Sunday, October 31, 2010

Still Obsessed with Beakerkin

I am quite amused that the rabid mongrel is still a dedicated reader long after I have left the Violent Hummingbird home for fake patriotism. Some running themes from the rabid dog.

1) The rabid mongrel seems to think the new assignment is some type of demotion. No the new assignment is a regular rotation that all officers of my type must do regardless of seniority. This is a new task that most officers do not mind because they are bored with what they do. I am not bored with my job and usually and known for a customer friendly approach. I have met some very nice people from other areas who are great people.

2) The Tranquil Sea was a legal permanent resident long before I became an officer. Any claim I met her on the job would be easily dismissed and in print form would be cause for libel. How I helped a person nine years before I became an officer would truly be a feat worthy of David Copperfield or Dr. Who or in my case when dealing with antisemites Dr. Jooooooo.

3) The site I and many others left has become a joke. Other than the odd piece of Amil Imani who has his own site there is nothing worth reading there. The site was at its best when the Editrix, Kidst, Mac, Gator, Warren and a few others wrote very interesting posts. In short the violent hummingbird himself was never really interesting but the interaction of his readers was interesting. Pretty much it is Yeagley, the Rabid Mongrel and Motoy forever off his meds ranting about Jewish conspiracies that are straight out of the dementia zone.

4) Obviously, the stint at a truck stop floozy does not fit a woman who has her AARP card but still deludes herself that she is a vixen. There are those who are has beens, but the rabid mongrel is a never was, nor will be.

5) I am still wondering where this Beakerkin group of sexual liberals meets. Obviously this group is so top secret that even the so called founder was unaware of its existence. To a person like Yeagley sex means gender. To the rest of us that have real lives it means something different.

6) The rabid dog hasn't figured out that the hummingbird likes Jewish Women who are witty and well behaved. The rabid mongrel hasn't figured out that even if the hummingbird were so inclined she wouldn't get a glance.

7) Barak Obama is mathematically as White as the hummingbird. Non white white supremacists are probably best meant for Saturday Night Live.

To All the Leftards that Mocked the Tea Party vs Cocktail Party

The New York Times wrote that Obama just cant shake the elitist label. Some folks are annoyed by my description of the DC cocktail crew as out of touch people who smoke pot, wear Mumia shirts and prattle on about Gore Vidal novels. Their sole contact with working class people is their illegal alien cleaning woman or the porter in their luxury buildings. Few of these people work real jobs and those that do tend to be in media or in education. Many are trust fundistas whose gadfly Marxism makes excellent satire.

If you want to see the difference between Tea Party and Cocktail Party watch leftists squirm when defending raping the poor with regressive taxation such as energy, taxes on powdered beverages, cell phones, beer taxes and so forth. Their obnoxious rob the poor for social justice bit does not play well in middle America. They forget it is not uncommon in rural parts to have to drive 60 miles round trip to work. The same types also forget that small farms use a lot of energy on farm equipment. The same oppressive big state types will lecture you about saving the planet. The fate of the planet does not rest upon raping poor people and global warming was a lie. Who decided the cocktail set with multiple homes and jetting all over the place should speak for the planet? A familiar rant from long term Vermonters is of "Flatlanders" who want to change the state into Greenwich Village West and restrict gun ownership and hunting that have been part of local traditions for hundreds of years. FYI lefties, some rural poor hunt and fish to stretch a food budget and they do not want your stinking handouts. Fresh venison or government cheese is an easy choice for the locals.

I don't see the media spin of doom on Tuesday. I see some GOP gains but Obama should maintain both houses albeit weakened. The days where he could act as an emperor and behave arrogantly are over. No doubt the media will call this a temper tantrum or claim the vote was fear mongering or racist. Obama critics need not worry that like Clinton he can rise to the challenge. Clinton was smarter than Obama and knew how to connect with the people in ways Obama as an elitist can not. Clinton had a bio that included going to public school and living in some real life adversity. Obama is even more out of touch than Al Gore or even Gomer Kerry. He has never held a real job and has passed through life on the Old Bolsheviks Club graces elite schools, community activist, media connived election coverage and is in over his ability.

I expect Hillary to look for an opportunity to jump ship.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thinking Differently About Life

I used to think of life as a book. Unfortunately, in this day and age of people switching jobs and relationships that come and go it is akin to books with recurring characters. We are not better as a people with these changes.

I was in the Guyana mart with the Sprite. The West Indian Chinese Place was preparing our order of Chicken noodle soup. The Tranquil Sea had a cold and I noticed that even if I wanted to cook I couldn't as familiar ingredients were not there. I picked up some honey, bottled lemon juice and baby vegetables when someone called my name and asked how an ex was.

It was my old cleaning woman from another relationship. The Sprite hid behind me as she is shy. I told the person I had not seen her in ten years and really could care less about her. When something is finnished I turn the page. I learned her business was finnished and now she had to scratch by working as a CNA when she could get it.
She said that her business was ruined by an episode that involved me. She said something trivial to the asshole father of my ex and his reaction caused a fight that ended the relationship. My ex terminated her for breaching privacy and when four other people in the building found out she has a big mouth they fired her as well.

I really do not like this particular person and she knew it. I had helped her two kids find jobs and even got her some work with the top manager in my former company.

