Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lets pick a sample reading list for and Intro Lit course

My selections are based upon simplicity and imparting the joy of reading

1) The Tempest
2) The Hairy Ape
3) Moby Dick
4) The Grapes of Wrath
5) 1984 and Animal Farm as both are short.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time to Hold Higher Ed Accountable

The time has come to hold Higher Education accountable for its shady business and hiring practices. There is much anger in the land at Wall Street. I work nearby and live with hard working people who work there.
While the business practices of Wall Street at times have deserved scrutiny it should not come from the even more corrupt Big Academia Mafia and its Godfather Don Barak Obama. Unlike the real mafia higher education has no business plan and has a better track record of dealing with cronyism. Barak Obama is basically a high functioning druggie who used his families left wing ties to get into elite prep schools, did poorly at Occidental and magically turns up in the Ivys via nepotism, legacy points or affirmative action. Obama then repeats every cliche from the far left and is socially promoted to a law degree and a University job.

Most of us know lower functioning druggies who lose their life's savings and end up meandering through debt, job loss and pathetic lives. Blaming Wall Street and Bankers for student debt loads with worthless degrees is akin to blaming loan sharks for drug addiction. The only responsability banks do have is not doing a better job at eliminating certain loans by major. You want to get a doctorate in Anthropology do so on your own dime or make the universities liable for default.

There is much talk about diversity in faculty and the student body. 90% of this is speculation and having seen yet another example of a far leftist contrive fake Indian heritage it seems like a way for the far left to merely get the Indians of their own imagination. Ward Churchill was nothing more than a far left cliche with sunglasses and a greasy ponytail. Elizabeth Warren pretty much said hey I am from Oklahoma and all you rubes think we all have Indian DNA. She used her far left connections to get a job at an elite university that she had not earned through merrit. Of course she is one of the people who have the dubious claim of founding OWS. Unlike David Graeber, whose scholarship and credentials as a genuine scholar, are not in question even by those opposed to his innane politics Warren benefitted from this scam. The notion that an Indian ( Native American) Marxist brings something unique to the table that a Marxist from other places does not is false. They basically look at issues from the same vantage point and pretty much say Amen on the large issues while making mountains out of molehills as only Marxist morons can on minor Marxist theological dogma.

 In fact the scarcity of people who hold differing philosophies results in a series of lunatics creating sham scholarship and a series of statements like wishing for 1000 Mogadishus or Little Eichmans after 9-11.
The social science fields is pretty much a jobs probram for fellow believers in Marxism with a few slots for Greens and Anarchists. Leftists like to use the term "adverse impact" in terms of testing and race and abuse statistics to advance the case to place more minorities on campus at the expense of more qualified non minorities. Of course any use of the same statistical tools to cast doubt on hiring methods that allow 1% of the population to be exponentially over represented or remedies to correct these imbalances are not open for discussion. We are supposed to shovel more money at what amounts to a job program for a different 1% of the population and saddle young people and society with crushing debt loads so political hacks can bandy Martov, Menchu, Marx and Mengistu in faculty lounges. Work is something to be done between bong hits and after attending whatever political activist activity suits the current fashion.

We are supposed to wonder how a series of Marxist activists get hired in Universities miraculously even when they are terrorists, related to NYC communist leaders, fake Indians or even a University head related to Bernie Sanders. What is utterly amazing is a Maoist crank with an obsessive pathological obsession about Jews and Israel and personality disorders got hired multiple times for jobs with no peer reviewed articles. Of course lefties can point to the equally odious nut who testified at the David Irving trial as a non leftist racial power friendly crank. A genuine look at the bio shows this professor was also very much a part of the far left and kept going until they found common ground with the folks at Stormfront. Lefties point out that Kovel was merely a "green" who when not ranting incoherently about Israel was obsessed with anticommunism.

The far left is full of vapid conspiracy theories that involve Jews controlling whatever. Some unfortunates talk of a velvet mafia that has inordinate influence in Hollywood. No group has ever contolled anything more than the far left has abused Academia and the taxpayer for its whims. We are supposed to be outraged by the underworked banker selling worthless paper between coke hits. Bankers are many things and need to be regulated but they are not underworked. How does Prof Chomsky have time to write all these books speak everywhere, write scores of articles and teach classes. Does he even work 20 hours a week for his huge salary. Bankers are greedy, but lazy politically connected academics making six figure salaries paid for by the tax payer are paragons of virtue.

