty of flags and respect for our tradition. There was some deserved cracks about the Tea Party marchers being domestic terrorists.

No doubt if some racist crack pot tries to kill Obama, the left will claim it is an Israeli plot. The comments of Carterite oaf Brezinski about shooting Israeli jets down on their way to deal with Iran should not be considered unusual. This is Carterism redux and Jimmy Peanut has emerged as Obama's attack dog. Of course Obama used the contrast between his position and that of his attack rabbit Carter to make himself look Presidential.

In an ideal world all of the Obama foes stick to his dreadful policies. Sadly this is not the case.

The real enemies of America are still out there. They will not always look like these clowns out of Central casting. From WTC 93 we saw clean cut engineers as well.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Are we as a nation ready to try US Citizens with treason

The recent arrests of terror suspects with US citizenship raises important questions. Are we ready as a nation to try Al Queda operatives with US citizenship as traitors and execute them.

This should have been done in the 60's to the Weathermen and needs to be done today.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is Obama over exposed

I want to point out that Obama is over hyped and places himself above the issues. He was marketed with a knock off Pepsi logo and needs to reduce his ego maniacal cult of personality.

He promised to be a person that brought us together. We are more divided than ever. If he were wise he would reach out to people like Newt, Rudy and make a real effort to fix the economy, health care and immigration. Unfortunately, although he mouths platitudes, he hasn't made a real effort to bring us together.

He needs to lead by telling us the truth.

The economy, health care and immigration are in sad shape. These items must be fixed and to do so requires all of us to work together to solve these problems. All of us (except Commies) want good jobs and a safe country. We need to work together to get there.

Obama mouths platitudes and free lunches and right now we need a real plan to fix our economy.

Is the Editrix Correct

The Editrix is 100% correct that the rhetoric of Dr. Yeagley is racist and embarrassing. I have been a critic of these disgusting shameful posts. Contrary to the assertions of Poultry and Bondage Film Afficianado Commies (not you Duck), we have been critical of this type of fare long before Commies pointed it out.

Dr. Yeagley was a friend who has fallen down. The election of a biracial man has unhinged his critical faculties. His racial based criticism of Obama does not reflect the spirit of the good people I saw at the Tea Party. I was prepared to deal with this, but alas I never saw it there.

As an American our system guarantees the right of the American people to freedom of speech even when that speech is shameful, off the wall, racist, mean spirited and incoherent like Dr Yeagley's recent posts. His speech is clearly political and thus governed by our Constitutional protections. If our laws protect the speech of traitorous Commies like Renegade Eye than they also protect the insane rhetoric of Dr Yeagley who has fallen off the political map.

Bad Eagle was an amazing place. It was home to many wonderful commenters brought together by a hope. We wanted a place where Native Americans could love their country in the same way the rest of us do. The idea was noble and the vision was grand. Who says far left loonies at AIM speak for Native Americans who serve America in every capacity including the Armed Forces. It was a great vision promoted by a person with great credentials as a scholar. Unfortunately, the scholar was not true to his vision and many of us feel betrayed that he did not live up to his promise. I want point out Yeagley is still a friend who has said horrible shameful things. I can not grant him wisdom or coherence. I wish he would see the error of his ways and live up to his potential.

I do not regret my time at Bad Eagle. The founders of this Blog community, myself and Warren met there. Warren left Bad Eagle long ago over the racial crap. I remained almost entirely in the Jewish sections. I met many wonderful people who are too numerous to name who went onto become good friends TMW, The editrix, Mac, Gator, Mark Winters, Amil, Kidst and CM are just a partial list. Almost all of them have left as the site has devolved into Stormfront Lite. Perhaps as Mac noted it was
always Stormfront Lite but I did not notice it from the Jewish sections.

I understand the anger of the Editrix at the posts by Yeagley. I share her anger and disgust at writings that are racist and over the top. Yet I understand that our traditions allow for this frankly shameful conduct.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The mess at Bad Eagle-

I keep looking at Dr Yeagley's recent posts and keep scratching my head looking for coherence.
I suppose that if the same article had been posted without the race war bit it would have been interpreted differently.