You are probably wondering what was so trivial that caused a relationship to break up. I was the rare person in a super luxury building that cooked my own food. The food was judged better than restaurant quality by a neighbor who owned a few. My transgression was I allowed the cleaning woman to sit and share a meal with us as equals. This horrified my ex who gave me a lecture about staff knowing its place. I told this ex that I am an American and such attitudes are barbaric. At work I shun the managers table and eat with my employees. The next day I prepared the meal and served my ex and remained in the kitchen. She asked what is going on and I stated I will eat after she is done, that is my place. The point had been delivered and she understood the error of her ways.

Funny that her far left family got bent out of shape over my American egalitarianism. The truth is that the episode delivered a few basic truths about politics decency and life that are not pleasant.

I have moved on and do not even waste a moment thinking about that relationship. It is funny how obscure relations always inquire on behalf of this ex hows Beaky doing.
In fact this person made a huge production of meeting my mother at a family gathering. I did not like her calls to my family after the relationship ended and had a buddy tell the ex I died in a car accident in VT involving a Moose. My mother was perplexed and revealed that I was still in VT living with a French and Abenaki woman Northwind. Unfortunately, she never got the hint to stop pestering my relatives for information. I moved on and really just don't care or want any contact.

The former cleaning woman asked who the Sprite was. I told her this was my daughter
and said it is good to see you but I have things to take care of. The Sprite asked me who that was. I told her it was nobody important.

As for my Paul Harvey moment. The cleaning woman was given an envelope from the father of my ex who did not approve of the relationship. Her reward was $1000.00 dollars in cash. This is a small amount for ruining the life of my ex who apparently still thinks about something I have long since forgotten. Ultimately, her big mouth cost her her business and she does not live as well.

I went onto several new adventures and lived many different roles. Who knew that being an officer and father lay ahead. Both roles are far better than anything prior would have implied.

One thing I have learned from being a father to a young girl and in serial relationships. Jealousy and envy play more of a role in the lives of women than men. I really spend much of my time balancing the need of attention and time of my daughter and her mother. Perhaps my ability to learn and adventure keeps me entertained and beyond such silliness.

I was surprised to learn that the Tranquil Sea hates barbecued chicken. Everyone was more interested in the Salt fish and Ackee that I picked up as a curiosity.

We live our lives as a journey learning, loving and wondering what lay ahead. We never know who or what is ahead of us and who we will bump into from our past. For me being a father and an officer are the best. Who knows how much fun being a grandfather will be.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Public Seems to enjoy this stint

As much as I hate this hellish assignment, the public seems to enjoy it. For some reason I seem to spot the veterans who are entitled to benefits. In this case this was actually a disabled homeless Vietnam era veteran needing assistance. I do not grasp why this person came in four times and did not get the right answer. He has it now and will be getting the help he needs.

In this case his social worker was able to get him housing and disability benefits. Unlike most social workers this one understands the process, but forms that normally cost several hundred dollars are free and expedited.

In general military cases are given top priority. We had a person on leave from Afghanistan who came in with a spouse. I told the person an exact honest answer. If you want an answer today I can do it, but the process takes roughly three hours. You have very limited time so if you want the answer in the mail we can do this too. The person chose to wait and got what he was seeking for his spouse. In fact I have never seen a case where people decided not to wait.

The system is very ponderous and unwieldy and cold at times. I have seen people who are disabled brave 106 heat, minus 15 windchill, rain, snow all to get their cases heard. For whatever reason the public prefers my style. When I perform secondary work I often offer to send the case upstairs for resolution or in an emergency perform the task myself. I have never had a case where the public wanted to be somewhere else. In one case where I handled I even told the applicant officer x is much better than I am and has more time. I only have one slot next Friday early in the morning and he can handle your case this Tuesday.

The stint is still a nightmare and actually causes more problems. We have less skilled officers making errors and more skilled officers fixing errors that should have never been made in the first place. The physical space is almost like a coffin
and one is trapped there for an entire shift with zero movement. One would think in such a high stress spot one could have a beverage but it is not permitted. In my case I worked about seven straight hours with no break. Yesterday, the situation was monitored better and I got a lunch break.

The music is a cross between dreadful and early inquisition. Stuck in a small box with people who can't communicate listening to Streisand music is not something I would wish on anyone except commies who deserve to be in the hells they create for others.

The next post will be will the real Societal Parasite stand up an Officer vs a Teacher of Doodling. The Public is not fooled, but the Duck is always bird brained.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

69 Days of Hell Left

This assignment is about 1/3 over. It is worse than advertised. If I ever meet the person responsible for this attrocity they deserve a swift kick in the pants. The problem with idiocracy is that a faceless imbecile can make a policy and nobody knows which dimwit is at fault.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Obama empty rhetoric real pain

I wish the economy were not so bad that the election could be termed partisan as usual.
However, the media sold us a bill of goods named Barak Obama aka "the Chosen One". He was elected a symbol but has been a symbol of the clueless politician who is tone deaf and in bed with special interests.

The country is more divided than ever. While there is some truth that a small minority of the criticism of Obama is racial, there is also some truth that the support of Obama is also largely racial. Many Blacks voted for Obama as a symbol. In reality Obama is more Al Gore than middle America. Like Gore Obama is a product of elite Prep Schools and Universities. Unlike Al Gore Obama has never done a real days work in his life. Al Gore at least served in some capacity in the military and probably knows a thing or two about the family farm.