It is time for the GOP to run against Obama and his faculty lounge lizard allies.

The Beakerkin Platform

1) Universities must cosign all loans. This would discourage the unqualified students and useless degrees.
2) Elimination of all preferences except those for veterans
3) Complette review of staffing models. Hire must be done above board by the University President and board of directors. The days of Bolshevik star chambers ends.
4) Elimination of tenure for unprofessional conduct detrimental to the university. The days of Norman Finklestein and Ayers spanning the globe making their Universities look absurd are over.
5) No student loans or research grants for any University with a terrorist on faculty
6) Consolidation of sociology, anthropology and victims studies into one department. Philosophy and Political Science merged into one department. All of the above reduced in favor of business classes as degree requirements.
7) Foreign students who get arrested at polical protests get mandatory deportation from the USA and barred for two years. American students arrested lose all Federal loans for the same period. American students arrested for political activity abroad may not get student loans and be barred from hiring for 20 years after the arrest.
8) Financial institutions may withold parts of loans on specific courses they deem objectionable. This would encourage universities to be more careful with their course offerings.
9) Into to lit would draw from a list of One Hundred Books and must include at least one work of Shakespeare.
10) Triple tier pay system Hard science and math professors get top pay, Business, Nursing and Law get the next grade of pay and Social Sciences and Lit get the bottom tiered pay. Publishing is de-emphasized at the third level but course loads are increased and Sabaticals are eliminated.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rip Eitan Patz

Around the time of my bar mitzvah  a few days later a child disappeared in Greenwich Village. The child was never seen again and his name has entered the lexicon for abducted children. Most children are abducted in a custody situation and this was clearly not the case.

All of us in NYC knew the ending of this story in our hearts. The question of if the killer would be brought to justice was something many of us doubted. Today with video cameras this likely would have been resolved quicker.

The real tragedy is that a Jamaican handiman who had no connection to this crime was a suspect. Even scarier was that this person lived an unexceptional life and may not have repeated this act. The other suspect was a convicted pedophile and should be loathed even if not guilty of this crime.

The body of Eitan Patz will likely never be recovered. However, his family does have some measure of closure for this crime. Those of us in NYC in 79 and many around the world will never forget the name of Eitan Patz.

Do any of you remember Ari Halberstam? How about Robert Stethem? Edward Byrne?

Thank You Editrix

The Editrix and AOW and a few of you know today is my birthday. I share this day with John Wayne, James Arness and Sissy Spacek. Oddly this date including the year is shared with the people of Guyana.
Today is Guyana independence day.  When I do work with my families community this is part of the stand up comedy act I do for a few charities. The charities raise money to send Guyanese kids for medical treatment in India.

I am going to spend time with my daughter and the little dog. The little dog is probably the only living creature that steals food from me and lived to tell the story. Actually the daughter has been known to steal a spinach roll or spinach pie from me. Sometimes she gets mad at me because of the jokes. I told her the story of a little girl who drank pineapple soda on the night of a full moon with a thunderstorm and became a werepinapple. There was a thunder storm outside and I spun the tale and told her to check her skin and hair. She was scared but I told her there was no full moon. What would a werepineapple do anyway search for coconuts.

As I age it is impossible not to see how much I have mellowed out over time. How much of that is time or being a dad only the guy upstairs knows.

Other May 26 events House Unamerican activities started and Stevie Nicks, Peggy Lee and Brett Musburger were born today.

Z thanks for your help.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time for a rant

Readers of this blog are well aware of the dialouge that goes on between myself and the Duck. Generally, I am very modest about the work I do. I have been decorated many times for my service above and beyond the call of duty. This is something that doesn't mean much because the public deserves this each and every day. The job I do is a labor of love for my country and the American people.

Those I talk to off line are amused by the stories from the front. This is why I am amused when a hack educator who teaches videography questions my values. I change lives for the better and protect the public and he teaches would be bar mitzvah photographers.

I am the first Kahanist in recorded history with Hindu family. How a Marxist who imagines he is soooo bright confuses a secularist with those who want to create a Torah State is beyond comical.