Yeagley does speak to some basic truths. Obama is overexposed in the media. He is on every channel along with that goofy Pepsi logo. If the media were doing its job instead of cheer leading this would be okay.

Is it my imagination but the economic horror stories have seemed to disappear. People are still looking for good jobs that are few and far between.

Meanwhile job number one should be to get this economy on track. Why are we even discussing more social programs in this economic mess? The best social programs are the ones that create good jobs.

Yeagley is correct when he points out racial agitation is largely communist. America is a nation of individual rights and freedoms. Communists are more into anti semitism as a great force multiplier. Commies, Nazis, Anarchists, Greens and mental defectives unite in a popular front that allows commies to think of themselves leading a mass movement.

Obama does not represent all Black people. Blacks are equal members of my American family and Obama does not equal Black.

In an ideal world Obama drops the egomania and acknowledges the economic mess. We call in everyone from the political spectrum from Robert Riech to Newt and place getting the economy
back on track first.

It is sad to see a formerly great site devolve into Stormfront Lite at times.

This is a first

My previous post was picked up by Free Republic. I never thought any of my material would find its way there.

As a moderate I cringe at protests because the most shrill voices are typically heard. The media picks up the most outlandish signs.

I was specifically looking for this at the Tea Party and did not find it.

I went looking for signs of stuff off topic, but did not find it. The protesters were on topic. This may
happen only when communist organize events and practice entryism.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I went looking for loonies at the Tea Party

I went to the DC tea party with some trepidation. The anti Obama racist rhetoric of Dr Yeagley had me preparing for the worst. Of course I know AOW and Frogburger are not racists, but at any large gathering there is the possibility of the lowest common denominator.

I marched with friends and checked the signs and could not find one. The protesters were well behaved and polite. About the only off the map talk was the focus on the birth certificate. In an ideal world Obama submits his birth certificate to the document lab and reasonable people live with the results. President Biden using a martyred image of Obama ( disqualified by a fake BC) would produce more extreme leftist legislation than Obama.

Of course many of us pointed to the bug eyed commies Bush= Hitler bit. This was in reference to the war on terror. Frequently the same Commies call 9-11 the Reich stag fire. When a person says Hitler was a great speaker too, this is to point out Obama is a populist loony. There is nothing racial and given the messiah talk and iconic photos a few grains of truth.

Obama pointed to a post racial America. Indeed if America is to be considered post racial than Obama must be subjected to the same treatment as other presidents. I will point out that we do understand the vile history of comparing Blacks to Apes. Such a attack would indeed be racist, especially given the history of this type of comment. Yet historically one can see Ape Lincoln and Bush portrayed as a Chimp.

The special history of Blacks makes some satire problematic. If Obama is portrayed as a con man, this is another stereotype and would be racist. We can not ignore our history when we respond to dreadful policies.

The Tea Party was on message and not cluttered with extraneous themes like your average so called Peace Protest. When I visited those farce Protests I either see the US flag burning or the dreaded Pseudostinian flag. What does the cop killer fraud Mummia Abul Fraud Jamaal or Poultry abuse have to do with Peace anyway.

Maybe it is time for a different type of activism. The theme should be "There is No Free Lunch". The Obama talk of imaginary savings and crony panels is smoke and mirrors. Of course tort and insurance form goes by the wayside.

We are more divided than ever before and much of it lies at the feet of the media. Yet big media is dying with the exception of Fox that offers something different.

The Duck seems to think I quoted the number 2,000,000. I was claiming a very lowball 200,000 and that is way too low. The people were still arriving as others left.

The Tea Party movement still needs star power. However, if a comedian were to entertain us with poignant satire it would lose some of its down home appeal.