As stated before the divide is Cocktail Party vs Tea Party. The Cocktail Party is Big Media, Big Education, Big Entertainment, Tort Lawyers and so forth. The unspoken
truth is that the dimwits Behar and Goldberg showed the clash of Tea Party vs Cocktail Party. Bill O'Reilly spoke of Obama dithering and being indecisive when the lefty airheads stormed out. Sorry, but Goldberg was never funny and Behar is a nobody whose next intelligent thought will be her first. The feeding frenzy extended to decent liberal Juan Williams who was fired from NPR for saying what 90% of truthful people think.

The Cocktail Party is out of touch with Real America. They want to ape the EU and think that people who attend real religious services ( Not Liberation Theology Bunk)
are primitives. They sit around talking about the unwashed masses with whom their sole contact is typically a porter or an under paid cleaning woman.

The truth is the media did a hatchet job on Hillary. They covered up Obama's past in ways that are unprecedented. I do not recall any discussion of Obama's drug use. He was allowed to feign ignorance over Pastor Wright, Bill Ayers and a Communist mentor.
We know next to zero real facts about his grades or exactly what he did as a community organizer.

The truth is that Obama will be weakened. It is doubtful he will learn from his errors. The truth is while Clinton had a brain Obama is clueless. Perhaps, a changing of the guard in congress is needed. I am also wondering if Obama will pardon Charlie Rangel who is a symbol of a corrupt party out of touch with ethics and unaccountable.

Many of us are hurting and the damage of the Obama years will be felt long into our future.

A nice dose of Tea will alter the status quo. However, the MSM will do all it can to protect the chosen one.

The Story of my people

Imagine my surprise when the beloved Sprite handed me a book to read. I was slightly surprised to see it was the Bible. I explained that this is the story of my tribe. However, over time many people have come to identify with the story of Exodus. People as diverse as the Maori, Black Slaves in America and others have felt that this story spoke of their plight.

Despite the rhetoric of commies like those idiots passing blasphemy known as liberation theology and our familiar Poultry Commies are merely want to be oppressors who are worse than the previous oppressors.

The Sprite listened to the story hearing it for the first time. I promised to see if I could find the movie version we would watch it together.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Slice of Life

I really shouldn't be shocked when lefties say hateful things. I am on temporary assignment and am working for a new supervisor who is gay. The fact that he is a professional and treats the public and his subordinates humanely is over the head of some. I do not have a problem reporting to a gay supervisor. I do have problems reporting to malicious types be they gay, straight or whatever.

I have ten more weeks of this hellish assignment. It is not a duty I wanted, but the time will pass. My only gripe is that the name of the imbecile who decided to disrespect senior officers and assign them clerical duty has not been provided. It is a more difficult task than I am used to because people are not even aware why they are here. In my normal assignment a person is in for an interview and the case needs a decision.

Imagine my surprise when lefties complain about my new supervisor. They tell me but person x is gay.... Hey dopes I worked in the fashion industry where gays and lesbians were a dime a dozen. Am I supposed to be resentful of what exactly? That a dedicated person who cares about the public has been promoted. His promotion as opposed to the normal lackey is a step in the right direction. We are here to serve the public and apple polishing, nepotism and bs should not be so apparent.

The truth is people like the Duck are more prone to bigotry than any conservative.
Lets see Judge Thomas is Slappy, Condi Rice is Aunt Jemimah all Jews who are not commies ( who are really not Jews) are Kahanists or Likudnicks. A Native American lunatic is described as gay by Poultry. Does the idiocy of this writer have anything to do with his alleged gayness.

Common sense and decency are in short supply.

Sometimes our coworkers are just jerks. If you don't like supervisor X why bring his gayness into it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Time to End NPR

They over the top obnoxious reaction to the mild comments of Juan Williams is proof that NPR needs to go. Williams is a liberal who was held to different standards than peers who appeared on other networks.

NPR should get its funding eliminated and its tax exempt status eliminated.

The statements of Williams are not unreasonable and any lefty that says otherwise is a liar.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

For those who complain about Fox

Commies and their far left apologists are forever crying about Fox News. However, we have witnessed the left making fake martyrs in the Al Dura and Jenin massacre hoax.
In the case of the Al Dura hoax the French agency that put that mess together should lose its press accreditation, be subject to civil and legal penalties, and the actual perpetrators should be doing jail time.

We also know of email collusion to protect Obama during the campaign. However, the media is quite limited in their ability to protect an elitist clown who is not up to the job. One can say many things about Bill Clintoon, but he knew when it was time to do his job. Obama is only concerned with pleasing his allies in big education, big media and the rest of you can suffer.

Where are this green energy jobs. Obama has talked about jobs, but has done zero.


Has this moron stopped drinking cocktails at the DC mixer and figured out those little people are suffering. Amazingly unemployment in the Black community is even more dire than the general population. Sooner or later that support is going to erode or voters will stay home.

While Obama dithers and pontificates people are hurting.

Cocktail Party vs Tea Party is not a battle he can win.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thomas's wife asks for an apology from Anita Hill

Anita Hill was not believable in her testimony and has made a career from making false charges against her former boss. The testimony of an alleged sexual harassment victim
who follows her boss onto another job and then calls him socially does not pass the logic test.