In my private and professional life I am a modest man who avoids public speaking and award ceremonies. Unfortunately some of the charities like me to do standup comedy. Even at work when I get mad, frequently
it just comes out funny. The humor is based on just thinking differently at odd situations. The building is evacuated by an earthquake and I grab a hot dog and a Dew and grumble about finding a Knish.

I mentor many officers and am a union activist. While the Duck talks .. I do.

Yet at the end of many a tough day it is the greeting of the Maltese or my daughter that I long for. I ejoy letting the dog hang out with me or steal a lamb chop. When I go for a walk he is there waiting to join me and he never gives me trouble other than wanting to play with every dog he sees.

I wouldn't trade the magical moments I share with the public for more prestige.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yes I am a liberal

The most amusing thing about this blog is those who are off the map to the left never get beyond the actual cliche lines about their opponents. When the sanctimonious left is criticized they go into reflexive memes. It took Communist Clown Renegade Eye years to deduce I am a liberal.

Liberals used to be more like me and less like John Kerry.

1) I am proud of my country and its history. I can look at the unpleasant chapters like the treatment of American Indians and Slavery in a balanced manner.

2) Communism is a nasty death cult of morons who are nore dogmatic than the folks at the 700 Club they mock with zero social graces and low IQs. They are not the moral arbiters of anything. I do not work with them or put up with their presence.

3) While I am not a Conservative, I usually respect their integrity. When I disagree with policies I respect their intentions. Communists rationalize every actions of our enemies and reflexively blame America for every imagined ill on the globe.

4) Socialism is a lousy idea. True socialists frequently allow actual commies into their ranks and are frequently obstructionist. While workers rights are an important item unions need to work place issues
and be as apolitical as possible.

5) Man made global warming is a hoax. Greens that go on diatribes against anti communists  like Kovel or ex Maoist Finklestein  fool nobody.

6) Obama is inept as a leader. He is incaple of correcting the economy.

7) I do not aspire to make the USA more like the EU.

8) The cost of higher education is outrageous.

9) I do not worship psychology. The field has become way too politicized. Long term patients like Woody Allen and Barbara Striesand have been at it for decades and are still loathsome on many levels.
A professional who told either to grow up and get their inflated egos back to reality would have been replaced long ago. Rationalizing their clients gross behavior does not promote sound mental health. Therapy has become a poor substitue for religion. The advice of most therapists is no more sound than that of a trained clergyman.

10) While I do believe in regulation, I oppose paper tyranny, procedural fetishism and cowboyism of governmental workers. Get people of sound judgement on the job and stay out of their way.

11) 90% of what we call art is BS.

12) Popular culture should entertain first and everything else is secondary.

Not a classic rant but it feels goooooooooood

Surf music is theraputic and clears my office. I fantasize about wearing a loud tropical shirt, Bermuda shorts and white shoes to work on a day I don't have to deal with the public. Until then I can unknown
songs like Gypsy Surfer, Sandstorm, Bullwinkle 2 and Bumble Boogie on the CD player and imagine.
I can also imagine Don Rickles style retorts to the human hockey pucks that make policies in DC.

Not exactly what Lennon Imagined but I am a real NYC guy.

Dudeology question of the day

Your girlfriend says she is angry at you for something and is not talking to you until you figure it out

Which response is worthy of being a dude

A) Give her flowers and let her vent
B) Ask exactly how is this a punishment
C) Pop a beer and get some chips and wait for whatever
D) Tell her how important she is to you and that you are not a psychic
E) Plan some romantic gesture to ride out the storm.

Remember, being a dude and sound judgement often are not the same. Not all of us can be Mr. B or Beakerkin.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sandwich Wars

I forced myself to go to Quiznos for a more recent evaluation. Their product still is far better than Subway but has gotten worse. You likely get more bang for your dollar at Quiznos than Potbelly. However, Potbelly seems to taste better and have better attmoshpere despite lame chips. I might visit more frequently because they have Diet Mountain Dew on tap. If you want the best product Lennys is hands down the best if you can handle the ordering system which is almost like being mugged. Au Bon Pain is creative but not up to par. They have some interesting offerings, but are just mediocre. Blimpie provides amazing value and nostalgia but nothing else. Subway is over rated uninspired and I only go there when they have a limited time offering. I can't say that any of these offerings got me to run back looking for more except the Garden Chicken Salad.