The Tea Party People do need a better logo than the Marxist clenched fist. How about an empty wallet.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jimmy Carter is a baboon

Jimmy Carter claims that the opposition to Obama is racist. Carter is and always will be a failed President and a failed ex-President. Unlike Nixon who worked with Presidents and tried to help the Country, Carter promotes himself. He should stick to building houses for homeless people a job which he did well.

The media points to a sign that read "Hitler was a great speaker" as proof of racism. This is quite amusing in that there is absolutely nothing racist in that statement. In fact it is a historical caution against a person who some of his followers see as trying to develop a cult of personality. While the statement is over the top there is nothing racist about it.

The birthers are wrongly beeing portrayed as racist. Ideally, I would love Obama to produce his birth certificate and have it verified by the federal document lab. This would not end the conspiracy minded true believers, but it would blunt the vast majority. President Biden would be actually worse than Obama as he has never had an intelligent thought in his life.

We can argue that some of the claims of Socialism are over the top. However, complaining that criticizing an expansion of government is racist doesn't pass the logic test. Is the imbecile Carter claiming that because Obama is biracial that he and his policies are above criticism? That attitude would be racist.

Obama supporters use one or another iconic image and the ripped off Pepsi logo. His detractors satirized those images in the same spirit of political cartoonists. The most common picture was Obama as the Joker. This is what satire is about and it isn't racist.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stupid Leftist Idiocy Joe Wilson Immigration Attorney

I am amazed at some of the ignorance of leftist types in their attack modes. The new attack is based upon a claim on a web site that states Congressman Joe Wilson worked as an immigration lawyer.

Error 1. Any lawyer admitted to a bar anywhere in the USA may represent clients anywhere in the country. It is not unheard of for a NY attorney to go to another state or the converse.

Error 2. There is no specialization requirement for lawyers. Many lawyers specialize in something else and take a small number of immigration cases. Using a lawyer who specializes in immigration
is a good idea, but some people are immune to common sense.

How do these leftist morons know how many cases Wilson was involved with or for that matter if the cases were even heard locally. This is an idiotic illustration of the Stalinist tactics applied to Joe the Plumber by leftists.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Tea Party compare and Contrast

I have attended many far left protests as a heckler and want to make some notes about the RNC protests and your typical so called anti war protest.

With rare exception the Tea party was on message. There were a few protests about the birth certificate, but that is merely one part of the broad anti Obama message. There were tons of American flags waved proudly and none burning. I wish the Nazi stuff would stop as it is wrong when people say Bush=Hitler, it is just as wrong when people say Obama= Hitler.

That being said there were no Palestinian flags or imbeciles dressed in kafiyehs. There were no bug eyed trooooothers stating wacky conspiracies. There were no cows dressed in Pink exhibiting their poor taste and idiocy. There were no commies trying to subvert the cause for their vulgar agenda. I did not see any trustfundista types. Everyone I spoke to had a job or was recently unemployed.

The problem is the media will give almost zero coverage to anti Obama sentiment. The 15,000 in Minneapolis pales in comparison to the tea party. Apparently, the crowd was larger than I thought and people were still arriving at noon when I left.

One of the basic problems with Obama is that he lacks class and humility. He could have addressed some of the concerns with specifics. Instead he does a speech that promises everything and is full of platitudes. He calls his critics fear mongers, but I saw people fed up with the direction of things in DC. I had some slim hope that Obama would grow into the job, but his ego is even greater than either Clinton.

I think this fight has cooled his jets for round two immigration reform.

I am curious to see if Southern Democrats try to distance themselves from Obama in an attempt to survive.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I want to talk about fast food

Now most of you know that I enjoy fast food

Lets talk of best

1) Fat Burger
2) Checkers
3) Burger King
4) In and Out
5) Carl Jr
6) McDonalds
7) Wendys
8) Jack in the Box
9) Johny Rockets

Fat Burger is far and away the best. Checkers is very under rated and their fries are great.
Burger King is rated about right. In and Out is actually over rated. It was very good but not in the same area code as Fat Burger. Carl Jr was better than expected. McDonalds is a great value
except Burger King does a better job. Wendy's is interesting, but they do better with their spicy chicken sandwich. Jack in the box was pretty bad. Johny Rockets was terrible and someone should head to Checkers and find out what is wrong.