Hill should have apologized years ago.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bill Oreilly is correct

I am not a Bill O'Reilly fan and have not watched his show in a long time. However, he is 100% correct in his statement. "Muslims Killed us on 9-11." The retorts about McVeigh are fairly lame as almost all of the major acts were perpetrated by Muslims.

The nonsense that 70 Muslims died ( does this figure include the hijackers)somehow changes the nature of what happened on 9-11 is false.

On 9-11 Muslim terrorists attacked an office building for the second time and incinerated 2900 innocent people. While America was in a stir trying to separate Islam from the most horrific war crime committed against the American people, the Muslim community save Steven Schwartz and a few others did nothing.

The problem with the response of the Islamic community was that with the exception of the CIP it played word games. The CIP and Stephen Schwartz unequivocally condemned this barbaric act carried out in the name of their faith. Moreover, the Islamic community has not done enough in the USA and world wide to root out this problem.

The truth is that the Pseudostinians would have had a state long ago if they quit killing Jews. They would have gotten a state that is ethnically cleansed of Jews and has no basis in nationality. Jews settle their refugees and Arabs treat their refugees like hockey pucks and demand even more real estate when they already posses it in abundance.

Has all this pointless violence produced anything?

Muslims need to look at what this mindless violence has done. The USA if it chose could have merely leveled sections of the Muslim world. It has placed boots on the ground and needs Pakistan to step it up. Much of our problem is we have allowed countries like Pakistan, Iran, Syria and Venezuela to play a double game and aid and abet terrorists.

O'Reilly spoke for many of us and I would rather see a Bill O'Reilly talk about Islam with Stephen Schwartz than talk with imbeciles like Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg. Of course the greatest moron of them all Rosie O'Dumbell weighed in. Her truther comments are far worse than anything said by O'Reilly who forgot to say Muslim extreemist. O'Dumbell has appeared on O'Reilly's show and was not singing this tune.

Of course we will never live to see Mark Levin on the View. That would be on pay per view and be real entertainment. It would also be akin to Bambi vs Godzilla.

The truth is these crones are only entertaining when someone like Ann Coulter or O'Rielly are there to clean house.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Is France our Future

At a certain point we may come to the realization that retirement for the post boomers may be 75. I will have a federal pension and social security, but the rules will change.

The system of entitlements may have to be dealt with at a certain point. Other than police and military types retirement after 20 years should be a thing of the past.

We are going to have tough choices in the years ahead. The good news is a weakened Obama may have to govern as an adult. The bad news is we are still stuck with an unqualified elitist clown for two years.

Cutting back benefits will not likely produce riots or mass protests in the USA, but it is coming soon.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Doing the Right Thing not Spike Lee

Those of you whom I speak with off line know that I do my work for love of public service. I have shunned the higher profile work because I do not seek fame or glory. It is ironic that sometimes just doing my usual dedicated job creates unwanted attention. To TMW and Warren whom I spoke to thanks for lending me your ear. The situation was very unique and I would do as I did and regret nothing.

In general there are those who prefer anonymity. The smile of a applicant and the handshake of an attorney after an interview are priceless to me as those are things that come from the heart. We often guide people who have been going around in circles
and help them attain their goals. This is done for those smiles and not for the glory of people in desks who know me as a number.

Now that my fifteen minutes of office fame are up I would love to just return to my desk and have a cup of hot chocolate or even better warm cider.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Non Citizens serving in the Vietnam Era War

Apparently some non citizens did serve in Vietnam. How some of them got drafted is unknown. In some cases the citizens in question arrived as young immigrants who were never naturalized by their parents.

One of the few areas that the right seems to agree on is reducing waiting periods for citizenship for people who served in the US military during a time of war.

These noncitizens who served are my heroes. They likely could have stated hey I am not a citizen. Then again as many came as small children where would they go. Had some of these people spoken up the military likely or should have done the right thing.

Maybe someday a historian will do a book on these unlikely heroes.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beakerkin takes a break from politics to talk of literature

I want to talk of fair criticism and unfair criticism. I am reading Kenneth Roberts Lydia Bailey. Much of the criticism about the book being a PC nightmare is unfounded.
In the Kenneth Roberts formula the best friend of the lead is often the real hero and far more interesting.

In the 1940's the notion of a Black hero was revolutionary for its day. True the name of the charachter in question is the dreadful King Dick or KD. KD is a Black Sudanese sold into slavery who learns the trading business and frees himself. He gets mixed up in some intrigue in the American South and flees to Haiti where he joins the initial revolution.

When one considers the author regularly savages real historical figures the portrayal of Toussaint L'oveture is one of wisdom and strength of character. The lead character speaks out in favor of the revolution against slavery. In appreciation L'oveture instructs KD to help find the leads woman. The French are portrayed as arrogant, inhuman and bestial.

There is also the criticism of the authors use of Ebonics for the dialogue of KB. Do these critics expect an ex slave to speak like William F Buckley or Jay Leno. The broken English common in the West Indies lends an authenticity to the work of historical fiction. It is not or should not be confused with a term paper.

Overall, I would recommend the book Lydia Bailey as a fun starting point for a discussion of Haiti and the romance some have with Napoleon. For all the talk of the French Revolution the guillotines, terror and attempting to place people back into slavery shows it for its true colors.

Why I am not a Democrat

It is funny but long term readers know I am not a conservative, but I respect them and count them amongst my valued friends. When one reads this blog over time one finds out that I loathe the far left quite obviously. There are decent leftists like Jams, but they are increasingly rare.