There are some on the left whose hatred for Obama is worse than that of the Tea Party. I just finnished reading an off the wall rant by Pilger. Bradley Manning is not being charged with treason because he is gay. Even if his tales of bullying are true there is never a rationale for treason. Any rationalization of his actions are insults to gay people everywhere.

The fake indian in MA is looking worse as she submitted recipies. I shall invent my own tribe of the Jouix and ask if I can submit Gefilte Fish and roadkill mashed potato recipies into the next book. Genuine Native American Indian food as served in the Museum of the Native American is far superior to cliche fancy resturant fare. If Americans ever knew how good Native American food tasted it would be everywhere.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Long Voyage Home

I watched one of John Wayne's films that I have not seen. One of the oddities of Wayne's career was he did do a film based upon Eugene Oniels play. Unlike many authors who hate the film version of their work Oneil loved this version. You will see many familiar faces from John Wayne films. Ward Bond gets the meatier role as Yank and dies. John Qualen and Barry Fitzgerald are seen quickly. Qualen one again is playing a Scandanavian including multiple  " By Yimminy'. The star of the film is Thomas Mitchell who is seen in Stagecoach with Wayne. Ian Hunter plays a large role as a sailor trying to forget a misdeed at home.

The film was about the stark lives of broken men who passed their days as merchant marines. Oniel unlike modern communist authors understood that a playwright must never bore his audience or shriek at them. The story comes first and Oniel wrote about a subject he knew well life at sea. His works show the stark depessing world he knew well. One was familiar with this world from Two Years Before the Mast which is seldom read in school anymore.


I bought my daughter her first bicycle. It was better than hearing endlessly I want a bunny. The dog would probably eat the bunny. Where do kids get the absurd ideas. Rabbits can not be released after byou get bored with them. They are also not exactly like the Maltese which oddly never wants to spend time with the daughter. The dog jusst wants to hang out with the old man or go to the dog run.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Junk Food Culture

I was talking with friends about films we remember and why. Some films are shown many times because they are worthy like The Good The Bad and The Ugly or The Searchers. Their are other films that we love to watch and are dreadful and are played over and over again like Dirty Dancing, Kelly's Heroes, Flash Gordon and the Revenge of the Nerds films.

Kelly's Heroes was a film that was chopped to death. Watching it over the years and growing up it takes new shapes as you age. The film would likely be forgotten if it were not for the proto hippie played by Sutherland and the edgy NYC scammer played by Rickles. Telly Savalas plays Sgt. Kojak well and Eastwood is there but almost secondary. As a young child the combat held the attention as we age the comedy and the perplexed reactions to the beatnik are hysterical. The original film had more charachter development and antiwar sentiment and allegedly showed Eastwoods crew getting caught. In the end the actual ending is better because you wonder did they get away. In reallity the answer has to be no except for the Germans who likely had a greater chance to bury the loot and come back.

On certain levels these films are memorable and you want to see them again knowing they aren't high art but they are fun. Maybe the fun factor is why we don't see the Deep or Black Sunday as often. I saw the excellent Harry and Tonto a year or two ago. For whatever reasons the second Planet of the Apes film is never shown. Our own Ducky has a cameo playing a mutant worshiping the atomic bomb. Logans Run is seldom shown but was a good film.

Maybe the trick to fims impact is to have a great star like Wayne or Eastwood and be shown for generations. My daughter hates surf music and quckly knows who John Wayne is. Similarly, I have a fun time watching Zach and Cody or Wizards of Waverly Place with my kid. She doesn't get Fonzie or Alex Keaton or that dad was a cross between the two. It doesn't have to be high art if you watch it with your family.

Friday, May 18, 2012

More Sandwich Chains

I am delving into the sandwich wars of NYC. There are many options but I decided to look at the first entry into the crowded market Blimpies. It was a great concept in the 80's and I can remember sitting with my friends in college and we would scounge some money together and buy two foot long heroes. Blimpie was a great value to the College student. I still prefer it to Subway and on some levels it provides great value for your dollar. Unlike Subway where all you get is bread Blimpie gives you a fair deal. I really don't go there for the food as much as the nostalgia. I miss some of those friends from college and one of them didn't even make 40.