If you want to talk about value Checkers would come off the chart. They do a much better job
than such over rated joints as In and Out and Johny Rockets. Wendy's has alot of other good options but needs to improve its fare.

The Tea Party

The Tea Party was an amazing event and I met amazing people. There is some anger about the direction of the country.

The planners did not do a good job with the speakers as they were often not heard

I did get a chance to meet with AOW. She is an amazing person who is charming and witty.

On the bad side what is going on with the DC coffee shops opening up in unison at 8am. Obviously they do not like business.

I also wonder how Johny Rockets stays in business. The food is terrible and if I want that fare I will
head to Checkers where food is much better by multiples. I was at TGI Fridays and the food was fairly good.

I met scores of amazing people from all over. There is an anger in the land about Obama and I wish he would just produce his damned birth certificate so we can end this already.

I do want to point out to the birthers. At the time Obama was born a United States Citizen female could not confer citizenship on a child born abroad. Obama was in essence born out of wedlock as his father was allready married to someone else. Sometimes government officials take the law into their own hands because the law is objectionable. The problem with mothers not being able to confer citizenship to their children was remedied in the 70's. In the early 60's
children born out of wedlock was a big deal. The United States does not recognize polygamous unions. In general the second marriage is considered null and void.

There is an anger in this land about the direction we are headed in. Some of it is on target and other than Acorn Sucks there weren't too many exchanges with opposition. I would loved to have seen some Code Pink types show up, but they wisely stayed home.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Another 9-11

As we pass another 9-11 I ponder what will be our historical memory. The unity that we faced after 9-11 is long since gone.

Of course it is acceptable to disagree with the post 9-11 reaction to a brutal attack on our country. Americans do disagree on policy all the time and intellectual freedom is what separates us from Commies like Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Ill or Renagade Eye.

It is never acceptable to engage in Truther BS. Truthers are the lowest of the low on a par with Holocaust Deniers. Making a mockery of 3000 dead for political purposes is an insult to everyone who was there and those of you who watched at home in horror.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Plan Will Cover Illegals

Do not believe the Obama administration when it says this plan will not cover illegal aliens. Incrementalism happens with every program and it will be expanded to cover aliens shortly.

Do not believe the talk of how it will not cost anything or that blue ribbon committees will find anything of note. These are just talking points and our history shows we should know better.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Over 2000 posts

This blog past 2000 posts and is climbing.

I want to recomend the bookThe Snakehead by Keefe. It is an impossible to put down book that is one part sociology, one part current events and one part crime drama.

The book does recount the story of one of the passengers on the Golden Venture.

What Sort of Patriots Are These

I am laughing at the low brow attempt of some members of Violent Hummingbird to claim they are some type of patriots.

Example One is a 30 year friend of Dr Yeagley's. He questions my conservatism on the basis of a single issue. I support Civil Unions and so does Dick Cheney and Rudy G. I do so because I do not believe in second class citizens in my country.

I also never make the claim that I am Conservative. I am a political moderate who is readily identified as a nationalist. I frequently find common ground with Conservatives and do not consider the term Conservative to be an insult. Oddly, I am more anti Communist than the genteel types who like to banter with Communists. Sorry, but I have no patience for death cultists with a history of violence and treason in this country.

This friend of Yeagley's is a truther. How does one claim to be a patriot and believe the US government incinerates 3000 of its own people.

Since truthers claim that they are merely asking questions we will create our own list of questions to ask truthers. Truthers do not ask questions. They are abusing 3000 dead to promote a vile agenda of hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews.