I am a capitalist and make no apologies for it. I have always believed the first job of government was to promote growth. The second job is provide defense and infrastructure. The last job is balance all powers through sane regulation and provide services for those who need them.

As an American my country has no second class citizens. The notion of racial separatism and racial hygiene is an abomination an unamerican. Similarly, the notion of class warfare is a vile abomination. I do not feel envious of those who have more or wish to confiscate their property. Rather, I seek to build my own and be left alone by self righteous communist Nazi types.

The bedroom is the only room lefties want the government out of. I also want the government out of my refrigerator. I want to have a beer and a diet Mountain Dew without confiscatory taxation. Now the left literally wants to rape the poor and tax Tang. The left like the Duck are the new Marie Antoinettes. If you want to stretch your food budget in hard times with Tang you are going to pay a hefty tax. If you are rural poor and you want to quietly take an extra deer he will take away you guns and bullets. Given time and effort he will likely get around to taking your fishing pole next. He would rather turn the poor into domestic animals than people with dignity.

As Ann Coulter stated the only Cop people on the left like is the one in the Village People. The notion that the officer is always wrong and criminals are victims like the absurd case of Mumia is a joke. FYI Mumia was a member of MOVE. That was the same group that was bombed by a Democratic Mayor of Philadelphia and was loathed by
the local Black community. Most officers do their job and the benefit of the doubt should be given to the officer. There are bad officers and they should be given due process. Criminals are predators and are not victims of society.

I also take great pride in my country and do not aspire to be like the EU. Sorry, but if you want to trash my country or portray its citizens and brainwashed FOX groupies you will hear from me. If you attack my country you will wish you were never born. The sad part is that the left spent much time rationalizing the crimes of Bill Ayers. Ayers frequently needs protection from those he called pigs to save his worthless life from the actual grass roots.

America is at a crossroads Tea Party or Cocktail Party. I do not always agree with the positions of those in the Tea Party, but they are living in the real world. The members of the cocktail party lecture those who live real lives. Sorry, but teaching doodling is no special expertise and requires less skill than repairing a car. The American people can speak for themselves and do not need a bunch of out of touch gadfly losers in the chattering classes to determine how we live.

Pour me some iced tea from a powdered mix. Get your stinking socialist paws off my wallet. Get your social activism out of my kitchen. Get your radical agenda out of
my work place. Kindly close the door as you leave and in the words of Snagglepuss "Exit stage left".

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day in the life of Beakerkin

I was supposed to do some charity work in the Guyanese community today. Usually I meet up with the crew at the Tranquil Sea's house. I was on my way there when the Tranquil Sea pointed out the Sprite was at home. I turned the corner and she was waiting there with the little Maltese that follows me everywhere.

Being it was so close to her birthday I bought her a foot board for the WII and a cooking simulation game. She asked for both things and I would never play a game where I can't blow something up or shoot something. The funny thing about the WII games is that it allows you to draw your own character. Naturally I drew one that looks like Rav Roov and named it Rav Roov. The Sprite had a great time having the poor image of Rav Roov lose games with animations such as being knocked out into the sea really looking comedic.

I was having a grand old time but it was some sort of Hindu festival. On these festivals they only each cheese or vegies. I went out and bought a double cheese pizza for the home. The Maltese hit me up for some cheese. I gave it to him and it shouldn't be terrible to have a small amount.

It was a great day, but unfortunately the Sprite wanted to go where I took her brother in law for a talk. A slurpee has been a favorite pastime of mine for years and I got her a nice sized one which she shared with her sister. I carried the Maltese at intersections as he is not leash trained.

There is no better feeling than being a dad.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tea Party vs Cocktail Party

There are those among us who are in the chattering classes who are scared stiff. They have lived with the fantasy of the American people rising up. Alas they have and it was not quite what they had in mind. Rather than in ushering in a form of Marxism the people have said JOBS and not the nanny state.

I want to thank AOW for litteraly dragging me kicking and screaming to the DC Tea Party event. I have been at enough so called Peace Party events to have feared the worst. I went looking for racial arsonists, homophobes, antisemites, seditious types, truthers, Nazis and right to lifers. What I found that other than some birthers these were just regular folks. I spent my day talking with pleasant folks who were small business owners and working class people.

ITS THE ECONOMY AND JOBS STUPID JOBS J-O-B-S. Hey you idiots jobs provide the growth to pay for the social programs Eco 1001.

I am floored by the attempt to paint the Tea Party as homophobic as I saw not one single sign on this item. FYI Leftards Civil Unions are preferred by the majority of the American people including Hilary and Gomer Kerry. The loons are all over the map on this one. Lets see the folks at Bad Eagle call me a GAY Rights advocate and sexual liberal. The Duck has inferred I am gay and now those on the far left seem to think I am a homophobe. This is the mark of a true moderate in that you get all of the kooks 24/7. Funny, I do not think Justin, Rob or Devon described me as either a homophobe or a gay rights advocate.

Now the defense of regressive taxation is just another sign of how all the rhetoric of "caring about the working guy is hot air". The only room that the far left wants the government out of is the bedroom. That does not stop the big government types from getting in your refrigerator or gas tank.

I was shocked when some lefties are defending taxes on powdered beverages. What will
they do next tax meat and tell you to eat tofu and stand downwind? Will Ducky be telling you no more two ply toilet paper. How about banning insecticide and glue boards. Vermin have more rights than humans to those on the left.