I have been hearing amazing things about a new chain in NYC called Lennys. Pot Belly is more of a Starbucks hip feel with small but decent sandwiches. Lenny's has the essence of NYC it is fast paced like getting jammed into a subway. However, the secret is that the sandwiches are the best of any comercial sandwich chain I have been to. You don't sit about and listen to music,but the food is stellar. Oddly, I order a combination I frequently make at home Turkey and Corned Beef on Rye with Russian Dressing and Coleslaw. At home I add a a few pickled peppers and a slice of NY Deli Pickles. It was almost as good as the ones I make at home. Lenny's is like NY and if you can get past the ordering system that is intially confusing and almost adverserial you have found a gem.

I am going to have to get around to Pret a Manger, Cosi and the very hyped Earl of Sandwich. Sadly the places that need Lennys are the least likely to have one. I probably would have lived in the place if they had one in Burlington. It is like a slice of real NY even with the attitude.

The question of where I rank Lennys vs Potbelly. Lenny's food wins hands down, but if I am unwinding Potbelly is fine. I still have never found a reason to enter a Subway other than convenience or an advertised special.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yet another fake Indian

After the Ward Churchill scandal, I thought I heard the last story of leftists faking being Indians for jobs in higher ed. Elizabeth Warren is not an Indian and should be facing charges for falsely claiminmg  to be one in order to get a high paying job she did not earn on merrit.

The time has come for a full review of hirring practies in higher education.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Junk food

I went for round two at Potbelly. I had a sandwich called a "wreck". It was a work of brilliance. Frankly, there is zero reason or rationale to sit in a Subway if a Potbelly is available. At this location Boylan Black Cherry was available. The only thing that was less than perfect was the high end chips that lack a punch. I have no idea who makes Zaps but they are not upto par.

The Sandwich shop is a crowded genre. For a Philly Cheese Steak I still prefer Carl Jr's and every now and then they have an awesome fish sandwich that would be perfect with a better bread. I don't think I have set foot in a Quiznos in two years or more. I may go in and take a look. I will go into a Subway only for a special and not their ordinary fare. I do like Au Bon Pain but Pot Belly is so much better that unless I am by the SI Ferry I will not set foot in one. Many people have tried to get me to try Cosi and I will have to get around to it.

Onto Music. J&R moved the Oldies Music Upstairs. I have been listening to CD's from an outfit called ACE Records. I can honestly say that the Teen Beat 3 was so good that I ran to locate vollume 2 and 4.
One of my CD's went Bad but I got another. A CD with Ride the Wild Surf by Jan and Dean and the hysterical Surfer Joe is worth a play.

I got killed at work. I am still in a holding pattern due to jury duty. I was told to call in and given a message to go to work and call again. I do not know until 5 if I have to report to the court. I got nailed with seven cases and zero prep time. No officer gets more than five but I brought them home with no fanfare. The attorneys were overjoyed with the switch as I was not scheduled to hear cases and work on another team.
Hopefully, I will get nothing tommorow and make room in my office.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Junk Food Review

From time to time I venture into fast food joint and give my thoughts. The sandwich shop is one that I go to frequently. I am largely unhappy with Subway and will go in only if they have something new. The standard menu items are not as good as Au Bon Pain, Quiznos or the newest entry to NYC Potbelly.

You probably get more bang for your dollar at Quiznos. The sandwich at Potbelly was on the small side. However it tastes better than at the other chains. I was disappointed they had only premium root beer as a beverage. Had they offered Boylan Soda this would be the best chain going. The mood and the attmosphere make this a place I intend to visit again.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back to the Jungle

It looks like I will be making another trip to the jungle. The locals are still talking about my previous trip. How much of it is exageration and just small town boredom is open for discussion. My odd items such as assorted condiments, surf music, strange food items and misadventures are still discussed over a year later.

In Guyana one does not expect to encounter Country Music but the locals are quite fond of it. I was rather surprised at the amount of queries about surf music. I sent a few CDS of it after I departed with friends going in as well as some Odd CD's for the home when I arrive. I expect the relatives to poke around as my items are luxuries. Having all of the Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns, Ben Hur as well as Hannah Montana and Rocky and Bullwinkle for the kids has provided hours of fun.