Questions for Truthers

1) How long have you been in psychiatric care? ( Follow up as needed)
2) How long have you been a Nazi? ( Holocaust Denier Von Brun is a truther)
3) How long have you been a Communist?
4) How long have you been an Anti Semite?
5) Who do you think attacked the WTC? ( You will get the real agenda of the truther)

6) What is the cause of your stupidity? ( We are only asking questions)
7) Do you believe Howard Hughed was reading Chaucer in the Grassy Knoll on his way to Area 51?
8) Was Col Mustard the real assassin of President Lincoln
9) Do people say you remind them of Dale Gribble?
10) How long have you been a cartoon character?

Amazingly this friend of Yeagley's points to Ray McGovern as a credible source for his truther fantasies. He has merely missed that the man is a prominent anti semite who claims Israel is behind the invasion of Iraq.

There is also the Elmer Fudd style anti semite who claims to be a Vietnam Veteran. This so called patriot is a member of a group that support Communists in Chiapas. He is a valuable useful idiots for the Code Pinko crews. No commie would ever be caught dead using the N word

Sorry but Truthers, Nazis, Psychotics and Communists do not decide who is a Conservative or a patriot.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Snakehead by Keefe confronting your own perceptions

I want to talk of the book The Snakehead. Perhaps our friends outside the USA will tell us if it is available by them.

We have a stereotype of the hapless Fujianese immigrant and the vile Snakehead. The image of the
Snakehead is the exploiter with no regard for law pushing people into slavery. Officers think it is fear that keeps the immigrants from talking. The media fed image of people being sold into brothels may be true in some cases, but not most.

The Snakehead is a dream maker. He gets people out of China and often provides the pretext for getting into the USA "Just say you were involved in family planning".

Certainly, the Snakeheads have no regards for the laws of the USA. They certainly do engage in dangerous methods to get people across borders. Why bother to have people navigate the St Lawrence River when one can pick a deserted stretch along the Vermont Canada border. Of course having no cell phone service in the area helps law enforcement. Of course if one insisted on using water Lake Champlain would be easier and safer than a dangerous river.

People do die in these scams and the Snakehead should be held accountable for manslaughter. Not that any of this would deter smugglers because the profit is so immense. We see a more balanced view of the Snakehead as a business person. They are still very evil, but more humanized than the cartoon versions portrayed in the media.

I am concerned with the impact on us. We love our Chinese buffets and the lovable staff. Are we prepared to deal with the working conditions of the staff who really just do not want our help. Most live near the restaurant and even in a small town like St Albans VT are invisible. You do not run into these people anywhere as language and cultural barriers keep them in their world.
Oddly in the NYC office these establishments exist, but use Latino labor.

There is something to be said about minorities and fast food places. Some of us look down upon McDonalds or Wendys but a bright hard working type can become a manager. It isn't easy or glamourous but steady. No doubt it is far better to work there than a mom and pop place where
one will never be anything other than a vegetable cutter.

The immigrants know the system and are scamming it. This may not be popular, but we need to hold asylum and refugee spots for more serious cases like Christians fleeing Shariah or professionals fleeing Hugo's hell hole.

We created a policy with great intentions, but it has been abused. This is unfortunately what happens with policies and laws.

Change for the sake of change is not always good.

As much as we love Chinese immigrants, the family planning bit needs to stop. This is an abuse of a well intended system that is out of control. I do not blame those who took advantage of this policy, but it is time we altered our policy to get around this abuse.

The Chinese resturant is every bit a small town staple. Even in Vermont in a small town like St Albans one could find at least four. One could probably find a nail salon as well. The workers do not complain as they are happy to be here but invisible.

Maybe Keefe's next book should be to give a voice to the worker. What would these invisible people we love say. Are we prepared to listen with an open mind or has our love for the friendly buffet or nail salon up the block blinded us to humanity. Perhaps they are just thrilled to be here and conditions that would never be accepted by us are accepted.

The beauty of the book is it challenges your assumptions.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Unintended Consequences

Any time we make a law there is the inevitable reality of unintended consequences. Who knew that declaring family planning a legitimate cause for asylum would create a stampede of people from Fujian Province in China.

If it seems like I am cynical about immigration reform, you are correct.

I would like longer periods of wait than the five years to become a citizen. The wait is currently three years if you are married to a United States Citizen.