I want to convey a silly point. There was a time fresh out of college when I did lose my job and both myself and my wife were out of work. I bought a huge bag of rice and a tub of margarine and powdered milk. I did make sure my wife had all she needed. I did not know when the next job would come, but it did. I never took that bag of powdered milk out of the cup board. I have been luckier than many. Poor people want jobs not government programs.

The next battle is Tea Party vs Cocktail Party.

When you think of those who criticize the Tea Party look at the lady in the grocery store with the huge bag of rice, dried beans, powdered milk, Tang and low cost poultry and ask her if people who think powdered beverages are a luxury item are in touch with her.

Now if some scientific genius can invent powdered beer. We might be onto something.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Are lefties out of touch with regular folks

I am always amused when those on the far left claim to speak for the "working man" but
have zero contact with those people. The may go some Thereisenstadt type useful idiot tours arranged by Hugo or Fidel. Some might visit agricultural workers for a day or two
and return home and mistreat their cleaning woman.

Many of you know the interesting bio of yours truly. When I talk of "debutantes at DC cocktail parties, salonistas, fashionistas, faculty lounge lizards, faux Europhile loser types I am describing people I lived with. At one point I did live in a very far left enclave in NYC where few people actually worked.

I really did not care for my neighbors who did not work, but were somehow experts on the lives of working class people. For the most part I excused myself and walked away when the political talk started. One of my loopy neighbors was a nasty divorced loser woman whose husband probably committed suicide to get away from her. She never worked a day in her life and inherited money from her family and a lawyer spouse. For the sake of this post we will call this person S.

S was one of Hillary's coven who thought the fate of the planet rested on Hillary's election to the Senate. She came barging into my apartment and started screaming at me to put away that filth. The filth she was describing was the NY Post. Surely, you don't read that vile rag. The crone was shocked to find a copy of the Rosenberg File on the book case and concluded "Ohhh my gawd your one of those..." In a building where much of the tenants are gay or anarchists "one of those people" means Republican".

She started to go off on an incoherent rant about me automatically being a racist, homophobe and so forth because I am a Republican. She warned the woman I was living with that she could not hope to civilize me with trips to Broadway and Museums. The crone had not figured out that I was the person dragging my girlfriend to those places. In this case despite my upper middle class lineage, I was far more accustomed
to those places than my socialite girlfriend.

From that day forward the woman would not get on an elevator and would visit our apartment to see my girlfriend and would be rude. My girlfriend was not political, but understood some of my humor. S liked to delude herself she was French and she spent 1/2 her year in Southern France. Her sole real friend was a Shitzu that she spoke to in French and sent to psychotherapy once a month. When she would enter our apartment I would drift into a Guyanese accent and talk in the local dialect to our ever suffering Tuxedo cat. I even purchased a Guyanaman shirt and a few pairs of white Bermuda shorts that I would wear in anticipation of her nightly visits. She screamed at me "Knock it off you are not Guyanese and this act isn't funny". I reminded her S and you are not French and that isn't funny. I then got a lecture how the "French are evolved" and superior to Americans. I stated this is true only in her case.

I remember her getting into a lather about my poor breeding. The rant was triggered by my inviting our Trinidadian housekeeper to eat at the same table. I had just finnished cooking comfort food and invited our tired cleaning woman to sit and enjoy a meal. I pointed out to S that I am selective in my dinner parties and quite frankly she didn't make the cut. Personally, I would rather eat a home cooked meal than go to a fancy restaurant,but I am considered a primitive. This same clueless far left type started to lecture me about the role of staff and help knowing their place.

Of course she was all for evolved Euro socialism as long as the hired help knew its place and did not get a seat at the table.

The irony is the woman was not clever enough to grasp the point.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Happy 7th birthday my beloved Sprite

I spent yesterday after work with the beloved Sprite celebrating her 7th birthday. Her smile lights up my day. Of course I had to do some planning for her party pick up supplies. It would have been easier to pack up her birthday party items with a mule. Amazingly, my stash of goodies fit into bags for classmates.

It isn't easy finding yourself head of the household. Perhaps God places people where they are needed most. The economy is making many people's lives difficult and I spent much of my time listening to in laws problems.

On Monday I will be spending the whole day with the Sprite. She is now at the age where she is curious about the strange food items I eat. From her cultural vantage point the items are strange, but to me they are givens. I had a container of Kasha Varnishkes from the Jewish Deli and made myself a Turkey loaf. As her mother cooks traditional West Indian fare everything I brought in was novel.

I have never been happier than the moments I spend as her dad.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dealing with bigoted Lefties

I am always amused that it takes brain impaired far lefties quite long to figure out that I am not a Conservative. They spend hours lecturing me about Palin and talk radio hosts they do not bother to listen to and complain about books they have never bothered to read.

Hey Duncy when was the last time you read something other than manifestos or tracts by loser Marxists with a record of malfeasance.

The latest amusing claim by lefties is that as a vocal union member I must be against the Tea Party. Actually, abusive management practices have gotten much worse under the Obama administration. My union leaders are exasperated with a President whose appointees are empty suits that talk a good game and do zero. As I had zero faith and knew that Obama was unqualified and elected on hot air and media spin I prepared for the worst. In fairness some of the adjustment in our policies made sense.

