Friday, October 29, 2010

Thinking Differently About Life

I used to think of life as a book. Unfortunately, in this day and age of people switching jobs and relationships that come and go it is akin to books with recurring characters. We are not better as a people with these changes.

I was in the Guyana mart with the Sprite. The West Indian Chinese Place was preparing our order of Chicken noodle soup. The Tranquil Sea had a cold and I noticed that even if I wanted to cook I couldn't as familiar ingredients were not there. I picked up some honey, bottled lemon juice and baby vegetables when someone called my name and asked how an ex was.

It was my old cleaning woman from another relationship. The Sprite hid behind me as she is shy. I told the person I had not seen her in ten years and really could care less about her. When something is finnished I turn the page. I learned her business was finnished and now she had to scratch by working as a CNA when she could get it.
She said that her business was ruined by an episode that involved me. She said something trivial to the asshole father of my ex and his reaction caused a fight that ended the relationship. My ex terminated her for breaching privacy and when four other people in the building found out she has a big mouth they fired her as well.

I really do not like this particular person and she knew it. I had helped her two kids find jobs and even got her some work with the top manager in my former company.

You are probably wondering what was so trivial that caused a relationship to break up. I was the rare person in a super luxury building that cooked my own food. The food was judged better than restaurant quality by a neighbor who owned a few. My transgression was I allowed the cleaning woman to sit and share a meal with us as equals. This horrified my ex who gave me a lecture about staff knowing its place. I told this ex that I am an American and such attitudes are barbaric. At work I shun the managers table and eat with my employees. The next day I prepared the meal and served my ex and remained in the kitchen. She asked what is going on and I stated I will eat after she is done, that is my place. The point had been delivered and she understood the error of her ways.

Funny that her far left family got bent out of shape over my American egalitarianism. The truth is that the episode delivered a few basic truths about politics decency and life that are not pleasant.

I have moved on and do not even waste a moment thinking about that relationship. It is funny how obscure relations always inquire on behalf of this ex hows Beaky doing.
In fact this person made a huge production of meeting my mother at a family gathering. I did not like her calls to my family after the relationship ended and had a buddy tell the ex I died in a car accident in VT involving a Moose. My mother was perplexed and revealed that I was still in VT living with a French and Abenaki woman Northwind. Unfortunately, she never got the hint to stop pestering my relatives for information. I moved on and really just don't care or want any contact.

The former cleaning woman asked who the Sprite was. I told her this was my daughter
and said it is good to see you but I have things to take care of. The Sprite asked me who that was. I told her it was nobody important.

As for my Paul Harvey moment. The cleaning woman was given an envelope from the father of my ex who did not approve of the relationship. Her reward was $1000.00 dollars in cash. This is a small amount for ruining the life of my ex who apparently still thinks about something I have long since forgotten. Ultimately, her big mouth cost her her business and she does not live as well.

I went onto several new adventures and lived many different roles. Who knew that being an officer and father lay ahead. Both roles are far better than anything prior would have implied.

One thing I have learned from being a father to a young girl and in serial relationships. Jealousy and envy play more of a role in the lives of women than men. I really spend much of my time balancing the need of attention and time of my daughter and her mother. Perhaps my ability to learn and adventure keeps me entertained and beyond such silliness.

I was surprised to learn that the Tranquil Sea hates barbecued chicken. Everyone was more interested in the Salt fish and Ackee that I picked up as a curiosity.

We live our lives as a journey learning, loving and wondering what lay ahead. We never know who or what is ahead of us and who we will bump into from our past. For me being a father and an officer are the best. Who knows how much fun being a grandfather will be.


Ducky's here said...

Let's see, Beak was boinking the maid and his father-in-law dealt with the situation clumsily. How close am I, Beak?

This is as crazy as some sheltered kid from Crown Heights trying to appear worldly.

To call your life a journey of learning is a stretch. A real stretch.

beakerkin said...


As a communist you are not capable of higher thought. You are by definition a dimwit.

My family became Orthodox later in life, but were never Chadsidic. I have slept my way through the UN, because I could. As a young man in my 20's my picture was regularly confused with Tony Curtis. I took what was freely given.

That being said, I did not sleep with the cleaning woman. Unlike commies who play the Lord in the marriage of Figaro I do not exploit employees. Moreover, the woman was so ugly and old the thought is comedic except to a dimwit like yourself.

The people who made a big deal about the help eating from the same table were fashionable lefties. They go to charity events and lecture the world about the plight of people they like yourself piss on. You know nothing about the lives of the poor.

You are a doodler and I am man of action. Draw some graffiti like a lower rent Banksy and send us a note in twenty years.

I have lived a full and interesting life while you are a mere cliche.

Always On Watch said...

I know you like to insult people.

But this is a public forum.

You did show that your mind runs in the gutter. Sheesh.

Speedy G said...

Don't forget to VOTE to RESTORE SANITY in Washington DC this Tuesday!

Warren said...

What do you expect from a low-life coprophage like Ducky?

Warren said...

BTW.. I heard that Ducky was planing to marry his hand but he found out it was cheating on him!

Always On Watch said...

LOL to that last comment!

CM said...

I see Beakerkin as an Officer and a Gentleman.

Of course your life is a journey, a learning experience. All our lives are, some are just not as exciting as others, or we think they aren't. Some people don't open theirs' up as being attacked makes some gun shy, but I do enjoy reading about former posters, I became familiar with, especially the civilized ones.

Ducky is a male B.A.G., hey I made a joke "mailbag", he gets his kicks out of being tossed around!

The_Editrix said...

To be honest, I think any comparison with that woman is unfair to the Duck. But he certaily has a penchant for suffering bordering on the perverted.

The_Editrix said...

I re-read your entry and would like to make one further comment: You say: "I told this ex that I am an American and such attitudes are barbaric."

Errr... actually they aren't. They are, if anything, sane and practical (struggling for the correct term here). Now this is a purely hypothetical question, but I wonder whether your cleaning woman really enjoyed the arrangement you very probably foisted on her. And don't say yes she did, because she wouldn't have been likely to speak her mind about something you, as the boss, ordered. I think it is presumptious and arrogant to assume that people of the working classes enjoy the oh-so-graciously given time with their employers. (This doesn't apply, of course, if the cleaning woman was, say, a student working for her education.) It doesn't need saying that all people are ETHICALLY the same, however, they do have different interests and horizons depending on *GASP* class. I think that it is (see above) presumptious and arrogant to assume that the average cleaning woman really and truly enjoys their employer's company. Imagine her not sharing your liberal views about, for example, homosexuals or the relationship between the sexes generally. Do you expect her to SAY so? She will nod listening to you and feel intensely embarrassed.

Get a grip on reality, Beak.

beakerkin said...


Actually, when I break for a meal everyone stops and it is eaten as a unit. We do not talk about politics on such occasions. The food is cooked by me personally and is considered above restaurant fare even in the posh area I resided.

When I open up the kitchen all are welcome as equals. It is a matter of hospitality and I do not tolerate snobbery in any house I reside in.

In my case the cleaning woman took cash and blew a minor point into a large fight. In reality, she ruined her business for a small payoff and I got my freedom.

Anonymous said...

"We live our lives as a journey learning, loving and wondering what lay ahead. We never know who or what is ahead of us and who we will bump into from our past."


So true.

"For me being a father and an officer are the best. Who knows how much fun being a grandfather will be."

Bittersweet: tearful at times - because the phrase "This is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you" will then really shout in your mind; whereas those happy times ring out more. I hope that you have many "happy memories."