The process needs to be streamlined. Fewer appeals and no more endless motions.

Much more complicated than it seems

There is a case that Pam of Atlas Shrugs has been highlighting. A 17 year old girl has fled for her life from a Muslim family because she converted to Christianity.

One of the things we need to be careful of is setting up legal precedents that have unforeseen consequences. The precedent cases with female genital mutilation led to many fake Asylum cases.The precedents with Chinese family planning turned into a mini industry for snake heads.

At 17 this individual can be an emancipated minor. However, where would she stay and what job skills she would posses are unknown. In an ideal world the State would interview the child in question and research school records.

It is good to see that someone has set up a trust fund. It would be far better if a University such as Liberty could arrange some type of scholarship.

Opening this up as a precedent could have a huge impact on our immigration policy. We started out with noble intentions with Chinese family planning and VAWA but there have been some unforeseen problems that occurred.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Truther resigns

I want to thank Glenn Beck for exposing a sick individual unsuited for public office. Truthers are the lowest of political opportunists and do not belong in government in any capacity. Van Jones did apologize for his odious views, which is more than most truthers.

Truthers frequently are Nazis, Communists and Anarchists and deserve whatever scorn you can heap on them.

Ask a truther who they think did it and why and you will see their real agenda.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Understanding Snakeheads

Much of our understanding of the business model of snakeheads is inaccurate. We assume that the popular fiction or worst portrayals in media are accurate. Snakeheads are paid in advance by families. This information is confirmed in multiple conversations over years. The idea is to get the person indebted to their family in China. Some snakeheads also smuggle currency back to the families in China.

The oft repeated theories of people working to pay the snakehead is not accurate.

The rehearsed asylum claims racket is another story.

Can't put this book down Snakehead

A couple of coworkers were talking about this new book. It is the story of the ill fated Golden Venture and the other side of Chinatown.

Many Americans have a love affair with Chinese people. We love the restaurants and our many fine Chinese friends and coworkers. There seems to be fun in anything associated with China.

However, there is another Chinese experience we don't really think about unless you are an immigration professional. Behind the scenes at the takeout place are silent people. Many of them
are from Fujian province and are paying snakeheads. Many work 12 hour days, six days a week and see their families once every few months.

My perspective on this saga is entirely unique. I have visited the sweatshops in my fashion career.I am a NYC native and walk Chinatown or Flushing with the confidence of a local. I meet people with similar stories at work.

This may not be as exciting as the normal fare. However, it will be a rare glimpse into a topic most of us do not ponder about.

Friday, September 04, 2009

WTF Trust Truthers to Investigate 9-11

I am somewhat baffled by the acceptance of idiotic 9-11 conspiracies over at violent hummingbird.

9-11 belongs to all of us as a sacred day of horror and bravery. It is a mockery of American values to even infer that the US government would allow the slaughter of innocents to push us into war.

There is a group of people questioning my Conservatism at violent hummingbird. This is largely
because I believe in civil unions. There are other members of the GOP who believe this as well.
Furthermore, I do not claim to be a conservative. I am a moderate with a nationalistic streak.

I am disturbed the the hummingbird repeated the cliche about 4000 Jews not coming into work.
A quick view of the list of victims shows many Jewish names and estimates around 10% of the victims were Jews. Gator and the Hun point out the vile comments about the gay priest killed on 9-11. Has it occurred to the hummingbird that the priest was doing his duty administering rites and spiritual guidance to the dead and dying when he was killed. The rest of us see a brave man
following the call of his duty in the noblest tradition or the clergy, hummingbird sees a suicidal hell bound gay man.

Now, I want to pause for a second and ask what sort of mainstream Conservative goes lending Truthers any credence. I would add critiquing Obama on racial grounds has nothing to do with Conservative or Christian values. Obama is approximately as White as the Hummingbird, so in his case this becomes rather silly.