My food items did not survive the first day. Japanese Cherries, Pumpernickel Bread and canned goods went fast. Most of the locals were curious and had never seen those items

This trip will be into the interior. I do not know if the locals will allow me the time to enjoy this trip. The last time I was pretty much stuck around town except for a day. We had plenty of visitors and I was not allowed the time to adventure into the interior.

I did take a boat to crab Island which was a great mini adventure. I did not see the rare Canjee Pheasant. You frequently smell them long before you see them. My trip was at the wrong time of day for the boat to get into the Canjee Creek. I also enjoy buying fish and shrimp off the dock.

I am not a great guest. However, this time I will be better prepared for the trip. I will send supplies ahead so that I can travel lighter.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Leftist BS about Gays

The left lives in a fantasy world of fear mongering. Elect a Republican and gays get herded into closets and watching Will and Grace is prohibited.

The truth is that there is a severe problem with homophobia in the West Indian community. Contrary to imagined media rationalizations the perpetrators are neither religious nor Conservative. The same people that will end a career over real and frequently imagined racial slights have no problem using homophobic slurs and claim that certain women posses "gaydar".

In media circles the craven Obama move is being potrayed as courage. In fact he was elected by cowardly hiding who he is. At the last hour his position on this issue changes after talking with his family. I want to point out that this series of expedient back flips is exactly why he shouldn't be trusted and can not lead. The anti Obama Mayor Bloomburg stated his convictions when expediency was not in his favor. Bloomberg is a genuine leader  and Obama is a joke on all levels.

The joke is on the American people and was never funny, it is pathetic.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Leftist hysteria

I am amused at the continued hysteria by those on the left about abortion. Sorry, but as much as we loved Reagan he did not overturn or impede abortion availability. On HP some moron whined about Roe being the sum of all rights.

Sorry but the left has been intruding in on my person liberties everywhere except the bedroom

I am stuck with pricey toilets that don't get the job done
Lightbulbs that stink
Energy taxed onto the sofa
Beverage taxed into water
Cigarette taxed from the same crowd pushing legalization of weed
Taxing chips and Junk food

Sorry, but I am tired of these intrusions into my personal liberty by the left. The sum of mosts peoples lives is not defined by the bedroom and folks need to eat, drive and go to the bathroom daily.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Obama the genius

I am flaberghasted how people presume a President who reads whatever inane items are on a teleprompter is a genius. The same people complained about GW Bush being unarticulate. Anyone can read from a teleprompter, even Katie Couric who is from the special ed school of journalism.

Obama is arrogant and undecisive. If he has a child it would look like Trayvon Martin. Is that before or after the faux gold teeth and gangster tatoos. That was a dopey statement from a President who could have urged or dedicated resources to aid the investigation.

When he talks off the cuff as he did to Joe the Plumber you see the arrogance come to the forefront.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Lefties in scare tactic mode as Elmer Fudd

I am borrowing the rhetoric of the far left before elections. They trot out the usual hysterical fear bit like the claims about lynching and the election of Bush. The idea is to scare seniors, gays, Hispanics and Blacks into voting for Obama the savior.

Lefty Fudd: If you ewect a Wepublican its back to the closet for you hooomoosexuals. The sex police are going to invade your bedwooms and burn all your Bette Midler cds. Will and Gwace will be taken off cable and Fox will show Wedneck Eye for the Gay Guy.  The GOP plans to make a weal man card requiring men to was NASCAR and the NFL and ban tofu.

Of course this is utter bs. There are countries that do indeed have sex police, but it is not politically correct to name them.  Of course the left is too busy stoking Jooo hatred or worrying about the 700 Club to get this one right. Most conservatives don't care about who does what in private as long as all parties can consent. The problem starts with the hysterical need to indoctrinate politically correct views about homosexuality in grade school. Problems with low class behavior at Gay parades are frequently mentioned by many gays who are embarrassed by these antics.

Similarly, there are those who portray all opposition to Obama as racist. Actually, the GOP was well on their way to electing Cain before a media campaign side tracked him. Does anyone remember John Edwards or Bill Clinton getting a fraction of the scrutiny of Cain. Nobody accused Cain of rape, and Bill Clinton lied until Blue stained dresses and tapes made this impossible. Are some people bothered by Obama's race? Did many vote for him because he was Black and a symbol?

