Saturday, September 05, 2009

Can't put this book down Snakehead

A couple of coworkers were talking about this new book. It is the story of the ill fated Golden Venture and the other side of Chinatown.

Many Americans have a love affair with Chinese people. We love the restaurants and our many fine Chinese friends and coworkers. There seems to be fun in anything associated with China.

However, there is another Chinese experience we don't really think about unless you are an immigration professional. Behind the scenes at the takeout place are silent people. Many of them
are from Fujian province and are paying snakeheads. Many work 12 hour days, six days a week and see their families once every few months.

My perspective on this saga is entirely unique. I have visited the sweatshops in my fashion career.I am a NYC native and walk Chinatown or Flushing with the confidence of a local. I meet people with similar stories at work.

This may not be as exciting as the normal fare. However, it will be a rare glimpse into a topic most of us do not ponder about.


Always On Watch said...

Name the author, please.

I put a reserve on an ordered copy of Snakehead at the public library. But a few other books have the same title!

Motoy said...

Why do you as a federal cop "protecting" the public not go into China town and confront the snakehead representatives there and put an end to the slave labor rackets? Are you scared of the Tongs or who ever they are?