The mindless left does not grasp that union membership is but one factor. If my government is run by an incompetent who appoints loser extremists like Van Jones into political jobs all of us lose. Obama is not and never was a mainstream politician and the media has given him a free pass on a bio that should have rendered any politician unelectable. The left cries about Glenn Beck, but 20 years in a racist antisemitic crackpot church is a fact. I am amused by those lefties like the Duck who rant about Mormonism but feign ignorance at Black Liberation Theology.
The reason is the later is a Marxist perversion of Christianity.

Where did all the commie antiwar protesters go. They feign mock outrage about Obama and his policies but are indoors and for good reason. Unlike Bush, most of the media will never turn on its anointed Messiah the one that droned on about hope and change. Obama delivered change, he just made everything worse. Of course the usual lefties will dismiss the statements about Obama's mishandling of the economy on the usual grounds and use code words for Jew.

In November the Democratic party will be weakened but likely hold on to the Senate probably a net loss of 4 seats there and 20 in the house. As the economy fails to improve who will step forward in the Democratic Party to rid the nation of an error that makes Jimmy Carter look good in hindsight. Don't expect sanity from a party that is out of touch with America.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Why Glenn Beck Scares the Crap out of Leftists

I never thought I would see the day where any talk show host would replace Rush Limbaugh as the Eeevil One among leftists. Limbaugh is basically your Country Club conservative and much of his antics are humorous. His recent comments about the economic malfeasance of the Obama administration have some basis, although I wouldn't use the terms he used. Funny, but when a more moderate Mort Zuckerman slams the amateur Obama economic disaster the media yawns.

Beck crosses into areas that Limbaugh who is focused on economics and tax issues does not tread upon. Beck confronts the radicals up front and personal with their own inane and foul agenda. Do the American people want a Truther and political extremist like Van Jones anywhere near a position in government. In the good old days Conservatives would give Marxists a free pass as quaint misguided imbeciles. Beck comes out swinging in a way that resonates with the grass roots.

The far left kid themselves about grass roots and the only grass the average leftist knows about is the one cut by his illegal alien landscapers or the one he smokes between Dead Albums. The far left is way out of touch with the grass roots. It has not figured out that you can not reach the American people by paternalistic contempt
for the people they claim to speak for. Beck as a product of a dysfunctional working class family is well aware that the American people want jobs, not ever enlarging big government nanny state programs.

While Obama feigns to be from mid America the truth is he is more Al Gore or Little Lord Fauntleroy than middle America. He was raised by a mother who was a bug eyed far left lunatic and passed on to far left lunatic grandparents. He was given a card carrying Communist mentor and sent to a series of elite private schools. We have not seen his grades and can only wonder if he was the recipient of the Old Bolshevik club cronyism. He does not resonate with mid America because he is not from mid America and has been faking it with media accomplices. Think of the series of emails between members of the media to spin political coverage for Obama in the election.

Basically, Obama was elected pretty much by droning on about hope and change and zero substance. He was elected despite some warning signs that he surrounds himself with very dubious types Pastor Wright, Bill Ayers and radical professors. Obama was pretty much allowed to skate away from the rhetoric of Pastor Wright. No doubt if it were a White Pastor making hateful comments about the Government and gays this would have sent a Presidential candidate to oblivion. However, when a crackpot Farakhan friend makes insane conspiracy talk the media has a double standard. It is not as if Obama wasn't aware of this rhetoric, he was a member for 20 years.

The American people wanted what Obama promised post partisan politics. The way to get
there is not by appointing off the map radical extremists like Van Jones. If Obama seems arrogant and elitist it is precisely because he is. The real Obama is reflected in his comments after the Pennsylvania primary and in his wife's comments
that "this is the first time I have been proud of my country".

Beck as a product of the lower middle class conveys the arrogant political extremism in a way that resonates with the hard working and frustrated American grass roots that Obama keeps ignoring. The American people screamed "JOBS" and Obama feigned ignorance and wasted all his efforts on a health care plan that Americans want repealed.

The reason Beck scares the far left is that he is far more in touch with the grass roots than they ever will be.

Monday, October 04, 2010

The Obama Kool Aide Crew Remains Silent

The Pro Obama robots at Harry's Place like to talk about Glenn Beck but it is obvious that few of them sit back and watch an entire presentation before making inane condescending inaccurate comments. A long rant was made over Obama inheriting his views from his father with whom he had little contact. It was an opportunity for the mindless anti American types to bash Newt. The leader of this crew objects to questioning his patriotism as a dual national. My bringing up the point was that unlike most immigrants this dual national seems unique in his arrogance and condescension towards the American people. If you feel that the American people are ignorant and incapable of acting in their own interests kindly do us a favor and relocate. This attitude is unique among the immigrants I meet with every day who are quite thankful to be here and respect the citizenry.

The material was referenced in a Dinesh D'Sousa book. Now some of us are not fans of D'Sousa and I have read a few of his books including Illiberal Education and What is so great about Christianity. He generated some controversy by stating that the very left who champions the cause of Islam are often the people who are creating the messes in our culture that Muslims like to rail about. In general Muslims are not complaining about the folks at the 700 Club, they are frequently complaining about the garbage being pushed by Hollyweird. My view is if you don't like something just don't watch it. The Ellen show was poorly written and garbage. The Will and Grace Show was well written and above all funny. However, if that fare offends you don't watch.