Truthers are lower than communists. They are warped individuals who play a malicious game with a day that belongs to us. I do note that Bill Clinton does not agree with Bush, nor does Bill Maher but it was great to see them boot Truthers to the thunderous applause of the audience.

Most of us are just too polite and indulge Truthers. This is a serious mistake as they should be treated as traitors to our country. Our country does not slaughter people and destroy its own property. I would be saying this if the President were named Obama or Clinton.

Maybe I should get together with LL Beamish and design anti Truther T shirts. There seem to
be quite a few people annoyed with them. Unfortunately, there is no Deborah Lipstdadt to go to trial and expose the perfidity of these Communist, Nazis, Anarchist, racial supremacist, anti semite mental defectives. Truthers ask questions in the same manner a person asks how often do you beat your wife and with what.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Beakerkin will be in DC on 9-12

I will be in DC on 9-12. I will try to meet with AOW.

In general I am not a big protest type of guy. This will also probably be one of the few protests that
are commie free.

If there is extra time I will try and see the National Gallery.

My 9-11 tribute

I will talk of 9-11 differently this year. I will talk of the day from a different angle. Long term readers know my story. I will talk of the shadow of being there.

In each generation there are defining events. In my generation it is 9-11. I didn't see it on screen for I was there.

The day belongs to this generation, it is in our memories.

I journey through life with its specter. In Vermont it is harder to avoid than NYC. There was a piece of steel at the building I worked in. I would walk to the lot and visit the small memorial in the parking lot. Well meaning coworkers would ask and I would convey what happened. On 7-7 the images stirred the memories in me. My kindly boss saw it and sent me home and told me don't look at the images.

Over time I returned home where people have a common experience. I walk past the site and was surprised that my memories were not of 9-11 but of my everyday travels in the site. I remember Big Bad Larry, Alphonso, Winston, Booker and all my friends going to work. I remember the French bakery next to the news stand and Borders. It was a beautiful well maintained place that was part of the fabric of my life.

I remember running sure that i was going to die that day singing an affirmation of faith.

Many great men perished there. I am troubled that a semi famous blogger trashed the first victim a gay priest. The priest did not run from danger. He performed his calling in unspeakable
conditions. He comforted the injured and those going in harms way. He displayed courage when others ran. Are we so wrapped in hate we can not recognize duty & courage.

Beakerkin on 9-11 Truthers

On 9-11 my nation, my city and my world was attacked by blood crazed jihadis. If you an American
your country was attacked. If you are a member of Western civilization the concepts of decency and having a free society were attacked as well.

There are those who claim 9-11 had nothing to do with Islam. However, those that committed a second attack on my city were acting in the name of Islam. This does not mean that patriotic American Muslims like Stephen Schwartz had anything to do with 9-11. In fact Schwartz has spoken out against this type of gratuitous bloodshed as contrary to the interests of promoting Islam.

I am angered by the people who make a mockery of the sacrafice of the brave men and the slaughter of people just working their jobs. Many of you watched this on TV, I did not. I am haunted by the look of the NYFD personnel who answered the call of duty. They tried to save lives knowing the great dangers to themselves.

On the home front I understand that most of us as Americans differ on how to respond. This differing of opinion is integral to our traditions. I am not bothered by a person who says a military option may not be optimal.

This is an entirely different concept than the Truther crowd who should be scorned and treated with contempt at every opportunity. Of course when one does express their outrage the Truthers atttempt to fall back on "I am just asking questions".

Since Truthers are incapable of higher reasoning we can extend this technique and see how they like an application of their own medicine. Try this the next time you encounter a truther.

How long have you been a Nazi? Well it just so happens that Nazis like Von Brunn just happen to agree with you. It is just an inconvenient fact, but we are merely asking questions. Do people often wonder if you you are insane. Hey I am just asking questions. Did you beat your kids or sleep with your parakeet?

There is just an amazing coincedence that many truthers are Nazis, communists, Anarchists and Jihadis.

The lowest of the low in the 9-11 story are the Tuthers. They are crass political opportunists who make a mockery of an event I lived through and most of you watched on TV. They are on a par with the terrorists and deserve to be ridiculed.

