Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day in the life of Beakerkin

I was supposed to do some charity work in the Guyanese community today. Usually I meet up with the crew at the Tranquil Sea's house. I was on my way there when the Tranquil Sea pointed out the Sprite was at home. I turned the corner and she was waiting there with the little Maltese that follows me everywhere.

Being it was so close to her birthday I bought her a foot board for the WII and a cooking simulation game. She asked for both things and I would never play a game where I can't blow something up or shoot something. The funny thing about the WII games is that it allows you to draw your own character. Naturally I drew one that looks like Rav Roov and named it Rav Roov. The Sprite had a great time having the poor image of Rav Roov lose games with animations such as being knocked out into the sea really looking comedic.

I was having a grand old time but it was some sort of Hindu festival. On these festivals they only each cheese or vegies. I went out and bought a double cheese pizza for the home. The Maltese hit me up for some cheese. I gave it to him and it shouldn't be terrible to have a small amount.

It was a great day, but unfortunately the Sprite wanted to go where I took her brother in law for a talk. A slurpee has been a favorite pastime of mine for years and I got her a nice sized one which she shared with her sister. I carried the Maltese at intersections as he is not leash trained.

There is no better feeling than being a dad.


Kenny said...

And now, another episode of South Park.

beakerkin said...

More like King of the Hill with leftists blathering incoherently like the Dale Gribble fellow or mumbling like Boomhauer.

Always On Watch said...

There is no better feeling than being a dad.

I remember when you feared being a dad.

Obviously, the Sprite has changed your mind.

beamish said...

You can download movies to your Wii from Netflix, and skip the whole wait for them to come in the mail thing.