D'Sousa presented the anti colonial mindless types that appear in Obama's life. Rather than point out many of these people were Marxists Obama points out the anti Colonial mindless fixations this point of view has. To this mindless crew the US has stolen its prosperity and needs to return it to the third world. The point about Obamas father was made in passing to Obama returning a bust of Winston Churchill because his ancestors fought in a rebellion in Kenya. Of course the people at HP as usual didn't bother to listen to the whole presentation, much less read the book that the presentation was based upon before arrogantly feigning expertise. In fact what they were doing once again was repeating cliches found in Huffington by people who similarly did not read the book in question or watch the full show. In general I do not have time to watch Fox News but I was up early in the morning.

I have been enjoying Historical fiction books and may have to pause to read the D'Sousa book and break it down for the readers.

The Obama cheerleading section remained silent on the Obama FBI's searching the homes of Communist activists. Had this been done under Bush the far left and the media would have been in over kill mode. I asked the Obama fan club where is the outrage, but the comments were deleted.

HP has some interesting posts, but the so called American experts are woefully lacking in knowledge. Their American contributor is a dual national who runs between
cocktail parties in DC and shows zero real knowledge of American or its people. Sorry, but this officer is well known for his boots on the ground time in all types of communities from every type of ethnic enclave to the fashionable far left islands of insanity. A flunky at HP pointed out that my critique of the author sounded like Pat Buchanan. The real Pat Buchanan is more apt to be at his DC media cocktail parties than at my back yard roasts in barrios, African and West Indian communities, Churches of every description and even and odd Mosque or Hindu Temple.

Still waiting on a post about Obama's FBI raiding the homes of Communist criminal types who make frequent trips to Lebanon via suspect funding. Of course when this crew rants often ignorantly about Beck we point out Obama spent 20 years in a racist, antisemitic, Marxist crackpot church. The so called America expert Obama apologists have no answer. When one points out the repeated Marxists in Obama's life you get a lecture about tone. More amusing were the diatribes about Gomer Kerry from people who are experts in a book they did not bother to read. The information was similarly rehashed from huffington.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Want to feel sorry but I can't

The Ground Zero Mosque Imam and his spokes mouth wife have allegedly received death threats. While we certainly do not condone this, the Imam and his wife are hardly sympathetic victims. Muslim activists are well known for their criminal threats and acts of violence.

The shrill game of Imam Rauf pretending he is a moderate is also very tired. Actual Moderates at the Center of Islamic Pluralism do not recognize the Imam who pals around with Truthers and Marxists as a fake moderate.

There is zero need for a Mosque near Ground Zero. The Imam knew well in advance that this would upset many. He has spurned Donald Trumps generous offer as well as sincere efforts by Governor Patterson because of his bloated ego.

I want to sympathize with the Imam and his rather arrogant and obnoxious spouse but they were well aware of the storm they created and brought this upon themselves.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Osama the Environmentalist

In a new marketing strategy Osama has now repackaged himself as an environmentalist.
He never dealt with the Arab refugees in Israel until after he had committed war crimes against the American people. Now he is jumping on the green band wagon with all the commie clowns. Give Al Gore a tan a bad beard and a turban...

In fairness to Al Gore, after he lost the election he never was the same person. Even his wife of decades dumped him after he lost his mind. Nothing in Al Gore's mental meltdown suggests that he endorses terrorism. However, it is funny to see Osama want to be Al Gore. Maybe if Al coauthors a book with him he will surrender.

I am running to buy gas at BP ( never Citgo) and if I could I would knock back a Mountain Dew or two.

There is always tommorow

Many of us are going through some bad times either in life or with our family. I am lucky that my bad times come with an expiration date. For 90 days I have to put up with stupidity beyond my control.

There are good people hurting right now and whatever slings and arrows I must endure is trivial. We are all capable of great strengths. The economy will improve and for the most part times will be better.

Just remember when times are bad sometimes the smile of a friend and a gentle word are enough to get us to tomorrow. Never ever be so proud of yourself that you can not overcome adversity.

J Street Lies

J Street is the liberal Jewish group that accepts questionable funding and presents itself as "the authentic voice of the Jewish community". Once again the deception about who they are has been revealed to be another George Soros front group. Soros has about the same popularity in the Jewish community as hemorrhoids and they are now trying to do damage control.

The left has not been able to subvert traditional Jewish groups and communists like Michael Lerner have zero credibility. Thus the far left tried to put a fake group together to make their aims less obvious. J Street has no credibility and should just be considered another Soros scam.

Friday, October 01, 2010

The Dark Side of the Internet

Much has been written about the gay student at Rutgers who killed himself after his lifestyle was published on the web. The easy access does allow people to violate people's privacy with impunity. The postings were foul and intended to embarrass a person with a frail mental condition.

The person in question should be charged with invasion of privacy. He should be expelled from Rutgers and any other State University. He had no way of knowing that his stupid actions would cause an even dumber reaction by the deceased.

In this day and age being gay is common and though there are those who are bigoted most people really don't care. In life every group has bigots and it is something you deal with. There are bumps and turns along our life's journey, but one needs to keep going.

A terrible wrong was done to the victim. Yet one should grasp that most of us deal with terrible wrongs in our daily lives and do not kill ourselves. I sympathize with the victim but suicide unless one is terminally ill or saving others is never the answer.