Conspiracy loons take a large event like 9-11 and twist facts, quotes to promote a larger agenda.

The notion that the Bush administration which was months old knew in advance what was going to happen and incinerated people to promote a war is idiocy. Even a deranged incoherent apologist for every enemy of America and Israel Noam Chomsky has stated such. Art Bell whose shows focus bigfoot and planet x dismisses this.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Beakerkin on Indians

I want to point out that I do not write on the subject of ethnicity. This is not one of my themes.

I want to point out my respect for Indians. The crimes of the US against Indians are real and to trivialize them would be on a par with Holocaust denial.

That being said they are equal citizens in my big table America. Our history dictates we should honor our treaties made long ago.

I am bothered by a mindset that is displayed on Bad Eagle at times. The mindset is "you do not understand Indians think differently". Of course Black people say "Its a black thing" at times and every other group may make similar claims.

Now every group has unique aspects of their culture and a unique perspective. A woman conveyed she rented a bed for six hours a day. Paid 30 for a job in Arizona and took a series of busses to get there from NYC to work in a resturant. She returned to see her husband and repeated the process and went to Ohio. This would seem odd but in some Chinese communities this is a real story. Some of the workers sleep above the restaurant and work 12 hour days.

While I understand that the vantage point may be different I do not excuse abhorent behavior.
Okay you have another perspective from your community, but that does not grant you any special liscence to denigrate people. It is a wonderful thing for an Indian or anyone else to celebrate their heritage. However, this does not provide a rational for racist attacks on Blacks or Elmer Fudd style attacks on Jews. To give Indians or anyone else a free pass at the most rabid descriptions of bigotry directed against their fellow Americans is wrong.

I also tend to be dismissive of those who think that cultural differences remove certain ethnicities from the human condition. Most of us worry about our loves, family, careers and future. The exception to this are insane Utopians who themselves are a more mental illness than
coherent. If you are still talking about Trotsky or advocating a world wide theology you have removed yourself from common humanity.

I am an American. Indians are a special part of my big tables of equals based on their unique history. This does not entitle them to denigrate other members of the table.

Those Insane 9-11 Truthers

The 9-11 Truthers use the same tactics as Holocaust Deniers and there are quite a few like the Holocaust Museum shooter in both camps. When one meets with a 9-11 Truther you are meating with someone with a disingenuous political motive, an idiot or a mental health reject and the three are by no means mutually exclusive.

One such lunatic points out that I do not have the right to tell others that were there what I saw.
Excuse me, unlike many of the truthers I was there. There is ample evidence of quotes of firemen being altered by the truthers.

The truthers watch a couple of idiotic so called documentaries and think they are reasonable presentations of expertise. For example a kook psysicist at BYU wrote a paper on 9-11 hailed by truthers as PROOF. The fact that this kook prof was ridiculed is proof that government is in on the conspiracy.

The facts remains that the discipline that governs this teritory is Civil Engineering and Prof Jones had no training in this area. To date no Civil Engineer or Demolitions expert has ever endorsed these idiotic theories.

Conspiracy theorists look for one or two odd facts in a large event and create a falsehood based upon their own bigotries. They then demand overwhelming evidence before moving onto the next theory. For example under the mask we believe Mr Beamish is Brad Pitt. Nobody has ever seen Mr Beamish and Brad Pitt together. The fact that Mr Beamish blogs from different locations than Brad Pitt is proof of the conspiracy. Brad Pitt always dreamed of being a super cool blogger who is known for comedy and content.

Of course the whole thing is absurd. No doubt someone will find a code that says Lees Chicken in a Brad Pitt movie and continue this farce.

9-11 cranks mock the dead and the bravery of the NYFD for their own political agendas and self promotion.

As for a noted pundit at Violent Hummingbird who sees the supernatural. Sorry, but what happened there was the work of blood crazed jihadis. The only thing supernatural was the bravery of the firemen and many who assisted the victims at great physical harm.