We live in an era where Hispanics outnumber Blacks. Many of the new Blacks come from Africa and the West Indies and are not the desecndants of slaves or people who labored under Jim Crow. Obamas sole genetic relation to slavery in America was his mothers family owned slaves. We were given a series of guilt trips about slavery. However, why should an immigrant from Mali benefitf from programs designd to right historic wrongs that have little or nthing to do with them. In fact slavery in Africa was ended by those evil colonialists that the left likes to whine about.

Its time we started to laugh at these scare tactics.

We need look no further than Greece to see where the cult of Obama goes.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Great Pot Smoke In

I passed through Union Square Park on my way home. My favorite Pizza place is gone. I had been visiting there for more than 20 years. The place across the street is pretty good. However, one can not get the same feeling from a destination that has been part of your life for so long.

Unfortunately, I was wearing clothing with my employers name on it. As such I was careful not to engage the locals. An communist anti semite from the tiny but stridently antisemitic Pseudostine movement was there. I really need to locate a bunch of Caterpillar hats and Tonka Bulldozers. Now some of you may think that making pancake jokes about Rachel Corrie is cruel. However, signs describing Jewish conspiracies to control the government and calling Jews who support Israel traitors deserves a response. Communists questioning the loyalties of anyone is at best some sort of joke. Julius and Ethel weren't executed for being Jews, think again comrades.

The main event appeared to be a meeting of aging communists with the Bill and Ted crowd of druggies. Lengthy speeches about legalizing drugs were the topic. I could have drawn a larger crowd than that with a free Vanilla Ice concert.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Violating the office and position

I want to point out that the very vocal anti American clowns at OWS who don military and police uniforms at political events are violating US laws. There are numerous laws agaainst this behavior and people like Ray Lewis and Shamar Thomas should be prosecuted.

A mentally deranged Thomas was viewed on tape screaming and foaming at NYPD officers who were remarkably restrained durring his temper tantrums. The media portrayal of the event could not be further from the truth. This was the case of a publicity seeking imbecile abusing his former status as a member of the military to aid and abet Communists and Anarchists seeking to provoke the NYPD and ordinary NYC resdents into violent counter reactions to their provokations.

The script is familiar and really fools nobody who is familiar with the thugs, losers and morons of OWS.  A police officer is provoked by lawless behavior and the cameras film screeching protesters screaming about police brutality. Did you see what happened ten minutes before the film? Do you ever see this or hear about abusive behavior.

Was Shamar viewing actual Police brutality when he made his well rehearsed rant? No. The rant of Shamar was a well rehearsed publicity stunt. The fact that a deranged nut was allowed to abuse NYPD officers in a well rehearsed rant says much about the actual restraint of NYPD.

OWS is not spontaneous nor is it leaderless except in the demented minds of the MSM amen chorus. In fact there were areas of Zuccoti Park that its members tried to illegally close off from the public where the strategy of media manipulation and tactics are discussed. 

Maybe Shamar and Ray Lewis could find some more people in uniforms and sing a few protest songs. There probably are a few actual construction workers and bikers with too much free time. All that is missing is a person dressed up as an Indian and they have mocked the Village People.

The Village People were gainfully employed skilled performers who brought enjoyment to many these words do not describe the mentally unstable Thomas and the attention whore Lewis. Thomas appears to have been in logistics and descriptions of his decorated service are exagerated. He might have done a partol here or there. We thank him for his service and he is free to protest without his uniform and would appreciate if he took his meds and found gainful employment..

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Lets try this again

Long term readers know I lived in Vermont for a spell. One of the many quirks that I have is like to stop at Au Bon Pain for a their excellent food. Their newest wrap is called the Vermonter.

Whoever thought this up was obviously not a Vermonter.

Feta Cheese is not a Vermont staple. Plain chicken is also not a Vermont staple. Idiots who have never lived their have Vermont illusions of a pristine place with well manner rednecks driving Subarus and quoting long dead French Philosophers.

A real Vermonter would have a fresh cooked croissant with a freshly shot Canada goose or deer meat tenderized by gas guzzling cars. If locals insist on chicken it should be raised on beer and raised in pens listening to 60's folk music.

Vermont makes some excellent cheddar and a mix of mustard with a splash of maple syrup would be authentic.

Vermont deserves better than this wrap and my satire.